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Namal Kamalgoda

Namal Kamalgoda
Veteran Nature Photographer

Namal Kamalgoda is a wildlife conservationist and a photographer from Sri Lanka. He unveils Sri Lanka’s wildlife with a fresh and unique perspective through the lens of his camera.

Namal’s spectacular wildlife portraits are a rare and refreshing subject Sri Lankan photographers adopt. While his distinctive style celebrates Sri Lanka’s rich wildlife diversity. The habitats of the animals are also captured with such brilliance that the dense jungle becomes a delicate and safe habitat for the wild to live in.

Namal although thankful for the opportunities he receives to photograph wildlife as a hobby, wishes he could rather find an escapade and follow his heart’s desire as a full-time hobby. He is a self-learnt photographer and renders his great set of photographic principles and skill into his masterpieces today. His captures were also published in 3 coffee table books, giving his work recognition.

He has served in a number of wildlife conservation NGOs, and when photographing wildlife amidst the dense jungle, Namal’s hope is to capture the value and beauty of wildlife and its role in nature. He incorporates a variety of perspectives and compositions into his photography to showcase the beauty of wildlife and to create awareness for the need to protect them. The challenging compositions, color, shadow-detail, focal points and subject matter that he incorporates in his photography merge in order to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

Namal’s photographs are characterized by his love for wildlife and conserving them. His personal relationship with his subjects creates a unique impact that transforms the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive and emotional form. This impact is part and parcel of the awareness he wants to build on the value of biodiversity and how Sri Lanka has been blessed abundantly with it.

The depth of animal emotion and its impact on humankind is made to contend with the serenity of a grazing animal. The graphically striking images, allow and enhance an image to speak a thousand words and acts as a predator preying on the viewer’s emotion.

The intricate details, of the animals from their fur to their stripes, from their skin to their eyes creates a photograph strongly focusing on expression and emotion.

Namal’s relationship with his camera is a strong bond as he has with animals. Thus, he connotates the emotion and timelessness of the animal kingdom with an underlying plea of saving them. He captures the expression and emotion that the human eye cannot see because of their neglected relationship with nature. Thus, he freezes precious moments through his photography so that the viewer may gaze into the eyes of the animal to rekindle their lost relationship.

Namal Kamalgoda’s work explores detail that describe the essential harmony within nature, wildlife and humanity. It’s this emotional connection that makes his photography fresh with an impressively unique flavor!

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  • Sniffing up a Treat

    Sniffing up a Treat


    A handsome sloth bear is seen sniffing down a tree stump, his pretty brown eyes intently searching, he knows he will find a treat for sure. A threatened species in Sri Lanka, they generally feed on nuts, berries and roots, but their staple delicacy is insects which is what this bear is trying to find.

    He is beautiful, strong enough to fight yet gentle enough to slurp up a few insects. Sloth bears are shy, often seen only at dawn and dusk. His beautiful black spotlessly clean the creator has captured a rare sight so intimately, giving us a glimpse of the carefree life of a sloth bear.

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  • Making an Entrance

    Making an Entrance


    He is a sight not to be missed, walking through the plain colored a golden yellow by the afternoon sun. His neck is a beautiful turquoise, the body a shade of grey and the elegant trail complete with the most exquisite colors hiding a magnificent work of art, this is the Indian peafowl.

    He will display his feathers when attracting a mate and this handsome bird seems to be in search of one. The peafowl adds color and vibrance to the otherwise dull background, the combination seems perfect. The creator has rendered this amazing capture of the beauty of nature.

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  • Caught in a Moment

    Caught in a Moment


    She was beautiful and caring, her round figure was perfect, he fell in love and found his mate. Convincing her took the time and effort she did not give in so easily. The creator has captured a moment of mischief among two Sri Lankan Elephants, currently in the endangered list.

    The female does not seem pleased as her eyes are dull and ears pulled back. The male towers over her with pride, but seems annoyed as he stares directly into the lenses. A rare sighting, it is amazing to witness this large but graceful mammal in the wild, so close, yet so far away.

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  • Soaring Above Ground

    Soaring Above Ground


    The Creator has effortlessly and brilliantly managed to capture two different species of birds in this piece. This creation portrays the wonders of nature so poignantly, it is simply amazing and incredible that different species can co-exist in one vast ecosystem. It highlights and speaks to the diversity of nature.

