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Wasantha Ranjan

Wasantha Ranjan
Contemporary Artist

Wasantha Ranjan combines Sri Lankan life and phenomena to produce a unique style that is faithful to his roots. This style is executed with such beauty that radiates a profound feeling among all Sri Lankans. Wasantha’s paintings are drenched with the richness and picturesque images of local beauty and its culture.

The artist represents Sri Lanka through a large kaleidoscope that appreciates the vibrant beauty of the sunny island. Through his paintings he has developed a close kinship with natural phenomena, and visualizes it beautifully and expressively.

Working with acrylics, oil paints, pastels, pencils and photography, Wasantha employs a very limited color palette with a variety of colors that compliment and brighten his paintings to capture the essence of his world. He adds vibrancy to mundane Sri Lankan phenomena and enhances them with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale, and abstracting it.

Wasantha’s paintings began as a hobby when he was a child, and throughout the years he has perfected his skills with the knowledge and learning experiences as a professional artist. The meticulousness of his paintings adds a sense of reality to such divine phenomena to connotate nature’s vibrancy and timelessness.

To Wasantha, art is all about creating new experiences. He firmly believes that it is a subject interpreted in various ways. The fluidity of the brush-strokes in his landscape paintings and portraits, leave an emotional impression that is truly heartwarming.

His inner impulses are splashed across the canvas in an improvisatory manner, while simple compositions with large areas of color intend to produce a contemplative and a meditational response in the viewer.

Wasantha Ranjan is a self-taught and explorative artist who gathers inspiration from exploring a variety of artists, styles and techniques. His artistic approach intertwines utopic expectations and reality through his unnerving juxtapositions. Inspired by the great Sri Lankan artist Jayasiri Semage he has trained his imagination to also root for an abstract aspect of everyday life and people.

He also says that George Keyt’s cubistic approach and rich colors have encouraged the stylization and distortion of real-life phenomena into geometric forms in his abstract paintings. Some of Wasantha’s paintings do not copy nature precisely, but is modelled through abstract techniques of perspective, space and contrasting vantage points.

Although a painter who has learnt the anatomy of objects, he breaks the rules to dissect form into a multitude of small facets in some of his paintings. His love for typically Sri Lankan phenomena reflects a sense of patriarchy and a love for nature. His paintings are truly artistically revolutionary!

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  • The Aftermath of a Dragon..

    The Aftermath of a Dragon..


    The aftermath of a fire breathing dragon leaving its mark on an open field is beautifully sketched in abstract form. A blend of amber shades intertwined with dashes of purple and brown displays an environment engulfed in heat and blaze over of what could be an open field that used to be lush greenery but is now charred.

    The creator has exquisitely used smooth brush strokes that almost appear as waves upon a sea of destruction left behind of what is imagined to be a mythical creature. The choice of bright yet simple colors give a sense of coolness even within the heat of the depiction.


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  • Crimson Bouquet

    Crimson Bouquet


    Capable of instantly grabbing the attention of a passerby, this beautiful creation colored in a deep crimson hue is definitely a work of art worthy of much praise. The creator skillfully uses a narrow selection of colors to bring to life a beautiful floral bouquet while strategically using black and white shadow-like lines to create a 3-dimensional appearance as well.

    Make this statement piece part of any indoor space that lacks liveliness and animation and enjoy how this beautiful crimson bouquet will infuse a sense of vigor and dynamism to its surroundings.

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  • Swan Lake in the City

    Swan Lake in the City


    This amazing abstract creation is inspired by the setting of a natural lake bordering a busy city and depicts the calm nature of a beautiful swan swimming in its natural habitat while the hustle and bustle of the city go on in the background. The creation also draws the viewer’s attention to how the clouds of pollution gradually begin to erode the innocence of nature which is trying to maintain a stronghold for the benefit of life.

    Include this inspiring creation as part of your home or office décor and demonstrate the powerful message it portrays.

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  • Born to be Wild

    Born to be Wild


    This piece of art celebrates the horse in all its glory. The beauty and the majesty of the horse is caught by the artist in a creative and unique style. Every curve of a horse is elegant. Their emotions are inferred and they rarely make an awkward movement, their eyes give a sense of their character.

