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Sahani Madihage

Sahani Madihage

Contemporary Artist

The concepts of love, nature and human emotion are the subjects of Sahani Madihage’s paintings. She is an artist that encompasses Sri Lankan tradition in a contemporary sense without harming its strongly rooted heritage. This heritage is presented as existing in the beauty of nature and human emotion in an abstract and expressive manner, creating a unique identity for Sri Lankan culture in the modern world. Her art is a language that communicates her concerns about her surroundings and encompasses her personality.

‘Sahani’ means ‘happiness’ in the Sinhalese language and this personality trait of her is positively expressed through the bright and rich pigments in her art. Her ideal goal is to introduce individuals to the concept of positive energy through the strong visual language presented in her artwork.

Sahani is a self-taught artist who learns and experiments with a variety of painting techniques and styles. She often uses a monotonous colour palette with a mixture of hues, tints and shades to characterise her artwork. Her paintings are said to be inspired by the surrealist technique of Salvador Dali, the cubist style of Pablo Picasso and the neo-classical and traditional Sri Lankan artwork of Solias Mendis.

Sahani documents the physicality of objects and people from different levels of existence and brings them together in scenes that seem to take place outside any average conception of time. These scenes are characterised by a sense of movement and swiftness through the range of textures she creates from paints, paintbrushes, toothbrushes and palette knives.

She is a strong believer that art is a subject that deserves to be removed from its materiality and presented as an expression of timelessness. The beauty in Sahani’s artwork lies in the abstract point of view she sees the world in, while it is enhanced by her skill at rendering figures and objects which often creates a sense of freedom and expression!

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  • Flamingo Party

    Flamingo Party


    Bring in the joy and beauty of this flamboyant flamingo party as you add this colorful creation featuring a group of dancing damsels as part of your home or office décor. Colored in bright hues of burgundy, magenta and blue, with the silhouettes of the dancers outlined in deep black, this creation will instantly add a pop of color which can brighten up any surrounding.

    Enjoy how the energy of this youthful and spectacular party diffuses to the surrounding as though these dancing beauties were extending their invitation out to you, making you feel part of this exciting flamingo party.

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  • View from the Ledge

    View from the Ledge


    Although at a glance this acrylic may seem like a rather simple creation, just a few seconds is all it will take for the true beauty and depth of this creation to captivate your eyes. The two-dimensional plane begins to take on a real-life scene as the viewer begins to see the view of a majestic waterfall pouring down from beyond a steep cliff, witnessed from the mountain ledge facing the scene.

    Picture yourself as if you were standing there like the pair in the creation as you hear the roar of the waters pouring down and feel the refreshing coolness as the mist and spray from the waterfall takeover the entire surrounding.

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  • Red Forest

    Red Forest


    An unusual depiction of a forest bordering a lake over a gray sky. The creative expression of color over the natural habitat perfectly compliments the attempt to blend the beauty of nature and the mystery of abstract.

    The creator has used little or no background color in outlining an almost silhouetted sketch of a lush forest that surrounds a beautiful lake. The use of a single red color to present the color of this natural landscape is a wonderful attempt at teasing the logical mind, thereby drawing the viewer to think and see outside the box when evaluating the physical world.

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  • Firework Performance

    Firework Performance


    If you are looking to add a splash of color to your home or office space, this beautiful creation titled ‘firework performance’ will be a perfect option to consider.

    This creative work of art capable of brightening up any living space is not only guaranteed to add a pop of color but it will also animate the entire surrounding as the beauty featured in the creation begins to captivate her audience with a mesmerizing dance performance that is so graceful and lively that every movement seems to add more colors to the background as the onlooker continues gaze upon this gripping creation.

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  • Protection of the Dhamma

    Protection of the Dhamma


    This unique creation features the Hamsa hand, a symbol known to represent faith, positivity and protection, intertwined with the teachings of the Dhamma. Set against a fluid background created by brushstrokes of mixed colors which draw reference to the uncertainty of life, the Hamsa hand outlined in solid black stands out as the only definite guide to finding all that is good in life.

