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Kasun Wickramasinghe

Kasun Wickramasinghe
Contemporary Artist

Surreal geometry and vibrant patterns are the subject of Kasun Wickramasinghe’s paintings. The artist sees himself as a merger of “abstract trends with natural concepts” and represents the world through a large kaleidoscope. Through Kasun’s paintings he has developed a close kinship with the natural world, and visualizes it mythically, beautifully and expressively.

The inner world of dreams and cultural memory is made to contend with utopic patterns and textures. These graphically striking images allow the physicality of nature to reveal itself.

Working with acrylics, oils and mixed media, Kasun employs a bold color palette and fluid style to capture the essence of his world. He confesses his great obsession with vibrant colors and the playing of light and shadow. “My paintings are characterized with contemporary and conceptual ideas highlighting natural trends” says Kasun. These conceptual ideas are enhanced by his skill at rendering lifelike figures with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale and abstracting it.

His work transforms standard notions of realism into a uniquely expressive form, while his utopic imagination rejuvenates the eye of the viewer with fresh color.

Kasun’s paintings are perfectly proportioned and laid out across the canvas as he has included his knowledge of his first-class bachelor’s degree in painting, and the learning experiences as a freelance artist and lecturer at the University of Visual and Performing Arts.

His meticulous geometrical measurements add symmetry to his paintings to add a sense of reality to such divine phenomena. They connote nature’s spiritual power and timelessness.

The spontaneous gestural brush-strokes and mark-making leave an impression of the abstract expressionist within Kasun. As much as his work is truly abstract, it is also expressive and emotional.

His inner impulses are splashed across the canvas in a spontaneous and improvisatory manner, while it is deeply rooted in spirituality and mythology. Simple compositions with large areas of color intend to produce a contemplative and a meditational response in the viewer.

His work explores detailed and delicate lines that describe the essential harmony within nature and the universe. Instead of looking at a flower in its natural way, he sees the lines that make up the flower— and its symmetric placing in the universe. It’s this precision that makes this work unique.

Kasun Chamara is an explorative artist and gathers inspiration from a variety of artists, styles and techniques. His surrealistic approach intertwines dream and reality through his unnerving juxtapositions with photographic precision. Inspired by the great surrealist Salvador Dali he has trained his imagination to root for the mythical aspect of everyday creatures and objects that are revealed on canvas as an expression of his unconscious mind.

He also says that Picasso’s cubistic approach has encouraged the stylization and distortion of geometric forms in his abstract paintings. Kasun’s paintings do not copy nature and its precisions, but is modelled through abstract techniques of perspective, space and contrasting vantage points.

Although a well-trained painter who has learnt the anatomy of objects, he breaks the rules to dissect form into a multitude of small facets that reflects a love for motifs and nature, through the vibrant colors smeared on the canvas. His paintings are truly artistically revolutionary!

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  • Magical Twilight

    Magical Twilight


    Capturing the magical time between daylight and darkness this mesmerizing creation titled ‘Magical Twilight’ is truly a work of art worthy of much admiration. The creator uses a captivating blend of colors to bring out all the activities that take place during this time with rainbow shades highlighting fauna and flora getting ready for nightfall, set against a rich blue hue showing the perfect transition between night and day.

    Isolated in the center of the image are a group of human silhouettes who could possibly be preparing to welcome nightfall and enjoy time out on a captivating full moon night.

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  • Elephant in Gold

    Elephant in Gold


    A working elephant in midst of a golden sanctuary. The beauty of a black elephant is seen against the glittering golden backdrop. Interestingly, the elephant is portrayed to be an animal of labor as he carries a heavy log using his trunk.

    The creator had also added a white stone above the featured elephant bordered by a geometric design that brings in the abstract to the art. The glitter of the background is skillfully captured through a mix of gold, silver and bronze colors that gives an exquisite look to the entire painting.

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  • The Hive

    The Hive


    The golden interior of a beehive is beautifully portrayed in this blend of abstract and reality. The feature or centerpiece of the painting being an elegant bee who could easily be the queen of the hive is surrounded by the black and gold splendor of the nest. Mystic designs included above and below the queen bee add more mystery to this exquisite painting.

    The creator has applied a through skillful use of the brush and color a glitter of white specks that add a sparkle to the golden hive and bas perfectly balanced the painting with wise use of metric designs interlaced with the character sketch of the bee.

