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Wasantha Ranjan

Wasantha Ranjan
Contemporary Artist

Wasantha Ranjan combines Sri Lankan life and phenomena to produce a unique style that is faithful to his roots. This style is executed with such beauty that radiates a profound feeling among all Sri Lankans. Wasantha’s paintings are drenched with the richness and picturesque images of local beauty and its culture.

The artist represents Sri Lanka through a large kaleidoscope that appreciates the vibrant beauty of the sunny island. Through his paintings he has developed a close kinship with natural phenomena, and visualizes it beautifully and expressively.

Working with acrylics, oil paints, pastels, pencils and photography, Wasantha employs a very limited color palette with a variety of colors that compliment and brighten his paintings to capture the essence of his world. He adds vibrancy to mundane Sri Lankan phenomena and enhances them with his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale, and abstracting it.

Wasantha’s paintings began as a hobby when he was a child, and throughout the years he has perfected his skills with the knowledge and learning experiences as a professional artist. The meticulousness of his paintings adds a sense of reality to such divine phenomena to connotate nature’s vibrancy and timelessness.

To Wasantha, art is all about creating new experiences. He firmly believes that it is a subject interpreted in various ways. The fluidity of the brush-strokes in his landscape paintings and portraits, leave an emotional impression that is truly heartwarming.

His inner impulses are splashed across the canvas in an improvisatory manner, while simple compositions with large areas of color intend to produce a contemplative and a meditational response in the viewer.

Wasantha Ranjan is a self-taught and explorative artist who gathers inspiration from exploring a variety of artists, styles and techniques. His artistic approach intertwines utopic expectations and reality through his unnerving juxtapositions. Inspired by the great Sri Lankan artist Jayasiri Semage he has trained his imagination to also root for an abstract aspect of everyday life and people.

He also says that George Keyt’s cubistic approach and rich colors have encouraged the stylization and distortion of real-life phenomena into geometric forms in his abstract paintings. Some of Wasantha’s paintings do not copy nature precisely, but is modelled through abstract techniques of perspective, space and contrasting vantage points.

Although a painter who has learnt the anatomy of objects, he breaks the rules to dissect form into a multitude of small facets in some of his paintings. His love for typically Sri Lankan phenomena reflects a sense of patriarchy and a love for nature. His paintings are truly artistically revolutionary!

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  • Swan Lake in the City

    Swan Lake in the City


    This amazing abstract creation is inspired by the setting of a natural lake bordering a busy city and depicts the calm nature of a beautiful swan swimming in its natural habitat while the hustle and bustle of the city go on in the background. The creation also draws the viewer’s attention to how the clouds of pollution gradually begin to erode the innocence of nature which is trying to maintain a stronghold for the benefit of life.

    Include this inspiring creation as part of your home or office décor and demonstrate the powerful message it portrays.

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  • The Color of Calm

    The Color of Calm


    An Orchid is a very peaceful and majestic flower. This Creator’s rendition of an Orchid is one which travels and is wrapped along a branch. It tends to grow like a vine. It is easy to take a moment to appreciate the dynamic dimensions of mother nature.

    This flower can affect mood just by gazing at it, we use it to help relax ourselves in aromatherapy; it has therapeutic and medicinal properties. The Creator of this intriguing piece has not just simply painted this for our amusement, but also to dig deeper and appreciate little things like these.

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  • Focus of a Kingfisher

    Focus of a Kingfisher


    Featured in this beautiful creation is a lone kingfisher, known for its brightly colored plumage, razor-sharp beak and unmatched focus giving it the strength to capture prey it has set its eyes on. Perched on a branch of a tree, the creator has perfectly portrayed the bird in its natural form highlighting its beauty by setting the main aspect against a blurred green background.

    This creation will make a perfect statement piece that will bring the wonders of nature closer to you and draw the viewer to a reflective state on the level of focus this beautiful bird exhibits before it dives towards its target.

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  • Sea and Land

    Sea and Land


    An abstract portrayal of the colorful shades that make up the sea and land. Intermeddled with blue and orange, outlined with dashes of white and black. This reflection of nature teases the mind as it gives a visual hint of the fresh beauty of water mixed with soil that hosts what seems to appear as fish swimming through the deep realm.

