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  • Giants Above the Clouds

    Giants Above the Clouds


    Landscape photography is an area which gives us many opportunities to capture the beauty of mesmerizing landscapes which we would otherwise take for granted. Captured on a misty morning this creation is a truly amazing work of art which depicts massive giant like structures pierce through and emerge from above the clouds.

    This creation would make a perfect addition to your collection as it would easily blend in with any backdrop due to its dark hues while at the same time capture the attention of the onlooker by creating the illusion of the mighty giants approaching from a distance.

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  • Musings in the Wild

    Musings in the Wild


    A beautiful leopard watches intently as he locks the sight of its prey. The plains are hot and dry this season, the ground has not been watered in months, the few large tree bushes, with leaves still green, which have weathered the dry season are the only shade.

    The leopard prowls low, his ears popped up and alert, ready and patiently waiting for the time to attack. This majestic beast is rarely found in the open plains so up close. The creator has delivered his spectators a capture of a beautiful specimen we rarely witness. A moment before the battle begins.

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  • Graceful Solitude

    Graceful Solitude


    In this unique take on a solitary dancer walking along what appears to be a desert land, the photographer has captured the simplicity and the ethnic elegance of a serene moment in time.

    Surrounded by a lush green background that emanates soothing hues, the dancer clad in pure white is captured in a striking pose by the photographer. This aesthetically pleasing visual is both calming on the eyes and soothes the soul, and thus sets the tone for its tranquility to be absorbed into the very eyes that behold it.

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  • Peaceful Serenade

    Peaceful Serenade


    Portraying that music is indeed the food of the soul, the photographer has so ably captured the emotions of the dancers camouflaged within shades of green.

    Artfully swaying to the beat of the music, here is a unique take on a peaceful serenade of a troupe of young dancers. Enveloped within the soothing tones of the music, the troupe of dancers are thus captured transforming into a cohesive team who are united in mind, soul & body.

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  • Blossoms of Romance

    Blossoms of Romance


    Radiating the purity and freshness of a blossoming romance, this wonderful creation artistically captures the beauty of a cherry blossom tree in bloom. Through the sprig of pale pink flowers that fill the entire setting, the observer can enjoy the view of a city bordering a quiet stream flowing through while the clearest skies brighten up the entire surrounding.

    This creation would be perfect to brighten up any part of your home or office due to its pastel shades and will allow you to enjoy the tranquility and warmth this beautiful creation brings as it spreads the joy of a new romance to the entire surrounding.

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  • Seamen… Rise and Shine

    Seamen… Rise and Shine


    As the sun begins to shine and brings forth a new day, the creator has captured the moment when a group of seamen gets set to welcome the day. The boats too, which are docked side by side seem to brighten up as the glistening rays of the sun fall on their surfaces as if they are ready to set sail at the start of a day perfect to go out to sea.

    Enjoy the fresh and energizing feeling this amazing creation will bring to any living space you place it in and it will infuse the same energy and eagerness to its setting along with new hope such a bright and sunny morning will bring.

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  • The Master in Action

    The Master in Action


    Celebrating the wonder of cultural practices passed down over the centuries, the creator highlights the amazing talent of a seasoned performer just before he commences an epic dance performance. Taking center stage in a fire-dancing ceremony, the master displays the highest levels of confidence to perform this ritualistic dance, demonstrating how such poise and perfection can be attained only through years of devotion towards practice.

    As the master’s faithful disciples look on, you too would be able to visualize this awe-inspiring dance performance unfold before your eyes when you make this creation a part of your home or office space.

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  • A Lonely Walk

    A Lonely Walk


    Captured on a cold and misty afternoon in the central highlands, this is a unique creation that highlights the mesmerizing beauty of a lonely road carved through a lush green landscape. Seen towards the corner of the image is a woman who walks alone with dry twigs in hand, which would be used to light a fire to warm her home on this cold day.

    This is a beautiful creation perfectly captures the misty surroundings which will resonate the same cold feeling to the entire setting it is placed in.

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  • Hawk-Eye



    The gaze of a hawk cannot be escaped no matter how far you run or how deep you hide. This is an amazing capture of a hawk perched on a branch. It creates a vision as though both he and the branch are literally floating in the air. It seems that it is a perfect testament to the scouting gaze of an expert hunter focused on the mission at hand.

    The backdrop exquisitely compliments the detail of the image. Its main subject serves as a highlight to the foreground. The creator perfectly stabilized this portrait against the blue sky. It results in serving as a fitting backdrop to the exquisitely executed photograph in the wild.

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  • Breaking Dawn

    Breaking Dawn


    It’s a stunning sunrise, the world is just waking up… everything is brand new. The fisherman has set out with renewed hope this morning. He is engrossed on a good catch. With great might he slams the contraption into the water, the sound can almost be heard on this capture.