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  • The Silver Tree

    The Silver Tree


    A lone silver tree lies at the center of a vast jungle that encompasses much forestry and foliage. Curiously the forest that features the tree as its centerpiece is held as though it were a universe over a giant branch of a tree, representing the fact that from a single tree an entire forest is berthed.

    The creator has skillfully and creatively thought through this wise statement and conveyed it through abstract art and design in a blend of reddish and brown hues including much detail in the sketched aspects of nature. Delicate brush strokes and perfectly used to outline the featuring trees in the forest, making every minute detail of the art visible to the naked eye.

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  • Dandelion Feathers

    Dandelion Feathers


    The Creator has brilliantly melted the colors of the flora together, giving it as interesting edge and shape to the arrangement. Other than the azure that frames the portrait the color that stands out from the arrangement. White is said to be the absence of color, and yet, this magnificent Creator has drenched this creation in the decadence of these brilliant white flowers.

    Anyone would be impressed with skill and dedication that it has taken this masterful Creator to take a simple flora, abstract portrait and turn it into a poignant anecdote. Having a piece like this in your living space will add a sense of decadence to the ambience.

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  • Rainbow Landscape

    Rainbow Landscape


    Through this amazing creation titled ‘Rainbow landscape’ our talented creator explores a unique perspective of a natural landscape brought to life using a mix of rainbow-colored brushstrokes. Capable of instantly brightening up its surroundings, this happy and sunny creation shows how the mountainous landscape brightens up with the dawn of a day and casts its vibrant reflection on the nearby lake.

    Enjoy gazing upon this beautiful creation as you begin to see a deeper meaning hidden behind its colorful veil which reveals how everything is not as it seems when you look beyond the surface.

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  • Feathered Nest

    Feathered Nest


    A contrast of black and white mingled with an orange-breasted light brown bird. The bird is gazing at her nest that is strategically drawn at the center of the canvas against a black and white setting. The curious stare of the bird toward the nest that bears an egg that appears to be in the process of hatching is well caught by the creator of this painting.

    The art is well populated with detail, color, and emotion of the animal as it gives a sense of expectation of what about to come out of the hatching egg.

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  • Color of the Night

    Color of the Night


    An abstract painting of a colorful night. The darkness is slowly turning into color as the painting progresses from bottom to top. The orientation of the canvass is purposely vertical in order to exaggerate the intent of the creator.

    Dark and bright colors are combined with the art to bring a sense of beauty through the darkness. The vertical brush strokes contribute to the motion of the night air that is the element that is portrayed as changing into multicolor.

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  • Summer’s End

    Summer’s End


    This creation embodies a melancholic summer song. The splashes of crimson seem to be stirred by the setting summer sun. Soft rose tints echo the voices of an ageing season well past its youth. Dark shadows lurk in the corners; a premonition of cold and sinister seasons to come.

    The artist builds texture through thick layers of paint in varied and contrasting hues. The final outcome reflects a subtle hope, even in a time of despair.

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  • Misunderstanding



    A common occurrence in relationships between a man and a woman is the female assuming that the male’s actions towards fellowship is purely sexually motivated as opposed to seeking companionship. This painting of a man and woman facing each other in complete physical transparency with their heads erased out, portrays this misunderstanding perfectly.

    The creator has drawn the two genders in contrasting abstract colors whilst maintaining reality in body shape. The surrounding dull colored shadings add variety and depth to this intense depiction of human relations.

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  • Sleeping Giants

    Sleeping Giants


    Feast your eyes on this beautiful watercolor painting where our talented creator artistically depicts a setting focusing on large boulders scattered in a waterbody which are colored in vibrant shades of orange and blue. Representing a group of enormous sleeping giants, the creator goes into great detail to portray the perfect shadows cast against the still waterbody.

    The creator has used skilled shading techniques and razor-sharp edging to create clear outlines showing how peacefully these gentle giants enjoy their slumber. Allow the stillness of this creation to gradually infuse to its surroundings as you make ‘Sleeping Giants’ part of your home or office décor.

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  • Ocean Treasure

    Ocean Treasure


    A beautiful shell in all its splendor is hoisted above the ocean against a bright blue sky. The abstract of this painting signifies the value of something so simple and plain over the habitat that hosts it. The shell itself is drawn in much detail and highlighted with a dark backdrop below a spotlight that includes a geometric design hung over it and a similar design placed beneath.