    In this creation artist has kept things simple by using neutral color shades of browns which evokes the sense of strength, elegance and stability. Horses have been the inspiration for hundreds of works of art over the centuries. Horses lend us the wings we lack.


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  • Inkblot Test

    Inkblot Test


    The Inkblot test also referred to as the Rorschach test is one of the most recognized and commonly used psychological evaluation techniques used as an attempt to examine the personality of an individual. Through this artistic creation the creator uses a blend of various shades of blue to create a complex inkblot which the viewer can perceive in many different ways.

    This amazing work of art will be a perfect addition to your home or office in an area visible to all those who pass by. It will definitely serve as a great point to spark some interesting conversations on how the human mind can comprehend so many different things off some simple inkblots.

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  • The Golden Wave

    The Golden Wave


    An amazing freeze of the wonder of nature illustrated through a rolling giant wave that loops over to reveal a golden sky through its waters. This picture representation of nature’s power and beauty is painted on canvas using light colors with the exception of the Golden touch in the sky that takes center stage as it glows through the wave.

    The creator has used skillful flowing brush strokes to sketch an eye drawing wave that almost seems heavenly against the bluish sky and too good to be true in its perfection in formation. This produces an ambience of freshness and brightness easily lighting up the environment.

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  • A Tusker’s Gaze

    A Tusker’s Gaze


    Illustrated through this beautiful handmade creation is the gaze of a mighty tusker that is artistically brought to life using delicate brush strokes depicting the creature’s level of maturity and wisdom amassed over the years. Using shades of grey and brown, the creator perfectly shows the fine features of the elephant’s face and upon deeper examination of the creation draws the viewer’s focus to the elephant’s mesmerizing gaze.

    This simple yet unique creation will be a perfect statement piece that will instantly capture the attention of onlookers due to the piercing and hypnotic gaze of one of the most revered creatures in the animal kingdom.

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  • Sunset by the Sea

    Sunset by the Sea


    Get set to be captivated by a mesmerizing sunset as the talented creator brings forth a true masterpiece of a coastal setting. As the sunsets from somewhere outside the area portrayed in this acrylic, the creator highlights how not only the entire sky gets colored in a bright orange and golden yellow hues, but the same coloration takes over the entire ocean surface as well.

    Standing tall towards the corner of this creation is a lofty lighthouse that draws the viewer’s attention directly to it as it awaits the passing of the sunset to start beaming its own light as night falls.

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  • Dancing Queen

    Dancing Queen


    Dance is the narration of a magical story, that recites on the lips, illuminates imagination and embraces the most sacred depths of souls.
    Before you, is a graceful ‘Bharatha Natyam’ dancer in a dynamic, elegant dancing position. She is very elegant and feminine. Take your time and drown into this smooth body language of hers. Her body is charmingly characterized by using bluish grey hues and intricate brush strokes.

    This is a splendid painting of a delicate, feminine figure in a classical Indian dance act. This beautiful creation has all the perfect qualities for the making of elegant living.


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  • Trio of Vessels

    Trio of Vessels


    Through the ‘Three Water Jugs’ the creator perfectly demonstrates his mastery of the still life painting technique and uses this artistic style to depict three inanimate objects, in this instance, being three water jugs.

    The creation which focuses mainly on these three objects is brought to life using shades of brown featuring prominent outlines to separate the objects from one another while perfectly indicating the direction of light illustrated by the darkening of the opposite side of the objects. Due to its high artistic value, this creation will be a perfect statement piece to add to your collection of art.

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  • Oceanic Vortex

    Oceanic Vortex


    ‘Oceanic Vortex’ is a unique creation that depicts the surreal nature of a whirlpool reaching deep into the depths of the ocean which will take the viewer to a state of ultimate relaxation. The creator uses delicate brush strokes to illustrate how individual waves begin to come together and revolve around a central point to converge and extend to an infinite point.

    This beautiful creation made out of a combination of shades of blue will make an excellent addition to your home or office space and will serve as a great point of reflection to make the viewer feel more relaxed.

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  • Musical Binds

    Musical Binds


    Musical binds is a rare work of art where the creator attempts to bring to life an auditory perception in the form of visual cues, as depicted in this beautiful watercolor acrylic. The creation takes on a layered appearance through which the creator skillfully portrays the face of the listener engulfed by a captivating tune.