    The creator has skillfully utilized hatching type brush strokes to bring out the unique effect of detail through design and applied matching yet contrasting colors to draw a magnificent connection between two opposites of nature

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  • Riding Together to the Un..

    Riding Together to the Un..


    This creation focuses on two lively and spirited stallions galloping by each other’s side in the wild showing their stealth and free-spirited nature which is a true inspiration for the onlooker to fuel their passion to gain such forward momentum in life. The creator uses an interesting technique to depict how the surrounding changes from the regular landscape taking this pair of beautiful animals into the unknown.

    Due to the powerful message conveyed through this image, this would be a great addition to your home or office to remind you of the strength you would gain from having the right companion by your side to conquer the unknown.

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  • Master of Routine

    Master of Routine


    The artist has captured in mono-hued skill, the master of the Kandyan dance tradition. This ancient tradition of dance, performed only with percussion, allows the drummer to weave and command the routine of dance.

    The artist echoes the notion that although not the central performer of the tradition, the drummer is significant to the ensemble. The yellow toned highlights illuminate the portrait in a striking manner. Painted in broad knife strokes in lighter tones and complemented with the darker tones used as strokes of definition, this portrayal is ideal for a space seeking to make a strong assertion.

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  • Cultural Beats

    Cultural Beats


    If you are a lover of unique cultural performances and traditions this is a perfect piece of art for you. Here the artist highlights the amazing talent of a drum performer. Sri Lanka has one of the greatest drum cultures in the world and its rhythms are very unique. This type of drummers is commonly found in local bands and play in accompaniment for Buddhist temple rituals.

    The creator has exquisitely sketched details on the costume and appearance of the drummer. The artist uses vibrant colors with quite ease in his creation to capture the viewer. This creation makes a stunning visual impact and creates a lasting impression on the viewer.


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  • Mystery Scenes

    Mystery Scenes


    A stunning work of art for any home which will light up with a huge wow factor. This is a one of a kind painting. Beautiful color coordination is the main feature of this wonderful painting. Strong browns, tones of golden yellow and black contrast with the turquoise blue which coordinates well with red drippings to add more drama to the creation.

    The acid greenish yellow gives this painting an edge that fits the title. The beauty of art is the way it evokes emotion and power towards others. They can bring forth overwhelming emotions all over the world. Art is inspiring, and the artist’s drive is to inspire, provoke and promise. Ideal for interior decorating in any size or position in a home or office.

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  • Explosion of Color

    Explosion of Color


    At a glance, this creation might take on a chaotic form, but as the viewer contemplates on the many different visual aspects, an imaginative explosion of color will take a form which creates a visually pleasing work of art. The creator uses a blend of magenta, blue and yellow as the primary colors which act as the main points of focus and these shapes that take form are brought out by the abstract shapes found in monochromatic tones which fill the background.

    The ‘Explosion of Color’ is a stylish creation that will instantly brighten up a setting, making it a perfect addition to any area.

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  • Triple Pottery

    Triple Pottery


    The artist of this simple yet elegant work incorporates a group of clay vessels to bring out a beautiful still life painting. Here the creator focuses on the shape, color and texture of these objects and finds they have characters and emotions. They are not just useful or decorative, but they can be sad or joyful depending on point of view and placement.

    They have relationships with each other gossiping in groups standing proud or alone. Creator tries to reveal their story by this piece of art. Beautiful color scheme captures the essence and energy of this creation and not to get lost in detail. This still life with clay utensils will add warmth and charm to your kitchen.

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  • Perfect synchronization

    Perfect synchronization


    ‘Perfect synchronization’ is a beautiful handmade creation depicting two majestic cranes flying side by side amongst the clouds to their next destination and showcases the perfect synchronicity they display as they glide through the vast blue sky. The creator has taken much care to show how both birds fly parallel to each other and match each other’s movement with near perfection and at the same time draws attention to the beauty of the clouds in the sky seen in the background.

    As you gaze upon this creation, you will be able to imagine this amazing moment of perfect harmony.

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  • Reeds in the Reef

    Reeds in the Reef


    Reeds of bright and dark orange sway in the light waves beneath the tropical ocean that houses a reef lighted in turquoise hues. The mystic color of the reef is skillfully brought through with a gradient of turquoise backdropped over the stunning array of amber reeds.

