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Henry Rajakaruna

Henry Rajakaruna
Award Winning, Veteran Photographer

Henry Rajakaruna believes that “photography is a form of art,” and represents the world through the lens of his camera. Living amongst the rivers, flowers and butterflies of the village, he always had an eye for bright and vibrant colors that he later incorporates into his photography. He has developed a close kinship with the natural world, and visualizes it beautifully and expressively. Despite his visual imagery remained only as a by-product of his imagination, he turned towards photography later on.

The inner world of dreams and his memories of reading novels and short stories as a child is made to contend with patterns and textures in his surroundings. These graphically striking images, allows the beauty of nature to unveil itself.

Henry’s photographs are characterized with contemporary and abstract concepts. These abstract concepts are enhanced by his skill at rendering and experimenting with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale, and his great interest in abstracting the elements of motion, speed and rhythm.

His work transforms the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive form, while his utopic imagination rejuvenates the eye of the viewer with fresh color.

Henry Rajakaruna uses the knowledge of his photography courses, experience and critical feedback to strive for self- improvement. His spiritual relationship with his camera does not rely on specific subject matter for inspiration. Instead, it obtains inspiration from a vast range of subjects. His meticulousness adds divinity and contact the spiritual power and timelessness in the elements of motion and rhythm.

The swift movement and intricate details, leave an impression of the abstract photographer within Henry. As much as his works are truly abstract they are also meticulous, thus making his pieces expressive and emotional.

His captures were also recognized and awarded at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Youth Forum photography contest, United Nations (UN) World Food Day photography contest and many international and local competitions.

His inner impulses for spontaneity are truly rooted in simple compositions, while some images intend to produce a contemplative and a meditational response in the viewer.

His work explores detail that describe the essential harmony within nature and rhythm. Instead of looking at a tree in its still form, he sees the evolution of its growth and how it would appear subjected to a soft breeze. It’s this precision and love for growth, rhythm and motion that makes this work unique.

As an independent photographer, he uses his camera to plot quick stories and capture moments with great intricacy. He dissects the actual form of objects into a multitude of small facets that reflects a love for nature through his vibrant and artistically revolutionary photography!

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  • Platonic Love

    Platonic Love


    Love comes in all forms and transcends all boundaries and the purity platonic love is captured in this beautiful creation showing three young friends warmly cradle each other in their arms. The creator is able to covey all the amazing characteristics of such a pure kind of love in the form of joy – expressed through the beautiful smiling faces, safety – the warm embrace that holds the others together, and peace – the peaceful nature of the sleeping puppy cradled in the young girl’s arms.

    This is a perfect creation to make part of your home to spread the power of love to your surroundings.

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  • Graceful Embodiment

    Graceful Embodiment


    A classic take on a ballerina clad in her traditional clothing is envisaged by the photographer who captures a graceful moment where the dancer is caught in one of the most physically challenging movements of dance.

    Though captured with absolute grace, serenity, and balance, it is a reminder that rigorous training, skill, and technique is required to master the execution of this posture. Set in a vivacious blue background, the soothing white ballerina is a depiction of grace and precision.

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  • Dancing Vibes

    Dancing Vibes


    In an attempt to illustrate the vibrancy of nightlife, the photographer captures a vivacious discotheque showcasing the young-at-heart dancing the night away. Unidentifiable bodies link together in perfect harmony, creating a mass of human emotions resembled by the vibrant gimmicks of the photographer.

    Enveloped by bright and illuminated lighting that emanate hues of UV rays, it is a capture intermingled with flashes of bright pink shadows. In this abstract portrayal of nightlife, the photographer depicts how music can unite the hearts, minds, and souls of humans alike, the world over.

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  • Lord Over the Seas

    Lord Over the Seas


    The sky reveals the Lord over the oceans below. An abstract art in the form of a photograph depicting worship from the creatures of the sea towards the heavens above. The clouds take the form of a fish dancing in the air as its congregation revels in awe at the sight.

    The photographer creatively tells a story in picture form combining aspects of the animal kingdom and nature against the blue hue of sky and water.

