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Kasun Wickramasinghe

Kasun Wickramasinghe
Contemporary Artist

Surreal geometry and vibrant patterns are the subject of Kasun Wickramasinghe’s paintings. The artist sees himself as a merger of “abstract trends with natural concepts” and represents the world through a large kaleidoscope. Through Kasun’s paintings he has developed a close kinship with the natural world, and visualizes it mythically, beautifully and expressively.

The inner world of dreams and cultural memory is made to contend with utopic patterns and textures. These graphically striking images allow the physicality of nature to reveal itself.

Working with acrylics, oils and mixed media, Kasun employs a bold color palette and fluid style to capture the essence of his world. He confesses his great obsession with vibrant colors and the playing of light and shadow. “My paintings are characterized with contemporary and conceptual ideas highlighting natural trends” says Kasun. These conceptual ideas are enhanced by his skill at rendering lifelike figures with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale and abstracting it.

His work transforms standard notions of realism into a uniquely expressive form, while his utopic imagination rejuvenates the eye of the viewer with fresh color.

Kasun’s paintings are perfectly proportioned and laid out across the canvas as he has included his knowledge of his first-class bachelor’s degree in painting, and the learning experiences as a freelance artist and lecturer at the University of Visual and Performing Arts.

His meticulous geometrical measurements add symmetry to his paintings to add a sense of reality to such divine phenomena. They connote nature’s spiritual power and timelessness.

The spontaneous gestural brush-strokes and mark-making leave an impression of the abstract expressionist within Kasun. As much as his work is truly abstract, it is also expressive and emotional.

His inner impulses are splashed across the canvas in a spontaneous and improvisatory manner, while it is deeply rooted in spirituality and mythology. Simple compositions with large areas of color intend to produce a contemplative and a meditational response in the viewer.

His work explores detailed and delicate lines that describe the essential harmony within nature and the universe. Instead of looking at a flower in its natural way, he sees the lines that make up the flower— and its symmetric placing in the universe. It’s this precision that makes this work unique.

Kasun Chamara is an explorative artist and gathers inspiration from a variety of artists, styles and techniques. His surrealistic approach intertwines dream and reality through his unnerving juxtapositions with photographic precision. Inspired by the great surrealist Salvador Dali he has trained his imagination to root for the mythical aspect of everyday creatures and objects that are revealed on canvas as an expression of his unconscious mind.

He also says that Picasso’s cubistic approach has encouraged the stylization and distortion of geometric forms in his abstract paintings. Kasun’s paintings do not copy nature and its precisions, but is modelled through abstract techniques of perspective, space and contrasting vantage points.

Although a well-trained painter who has learnt the anatomy of objects, he breaks the rules to dissect form into a multitude of small facets that reflects a love for motifs and nature, through the vibrant colors smeared on the canvas. His paintings are truly artistically revolutionary!

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  • Feathered Guardian

    Feathered Guardian


    A beautiful representation of a blue and white bird guarding her egg against predators. At the center of the picture is a nest with a blue egg against an abstract background. The bird itself is very skillfully drawn and painted using striking blue and white shadings with detail features.

    The creator has applied a colorful background and included foliage in silhouette with the bark of a tree upon which the nest is housed. Above the egg, there is a curious white feather which adds to the abstract of the art. The blend of color and detail is perfectly matched with the exquisite world of art.

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  • Captivating Bold Spirits

    Captivating Bold Spirits


    This creation is evocative of a captivating tribal mask often representing the spirits and after life, across many cultures. The artist entraps the beauty of various beliefs, be it mythological good or evil believed to have a divine power over humanity.

    The acrylics used by the creator are less opaque, which brings out the consistency of the structure. The lilac colored porous background thrusts the central colors towards the viewer, encouraging them to draw an impression of this creative piece of work.

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  • A Fiery Vixen

    A Fiery Vixen


    The creator has taken so much in bringing out the essence of this piece of botanical art. The yellow flowers, encased in a sea of red and green and yellow don’t fade into the loudness of the scarlet background, it simply heightens the image of the flowers and gives it a sort of platform to shine and display itself against. The blend and multitude of colors on the outer edges of the red, complement the flowers.

    This creation is ever changing with every glance. The Creator has painted a piece to liven and brighten any room that it is put in. Lovely against a simple white background with elements of gold to the overall color scheme, would really do this creation justice.

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  • Lost in The City

    Lost in The City


    The artist has successfully created a contemplative piece with fine contemporary details. The modern abstract painting resembles a city view on a dark, rainy evening. Shadows illustrated against the illuminations of white remind the viewer of the countless souls that walk through a city each day.

    The juxtaposition of dark against shades of light in mint and then presents an intimate relationship between the artwork and the viewer. It decorates a space with meaningful and provocative impressions.

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  • Aurora



    The creator has masterfully presented an arresting impression of a northern sky. Even if stars fail to appear by twilight, illuminated clouds of a divine glow decorate the night sky. Just beneath the moonlight, yet deeper than the sky, these are heavenly illuminations of the aurora.

    A stimulation of emotion and intellect, the very essence of a soul is embodied in this work of art. It is more than just a creation, but an object to be experienced rather than simply viewed. This beautiful creation is a perfect example of the evolution of contemporary artistic styles which allows the viewer to enjoy a blend of colors, textures and creative representations depicting deeper meanings.

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  • As the Light Fell

    As the Light Fell


    A mixture of brightly colored spirals falling on to a layer of white spirals, all swirling and bending into one another, trying to find their symmetry. The Creators’ use of such vibrant, prismatic colors in this obscure piece exudes life and joy.

