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Kasun Wickramasinghe

Kasun Wickramasinghe
Contemporary Artist

Surreal geometry and vibrant patterns are the subject of Kasun Wickramasinghe’s paintings. The artist sees himself as a merger of “abstract trends with natural concepts” and represents the world through a large kaleidoscope. Through Kasun’s paintings he has developed a close kinship with the natural world, and visualizes it mythically, beautifully and expressively.

The inner world of dreams and cultural memory is made to contend with utopic patterns and textures. These graphically striking images allow the physicality of nature to reveal itself.

Working with acrylics, oils and mixed media, Kasun employs a bold color palette and fluid style to capture the essence of his world. He confesses his great obsession with vibrant colors and the playing of light and shadow. “My paintings are characterized with contemporary and conceptual ideas highlighting natural trends” says Kasun. These conceptual ideas are enhanced by his skill at rendering lifelike figures with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale and abstracting it.

His work transforms standard notions of realism into a uniquely expressive form, while his utopic imagination rejuvenates the eye of the viewer with fresh color.

Kasun’s paintings are perfectly proportioned and laid out across the canvas as he has included his knowledge of his first-class bachelor’s degree in painting, and the learning experiences as a freelance artist and lecturer at the University of Visual and Performing Arts.

His meticulous geometrical measurements add symmetry to his paintings to add a sense of reality to such divine phenomena. They connote nature’s spiritual power and timelessness.

The spontaneous gestural brush-strokes and mark-making leave an impression of the abstract expressionist within Kasun. As much as his work is truly abstract, it is also expressive and emotional.

His inner impulses are splashed across the canvas in a spontaneous and improvisatory manner, while it is deeply rooted in spirituality and mythology. Simple compositions with large areas of color intend to produce a contemplative and a meditational response in the viewer.

His work explores detailed and delicate lines that describe the essential harmony within nature and the universe. Instead of looking at a flower in its natural way, he sees the lines that make up the flower— and its symmetric placing in the universe. It’s this precision that makes this work unique.

Kasun Chamara is an explorative artist and gathers inspiration from a variety of artists, styles and techniques. His surrealistic approach intertwines dream and reality through his unnerving juxtapositions with photographic precision. Inspired by the great surrealist Salvador Dali he has trained his imagination to root for the mythical aspect of everyday creatures and objects that are revealed on canvas as an expression of his unconscious mind.

He also says that Picasso’s cubistic approach has encouraged the stylization and distortion of geometric forms in his abstract paintings. Kasun’s paintings do not copy nature and its precisions, but is modelled through abstract techniques of perspective, space and contrasting vantage points.

Although a well-trained painter who has learnt the anatomy of objects, he breaks the rules to dissect form into a multitude of small facets that reflects a love for motifs and nature, through the vibrant colors smeared on the canvas. His paintings are truly artistically revolutionary!

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  • Sleeping Giants

    Sleeping Giants


    Feast your eyes on this beautiful watercolor painting where our talented creator artistically depicts a setting focusing on large boulders scattered in a waterbody which are colored in vibrant shades of orange and blue. Representing a group of enormous sleeping giants, the creator goes into great detail to portray the perfect shadows cast against the still waterbody.

    The creator has used skilled shading techniques and razor-sharp edging to create clear outlines showing how peacefully these gentle giants enjoy their slumber. Allow the stillness of this creation to gradually infuse to its surroundings as you make ‘Sleeping Giants’ part of your home or office décor.

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  • Grassy Meadow

    Grassy Meadow


    Light green and dark green hues combine to produce a beautiful abstract representation of a peaceful and restful meadow covered with grass. The bright colors set against a light background offer a splendid mix of contrasting hues. A surface expertly portrayed in detail and design.

    The creator has cleverly blended the greenery with pink and blue splatter and thereby has succeeded in bringing depth in color and form to the art. Using a combination of hatching and scumbling brush techniques, this art has been crafted in a manner that the viewer is drawn to the painting due to its uniqueness in the mixing of colors.

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  • Tree of Life

    Tree of Life


    Spring has dawned with an explosion of complementary colours that combine all-natural elements in perfect harmony. Each element is beautiful because the other complements its beauty and colours. The leaves are lush and full, the fruit is plump, and the tree is full of life. It is a mesmerizing explosion of positive energy that is visually enticing to the viewer. The artist reveals the fruitfulness and beauty of nature in the spring time.

