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Ravindra Ranasinghe

Ravindra Ranasinghe
Award Winning Professional Photographer

Ravindra Ranasinghe says that “photography is not only a passion, but an art where you find the ‘un-findable’ in common places.” He unveils the world as it is through his personal perspectives through the lens of his camera.

Ravindra’s entry into this photography profession was accidental as he submitted a photo from a cyber shot camera to the 54th Photographic Society of Sri Lanka (PSSL) where it got accepted. Being a part of the PSSL and also the Lionel Wendt Photography Society, he learned the skills of photography that are rendered into his masterpieces today. His captures were also recognized and awarded at the Federation International de L’Art Photographique.

Living amidst the rat race of life, Ravindra empathizes with the viewers of his photography and tries to capture the value and serenity of human relationships in a therapeutic manner. He incorporates a variety of color palettes into his photography to empathize with the world, and visualizes it beautifully and expressively.

His dependence on sunlight and ‘light’ highlights his great enthusiasm in playing around with light and shadow to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

Ravindra’s photographs are characterized with his personal observations and myriad perceptions of people, places and common place activities that create a unique impact. They transform the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive and emotional form, while it also rejuvenates the eyes with fresh and rich color.

The depth of human emotion and its impact on humankind is made to contend with unique emotional moments in Ravindra’s surroundings. These graphically striking images, allow the beauty of humanity to unveil itself. His photography is enhanced by his skill at manipulating an image to speak a thousand words and to engross the viewer into the emotion it conveys.

The intricate details, of man and nature’s relationship creates a photograph strongly rooted in meticulousness, expression and emotion.

Ravindra uses the knowledge of his photography courses, experience and critical feedback to strive for self- improvement. He focuses his efforts and his camera lens find something unique in every setting and has photographed tsunami affected villages in Sri Lanka, the districts of Batticaloa, Jaffna, Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka and even Rajasthan in India.

Ravindra’s relationship with his camera relies on inspiration from a vast range of subjects, while his work connotates the power and timelessness of humanity.

He captures feeling, expression and emotion that the naked eye cannot see or the unfeeling heart cannot feel, as he freezes precious moments in time and expresses their warmth and value.

Ravindra Ranasighe’s work explores detail that describe the essential harmony within nature and humanity. Instead of looking at a mother holding a child in its still form, he sees the power of a mother’s love for her child. It’s this emotional connection that makes this photography unique and artistically revolutionary!

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  • Walk of Serenity

    Walk of Serenity


    A man walks into the distance through acres of lush paddy fields, in this scenic take on the beauty of nature. The photographer has captured the raw magnanimity of these luscious fields, but juxtaposed it against a striking red bus strolling along the road.

    The road less travelled is clad with beauty, but visible only to the one who stops to admire it. This is in essence what the photographer attempts to capture through the portrayal of shades of organic greens, that naturally soothe the eye and bring a sense of calm, upon the soul.

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  • Floating Market

    Floating Market


    The creator has portrayed streaks of colorful lights dangling on the floating market, thus creating a myriad of colors. Capturing a range of reds and oranges in shades of color, it is a photograph that captures the essence of a rainbow that cuts through the darkest night.

    The photographer has, also, so ably captured every single reflection of the many lights cascading along the walls, to create an illusion of lights that in return light up the waters beneath. As perceived by its creator, here is a true reflection of rays of hope that can brighten the darkest of nights.

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  • Bright as the Golden Sun

    Bright as the Golden Sun


    Captured from an optimum distance the creator focuses on a massive golden Buddha statue from afar and through the perfect positioning of this focal point captures the beauty of the surrounding landscape in all its glory.

    The creation which takes on a stratified distribution highlights the road that leads to the statue, the lush greenery of the surrounding and above all the mighty sky adorned with dark clouds. The unique depth of this creation is used to allow the viewer to visualize the horizon at which this the golden statue of the Buddha shines bright as the sun against the sky.

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  • Look into My Eyes

    Look into My Eyes


    The Creator has expertly managed to capture this leopard from an angle that makes it look directly at the viewers, into our eyes. We are able to see into its soulful eyes. Innocence and uninterrupted calm can be found in its eyes is hypnotic. One could stare into the eyes of the leopard, in this image, and be lost in time.

