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Malinga Kumarasinghe

Malinga Kumarasinghe
Contemporary Artist

Malinga Kumarasinghe’s paintings are inspired by contemporary and modern art. The artist merges his own perspectives with a balance of creativity and imagination to soothe the exhausted minds of the viewers. He presents the world through his craftsmanship on the canvas by developing a close kinship with nature and society, and visualizes it expressively.

His deep concern for society resurrects from the artist’s free style to create graphically striking images, allowing the physicality of society to take form and to mold good citizens into society through the positive attributes of his paintings.

Malinga works with acrylics and oil paints and has employed a bright and bold color palette to capture the essence of his world. His great obsession with colors does not limit him to a set palette of colors, but allows him to experiment with a range of colors to characterize and elaborate his paintings with modern concepts.

His work transforms standard notions of modern and contemporary art into a uniquely expressive form, while his paintings rejuvenates the eyes of the viewer with fresh color and spontaneity.

Malinga’s paintings merge reality with a fresh color scheme. His eye for detail makes his artwork, complex, but also simple as his subject matter are everyday objects or incidents we come across. The spontaneity of his brush-strokes, mark-making and palette knife techniques adds dimension and texture to his artwork, making them expressive and emotional.

His inner impulses are splashed across his work while he creates a truly memorable and everlasting impression through his art. He includes the knowledge passed down to him by his father who is also an artist and the knowledge he gained from learning art in school.

The simplicity of Malinga’s compositions produces a refreshing and a meditational response in the viewer with its large areas of color and gestural strokes of paint that sums the harmony between him and the world around him. His great eye for modernizing his subjects makes his subject stand out despite its mundanity and make his work unique.

Malinga is an artist who intertwines unnerving juxtapositions with everyday creatures and objects and reveals it on canvas as an expression of his eye for detail and modernization. He molds his subjects to express his love for nature, vibrant colors and texture. His paintings are truly modern and the epitome of contemporary art!

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  • Watchfully Relaxed

    Watchfully Relaxed


    Portrayed in this beautiful, magical creation is an incredible nature portrait of a magnificent creature. The lion sits atop a makeshift floorboard, made from logs. He sits freely and without a care in the world, relaxed, and gazing directly into the eyes of his audience.

    The brilliance of this Creator’s skill and artistic prowess is boldly displayed. The Creator has painted this piece with such precision and vivid detail, it is as though the Creator has directly taken an everlasting photograph of this lion. It is a beautiful, personal portrait of the lion from up close. And it’s as the though this, photogenic lion, is posing to have his picture taken; or in this case, have a portrait of him, painted.

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  • Autumn Glow

    Autumn Glow


    The creator uses his unmatched talents to captivate the viewer with this striking portrayal of the peak time in autumn. As the dawn of the autumn season begins to spread its iconic golden glow, this magnificent tree which is the main focus of this creation spreading out is branched as wide as can be, and almost takes over the entire surrounding.

    The color scheme used in this acrylic makes it quite easy to blend in with any backdrop making it an ideal décor option which will allow you to enjoy how this amazing creation spreads the glow of the autumn season to its surroundings.

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  • A Cloud of Flowers

    A Cloud of Flowers


    Let your imagination run wild as you embrace the vivid fantasies of this talented creator who aims to merge different aspects to create a more unique visual representation of what may have been a normal natural scene. In this bold creation, a cloud of flowers is seen to rise to the top of the painting as if it was to reach the sunlit sky.

    Add this work of art to your collection and watch how this amazing creation explores the depth of your imagination in a different way, each and every time you glance at it.

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  • Clear as the Horizon

    Clear as the Horizon


    We experience many things in life where borders and boundaries are hazy and unclear to general perception, and through this creation, the creator explores the clarity visible at the horizon. Although the horizon is only an apparent line to begin with, this amazing acrylic made up of various brush strokes of yellow, blue and white, arranged in linear and textured patterns shows how clear this scenario could actually be.

    Enjoy the simplicity and deep meaning of this beautiful abstract creation which can easily be placed in against any surrounding making it a perfect addition to your home or office space.