    It is expressive and dynamic as it focuses and gives connotations of beauty and prosperity to nature. The abstract merging of colours form a wholesome picture of nature.

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  • Basking in the Light

    Basking in the Light


    The Creator has offered a masterful ode to Buddhism. Being that the Lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism. The geometry of this masterpiece only draws emphasis to the celestial atmosphere that is highly prominent in this magnificent piece.

    The sapphire hues that cover the semi-precious effect of the sky is so alluring, calming. Perfect to soften the chaos of the modern world in which we live in. The Creator has astoundingly portrayed an abstract masterpiece that emanates a strong and calm peace.

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  • Snowflakes at Night

    Snowflakes at Night


    This masterful creation is a textured, scenic, landscape of a snowy street. The Creator does a wonderful job of portraying an empty street on a cold, snowy day, that has been enveloped in snow. The inviting blankets of snows have been emphasized and accentuated by the texturing done this clever Creator.

    The of darker tones beautifully contrasts the creation and sets the atmosphere of this particular natural phenomenon. A great addition to one’s collection. A timeless, and beautiful piece that would fit just about any mood and would be a bold, statement piece in one’s collection.

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  • Misunderstanding



    A common occurrence in relationships between a man and a woman is the female assuming that the male’s actions towards fellowship is purely sexually motivated as opposed to seeking companionship. This painting of a man and woman facing each other in complete physical transparency with their heads erased out, portrays this misunderstanding perfectly.

    The creator has drawn the two genders in contrasting abstract colors whilst maintaining reality in body shape. The surrounding dull colored shadings add variety and depth to this intense depiction of human relations.

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  • The Color of Enlightenmen..

    The Color of Enlightenmen..


    In this creation the silhouette of the Lord Buddha has been painted on top of a vibrant background. There is a plethora of colors in the background. From oranges, yellows to bright pinks, forest greens and peacock / sapphire blue.

    A halo of color frame the silhouette. The halo of color is in the shape of a lotus leaf which is a symbol in Buddhism. Everything ties together so perfectly. There are flecks of white that symbolize light. We have flecks of color falling down into and mixing with the light. The Creator’s brilliance shines throughout the piece of art.

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  • Dancing in the Daylight

    Dancing in the Daylight


    An interesting painting of a disco ball placed in an outdoor setting. The light background, giving the impression that it’s probably daytime. Nevertheless, the ball is reflecting an array of colorful effects that span onto the floor.

    The creator has beautifully painted the disco ball in gold and placed it as though it were hanging from the sky spreading forth multi-color light. The landscape seems to be that of a snow-capped mountain range outlined in a geometrical design.

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  • Free Falling

    Free Falling


    A mindless generation free falls into the dark wilderness of confusion. A headless human figure seems to be falling upside-down into what seems to be a dark rocky abyss. This clearly represents how mindlessness or ignorance can lead to the destruction of man.

    The creator has used dull colors to depict the dark reality of the portrayed scenario and give the viewer a sense of depression within which to relate to what the picture is attempting to convey. Curiously the human figure is drawn with an umbilical cord attached, which could mean that the end to which he has destined himself to, was that which was fated from the birth of an entire generation.

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  • Locked Away in A Tower

    Locked Away in A Tower


    A beautifully painted, scenic, rock formation. The Creator has portrayed a placed the rocks beautifully along the canvas. A larger, towering rock, a little distance between this rock and the smaller rocks, it is also placed on a higher plain, making it further from the ground.

    It looks like something out of a fairy tale. The Creator has brought to life, what one would envision a castle with a tower to look like. Glancing at it, you can try to imagine and picture princess at the top of the tower. There is always something new to discover in this creation, from every angle. Bravo, to the Creator for creating this anecdotal piece of art.

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  • Color of the Night

    Color of the Night


    An abstract painting of a colorful night. The darkness is slowly turning into color as the painting progresses from bottom to top. The orientation of the canvass is purposely vertical in order to exaggerate the intent of the creator.

    Dark and bright colors are combined with the art to bring a sense of beauty through the darkness. The vertical brush strokes contribute to the motion of the night air that is the element that is portrayed as changing into multicolor.

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  • Magical Twilight

    Magical Twilight


    Capturing the magical time between daylight and darkness this mesmerizing creation titled ‘Magical Twilight’ is truly a work of art worthy of much admiration. The creator uses a captivating blend of colors to bring out all the activities that take place during this time with rainbow shades highlighting fauna and flora getting ready for nightfall, set against a rich blue hue showing the perfect transition between night and day.