    The eyes really are the gateway into the soul. The battle scars of the leopard are very highly visible. We’re able to form a personal bond with this animal and understand its struggle that it has been through to fight and survive in the jungle.

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  • Asleep but Wide Awake

    Asleep but Wide Awake


    A peaceful, candid moment taken by the Creator. It’s difficult not to feel connected with this leopard here. It’s trying to hide and camouflage itself with the leaves and the trees so that it can rest, away from prying eyes.

    The leopard in this creation has been captured in such a skillful and dedicated way, that the leopard looks like the epitome of innocence. There is so much of peacefulness radiating from this creation. We, the audience can’t help but wonder what this leopard is thinking about at this moment. A poignant, elegant and relaxing image to add to one’s photography collection.

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  • Dance with Evil

    Dance with Evil


    A common tradition within a cultural setting that is immersed in the supernatural. A beautifully sketched and hued painting of a devil dance which is accustomed to the southern regions of Sri Lanka. The dark and evil ambience is perfectly brought through in the color selection.

    The creator has skillfully hazed lighter shade in the black background to display an exquisite effect of the dust from the earth spurting up into the night air as a result of the violent yet graceful dance of master craftsman.

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  • Shade of a Bo Tree

    Shade of a Bo Tree


    Featured in this creation is a massive rock statue of the Lord Buddha which serves as a place of worship for all those who wish to draw upon the teachings of one of the greatest teachers known to man. The creator has strategically captured this breathtaking moment from the shade of a Bo tree nearby, which has led to the meaningful placement of the sacred Bo leaves towards the top of the creation.

    This is a very calm and serene setting that will remind the viewer of the sacred teachings and bring peace and tranquility through to its surroundings.

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  • Water Falls from Above

    Water Falls from Above


    The magnitude and the overwhelming view of a waterfall seen from the foot of this wondrous natural phenomena. The landscape backdrop and beautiful blue sky adds more depth to the picture, which in essence is portrayed not just the beauty of nature, but also its authority and power.

    The creator of the photograph has purposely taken the picture from the foot of the waterfall looking upward towards it so as to depict its strength and commanding nature.

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  • Path to Enlightenment

    Path to Enlightenment


    This creation serves as a subtle yet thought-provoking reminder for the viewer on the path to enlightenment, which is captured through the stairway leading to a peaceful statue of the Lord Buddha, carved out of rock, and two young Buddhist monks who are followers the teachings stand at the fore.

    The row of Buddhist flags seen at the top of the creation perfectly complement the color of the monk’s robes against the pale grey background of the massive rock structure towering behind them. The peaceful and deep message this creation conveys makes it a great option for viewers to derive peace from this amazing moment caught on camera.

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  • Splendor of the Forest

    Splendor of the Forest


    The splendor of the Sigiriya Rock protruding out of the forest and reflected in the lake. The reflection is that of not just the rock, but of the forest as well, giving balance to the image. The photograph is against a blue sky that adds to the serenity of the rock.

    The creator has positioned and focused in a manner that the attention is drawn not only towards the rock, but also towards the jungle that surrounds it. The thickness of green foliage is well captured and contrasted against the sky and preceding lake.

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  • The Walk Before the Pagea..

    The Walk Before the Pagea..


    Pereheras are age-old traditions that are still practiced with much faith within Sri Lanka, and this creation captures a moment where one of the key elements of such a procession, a majestic Tusker elephant, prepares to take its place in the event.

    The creator has captured this image as evening dawns and the sky boasts of a deep shade of blue, and the temple lights begin to illuminate the surroundings. Directed by his mahout, the majestic tusker marches on dressed in his finery, set to take part in an exquisite cultural display unique to this part of the world.

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  • Watchman of the Ocean

    Watchman of the Ocean


    This scenic photograph is of a white lighthouse watching over a blue ocean. The distance in which the photo is shot is perfectly measured to ensure that the picture conveys much more detail that just the lighthouse, but also the landscape and people of the surrounding.

    The creator has gone to great lengths to capture the purity of a white lighthouse surrounded by nature, man-made structure and inclusion of a bustling pathway connecting to the town. Most of the backdrop is the blue cloud speckled sky, which stands as a fitting covering over the blend of life and structure below.

