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Dilrukshi Chandrika

Dilrukshi Chandrika
Contemporary Artist

Selling her paintings on the streets or from her humble home, stands a gifted and talented artist. In order to develop her talents Dilrukshi Chandrika has molded canvases into beautiful artwork with a great deal of effort, sacrifice and patience.

As a child Dilrukshi had always been interested and inquisitive in the field of art. Unlike the young village children who often built sand castles from the sand in their home gardens, Dilrukshi transcribed her imagination through the sand on her drawings. Little did she know that although the sand castles may collapse, her paintings would still build up a career for her. At a later age Dilrukshi then began to draw on paper and then on canvas.

She comes from a family with an artistic background, thus, was supported throughout her artistic career to only become more successful day by day. Inspired by her upbringing within nature, Dilrukshi’s paintings are deeply rooted in the simple complexities of nature. She gathers inspiration from her exposure to the plant and animal kingdoms.

Exploring and growing up with an exposure to the natural world, her artistic style blossoms with such intricate detail as she paints with a deep familiarity and personal attachment with nature itself. Her artistic approach intertwines nature with the distance that has been created in the modern world through mesmerizing phenomena that are visualized beautifully and expressively.

The beauty of nature forms itself into graphically striking images that allow the physicality of nature to reveal itself. Dilrukshi turns natural phenomena of butterflies sucking nectar from the flowers or the blossoming of flowers into wonderful masterpieces that rejuvenates the viewer’s eye. The magic in her paintbrushes makes the viewer fall deeply in love with nature just as she did, creating a great appreciation towards it.

Painting on canvases, wood and paper Dilrukshi employs a rich and fresh color palate that encapsulates the essence of nature. A great sense of depth and nostalgia is created through her paintings while they are enhanced and made realistic with her skill at rendering lifelike figures with a sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale.

As a self- learnt artist Dilrukshi has been greatly inspired by classical art. Her love for playing with light and shadow developed from her artist transcriptions of Da Vinci paintings, where she tried to understand the principles of light and shadow to paint realistic artwork.

Dilrukshi although a great portrait artist, chose to paint nature and wildlife because she felt as if though she could convey a deeper message through those paintings. She feels as if though they tell a story with depth that stimulates the pride of mother nature. Her paintings connotates the effect and timelessness of nature.

The vibrancy of nature smeared on Dilrukshi Chandrika’s paintings resurrects the lost beauty often unnoticed within nature. Her effort to create an emotional impact with her paintings connects the natural world with the distanced modern world.

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  • Growing in Love

    Growing in Love


    A beautiful brown headed Barbet is seen feeding a berry to his beloved. She may be nestling the eggs, their precious babies. In the background is a Cashew tree, ripe with fruit, bright red, it is a rich season with plenty of fruits and flowers, the perfect time for the little hatchlings to be born. The mum waits patiently as the father flies off in search of food, they take turns to care for their young.

    The Barbet’s generally make their nest in a burrow of a tree where it cannot be shaken for strong winds. As the sun sets, the creator has caught a moment where nature teaches us a wonderful lesson of life.

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  • Raising the Young

    Raising the Young


    A young mother returns home with a delicacy in her mouth! Commonly known as the black hooded Oriole, this pretty bird is noticeable at a distance due to its colors. She adorns a bright shade of yellow and black with intricate markings. She watches for a moment before feeding her very hungry young ones who are chirping away at the sight of food.

    A few temple tree leaves provide shade for her home cozily made for her babies. The colors are brilliantly bright, and the artist has created a wonderful space to witness this juncture of life and captured it so intimately.

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  • Maiden Among Flowers

    Maiden Among Flowers


    A beautiful maiden immerses herself in the beauty of nature as she takes in the fresh fragrance of white water lilies floating in a still peaceful lake. This exquisite painting has captured the freshness of the flowers and the emotion of the girl to perfection on canvas.

    The skill of the creator in the choosing color and mixing hues to bring out an ambience of peace and freshness is amazing. A feature of this work of art is the positioning of the girl to the left of the canvas, giving focus to the foliage and water bringing all aspects of the painting into the foreground.

