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Anusha Handicrafts

Anusha Handicrafts

Established in 2001, this family run establishment formally opened its doors for business to meet growing demands of the City of Colombo. At the inception, they had to compete with several other more established businesses in the area, but soon managed to consolidate its position  by capturing market share, capitalizing on the advent of a new clientele, both local and foreign.

All the products available are 100% handmade which comprises of elephants, creative figures, sculptures and many other intricate carvings and statues. It’s guaranteed that these products are well seasoned to suit any climatic condition. They have also have products made of brass and silver, batik paintings which are also handmade which depicts the Sri Lankan heritage.

Anusha Handicrafts sources their product from a pool of craftsmen who are rich in experience to maintain its unique and varied portfolio. In return, the business infuses much needed revenue establishing a continuous stream of economic sustenance to the crafts people, who are at the heart of its products, providing employment to many creative craftspeople through engagement in this cottage industry. Great care is taken in the production of these products which goes through stringent quality checks to offer a final product of great artistic value reflective of our island’s rich history.

Over the years, Anusha Handicrafts have reached out to several overseas markets such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. They have also gained popularity for many products in their portfolio, but key among them are the Jeweled Elephants adorned with a variety of colored gemstones which is only available in Sri Lanka. They also boast of the largest collection of curios and handicrafts in the island, making it one of the premier handicraft shops in Sri Lanka.

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