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Aryawansa Kumarasinghe

Aryawansa Kumarasinghe
Award Winning Veteran Artist

Although his father’s wish was to educate his son to be a great practitioner in Ayurvedic medicine, life had a different plan for Aryawansa Kumarasinghe.

Aryawansa gathers inspiration from researching and exploring Sri Lankan and Buddhist history.  His artistic approach intertwines history and the present through his mesmerizing storytelling. He has developed a close kinship with the folklore of his motherland, visualizing her stories beautifully and expressively.

The world of war, life, death, victory and defeat of ancient Sri Lanka is depicted in the form of graphically striking images that allow the physicality of nature and history to reveal itself. Aryawansa turned out historical scenes such as the ‘Battle of Mulleriyawa’, the Portuguese destroying the Fort in Jaffna, and the arrival of Prince Vijaya into wonderful masterpieces.

Working with oils, watercolors, charcoal and mixed media, Aryawansa employs a rich and fresh color palate that capture the essence of rich history. A great sense of depth and nostalgia is created through his great influence by classical paintings. The paintings highlight the realities of life and are enhanced by his skill and effort at rendering lifelike figures with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale.

He uses moderate color combinations and integrates line, figure, contrasting perspectives and space to position a sense of realness to the events that have taken place long ago and connotates its effect and timelessness.

Inspired by his upbringing within a village atmosphere, his paintings are deeply rooted in the simple lifestyle and culture of the village. His scribbles of these sceneries with charcoal on the walls of his home as a young boy, was the start of his artistic career.

His great talent motivated him to create artwork for Vesak Pandols at a very young age and undertake bigger projects in his adulthood, such as decorating the holiday homes and buildings of the Northern Navy Command in Sri Lanka and the living premises and camps of the Regimental Centers for infantries.

The spontaneous gestural brush-strokes and mark-making, leave an impression of expression and emotion, especially that tells a story with depth. The color schemes and texture translate content to stimulate the pride of Sri Lanka and its ancestors.

His efforts reflect Sri Lankan culture and the essential harmony within nature, humans and history. The vibrant history and culture smeared on Aryawansa’s paintings educate the future generations about the past and are true treasures that resurrects rich history of historical literature!

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  • Mornings by the River

    Mornings by the River


    The artist uses acrylics to tell a story in this piece.  Tints of gold and blue in a sweeping movement paint an early morning sky; slowly transitioning from the dark early morning hours to the light blue-gold of the early hours of the new day.

    With the sunrise, two women from the village begin their day with their usual tasks- collecting water for their homes. As they meet near the quiet, still waters, their companionship is almost retold in this painting as they chit chat and greet each other at this daily meeting place. In the background, a tiny house reminds us of the duties and daily life waiting to spring into action with the new day.

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  • Under the Tree of Enlight..

    Under the Tree of Enlight..


    The Creator has beautifully portrayed Lord Buddha in this portrait with shading and definition have been meticulously crafted in this masterpiece. The way the dark and light contour and highlight the features within the face makes it look true to life. Against the shaded, gray background, the tone and shading that outlines the face does not diminish. The beauty of the portrait is heightened by the gray backdrop.

    An integration of culture, philosophy, worship and art are all in this one creation. The addition of this piece into one’s collection will bring cultural diversity to any collection of artworks.

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  • Nature’s Storybook Come..

    Nature’s Storybook Come..


    The artist creates a peaceful setting in this painting as the quiet waters of the lake are complemented only by the equally serene greenery around it. Acrylics paint an idyllic, rustic atmosphere, inviting the viewer to jump into the storybook like a picture in the canvas. Shades of blue and green melt together to paint the calm waters. The artist carefully highlights and shades the water’s surface, creating an illusion of still waters that slowly trickle forward with a naturally slow, laid back current.

    Surrounding the lake, the endless greenery almost secludes the inviting waters, as the river weeds meet the murky banks and trees seemingly stretch out into the distance, creating a dreamy, inviting scene of relaxation.

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  • King in Color

    King in Color


    The king of the jungle is sketched in multicolor. A very unusual and abstract portrayal of an otherwise dull colored animal. This painting introduces a fresh new aspect to the majesty of a lion in the wild in terms of color and creativity.

    The creator of this painting has skillfully brushed in the array of colors and in the process has blended the colors to overlap in giving a very natural effect to an otherwise unnaturally colored mane.

