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Malinga Kumarasinghe

Malinga Kumarasinghe
Contemporary Artist

Malinga Kumarasinghe’s paintings are inspired by contemporary and modern art. The artist merges his own perspectives with a balance of creativity and imagination to soothe the exhausted minds of the viewers. He presents the world through his craftsmanship on the canvas by developing a close kinship with nature and society, and visualizes it expressively.

His deep concern for society resurrects from the artist’s free style to create graphically striking images, allowing the physicality of society to take form and to mold good citizens into society through the positive attributes of his paintings.

Malinga works with acrylics and oil paints and has employed a bright and bold color palette to capture the essence of his world. His great obsession with calories does not limit him to a set palette of colors, but allows him to experiment with a range of colors to characterize and elaborate his paintings with modern concepts.

His work transforms standard notions of modern and contemporary art into a uniquely expressive form, while his paintings rejuvenates the eyes of the viewer with fresh color and spontaneity.

Malinga’s paintings merge reality with a fresh color scheme. His eye for detail makes his artwork, complex, but also simple as his subject matter are everyday objects or incidents we come across. The spontaneity of his brush-strokes, mark-making and palette knife techniques adds dimension and texture to his artwork, making them expressive and emotional.

His inner impulses are splashed across his work while he creates a truly memorable and everlasting impression through his art. He includes the knowledge passed down to him by his father who is also an artist and the knowledge he gained from learning art in school.

The simplicity of Malinga’s compositions produces a refreshing and a meditational response in the viewer with its large areas of color and gestural strokes of paint that sums the harmony between him and the world around him. His great eye for modernizing his subjects makes his subject stand out despite its mundanity and make his work unique.

Malinga is an artist who intertwines unnerving juxtapositions with everyday creatures and objects and reveals it on canvas as an expression of his eye for detail and modernization. He molds his subjects to express his love for nature, vibrant colors and texture. His paintings are truly modern and the epitome of contemporary art!

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  • Lake Placid

    Lake Placid


    Many rocks and sticks lay drifted on this wonderful, restful water as though they are attempting to disturb its peace and yet to no avail. This exquisite painting is a wonderful representation of a beautiful blue lake that holds many visitors in its arms and yet fails not to expose its brightness mingled with simplicity and color.

    The creator has used a splendid array of color to blend in with a stunning blue to produce an abstract art that is pleasing to the eye and that creates an ambience of rest, purity and peace.

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  • The Coronation of Cleopat..

    The Coronation of Cleopat..


    The creator has crafted a perfect goddess-like woman. At the time of the reign of Queen Cleopatra, she was only a young teenager. This historical event is made alive, and the queen-to- be crowns with jewels of the land of Egypt. Her skin is exotically beautiful under the Egyptian sun. The riches of the land of Egypt are expressed through the visual tactility of her gold jewels and costume.

    The Princess bows her head in humility and accepts the role of being a leader among her people. At her coronation she glows with radiance. The masterpiece attributes strength intertwined with beauty and leadership.

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  • Blue Meadow

    Blue Meadow


    Imagine a meadow filled with blue foliage topped with yellow flowers and you will be picturing this painting in your mind. It gives a sense of fresh air and encapsulates the peacefulness a meadow with overgrown grass.

    The creator has purposely used the color blue as the unlikely shading of a meadow, whilst including scatters of dark blue to describe in better detail an unusual freshness that perfectly captures and compliments the blue sky. A colorful aspect is introduced using different shadings of blue with a contrast of yellow flowers against the mid-morning firmament.

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  • Golden Leaves

    Golden Leaves


    The focal point of this magnificent creation is a majestic tree with evenly distributed branches, surrounded by a grassland where the blades of grass reflect a similar soft shade of gold. This textured landscape is designed to portray the transition plant life undergoes in Autumn.

    Within a stunning juxtaposition of color, it’s set in the foreground of an earthy monochrome sky. The creator has adopted a creative approach to bring to life some vibrant brush strokes that strike a vivacious balance of color, to illuminate the darkest of nights. Brighten up a room and usher in the feeling of warmth experienced on a beautiful Autumn day with this piece.

