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Nilantha Vidanarachchi

Nilantha Vidanarachchi
Contemporary Artist

Realistic historical portraits and landscapes are the subject of Nilantha Vidanarachchi’s paintings. He seems to have found his life’s purpose through his passion for art, and represents the world through a variety of expressive brush strokes. Through Nilantha’s paintings he has developed a close kinship with the modern world and tradition, and visualises it beautifully and expressively.

His imagination and creativity are made to contend with expressive textures that he creates in his work. These graphically striking textures, characterise his artwork with a sense of physicality and tactility.

Working with a range of mixed media, Nilantha employs dark backgrounds and warm colours to capture the essence of the paintings of the Renaissance period. Although he is deeply inspired by the art of the renaissance period, his paintings are also characterized by contemporary art. His work transforms standard notions of traditional art into a uniquely expressive form, while the colours and stories of his artwork rejuvenises the eye of the viewer to crate visual impact.

Nilantha’s paintings are perfected and crafted by his self-taught knowledge in painting.  The gestural brush-strokes and mark-making leave an impression of tactile emotion in his artwork, while his inner impulses are splashed cross the canvas while it is deeply rooted in culture, tradition and meditation.

He also says that Frans Hals’s and Joseph Zbukvic’s fluid brushwork approach has encouraged the stylization of his portrait artwork, while he is also inspired by the realistic observation of the physical and emotional human state of Caravaggio that incorporates dramatized lighting. Nilantha’s paintings also follow the art style of traditional Sri Lankan Buddhist art in the paintings of the Lankatilaka Vihara.

He feels as if though his inner soul rejoices as he engages himself in painting. This is apparent when his paintings form into a multitude of small facets that reflect a love for art, history and culture. Nilantha Vidanarachchi’s paintings are truly revolutionary!

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  • Lost in Thought

    Lost in Thought


    Before you, is a striking young woman with a rose in her hair. She wears a yellow skirt and a blue top and gold earring. Her body is characterized by warm colors and long full brush strokes and her dress in cool colors and short, dynamic brush strokes which creates a beautiful combination of flow and completing contrast. Creator captures her features immaculately. She is very delicate, pretty and feminine.

    This creation is supported by elegant texture which adds dimension to the painting balances its colors and creates beautiful opposition on the canvas. This is an elegant, beautiful portrait of a delicate feminine figure. Originality at its prime.

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  • Relaxed Afternoon

    Relaxed Afternoon


    We all look forward to enjoying a relaxing time; and set against this humble market in a rural village, the creator portrays a group of villagers enjoying a quiet afternoon engaging in some relaxing activities of their choice.

    Through the simplicity of this creation you will be taken in the midst of this modest setting where you will feel as though you could hear the chatter of a group of folks discussing the latest news. Another duo is engaged in a heated game of draughts while the market remains laden with goods waiting to welcome anyone who passes by.

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  • Finding Inspiration

    Finding Inspiration


    This is a lovely painting of a young boy drawing an image on a wall. Boy is fascinated by his creation and he’s drawn into his skill and he is not bothered by the outside world. His pose sketched exquisitely from an unusual angle capturing the emotion and body language of the stance.

    The artist has skillfully blended bright reds, cool blues and white against the yellow backdrop in careful brush strokes that bring out much detail. Use of bold, warm and bold colors by the artist to evoke the viewer’s emotional response. A radiant eye catcher. A beautiful addition to any living space and an absolute guaranteed conversation starter.

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  • Streets Unknown

    Streets Unknown


    A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness and some fantasy. This creation is inspired by the form and energy of an urban street. A narrow street running through a city with buildings on either side. This street scene in muted colors evoking a moody atmosphere where the eyes travel through this piece of nostalgia in an imaginary exploration.

    A mother walks on the street with her child close by and further away we get a glimpse of a bicycle. Deep shadows cast across the street from tall buildings adds volume to the creation. Soft, muted colors and brush strokes give a mysterious feeling to the overall mood of the painting. Enjoy this piece of art when you make it part of your home.

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  • Simple Elegance

    Simple Elegance


    A beautiful lady draped in a traditional attire and decorated with jewelry stands against an abstract background that highlights her pose, as she gazes in pride at the precious bracelet upon her hand. A perfect pose captured in paint with the skillful use of color.

