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Anusha Handicrafts

Anusha Handicrafts

Established in 2001, this family run establishment formally opened its doors for business to meet growing demands of the City of Colombo. At the inception, they had to compete with several other more established businesses in the area, but soon managed to consolidate its position  by capturing market share, capitalizing on the advent of a new clientele, both local and foreign.

All the products available are 100% handmade which comprises of elephants, creative figures, sculptures and many other intricate carvings and statues. It’s guaranteed that these products are well seasoned to suit any climatic condition. They have also have products made of brass and silver, batik paintings which are also handmade which depicts the Sri Lankan heritage.

Anusha Handicrafts sources their product from a pool of craftsmen who are rich in experience to maintain its unique and varied portfolio. In return, the business infuses much needed revenue establishing a continuous stream of economic sustenance to the crafts people, who are at the heart of its products, providing employment to many creative craftspeople through engagement in this cottage industry. Great care is taken in the production of these products which goes through stringent quality checks to offer a final product of great artistic value reflective of our island’s rich history.

Over the years, Anusha Handicrafts have reached out to several overseas markets such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. They have also gained popularity for many products in their portfolio, but key among them are the Jeweled Elephants adorned with a variety of colored gemstones which is only available in Sri Lanka. They also boast of the largest collection of curios and handicrafts in the island, making it one of the premier handicraft shops in Sri Lanka.

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  • Feline Femininity

    Feline Femininity


    Carved from the wood of the mahogany tree – the cat who sits steadily is the epitome of independence and power. The sculpture has been hand- carved with intricate details and represents the power of femininity.

    As marvelous and mysterious as the Sphinx from the days of ancient Egypt, the cat symbolizes strength and confidence from the tip of her ears to her paws. This wooden sculpture will incorporate a sense of elegance to the space it is displayed in.

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  • Twisted Dilemma

    Twisted Dilemma


    This amazing creation carved out of valuable Mahogany wood is twisted indeed. Featuring a muse which takes on a contoured posture, the creation shows how the worries in her head weigh her down and take over her entire body as she contemplates more and more on the dilemma she is faced with.

    This masterpiece will definitely bring life to any setting as it grabs the attention of the onlooker twisting their attention in the process.

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  • Grey Beard

    Grey Beard


    Dreams interpret long beards as a sign of power and luck. It symbolizes the regaining of dignity. This carving creates a sense of prestige while adding a sense of realism and photographic precision to the creation.

    This distinguished image is carved to represent the prominent and expressive brushstrokes of a Van Gogh piece while adding a sense of magic to the representation. It appreciates the beauty and process of growing old and grey.

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  • The Great Bear

    The Great Bear


    It is almost unbelievable to comprehend how the creator has wielded his chisel to etch this intricate representation of a grizzly bear. Bringing a touch of nature into your home or office space this sculpture of the great bear made of mahogany will make you feel as though you were a part of the wilderness.

    Immerse yourself in the midst of nature as you slowly start to hear the rustling of leaves as this sleepy creature crawls out of slumber.

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  • The Giant Family

    The Giant Family


    The magnificence of the elephant family can also connect to the beauty of human family relationships. The artist has incorporated the feeling and emotion of harmony and has interpreted his thoughts on the importance of healthy relationships.

    This wood carving appeals to those who have warmed towards depth and warmth of such relationships. The precise detail of the elephants and its surroundings capture the beauty of nature and appreciates it. The product is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood and builds an emotional connection.

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  • Silent Observer

    Silent Observer


    Using a block of precious mahogany wood, the creator brings to life an artistic masterpiece titled ‘Silent Observer’. Relaxing in a comfortable resting position with one hand under his temple and the other perched upon his knee is a silent observer who continues to set his judgmental gaze upon the rest of the world.

    Allow yourself a moment or two to look back at this figurine and try to guess what thoughts run behind his gaze.

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  • A Gift of Prosperity

    A Gift of Prosperity


    The art of wood carving can merge the skill of an artisan and reflect positivity. This wood carving of the Laughing Buddha is hand crafted to attract good energy, prosperity and luck into your home or workplace.

    The intricate handcrafted details present it as a genuine gift the creator gives the viewer. There is a sense of hope that this sculpture radiates along with the fact that it acts as a constant reminder to always stay positive to enhance prosperity.

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  • Tusker’s Chest

    Tusker’s Chest


    This type of a chest which is more commonly known as ‘Pettagama’, is a common storage unit in ancient Sri Lankan houses. The tusker holds a special place in the hearts of Sri Lankans and are the true pride of the beautiful processions that decorate the streets with color and magnificence. The milky white ivory of its tusks represent the richness of the Sinhalese culture.

    This chest is hand crafted with intricate details using mahogany wood to create a new respect for the intricate details and beauty of Sri Lankan culture. It treasures and connects with nostalgia.

