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Malinga Kumarasinghe

Malinga Kumarasinghe
Contemporary Artist

Malinga Kumarasinghe’s paintings are inspired by contemporary and modern art. The artist merges his own perspectives with a balance of creativity and imagination to soothe the exhausted minds of the viewers. He presents the world through his craftsmanship on the canvas by developing a close kinship with nature and society, and visualizes it expressively.

His deep concern for society resurrects from the artist’s free style to create graphically striking images, allowing the physicality of society to take form and to mold good citizens into society through the positive attributes of his paintings.

Malinga works with acrylics and oil paints and has employed a bright and bold color palette to capture the essence of his world. His great obsession with colors does not limit him to a set palette of colors, but allows him to experiment with a range of colors to characterize and elaborate his paintings with modern concepts.

His work transforms standard notions of modern and contemporary art into a uniquely expressive form, while his paintings rejuvenates the eyes of the viewer with fresh color and spontaneity.

Malinga’s paintings merge reality with a fresh color scheme. His eye for detail makes his artwork, complex, but also simple as his subject matter are everyday objects or incidents we come across. The spontaneity of his brush-strokes, mark-making and palette knife techniques adds dimension and texture to his artwork, making them expressive and emotional.

His inner impulses are splashed across his work while he creates a truly memorable and everlasting impression through his art. He includes the knowledge passed down to him by his father who is also an artist and the knowledge he gained from learning art in school.

The simplicity of Malinga’s compositions produces a refreshing and a meditational response in the viewer with its large areas of color and gestural strokes of paint that sums the harmony between him and the world around him. His great eye for modernizing his subjects makes his subject stand out despite its mundanity and make his work unique.

Malinga is an artist who intertwines unnerving juxtapositions with everyday creatures and objects and reveals it on canvas as an expression of his eye for detail and modernization. He molds his subjects to express his love for nature, vibrant colors and texture. His paintings are truly modern and the epitome of contemporary art!

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  • Bubbles in a Reef

    Bubbles in a Reef


    The colorful splendor of bubbles floating in a reef is brought out through this painting. The creator has used a marvelous array of colors in the detail of the reef, whilst reflecting those colors against the bubbles. The painting has a 3D effect as the bubbles are embossed out of the canvas, thereby bringing the picture to life.

    The masterly use of colors is a feature of this painting as the artists are not only describing the beauty of underwater nature, but also brings forth motion through skill application of texture onto the canvas.

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  • Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage


    The long strokes of gradient filled colors stitched together to form the ship. It is as though the Creator of this painting, painstakingly added intricate, delicate weaving and embroidery to make this painting the masterpiece that it is. It has been fragmented yet whole.

    A beautiful yet haunting and obscure depiction of a ship, a vessel that usually signifies a journey or safe voyage. As a whole, it also looks like a torn piece of, distressed paper. A Kandinsky-esque quality to the creation. The fluidity and consistent have a legato rhythm to the flow of the brush strokes. A painting within a painting.

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  • Return to the Community

    Return to the Community


    Through this beautiful watercolor creation, the artist brings to life the journey of a mother and child as they make their way back to their community. The beautiful village setting captured explores the simplicity of community style living and the sense of security it brings to all those who enter the vicinity.

    The creation also emanates a very warm feeling mainly due to the warm autumn hues it is colored by, making it a perfect décor option you could use to color any space in your home of office, which will help remind you of the sense of belonging you will feel when you are a part of a tight-knit community.

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  • Clear as the Horizon

    Clear as the Horizon


    We experience many things in life where borders and boundaries are hazy and unclear to general perception, and through this creation, the creator explores the clarity visible at the horizon. Although the horizon is only an apparent line to begin with, this amazing acrylic made up of various brush strokes of yellow, blue and white, arranged in linear and textured patterns shows how clear this scenario could actually be.

    Enjoy the simplicity and deep meaning of this beautiful abstract creation which can easily be placed in against any surrounding making it a perfect addition to your home or office space.