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  • Aquatic Vibes

    Aquatic Vibes


    Two mesmerizing fish of different species, but still so similar in nature, swimming along a current. The Creator is displaying the importance and beauty of aquatic life and the greatness of mother nature.

    A poignant message stems forth from this exquisite creation. Nature has created in different shapes, sizes, colors to co-exist with each other. The aquatic life has no issue and passes no judgement on the array of forms and colors that they are born with. They seamlessly mix and blend with each other. They swim beside each other, they pass each other by, they interact with one another. Everyone is born different and yet equal, remembering that message can help make this world a better place.

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  • Let Me Light Your Path

    Let Me Light Your Path


    In this creation, you will see a couple stroll along a quiet and secluded path with only each other to take away their loneliness. It is from this point onwards that the creature begins to take the viewer to a much deeper point of view about the story behind this unique pairing of lonely souls, where it tells the story of how one of the lovers provides the strength and support the other needs to overcome a dark and sorrowful past.

    Allow this creation to bring the same light and hope to its surrounding as you watch how each illuminating street light depicts the strength of this love as it lights up the path leading to a brighter future.

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  • Harvest Time

    Harvest Time


    A blur of a golden harvest is painted with a blend of brown and amber hues to bring out an exquisite effect and sense of beauty in fields that are ripe for the season. The abstract of the message that the creator is conveying is skillfully brought through in the unusual brush strokes that create a haze of color.

    This golden landscape is a perfect complement to natures beauty and the creativity of the artists. The dull background is contrasted with a seamless sketch over the crop to exemplify the foreground.

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  • Curtain Call

    Curtain Call


    The creator demonstrates his amazing artistic talents through this mesmerizing creation ‘curtain call’ which portrays the moment just as the curtains rise to reveal the talented performers set to take their final bow.

    As you sit back and gaze upon this wonderful creation, you can enjoy a front row seat as you begin to hear the echoing sound as the audience applauds a magnificent performance which took place right before their eyes. Colored with rich golden hues, this acrylic will make a perfect addition to your home or office infusing the splendor of a spectacular curtain call.

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  • Autumn Glow

    Autumn Glow


    The creator uses his unmatched talents to captivate the viewer with this striking portrayal of the peak time in autumn. As the dawn of the autumn season begins to spread its iconic golden glow, this magnificent tree which is the main focus of this creation spreading out is branched as wide as can be, and almost takes over the entire surrounding.

    The color scheme used in this acrylic makes it quite easy to blend in with any backdrop making it an ideal décor option which will allow you to enjoy how this amazing creation spreads the glow of the autumn season to its surroundings.

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  • Grazing in a Fiery Field

    Grazing in a Fiery Field


    Set in broken color, the artist evokes impressionism in this work of art. The chrome opaque brush strokes are characteristic of a Van Gogh creation. Yet it is more vibrant and colorful in its open composition.

    With more emphasis on the accurate depiction of light and depth, the grazing rabbit is portrayed as gentle and sans defense. The artist illustrates its inherent timid and inhibited quality albeit with the use of an array of complex complementary colors, against a blazing field of crimson.

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  • Bubbles in a Reef

    Bubbles in a Reef


    The colorful splendor of bubbles floating in a reef is brought out through this painting. The creator has used a marvelous array of colors in the detail of the reef, whilst reflecting those colors against the bubbles. The painting has a 3D effect as the bubbles are embossed out of the canvas, thereby bringing the picture to life.

    The masterly use of colors is a feature of this painting as the artists are not only describing the beauty of underwater nature, but also brings forth motion through skill application of texture onto the canvas.

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  • Majesty in Color

    Majesty in Color


    A portrait of a magnificent elephant clothed in a multi array of colors poised splendidly as if to pose for the audience. This painting boasts an abstract design blended with reality as it includes a touch of creativity and teases the imagination with imaginative hues used in the sketch of the elephant.

    The creator expertly mixes the multiple colors over the grandeur of the animal, but yet maintained the elegance of the structure. Against a dull background that is mostly white exemplifies the colors and brightens the painting to fill the atmosphere with joyful ambience.