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  • Jacobs Well

    Jacobs Well


    A creative portrayal of Jacobs well as it is seen from a lofted angle through into its depths. A series of circles are skillfully sketched to represent the wall of the well as it spirals down into the earth to the epi-center that is curiously shining a bright heavenly light from its depths.

    The creator has drawn the well amidst a background that signifies the ground and the sky that surround its structure. Shades of brown at the bottom to embody the earth and blue hues above for the expanse. Skillful brush stroke techniques are intermingled to produce this abstract design of an awesome historic venue

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  • Jungle Waters

    Jungle Waters


    The Creator’s bold use of colours hits the viewer’s eye immediately. A jungle green hue, used in bringing the water to life; the rosettes, finely placed on the body of the leopard. The sandy yellow of the leopard’s coat. The intricate definition and shading of the ripples in the water, especially around the legs of the leopard as it stands in the water.

    The Creator has marvelously portrayed this lovely scenic portrait. The Creator brings light to the mysterious and wonders of mother nature. When we see these beings, it’s a magical and humbling experience.

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  • Heaven’s Ladder

    Heaven’s Ladder


    Peaceful and calming, this beautiful acrylic is a perfect embodiment of serenity. Using only various shades of blue and a slight tinge of pink, the creator is able to allow the viewer to enjoy a truly celestial experience. Heavens above have opened to the still surroundings as though Heaven’s ladder unveils a path connecting Earth to what lies above.

    Enjoy the beauty of this magical creation as you make Heaven’s ladder part of your home or office space. Enjoy the beauty of the divine invitation received from above creating hope that we too can experience a little touch of heaven while here on earth.

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  • Blue Stained Glass

    Blue Stained Glass


    The creator of this piece of art has used oil colors to paint a resemblance of a stained glass shaded in blue. The richness of dark blue blended with lighter shades in the center of the canvas gives a striking look to the painting.

    The artist has purposefully mixed in golden squares to bring variety and brightness to a detailed blue stained glass that also amazingly reflects any kind of light that is shining on its surface.

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  • Blooming in Sapphire

    Blooming in Sapphire


    A beautiful blue tree decorated with blue flowers spreading forth its leaves to fill the canvas. The flowers bring forth a 3D effect as they are embossed out of the picture to purposefully bring extra depth to the painting.

    The creator has strategically placed the blue flowers at the bottom of the tree and used shades of baby blue to contrast the flowers from the leaves. Thereby, gradually lightening the picture as the viewers’ eyes travel from bottom to top.

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  • Strength of Support

    Strength of Support


    This creation is a beautiful work of art symbolizing the strength received from one elephant to another in a moment of need. The creator has differentiated between the two creatures featured, by carefully showing the elephant with shorter tusks, presumably the younger one, tightly grasping the trunk of the old tusker as though to offer support and strength leading him on their way.

    The background of the setting is beautifully adorned with dainty violet flowers symbolizing the hope and beauty of this noble task and it will most certainly be a beautiful décor option for any living space.

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  • Majesty in Color

    Majesty in Color


    A portrait of a magnificent elephant clothed in a multi array of colors poised splendidly as if to pose for the audience. This painting boasts an abstract design blended with reality as it includes a touch of creativity and teases the imagination with imaginative hues used in the sketch of the elephant.

    The creator expertly mixes the multiple colors over the grandeur of the animal, but yet maintained the elegance of the structure. Against a dull background that is mostly white exemplifies the colors and brightens the painting to fill the atmosphere with joyful ambience.

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  • Palm Fringed Beach

    Palm Fringed Beach


    Rows of tall palm trees and glistening golden sand are some of the signature elements of breathtaking coastal regions, and all these elements are brought together in this wonderful creation depicting a beautiful beach setting. Through this amazing landscape painting, the creator perfectly highlights all the individual elements that create the perfect image of a picturesque coastline on a bright and sunny afternoon.

    Add this creation to your any part of your home and enjoy the feeling as you imagine lying on this beautiful beach watching soft waves reflect off the rocky bed to be greeted by the golden sandy shores.