    The creator has used shades of amber and red to create a portrait that is rich in detail and design. The smudged background could represent a wall of a rural dwelling, thus bringing to life an emotion in the girl that speaks out over her humble habitat due to the elegance of her costume and décor.

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  • Lone Prince

    Lone Prince


    A lone leopard takes a casual stroll across the wilderness along rusty green lake. This wonderful portrait of nature captures the animal’s expression as he notices his reflection in the water that features a rocky and rough surface as it mirrors its habitat. The skillful use of color in the detail of the background perfectly highlights the leopard’s magnificence as though a prince inspecting his garden.

    The creator exquisitely sketched the detail of the leopard and his coating in a stunning array of color and realistic shading, bringing this beautiful animal and his amazing environment to life through the canvas.

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  • Sultry in Red

    Sultry in Red


    The human form has been the object of study by artists for centuries. Erotic visualization of the female body is an art. Nudity without showing nudity takes deep understanding of art. This work is an attempt to create such a piece of work on canvas. This resting female figure conveys a feeling of peace and sensuality.

    The creation is simplified of all unnecessary roughness and motifs, leaving only the nudity as the center of attention. The artist tries to achieve it by amplifying the nude with clean colors with no patterns. Blazing red of cloth which contrasts with the brown backdrop creates a powerful visual effect.

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  • Foundations of Stone

    Foundations of Stone


    Captured on a beautiful sunny day, this creation highlights the majesty of a valuable heritage site that has stood the test of time. The creator uses perfect blends of color and artistic brush strokes to bring to life this amazing creation which depicts a stone structure that has stood tall for centuries and will continue to stay firm representing a sturdy foundation of a heritage worthy of much admiration.

    Make this inspiring creation part of your home or office space and welcome the pride and energy it brings to its surroundings, reminding you of the importance of building a sturdy foundation no matter what you do.

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  • Perfect Love

    Perfect Love


    Two beautiful oriental fish swim gracefully through the clear waters intertwined and in total togetherness. The perfect expression of love between two lives is portrayed through this work of art; exemplifying the notion that love requires the attitude of ‘each for the other’ and sharing the journey as one.

    The creator has used bright hues to bring out a realistic effect in the subject and skillfully sketched the clear water that serves as a perfect backdrop of transparency in this relationship represented through an image of nature. The light foliage scattered over the canvas perfectly complements the focal and adds to an already exquisite environment of peace and tranquility.

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  • Meeting Point

    Meeting Point


    In this creation, a beautiful natural phenomenon, the formation of an estuary is pictured in its natural form. The creator’s depiction of this wonder of nature is almost perfect as the nature of transition is captured at the meeting point just before a river reaches the end of its journey and flows directly into the great ocean.

    Colored with soothing shades, this creation titled ‘Meeting Point’ will be a perfect addition to your home or office space as it will blend in against any background and will also be a perfect way to bring in the water element to any indoor space.

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  • Satisfaction



    A young lady offers an animated posture of relaxation in this beautiful monochrome portrait laid against an abstract background. The black and white colors give the painting a raw yet antique look drawing the eyes of the viewer directly into the gaze of the lady who is sketched in rich detail.

    The creator has skillfully used shading to sculpt the shadows around the subject in producing depth of elegance to the single colored painting. The perfection in drawing out the emotion of the lady results in creating an ambience of joy, relaxation and satisfaction even in the lack of bright color.

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  • Team Effort

    Team Effort


    We often take the power of a team for granted and that is why this creation will make a perfect décor option for your home or office to remind you and other viewers of the immense power working together with a team will bring you. Conveyed through a beautiful acrylic of a beachfront on a bright day, the creator captures the moment when a group of fishermen comes together to cast a massive net.

    This creation will definitely create a very relaxing atmosphere as you picture yourself relaxing on this beautiful beach as you watch the team come together to cast their nets with much hope.

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  • Singleness of Thought

    Singleness of Thought


    A wonderful depiction of the act that produces a posture of meditation – the singleness of mind and body. This painting blends a realistic scenery with an abstract angle that provides a contrast between reality and teaching, as the peacefulness and concentration of a Buddhist monk is likened unto his inspiration.