    This incredible creation can be used as a powerful statement piece, to promote difference and equality. To be able to capture such an image, as this, from this height and angle is highly impressive, to say the least. The Creator has spared nothing in order to get the perfect picture as they have envisioned it.

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  • Fun in The Sun

    Fun in The Sun


    The most minute details have been made to stand out in this stunning creation. The drops of water have been individualized by the skill of this brilliant Creator. Each drop can be individually distinguished and looks as though the drops are vibrating. This creation is a playful and a cute image of the elephant playing with the water.

    The shutter has been left open and slowed down to get the blurred motion effect of the water. The focus is on the elephant and the swish of water, levitating in the air. The scenic background is blurred out, so as to not pull focus from the stars of the image.

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  • Running for Dear Life

    Running for Dear Life


    She sees her predator in the distance and remembers her young she left behind in the safety of her flock. The Sri Lankan spotted deer is a beauty on its own, prettiest spots on the beautiful hue of light brown body is as if carefully hand painted.

    Her eyes shot back, carefully picking up the sounds around her, this female quickens her steps as she tries to find her way back to her flock. Our creator has caught a moment of panic seen so clearly in her eyes, reminding us that life in the wild has been ever so fickle.

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  • Look into My Eyes

    Look into My Eyes


    A night prowler keeps a keen eye on things with a piercing gaze. It seems, this is during an hour that is usually not associated with his time zone. The creator has beautifully caught the orange eyes of this owl staring deep into the vision of the camera. He has dimmed the surrounding environment almost as if the creature is aiming to steel one’s soul with a single look.

    The creator has taken this photograph expertly and skillfully. Furthermore, he has utilized natural light and perfect positioning to draw in the viewer using the outlining of a tree. Above all, the owl stares with a hypnotizing look, saying “Look into My Eyes”.

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  • A Notch Above the Rest

    A Notch Above the Rest


    Nothing beats the view of a large herd of wild elephants in their natural habitat, which gives one the opportunity to enjoy how these gentle giants live in harmony with each other, unperturbed by human intervention. Aside from its natural beauty, the main focus of this image in how one giant rises on its hind legs as though it was claiming to be a notch above the rest.

    If you chose to display this wonderful creation in your home or office, it will most certainly gain much appreciation from the onlooker due to its amazing ability to capture the wonders of nature.

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  • The Big Yawn

    The Big Yawn


    A skillful candid photograph of a leopard in full expression of his intention to take a well-deserved afternoon nap. The blurred out background perfectly orients with this close up. Therefore, by focusing on the animal itself whilst applying an artistic green background made-up of the surrounding wilderness.

    The creator has timed this shot to precision and balanced it perfectly in the frame with the leopards wide open jaws centering the image with ample room for revealing a most suitable backdrop for the action.

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  • The Empress

    The Empress


    A creation such as this is so incredibly rare and unique. It is a one of a kind piece. The Creator has successfully managed to capture this unique image and portrait of a spectacular animal. The peacock stands on top of the branch, we presume that this is done for protection and safety.

    This is so very unique, simply because we usually see peacocks at ground level. It is ever so rare that luck would have us encounter a moment like this, and successfully manage to capture it. The Creator presents great instinct and artistic vision of this piece and their successful efforts in executing their vision is highly commendable.

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  • Parenting Skills in Pract..

    Parenting Skills in Pract..


    A little family of Grebes makes their way into the lake. Seems like, it is time for mum to teach her young to swim independently. The two little chicks follow their mum’s lead along her side. Rufous colored neck and bright orange eyes make an adult Grebe a beautiful bird.

    The young are lighter shades. Grebe’s are excellent swimmers and hunt on small fish and small insects under water. The creator has caught a precise moment where the adult Grebe ruffles her feathers splashing the water all around, which shine bright with the colors of the rainbow, through the light of the sun.

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  • The Red-Eyed Stunner

    The Red-Eyed Stunner


    Cobwebs fill a dried up branch of a tree which seems abandoned for a while. Life has given way. However, a beautiful black billed bird has brought life to this tree. Her body is clothed with feathers of in all shades of grey neatly placed one after the other.

    She wears a polka dotted cape around her neck. Her red feet are the perfect compliment for her attire. She is the Sri Lankan wood pigeon, quite feminine in her look. As a result, the creator has illustrated a stunning capture of an endemic bird, a sight not to be missed.