    This meaningful creation will serve as a perfect reminder of these valuable teachings which will help you achieve a happy and fulfilled life.

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  • The All Seeing Eye

    The All Seeing Eye


    This mysterious creation depicts us of the all seeing eye or the eye of providence. It represents the eye of God watches over humanity. It is the most striking of Freemasonry’s divine symbols and used as a protective charm in many cultures. It has a meaning of power & control as well. This symbolizes of an omniscient entity that can see all.

    The creator uses indigo in the background to promote deep concentration, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. A charming addition to any environment and an absolute guaranteed conversation starter.

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  • Aztec Sun

    Aztec Sun


    A powerful depiction of the sun stone in Aztec culture with a slight twist. This amazing sketch in blood red and black outline is a beautiful abstract that signifies the design of the Aztec sign of the Sun as it is sculptured in the cultural architecture of the Aztec civilization.

    The creator has skillfully blended bright red and black against a white background in careful brush strokes that bring out much detail through the abstract design. The shadowed edges give a 3D effect and bring the art to life as it would even lighten up a dark room.

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  • Pathway through the Fores..

    Pathway through the Fores..


    A chrome sketch of a scenic pathway cutting through a lush forest lined with tall and hefty trees and timber. The different shades of black and gray used to color the forestry give a creative touch to a natural portrait that substitutes itself as an abstract design.

    The creator expertly draws the detail of the trees in an oriental style using very light brush strokes skillfully capturing the patterns within the foliage. The pathway disappears into the distance as its caught between the surrounding forest, so as to give a sense of a journey that become obscure as we try to look into its future.

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  • Valley through the Trees

    Valley through the Trees


    An exquisite view of a valley that is bordered by trees decorated in an evening sky mixed with shades of violet and indigo. This beautiful painting is a testament to the beauty of nature as it shows off its colors over a lush green pictures landscape. The bright hues used in this work of art are nicely matched with deep shades of the forestry.

    The creator has skillfully used oil paints to bring a realistic look of the intermingled color of the heavens at dusk that act as a perfect backdrop to the detailed sketch of green trees and hills in the foreground.

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  • Glorious Moments

    Glorious Moments


    This stunning abstract painting is done in gorgeous earthy shades of cobalt blue, manganese blue with hints of green and red. The beautiful color blend gives this creation some incredible depth. The technique looks random and easy to achieve; however these take quite a bit of planning to create a balance across the whole piece built up over several layers and keeping control over tonal quality is quite difficult.

    This piece represents the progress of color in a tropical sea from deep blue to light turquoise. Soothing and serene earthy colors make this an exceptional piece of art.

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  • Agent of Chaos

    Agent of Chaos


    This artwork is inspired by Heath Ledger’s character and performance as the “Joker” in the movie The Dark Knight. This mythical villain introduces as a psychopath with a warped sadistic sense of humor. Here the creator depicts the tragedy behind this character. The rise to fame of a seasoned actor and his sudden demise triggered by his passion to fit into the role that eventually corroded his psyche and lead to depression and suicide.

    This legendary actor dominated this role with an unprecedented dedication to this character. This painting stands as a commemoration to the influential actor who died way before his time.

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  • Dancing in the Rain

    Dancing in the Rain


    More often than not we tend to take every step to evade a shower of rain, taking shelter, and due to this we often miss out in seeing the beauty such a refreshing shower can bring and how much fun embracing the storm could also be.

    This creation will remind you to embrace the storm every now and then and help you see the lighter side of life. Colored in an eye-catching blend of lavender and sky blue, enjoy the view of three pretty ballerinas perform a mesmerizing dance performance in the rain which will allow you to see the value of enjoying life no matter what.

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  • The City Bay

    The City Bay


    As the ships wander in the dark ocean, finding a place to lay for the night, the bustling city in the background lights-up the surroundings with a multicolored array. This amazing painting of a city bay speaks volumes about the beauty of a city as it silhouettes over nature giving color to the environment. The sketch is a blend between a landscape and abstract.

