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Hemantha Warakapitiya

Hemantha Warakapitiya
Contemporary Artist

The life, culture, beauty and conflicts of Sri Lanka are the subjects of Hemantha Warakapitiya’s paintings. He is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator who represents the world with satirical creativity. The intricate details of his paintings document and visualize nature and the collapse of society due to political injustices and conflicts. Objects, people and phenomena from different levels of existence are brought together in his paintings to contend with his sharp eye for detail and his skill for hyper realism with photographic precision.

The raw boldness he incorporates to expose the bitter truth of politics and its effect on Sri Lankan society is characterized by a great sense of humor and satire. His personal perspectives intertwine political gossip and is expressed in a neutral manner through his political cartoons. Characterized with a range of saturated and contrasting colors, he creates outstanding pieces that represent the political realities of Sri Lanka.

Working with mixed media, the fluidity of his work explores the beauty and simplicity of phenomena unique to Sri Lanka, and are enhanced by his skill at rendering and replicating images with his sharp eye for proportion and scale.

They transform the standard notions of art into a uniquely expressive form, that brings about social awareness. This is the sole purpose of Hemantha’s famous political cartoon series in the daily Lakbima newspapers titled ‘Warakage Sithuwama’ that illustrates and adds humor to relevant political gossip.

The vibrant colors and graphically striking images Hemantha Warakapitiya incorporates in his work reflects his love for nature and satire. He also is a multi- disciplinary artist who has different artistic styles to represent a variety of subject matter that he wishes to communicate about through his art. His great skill and ability to develop a unique and different approach to a variety of aspects proves his great talent in the field of art!

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  • Cultural Exuberance

    Cultural Exuberance


    An enthusiastic pose of a female dancer locked in culture and creative expression. Beautiful facial expression and posture has been captured through this portrait utilizing sharp but simple shades. The dull background contrasts the subject to bring into focus the message the intends to convey.

    The creator has exquisitely sketched detail in the costume and appearance of the dancer and drawn this portrayal at an angle that exhibits a mood of enthusiasm that is both commanding and proud as is the culture it represents.

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  • Elephant Tales

    Elephant Tales


    A spectacular scenic portrait of this magnificent creature. This creation, in its own right, is as humbling as experiencing this magical event in real life. The ability to simulate the experience of an encounter with this majestic animal is a testament to the ability and skill of the ingenious Creator, to guide us on a journey into the jungle, to witness its life.

    The soft, but steadily, controlled brushstrokes that have detailed and highlighted the greenery, alone, is really quite fascinating. The placement of shading and light, along with the body of the elephant, has been executed with as much accuracy and attention to even the most minor details shows the true dedication that the Creator has offered.

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  • Picture Perfect Moment

    Picture Perfect Moment


    A truly stunning creation of a spotted deer, in which the Creator has managed to capture this special moment on canvas. The creative height and the exceptional imaginative skills that this Creator has to paint this perfect moment on canvas is highly impressive.

    The Creator has chosen to portray the event the way it should be seen, to perfection. The deer, focused on the individual watching it, completely caught off guard by the sudden movement that it sees in front of it. It lifts its head and freezes for a moment to see who’s watching it. The antlers have been painted with such care and grace, making this magnificent piece even more spectacular.

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  • Black Bird, Fly

    Black Bird, Fly


    This is a stunning nature portrait of an “Oriole” with every detail of this bird been highlighted by this brilliant Creator. The intricate detailing on the tree branch gives it a more, real-life effect. The Creator of this piece makes it possible for the viewer to be amazed by what mother nature has to offer.

    The Oriole sits atop an old tree branch. Its beak, a soft coral, orange hue. The head of the bird, a deep charcoal. The eyes, piercing black pupils in a sea of red. The feathers, a fusion of yellow, black and brilliant white; formed to create a psychedelic type pattern along the body of the bird.