    Isolated in the center of the image are a group of human silhouettes who could possibly be preparing to welcome nightfall and enjoy time out on a captivating full moon night.

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  • Energy in Motion

    Energy in Motion


    The artist has created a vivid and vibrant piece full of energy with wild strokes. Along with bold choices in blending colors and complete with drips and splashes mounted by palette knife strokes, this work of art is reminiscent of a free spirit.

    The painting reflects motion and energy while portraying the extremes of light and dark at the same time. The quick changes in both stroke and color contrasts, reflect the vigor of the creator and stimulates flamboyance in any space.

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  • Blooming in the Wild

    Blooming in the Wild


    Fields of wild flowers sway back and forth in the bright afternoon sun. The leaves are several shades of bright green, the flowers a combination of beautiful hues of yellow, orange and red. Against a clear blue sky, this piece of art reminds one of the carefree days when there was all the time in the world to lay back, stretch your legs, close your eyes and smell the freshness of trees and admire the beauty of nature.

    The creator has chosen something very simple, but given the spectator food for thought. This work of art is truly admirable and beautiful

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  • Lucid Dream

    Lucid Dream


    A fine example of impressionist art style, this bright and colorful creation invites the viewer to experience lucid dreaming in a waking state. Allowing the viewer to have the same level of control one would experience in a lucid dream, this beautiful watercolor creation gradually takes form while being molded in a subtle manner by the viewer’s own imagination.

    A culmination of primary colors red, blue, green and yellow, and hints of black splattered across the canvas, once this creation is put on display, it is guaranteed to become the subject of some thought-provoking conversations.

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  • Ethnic Santa Clause

    Ethnic Santa Clause


    Ever imagined what Santa Clause would look like if he were born in the east instead of the North Pole? This painting rather crudely and hilariously depicts this wild notion by way of a man dressed in an ethnic costume sporting bush of hair and a Chinese style beard.

    The creator as used much creativity in adding color and texture to the highly detailed costume. The joyful emotion of the man is beautifully brought through his cleverly sketched features and hues are brightened by the painting’s light background.

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  • Colorful Center

    Colorful Center


    A picture with a pale background disturbed by a colorful center. The multicolor of the focus area of the painting is easily contrasted against the backdrop which is a mix of light blue and white. The colorful center is curiously narrow as though it’s a pillar in the midst of light.

    The creator has paid special attention to the mixture of colors at the center of the canvass and equal attention to the mixture of the backdrop. The two dimensions complement each other as color in the midst of simplicity to bring out a stunning piece of creativity.

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  • Dancing in the Rain

    Dancing in the Rain


    A mix of multicolored figures celebrates a sense of freedom in the midst of what appears to be light drizzle that takes the form of light blue splatter. The colored figures vary in height and length as they strut up and down in joy. The variance in hues set against a light background brings to affect a perfect contrast that results in a burst of color.

    The creator skillfully utilizes a hatching technique when painting this masterpiece that features both color and design in exquisite unison. The focus of amber in the center of the canvas draws the viewer in the midst of the painting and then gently reveals the rest of it in sharpness against simplicity.

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  • Against the Current

    Against the Current


    Among the splatters of red, ash and Cobalt blue two Koi Carps languidly swim, seemingly drawn to the somewhat translucent red lotus flower. Known to go-with-the-flow, Carps seem to question the forceful pull of the current and the surrounding disarray instead magnetized by the alluring image of the lone red lotus which beckons them.

    The creator has captured the mundane tranquility of ordinary fish in water whilst incorporating their own version of turmoil into the creation by integrating the complexities of the concept. He has seized Carp’s magnetic focus amidst the surrounding chaos, from the linear graph-like sketches of the fish to the harsh brush strokes of ash colored acrylics immersing them with light strokes and splatters of cobalt blues, turmeric yellows and darker, muted pigments.

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  • Lost in The City

    Lost in The City


    The artist has successfully created a contemplative piece with fine contemporary details. The modern abstract painting resembles a city view on a dark, rainy evening. Shadows illustrated against the illuminations of white remind the viewer of the countless souls that walk through a city each day.

    The juxtaposition of dark against shades of light in mint and then presents an intimate relationship between the artwork and the viewer. It decorates a space with meaningful and provocative impressions.

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