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Ravindra Ranasinghe

Ravindra Ranasinghe
Award Winning Professional Photographer

Ravindra Ranasinghe says that “photography is not only a passion, but an art where you find the ‘un-findable’ in common places.” He unveils the world as it is through his personal perspectives through the lens of his camera.

Ravindra’s entry into this photography profession was accidental as he submitted a photo from a cyber shot camera to the 54th Photographic Society of Sri Lanka (PSSL) where it got accepted. Being a part of the PSSL and also the Lionel Wendt Photography Society, he learned the skills of photography that are rendered into his masterpieces today. His captures were also recognized and awarded at the Federation International de L’Art Photographique.

Living amidst the rat race of life, Ravindra empathizes with the viewers of his photography and tries to capture the value and serenity of human relationships in a therapeutic manner. He incorporates a variety of color palettes into his photography to empathize with the world, and visualizes it beautifully and expressively.

His dependence on sunlight and ‘light’ highlights his great enthusiasm in playing around with light and shadow to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

Ravindra’s photographs are characterized with his personal observations and myriad perceptions of people, places and common place activities that create a unique impact. They transform the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive and emotional form, while it also rejuvenates the eyes with fresh and rich color.

The depth of human emotion and its impact on humankind is made to contend with unique emotional moments in Ravindra’s surroundings. These graphically striking images, allow the beauty of humanity to unveil itself. His photography is enhanced by his skill at manipulating an image to speak a thousand words and to engross the viewer into the emotion it conveys.

The intricate details, of man and nature’s relationship creates a photograph strongly rooted in meticulousness, expression and emotion.

Ravindra uses the knowledge of his photography courses, experience and critical feedback to strive for self- improvement. He focuses his efforts and his camera lens find something unique in every setting and has photographed tsunami affected villages in Sri Lanka, the districts of Batticaloa, Jaffna, Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka and even Rajasthan in India.

Ravindra’s relationship with his camera relies on inspiration from a vast range of subjects, while his work connotates the power and timelessness of humanity.

He captures feeling, expression and emotion that the naked eye cannot see or the unfeeling heart cannot feel, as he freezes precious moments in time and expresses their warmth and value.

Ravindra Ranasighe’s work explores detail that describe the essential harmony within nature and humanity. Instead of looking at a mother holding a child in its still form, he sees the power of a mother’s love for her child. It’s this emotional connection that makes this photography unique and artistically revolutionary!

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  • Helping Hands

    Helping Hands


    No task is impossible to complete if you have the right amount of energy and enthusiasm, and this is exactly what this cheerful creation brings to life as a group of young ones gather to make traditional Vesak décor. As the creation depicts, all children seem to be quite busy while most of them gaze towards an unseen figure, which is probably the elder present, who seems to be providing guidance to help get the job done.

    This creation is perfect to bring in the strength so many helping hands can bring to make any task seem achievable.

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  • The Silver Lining

    The Silver Lining


    Herein is a capture of some of the signature landmarks of the city of Colombo. In the distance, the photographer has captured two buildings that form the epicenter of the business and academic areas of the country.

    In the background dark clouds form into a cohesive shape with streaks of silver linings. Contrasting the concrete jungle against the lush green trees and green grass in the foreground, it is a timely reminder that indeed every dark cloud in life comes with a silver lining.

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  • A Friendship of a Lifetim..

    A Friendship of a Lifetim..


    Strong and touching, this beautiful creation is capable of embodying the purity of friendship that will go on to last a lifetime. The creator uses monochromatic tones to bring out the beauty of this wonderful scene where two little girls walk side by side while holding an umbrella much bigger than the two of them to shield them from the pouring rain.

    The scene is perfect as it highlights how this pair doesn’t seem to worry much about the troublesome weather as they have everything they need; an umbrella to shield themselves from the rain, and of course, each other’s company.

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  • Angelic Physique

    Angelic Physique


    Portrayed here is a troupe of dancers, poised in perfect precision. Led by their majestic leader clad with wings of glory, the photographer aims to capture a surreal moment in time when the dancers are captured in harmonious unison.