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  • The Red Eyed Girl

    The Red Eyed Girl


    A Magpie clothed in all shades of blue, elegantly poses for the creator. Her feathers a chestnut tone, she is truly a beautiful bird who is endemic to Sri Lanka. The intricate detail of the Creator is brilliant as the color combination and patterns seem as if hand painted on each bird.

    This beauty has a tail of blue with black and white strips and her eyes are a bright red with an ornate ring around it. She takes a break from her long journey to enjoy a delicacy. The artist perfectly portrays this feathered beauty who is one of our treasures.

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  • Pure Innocence

    Pure Innocence


    A stork billed kingfisher is perched on a branch and looks towards the sky, longingly. It’s pretty, hopeful eyes glistening in the sun, the tail raised. She is a beautiful work of art, her body cloaked in blue and shades of auburn, her beak a crimson red.

    The creator has taken in every detailed and carefully brush worked onto the canvas. The blurred out background gives prominence to the subject. For all we know, she may be longing for a dew drop that is about to fall from a leaf or a little insect flying so close. The piece is visually calming and intriguing, ideal for an open verandah.

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  • Frozen in Flight

    Frozen in Flight


    An exquisite painting of a hummingbird exhibiting strength and skill to be stationary in mid flight while he successfully draws the nectar out of a flower. A wonder of nature frozen in a masterpiece of a sketch painted in real color against a dull backdrop.

    The detail in both the bird and the featured foliage highlights this exquisite piece of art, that includes beautifully contrasting hues between the background and the foreground. The creator has used bright colors to beautify the bird, its motion and flower in spectacular spectrum that stands out against the contrasting backdrop.

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  • Hues of Azure

    Hues of Azure


    A solitary butterfly rests with its wings sprawled, camouflaged among the leaves of jade and a flower, the shade of the sea, its wings an enchanting hue of blue, carefully outlined in a dark tone of brown combined with black, absorbing the bright sunlight of the morning.

    The background is blurred to softer shade of yellow and blue, blending with the prominent image in the setting. The creator has left the spectator engrossed in this work of art and It is amazing to understand the very detail, line and tone the artist has captured, creating this brilliant work of art.

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  • Secret to her Smile

    Secret to her Smile


    A beautiful village damsel takes center stage in this colorful acrylic as the creator highlights popular thirst quenching gift from nature, the tropical fruits called king coconuts. The creator very carefully has picked the exact colors of king coconuts that often come in bright orange or dark green and perfectly complemented these natural colors with the lovely lady whose smile will grab the attention of the onlooker instantly.

    Known to be a powerhouse of nutrients, the creator illustrates how the sweet tasting drink packaged in such colorful containers can contribute to a happy life and ultimately a captivating and healthy smile.

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  • Beauty from Nothing

    Beauty from Nothing


    Watch how beautiful water lilies emerge from the mud with near perfection as the creator attempts to captivate his audience with this acrylic of the aerial view of a water lily pond. Each of these bright pink flowers very elegantly peep from between their leaves that cover the surface of the water body.

    The creator very strategically paints the color of the water surface in orange as though they were emerging to catch the warm rays as the sun rises casting a warm yellow glow on the surface. Colorful and bright, this creation will be a wonderful décor option for any living space.

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  • Birds in Love

    Birds in Love


    Two love birds stay perched on a branch expressing their affections towards each other in this beautiful portrayal of nature and passion. The setting of a blue sky mixed in with clouds gives a perfect backdrop to this display of a most powerful expression. The bright greenery contrasted against the simple sky bursts out a hint of color that draws focus to the featured scene.

    The creator exquisitely sketched the two birds intertwined with each other and used serene hues to bring forth a painting that creates an ambience of peace and joy that will lighten up any atmosphere that hosts it.



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  • A Silhouette Robed in Whi..

    A Silhouette Robed in Whi..


    A brown tipped butterfly adorns herself with two red rings, her wings flap ever so slowly as she settles herself in a flower, she is beautiful and gentle, her wings shine in the light. The creator of this work of art has watched her over time and painted every detail of her on to a canvas ever so patiently.

    Her wings are like the frills on a kite, moving slowly, helping her glide across the forests. As easy as she is in the eyes this pretty girl has stopped to admire the beauty of Heliconias. The creator has brought forth inspiration, white can be pretty fabulous!