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  • Solitary Vibes

    Solitary Vibes


    Creating an illusion of vibration, the photographer has captured an Indian dancer clad in all her glory. Adorned with traditional jewelry to complement her outfit, the dancer is captured in a mesmerizing pose.

    Surrounded by what appears to be a kaleidoscopic color palette, the dancer is captured in motion where the strength of the dance moves creates a swirl of color with her costume. Mesmerizing to look at, the photographer plays with gimmicky effects to portray the simplistic beauty of the movements of one solitary dancer.

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  • Infinity



    A pattern carved out in an orange spread out from the present and into infinity. This caption portrays the endless pattern of infinity using a line of statues of Buddhist monks. Their orange robes paint a beautiful picture of a pattern that is almost never-ending due to the creative angle used by the photographer.

    A wider focus is used with high aperture to clearly capture the background of a line of steps leading upward that compliments the intended theme that the photographer has skillfully painted of a still image.

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  • Light and Darkness

    Light and Darkness


    In any season there is always a mixture of good and bad, light and darkness. This photograph presents us the ingredients of life in the form of branches holding small leaves arranged in a circle. The amazing lighting effect brought about through the background results in lighting some leaves while leaving others in darkness. This effect and the curious arrangement of the branches themselves combine to create a thought-provoking image.

    The photographer has skillfully used heavy backlight to his advantage, but balanced it well by reducing the ISO levels to bring forth the desired outcome of the caption.

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  • Power of Letting Go

    Power of Letting Go


    This creation serves as a bold and potent reminder for us about the amazing power we are able to unleash from within by letting go of all worldly burdens which weigh us down on a regular basis.

    The creator skillfully shows us a realm beyond what would simply appear behind the camera lens through well-mastered composite photography techniques and shows us how the monk in a deep state of meditation is able to reach a higher state achieved through the practice of letting go. As the surroundings of this creation dissolve creating more space for higher awareness enjoy how your consciousness too will be heightened through deep contemplation.

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  • Colors Ablaze

    Colors Ablaze


    In this striking capture of a group of dancers caught in a mesmerizing pose, the photographer displays his love for the color blue. Interspersing shades of pink, white & yellow; here is a capture that personifies and celebrates the vibrancy of life.

    Upon close look, you see a beautiful dancer in a classical oriental dance pose, while her troupe of dancers parades around. The dancers clad in their signature costumes, appear to be bouncing off the thin air while flames of vibrant colors seem to encapsulate them, transforming this into a unique abstract photo.

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  • Mother and Daughter

    Mother and Daughter


    Two generations stand side by side anchored securely to a coarse foundation. As a mother and a daughter, these two mushrooms have blossomed together on a single piece of coarse wood. The irony of both of them almost appears to be posing for the camera is well captured.

    The photographer has utilized a black background to good effect to highlight the yellow hue of the mushrooms. Light and shade have been balanced in exquisite skill to bring forth an artistic and yet mysterious look to this natural portrait.

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  • Vandalism of Life

    Vandalism of Life


    Life may appear fresh and beautiful, but the vandals of misfortune may steal, kill and destroy the very essence of life. This high detailed creation is a close-up of a leaf that is green in freshness and youthful but spoilt by mischievous insects that have freely vandalized its beauty. The black background exaggerates the focus on the stricken leaf and exuberates the greenery of the foliage.

    The creator has used much creativity in angle, background choice and lighting to bring forth a thought provoking and detail rich caption of nature which also represents the beauty which can even be found in the darkest of times in life.

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  • The Dream

    The Dream


    I see two mystical dark life-giving trees overshadowing a lush meadow that is inhabited by a cottage afar. This photograph is a picturesque representation of a scenic setting that may appear to be like that of a vision in a dream. The natural environment is mystic and yet so real.

    It is hard to believe that this scenic setting is a photograph of a real landscape which has been abstracted by expert use of aperture.

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  • Saffron Fumes

    Saffron Fumes


    Clouds of mystery engulf this creation, giving it an almost realistic allure as the creator focusses on a Buddhist monk perform a ritualistic ceremony to invoke blessings. The incense lighting causes fumes to rise and it seems the smoke is getting colored by the dark orange color of the monk’s robes and the flowers offered, as it too is colored in pale yellow giving the entire creation a uniform golden glow.