    The white fumes of smoke surrounding the dancers are further enhanced by the UV lighting that creates hues of blue. Prancing in a delicate harmony, the dark silhouettes of the dancers are contrasted against the white net in their hands, thus creating a mystic portrayal of unity on the dance floor.

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  • Taking Centerstage

    Taking Centerstage


    This beautiful landscape creation set in a coastal area to capture the striking features of an unmanned boat with a single red sail. Positioned perfectly in the center of the creation, this prominent vessel is flanked by two other boats positioned at equal distance away and on the other side, two men who walk towards it.

    This creation which continues deep into the horizon also highlights the perfect symmetry of the shadow cast on the still water body along with the textured soft sand closer to the shore allowing the viewer to enjoy the calm and stillness emanating from the scene.

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  • Twilight of the Day

    Twilight of the Day


    A solitary sailboat sits on the shore. The sky never seemed so beautiful as it did that day. All the shades of the earth adorned the heavens as if to welcome the tired fisherman returning home after a long day at sea. Their hands empty and their feet carry the burden of many untold expectations as the day did not provide as anticipated.

    Laying their hopes and dreams on the shore, praying for grace tomorrow, they walk home with a heavy heart. The creator has taken a photograph which speaks a thousand words, in silence. A perfect piece of art to adorn your living space.

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  • Sail Under a Golden Sky

    Sail Under a Golden Sky


    The beautiful silhouette of a fishing sailboat and its sailors beached on the sand against the stunning backdrop of a golden evening sky. The perfect timing of the photograph is its feature, as the light is at the exact level whilst the sky is producing the exact shade to blend in darkness and golden light without losing the detail of the sail boat.

    The creator skillfully adjusted the aperture to perfection in order to capture the silhouette of the boat and the sky with natural light.

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  • Flames of Hope

    Flames of Hope


    Colored in warm shades this amazing world is radiant and brilliant as the fires of hope which are firing inside the young ones captured in this picture. The creator proves his amazing ability to not just concentrate on the rows of lamps, lighting brightly of the story, simply through the unique positioning is able to capture the hopes and wishes each of these children has within them, through the expressions on their facial expressions.

    Owing to its innocent and bright nature, this world will be a perfect addition to your house or office, where you too will be able to savor the warmth of hope.

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  • As Time Stood Still

    As Time Stood Still


    The Creator has captured a rather magnificent telescopic image of a dragonfly, flying above a branch with its wings still in motion. He has allowed the shutter to stay open to get the perfect blur, caused by the motion of the dragonfly’s wings.

    The natural light is completely focused and concentrated in that one area that strikes the body of the dragonfly, which makes for a very magical creation. This masterpiece exists, thanks to the intelligence and the keen eye of the Creator. The blur of green in the background adds a level or class, chic and impeccable artistry.

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  • A Blissful Sanctuary

    A Blissful Sanctuary


    This creation is a fine example of landscape photography that captures the beauty of an amazing sanctuary and the beauty of the natural surroundings that amplify the overall attractiveness seen in a particular still moment in time.

    The main focus of the creation is a beautiful ancient temple that has a stairway leading to its entrance and also seen at the base of the stairway is a humble shelter. Decorated with a clear blue sky and lush greenery, this creation which has been captured under bright lighting conditions will be a perfect addition against any backdrop.

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  • Hoisted over Breaking Wav..

    Hoisted over Breaking Wav..


    An action photo of fisherman on stilts as they sit hoisted above the breaking waves to catch their prize. The picture shows many fishermen spread throughout the frame, which combines to produce a beautiful scenery against a backdrop of panoramic ocean and sky.

    The creator has used the right shutter speed to capture a time freeze of a breaking wave giving a sense that the viewer is standing in the wake of the break. The mixture of action with serenity is well managed and balanced with the splendor of nature as a background.

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  • Elegance of a Dancer

    Elegance of a Dancer


    The elegance of a dancer is often seen in their costume, emotions and body language, together they complete him. The creator portrays a stunning moment the artist smiles in triumph amidst a performance. The expression on his face and the movements of the hands show great control.

    The experience of a dancer of this caliber cannot be taken lightly. He shows passion and commitment through this recital. The creator has left the spectator to complete the next step on their own. The brightly lit space and the artists attire to complement each other bringing this masterpiece to life, a perfect piece of inspiration.