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  • Within the Waterfall

    Within the Waterfall


    This creation depicts a waterfall when seen from inside of the cliff of the waterfall itself. The contrasting dark and light shades is the effect of the light that shines through the water when gazed from the outside.

    Creator has illustrated the intricate details of dripping water using an offset of light brown and white streaks. A combination of water, light and beauty displayed through a blue abstract that pays attention to the detail of the water flow.

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  • Curtain Call

    Curtain Call


    The creator demonstrates his amazing artistic talents through this mesmerizing creation ‘curtain call’ which portrays the moment just as the curtains rise to reveal the talented performers set to take their final bow.

    As you sit back and gaze upon this wonderful creation, you can enjoy a front row seat as you begin to hear the echoing sound as the audience applauds a magnificent performance which took place right before their eyes. Colored with rich golden hues, this acrylic will make a perfect addition to your home or office infusing the splendor of a spectacular curtain call.

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  • Jungle Ablaze

    Jungle Ablaze


    A forest fire is captured with perfect precision in this daring work of art that reflects bold colors, all rolled into one.

    The artist aims to evoke the flames of fire that shine through the trees which also hold drops of water. All the while, the body of water beneath reflects this eclectic mix of emotions, as seen through the eyes of its creator.

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  • Rings in Motion

    Rings in Motion


    A worthwhile addition to your collection of art ‘Rings in Motion’ is a creative expression of abstract art that brings to life a sense of motion to its surroundings. Through placement of various geometric lines and shapes, the creator highlights three main rings against the deep blue shaded background of the acrylic.

    The three main pearl colored rings connected to each other through a network of connections are brought to life due to the textured appearance given to them. As the viewer continues to gaze at the creation, they begin to gradually take form, creating the illusion of movement further capturing the viewer’s attention.

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  • Towering Birches

    Towering Birches


    The ‘Towering Birch Trees’ painting is a fine example of the artist’s ability to create the highest quality Impasto Landscape Oil paintings. Using visibly thick pigment marks, the painting brings out the natural form of the thin peeling bark and bright colored foliage of Birch Trees.

    The beauty of this painting is also amplified by the soft reflection of the scenery visible on the natural stream flowing alongside these towering trees. This surreal work of art is a perfect addition to your home or office décor as the soft and delicate tones will blend in easily with any surrounding.

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  • From Light to Dark

    From Light to Dark


    This picture is a gradual descent from light to darkness in blueish shading. The creator of this art has used short brush strokes to give somewhat a raindrop effect and, in the process, added much detail in terms of color for a realistic look.

    Moving from top to bottom in the canvas the colors scheme begins at almost white, gradually changes into a blue shade and finally end in black. Although, the slow descent of color is painted whilst mixing in a majority of lighter shades thereby giving more light to an otherwise dark picture.

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  • A Bouquet of Color

    A Bouquet of Color


    Sharp, bright hues come together to form a splendid bouquet of colors as though a bunch of awesome flowers were twined together and viewed from an aerial angle. A blend of rainbow shades assigned separate corners of the centered square type shape with curious streaks of paint drips crisscrossed with a liner brush brings out an exquisite effect to the abstract art.

    The creator has chosen a beautiful array of shades to combine in an orderly yet an abstract manner against a white backdrop that acts as a highlight for the featured colors. Plus, the hatching type brush strokes that are utilized for the bouquet produce a superb blast of color in the face of the viewer.

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  • Lilac Hues

    Lilac Hues


    Weeping willows gently swaying to the beat of the singing skies, are personified in soothing shades of purple through which glistens the colors of the evening sky.

    Brimming with a concoction of color, a breathtaking skyline is seen through the eyes of its creator. Captured intricately to resonate the hues of dusk; multiple shades of red, orange, violet & lilac form a myriad of colors.

