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Namal Kamalgoda

Namal Kamalgoda
Veteran Nature Photographer

Namal Kamalgoda is a wildlife conservationist and a photographer from Sri Lanka. He unveils Sri Lanka’s wildlife with a fresh and unique perspective through the lens of his camera.

Namal’s spectacular wildlife portraits are a rare and refreshing subject Sri Lankan photographers adopt. While his distinctive style celebrates Sri Lanka’s rich wildlife diversity. The habitats of the animals are also captured with such brilliance that the dense jungle becomes a delicate and safe habitat for the wild to live in.

Namal although thankful for the opportunities he receives to photograph wildlife as a hobby, wishes he could rather find an escapade and follow his heart’s desire as a full-time hobby. He is a self-learnt photographer and renders his great set of photographic principles and skill into his masterpieces today. His captures were also published in 3 coffee table books, giving his work recognition.

He has served in a number of wildlife conservation NGOs, and when photographing wildlife amidst the dense jungle, Namal’s hope is to capture the value and beauty of wildlife and its role in nature. He incorporates a variety of perspectives and compositions into his photography to showcase the beauty of wildlife and to create awareness for the need to protect them. The challenging compositions, color, shadow-detail, focal points and subject matter that he incorporates in his photography merge in order to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

Namal’s photographs are characterized by his love for wildlife and conserving them. His personal relationship with his subjects creates a unique impact that transforms the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive and emotional form. This impact is part and parcel of the awareness he wants to build on the value of biodiversity and how Sri Lanka has been blessed abundantly with it.

The depth of animal emotion and its impact on humankind is made to contend with the serenity of a grazing animal. The graphically striking images, allow and enhance an image to speak a thousand words and acts as a predator preying on the viewer’s emotion.

The intricate details, of the animals from their fur to their stripes, from their skin to their eyes creates a photograph strongly focusing on expression and emotion.

Namal’s relationship with his camera is a strong bond as he has with animals. Thus, he connotates the emotion and timelessness of the animal kingdom with an underlying plea of saving them. He captures the expression and emotion that the human eye cannot see because of their neglected relationship with nature. Thus, he freezes precious moments through his photography so that the viewer may gaze into the eyes of the animal to rekindle their lost relationship.

Namal Kamalgoda’s work explores detail that describe the essential harmony within nature, wildlife and humanity. It’s this emotional connection that makes his photography fresh with an impressively unique flavor!

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  • Family Sticks Together

    Family Sticks Together


    The creator brings to life an amazing moment as a herd of wild elephants embark on a journey together, which conveys the power of unity and love they hold as a family. Although they are creatures of the wild, this powerful creation shows how well they know the value of a family and the need to stick together which makes them stronger than ever.

    Demonstrating pure qualities like the need to protect their young, the importance of working together towards a common goal, and much more, makes this creation a perfect addition that will bring peace and harmony to your home environment.

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  • Awaken The Beast

    Awaken The Beast


    At a glance you may see this creation as a beautiful landscape photograph of a peaceful grove in the jungle, but as you continue to glance at the image you will begin to see a beast covered in a shaggy dusty black coat of fur approaching slowly from its hiding place.

    This is the primary focus of the creator who would have spent hours until this bear awoke and slowly crawled his way out of his secret hiding place, somewhere in this peaceful grove. If you are a nature lover, this creation will make a perfect addition to your collection as is capturing the beauty of nature.

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  • Parenting Skills in Pract..

    Parenting Skills in Pract..


    A little family of Grebes makes their way into the lake. Seems like, it is time for mum to teach her young to swim independently. The two little chicks follow their mum’s lead along her side. Rufous colored neck and bright orange eyes make an adult Grebe a beautiful bird.

    The young are lighter shades. Grebe’s are excellent swimmers and hunt on small fish and small insects under water. The creator has caught a precise moment where the adult Grebe ruffles her feathers splashing the water all around, which shine bright with the colors of the rainbow, through the light of the sun.

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  • Above the Clouds

    Above the Clouds


    The sea is a beautiful shade of blue and it seems to reach the ends of the earth. A Slender Billed Seagull is soaring above the water. With a sharp contrast against her white feathered body are her black tipped wings. Seems like, she has an amazing view from above. She watches for her prey of fish or insects on the surface of the water. Consequently, she dives in to pick her hunt.

