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Shiran Madhawa

Shiran Madhawa
Freestyle Landscape Photographer

Shiran Madhawa is a Sri Lankan free style photographer in the disguise of a logistics expert residing in Thailand. He unveils a variety of subjects in a fresh and unique perspective through the lens of his camera which is also a means of expressing his personal feelings.

Shiran’s spectacular photography experiment with a range of genres. He proclaims to be greatly influenced by the famous photographer Karl Taylor’s ethos that ‘variety is the spice of life’. From experimenting with portraiture, landscapes, cityscapes, fashion and architecture his personal relationship with his subjects creates a unique impact that transforms the art of standard photography into a uniquely expressive form.

His photography captures the essence and beauty of architecture with such brilliance that the bricks and wood window sills build up an epitome of serenity. Shiran bewitches the viewers of his photography with a power to see things differently and shows them intricate details that express emotion and depth.

He intertwines his imagination and creativity to reflect curiosity and relaxation through his photography. His photography does not necessarily influence people in any way, but consumes his viewers by wanderlust and the longing to escape into paradise.

He is a self-learnt photographer who hopes to capture and emphasize the realities of life and the value and beauty of nature as a whole. He incorporates a variety of perspectives and compositions into his photography. The challenging compositions, contrasting colors, shadow-detail, focal points and subject matter that he incorporates in his photography merge in order to dramatize the portrayal of his subjects.

The depth of wanderlust and nostalgia and its impact on humankind is made to contend with the graphically striking photographs Shiran captures. They speak a thousand words that can personally speak to the viewer through their own life experience.

Shiran likes to see things vividly, and strongly believes that colors enrich lives and create inquisitiveness. Through the color usage in his work he connotates the emotion and timelessness of the world around us.

Shiran Madhawa’s work explores the distance between nature and humanity, and tries to rebuild a bridge that can harmonize these aspects. It’s this longing for the continuation of this connection that allows his photography to celebrate life with a fresh and impressively unique flavor!

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  • Treasure in the Mud

    Treasure in the Mud


    Here, the creator has set his eyes on a lush green paddy field under preparation for the harvesting season and draws our attention to a moment when two farmers and their faithful herd of cattle tend to the field digging through the mud as though they were trying to uncover a treasure hidden beneath the soil.

    The beauty of this creation lies not only in its scenic value, but also in its powerful message conveyed; that the treasure is in fact not hidden in the mud, but will rise from the mud in the form of a bountiful harvest brought about by hard work.

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  • Actions speak Louder

    Actions speak Louder


    Actions do speak louder than words, and this creation is quite clear about the powerful message it gives out. In a world where we hear many speak of things of what should be done, a scene where two young children cart along sacks full of garbage left behind on these beautiful shores shouts out a powerful reminder that we must do everything in our control and beyond to protect our environment.

    Whether you are a passionate environmentalist, or lover of art which conveys powerful messages, this creation will be a perfect addition to your collection and also help spread this timely message.

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  • Road to the Horizon

    Road to the Horizon


    This creation cuts across many lines with the main focus being the dead straight road leading directly to the horizon. The creator uses HDR imaging to bring out the most mesmerizing aspects of this landscape, which each and every time will draw the viewer’s attention to a variety of aspects such as the mesmerizing sunset sky, the still water body on one side, the lush greenery on the other, and the landscape hidden beyond horizon.

    Enjoy the beauty of this creation which allows viewers to imagine taking this road leading to the horizon.

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  • Rise with the Dawn

    Rise with the Dawn


    However, long the night maybe, faith gives us hope to rise with the dawn. As the sun moves to its commanding position above a land that is yet awaking from the long night, this magical photograph captures the shadows moving across the surrounding landscape to reveal a beautiful silhouette of an ancient temple. This center piece is disturbed by what seems to be a grouped hot air balloons in the distance, spread across the frame, rising in unison with the source of daylight.

    The creator has used natural light to its utmost by applying maximum exposure and perfectly smearing white balance to blend the entrance of a bright amber dawn with the exit of the dark shadowed night. Landscape photography at its best!