    The creator has blended dark and light shades that add color and contrast to the sky and the ocean in this sketch that gives out a meaningful message whilst pushing the imagination to understand it.

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  • Puddles in the Cobbleston..

    Puddles in the Cobbleston..


    The Creator of this spectacularly dark, mysterious piece of art, has created, almost a 3D effect of the texturing that raises those outlines from the canvas is impressive. It has a nostalgic effect where we are reminded those rainy days and the view through a window on those days.

    This creation brings out this feeling of comfort. A would be a wonderful addition to a living room, above the mantel of the fireplace, with natural light coming in and falling softly on the work of art. The colors are very elegant and would bring a sense of elegant grace to a space.

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  • Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of Speech


    In this day and age where we are faced with several threats to suppress the right to freedom of expression, this creative acrylic serves as an exemplary work of art with the power of conveying a very influential meaning capable of bringing about the change we urgently need to see in our society.

    The talented creator uses a rather simplistic approach to show how the representative human who is faced with this impedance feels the burden and therefore shows a very gloomy outlook whereas the freedom of speech unleashes a colorful and positive energy flow capable of bringing beauty to the surrounding.

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  • Across a Crowded Room

    Across a Crowded Room


    In this brilliant creation a crowd of people from different walks of life, pass each other by. The creator has quietly integrated subtle sublimation words and phrases into the background to give the viewer an idea of what this creation is trying to emphasize. Some personalities stand out who are usually the extroverts who would stand out in the real world.

    Each persona is in a different color and have each been staged differently. The deeper meaning is that in a vast world of unique personalities, there are those who cannot match up to the presence of these loud personas, and so fade with the rest due to a lack of individuality. We, as the world, choose solely to focus on major star personas than the rest of the population with stories unknown.

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  • Row of Red Sword Lilies

    Row of Red Sword Lilies


    The ‘Row of Red Sword Lilies’ is a beautiful and striking creation which will instantly color any surrounding due to its vibrant mix of hues and soft finish which successfully brings to life the true beauty of these dainty flowers. The creator uses the exact natural red color of the flowers and accents their beauty with delicate hints of yellow and pink, including bright green colored leaves, all set on a pale blue background.

    If you are looking for a colorful creation to decorate a space in your home or office, this creation will be a perfect pick as it will instantly spread its colorfulness and cheer.

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  • Faces of Life

    Faces of Life


    The Creator has portrayed the beginning of a human life in this unique piece of art. The viewer is immediately drawn to the woman at the heart and center of the image; the protagonist. It seems that the protagonist is about to bring new life into this world. She has been made to look like a vibrant, glowing goddess by the mastery of the Creator.

    The people that surround her are those who are born from her and stem from her bloodline. The lives that will come to be as a result of the birth of her child. The brightness and vibrancy in the rainbow-colored hues that surround her and those lives in this creation, bring joy, happiness and celebration to this event that has been depicted by this wonderful Creator.

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  • The Color of Enlightenmen..

    The Color of Enlightenmen..


    In this creation the silhouette of the Lord Buddha has been painted on top of a vibrant background. There is a plethora of colors in the background. From oranges, yellows to bright pinks, forest greens and peacock / sapphire blue.

    A halo of color frame the silhouette. The halo of color is in the shape of a lotus leaf which is a symbol in Buddhism. Everything ties together so perfectly. There are flecks of white that symbolize light. We have flecks of color falling down into and mixing with the light. The Creator’s brilliance shines throughout the piece of art.

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  • Butterfly Below the Moon

    Butterfly Below the Moon


    An ash color butterfly below a silver moon decorated by an abstract garden laced with white foliage. The beauty and simplicity of the butterfly are contrasted against a beautiful moon, almost as if the two were related to each other. The painting also includes geometric outlines which bring more abstract detail to surroundings.

    The creator has painted the butterfly against an orange backdrop and an ash color border. The contrasting backdrop against the main features of the painting brings more beauty to this creation.

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  • Balancing Act

    Balancing Act


    There are so many aspects that are worthy of admiration in this unique abstract creation which at a glance shows a massive boulder rest peacefully over a quiet lake. As the viewer continues to gaze upon this eye-catching creation, a deeper meaning begins to unfold as it shows how this massive boulder rests its weight on a sharp point which is balancing at perfect precision to create such stillness.

    This serves as a representation of how even the most stable structures are often balancing upon a sharp edge which requires much effort to stay in place and demonstrate a state of equilibrium.

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