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  • Inspiring a Nation

    Inspiring a Nation


    A bunch of white flowers in full bloom over a dark backdrop personifies peace, tranquility and above all, purity. This natural portrait is exquisitely painted against a contrasting background that exaggerates the whiteness of the foliage.

    The creator has used the perfect color balance between the main subject and the surrounding to highlight the theme of the picture and has perfectly shaded the white of the flowers skillfully bringing to life a painting that is thought-provoking and mood influencing.

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  • Bloom in the Wild

    Bloom in the Wild


    A beautiful flower blooms on the tree, it is too pretty to be admired alone. Two little humming birds adorned with the best of colors, each its own masterpiece, stop by to admire its beauty, their wings fluttering at lightning speed. They are so gentle with the flower, careful enough not to hurt, but longing to have a drink of its life-giving water which tastes ever so sweet. We miss these little moments which nature orchestrates every day.

    Creator’s eloquent brush work has portrayed the ever so wonderful creation of nature, perfect in all its ways, a reminder for us to enjoy the small wonders of this vibrant world.

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  • Dancing to my Tune

    Dancing to my Tune


    A detail rich painting of a cobra caught in the hypnotic dance of a charmer symbolizes a spiritual connection between man and animal that is unique to Sri Lanka. The grayscale background is disturbed by light shades used in the clothing of the charmer bringing into focus the charmer and his memorized partner.

    The brushstrokes of the creator are perfectly disguised in the smoothness of the texture that is applied onto the painting skillfully blending deep features of the musician and his dancer.

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  • The Seductress

    The Seductress


    The expression of sensuality in a prose of color and sketch. A beautiful female sits partially exposed upon a stool as she looks away in a posture of seduction and temptation. The choice of color perfectly complements the theme contributing to the lure of romance.

    The creator has skillfully drawn the features and figure of the female against a low light background and provided to the viewer a portrait of lustful beauty blending light and shade exquisitely.

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  • Majesty on a Stroll

    Majesty on a Stroll


    The realistic nature of this piece is absolutely breathtaking. It is as though we have been plucked from our seats and have been taken into a literal jungle and are able to humbly experience and adore this majestic creature.

    The highlights and the shading have been so carefully and meticulously thought out and painted with such detail and dedication by this exceptional Creator. When adding this piece to your collection, as others gaze upon it, all will marvel at this magnificent work of art, trying to fathom the real-life element of this creation. The Creator of this piece should be applauded for this work of art.

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  • The Cellist

    The Cellist


    A young boy concentrates intently as he engages his body and soul in creating music through a wooden stringed accomplice. This portrait of man and music is a perfect depiction of the relationship between the musician and instrument, both lost in each other’s embrace with the sole purpose of delivering a beautiful melody.

    The creator has placed the subjects in solitude and exaggerated the theme through skillful use of color by including a gray, misty background to the bright contrast of the instrumentalist and his cello.

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  • Focused on the Job

    Focused on the Job


    A countenance of deep concentration and focus is exhibited in this dancer’s face as he prepares to stun his audience with a creative expression of culture through dance. The black background perfectly contrasting over the rich detail of the performer’s costume bringing immediate focus to each item and angle of its fabric and shape.

    The creator has painted this portrait from a viewpoint that places the dancer almost at a slight angle and at an equal height, thereby skillfully enhancing the depth and exaggerating the features of the subject, his stature and attire.

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  • The Ruler

    The Ruler


    An exquisite close-up profile of the king of rock in performance. This painting is a perfect portrayal of the young Elvis Presley in his rebel attire, guitar sling to the side, singing to an imaginary lass far into the crowds.

    The creator of this art has captured the curious and alluring gaze that won many hearts by skillfully sketching an exact replication of a pose that was never ignored. Dark shadings amidst the sharp features of Elvis is drawn and blended in unison to produce a masterpiece portrait.