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  • Splendor of the Wild

    Splendor of the Wild


    Few can appear more beautiful than the male peacock in full spread. This amazing photograph is perfectly positioned to capture the full array of the exquisite colors and pattern of a peacock’s feather. The image fills the entire width of the frame in a magnitude of blue, green and purple splendor.

    Even the background amazing compliments the beauty of the animal. It boarder’s similar hues round the expanse of the bird. The creator has timed this photograph to perfection. It has also applied a clever angle to capture this beautiful bird that is fittingly testifying of its appearance.

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  • Orange Bellied Observer

    Orange Bellied Observer


    A perfectly executed photograph of an orange belly sparrow rests on a slender branch. He takes in the atmosphere of the surrounding forest. His gaze to the outside world is a beautiful feature of this caption. It seems that he is completely unaware of the photographer. His orange features stand highlighted against a blurred-out backdrop that has been skillfully adapted to complement the main subject.

    The creator has skillfully focused this capture to perfection. He has set a low aperture ensure that the background appears abstract and not taking away the stunning detail of the bird.

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  • Time for Breakfast

    Time for Breakfast


    A hungry leopard emerges from its hiding place. This beautiful creature sets off on its journey in search of food for the day. This is giving our talented photographer the rare opportunity to capture its beauty. As you enjoy this beautiful natural setting, you will be able to see the quiet determination that lingers in this predator’s eyes as it slowly steps each foot forward with one ultimate goal in mind.

    Use this creation as a source of inspiration to fuel your own determination. You can do this as you set off on your own journey after catching a glimpse of this beautiful creature of nature.

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  • Beauty at Dusk

    Beauty at Dusk


    The sun has set in the jungle; the sky is a pretty hue of blue; a lone crested peahen is seen perched on a tree. It has been a part of her daily practice to watch for predators, especially since her young who may be perched on a branch close by. She is gorgeous though often unnoticed.

    The creator has beautifully portrayed her in shadow, allowing the spectator to imagine her beauty. She may not have the long feathers of blue, green shades, but in her own way she is beautiful and majestic. A wistful capture on the hidden splendor of our jungles.

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  • The Lone Warrior

    The Lone Warrior


    It’s mid-morning in the jungle, the animals are out and about, at a distance a beautiful Leopard is spotted making its way through the jungle and onto the walking path. He walks with purpose and pride. The coat is beautiful and unique; it shines in the sunlight. His razor sharp teeth and the visible through the half open mouth.

    This lone warrior has fought the good fight and suffered an eye injury. Yet, undefeated, he walks through the jungle. Our creator has caught him at the perfect moment and exposed the true elegance of a wild animal through his lenses.

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  • A Tired Yawn

    A Tired Yawn


    Being able to witness such a beautiful leopard in its natural habitat in itself is a very rare occurrence that makes this creation a priceless piece worth making your own, and adding to its superior value is the moment chosen to capture this image.

    The leopard who serves as the perfect muse for this piece of wildlife photography seems to be unwinding after a tiring day and lets off a massive yawn releasing all the strain it holds. As you gaze upon this amazing creation, you too will be able to relax after a tiring day of work, and enjoy the wonder of nature that sits before you.

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  • A Sharp Watch

    A Sharp Watch


    The beauty of these eyes will captivate you. This crested hawk eagle is no doubt a stunner. Her beautiful crest gives her a look of a stern red Indian chief! The curved black bill helps grab prey easily and hold on to it. The brownish yellow eyes give her the ability to see beyond others with precision and sharpness.

    Her breast covered in brown and white feathers and the rest in hues of brown provides her the necessary camouflage to hunt. Her features are beautifully captured by the creator against the blurred olive green background.

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  • Musings in the Wild

    Musings in the Wild


    A beautiful leopard watches intently as he locks the sight of its prey. The plains are hot and dry this season, the ground has not been watered in months, the few large tree bushes, with leaves still green, which have weathered the dry season are the only shade.

    The leopard prowls low, his ears popped up and alert, ready and patiently waiting for the time to attack. This majestic beast is rarely found in the open plains so up close. The creator has delivered his spectators a capture of a beautiful specimen we rarely witness. A moment before the battle begins.

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