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Namal Kamalgoda

Namal Kamalgoda
Veteran Nature Photographer

Namal Kamalgoda is a wildlife conservationist and a photographer from Sri Lanka. He unveils Sri Lanka’s wildlife with a fresh and unique perspective through the lens of his camera.

Namal’s spectacular wildlife portraits are a rare and refreshing subject Sri Lankan photographers adopt. While his distinctive style celebrates Sri Lanka’s rich wildlife diversity. The habitats of the animals are also captured with such brilliance that the dense jungle becomes a delicate and safe habitat for the wild to live in.

Namal although thankful for the opportunities he receives to photograph wildlife as a hobby, wishes he could rather find an escapade and follow his heart’s desire as a full-time hobby. He is a self-learnt photographer and renders his great set of photographic principles and skill into his masterpieces today. His captures were also published in 3 coffee table books, giving his work recognition.

He has served in a number of wildlife conservation NGOs, and when photographing wildlife amidst the dense jungle, Namal’s hope is to capture the value and beauty of wildlife and its role in nature. He incorporates a variety of perspectives and compositions into his photography to showcase the beauty of wildlife and to create awareness for the need to protect them. The challenging compositions, color, shadow-detail, focal points and subject matter that he incorporates in his photography merge in order to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

Namal’s photographs are characterized by his love for wildlife and conserving them. His personal relationship with his subjects creates a unique impact that transforms the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive and emotional form. This impact is part and parcel of the awareness he wants to build on the value of biodiversity and how Sri Lanka has been blessed abundantly with it.

The depth of animal emotion and its impact on humankind is made to contend with the serenity of a grazing animal. The graphically striking images, allow and enhance an image to speak a thousand words and acts as a predator preying on the viewer’s emotion.

The intricate details, of the animals from their fur to their stripes, from their skin to their eyes creates a photograph strongly focusing on expression and emotion.

Namal’s relationship with his camera is a strong bond as he has with animals. Thus, he connotates the emotion and timelessness of the animal kingdom with an underlying plea of saving them. He captures the expression and emotion that the human eye cannot see because of their neglected relationship with nature. Thus, he freezes precious moments through his photography so that the viewer may gaze into the eyes of the animal to rekindle their lost relationship.

Namal Kamalgoda’s work explores detail that describe the essential harmony within nature, wildlife and humanity. It’s this emotional connection that makes his photography fresh with an impressively unique flavor!

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  • Parenting Skills in Pract..

    Parenting Skills in Pract..


    A little family of Grebes makes their way into the lake. Seems like, it is time for mum to teach her young to swim independently. The two little chicks follow their mum’s lead along her side. Rufous colored neck and bright orange eyes make an adult Grebe a beautiful bird.

    The young are lighter shades. Grebe’s are excellent swimmers and hunt on small fish and small insects under water. The creator has caught a precise moment where the adult Grebe ruffles her feathers splashing the water all around, which shine bright with the colors of the rainbow, through the light of the sun.

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  • The Golden Pathway

    The Golden Pathway


    As we stare down the road of destiny, we are nourished with the golden light of hope that brightens the winding pathway that disappears into the distance. This beautiful photograph captures a golden ray of sunlight that lights up a pathway that navigates through the dark forest.

    The creator has used the natural light to perfection to capture this artistic image of exquisite beauty and the extraordinary contrast of darkness against light.

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  • Breaking of Dawn

    Breaking of Dawn


    A stunning capture of the morning sun breaks through the ruling darkness with rays of amber and reddish hues, filling the sky in awe and wonder over the silhouette of a landscape. This amazing picture taken in low light and yet perfectly drawing in the bright hues is a testament to the beauty of nature in its purest forms.

    The creator has used adequate balance in exposure and ISO to produce this exquisite portrayal of day break as it invades the darkness. This will no doubt be an amazing piece for your space.

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  • Making an Entrance

    Making an Entrance


    He is a sight not to be missed, walking through the plain colored a golden yellow by the afternoon sun. His neck is a beautiful turquoise, the body a shade of grey and the elegant trail complete with the most exquisite colors hiding a magnificent work of art, this is the Indian peafowl.