    As you make this creation part of your home or office, envision how the saffron fumes will begin to spread to your surroundings as though the same blessings invoked through the ceremony are shared among your living space as well.

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  • The Pattern of Life

    The Pattern of Life


    Life is filled with bright times and dark times that often crisscross each other. This photograph of a building under renovation in Sri Lanka perfectly portrays the pattern of life, as a man who is clearly burdened by its reality looks-on. The black signifying misfortunes while the red signifying hope. Ironically, the man is clad in a red shirt to prophecy that while he too makes up life’s pattern, his misfortune does not deter his hope.

    The creativity of the photographer to identify this candid caption in the spur of the moment and adjust to the perfect angle to convey the size of life in comparison to man is truly amazing.

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  • Standing Tall

    Standing Tall


    Sometimes the situation favors those who are not afraid to stand tall against adversity. This is exactly what the photographer is conveying through this natural representation of being open, seen and heard. The image is that of a mushroom that stands out from its base to be clearly seen and noticed. Almost like an ear cone to not only be seen and heard but also to see and hear.

    The photographer has caught all the intricate details of the mushroom by exquisitely adding filtered light onto the focal against a blacked-out background.

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  • Graceful Solitude

    Graceful Solitude


    In this unique take on a solitary dancer walking along what appears to be a desert land, the photographer has captured the simplicity and the ethnic elegance of a serene moment in time.

    Surrounded by a lush green background that emanates soothing hues, the dancer clad in pure white is captured in a striking pose by the photographer. This aesthetically pleasing visual is both calming on the eyes and soothes the soul, and thus sets the tone for its tranquility to be absorbed into the very eyes that behold it.

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  • Tempting Trinkets

    Tempting Trinkets


    At a glance, this creation will be able to grab the attention of the onlooker due to its vibrant mix of bold colors, and as you get a closer look you will be able to notice the wonderful mix of trinkets on display. Who would be able to resist the urge to take a closer look at all these tempting items and this wonderful creation will invoke the quiet temptation all of us feel every now and then to sift through such interesting trinkets and grab something we probably don’t really need.

    This creation will be a perfect addition to your collection to remind you of a fun time you have spent shopping for interesting trinkets such as these.

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  • Angel of Dance

    Angel of Dance


    Swift and graceful in motion, this dancer captures the eye with a mischievous smile amidst a mist of elegance created by the exuberant wave of her dress. The blend of orange, yellow, violet and lavender created through a low shutter speed captures her dance motion with celestial effect.

    The creator has painted a beautiful art of color, motion and emotion in a single caption mixing camera effects and hues to perfection.

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  • Blue Enchantment

    Blue Enchantment


    Be mesmerized by the enchanting motion of a sole dancer whose expression and clear figure takes center stage while she strides from side to side of the frame in creating a blue mystic trail of elegant motion.

    The blue hue of the photograph adds to the celestial effect that the photographer has successfully created by perfectly adjusting white balance. The image is taken using a low shutter speed that is well disguised to emerge the clear expressions of the dancer at the center of the frame.

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  • Extraterrestrial Experien..

    Extraterrestrial Experien..


    An unidentified flying object is hanging in outer space. So, it seems as we gaze at this exquisite close-up of a layered mushroom. The unusual angle from which this organism is photographed and its detail against a pitch-black background is its standout feature.

    This veteran creator has used much skill in improvising an angle and filtering light, that contributes to this simple creation of nature resembling a UFO in space.

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  • Family Comes First

    Family Comes First


    We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all. This is the value of a family that is represented in this photograph through four mushrooms of varied sizes lined up in height order. Father, mother and two children, firmly rooted to the dark brown soil, captured against a black background.

    The photographer has amazingly taken this caption from ground level to clearly illustrate the size differences between each mushroom and perfectly injected illumination through smart lighting strategies.

