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Kasun Wickramasinghe

Kasun Wickramasinghe
Contemporary Artist

Surreal geometry and vibrant patterns are the subject of Kasun Wickramasinghe’s paintings. The artist sees himself as a merger of “abstract trends with natural concepts” and represents the world through a large kaleidoscope. Through Kasun’s paintings he has developed a close kinship with the natural world, and visualizes it mythically, beautifully and expressively.

The inner world of dreams and cultural memory is made to contend with utopic patterns and textures. These graphically striking images allow the physicality of nature to reveal itself.

Working with acrylics, oils and mixed media, Kasun employs a bold color palette and fluid style to capture the essence of his world. He confesses his great obsession with vibrant colors and the playing of light and shadow. “My paintings are characterized with contemporary and conceptual ideas highlighting natural trends” says Kasun. These conceptual ideas are enhanced by his skill at rendering lifelike figures with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale and abstracting it.

His work transforms standard notions of realism into a uniquely expressive form, while his utopic imagination rejuvenates the eye of the viewer with fresh color.

Kasun’s paintings are perfectly proportioned and laid out across the canvas as he has included his knowledge of his first-class bachelor’s degree in painting, and the learning experiences as a freelance artist and lecturer at the University of Visual and Performing Arts.

His meticulous geometrical measurements add symmetry to his paintings to add a sense of reality to such divine phenomena. They connote nature’s spiritual power and timelessness.

The spontaneous gestural brush-strokes and mark-making leave an impression of the abstract expressionist within Kasun. As much as his work is truly abstract, it is also expressive and emotional.

His inner impulses are splashed across the canvas in a spontaneous and improvisatory manner, while it is deeply rooted in spirituality and mythology. Simple compositions with large areas of color intend to produce a contemplative and a meditational response in the viewer.

His work explores detailed and delicate lines that describe the essential harmony within nature and the universe. Instead of looking at a flower in its natural way, he sees the lines that make up the flower— and its symmetric placing in the universe. It’s this precision that makes this work unique.

Kasun Chamara is an explorative artist and gathers inspiration from a variety of artists, styles and techniques. His surrealistic approach intertwines dream and reality through his unnerving juxtapositions with photographic precision. Inspired by the great surrealist Salvador Dali he has trained his imagination to root for the mythical aspect of everyday creatures and objects that are revealed on canvas as an expression of his unconscious mind.

He also says that Picasso’s cubistic approach has encouraged the stylization and distortion of geometric forms in his abstract paintings. Kasun’s paintings do not copy nature and its precisions, but is modelled through abstract techniques of perspective, space and contrasting vantage points.

Although a well-trained painter who has learnt the anatomy of objects, he breaks the rules to dissect form into a multitude of small facets that reflects a love for motifs and nature, through the vibrant colors smeared on the canvas. His paintings are truly artistically revolutionary!

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  • Melting Point

    Melting Point


    This creation clearly is a very obscure piece. Everyone who looks at it will have something different to see. Each viewer will see a different story behind this piece. The use of loud, deep colors such as the scarlet reds, true black, and the different tones of green is very clear. The colors melt into each other up against a Cerulean blue background.

    A brilliantly done work of art by the Creator. A beautiful, contemporary, abstract, modern creation. The perfect statement piece that will turn your living space into your very own professional art gallery.

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  • The Face of Emptiness

    The Face of Emptiness


    The Creator has portrayed a dark figure, amidst a brilliant white backdrop. The face of the shadowed individual is shaded and textured in a 3-dimensional format. The gold, 3-dimensional textured effect has a glowing effect on the empty face. The halo and silhouette of the have been emphasized with a dark, navy blue.

    There is strong, strange sense of emptiness flowing out from the dark figure. An intriguing still image. It’s as if the Creator were painting their interpretation of what a “full stop” or an “ellipsis”. The interpretation is left to the eye of the beholder.

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  • Across a Crowded Room

    Across a Crowded Room


    In this brilliant creation a crowd of people from different walks of life, pass each other by. The creator has quietly integrated subtle sublimation words and phrases into the background to give the viewer an idea of what this creation is trying to emphasize. Some personalities stand out who are usually the extroverts who would stand out in the real world.

    Each persona is in a different color and have each been staged differently. The deeper meaning is that in a vast world of unique personalities, there are those who cannot match up to the presence of these loud personas, and so fade with the rest due to a lack of individuality. We, as the world, choose solely to focus on major star personas than the rest of the population with stories unknown.