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  • Under Nature’s Umbrella..

    Under Nature’s Umbrella..


    We as humans are always blessed by the most amazing miracles from Mother nature. Not willing to pass up an opportunity to capture one such example, the creator offers you this image which shows how a group of women dressed in traditional attire holding their beautifully colored umbrellas and walk through a bamboo field, shielded by the canopy above as though a massive umbrella has formed above them.

    This creation serves as a beautiful reminder that even though the rains may pour down on us sometimes, we will receive all the protection we need to make the journey much more bearable along the way.

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  • Smiles of a Harvest

    Smiles of a Harvest


    It is a bright sunny morning, the weather is perfect, the crops glisten in the light, a flawless green It seems to have rained the night before. The ladies seem to be in cheerful conversation while picking the harvest. The spectator can only imagine the reasons behind their laughter.

    All their hopes and dreams lie in these crops and what more reason do they need than this beautiful harvest before them. Their laughter resonates through the field, creating a ripple. The creator has paused their life for a minute and reminded us to be thankful for all the small blessings of life.

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  • The Sword in the Sky

    The Sword in the Sky


    A double-edged sword piecing the atmosphere to be thrust with force and light into the heart of a bustling city. This amazing night caption, taken during an electric storm clearly portrays the mighty force of nature in all its splendor and awe in comparison to the mechanistic man-made world – the city.

    The creator has used very high shutter speed to capture this wonder in motion whist protecting the detail of the lighting streak and the city below against a sky with a stunning mix of blue, violet and indigo using high aperture to draw in as much natural light as possible.

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  • Multi-Colored Shields

    Multi-Colored Shields


    An umbrella is one of the most common forms of shields we use for protection from various environmental influences, and in this creation, the creator uses a series of colorful umbrellas arranged in an orderly fashion to explore the variety of shields we use on a daily basis.

    A combination of beautiful bright shades, this creation will remind viewers of the many times they have sought protection under such a shield to ward off any dangers approaching. Add this creation to any part of your home or office and allow these shields to act as a symbol to protect your own space.

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  • Rays of Hope

    Rays of Hope


    The creator offers one of the finest examples of landscape photography through this amazing creation which captures a simple yet breathtakingly beautiful moment in nature. Set in a hilly region covered with lush greenery, the scene comes alive as the sun rises above the mountains spreading its warm rays to the surroundings that are awakened by this energy.

    This creation will be a perfect addition to any living space as its soft colors will blend well against any backdrop and will continue to spread the warmth and joy it brings as the warm sun rays spread hope out to its surrounding.

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  • An Army Approaches

    An Army Approaches


    Explore the beauty of landscape photography through this amazing creation titled ‘An army approaches’, where, from a distance the creator captures a large group of towering trees standing tall against their surroundings. As you continue to enjoy this breathtaking natural setting set against a clear blue sky, the natural elements will begin to take form as the rows of large trees will begin to emerge as an army walking forward as though they are protecting their own.

    The lone tree seen in the corner of the creation plays the main role in this setting as it seems to lead the entire army, armed with the power of the sun clenched in its branches.

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  • Fuming Ocean

    Fuming Ocean


    One cannot get enough of the amazing beauty Mother nature has surrounded us with, and the creator of this amazing work of art has searched the world to capture this perfect setting worthy of much praise. The beauty of a rocky shore is captured in this creation at sunset, which displays the way in which the waters bouncing off the massive rocks cause the appearance of fumes from the ocean.

    This creation would be a perfect way for you to bring the beauty of the ocean at sunset right into your living room and allow the onlooker to unwind while watching the sunset from these very shores.

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  • A Solemn Promise

    A Solemn Promise


    We often need to remind yourselves that we must do everything in our power to protect what nature has freely gifted to us for our younger generation, but in this instance the creator draws our attention to a young child who has already taken it to heart to do everything he can to protect the environment.

    Hidden in this young child’s fixed gaze is a solemn promise to live a life protecting Mother Nature as an expression of gratitude for the priceless gifts we have been blessed with. With such a powerful message, this creation is most certainly worthy of a special place in any surrounding.