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  • The Earthen Pot

    The Earthen Pot


    Traditional Sri Lankan cooking focuses on food prepared in earthen pots. It is believed that the food prepared in earthen utensils is far tastier and retain nutrition. Sri Lankan food is enhanced and becomes richer with the concoction of spices and the smoky wood of an open wooden-fire stove.

    This product is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood and will bring a sense of balance and prosperity to the space in which it is displayed, while radiating a sense of peacefulness. It enhances the love for Sri Lankan tradition.

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  • Victory Load

    Victory Load


    If you are in search of a statement piece which will add value to your existing interior décor, this beautiful wooden figurine will be a perfect option to consider.

    Capturing every ounce of hard work and energy put into lifting this heavy load, the creator artistically shows how such an attempt could yield the best results at the end of it all. Oozing of victory and pride, this creation will effortlessly infuse the same energy to its surroundings.

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  • Divine Dance

    Divine Dance


    This sculpture resembles Nataraja, who is the Lord of Dance and a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. The dynamism of this sculpture gives out a form of energy with the whirling hair spread out in thin strands as a fan behind Shiva’s head.

    It combines elements from the Hindu culture to form a mesmerizing visual interpretation of serenity. The artist incorporates the depths of the energy radiated in his very detailed sculpting technique as it restores an aesthetic of balance and positivity.

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  • Black Assassin

    Black Assassin


    Using the natural jet black color of Ebony wood, the creator brings to life this powerful assassin as it stealthily works its way towards its prey. Demonstrating razor sharp focus and great power, sit back and watch this beautiful creature come to life as though you were witnessing the action right before your eyes.

    Available in two sizes, this is a perfect collector’s piece for the wildlife enthusiast. This work of art is a perfect way to bring the beauty of nature into your living room

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  • Nature in Unison

    Nature in Unison


    The creator’s detailed carving style beautifully represents the relationship between flora and fauna. The birds intertwined among the trees symbolize the beauty and connectivity of nature.

    This masterpiece reflects upon the oneness of nature and is characterized by intricate details. It is truly a masterpiece that interacts with the eye and overwhelms the heart. It complements the aspect of life and radiates positivity and gentleness in the space it is displayed in.

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  • Slender Hands

    Slender Hands


    Captured pointing all five fingers up while with the thumb lies slightly ahead of the rest, the artist brings to life the slender hand of his delicate muse. Beginning from the base of the arm adorned with an intricate cuff, the artist shows his unmatched talent to display the fragile and sensitive nature of the muse which could symbolize rather affluent origins.

    Aside from being a beautiful work of art, this mahogany piece could also serve as a creative letter holder, a ring holder or a key chain holder for your home or office.

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  • Finding Solace

    Finding Solace


    There is no other place that offers more peace and solace than in the safety and warmth of a mother’s arms.

    This beautiful mahogany creation is priceless in terms of artistic value as the creator demonstrates how every etch and incision made from a single block of wood. This will bring out the sense of purity, comfort, trust and love offered by this mother as she gently cradles her infant who seeks solace through their embrace.

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  • Totem Pole

    Totem Pole


    Demonstrating tribal splendor, the creator explores the depth of his artistic capabilities through the making of this intricate work of art. Enjoy the traditional glamour this creation will bring to any indoor space where you place it on display.

    Beginning from a block of rich mahogany wood, the creator carefully whittles the piece of wood, strategically placing the most intricate details along the grain of the wood to create this highly detailed and amazing totem pole.

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  • Life on Stilts

    Life on Stilts


    Fishing is a common occupation of the coastline population in Sri Lanka. A fisherman symbolizes determination and dedication as he is always trying to “catch” an opportunity in the midst of tedious circumstances. According to fortune telling, dreaming of a fisherman can bring you good luck, particularly if you see the fish that he has already caught.

    This product is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood to bring a sense of fertility and prosperity to the space in which it is displayed.

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  • Narrow Minded

    Narrow Minded


    A beautiful sculpture made of Mahogany wood, this creation represents a deeper meaning behind what meets the eye. At a glance it features a slender figure with one arm hanging freely by her side while the other is placed at the top of her head.

    The creation goes on to explore the impact that narrow minded thinking has on the muse, as it shows how puzzling the world seems when viewed from a rather constricted point of view.

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  • Ride Down Memory Lane

    Ride Down Memory Lane


    This hand carved old-fashioned motor bicycle has been crafted with a sharp eye for detail out of Bamboo wood. It has been created to satisfy those who have an eye for the little details of vintage vehicles.

    It can be used as a collectible figurine in an office space or as home décor and will incorporate a nostalgic atmosphere intertwined with a sense of adventure. It is truly a ride down memory lane!

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  • Wise Old Owl

    Wise Old Owl


    The symbol of wisdom, this beautiful creature carved out of mahogany wood will make a perfect décor option for a living room, study or office space. The creator displays perfect carving and intricate detailing techniques to create this lifelike representation of a wise old owl.

    With its gaze set on an unidentified object, this beautiful creation invites you to see the world through its wise eyes, which in time will shine light on things that were previously hard to comprehend.

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