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  • Eye of the Tiger

    Eye of the Tiger


    The creator immense attention to the intricacies of the tiger’s face. This oil painting creating a lifelike illusion through the artist’s attention to the structure and shape of the animal. One can almost feel the soft fur past along the big cat’s snout and face as intricately painted stripes create a realistic image of the layered beauty of the tiger. In this microscopic portrait, the artist invites us to explore the many dimensions to the patterns of the animal’s skin and its nuanced beauty captured through subtle light and shading, giving the painted feline an almost 3D look.

    At the focus of the painting; his gaze bores into the eye of the viewer. The carefully painted eye is a luminous pool of amber and jade; adding a depth to the tiger’s soul and inviting the viewer to look closer

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  • The Great Philosopher

    The Great Philosopher


    This terracotta colored painting of the Lord Buddha is a spectacular depiction of this iconic symbol of Buddhism. The terracotta shade that the Creator has used on the statue head brings prominence to the earth element that is heavily present in this creation. The gray background could represent either the element of wind or Aether.

    A bold piece such as this adds class, elegance and tranquility to any living space. A refined, quiet grace exudes from the creation. The Creator has very unique, artistic eye.

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  • A Tiger’s Smirk

    A Tiger’s Smirk


    In this piece, the artist captures the almost human like gaze in the expression of the tiger. Through a blend of oils, the King of the jungle glares back powerfully, silently. His strength and majesty bores through the green amber eyes that appear glassy and real through the artist’s brush.

    Skillfully shaded and highlighted, the portrait is almost photographic, down to each individual stripe and the fur that looks glossy to the touch. Blending imagination with striking reality, we see the creator’s mind reflected in the tiger’s gaze. His eyes reflect thoughts that we could never comprehend while a smile grazes his majestic face.

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  • A Magical Touch

    A Magical Touch


    It is hard to deny the magic behind a simple touch, and it is this power that is skillfully demonstrated by the creator in this unique work of art. The creation shows how two individuals exchange soft touches between each other’s hand, which is brought to life in a 3D like manner, and the creator also go on to use more finer detailing techniques to show the more stronger nature of the man’s hand, and the most delicate touch created by the woman’s hands.

    This creation is a perfect addition to remind yourself of the support and warmth a simple touch can bring to your life and dissipate a loving feeling to the entire surrounding.

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  • The Midas’ Work

    The Midas’ Work


    The masterful Creator has painted a rendition of the face of a statue of the Lord Buddha, glistening dull gold, in all its glory. The Creator is increasing the value and the importance of this cultural icon by ten fold, by the use and choice of this bold and distinctive color.

    This magnificent creation is a beautiful piece of cultural art that is alluring and brings peace, tranquility and grace into a living space. Adding this work of art to a collection of different works of art will enrich and diversify the collection, making it more valuable and more exquisite.

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  • Dance of the Elephants

    Dance of the Elephants


    Set against a throbbing, vibrant background, the elephants raise their trunks and echo the energy of the painting. The creator’s use of unusual color combinations creates a lively, exuberant atmosphere with brushstrokes add to the pulsating rhythm and energy of this creation.

    Emerging from the hazy, party like the background, the two elephants explore the artist’s skillful brushwork. Intricate in detail with an attention to shadow and shade, the artist creates a lifelike duo against the colorful haze. Together, intricate skill literally emerges through the canvas inviting the audience into another dimension; a hidden paradise within.

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  • The Beat that Lives On

    The Beat that Lives On


    The creator has captured the passion of a drummer with his fluid rhythm depicted by the swirls of color surrounding the hand tightly grasping the stick ready to strike the drum with thunderous force. The other palm gently taps a constant beat on the alternate face of the drum.

    Graceful strokes in the painting depict the virility of the drummer from the fine lines of his forearms to the smooth shaped curve of his back. Fluid and dynamic use of lines and a palate of bright tones adds an essence of grace to the painting, creating an impression of the drummer’s passion.

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  • Splendor of the Ages

    Splendor of the Ages


    The drummers clad in bright red cloth walk in pride, the dancers adorned in their costumes dance flamboyantly around the majestic elephants. The tusker dressed in beautiful garments carries the casket of the tooth relic, he is escorted by two other equally elegant Tuskers.