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  • Blackberries in Spring

    Blackberries in Spring


    The Creator has depicted this magnificent, larger than life, floral setting. What really stands out here are the plum and berry tones scattered in different areas of this creation. Next to the berry tones, bits of scarlet red idly scattered amongst the flower and then we have the huge, eye-catching center which is a gradient of green. A beautiful, bold combination that complement each other perfectly.

    This piece would change the atmosphere and ambience of a room, beauty overflowing from the canvas into the space that it sits in. A decadent piece. Sometimes you need a little decadence in your life.

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  • Basking in the Light

    Basking in the Light


    The Creator has offered a masterful ode to Buddhism. Being that the Lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism. The geometry of this masterpiece only draws emphasis to the celestial atmosphere that is highly prominent in this magnificent piece.

    The sapphire hues that cover the semi-precious effect of the sky is so alluring, calming. Perfect to soften the chaos of the modern world in which we live in. The Creator has astoundingly portrayed an abstract masterpiece that emanates a strong and calm peace.

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  • Carp Upstream

    Carp Upstream


    A large orange carp fish flanked by smaller carp’s swim upstream in clear water. The viewpoint of the painting is interesting as the onlooker is given a realistic gaze into the action underwater from an overhead position, while the stream is well drawn to represent flowing water.

    The creator has skillfully painted a large orange carp into being the focus of the painting and decorated it with exquisite white fish of the same species. The stream is a complex blend of orange and brown much in contrast to the usual blue color of fresh waters. In addition, an abstract geometrical design has been included in the painting.

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  • Hope in Darkness

    Hope in Darkness


    A gush of water splits the darkened mountainous wilderness as what appears to be a human figure raises his hands up in worship to the heavens above. This picture portrays the only weapon against a dark season in life – worship. The black terrain through which a powerful river burst forth is well balanced with a color and detail beneath a towering silhouette of a man in worship.

    The creator has shaded in a light background of amber, peach and gray to add more visually pleasing texture to the painting and filling the canvas with meaning and extraordinary beauty.

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  • The Hive

    The Hive


    The golden interior of a beehive is beautifully portrayed in this blend of abstract and reality. The feature or centerpiece of the painting being an elegant bee who could easily be the queen of the hive is surrounded by the black and gold splendor of the nest. Mystic designs included above and below the queen bee add more mystery to this exquisite painting.

    The creator has applied a through skillful use of the brush and color a glitter of white specks that add a sparkle to the golden hive and bas perfectly balanced the painting with wise use of metric designs interlaced with the character sketch of the bee.

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  • Firefly on a Lotus Leaf

    Firefly on a Lotus Leaf


    A very unusual set of a firefly resting on a lotus leaf. The painting features a heavily detailed portrayal of a firefly and the striking greenery of a lotus leaf floating in what seems to be clear fresh water colored in emerald.

    The creator has also included an abstract geometrical design in the painting that curiously highlights the firefly as though it were the blueprint of the insect. In addition, skillful outlines of foliage and neighboring lotus leaves have been used to further decorate this painting.

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  • Dancing in the Daylight

    Dancing in the Daylight


    An interesting painting of a disco ball placed in an outdoor setting. The light background, giving the impression that it’s probably daytime. Nevertheless, the ball is reflecting an array of colorful effects that span onto the floor.

    The creator has beautifully painted the disco ball in gold and placed it as though it were hanging from the sky spreading forth multicolor light. The landscape seems to be that of a snow-capped mountain range outlined in a geometrical design.

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  • The Blooming Butterfly

    The Blooming Butterfly


    A closeup portrait of a butterfly, signifying its relationship with its source of life – the flower. The butterfly is drawn is deep detail facing a smaller portrayal of a yellow flower and some greenery. The background is decorated with geometric shapes and outlines of other types of foliage.

    The creator has beautifully colored the butterfly in variations of blue and lavender in a manner that it would stand out against the backdrop that is designed to communicate the livelihood of the insect.

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  • Locked Away in A Tower

    Locked Away in A Tower


    A beautifully painted, scenic, rock formation. The Creator has portrayed a placed the rocks beautifully along the canvas. A larger, towering rock, a little distance between this rock and the smaller rocks, it is also placed on a higher plain, making it further from the ground.

    It looks like something out of a fairy tale. The Creator has brought to life, what one would envision a castle with a tower to look like. Glancing at it, you can try to imagine and picture princess at the top of the tower. There is always something new to discover in this creation, from every angle. Bravo, to the Creator for creating this anecdotal piece of art.