    The creator has used splattering of dripping type brush strokes to produce a series of reeds that looks almost like an exquisite sculpture under the sea. The light of the reeds is perfectly highlighted over the dark mystic waters, giving out an ambience of mystery mingled with the striking beauty of unusual color underwater.

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  • Inkblot Test

    Inkblot Test


    The Inkblot test also referred to as the Rorschach test is one of the most recognized and commonly used psychological evaluation techniques used as an attempt to examine the personality of an individual. Through this artistic creation the creator uses a blend of various shades of blue to create a complex inkblot which the viewer can perceive in many different ways.

    This amazing work of art will be a perfect addition to your home or office in an area visible to all those who pass by. It will definitely serve as a great point to spark some interesting conversations on how the human mind can comprehend so many different things off some simple inkblots.

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  • Day Ending

    Day Ending


    As a golden sun disappears into the ocean the golden amber sky signals the end of another day that reaches a conclusion that is as spectacular as its start. This amazing scene brought to life with color on canvas is a wonderful testament to the awesomeness and power of nature.

    The deep color used by the creator is exquisitely reflected off the sea which highlights the waves that will house the sunlight until the break of the next day. The clarity of detail coupled with creative application of color gives this painting a powerful yet serene ambience of fire and beauty.

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  • A Tusker’s Gaze

    A Tusker’s Gaze


    Illustrated through this beautiful handmade creation is the gaze of a mighty tusker that is artistically brought to life using delicate brush strokes depicting the creature’s level of maturity and wisdom amassed over the years. Using shades of grey and brown, the creator perfectly shows the fine features of the elephant’s face and upon deeper examination of the creation draws the viewer’s focus to the elephant’s mesmerizing gaze.

    This simple yet unique creation will be a perfect statement piece that will instantly capture the attention of onlookers due to the piercing and hypnotic gaze of one of the most revered creatures in the animal kingdom.

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  • Village Dream

    Village Dream


    A truly captivating work of art, this mesmerizing creation is the perfect embodiment of peace and tranquility – gifts of a simple life. The creator does justice to this beautiful scene as every aspect of this landscape is brought to life with skillful brush strokes and perfect color choices which would trick the viewer to believe they were staring through a window leading to this serene setting.

    Enjoy the feeling of relaxation this creation brings through its sheer simplicity as you put in on display.

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  • Descent into Peace

    Descent into Peace


    This creation boasts of a beautiful silhouette of splendid pagoda against the stunning backdrop of a golden evening sky. The lake appears as glass reflecting perfectly the images of the surrounding. The creator uses orange and yellow hues to bring out the mesmerizing beauty of this serene scene.

    The stillness in the art is quiet and calming. This will add peace and harmony to any environment. Use of subtle colors dissolves tension and surrounding in these soft colors help calm aggressive tendencies and eliminates discord. Enjoy this peaceful creation when you make it a part of your living space.



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  • Oriental Spirals

    Oriental Spirals


    Designed using earthy hues, this creation tilted ‘Oriental Hues’ is a great addition to your home or office décor as it will easily blend against any surrounding while its intricate nature will captivate its audience in the most pleasing manner.

    The creator uses a freehand technique to design this fluid motif which is made up of delicate spirals and a series of lines casually moving through the entire canvas. The shaded gradient observed in the background enhances the beauty of this oriental motif as it brings out various aspects of the creation against different levels of light.

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  • Tulips in the Wind

    Tulips in the Wind


    Orange tulips sway in the wind against a turquoise blue background in this beautiful recreation of nature’s attempt to bring song and dance in color. The striking colors of the flora are highlighted exquisitely through the creative choice of background color applied in the pictures sky and field accompanied by the leaves that adequately partner the tulips.

    The creator has inserted a streak of white mist across the flowers depicting the direction and action of the wind blowing to enable the flower dance producing an ambience that brings to life a fragrance and spring freshness to the atmosphere.

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  • Together We Stay

    Together We Stay


    This creation celebrates the passionate union of man and woman, two becoming one physically and mentally. The artist tries to capture the very different feel of a man’s body to a woman’s and how they’re both drawn to one another. Our bodies are cleverly designed to fit together in numerous ways which is visually very exciting.

    Creator tries to evoke the hope in those who are alone, beautiful memories in those who have loved and to remind those who are with special someone how beautiful and precious love is. A perfect work of art for a bedroom with earthy and vivid colors, giving it a warm, erotic and sensual feeling.

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