    The sea gull spreads her wings to absorb the light and warm herself as the morning sun shines on her.  Therefore, the creator has captured a breathtaking moment where she performs a graceful act!

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  • Tapestry in The Sky

    Tapestry in The Sky


    A beautiful tapestry hung from above is painted in this stunning picture. We see here, a flock of birds migrating across the expanse, captured in natural light. The creator has used the perfect focus and high shutter speed to produce a pattern in the firmament.

    A difficult shot to make considering the angle and sunlight that could flood the image. Nevertheless, the creator has expertly and creatively taken this shot looking upward into the sunlight whilst adjust the white balance and exposure to perfection utilizing the blue backdrop to highlight a silhouette of birds in a blue – black design in the sky.

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  • Protect The Young Ones

    Protect The Young Ones


    Even in the animal kingdom it is a primary instinct to protect innocent young ones and keep them from harm’s way at all costs. The creator has captured this unique moment perfectly embodied as a herd of majestic elephants journeying together. These gentle giants are the symbols of strength, royalty and of course maternal instinct.

    This creation is the perfect way to demonstrate the need to protect the younger generation. A fine example of black and white nature photography. This creation is definitely worthy of much praise in terms of quality and the powerful message it brings with it.

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  • The Expanse

    The Expanse


    Clouded and splattered with amber light this stunning capture of a sunset coming over a profiled wilderness gives out a cool and calm ambience that is perfectly sculptured by the creator using low light and shadows.

    The skillful application of maximum exposure is used to bring in as much natural light as possible to exaggerate the rays of dusk that provides for an amazing backdrop against the lining of the wild. This will no doubt be an amazing piece for your space.

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  • Undivided Focus

    Undivided Focus


    A hawk stays perched on a dead branch with eyes focused on a target. No-one can compete with the intent and undistracted gaze of such a bird, that exhibits to us the value of such a trait in the real world.

    The creator has used a very low aperture setting. This exhibit a great skill in taking this still shot in balance and precision. It was captured in a manner that the eyes of the viewer lays directly on the hawk’s stare without distraction from the forestry backdrop.

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  • Sniffing up a Treat

    Sniffing up a Treat


    A handsome sloth bear is seen sniffing down a tree stump, his pretty brown eyes intently searching, he knows he will find a treat for sure. A threatened species in Sri Lanka, they generally feed on nuts, berries and roots, but their staple delicacy is insects which is what this bear is trying to find.

    He is beautiful, strong enough to fight yet gentle enough to slurp up a few insects. Sloth bears are shy, often seen only at dawn and dusk. His beautiful black spotlessly clean the creator has captured a rare sight so intimately, giving us a glimpse of the carefree life of a sloth bear.

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  • Caught in a Moment

    Caught in a Moment


    She was beautiful and caring, her round figure was perfect, he fell in love and found his mate. Convincing her took the time and effort she did not give in so easily. The creator has captured a moment of mischief among two Sri Lankan Elephants, currently in the endangered list.

    The female does not seem pleased as her eyes are dull and ears pulled back. The male towers over her with pride, but seems annoyed as he stares directly into the lenses. A rare sighting, it is amazing to witness this large but graceful mammal in the wild, so close, yet so far away.

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  • Quenching the Thirst

    Quenching the Thirst


    At first glance, those eyes stare at you, sharp as ever, shining ever so beautifully in the light. He is magnificent, the shades of orange and yellow complementing the black markings on the body like the handiwork of an artist.

    The leopard is an endangered species in Sri Lanka and this capture is worth the painstaking journey through the jungle. He carefully makes his way to the pond to quench his thirst, crouching low. The reflection of this beast of the water is stunning. He is unmoved by the lens focused on him, but poses with pride bringing this creation to life!

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  • Hang in There

    Hang in There


    When times get tough and storms are all around, the consoling words of a friend would go – ‘hang in there’. A thoughtful action photo of a monkey hanging and swinging freely off a tree, looking directly at his audience as if to give us the advice of many ages. The artistic pose of the animal has created an outlining shape that connects to the tree branch as though producing a pattern in the swing.