    The confetti like appearance of the spirals screams celebration and enjoyment. This creation would be an excellent addition in to one’s living space due to its lively nature. It can perk up the mood of the viewer and brighten up the atmosphere that it’s surrounded by.

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  • The Silver Tree

    The Silver Tree


    A lone silver tree lies at the center of a vast jungle that encompasses much forestry and foliage. Curiously the forest that features the tree as its centerpiece is held as though it were a universe over a giant branch of a tree, representing the fact that from a single tree an entire forest is berthed.

    The creator has skillfully and creatively thought through this wise statement and conveyed it through abstract art and design in a blend of reddish and brown hues including much detail in the sketched aspects of nature. Delicate brush strokes and perfectly used to outline the featuring trees in the forest, making every minute detail of the art visible to the naked eye.

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  • Dancing in the Rain

    Dancing in the Rain


    A mix of multicolored figures celebrates a sense of freedom in the midst of what appears to be light drizzle that takes the form of light blue splatter. The colored figures vary in height and length as they strut up and down in joy. The variance in hues set against a light background brings to affect a perfect contrast that results in a burst of color.

    The creator skillfully utilizes a hatching technique when painting this masterpiece that features both color and design in exquisite unison. The focus of amber in the center of the canvas draws the viewer in the midst of the painting and then gently reveals the rest of it in sharpness against simplicity.

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  • Where the Waters Run Deep..

    Where the Waters Run Deep..


    In this creation, we see a dark, shaded figure of an individual with an explosion of bright, vibrant colors flowing out from the head of the figure. Behind the individual stands a magnificent waterfall and the lilac and gray tones that make up the rocks of the waterfall and stream.

    The brilliant Creator has placed the individual in the body of water and we see little flashes of light striking against the body of the individual. The dark and edgy nature and tone of this creation makes it alluring and beautiful. Ethereal in its nature. The addition of this exquisite piece would make any collection of art special and unique.

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  • Thick Foliage

    Thick Foliage


    The beauty and color of nature are exquisitely brought through into this colorful abstract art that is a fitting description of the vibrant splendor of foliage. The bright color gradient from dark to light as drawn from the bottom to the top of the canvas. Multi arrayed grass-like lines combine in a random mix of hues to form an awesome site.

    The creator has painted this masterpiece using skillful hatching brush strokes overlapping each other continues to form columns of color and shade. The dark and light colors placed in creative sequence brings about a unique look to this color sketch.

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  • Tall Tales

    Tall Tales


    The artist uses several means to create this contemporary abstract work of art. The mixed media piece has several lineaments of folded paints to build texture, creating illumination in some corners while giving it a richness in depth.

    Varying degrees, gray, black, blue along with other complementary colors give the painting texture. The tan hues add weight and color to the piece. An amazing assembly of textures, it is a narrative of tall tales. It is a reflective piece of art which leaves the interpretation to the eye of the viewer.

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  • The Forest

    The Forest


    The creator paints vivid greenery, evoking a landscape of lush forest moss. Blue and white hues mimic a warm and sunny sky on a summer day while the highlights of yellow suggest of flora in bloom, along with buds of crimson and rose.

    The contemporary abstract piece uses a range of pigments to eventually build up an energetic and lively surface, rich in texture. The work of art would not only complement any space, but also provide a subtle explosion of color, suitable for any setting.

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  • Firefly on a Lotus Leaf

    Firefly on a Lotus Leaf


    A very unusual set of a firefly resting on a lotus leaf. The painting features a heavily detailed portrayal of a firefly and the striking greenery of a lotus leaf floating in what seems to be clear fresh water colored in emerald.

    The creator has also included an abstract geometrical design in the painting that curiously highlights the firefly as though it were the blueprint of the insect. In addition, skillful outlines of foliage and neighboring lotus leaves have been used to further decorate this painting.

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  • Hope in Darkness

    Hope in Darkness


    A gush of water splits the darkened mountainous wilderness as what appears to be a human figure raises his hands up in worship to the heavens above. This picture portrays the only weapon against a dark season in life – worship. The black terrain through which a powerful river burst forth is well balanced with a color and detail beneath a towering silhouette of a man in worship.

    The creator has shaded in a light background of amber, peach and gray to add more visually pleasing texture to the painting and filling the canvas with meaning and extraordinary beauty.

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  • Locked Away in A Tower

    Locked Away in A Tower


    A beautifully painted, scenic, rock formation. The Creator has portrayed a placed the rocks beautifully along the canvas. A larger, towering rock, a little distance between this rock and the smaller rocks, it is also placed on a higher plain, making it further from the ground.

    It looks like something out of a fairy tale. The Creator has brought to life, what one would envision a castle with a tower to look like. Glancing at it, you can try to imagine and picture princess at the top of the tower. There is always something new to discover in this creation, from every angle. Bravo, to the Creator for creating this anecdotal piece of art.

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  • Fires of Color

    Fires of Color


    The intricacy of the brush strokes that has been used by the Creator in this work of art is so stunning. Spirals of flames in different hues of red, blue, green and yellow merge into the spiraling flames of bright ivory. At the center of this flaming excursion is a figure of a person. The dark shadowed figure with a textured face of brilliant and ivory white.

    An obscure and intriguing creation. The Creator marvelously painted this alluring site. Against a white or a cream backdrop, this colorful masterpiece would be a precious gem in any living space. This piece will bring color and mystique into a living space. Others will not be able to keep their eyes off of it.

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