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  • Sail Under a Golden Sky

    Sail Under a Golden Sky


    The beautiful silhouette of a fishing sailboat and its sailors beached on the sand against the stunning backdrop of a golden evening sky. The perfect timing of the photograph is its feature, as the light is at the exact level whilst the sky is producing the exact shade to blend in darkness and golden light without losing the detail of the sail boat.

    The creator skillfully adjusted the aperture to perfection in order to capture the silhouette of the boat and the sky with natural light.

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  • Temple of the Tooth

    Temple of the Tooth


    One of Sri Lanka’s most majestic attractions, is captured in all its glory in this classic take of the Sri Dalada Maligawa which is home to the tooth relic of Buddha.

    Adorned with all its glory and illuminated on a starlit night, the photographer has captured two majestic elephants who are as much a part of this temple as the monument itself. The Tooth Relic is seen here sitting in all its glory while the religious dignitaries have found their place on the other elephant. This monument is part of the royal palace complex and calls Kandy its home. The city which is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka is also a UNESCO World Heritage site primarily due to this magnificent monument.

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  • Golden Sunset

    Golden Sunset


    An unconventional take on a golden sunset is portrayed by the photographer in this beautiful capture. Depicting the silhouette of a family standing on a cliff adjacent to the ocean, the photographer introduces a new dimension to a conventional photograph.

    In the horizon, the crashing waves blend into the deep dark sea that consummates with the orange hues of the evening sky. And as the sun hides behind the stormy clouds, it splashes hues of golden yellow across the skies, memorializing the beauty of this moment in time.

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  • A Blissful Sanctuary

    A Blissful Sanctuary


    This creation is a fine example of landscape photography that captures the beauty of an amazing sanctuary and the beauty of the natural surroundings that amplify the overall attractiveness seen in a particular still moment in time.

    The main focus of the creation is a beautiful ancient temple that has a stairway leading to its entrance and also seen at the base of the stairway is a humble shelter. Decorated with a clear blue sky and lush greenery, this creation which has been captured under bright lighting conditions will be a perfect addition against any backdrop.

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  • A Train of Lights

    A Train of Lights


    Across a still water body, the creator has waited for the perfect moment to capture this vibrant illustration of landscape photography that focuses on the beauty of the city bordering the water decorated by lights during a festive season. As the darkness greedily engulfs every shape or line that is not lit up, the unending strings of lights serve as the outlines creating a whole other image for the viewer’s pleasure.

    Enjoy gazing upon this creation that depicts a train of lights moving forward on its tracks as it casts a perfect reflection on the still waters below.

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  • Taking Centerstage

    Taking Centerstage


    This beautiful landscape creation set in a coastal area to capture the striking features of an unmanned boat with a single red sail. Positioned perfectly in the center of the creation, this prominent vessel is flanked by two other boats positioned at equal distance away and on the other side, two men who walk towards it.

    This creation which continues deep into the horizon also highlights the perfect symmetry of the shadow cast on the still water body along with the textured soft sand closer to the shore allowing the viewer to enjoy the calm and stillness emanating from the scene.

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  • Nothing but Fun and Froli..

    Nothing but Fun and Froli..


    Every now and then we need to escape from our hectic lifestyles and enjoy ourselves, what better way to do this than enjoy some time at the beach. Through this creation the creator uses aerial photography to capture a group of individuals enjoy themselves at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    As the viewer continues to contemplate on this lovely scene, it will also show how all the different groups of individuals present at this site are able to enjoy themselves to the fullest reminding us that some of the best things in life are free.

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  • Rhythmic Twirl

    Rhythmic Twirl


    The best theatrical performances are often a culmination of many aspects, and this creation focusses on the climax of the dance performance – a rhythmic twirl, performed by the chief dancer. As seen in the background of the scene, all the other performers are captivated by the innate abilities of the most senior member of the group and watch on in anticipation as he brings to life his great act which can only be achieved through many years of learning and practice.

    The creator has captured this moment in high definition to allow you to witness every detail of this traditional dance act and give you the opportunity to enjoy its lively splendor from where ever you have it on display.

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