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Anura Srinath

Anura Srinath
Contemporary Artist

“The medium and technology used in creating art represents the thoughts of the artist and enacts it like a dramatist”, says Anura Srinath. He is a painter, cartoonist, illustrator and comic artist. His tireless efforts have been published in newspapers and been adapted into teledramas and films too.


The artist has developed a close kinship with the subjects of his artwork and the surrounding environment. Anura says that “artists are full of love within them, and that is what makes it easier for them to capture and communicate intricate feelings and empathize with nature.”

Anura works with acrylics, pencils, watercolor and even digital software such as Photoshop. The fluidity of his line drawings and his vibrant color palette captures the essence of his world. His work transforms the standard notions of cartoonists into a uniquely expressive form, that rejuvenates the eye of the viewer with fresh color.

He firmly believes that an artist has to discipline himself to continually create content in order to succeed. Anura’s success mantra is practiced when he begins his day at 3 in the morning to train himself to draw one story for each day of the week.

This mantra is also strengthened by his love to teach and assist other artists who are interested in learning the art.  Anura’s love for art began when he was a young boy. However, he was prohibited from taking up a profession as an artist by his father, as it was a profession of the meager pay in Sri Lanka in his early years. Thus, out of obedience to his father, he discontinued this profession. Unable to resist his passion for art he reincarnated as a self- learnt artist.

Anura Srinath is an explorative artist and gathers inspiration from the contaminated world and its malice. He tries to unveil through his artwork the plight of society which is conflicted due to political, economic and social factors. Age does not create a barrier between his art and its audience, as everyone can equally enjoy his work.

The rawness and exposure of the bitter truth of situations and his personal perspectives are expressed clearly through his illustrations. The illustrations for the Hatton National Bank (HNB) calendar for the past 12 years is a great example of his smart and creative artwork. Anura’s cartoonist approach intertwines realities of the world and satirical juxtapositions with a range of colors that differ from other artists. The color palate does not create too much of a contrast and is not gaudy but creates outstanding pieces.

Anura turns to phenomena that can be proved scientifically and socially. He refuses to look towards mythology for inspiration as he prefers rational topics of the real world. Accuracy and realism enable Anura to plan the outcome of his artwork, therefore making him a well-organized artist who highly disagrees with abstract outcomes and creations.

The form of Anura’s subjects is organic and natural and reflects his love for humor and satire through the vibrant colors smeared on his characters and paintings. His artworks are a raw representation of his views and feelings!

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  • Pint Sized Dynamo

    Pint Sized Dynamo


    This is a wicket-keeper batsman who changed the game of cricket forever. A portrait of this amazing sportsman clad in his customary dark blue national uniform playing one of his trademark leg glances that often finds the way to the boundary quite easily.

    The creator has chosen a perfect pose and angle for this colorful portrait and skillfully sketched Kalu’s facial expression has he sees the ball fly off the blade of his bat. The blue and yellow splattered background adds a much-needed beautifying feature to the painting and color coordination complimenting the subject’s uniform.

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  • Barnyard Jam

    Barnyard Jam


    An amusing caricature of a man and woman jamming to what may be barnyard music – judging by their attire. Clad as countryside farming folk these characters are expertly sketched using typical caricature sketching methods such as oversized heads and exaggeration of facial features.

    The creator has used beautiful color concepts and mixed humor with emotion and vitality, bringing forth a character of joy and happiness through this amazing animation. The curious shading of the background has been done with much skill with the intention of showing up the two characters in vibrant color that is sharpened through the backdrop.

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  • Manic Monday

    Manic Monday


    A humorous piece of art by this talented Creator. Portrayed in this creation is a depiction of a woman attempting to do multiple things at one time. The creation promotes humor and good vibes. Upon seeing the piece, one can’t help but smile.

    This piece should, ideally, be used as a meme on Mondays or for hardworking women and moms. The marvelous skill and talent of this brilliant Creator should be applauded for making viewers of this piece, smile. The colors are striking and fit perfectly in this animated creation

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  • The Infernal Master

    The Infernal Master


    An erratic display of explosive color depicts one of the most fascinating yet danger invoking characters of the infernal world, the demon. With this depiction the artist becomes an analyst of illusions and a profound assailant of superstition.