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  • Racial Harmony

    Racial Harmony


    Five individuals intertwined in each other, share a commonality of presence and intention to coexist amidst their uniqueness and diversity in color. The different colors representing different races to which each individual belongs.

    The creator has beautifully portrayed how harmony amongst the races stand within the context of diversity and not outside it. The amazing use of colors and silhouette of bodies mixes abstract art with a portrait in a stand-out depiction of ‘art with a conscious’.

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  • The Flame of Hades

    The Flame of Hades


    In this creation the dark figured individual is being anointed in ethereal light of the waterfall. The long, flowing, connecting strokes of azure act as a light around the figure of the person. Framing the individual perfectly in the halo of light. The figure; stunning and fascinating, godlike in its nature is what one would imagine a celestial being from Greek mythology looks like.

    This hauntingly beautiful piece would be a key, signature work of art in any collection of art. It is a testament to the artistic prowess of this ingenious Creator. The piece exudes wonder and mystique. Any and all who gaze upon the mastery of this work of art will be in awe of it.

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  • Queen Bee

    Queen Bee


    A portrait of a magnificent queen bee against a brown background shaded to appear dark and yet richly illuminating its principle. The mixture of dark hues together with brown, grey and amber exemplifies the centered character of the bee who is perfectly complimented by the shading, some geometric designs and light lining that appeared as glitter on the canvas.

    The creator has skillfully applied a lot of effects into the simple yet mystical abstract art that mixes detail with pattern in perfect unison. This creative masterpiece interrupts the environment with an ambience of royalty within mystery with a dark yet sparkling effect.

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  • City in The Sky

    City in The Sky


    The artist creates a city in the sky, where fantasy meets harmony. This work of art depicts a utopian cluster of flying islands, where a visual adaptation of a Jules Verne adventure comes to life. The midair metropolis are painted with a translucent effect of blue toned brush strokes. The mint and yellow add depth and color to this fantastic creation.

    This oasis in the sky reflects countless possibilities of the future while attributing calm and serenity to the scene. A moving and thought-provoking depiction befitting a tranquil space.

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  • Dead Leaf

    Dead Leaf


    A dark brown dead leaf sits on the bark of the tree which used to be its supplement. The dark colors used in this painting gives a sensing that the setting is in the night time. A curious background has been applied with using dark brown with blotches of gray.

    The creator has added a geometrical design above the leaf which adds to the mystery of this picture. The bark of the tree is well sketched and colored to portray a very real look at an old tree bark, perfectly complimenting the dead leaf in both color and character.

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  • A Dark Cloud

    A Dark Cloud


    A dark figure of a person, standing amongst a hazy scenic background of lilac and multiple vibrant hues. Atop the head of the figure is an explosion of color. The triangular geometry of the shape above the shadowed individual’s head is similar a volcano. The shape is equivalent to that of a volcano.

    The Creator has centered the individual as though the shadow were preparing to face a tough climb. The event that is approaching for the individual is of a very high magnitude. This creation is dark, edgy and poetic in its nature. The Creator brilliantly painted this obscure piece of art.

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  • Peaceful Reflections

    Peaceful Reflections


    A picture brought to life with the simple magic of artistic instruments of paint and a brush! The artist has dexterously captured a tranquil scene of fish in a common pool of water amidst the picturesque rocks scattered haphazardly around them. The Koi carps seem to find their own peace navigating the way around their rocky abode. A reflection of life itself, perhaps? The carps seem at ease adjusting to their colorful yet harmful distractions in a way of adapting to the circumstances surrounding them.

    The artist seems to have incorporated the use of graphical illustrations to span out the streamlined bodies of the unbroken journey of the carps. A tranquil peace to grace any living space – from the wondrous use of strikingly underrated pigments to the technical incorporation of the paintings first sketches.

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  • A Journey for Two

    A Journey for Two


    Narrating a journey for two in translucent waters the artist has captured an amicable journey of two carps. Their streamline swim is unhindered, and the silky sway of their delicate tails only exemplifies the ease of their seamless journey. The lone water lotus reflects the pigments of the red and silvery-white scales of the two koi carps allowing nature to take both forms of fauna and flora in the artist’s depiction of the painting.

    The clear waters allow the artist to interpret an undisturbed floor of the water body permitting the arresting shades of crimson red and Wimborne white of the body of the carps to take prominence here. The graph-like sketches and penciled marks of the subjects of the painting, namely the lotus and fish remain, letting any viewer awe at the paintings humble beginnings.

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