    The atmosphere is filled with the powerful noise of the drums as they make their way through the crowds that gather alongside the streets, the Tuskers take a few steps according to the beat. It is a celebration of splendor. The creator has brought forth this masterpiece filled with brilliant red and orange hues, bound to capture the attention of anyone.


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  • The Road Less Travelled

    The Road Less Travelled


    Brushstrokes interchange from short and crisp to long and then endless-a tribute to the subject of the painting. The artist’s imagination creates a comfortable silence in the leafy surroundings, parted only by a lonely road.

    The painting is motionless, but the brushwork and complexity quietly re-imagines the bumps and bends in the dusty, muddy path that clearly looks as though it has been untouched for a while. Symbolically, the light reaches out from the endless, spiny pathway with a glimpse of an endless horizon and a distant speck- inviting the audience to take the mysterious route and see what they might discover along the way.

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  • A Grand Spectacle

    A Grand Spectacle


    Taking us a step back in time, the creator has captured the natural essence of a traditional Perahera. Devoid of its modern makeup the Perahera has been stripped down to showcasing the prowess of the dancers and drummers.

    The creativity behind this masterpiece has skillfully captured one of Sri Lanka’s well-known attractions with careful detailing. Using shades of umber, bronze and burnt orange they cast an affluent area surrounding the beloved procession allowing its players to be distinguishable in their dresses of white.

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  • I worship at Thy Feet

    I worship at Thy Feet


    Portrayed in this fascinating creation, a Buddhist monk dressed in his tangerine colored robes, humbly stands at the feet of the statue of Lord Buddha in worship, admiration and adoration. A beautifully executed piece of cultural art. Painted to perfection by this marvelous Creator.

    There is so much depth, detail and definition that have put into this creation. Every crevice, every shadow and outline can be seen in great detail. This piece of art would be a unique and special addition to any collection of artwork. It Exudes peace, balance and tranquility. “Kudos!”, To the Creator on this masterpiece.

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  • Sublime Gaze

    Sublime Gaze


    This unique creation is both peaceful and mesmerizing as the creator details the most sublime gaze of the Lord Buddha. Due to the highly focused nature of the creation, even the finest details of the structure become noticeable with time and through the slit like openings of the divine teacher’s eyes, the onlooker will begin to feel as though the gaze is directed directly at him.

    Set against a strong black background, the face of the golden Buddha will easily stand out of any surrounding captivating the onlooker instantly with this sublime gaze.

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  • The Placid Crouch

    The Placid Crouch


    The creator has portrayed the feline of the wild in its natural disposition. Restful yet alert, the leopard is aware of every detail of its surrounding. Seamlessly blending in with its environment, in camouflage with the yellow earth, concealing its predatory nature.

    The illustration of the beast in its rosette-glory mimics the master strokes of mother nature, in soft and dark contrasts and contours. The unmistakably playful crouch indicates that opportunity is not wasted on the ill-prepared. It is as if the artist wishes to state that in wakefulness lies possibility.

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  • Making Ends Meet

    Making Ends Meet


    The creator has captured the pains of the profession of fishermen leading us to imagine the possible time spent on stilts. The birds flocking away in the distance depict that the day is coming to an end. Soon these endless poles will be vacant only to be filled again once the sun rises the next day.

    Lighting the sky on fire with a spectrum of ambers, russets, crimson hues and pigments of rust with careful detailing done in black, the creativity behind this masterpiece has captured the solitary in stilt fishing whilst also embracing the natural overpowering surroundings of the occupation.

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  • Village Life

    Village Life


    The simplicity of village life and the magnificence of its natural surroundings, makes this painting a calming work of art.

    While resting the eyes on the minute details brought together so perfectly by the artist; the family of three takes center stage in reminiscing a bygone era. On the other hand, the artist also portrays the cascading mountain range as a symbol of timeless beauty.

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  • Perpetual Grace

    Perpetual Grace


    She… a beautiful young lady just had her heart broken. Takes a moment to breathe and fathom what just happened. This was not how it was supposed to end. She was dressed so elegantly, the colors bright and joyous, her hair adorned with beautiful flowers. The background which has captured the bright hues of her dress like a mirror reflect the joy she carried.

    The artist tells a story through his creation. One which was filled with anticipation but ended in tears. The features on her face are brush worked so intricately to express her emotions, every detail captured so well. The artist has created a magical portrait of the beauty of youth.

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