    He will display his feathers when attracting a mate and this handsome bird seems to be in search of one. The peafowl adds color and vibrance to the otherwise dull background, the combination seems perfect. The creator has rendered this amazing capture of the beauty of nature.

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  • These Wings were Meant to..

    These Wings were Meant to..


    The brilliant Creator has captured the Amber colored wings of the butterfly as it perches on the head of a flower, drinking the nectar from the flower to quench its thirst and hunger. The butterfly is a symbol of everything good and beautiful in this world, whilst also being a symbol of purity, innocence and freedom.

    Butterflies are known to be some of the most mesmerizing creatures in nature. The diversity in the array of colors that a butterfly could have on its wings is fascinating, by itself. There is a quiet, calming stillness to this masterpiece.

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  • The Bear Necessities

    The Bear Necessities


    The shutter speed used to capture this image in nature is slower, showing us a slight blur due to the bear’s motion. The aperture is closer to bring more focus on the bear, to draw attention of the viewer to this amazing animal. The contrast between the sandy area, in the background and the bear, help to bring more emphasis to the animal.

    With the addition of this intriguing nature portrait, one’s collection of photography will only grow to be more unique, more special and much more spectacularly diverse. The Creator has done a great job at connecting us, the audience with this beautiful animal and with nature.

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  • Mean No Harm

    Mean No Harm


    Aside from the value this image holds as a piece of unique wildlife photography, this creation also holds a deep meaning spoken through the main character, a wild mongoose. The animal seems to look directly through the lens of the photographer as though it was looking directly at him with a humble request to mean no harm towards its kind.

    This creation serves as a powerful reminder of how we must always be mindful of the sensitivities of the natural world and how we can still enjoy the beauty of nature as long as we pay attention to the humble pleas of nature.

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  • With Eyes Behind It’..

    With Eyes Behind It’..


    A magical moment in nature captured by the talented Creator. This creation was captured taking into consideration so many different elements such as the timing, the angle of light, the angle at which the photograph was captured at.

    The Creator had to have used a more accelerated shutter speed in order to capture this moment with their camera so precisely and perfectly. The butterfly could be taken as a symbol of hope and freedom and even peaceful. There is something so magical in the ability of the creatures, flying to wherever they need to go, being able to have an aerial view of the world.

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  • Birds of the Wild

    Birds of the Wild


    A colorful bird navigates the sky. It seems that he is about to make a landing. It is a red-wattled lapwing with gorgeous black tipped wings and tail. His tail is dancing in the wind like a frill on a skirt. The yellow slender legs and the red bill and eyes are the perfect combination of colors.

    On a branch of a tree, a Hawk Eagle has just landed, his majestic wings slowly closing in. He stares at the lapwing carefully, watching his next move. The creator has beautifully portrayed this scenario of color and splendor against the clear blue sky of the day.

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  • The Big Yawn

    The Big Yawn


    A skillful candid photograph of a leopard in full expression of his intention to take a well-deserved afternoon nap. The blurred out background perfectly orients with this close up. Therefore, by focusing on the animal itself whilst applying an artistic green background made-up of the surrounding wilderness.

    The creator has timed this shot to precision and balanced it perfectly in the frame with the leopards wide open jaws centering the image with ample room for revealing a most suitable backdrop for the action.

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  • Hang in There

    Hang in There


    When times get tough and storms are all around, the consoling words of a friend would go – ‘hang in there’. A thoughtful action photo of a monkey hanging and swinging freely off a tree, looking directly at his audience as if to give us the advice of many ages. The artistic pose of the animal has created an outlining shape that connects to the tree branch as though producing a pattern in the swing.

    The creator has pulled off a stunning candid capture with high shutter speed and low aperture to freeze in motion the subject and blur out the background in creating a splendid backdrop to the vivid portrait.

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  • The Trumpet of The Swan

    The Trumpet of The Swan


    Captured by this wonderfully talented Creator is an image of two swans. One, with its wings raised up, body in midair. The two swans look like they’re having an argument. It is still quite amazing in the diversity of nature, the fact that these birds exist is fascinating. Nature is so incredibly breathtaking. Any moment in nature is a humbling one.

