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Namal Kamalgoda

Namal Kamalgoda
Veteran Nature Photographer

Namal Kamalgoda is a wildlife conservationist and a photographer from Sri Lanka. He unveils Sri Lanka’s wildlife with a fresh and unique perspective through the lens of his camera.

Namal’s spectacular wildlife portraits are a rare and refreshing subject Sri Lankan photographers adopt. While his distinctive style celebrates Sri Lanka’s rich wildlife diversity. The habitats of the animals are also captured with such brilliance that the dense jungle becomes a delicate and safe habitat for the wild to live in.

Namal although thankful for the opportunities he receives to photograph wildlife as a hobby, wishes he could rather find an escapade and follow his heart’s desire as a full-time hobby. He is a self-learnt photographer and renders his great set of photographic principles and skill into his masterpieces today. His captures were also published in 3 coffee table books, giving his work recognition.

He has served in a number of wildlife conservation NGOs, and when photographing wildlife amidst the dense jungle, Namal’s hope is to capture the value and beauty of wildlife and its role in nature. He incorporates a variety of perspectives and compositions into his photography to showcase the beauty of wildlife and to create awareness for the need to protect them. The challenging compositions, color, shadow-detail, focal points and subject matter that he incorporates in his photography merge in order to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

Namal’s photographs are characterized by his love for wildlife and conserving them. His personal relationship with his subjects creates a unique impact that transforms the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive and emotional form. This impact is part and parcel of the awareness he wants to build on the value of biodiversity and how Sri Lanka has been blessed abundantly with it.

The depth of animal emotion and its impact on humankind is made to contend with the serenity of a grazing animal. The graphically striking images, allow and enhance an image to speak a thousand words and acts as a predator preying on the viewer’s emotion.

The intricate details, of the animals from their fur to their stripes, from their skin to their eyes creates a photograph strongly focusing on expression and emotion.

Namal’s relationship with his camera is a strong bond as he has with animals. Thus, he connotates the emotion and timelessness of the animal kingdom with an underlying plea of saving them. He captures the expression and emotion that the human eye cannot see because of their neglected relationship with nature. Thus, he freezes precious moments through his photography so that the viewer may gaze into the eyes of the animal to rekindle their lost relationship.

Namal Kamalgoda’s work explores detail that describe the essential harmony within nature, wildlife and humanity. It’s this emotional connection that makes his photography fresh with an impressively unique flavor!

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  • Head in The Dust

    Head in The Dust


    A mighty herd of elephant’s huddle in the midst of the dirt and dust of the wilderness. Rising up over them as an abstract backdrop to an elegant capture of power and presence. Mist of the disturbed soil exquisitely fills the frame. This creates a silhouette effect over these majestic animals.

    The dirt and dust fill the background and foreground of the image in an abstract manner that bring forth a sense of fantasy to an actual occurrence in the wild. The creator perfectly sets the exposure and timed the photograph with precision to capture reality in art.

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  • Fighting Against All Odds..

    Fighting Against All Odds..


    Two beautiful birds in motion captured by the talented Creator, in this image. They seem to be fighting or playing with each other. The image has such contrasting colors. It is very eye catching and stands out quite beautifully.

    The burnt sienna and maroon hues stand out very nicely against the golden sandy ground that they stand upon. That golden glow that radiates from the sand would add a lot of light to any space that it is placed in. With just a touch of sunlight falling on only the smallest part of the creation could illuminate an entire room.

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  • Searching



    A lone ranger scouts the shallow waters searching for what may lay in the murky habitat that could serve his needs. Taken from the back and profile, this is an exquisitely angled photograph. It captures this small bird in a curious pose mirrored by the lake in which he stands. This is a fitting testament to an animal and its custom environment that complement each other in color and mood.

    The creator has perfectly positioned and balanced this image to surround the subject with a matching backdrop. This brings forth an abstract effect in the reflecting waters. Hence, it catches traces of grass revealed in the foreground that has been serving as his hiding cover.

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  • Perfectly Relaxed

    Perfectly Relaxed


    Have you ever just wanted to find the perfect place to chill on a quiet Sunday afternoon? Well, it seems this monkey has found the perfect place, set away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but offers a perfect view to keep a quiet watch of what’s going on with the tribe from afar.

    The photographer has been quite adept to capture this unique moment without disturbing his muse to give us this wonderful work of art that will bring the beauty of this natural setting closer to you when you display it in any living space of your choice.

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  • Majestic Beauty

    Majestic Beauty


    This is a stunning depiction of the unrivaled beauty of the animal kingdom. Because, perfectly captured in this photograph of a male peacock in full spread exhibiting his colorful splendor. The entire frame beautifully fills with the rare garment of the peacock feathers draped in sharp color and pattern. Also, it serves as a fitting backdrop to this definition of dazzling elegance, over a dull landscape.

    The creator has produced an amazing closeup of this wonder of nature by drawing in natural light. It beautifies the sight in its authentic hues and balance the subject to perfection. Furthermore, he has managed to achieve this by centering and focusing with precision skill against a backdrop blended with amber hues.

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  • With Eyes Behind It’..

    With Eyes Behind It’..


    A magical moment in nature captured by the talented Creator. This creation was captured taking into consideration so many different elements such as the timing, the angle of light, the angle at which the photograph was captured at.