    The creator has pulled off a stunning candid capture with high shutter speed and low aperture to freeze in motion the subject and blur out the background in creating a splendid backdrop to the vivid portrait.

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  • With Eyes Behind It’..

    With Eyes Behind It’..


    A magical moment in nature captured by the talented Creator. This creation was captured taking into consideration so many different elements such as the timing, the angle of light, the angle at which the photograph was captured at.

    The Creator had to have used a more accelerated shutter speed in order to capture this moment with their camera so precisely and perfectly. The butterfly could be taken as a symbol of hope and freedom and even peaceful. There is something so magical in the ability of the creatures, flying to wherever they need to go, being able to have an aerial view of the world.

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  • The Empress

    The Empress


    A creation such as this is so incredibly rare and unique. It is a one of a kind piece. The Creator has successfully managed to capture this unique image and portrait of a spectacular animal. The peacock stands on top of the branch, we presume that this is done for protection and safety.

    This is so very unique, simply because we usually see peacocks at ground level. It is ever so rare that luck would have us encounter a moment like this, and successfully manage to capture it. The Creator presents great instinct and artistic vision of this piece and their successful efforts in executing their vision is highly commendable.

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  • A Magpie’s Tale

    A Magpie’s Tale


    We see beautiful magpie perched on a tree. His beautiful colors are a brilliant blue and chestnut, combined with a red eye ring and bill. How amazing is this creation, to pick each color, different from the others for each living being. And how often do we pause to admire the beauty of our surroundings.

    This Blue Magpie is endemic to Sri Lanka making this capture one to hold on to. The creator has blurred the background of green giving prominence to the bird which has given this work of art a brightness, ideal for your living space.

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  • Who Goes There?

    Who Goes There?


    A timeless, elegant naturalistic portrait of a falcon. This black and white rendition is just so inspired and artistic. The Creator has a wonderful sense of artistic ability and intuition. When taking photographs in black and white, the moments that are being captured are transformed into something more powerful, as if the image were trying to bring a powerful, important message across to those who view it.

    The vintage feel of this black and white nature portrait brings an elegance to the piece, it highlights the dedication, class and professionalism that the Creator has put into capturing this bird, in this manner, so perfectly and precisely.

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  • Searching



    A lone ranger scouts the shallow waters searching for what may lay in the murky habitat that could serve his needs. Taken from the back and profile, this is an exquisitely angled photograph. It captures this small bird in a curious pose mirrored by the lake in which he stands. This is a fitting testament to an animal and its custom environment that complement each other in color and mood.

    The creator has perfectly positioned and balanced this image to surround the subject with a matching backdrop. This brings forth an abstract effect in the reflecting waters. Hence, it catches traces of grass revealed in the foreground that has been serving as his hiding cover.

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  • Hope



    This photograph brings to view a light that is seen at the end of what could be regarded as a dark tunnel, although is the thick foliage of a dense forest. Hope is seen far-off as a bright light even while walking through the dark trials of life. This is the message that is conveyed through this though provoking photograph.

    The creator has perfectly balanced the exposure of the scene to produce a photograph that offer visibility of detail in both the dark and light segments of the frame.

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  • Mean No Harm

    Mean No Harm


    Aside from the value this image holds as a piece of unique wildlife photography, this creation also holds a deep meaning spoken through the main character, a wild mongoose. The animal seems to look directly through the lens of the photographer as though it was looking directly at him with a humble request to mean no harm towards its kind.

    This creation serves as a powerful reminder of how we must always be mindful of the sensitivities of the natural world and how we can still enjoy the beauty of nature as long as we pay attention to the humble pleas of nature.

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  • Fun in The Sun

    Fun in The Sun


    The most minute details have been made to stand out in this stunning creation. The drops of water have been individualized by the skill of this brilliant Creator. Each drop can be individually distinguished and looks as though the drops are vibrating. This creation is a playful and a cute image of the elephant playing with the water.

    The shutter has been left open and slowed down to get the blurred motion effect of the water. The focus is on the elephant and the swish of water, levitating in the air. The scenic background is blurred out, so as to not pull focus from the stars of the image.

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