    The creator has perfectly sketched and hued the surface of the rock and the center piece statue in displaying a stunningly realistic image that produces a fitting backdrop to the lowliness of the Buddhist monk strategically placed in the corner. The painting provides an ambience of peace and tranquility, whilst defining conviction through imagery.

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  • Elder of the Temple

    Elder of the Temple


    A beautiful portrait of a Buddhist monk clads in bright amber robes strolling across the sandy surface of the outer court of a temple. Clearly the elder of the shrine, the monk is sketched in deep detail that shows forth an emotion of satisfaction as he gazes to capture the surrounding environment.

    The creator has used a blotching type brush style to produce a curious design in the foreground and background of the painting giving it an abstract touch. The dark green tree serves as a fitting backdrop highlighting the bright robe of the elderly clergymen and perfectly contrasting over the sandy foreground.

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  • Dovely Girl

    Dovely Girl


    The creator is fascinated by the beauty of the scene of the girl with pigeons. This lovely creation brings out the love for nature. The pleasant sight of the young girl and beautiful white pigeons make us forget our care and sorrows. The pigeons resemble the child’s innocence that’s not yet polluted with the problems of life.

    The whiteness of her dress is as pure as her heart so is her love for pigeons. Differential geometry of lines and texture of paint attracts attention. Clever use of color is a great feature of this painting. Light yellow and white reacts subtly with the aqua blue background which exemplifies energy and life.

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  • Shadowy Street

    Shadowy Street


    While buildings, vehicles and faint figures seem to be the immediate attraction of this beautiful work of art, this charming image offers a unique perspective, directing the viewer’s attention towards the not so prominent shadows seen scattered throughout the scene. It is truly amazing how the creator beautifully utilizes the color palette to bring to life this shadowy street showing us how everything casts a shadow, which may be faint at times, but is always visible to the outside world.

    Boasting of vintage charm, this creation is quite alluring, making it a perfect décor option which will invite the viewer to explore its hidden meaning.

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  • Branches of Wisdom

    Branches of Wisdom


    The creator explores the wonders of monochromatic artistry through this mesmerizing creation that will most certainly bring about a rather nostalgic feeling for all who set their eyes on it. The main highlight of this beautiful creation is a massive tree balancing almost on the edge of the riverbank but has throughout the years managed to successfully spread its branches out wide covering both land and water with its intricate network.

    Through these branches of wisdom, this beautiful wonder of nature tells the story of the wealth of knowledge it has accumulated over the years which perhaps could be even centuries old.

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  • Lifeline Across Waters

    Lifeline Across Waters


    A raft acts as the substitute bridge for these villages as they make their way across a calm river. The beauty of the sparkling water is effectively sketched using a blend of color and skillful work with the brush. The glittering water serves as a perfect backdrop to this union that’s taking place in the middle of the crossing between three individuals.

    The creator has perfectly chosen the angle of the sketch to capture the subjects against the river as they stand out in exquisite detail, posture and emotion. The blend of colors gives the art an ambience of gentleness amidst the gloom of a cool afternoon.

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  • Daily Chores

    Daily Chores


    A village family begins the day with a joyful heart in the peaceful setting of nature and simplicity to attend to the daily chores of the household. As the man works with the livestock, his wife faithfully makes arrangements for the next meal. The setting filled with many aspects of life and nature in rich detail and color is a feature of this painting.

    The creator has perfectly drafted the environment whilst blending natural colors to produce an ambience of family togetherness, faithfulness amidst peace. The freshness and fragrance of the village atmosphere can be sensed through this thought-provoking work of art.

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  • Journey of Faith

    Journey of Faith


    A group of young Buddhist monks walks elegantly in unison and sequence over a village pathway that is backdropped by a beautiful rural landscape in the dawn of a new day. A perfect representation of the walk of faith that is taken in the midst of peacefulness and tranquility, encompassing nature and the environment.

    The creator exquisitely sketched the three Buddhist Monks with detail and yet almost silhouetting them against the freshness of a rural atmosphere that is beautified by a multicolored abstract sky. The darkened foreground perfectly highlighting the subjects and the background, bringing forth the brightness of the morning.

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