    He looks intently at the waters, patiently waiting for the gathering; he hopes it is fruitful. What he cannot see is the beauty behind him, the way the sunlight sparkles in the water as the mist breaks through, how the mountains will reveal their secrets as the day unfolds, the beauty we fail to admire.

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  • Savoring a Snack

    Savoring a Snack


    A Stork Billed Kingfisher enjoys its freshly caught snack. He would have consumed it all, if the creator hadn’t captured this image when he did. Spectators can only see his yellow belly and the hint of chestnut on its head. Also, it makes him hard to miss with a complete surprise of a blue on the other side with a bright red beak.

    The kingfisher is perched on a bamboo stem. Maybe a stream, of water nearby nourishes these bamboo stems with fresh colored leaves. Furthermore, he is caught on the camera and his beaming black eye watches closely.

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  • Family Comes First

    Family Comes First


    We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all. This is the value of a family that is represented in this photograph through four mushrooms of varied sizes lined up in height order. Father, mother and two children, firmly rooted to the dark brown soil, captured against a black background.

    The photographer has amazingly taken this caption from ground level to clearly illustrate the size differences between each mushroom and perfectly injected illumination through smart lighting strategies.

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  • Team Spirit

    Team Spirit


    During the time when the Festival of Lights celebrations is around the corner, the creator has been able to capture this beautiful moment when a group of young children comes together to make lanterns and decorations adorn the temple premises.

    The creation shows the energy and enthusiasm of these young children and also invokes the power of team spirit which shows how any task can become so much fun when you are doing it together with your friends. Attention is also drawn towards the young girl who seems to be isolated from the crowd and shows the importance of the occasional need to step away from the crowd to focus on the more delicate aspects.

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  • Echoes of Colour

    Echoes of Colour


    Popularly referred to as the “Rabana” in Sri Lanka, here is a symbol that is reminiscent of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year celebrations. It is a drum mainly used by village folks to celebrate the dawn of the auspicious time and festivals relating to the cultural heritage of the country.

    In this classic caption of the famed instrument, the creator surrounds it with a kaleidoscope of color, predominantly from the attire of its players. A capture that reminds us that there is much to be celebrated, in the simplicity of village life.

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  • A Pose for the Camera!

    A Pose for the Camera!


    The morning rays are a mirror into a world of brightness and splendor. Everything is brand new and vibrant. A solitary fisherman has set out early to make the best of a beautiful day. Their days are long and unexciting, apart from a good catch there is very little that can stir up their soul.

    When the creator stopped to capture the sunrise and the peaceful morning, our creative actor posed ever so readily! The expose through the fishing nets and the sun rise just above the fisherman is a brilliant work of art on its own.

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  • Playful Moments

    Playful Moments


    This amazing Creator has managed to capture a very candid and playful shot of this beautiful animal. The elephant looks happy and carefree. This creation has the power to transfer those feelings on to those who view it. The Creator has focused the image on the Elephant in its element.

    The Elephant has submerged it in water, which looks to be very fun, interesting and inviting. It seems as though it is meal time for this elephant, portrayed here in this image where it has taken a trunk full of grass from the water and is preparing to eat it.

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  • Silent Prayers

    Silent Prayers


    A young girl hurriedly prays in silence, a million thoughts running through her mind, where words fail… before she heads out to face the world, she gives thanks for the day and lays before her god, countless unanswered prayers. Her posture is steady, yet delicate. This beautiful monochrome capture is thought provoking, yet serene.

    The creator intricately portrayed the strength of a woman, she is one who can fight the world and rock a baby to sleep, both with the same fervent heart. The light shines in the through in the background, bringing forth hope to the believer.

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  • Making an Entrance

    Making an Entrance


    He is a sight not to be missed, walking through the plain colored a golden yellow by the afternoon sun. His neck is a beautiful turquoise, the body a shade of grey and the elegant trail complete with the most exquisite colors hiding a magnificent work of art, this is the Indian peafowl.

    He will display his feathers when attracting a mate and this handsome bird seems to be in search of one. The peafowl adds color and vibrance to the otherwise dull background, the combination seems perfect. The creator has rendered this amazing capture of the beauty of nature.

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  • Spot My Spots

    Spot My Spots


    This amazing close up nature portrait of a leopard is absolutely stunning. We are able to see many detailing of the leopard such as its facial features, scars, its ears, its rosettes, everything is so much clearer and enhanced that it feels like we are right there, watching this leopard in its natural habitat, in the jungle.

    The Creator has captured this image in order to help the viewers, of this piece, get up close and personal with nature. The leopard looks carefree and unaffected by what’s around it, like nothing could disturb it in its Zen like state.

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  • A Sharp Watch

    A Sharp Watch


    The beauty of these eyes will captivate you. This crested hawk eagle is no doubt a stunner. Her beautiful crest gives her a look of a stern red Indian chief! The curved black bill helps grab prey easily and hold on to it. The brownish yellow eyes give her the ability to see beyond others with precision and sharpness.

