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  • Kingdom of Yesteryear

    Kingdom of Yesteryear


    A beautiful sketch of the Kandyan Kingdom against a pale blue sky in the height of daylight robed with nature and splendor. Brightness springs out of this painting as the white of the palace reflects out the golden roof of the throne room.

    The creator has used a curious and a skillful form of shading to sink in the detail of royal architecture with serenity and a restful mood. Pale colors intermingled with brightness and perfect symmetry to bring forth a painting that is both pleasant and commanding.

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  • Delicate Hands

    Delicate Hands


    This masterpiece uses vivid and prominent brush strokes to beautifully express the aromatic infusion of tea and its crafting. The sweat of manual labor preserves natural sweetness within the tea leaves exposing it to bold and dark flavors. A striking balance of warm yellows and cooler tones of green add an astounding edginess to the painting, with a tinge of exoticness.

    The wrinkles on the face of the tea plucker makes her truly beautiful for her commitment to precision and her unique and artisan manual crafting. Her beauty truly reflects her hard work.

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  • A City Bygone

    A City Bygone


    It was a beautiful morning. A day to make a memory. Looking out of the window, the world seemed laid back. The great Indian ocean painted in shades of turquoise with ships in the distance on a journey of their own. A volume of water, hurrying towards the rocks, uncompromising, recedes to try again another time.

    Along the beach, a quiet row of vehicles makes their way. The trees, bright and green sway for the wind carrying a gentle breeze. Just next door is a temple, painted in white the dome shaped shrine is visible, the cannons are on the other side and a lighthouse in the middle; between war and peace stands a light, beaconing the path. The creator has painted a masterpiece.

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  • Together is Always Better..

    Together is Always Better..


    This masterpiece beautifully paints an image of bullock carts which was a main mode of transport in the early days of Sri Lanka. The incorporation of colors gradually builds up exaggerated shadows to achieve realism. Man’s dependence on animal support in the village is beautifully expressed.

    The colors are overly saturated to exaggerate the humidity of the sun and the hardships of the villagers in order to survive. The painting beautifully demonstrates the country’s traditions that are still prevalent even in the present day and the simplicity of life in the village.

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  • Queen of the Mountains

    Queen of the Mountains


    An astounding portrayal of the queen of all trains carving her way through the steep hills over picturesque death-defying bridge spanning the cliffs. The beauty in the detail of the train in contrast to the silhouette of the mountain cliffs is a feature of this painting.

    The creator of the work of art has skillfully offered a viewpoint that is both scenic and dangerous, giving a sense of awe mixed with fear. The raw courage of the train moving across the heavenly landscape is wonderfully brought through in this exquisite painting.

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  • World… United

    World… United


    We are shown in this creation that it does not matter what cast, creed, ethnic background and religion you come from, we all share this world and we deserve to live together in unity, without discrimination. We can all be together and interact with each other as one.

    Portrayed in this creation are children of different ethnicities. One theme clearly portrayed and very evident in the piece. The moral of this piece lies in the simple fact that each of us were born in the same way, we were all once infants who grew to be children of the world and now adults. We all share the same stages in life, from birth to old age. How can we be different when we share so much, already?

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  • Frozen in Flight

    Frozen in Flight


    An exquisite painting of a hummingbird exhibiting strength and skill to be stationary in mid flight while he successfully draws the nectar out of a flower. A wonder of nature frozen in a masterpiece of a sketch painted in real color against a dull backdrop.

    The detail in both the bird and the featured foliage highlights this exquisite piece of art, that includes beautifully contrasting hues between the background and the foreground. The creator has used bright colors to beautify the bird, its motion and flower in spectacular spectrum that stands out against the contrasting backdrop.

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  • The Midas’ Work

    The Midas’ Work


    The masterful Creator has painted a rendition of the face of a statue of the Lord Buddha, glistening dull gold, in all its glory. The Creator is increasing the value and the importance of this cultural icon by ten fold, by the use and choice of this bold and distinctive color.

    This magnificent creation is a beautiful piece of cultural art that is alluring and brings peace, tranquility and grace into a living space. Adding this work of art to a collection of different works of art will enrich and diversify the collection, making it more valuable and more exquisite.