    The bright color combination used in this creation makes it a very pleasing décor option suitable for your home or office space and will invite the onlooker to be engulfed by the sweet yet imaginative tune which binds the muse of this creation.


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  • Reeds in the Reef

    Reeds in the Reef


    Reeds of bright and dark orange sway in the light waves beneath the tropical ocean that houses a reef lighted in turquoise hues. The mystic color of the reef is skillfully brought through with a gradient of turquoise backdropped over the stunning array of amber reeds.

    The creator has used splattering of dripping type brush strokes to produce a series of reeds that looks almost like an exquisite sculpture under the sea. The light of the reeds is perfectly highlighted over the dark mystic waters, giving out an ambience of mystery mingled with the striking beauty of unusual color underwater.

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  • Sleeping Skyline

    Sleeping Skyline


    The thought of city life often causes are minds to instantly envision the hustle and bustle and intense activity associated with it. Though this creation, our talented artist explores a very different side to city life, portraying a peaceful view of the waterfront which shows absolute stillness and a sense of calm.

    This beautiful watercolor acrylic colored in cooling shades of blue, decorated with hazy lines and blotches captures the moment as the entire city sleeps. As though it was resting before the start of another busy day signaled to rise by the warmth of the sunrise.


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  • Romance in the Dark

    Romance in the Dark


    A trio of budding red roses set against a thick black background highlights his splendor and sensuality that nature produces through flora that encapsulate he essence of romance. The deep black backdrop is the perfect complement to the red foliage that is adequately accompanied by the lush greenery of its leaves, thereby drawing the focus to the floral centerpiece.

    The creator has used a simple sketch whist applying bright reddish and pink hues for a detailed specimen of nature that signifies all that is about love, over an unnatural dark surroundings to create an ambience of romance in the dark.

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  • Village from Above

    Village from Above


    Explore the wonders and splendor of rustic village life as this colorful creation allows you to enjoy the view of a peaceful village from above. Colored in a vibrant mix of colors, the creator carefully highlights various different aspects seen in a self-sustaining village unit. This comprises of groups of community housing, other common building structures, water bodies and irrigation systems, and large plots of agricultural land.

    Enjoy the view of this amazing setting as you make this creation part of your home or office décor which will instantly bring a splash of color to any living space.

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  • Gateway in the Forest

    Gateway in the Forest


    A serene waterfall spills through a mystical gate that is surrounded by thick foliage of trees and branches. The gate itself cannot be seen as its hidden behind the waterfall itself, but it seems to be an opening to another dimension will disguised within the forestry.

    The deep colors and silky brush strokes used by the creator in this exquisite painting give a sense of mystery and awe that protrudes through the canvas. The light green shine over the lake that blackens out toward the edges is skillfully crafted to perfectly accomplice the ambience and theme of this magical scene.

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  • All You Need is Family

    All You Need is Family


    This beautiful creation focuses on three elephants, a mother, father and their baby depicting the strength of the bond they hold together as a family. The creator perfectly demonstrates how the parent animals shield their little one as they all move forward together to their home and the creator also takes much care to highlight each of their own unique personalities and similarities seen within the family.

    This creation will make a perfect piece of art to add to your home or even office space to remind you of the warmth and love you would feel only with your family.

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  • Oriental Spirals

    Oriental Spirals


    Designed using earthy hues, this creation tilted ‘Oriental Hues’ is a great addition to your home or office décor as it will easily blend against any surrounding while its intricate nature will captivate its audience in the most pleasing manner.

    The creator uses a freehand technique to design this fluid motif which is made up of delicate spirals and a series of lines casually moving through the entire canvas. The shaded gradient observed in the background enhances the beauty of this oriental motif as it brings out various aspects of the creation against different levels of light.

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  • Water Planet

    Water Planet


    Celebrating our very source of existence, this creation highlights the most magnificent view of Planet Earth, often dubbed the water planet as it is the only planet in the entire solar system with a conducive environment to sustain life. In this day and age, we often tend to take for granted what Mother Nature has freely gifted to us, and this beautiful creation serves as a timely reminder of the value of our natural surroundings and why we must strive to protect our beautiful planet.

    This creation will invite the viewer to enjoy the view of our abundant planet from afar and instill a sense of gratitude towards this priceless gift from nature.

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