    Replete with the proverbial serpent and horns, this creation is thought provoking, intimidating yet attractive. The loud and contrasting color selection set against the diabolic crimson background, reflect the perils of this dark universe. It is a statement piece with strong messages of emotion and power.

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  • Frolicking on a Break

    Frolicking on a Break


    A wonderful, joyful portrayal of what a holiday would look like to a bunch of boys living in a village. Jumping, diving off a shady tree and swimming in a flowing river, these boys have stripped off their clothes and left aside the bats and ball to relax in the refreshing waters with boisterous fun.

    The creator has used light colors to give more focus on the detail and emotion of the subjects has their fellowship with each other and the vast water. The greenery of the large tree, contrasting against the blue river features in this painting giving it color and character.

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  • While the Birds Watched

    While the Birds Watched


    This obscure creation is filled with mystery and intrigue. The creator has put in all the effort to create a fantastically dramatic piece of art. We see the blue-gray hues, very poignant, very mellow. The placement of the rocks and the touch of greenery in the landscape, with people atop the rocks engaging in different activities. A large river connecting these elements in nature.

    This beautiful creation brings a sense of wonder and calm into a space. The creator has done a marvelous job at making this a piece that would draw any and all attention towards it.

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  • Lonely Structures

    Lonely Structures


    The artist recreates his take on the lonesome surviving structures withstanding the tests of time. In the days of the royal capital, this ancient structure enshrined the relics of the olden times. Built with royal patronage it was the architect’s prime obligation to house the most venerated relics by order of the supreme ruler.

    The brick and wood are now long gone while the stone columns remain. An impervious argument that no structure or design can surpass the might of time.

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  • Transgressions and Penalt..

    Transgressions and Penalt..


    The creator has chosen to portray an instance where the power of the ruler reigned supreme in ancient Sri Lanka. Penalties meted out to offenders of the law of the land varied in aggression.

    Depicted here is a royal’s discharge of judicial duties, thought to be a conscientious and rightful by the passive onlookers gathered at the back. Their somber expressions reflect fear and reverence as the artist skillfully represents the transgression of customs and law, bringing to life a bygone era.

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  • Superior Control

    Superior Control


    A soccer player looks with intent as he attempts to bring a lofted ball under control using all his skill and purpose. This realistic yet abstract sketch is detail in color and features but artistic in its backdrop and foreground.

    The creator has skillfully sketched the expression of the player as he gazes at the ball and has used soft hues against a white background with splashes of yellow for addition color in this motion portrait.

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  • Satisfaction



    The face of satisfaction displayed on canvas portrayed by this painting of a young boy with a mischievous smirk across his face. This classic sketch is brought through with exquisite skill in capturing the emotion as though it were a photograph and transferring that same emotion from the picture to the onlooker’s heart.

    The creator has used soft hues to paint this master piece, whilst applying a plain white background giving focus to the countenance of the boy.

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  • Weaving Foundations

    Weaving Foundations


    Rattan weaving which was once a highly sought after skill is now a dying art which is hardly known to the younger generation, and for this reason the creator has picked a moment where a talented rattan weaver performs her task in order to immortalize this industry.

    The creator has kept things simple by using soft shades of brown and a bright blue background, but with every brush stroke has depicted the high level of concentration and artistic value of this dying industry. As the foundations of these chairs are woven together, this creation will help remind you of the ancient industries that paved the way for modern enterprises.

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  • Cotton Candy in the Sky

    Cotton Candy in the Sky


    The Creator of this piece has such a vast, bold imagination. To be able to create an alternate world with your god given talent, a world full of fantasy and intrigue, it is a testament to the brilliance and ingenuity of this Creator’s skill and highly artistic mindset.

    This creation would bring out the child in anyone who gazes upon it. The Creator deserves high praise for their ability to take us, the audience, back to our childhood, back to the age of innocence. A comical and humorous animation, which is a refreshing change from the more stereotypical forms of art.