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  • A Dazzling Display

    A Dazzling Display


    The creator has chosen to depict a subject often portrayed in a surge of color, with muted and neutral use of shades. The long slender face and body of the spectacular peacock are painted in hues of azure. The uniformly placed bronze eye of every feather with centers of indigo and jade is a feature of outstanding beauty itself.

    The glorious fan of feathers in a dazzling display has been structured in soft earthen pigments of sienna and amber. Each feather is detailed with precise and quick, directional strokes to create a stunning visual effect.

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  • Living Dreams

    Living Dreams


    The wind blows towards the land, it may be early morning, when the fisherman returns home after a night at sea. This monochrome painting is beautiful as it signifies the complexities and the turmoil the fishermen face each day to fulfill the dreams of their loved ones, the creator has portrayed chaos in the sky and the sea using highlights of white.

    Their lives are shades of black and white, but the effort is to color it bright with the shades of the rainbow! The attention to details on this piece on all features is brilliant, the sound of the sea, waves crashing is almost audible to the spectator creating a vivid image.

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  • Depth in Maturity

    Depth in Maturity


    Through this creation, attention is drawn to the degree of maturity of one of the most majestic creatures of the wild which has gathered with the passing of time. The creator carefully portrays the wisdom and pride this amazing tusker holds within by detailing the finer aspects of its features such as long crossing tusks, facial lines and skin texture using prominent brush strokes.

    As the viewers gaze upon this beautiful creation they will also be captivated by the piercing glance of this creature, thus making a perfect statement piece guaranteed to invoke a deep reflective state of mind for the onlooker.

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  • Together We Bloom

    Together We Bloom


    Dainty and elegant, this wonderful work of art is guaranteed to brighten up any living space almost instantly with its beautiful textured appearance colored with soft hues and the beauty it resonates from the power of love expressed by the intertwined branches in full bloom.

    The creator skillfully shows how the perfect union of these two branches comes together, filling the gaps between each other’s reach to give rise to a lovely bouquet of flowers in bloom. The shading techniques used in the background amplify the beauty of these delicate flowers, completing the overall creation.

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  • Mystic Tusker

    Mystic Tusker


    The creator highlights the unique features of the tusker through various shading techniques which highlights its frontal view while at the same time rouses the sense of mysticism through animal’s eyes which are barely seen but are focused right at the viewer through a blurred background. At a glance, this creation will draw your attention to the rare formation of the elephant’s tusks, but a longer look will reveal the grandeur of the behemoth who carries them.

    This creation will most certainly grab attention of the onlooker and infuse the sense of majesty and mysticism in any space you choose to feature.

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  • Color Spill

    Color Spill


    What would happen if a container filled with a mix of light colors fell to the surface, spilling out all its contents in a splatter of color and obscure design? You will see almost the same art on the floor as it portrayed so cleverly on this canvas. A beautiful abstract of spilt color against a plain white background brings out a blast of brightness and shades.

    The creator skillfully sketched and applied color to this art in a manner that brings out an ambience of space and light which would be ideal in an otherwise dark setting. Using scumbling type brush strokes to produce a knitting of hues and angles in forming a creative shape out of disorder.

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  • Purple Rain

    Purple Rain


    Bring in the regality of this rich acrylic titled ‘Purple Rain’ to your living space as it beautifully depicts how a refreshing shower pours down from above, washing away any signs of sorrow and pain from the surroundings. With every brush stroke mixed with strategic shading techniques, the creator clearly demarcates the clouds above laden with rain drops waiting to pour down and transform the dullness of the surrounding with its majestic coloration.

    This creation worthy of much admiration will be a perfect addition to your living space, inviting you to sit back and enjoy the refreshing feeling of this purple rain.

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  • Iridescent Beauty

    Iridescent Beauty


    The creator has re-imagined nature’s vibrant gift to the wild; the peacock. The Peafowl is the epitome of grace and pride. The Iridescent feathers of this majestic bird have been decorated in hues of blue and green while illuminated with fiery textured impressions of yellow and crimson to add depth and vitality.

    An Indigo crest adorns its head like a crown, against a luminous and shimmering body. Its head tilted in vanity and yet the eyes soft with a faltering gaze. Often a symbol of the royal and regal, this interpretation of the magnificent peafowl represents beauty in all its forms.

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