    The creator has used a creative and unusual style of painting to bring out a glittering effect of many colors that represents the city lights over the dark bay perfectly outlining in detail the boats and the buildings in silhouette in a way that they stand-out with clarity over the background.

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  • Perfect Balance

    Perfect Balance


    Displaying acrobatic precision this colorful creation will brighten up its surrounding with its beauty and magnetism making the viewer feel as though this mesmerizing performance is unfolding right before their eyes. Only the most talented performers could demonstrate such perfection as these three beautiful ballerinas do, and the creator captures the exact moment at the peak of their performance when they strike their poses showing perfect balance.

    Enjoy the view of this balancing act which the creator has expressed through these pretty ballerinas outlined in black and white set against a multi-colored backdrop, right from your living room as you sit back and appreciate what it takes to execute a perfect performance.

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  • Safe Crossover

    Safe Crossover


    Immortalizing a beautiful sunset, this rustic creation is a masterpiece worthy of much admiration as it gives out a charming allure hidden in its simplicity of this rural setting, while it diffuses its peaceful nature to the entire surrounding. A perfect addition to your home or office space where you would like to welcome some peaceful and calming energy as you watch a clergyman and hardworking rafter embark on their journey across a placid lake on a humble yet reliable raft.

    What better way to unwind after a tiring day as you feast your eyes on this serene creation while you feel its soothing nature unfold right before your eyes.

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  • Grey Areas In Between

    Grey Areas In Between


    Everything is not always as clear as it seems and cannot simply be classified as black and white, and this is why this unique creation brings out the need to see all the shades in-between. Using monochromatic tones and simple geometric lines, the creator highlights how various shades exist between the two extremes and how these various shades create different perceptions to the external eye.

    Make this creation part of your home or office space and treat your guests to a unique work of art that will work as a great point of discussion as the creation begins to unfold various thought-provoking views.

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  • Wild and Free

    Wild and Free


    If you are an admirer of wild elephants then this piece of art will be a perfect addition to your collection. This is a wonderful picture in a handful of shades that has a lot of depth and portrays a number of emotions. Elephants are highly acknowledged for their strength, wisdom and power. These majestic, gentle giants are full of wisdom and experience life better than other animals.

    In nature and in art, color has a profound effect on the viewer. The intensity and energy in this painting are created by using variations of colors black and white. It lends a certain timeless quality to this stunning creation.

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  • Rhythm of the Strings

    Rhythm of the Strings


    Portrays here is a woman playing music on a sitar so devotedly that she has no bothering about the world. She’s so drawn into her playing and she cannot see the world beyond her music. The Sitar is one of the most ornate, beautiful sounding instruments in the world.

    This old instrument can be used in meditation and it creates peaceful and pleasing sounds to the ears and brain. Colors depict how we feel, the colors used by the artist to evoke the viewer’s emotional response. This is a stunning piece of art in a handful of shades that portrays a number of emotions.

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  • The Lotus Field

    The Lotus Field


    Different shades of pink lotus flowers form a beautiful floral pattern over a pond draped with green leaves partly submerged in the water. This lotus field is sketched in an angle that gives the viewer a unique view of a natural design glazed over a light blue water.

    The creator has perfectly blended pink and green hues to bring out an eye catching effect of foliage in its natural habitat. The color of the water is creatively chosen and skillfully applied to compliment the flower design as a fitting backdrop giving an ambience of freshness and color.

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  • Trunks of Love

    Trunks of Love


    This art reveals the beauty of true love. Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. They are recognized for their compassionate altruistic treatment of each other. They have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world and are considered a symbol of good luck, power and wisdom.

    Color is often one of the most exciting components of a painting. By presenting the art in black and white there’s a removal from reality which gives a dimension of art. This art features simplicity yet it evokes all sorts of feelings and emotions. Live large and be gentle and always be all ears.

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