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  • Being Carried Away

    Being Carried Away


    The fantastic Creator of this piece, has imagined and depicted what a Sri Lankan village would have looked like at some point in time, long ago. The scenic view and beauty; pristine, immaculate and enchanting. Nature’s landscape remains untouched and unspoilt.

    Judging from that depiction the Creator may have had in mind, a pre-colonial era, when painting this piece. Pre colonialism was a time that the great Sri Lankan or Ceylonese Kings reigned over the Island. It is also evident from the section of the creation where the King is being carried in his “Carriage” by his workers.

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  • Olympus is Rising

    Olympus is Rising


    The ingenious Creator has chosen to portray the power of an athlete. The high jumper depicted here, in this creation, is mesmerizing. The Creator has painted the high jumper in mid motion, in mid air, his body levitating over the bar so fiercely and effortlessly, on canvas in an animated style.

    This masterpiece can be used as a motivational piece. The creation evokes thoughts on Olympians leaping into the air and forcefully throwing themselves over the bar, that is high up in the air. This piece of art has the power to make you feel invincible, like anything is possible and nothing can step in your way.

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  • World… United

    World… United


    We are shown in this creation that it does not matter what cast, creed, ethnic background and religion you come from, we all share this world and we deserve to live together in unity, without discrimination. We can all be together and interact with each other as one.

    Portrayed in this creation are children of different ethnicities. One theme clearly portrayed and very evident in the piece. The moral of this piece lies in the simple fact that each of us were born in the same way, we were all once infants who grew to be children of the world and now adults. We all share the same stages in life, from birth to old age. How can we be different when we share so much, already?

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  • Immaculate Heritage

    Immaculate Heritage


    Set against a clear blue sky, the creator has brought to life a massive Stupa shining bright in brilliant white which represents the proud history and heritage our nation has cultivated over thousands of years.

    In order to capture the magnificence of this man made wonder, the creator may have taken shelter under a nearby sacred Bo tree and the view captured from this angle also adds to the peaceful feeling of this setting as it amplifies the sacred nature inculcated through Buddhism.

    Enjoy the serenity this beautiful creation will bring which will forever serve as a reminder of the immaculate heritage our country is built upon.

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  • We all Sing One Song

    We all Sing One Song


    In a time where unity and equality are qualities that are very hard to come by, this beautiful creation will most certainly infuse much positive energy to its surroundings as it represents the beauty and harmony of togetherness.

    The creator successfully transcends all boundaries of age, race, ethnicity and religion as he shows how individuals representing all these groups can come together and enjoy each other’s company irrespective of any social constraints we otherwise witness in our daily lives. By making this cheerful creation part of your living space, you too will able to feel the strength of unity if we all come together as one and ‘Sing One Song’.

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  • Vibes of Magic

    Vibes of Magic


    Portrayed in this creation are fragmented parts put together to form this one artistically imaginative creation. This piece is very obscure, creative, chic and edgy. It is not that the colors used by the Creator are psychedelic, they aren’t, however, the whole piece in itself is psychedelic in its nature and element.

    The Creator has proven their skill and expertise in their crafts. The Creator has given new meaning to the fine arts and has used this piece as an expression of their subconscious. The bright and vibrant colors present in the creation would open up and bring light to any living space.

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  • Battlements



    This imaginative art is a drawing of a unique type of battlements used by soldier ants that features a watchtower and a lizard tank as its defense shield. The impeccable attention to detail and light yet realistic color hues blend to create an exquisite abstract.

    The creator has sketched this cartoon against an amber and magenta backdrop, giving depth and brightness to the animation. The luminous colors used for the ants’ armor are clever and beautifying feature of this work of art.

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  • Road to Brotherhood

    Road to Brotherhood


    Where the constant perceptions of ‘otherness’ have been set aside to achieve a common goal is true unity. The artist’s creation encompasses this harmony of a unique people, from varied age, cast and creed.

    With bursts of color, expressive language, movement and action, this work of art adds vibrancy to a space. This inspirational piece is a testament to unity in diversity, with the ability to inspire even the most skeptical of viewers.

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