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Shiran Madhawa

Shiran Madhawa
Freestyle Landscape Photographer

Shiran Madhawa is a Sri Lankan free style photographer in the disguise of a logistics expert residing in Thailand. He unveils a variety of subjects in a fresh and unique perspective through the lens of his camera which is also a means of expressing his personal feelings.

Shiran’s spectacular photography experiment with a range of genres. He proclaims to be greatly influenced by the famous photographer Karl Taylor’s ethos that ‘variety is the spice of life’. From experimenting with portraiture, landscapes, cityscapes, fashion and architecture his personal relationship with his subjects creates a unique impact that transforms the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive form.

His photography captures the essence and beauty of architecture with such brilliance that the bricks and wood window sills build up an epitome of serenity. Shiran bewitches the viewers of his photography with a power to see things differently and shows them intricate details that express emotion and depth.

He intertwines his imagination and creativity to reflect curiosity and relaxation through his photography. His photography does not necessarily influence people in any way, but consumes his viewers by wanderlust and the longing to escape into paradise.

He is a self-learnt photographer who hopes to capture and emphasize the realities of life and the value and beauty of nature as a whole. He incorporates a variety of perspectives and compositions into his photography. The challenging compositions, contrasting colors, shadow-detail, focal points and subject matter that he incorporates in his photography merge in order to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

The depth of wanderlust and nostalgia and its impact on humankind is made to contend with the graphically striking photographs Shiran captures. They speak a thousand words that can personally speak to the viewer through their own life experience.

Shiran likes to see things vividly, and strongly believes that colors enrich lives and create inquisitiveness. Through the color usage in his work he connotates the emotion and timelessness of the world around us.

Shiran Madhawa’s work explores the distance between nature and humanity, and tries to rebuild a bridge that can harmonize these aspects. It’s this longing for the continuation of this connection that allows his photography to celebrate life with a fresh and impressively unique flavor!

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  • The Labor of Man and Beas..

    The Labor of Man and Beas..


    For many centuries man and beast have stood side by side as partners in labor. This caption depicts the sweat and toil of both species in depth of color combined with light and shade.

    The clarity of the features of the subjects is beautifully contrasted against a silhouette of a village landscape and a foreground of a dug-in pit. The photographer has beautifully captured both detail, abstract and emotion in a single click by perfectly adjusting ISO and white balance.

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  • The Winning Point

    The Winning Point


    Anticipation is building, the beach is glistening, so much so that their reflection can be seen. They all watch as two players run towards the ball, each team hopes for their mate to kick the ball and take it towards the goal.

    The creator has seized a moment of great expectation among these young groups. The winner of this game is one we will not know, but for an instant the creator has built up expectation in all those who stop to look at this image, each will leave creating their own story of how the game ends…

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  • Rays of Hope

    Rays of Hope


    The creator offers one of the finest examples of landscape photography through this amazing creation which captures a simple yet breathtakingly beautiful moment in nature. Set in a hilly region covered with lush greenery, the scene comes alive as the sun rises above the mountains spreading its warm rays to the surroundings that are awakened by this energy.

    This creation will be a perfect addition to any living space as its soft colors will blend well against any backdrop and will continue to spread the warmth and joy it brings as the warm sun rays spread hope out to its surrounding.

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  • Actions speak Louder

    Actions speak Louder


    Actions do speak louder than words, and this creation is quite clear about the powerful message it gives out. In a world where we hear many speak of things of what should be done, a scene where two young children cart along sacks full of garbage left behind on these beautiful shores shouts out a powerful reminder that we must do everything in our control and beyond to protect our environment.

    Whether you are a passionate environmentalist, or lover of art which conveys powerful messages, this creation will be a perfect addition to your collection and also help spread this timely message.

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  • Blossoms of Romance

    Blossoms of Romance


    Radiating the purity and freshness of a blossoming romance, this wonderful creation artistically captures the beauty of a cherry blossom tree in bloom. Through the sprig of pale pink flowers that fill the entire setting, the observer can enjoy the view of a city bordering a quiet stream flowing through while the clearest skies brighten up the entire surrounding.

    This creation would be perfect to brighten up any part of your home or office due to its pastel shades and will allow you to enjoy the tranquility and warmth this beautiful creation brings as it spreads the joy of a new romance to the entire surrounding.

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  • Weaving Dreams

    Weaving Dreams


    A solitary fisherman, sits on the beach at dusk, weaving his broken fishing net. His face worn, tired, but determined to finish the task as he has promises to keep. The sea is calm and is a beautiful shade of blue, in the sky a hint of red, the heavens and the earth are ready for the journey these fishermen venture out every night. Only he knows the storms in his mind. The dream he cast out to sea, entwined in the nets, need to be brought ashore because every time he closes his eyes, there is a bright smile that he sees, a reminder of the reward he so dearly cherishes.

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  • Invitation to the Unknown..

    Invitation to the Unknown..


    In most instances in our life we need to find the courage to journey into the unknown and this creation emanates positivity to encourage us to move forward even when we are uncertain where the road ahead will lead to.