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  • Tea Break

    Tea Break


    No matter what type of work you engage in it is always better to take a small break every now and recharge yourself with the energy to go on with your work for the rest of the day. What better way to refuel yourself than with a group of friends with whom you can crack a joke or two and enjoy some light hearted chit chat.

    As seen in this delightful creation, a group of farmers comes together during a tiresome day at the field, and enjoy a warm cup of tea as they chat amongst each other reminding us too about the need to take a break every now and then.

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  • Restless Hearts

    Restless Hearts


    A young lad who probably returned home after a long time, is being teased by two girls. The stained glasses, hat and is brand new motorbike are all symbols of his new found youth. He may have been away at university in the city and he returned home a completely different person. He is cheerful, lives in the moment and enjoys all this attention!

    The girls, his sisters, we are made to assume will always see him as their younger brother and have chosen to humor him endlessly! The creator has portrayed a memory of the good times amongst family and shows that some bonds never change!

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  • Light of a Divine Force

    Light of a Divine Force


    Depicted in this creation is one of the most revered sites for all Buddhist devotees and brings to life the amazing power, such a sacred site holds for those of faith. The creator has chosen the perfect moment to capture this image as the darkness of nightfall only accents the warm and welcoming lights which illuminate this Holy site.

    This creation is a perfect piece of photography that brings to life the light of this divine force which will infuse much strength among the faithful and will serve as a guiding light to set devotees on the right path.

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  • Shining Bright to the Hea..

    Shining Bright to the Hea..


    A majestic golden pagoda is the primary focus of this creation which captures the beauty it radiates not only here on earth, but also seems to extend to the heavens above. The creator displays the highest levels of perfection through the symmetry achieved, which is reflected in the cloudy sky above, the glistening monument set against the pale blue night sky, and the darker surrounding area at seeing ground level.

    This creation would make a perfect addition for any collector of fine art as it is a radiant creation that displays power which goes beyond our realm.

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  • The Mighty Mariner

    The Mighty Mariner


    Pictured in this captivating creation is a massive cargo ship which is returning back home laden with goods after travelling the world’s oceans for several days with the hope of coming back home to rest. The victorious nature of this mighty vessel that has conquered the seven seas seems to resonate in the sky above and water below as the clouds and waves move aside as the great mariner reaches the shores.

    Colored with deep hues of evening time, this creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office, directing you back home after achieving great feats.

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  • Heritage and Nature

    Heritage and Nature


    An aerial view of such a mesmerizing natural landscape is definitely hard to come by, making this creation an amazingly unique work of art any collector would love to make his own. The landscape not only focuses on the natural beauty of the setting, but through the aerial view from which it was captured shows ancient man-made wonders emerge from the lush green forest canopies.

    With a view of the horizon in the background, this creation is priceless as it captures the wonder of heritage intertwined with nature, two aspects which continue to maintain a mutual relationship which results in value beyond comprehension.

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  • Guided by the Dhamma

    Guided by the Dhamma


    Featured in this beautiful landscape creation is a Buddhist monk walking alone in quiet meditation along a pathway which has been captured by the creator from a distance. Through the careful positioning of his camera lens, the creator superimposes a majestic sacred Bo tree symbolizing the sacred teachings of the Dhamma which extends its branches across the boundaries of the creation as though it was guiding the monk through his journey ahead.

    As the viewer contemplates on this beautiful setting, this creation will remind the viewer to be guided by the powerful teachings of the Dhamma during all aspects of life.

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  • Laser Party in the City

    Laser Party in the City


    Watch how laser lights adorn this beautiful city landscape as the creator plays with a combination of photographic techniques such as night photography and Astrophotography to create one of the best of long exposure photography creations.

    The creation displays how the entire city comes to life at night due to its brightly lit up buildings and roads lit up by vehicles speeding by as though it was the center of a thrilling laser party. This creation is perfect to bring the beauty of city life closer to you and allow the viewer to enjoy the electrifying nature of night life in the city.

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