    An intriguing piece of nature photography with so much energy and candor. These living things interacting with each other in their natural habitat. It is an honor and it is truly humbling to be able to see and witness these events through the magic of photography.

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  • Rosettes in Grayscale

    Rosettes in Grayscale


    A monochromatic, picturesque, black and white image, captured by this ingenious Creator. This creation has a quiet grace and stillness to it. A black and white image has the power to really bring depth and emphasize a moment. It has the power to stop time in any image, that is exactly what this creation feels like.

    The Creator has captured this leopard in such a brilliant and skillful way, the Creator has given this piece its very own personality. It is bold and spectacular. The Creator’s skill and dedication to their craft deserves to be acknowledged, appreciated and commended.

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  • Fighting Against All Odds..

    Fighting Against All Odds..


    Two beautiful birds in motion captured by the talented Creator, in this image. They seem to be fighting or playing with each other. The image has such contrasting colors. It is very eye catching and stands out quite beautifully.

    The burnt sienna and maroon hues stand out very nicely against the golden sandy ground that they stand upon. That golden glow that radiates from the sand would add a lot of light to any space that it is placed in. With just a touch of sunlight falling on only the smallest part of the creation could illuminate an entire room.

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  • Razor Sharp Focus

    Razor Sharp Focus


    Through this work of art the creator demonstrates multiple talents. It includes the art of mastering nature photography. It also shows the ability to practice precision in timing in order to capture the perfect shot through his lens. Seen here is the mighty leopard in its natural habitat. This creature is known for its razor sharp focus making it one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom.

    Position this breathtaking creation against any setting. Watch how one of nature’s finest predators set its focus just before it pounces on its prey. It is as though it was getting ready to leap out of the creation itself.

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  • The Red-Eyed Stunner

    The Red-Eyed Stunner


    Cobwebs fill a dried up branch of a tree which seems abandoned for a while. Life has given way. However, a beautiful black billed bird has brought life to this tree. Her body is clothed with feathers of in all shades of grey neatly placed one after the other.

    She wears a polka dotted cape around her neck. Her red feet are the perfect compliment for her attire. She is the Sri Lankan wood pigeon, quite feminine in her look. As a result, the creator has illustrated a stunning capture of an endemic bird, a sight not to be missed.

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  • Splendor of the Wild

    Splendor of the Wild


    Few can appear more beautiful than the male peacock in full spread. This amazing photograph is perfectly positioned to capture the full array of the exquisite colors and pattern of a peacock’s feather. The image fills the entire width of the frame in a magnitude of blue, green and purple splendor.

    Even the background amazing compliments the beauty of the animal. It boarder’s similar hues round the expanse of the bird. The creator has timed this photograph to perfection. It has also applied a clever angle to capture this beautiful bird that is fittingly testifying of its appearance.

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  • Eagle at Dawn

    Eagle at Dawn


    A crested eagle is captured perched on a tree at dawn. The sky is a hue of pink, blue and purple, absolutely stunning. This is his morning practice; to watch with his sharp eyes for any serpents, small mammals and insects making their way out of the dens.

    Against the shadow of the morning light, his face is not visible, but one can imagine by his posture how watchful he is. The creator has seized a beautiful moment in time, a glimpse of the life in the jungle where the day begins at sunrise and ends at sunset, how simple it can be.

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  • Spotlight to Escape

    Spotlight to Escape


    Surrounded by darkness, in the dense foliage of a murky forest there shines a light that serves as the spot to signal the escape route out of the confinement. This creative capture exhibits the mystery mixed with the beauty of nature and man’s attempt to tame it.

    The creator has exposed the lens to correct amount of light and balance to capture the ray of light against the dense darkness of the forest without losing out in the detail of the pathway and its surrounding foliage.

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  • A Meditative Pose

    A Meditative Pose


    Captured in this beautiful piece of landscape photography is a wild monkey sitting by itself as though it was striking the perfect pose for meditation. With its tail hanging down, feet crossed and arms positioned in a neutral position you will notice a piercing glance from his half open eyes, almost invisible at a glance due to the jet black color of its face.

    Invite yourself to reach a quiet, meditative state after gazing upon this beautiful and calming creation as you to enter the peaceful natural setting this meditating monkey has found for himself.

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