    Her breast covered in brown and white feathers and the rest in hues of brown provides her the necessary camouflage to hunt. Her features are beautifully captured by the creator against the blurred olive green background.

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  • Structures of Light

    Structures of Light


    Captured at night time, the creator skillfully uses the solid darkness of night to allow the beauty of this well-lit monument to pierce through from this creation. Due to the contrast between the bright lights and the darkness of the surroundings the structure in itself seems to be invisible creating the illusion that everything seen before you is made entirely out of lights.

    The creation becomes more surreal as the still waters that run below the structure reflect a perfect mirror image of the structure, creating the illusion of it to be floating, as though it is suspended in thin air.

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  • Nothing but Fun and Froli..

    Nothing but Fun and Froli..


    Every now and then we need to escape from our hectic lifestyles and enjoy ourselves, what better way to do this than enjoy some time at the beach. Through this creation the creator uses aerial photography to capture a group of individuals enjoy themselves at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    As the viewer continues to contemplate on this lovely scene, it will also show how all the different groups of individuals present at this site are able to enjoy themselves to the fullest reminding us that some of the best things in life are free.

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  • Weaving Dreams

    Weaving Dreams


    A solitary fisherman, sits on the beach at dusk, weaving his broken fishing net. His face worn, tired, but determined to finish the task as he has promises to keep. The sea is calm and is a beautiful shade of blue, in the sky a hint of red, the heavens and the earth are ready for the journey these fishermen venture out every night. Only he knows the storms in his mind. The dream he cast out to sea, entwined in the nets, need to be brought ashore because every time he closes his eyes, there is a bright smile that he sees, a reminder of the reward he so dearly cherishes.

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  • A Bond For Life

    A Bond For Life


    Slow and steady is the way for these majestic beasts in the jungle. This Sri Lankan Elephant, the largest mammal on land is endangered. For this herd, however, the plains seem to provide their needs. A young family of females makes their way across the land to the river, the female in the middle seems the oldest, the years tell on her face.

    The two youngsters on her sides are more mischievous. A beautiful capture, where one can watch at them for hours on end admiring every detail. Furthermore, we can imagine their thoughts and understand their temperaments, simply lost in their beauty.

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  • Restless Hearts

    Restless Hearts


    A young lad who probably returned home after a long time, is being teased by two girls. The stained glasses, hat and is brand new motorbike are all symbols of his new found youth. He may have been away at university in the city and he returned home a completely different person. He is cheerful, lives in the moment and enjoys all this attention!

    The girls, his sisters, we are made to assume will always see him as their younger brother and have chosen to humor him endlessly! The creator has portrayed a memory of the good times amongst family and shows that some bonds never change!

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  • Life on the Street

    Life on the Street


    Captured here is a popular street of Colombo, depicted on a slow day with hardly any traffic or surrounding pedestrians. In the background is a mosque with its signature dome and other pieces of architecture that have stood the test of time, despite the weeds growing along the walls.

    In the foreground the photographer has captured the vehicle of the common man in numbers, by portraying multiple bright red tuk tuks & a blue one. Upon close inspection the eye meets 2 tourists, whose main point of interest would be the tuk tuks that are the primary mode of transport, for many Sri Lankans.

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  • Angel of Dance

    Angel of Dance


    Swift and graceful in motion, this dancer captures the eye with a mischievous smile amidst a mist of elegance created by the exuberant wave of her dress. The blend of orange, yellow, violet and lavender created through a low shutter speed captures her dance motion with celestial effect.

    The creator has painted a beautiful art of color, motion and emotion in a single caption mixing camera effects and hues to perfection.

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  • Protect The Young Ones

    Protect The Young Ones


    Even in the animal kingdom it is a primary instinct to protect innocent young ones and keep them from harm’s way at all costs. The creator has captured this unique moment perfectly embodied as a herd of majestic elephants journeying together. These gentle giants are the symbols of strength, royalty and of course maternal instinct.

    This creation is the perfect way to demonstrate the need to protect the younger generation. A fine example of black and white nature photography. This creation is definitely worthy of much praise in terms of quality and the powerful message it brings with it.

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  • Fields of Lavender

    Fields of Lavender


    This lovely, vibrant and colorful bird stands on a thin, small branch looking out at everything around it, in this marvelous creation. The talented Creator has brought focus to this bird who has a multitude of colors in its feathers.

    The scenic background which is out of focus and slightly blurred out is highlighted by the dots of lavender flowers mixed in with all the green leaves. The bird could easily camouflage and blend in with its surroundings as all the colors of the bird and the surroundings complement each other quite well.

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  • Lord Over the Seas

    Lord Over the Seas


    The sky reveals the Lord over the oceans below. An abstract art in the form of a photograph depicting worship from the creatures of the sea towards the heavens above. The clouds take the form of a fish dancing in the air as its congregation revels in awe at the sight.

    The photographer creatively tells a story in picture form combining aspects of the animal kingdom and nature against the blue hue of sky and water.

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