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  • Misty Mornings

    Misty Mornings


    Surrounded by trees and lush greenery that are camouflaged by a foggy atmosphere, the photographer has so ably captured the raw essence of soothing mother nature. Encapsulating the calmness of the moment, it is a capture that truly signifies the simplistic beauty of a virgin forest.

    A solitary train track runs through the jungle stretch implying the existence of human intervention, yet one that has not disrupted the essence of this natural setting. The simplicity of the locality is further enhanced by the misty hues that create a semi-transparent overview, intricately captured through the lens of the photographer

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  • Man and Nature

    Man and Nature


    A cyclist is well captured in the distance surrounded by a mass of water – which appears to be a lake – and a cloud covered sky. The photograph draws a beautiful comparison between man and nature in terms of size and magnitude. The creator has skillfully captured this comparison whilst drawing the viewer’s attention to the color contrast of the green against dull gray.

    The creator has produced somewhat a silhouette to portray the cyclist by incorporating the available light and proximity of the subject. This silhouette brings forth a unique and life into an otherwise dull landscape photograph.

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  • Hopes Lineup

    Hopes Lineup


    This amazing creation captures the moment when devotees join together to place simple oil lamps in neat rows representing their deep faith and the hope burning inside each one of them. Despite the brightness of a single lamp may be faint, when all the flames come together, they are capable of lighting up the entire surrounding even during the night time.

    As you make this creation part of your collection, you would be able to picture yourself placing your own lamp in the midst of this peaceful setting and enjoy watching how each of your hopes line up spreading warmth and cheer to the entire surrounding.

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  • Rustic Simplicity

    Rustic Simplicity


    Set in the backdrop of a worn-out building, two little boys peer through a window from behind iron bars. Caught in a striking juxtaposition of color, it is set amidst a dull gray wall where the rustic blue window panes add just that zest to brighten up a dull moment in time.

    The photographer has also captured the beaming smiles of the innocent lives despite their ironic setting. The boys are focused on the simple joys found elsewhere, despite standing behind iron bars that restrict their freedom in reaching out to the world outside.

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  • Lion Rock

    Lion Rock


    A beautiful photograph of Sigiriya – also known as the ‘Lion Rock’ – amidst the foliage of a vast jungle. The scenic feature of this photograph is the way the creator has caught the reflection of the rock in the lake preceding it. Almost a mirror image of what the photo would look like if it turn upside down.

    The surrounding nature and the sky are skillfully captured by absorbing the natural light into the lens, whilst the focused subject – the rock, is well positioned in the middle of the frame bordered by the elements.

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  • Parade of lights

    Parade of lights


    In this classic creation of a “Perahera” as seen on the streets of Sri Lanka, a Kandyan dance troupe display their colors. A classic symbol of this country that boasts of a rich cultural heritage, the photographer captures a moment in time where the streets light up with life.

    Zooming in on one solitary dancer holding on to his oriental drum, the photographer blurs out the surrounding areas. Clad in his signature white and red costume, the man is adorned with the signature headgear and other striking embellishments, which truly make this photograph an icon of Sri Lankan culture.

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  • Capture the Moment

    Capture the Moment


    This is a unique creation captured through aerial photography right at the moment a hopeful fisherman casts his net out with the desire to reel in a bountiful catch. Due to the perfect angle from which this creation has been caught on camera, the creator is able to highlight the change seen in the murky waters upon which the fishing net has been cast.

    The sunny weather allows even the finest detail to be visible through the creation, making this a very unique creation that will captivate the onlooker in the best way possible.

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  • A Lotus about to Bloom

    A Lotus about to Bloom


    Hidden in this simple setting is a beautiful message of friendship, togetherness and planning that all come together to create a wonderful handmade lantern used as decoration during the Vesak season. Captured in a temple premises, a diverse group of individuals has come together to make this lotus structure put together with much haste.

    Just as the young boy seen in the forefront stands there envisioning how the beautiful lantern will look once it is lit up at night, you too can imagine the joy and beauty the end product all of this hard work will bring when the lotus lantern finally blooms.

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