    Captured on a beautiful sunny afternoon, this creation boasts of the most perfect outdoor conditions where the sky is bright blue, and the grass is lush and green, all signs showing it is ideal for explorers to set out on their journey. This creation will be a perfect reminder that although the path is not clear, the conditions are right to explore the unknown.

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  • Silent Prayers

    Silent Prayers


    A young girl hurriedly prays in silence, a million thoughts running through her mind, where words fail… before she heads out to face the world, she gives thanks for the day and lays before her god, countless unanswered prayers. Her posture is steady, yet delicate. This beautiful monochrome capture is thought provoking, yet serene.

    The creator intricately portrayed the strength of a woman, she is one who can fight the world and rock a baby to sleep, both with the same fervent heart. The light shines in the through in the background, bringing forth hope to the believer.

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  • Seamen… Rise and Shine

    Seamen… Rise and Shine


    As the sun begins to shine and brings forth a new day, the creator has captured the moment when a group of seamen gets set to welcome the day. The boats too, which are docked side by side seem to brighten up as the glistening rays of the sun fall on their surfaces as if they are ready to set sail at the start of a day perfect to go out to sea.

    Enjoy the fresh and energizing feeling this amazing creation will bring to any living space you place it in and it will infuse the same energy and eagerness to its setting along with new hope such a bright and sunny morning will bring.

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  • Fuming Ocean

    Fuming Ocean


    One cannot get enough of the amazing beauty Mother nature has surrounded us with, and the creator of this amazing work of art has searched the world to capture this perfect setting worthy of much praise. The beauty of a rocky shore is captured in this creation at sunset, which displays the way in which the waters bouncing off the massive rocks cause the appearance of fumes from the ocean.

    This creation would be a perfect way for you to bring the beauty of the ocean at sunset right into your living room and allow the onlooker to unwind while watching the sunset from these very shores.

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  • The Sword in the Sky

    The Sword in the Sky


    A double-edged sword piecing the atmosphere to be thrust with force and light into the heart of a bustling city. This amazing night caption, taken during an electric storm clearly portrays the mighty force of nature in all its splendor and awe in comparison to the mechanistic man-made world – the city.

    The creator has used very high shutter speed to capture this wonder in motion whist protecting the detail of the lighting streak and the city below against a sky with a stunning mix of blue, violet and indigo using high aperture to draw in as much natural light as possible.

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  • Strength of Unity

    Strength of Unity


    This wonderful creation is a perfect reminder of the strength of unity brought about when even the most diverse group comes together. The creator has chosen a group of beautiful traditional Japanese umbrellas arranged in perfect order, to symbolize all groups of humanity irrespective of race, gender, caste, creed or any other defining characteristic represented by each colored umbrella, and shows the strength achieved when they all stand together united as one.

    This creation, which delivers a powerful message is a perfect addition to make your own as it serves as a timely reminder for all of us to come together and stand united no matter what.

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  • Guided by the Dhamma

    Guided by the Dhamma


    Featured in this beautiful landscape creation is a Buddhist monk walking alone in quiet meditation along a pathway which has been captured by the creator from a distance. Through the careful positioning of his camera lens, the creator superimposes a majestic sacred Bo tree symbolizing the sacred teachings of the Dhamma which extends its branches across the boundaries of the creation as though it was guiding the monk through his journey ahead.

    As the viewer contemplates on this beautiful setting, this creation will remind the viewer to be guided by the powerful teachings of the Dhamma during all aspects of life.

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  • Debate Among the Giants

    Debate Among the Giants


    This creation features a beautiful mountain range surrounded by lush greenery which has been captured in a bright and sunny day. The mighty mountains line up facing each other as though they were engaged in a heated debate while the massive trees seem to extend themselves higher to catch a glimpse of the action going on before them.

    The scene gets even more interesting as the beautiful blue sky in the backdrop features milky white clouds that seem to take sides as though they were keeping score for this public debate among the giants taking place in front of an eager audience.

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  • Rise with the Dawn

    Rise with the Dawn


    However, long the night maybe, faith gives us hope to rise with the dawn. As the sun moves to its commanding position above a land that is yet awaking from the long night, this magical photograph captures the shadows moving across the surrounding landscape to reveal a beautiful silhouette of an ancient temple. This center piece is disturbed by what seems to be a grouped hot air balloons in the distance, spread across the frame, rising in unison with the source of daylight.

    The creator has used natural light to its utmost by applying maximum exposure and perfectly smearing white balance to blend the entrance of a bright amber dawn with the exit of the dark shadowed night. Landscape photography at its best!

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  • The Mighty Mariner

    The Mighty Mariner


    Pictured in this captivating creation is a massive cargo ship which is returning back home laden with goods after travelling the world’s oceans for several days with the hope of coming back home to rest. The victorious nature of this mighty vessel that has conquered the seven seas seems to resonate in the sky above and water below as the clouds and waves move aside as the great mariner reaches the shores.

    Colored with deep hues of evening time, this creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office, directing you back home after achieving great feats.

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