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  • Color Festival

    Color Festival


    A festival of color comes to light in this vibrant depiction of trees on the banks of a soothing river, dancing to the beat of a colorful tune.

    Illuminating a plethora of colors, the artist captures the essence of a rainbow that splashes its fragments onto the surroundings, so piquantly.

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  • One Hundred Shades of Blu..

    One Hundred Shades of Blu..


    Blue transcends across the canvas in this piece. Taking center stage; the lone peacock demands attention and adoration. Hints of blue echo throughout the painting as the artist navigate a complex color scheme to capture the many sides and shades of the peacock’s beauty.

    The familiar peacock blues blends into turquoise and green- accustomed hues we associate with the exotic bird. Through the artist’s brushwork, familiarity transcends into unfamiliar beauty, exposing and exploring the other, usually unforeseen colors of the peacock. Its expression matches the mood behind the painting- bold, mischievous and glamorous. Behind it, a horde of an eye like feathers mirrors its mischievous sapphire gaze.

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  • The Vessel That Sail No M..

    The Vessel That Sail No M..


    The creator has portrayed nature at its best, the sky a golden tone with hints of red, the sun is setting and making way for the night. Some trees are visible in the distance, but they are undefinable. The green grass slowly makes way for the rocks on the shore, the sea is calm creating small waves.

    There are two sailing ships without their sails, but anchored. This boasts color, bright shades to define land, sea and sky, but overall this piece of art is melancholy, as everything about it depicts an ending. The creator has left a message for the spectator making this work of art ideal for a living room space.

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  • A Swarm of Butterflies

    A Swarm of Butterflies


    Depicted in this brightly colored creation is the beauty of a swarm of butterflies flying in unison, forming a kaleidoscope of color which the creator has wonderfully brought to life in this textured work of art. Using a beautiful blend of primary colors – red, blue, green and yellow, the creator artistically demonstrates how the swarm of butterflies gathers from their surroundings and joins together on their common path.

    This brightly colored creation will easily blend in with any surrounding and is therefore a perfect addition to any part of your home of office that needs a splash of color.

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  • Pink Virtues

    Pink Virtues


    Pink lotus flowers blossom through murky waters and green leaves, thus resonating a frequent site that can be enjoyed in the lush waterways of Sri Lanka.

    The flower is revered not only for its beauty, but also for its soothingly virtuous persona that finds itself strewn across countless places of worship, across the isle of the Indian Ocean.

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  • Light in the Darkness

    Light in the Darkness


    This exquisite art is painted using the skillful stippling technique with a mixture of light blue shades to form an abstract of light and shade. The fade from light to dark and then back again is perfectly placed and executed with color and depth.

    The creator has inserted a blast of white light from the center of the canvass that radiates the surroundings, giving an effect of light invading its darkened environment.

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  • Pop Art Life

    Pop Art Life


    A truly inspired and intriguing piece of contemporary art. This masterful Creator has combined different styles and techniques to make a modern, graffiti-like, abstract piece. A chimpanzee placed in the center of a dark background, splattered paint, scattered here and there, in a few areas, around the chimpanzee; the influence of Jackson Pollack. Some colors appear to be evaporating off of the chimp.

    A prismatic spectrum of colors, bright and vibrant, all along the face of the chimpanzee. The innocence that is shown in the eyes of the animal. The Creator’s brilliant effort to make the audience empathize and relate to the chimp has proved to be successful.

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  • Depth in Maturity

    Depth in Maturity


    Through this creation, attention is drawn to the degree of maturity of one of the most majestic creatures of the wild which has gathered with the passing of time. The creator carefully portrays the wisdom and pride this amazing tusker holds within by detailing the finer aspects of its features such as long crossing tusks, facial lines and skin texture using prominent brush strokes.

    As the viewers gaze upon this beautiful creation they will also be captivated by the piercing glance of this creature, thus making a perfect statement piece guaranteed to invoke a deep reflective state of mind for the onlooker.

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