    The Creator had to have used a more accelerated shutter speed in order to capture this moment with their camera so precisely and perfectly. The butterfly could be taken as a symbol of hope and freedom and even peaceful. There is something so magical in the ability of the creatures, flying to wherever they need to go, being able to have an aerial view of the world.

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  • Splashing Toddlers

    Splashing Toddlers


    An enticing puddle has welcomed a group of boisterous toddlers. They gorge themselves in the water with excitement and glee. This photograph is an exquisite depiction of the similarities between toddlers in the animal kingdom and humans alike. Here, we get a sneak peek into the playful endeavors of a herd of young elephants as their more serious-minded feathered friends watch in embarrassment.

    The creator has skillfully captured this action-packed event using high shutter speeds. Furthermore, he has timed the capture to perfection at a low angle. As a result, it has produced an image that encompasses within itself a playful and joyful ambience.

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  • The Bear Necessities

    The Bear Necessities


    The shutter speed used to capture this image in nature is slower, showing us a slight blur due to the bear’s motion. The aperture is closer to bring more focus on the bear, to draw attention of the viewer to this amazing animal. The contrast between the sandy area, in the background and the bear, help to bring more emphasis to the animal.

    With the addition of this intriguing nature portrait, one’s collection of photography will only grow to be more unique, more special and much more spectacularly diverse. The Creator has done a great job at connecting us, the audience with this beautiful animal and with nature.

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  • Rosettes in Grayscale

    Rosettes in Grayscale


    A monochromatic, picturesque, black and white image, captured by this ingenious Creator. This creation has a quiet grace and stillness to it. A black and white image has the power to really bring depth and emphasize a moment. It has the power to stop time in any image, that is exactly what this creation feels like.

    The Creator has captured this leopard in such a brilliant and skillful way, the Creator has given this piece its very own personality. It is bold and spectacular. The Creator’s skill and dedication to their craft deserves to be acknowledged, appreciated and commended.

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  • Spotlight to Escape

    Spotlight to Escape


    Surrounded by darkness, in the dense foliage of a murky forest there shines a light that serves as the spot to signal the escape route out of the confinement. This creative capture exhibits the mystery mixed with the beauty of nature and man’s attempt to tame it.

    The creator has exposed the lens to correct amount of light and balance to capture the ray of light against the dense darkness of the forest without losing out in the detail of the pathway and its surrounding foliage.

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  • Breaking of Dawn

    Breaking of Dawn


    A stunning capture of the morning sun breaks through the ruling darkness with rays of amber and reddish hues, filling the sky in awe and wonder over the silhouette of a landscape. This amazing picture taken in low light and yet perfectly drawing in the bright hues is a testament to the beauty of nature in its purest forms.

    The creator has used adequate balance in exposure and ISO to produce this exquisite portrayal of day break as it invades the darkness. This will no doubt be an amazing piece for your space.

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  • Look into My Eyes

    Look into My Eyes


    A night prowler keeps a keen eye on things with a piercing gaze. It seems, this is during an hour that is usually not associated with his time zone. The creator has beautifully caught the orange eyes of this owl staring deep into the vision of the camera. He has dimmed the surrounding environment almost as if the creature is aiming to steel one’s soul with a single look.

    The creator has taken this photograph expertly and skillfully. Furthermore, he has utilized natural light and perfect positioning to draw in the viewer using the outlining of a tree. Above all, the owl stares with a hypnotizing look, saying “Look into My Eyes”.

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  • A Sharp Watch

    A Sharp Watch


    The beauty of these eyes will captivate you. This crested hawk eagle is no doubt a stunner. Her beautiful crest gives her a look of a stern red Indian chief! The curved black bill helps grab prey easily and hold on to it. The brownish yellow eyes give her the ability to see beyond others with precision and sharpness.

    Her breast covered in brown and white feathers and the rest in hues of brown provides her the necessary camouflage to hunt. Her features are beautifully captured by the creator against the blurred olive green background.

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  • Awaken The Beast

    Awaken The Beast


    At a glance you may see this creation as a beautiful landscape photograph of a peaceful grove in the jungle, but as you continue to glance at the image you will begin to see a beast covered in a shaggy dusty black coat of fur approaching slowly from its hiding place.

    This is the primary focus of the creator who would have spent hours until this bear awoke and slowly crawled his way out of his secret hiding place, somewhere in this peaceful grove. If you are a nature lover, this creation will make a perfect addition to your collection as is capturing the beauty of nature.

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  • Judging Eyes

    Judging Eyes


    The gaze of this majestic bird of prey will pierce through you. The creator understands how this feathered creature’s beauty alone is enough to captivate its audience. He has focused only on the bird as it rests its wings and casts a judgmental stare on the rest of its surroundings.

    Set against a blurred background feel yourself getting drawn into this amazing creation. A beautiful golden eagle, a rare sight to see so close to earth looks through you with his enchanting judging eyes. We strongly suggest that you make this very interesting creation a part of your living space.

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  • The Gray of an Elephant

    The Gray of an Elephant


    Captured by an ingenious Creator in this timeless piece, a majestic animal. It, to put it simply, is a perfectly captured piece of nature photography. The Creator has managed to get such a perfectly clear view of the elephant. A brilliantly captured moment and event. Kudos and a round of applause goes to the brilliant Creator’s skill and a keen eye and quick reflexes.

    It is as though the elephant posed for the Creator to capture its essence.  A picturesque piece to add to any collection of photography that would make a collection more intriguing and strengthen the value of the collection.

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