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  • Creation



    The vast expanse of space reflects the magnitude and complexity of the universe we will live results in a response of awe and wonder to the gift of creation. This amazing painting describes in detail the planets that inhabit our solar system with an array of color and beauty.

    The creator has used an exquisite gradient to highlight the dark space that contrasts perfectly as a fitting backdrop to a realistic depiction in color and shape of the main players in our solar system.

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  • Commander of the Fleet

    Commander of the Fleet


    A regal view of the stunning commanding vessel of a Spanish fleet as it navigates across the Atlantic in full throttle catching the winds in its fully drawn sails. The beauty of this painting is in the motion of the ship and the surrounding ocean that is perfectly captured in color and sketch.

    The creator uses rays of amber to draw us into a mellow mood even in the midst of the turmoil of sea, presenting a sunset over a vintage voyage that exquisitely blends nature and machine.

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  • Return to the Community

    Return to the Community


    Through this beautiful watercolor creation, the artist brings to life the journey of a mother and child as they make their way back to their community. The beautiful village setting captured explores the simplicity of community style living and the sense of security it brings to all those who enter the vicinity.

    The creation also emanates a very warm feeling mainly due to the warm autumn hues it is colored by, making it a perfect décor option you could use to color any space in your home of office, which will help remind you of the sense of belonging you will feel when you are a part of a tight-knit community.

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  • Dressed in Amber

    Dressed in Amber


    A beautiful lady dressed in an exquisite yellow dress rests upon matching foliage to feast in isolation. A stunning portrayal of a butterfly perched on a flower. The matching hues of each subject giving the painting an unusual brightness amidst a gradient blended with green and yellow.

    The creator skillfully sketched the detail of the butterfly and injected the portrait with life using simple and creative color matching. Light and brightness shines through this amazing painting with a touch of brilliance in detail and abstract creativity, giving this work of art a uniqueness in color, sketch and thought.

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  • Adoring Miracle

    Adoring Miracle


    The miracle of an infant is only matched by the adoring sweetness of her tender countenance. A beautiful portrait of a baby wrapped in a multi arrayed coverlet looks eagerly towards an alluring object. The detail and color of this picture combines to illustrate a sweet and affectionate message.

    The creator has perfectly adapted the baby’s features against a colorful backdrop laced with abstract blots of mixed hues complimenting the expression of the child with light and brightness.

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  • The Explorers

    The Explorers


    A fitting tribute to a civilization dedicated to venturing into the unknown and passionately pushing the boundaries of exploration and innovation. This exquisite portrait of a Viking ship in action on the merciless waves is sketched in detail of motion and color.

    The creator has skillfully drawn the waves hitting against the bow as the ship cuts through the waves against a backdrop of land and sea. The calm of the expanse and earth contrasted beautifully against the rough seas and brave explorers.

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  • Flaming Feathers

    Flaming Feathers


    Beautiful pink flamingoes are seen at a lake, hunting for their food. Their name is derived from Spanish meaning the color of flames. Lotus flowers are in the foreground, bloomed with pride in the same tone of pink as the flamingoes.

    The creator’s skilled handwork has brought life to the most intricate of detail from the birds to the petals on each flower. The leaves absorb the hue of pink from the sun as they make way for the lotus to rise above the water. The method of shading images and the subtle use of color has made this work of art quite eye catching.

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  • Grandeur of the Wild

    Grandeur of the Wild


    A Leopard is portrayed in a jungle setting, large trees, bushes and tangles all around, a large rock in the background. He lurks patiently watching and waiting, observing every move of his prey who innocently goes about its day, gathering food, unknowing that at any moment the Leopard can charge and devour.

    In color this illustration would have given light to the bright green leaves, the large trees and rocks. But in black and white, the creator has given prominence to this majestic beast who is required no color to show his dominance. A beautiful creation showing the spectator the amazing grandeur of nature.

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  • Other Way Around

    Other Way Around


    The moonlight shines through the clouds and the trees lighting up the whole garden. The creator sits outside waiting to capture the perfect moment the moon peeps through. As the light comes in, six curious little eyes are seen on a branch. A while later their whole figure is visible.

    Three bats with their eyes wide open hang upside down from a branch, wondering the sudden visitor staring right back at them. They wait patiently for the light to dwindle to fly off in search of food. The creator has portrayed a beautiful scenery in hues of black and white.

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