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  • City by the Waters

    City by the Waters


    A stunning abstract of a city beautified with color and structure reflected over its bordering waters to bring out an exquisite depiction of a concrete jungle enhanced in appearance as it is mirrored by nature. A wonderful blue background is applied to highlight the contrasting colors of the buildings that vary in size and height.

    The art horizontally oriented to exaggerate the vastness of the city which adds to its splendor and awe. The creator has used a blend of amber and blueish hues to announce a color coordinated that perfectly complements the background of the sky above and the lake below.

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  • The Introvert.

    The Introvert.


    The creator’s reflection of a rejuvenation of energy comes alive through the psychology of an introvert. The rough texture among the cluttered trees, brilliantly represents the inability for the introvert to meditate within large groups of people. The distancing from society is a form of revival for the introvert’s energy.

    A striking use of monotony expresses the intimidation of the world around and creates a dark and negative space. However, towards the far end of the painting, the introvert is able to channel positive energy. The beauty of this masterpiece exists purely in the play of color and light and shadows and is a true representation of the psychology of an introvert.

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  • Muddy Blue River

    Muddy Blue River


    The creator has formed this artwork by combining of pallid to cerulean shades. The purposeful discoloring of the latter tone creates a muddy impression. The image lightens in color towards its brim. Thereby moves from blue to a dull white.

    We can see that palette knife strokes were mainly used to create this beautiful piece. Strategic placing of these strokes and shades brings out the skills of the creator. This brings forth the muddy look of a river in abstract form. We can see certain strokes placed in the midst of a contrasting shade. This gives a colorful and yet realistic look to the creation.

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  • A Swarm of Butterflies

    A Swarm of Butterflies


    Depicted in this brightly colored creation is the beauty of a swarm of butterflies flying in unison, forming a kaleidoscope of color which the creator has wonderfully brought to life in this textured work of art. Using a beautiful blend of primary colors – red, blue, green and yellow, the creator artistically demonstrates how the swarm of butterflies gathers from their surroundings and joins together on their common path.

    This brightly colored creation will easily blend in with any surrounding and is therefore a perfect addition to any part of your home of office that needs a splash of color.

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  • City by the Bay

    City by the Bay


    City life is often known for its hustle and bustle and fast-paced nature, but this creation takes you away from all the chaos and allows the viewer to enjoy the beauty of a city landscape from afar. Depicting a view of the city by the bay, the creator perfectly highlights the beauty of the towering skyscrapers and how they cast a perfectly aligned reflection on the water body lying before them.

    Make this creation part of your home or office décor and enjoy watching the sun slowly set behind this busy city while you unwind after a hard day’s work.

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  • Polychromed Giant

    Polychromed Giant


    Elephants are some of the most revered creatures in the animal kingdom and that is why this colorful creation serves as a perfect representation of what this elephant’s life embodies. The creator plays well with a unique combination of colors, namely red, yellow and blue, and also incorporates adequate white spaces to avoid the creation from becoming too overcrowded.

    The beauty of the creation is further amplified by the technique practiced by the creator which makes this one of the most unique statement pieces you could include to brighten up any setting.

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  • Color Festival

    Color Festival


    A festival of color comes to light in this vibrant depiction of trees on the banks of a soothing river, dancing to the beat of a colorful tune.

    Illuminating a plethora of colors, the artist captures the essence of a rainbow that splashes its fragments onto the surroundings, so piquantly.

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  • The Coronation of Cleopat..

    The Coronation of Cleopat..


    The creator has crafted a perfect goddess-like woman. At the time of the reign of Queen Cleopatra, she was only a young teenager. This historical event is made alive, and the queen-to- be crowns with jewels of the land of Egypt. Her skin is exotically beautiful under the Egyptian sun. The riches of the land of Egypt are expressed through the visual tactility of her gold jewels and costume.

    The Princess bows her head in humility and accepts the role of being a leader among her people. At her coronation she glows with radiance. The masterpiece attributes strength intertwined with beauty and leadership.

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