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  • The Governor

    The Governor


    The commanding presence of an unlikely ruler in the commercial streets of a colonial past. An elephant takes a walk escorted by his mahout amidst the concrete jungle as if he was the governor of the city. This portrayal is beautifully painted, capturing the statue of this ruling figure against an exquisite backdrop of regal building starching outward triangularly.

    The creator has perfectly positioned this sketch from bottom to up angle to exaggerate the authority of the animal and the architecture behind. Realistic shades have been used and yet a brightness bursting forth from the white building out into the darker shaded elephant and the tarred road.

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  • Snazzy



    An ostentatious pose by what seems to be a performer, captivating her audience with a glare that is both presumptuous and stylish. A look on her face is perfectly captured in the painting that eloquently expresses the mood that compliments the features and dress.

    The creator has kept this art in dark shades, but by utilizing a black background has injected an effect that springs out the focal figure in an exaggeration of motion and emotion.

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  • Songs of Nature

    Songs of Nature


    A bunch of white flowers in full bloom over a dark backdrop personifies peace, tranquility and above all, purity. This natural portrait is exquisitely painted against a contrasting background that exaggerates the whiteness of the foliage.

    The creator has used the perfect color balance between the main subject and the surrounding to highlight the theme of the picture and has perfectly shaded the white of the flowers skillfully bringing to life a painting that is thought-provoking and mood influencing.

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  • The Long Eared One

    The Long Eared One


    When looking at this piece, at first glance, it is difficult to avert our gaze from the eyes of this magnificent owl, who are often described as, “wise”, because of the elegant and graceful way they fly and also when they look directly at you. When locking eyes with a wise owl, it’s difficult to not wonder, if they could possibly glance into your soul with their big, soulful eyes.

    The Creator of this marvelous piece of art has successfully created a connection between the viewer, the wise owl, and nature. Sights like this, that the Creator has captured on canvas, remind us of the marvels of nature.

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  • To the Heavens

    To the Heavens


    Motivation and inspiration for the creative expression comes only from above. This thoughtful painting of a cultural dancer is a perfect portrayal of preparation before the performance. His pose sketched exquisitely from an unusual angle capturing the emotion and body language of the stance.

    The creator as inserted detail in the subject whilst utilizing a dull background forcing the focus of the viewer to the dancer’s search for the stimulus above.

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  • Glorious Gaze

    Glorious Gaze


    Portrayed in this mesmerizing creation, sits a magnificent eagle, atop a bare branch, looking, far, out into the distance. The strength of the eagle can is evidently seen from the way the Creator has painted the firm, strong beak and the talons, that are firmly gripped onto the branch, that the eagle sits on.

    A stunningly beautiful nature portrait by this masterful Creator. From the outline and detailing of the feathers, to the deep, earthy tones of the feathers; paired together with the azure sky all speak to the intimate, personal connection with nature, that the Creator is translating to any and all who look upon this piece of art.

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  • Lead from the Front

    Lead from the Front


    A beautiful portrayal of a bullock cart race in full action. The pictures show the race from the front view, focusing on the leader and the competition behind. The wise selection of color contrast, brings to the immediate attention the race leader clads in a bright orange T-shirt whilst the other racers are painted in grayscale, thereby subtly bringing out the theme of this painting.

    The creator has skillfully sketched the gleeful thrill on the race leaders face, which stands out against the dull background and has added much detail to the carts and their engines that perfectly compliment the motion of the art.

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  • Watchful Flycatcher

    Watchful Flycatcher


    Portrayed in this creation is a bird known as a “Flycatcher”. The bird is small and delicate in nature and physical appearance with a crest of feathers on its head. The appearance of the bird is very interesting, and the Creator has put in a lot of time and dedication into making this piece perfect.

    The feathers at the back are a coral, orange; while the part of the belly that is visible has been painted white. The tail of the bird extends quite a long way down from where it sits, atop a feeble tree branch. The background of greenery has been painted in a clouded, haze effect so as to refrain from pulling focus off of the fascinating, little bird.

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