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  • Sailing Heroes

    Sailing Heroes


    The real heroes of the seas and these that brave the awesome waves in nothing more than a ruddy catamaran. These fishermen are exquisitely portrayed upon a catamaran that is hardly spacious to host them equipped with their nets ready to face the rough seas in search of their prized catch.

    The sparkling background of the wrinkled sea is perfectly painted using much skill in brush strokes and color combination by the creator who has contrasted a detailed sketch of a boat against the blue waves. The emotions of the fisherman looking up towards the viewer bring the art to life giving an overwhelming sense that we are present in the moment bidding well to the sailors as they venture out for their daily mission.

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  • Water to Fetch

    Water to Fetch


    A lone woman walks towards from afar after fetching water from a nearby lake that seems to be in the background. This painting drawn in amber is lightly colored, but nevertheless is rich in detail. The road on which the subject is walking is expertly sketched to portray the distance from which she has to travel to bring the priceless commodity.

    The creator has added an abstract touch to this portrayal by using variant shades of a single primary in this painting, thereby giving the art an exquisite look of simplicity amidst beauty.

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  • Thirst Quencher

    Thirst Quencher


    A rich, lush environment nourished by the flowing of a sparkling stream that not only beautifies the surroundings, but offers itself as a thirst quencher to a group of deer. This wonderful portrayal of animal and forest is supervised afar by an astounding rock in the background, which seems to be the ruling body over this natural habitat.

    The creator has beautifully brought through the astounding dependence of nature within itself and managed to insert a lot of detail into a single picture by carefully organizing the subjects throughout the canvass whilst expertly revealing the sparkle of fresh water amidst the stunning background landscape.

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  • Tusker in Blue

    Tusker in Blue


    In this piece, the creator does not stray from the traditional shape and structure as seen in the detailed side profile of the tusker. Incorporated within the silhouette are abstract and well-defined lines with subtly shaded and nuanced dimensions- adding a depth to the otherwise straightforward drawing.

    Forgoing traditional grey, cool blues and green encompass the pachyderm’s portrait, giving it a contemporary feel with a touch of vibrant modernism. The background- bare except for the occasional splash of color stays true to the minimalist approach of the artist who has used minimal color to capture a unique take on the texture of the elephant- as the lines and wrinkles continue eternally on his blue toned skin.

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  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost


    The Creator has captured a peaceful and serene moment in an ancient indigenous village. There is a stillness and calmness to the skill and brushwork of the creator of this work of art.

    This creation blends well with any theme or color scheme. It’s a beautiful piece that anyone would admire when looking at it. It would be a great conversation starter when friends and family are over.

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  • A Peaceful Flame

    A Peaceful Flame


    The creator has depicted in this piece, a religious procession that is taken place in Sri Lanka. There are three elephants all draped in red fabric, embellished with semi-precious jewels also featuring the handlers and drummers. The element of fire is prominent as the procession look to be coming out of a fiery background.

    The creator’s use of colors to depict this phoenix effect of sorts; colors such as burnt sienna, tangerine orange and even a bright lemon yellow have been so perfectly blended to form this fiery horizon.

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  • Feathered Guardian

    Feathered Guardian


    A beautiful representation of a blue and white bird guarding her egg against predators. At the center of the picture is a nest with a blue egg against an abstract background. The bird itself is very skillfully drawn and painted using striking blue and white shadings with detail features.

    The creator has applied a colorful background and included foliage in silhouette with the bark of a tree upon which the nest is housed. Above the egg, there is a curious white feather which adds to the abstract of the art. The blend of color and detail is perfectly matched in the exquisite word of art.

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  • Peaceful Reflections

    Peaceful Reflections


    A picture brought to life with the simple magic of artistic instruments of paint and a brush! The artist has dexterously captured a tranquil scene of fish in a common pool of water amidst the picturesque rocks scattered haphazardly around them. The koi carps seem to find their own peace navigating the way around their rocky abode. A reflection to life itself perhaps? The carps seem at ease adjusting to their colorful yet harmful distractions in a way of adapting to the circumstances surrounding them.

    The artist seems to have incorporated the use of graphical illustrations to span out the streamlined bodies of the unbroken journey of the carps. A tranquil peace to grace any living space – from the wondrous use of strikingly underrated pigments to the technical incorporation of the paintings first sketches.

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