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  • Kaleidoscopic Swirls

    Kaleidoscopic Swirls


    A group of Indian dancers clad in their traditional costumes swings to upbeat music, while rays of vibrant lighting illuminate the background. Craftily capturing a mix of pastel shades of mauve, blue & green; the photographer contrasts these against the daring shades of red and orange beneath.

    In an attempt to portray a world of color, the photographer has captured an amazing array of colors interspersed between nuggets of life. Here is a brilliant take on living life to its fullest and is a capture that will light up any background on which it’s placed.

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  • Intersection between Mind..

    Intersection between Mind..


    This masterful creation teaches us the strength, dedication and faith one must have to achieve enlightenment. Here, sits a man fully encapsulated in his meditation, seated in a lotus position, with nothing but a copper tumbler to revive him from a journey to the depths of the astral world.

    The bare minimalism has been captured by this creator which shows us that in order to achieve this state of mind, worldly possessions are not required. Simply, a connection with nature and a clear mind with a focus on the mantra that would help to guide you through this journey.

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  • Unity



    The human spirit cries out for the expression and manifestation of unity in diversity. Every person is unique, but within there lies a common ambition for unity. This photograph captures this theme perfectly, as multitudes of dancers, diverse in personality, expression and form, but united in their focus towards the heavens above are framed into a blue sea of passion and motion.

    The creator has taken this picture from an unusual yet defying angle to successfully capture the essence of the message he wishes to convey through it.

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  • Blueprint of a Fruit

    Blueprint of a Fruit


    This portrait focuses on the veins of a dry fruit signifying the blueprint of its creation. The web of life clearly protruding out from the fruit in clarity and complexity. The positioning of the fruit and the perfect distance between the camera and the focal point has combined to produce a photograph that captures the entirety of the subject.

    The photographer has cleverly chosen a white background against the brown fruit to highlight its dull color and skillfully created depth using an angled light over the subject.

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  • Guiding Hands

    Guiding Hands


    Featured in this creation is a young Buddhist monk who engages in quiet meditation on the words of the Dhamma. Such a powerful doctrine that has gained many followers over the years have been a result of various teachings handed down over thousands of years, from higher beings who have reached enlightenment.

    This image is powerful as it depicts how the young monk contemplates on the sacred teachings with the hope of reaching this higher state and also the power bestowed by each of the mighty teachers that continue to guide other followers on the right path to enlightenment.

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  • Light unto My Path

    Light unto My Path


    Although darkness may cloud our sight, hope breaks through the shade to light-up our path. This monochrome creation perfectly captures the celestial beauty of a lady walking through a dark forest while the hidden light bursts through the thick foliage bringing forth a thought provoking and stunning scenery.

    The timing and perfect light balance of this photograph speaks of the amazing skill and creativity of the photographer who has created a natural silhouette of woman and nature.

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  • Embroidery on a Leaf

    Embroidery on a Leaf


    An unusual pathway has been created by way of the appetite of an insect over a lush green leaf. The history marked out by the snails feeding has carved out a beautiful pattern on the foliage, which is eloquently captured through this close-up.

    The photographer has used light and directed focus to perfection to bring forth an enhanced effect of the spectacular greenery of the embroidered leaf.

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  • Glimpse of a Sunrise

    Glimpse of a Sunrise


    A lush mountain covered in greenery, is featured on this breathtaking capture of the first glimpse of a sunrise. At first glance the photographer appears to have captured the dull silhouette of a mountain, lacking color & character. Upon close look, the eye meets a thin line of brightly lit greenery, where the rays of sunlight begin to fall on the peaking trees.

    Here is a signature trademark of the beauty of the hill country of Sri Lanka. Cool breezed winds caress the pine trees, at the root of which grow bushes of Tea signifying the warmth and character of Sri Lankan hospitality.

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  • Simplicity



    A restful spirit celebrates the simplicity of life. This thought provoking and wise creation is that of a mixture of light hues against a white background featuring random items of nature. Standing out in the picture is a bunch of orange flowers that is surrounded with modesty.

    The creator has produced a painting that speaks more words than it has features, yet its beauty is found in the creativity of using light hues and minimum objects in an abstract manner that teases the mind.

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