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  • Pure Innocence

    Pure Innocence


    A stork billed kingfisher is perched on a branch and looks towards the sky, longingly. It’s pretty, hopeful eyes glistening in the sun, the tail raised. She is a beautiful work of art, her body cloaked in blue and shades of auburn, her beak a crimson red.

    The creator has taken in every detailed and carefully brush worked onto the canvas. The blurred out background gives prominence to the subject. For all we know, she may be longing for a dew drop that is about to fall from a leaf or a little insect flying so close. The piece is visually calming and intriguing, ideal for an open verandah.

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  • Immaculate Heritage

    Immaculate Heritage


    Set against a clear blue sky, the creator has brought to life a massive Stupa shining bright in brilliant white which represents the proud history and heritage our nation has cultivated over thousands of years.

    In order to capture the magnificence of this man made wonder, the creator may have taken shelter under a nearby sacred Bo tree and the view captured from this angle also adds to the peaceful feeling of this setting as it amplifies the sacred nature inculcated through Buddhism.

    Enjoy the serenity this beautiful creation will bring which will forever serve as a reminder of the immaculate heritage our country is built upon.

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  • Hues of Azure

    Hues of Azure


    A solitary butterfly rests with its wings sprawled, camouflaged among the leaves of jade and a flower, the shade of the sea, its wings an enchanting hue of blue, carefully outlined in a dark tone of brown combined with black, absorbing the bright sunlight of the morning.

    The background is blurred to softer shade of yellow and blue, blending with the prominent image in the setting. The creator has left the spectator engrossed in this work of art and It is amazing to understand the very detail, line and tone the artist has captured, creating this brilliant work of art.

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  • On a Night Like This

    On a Night Like This


    A brilliantly portrayed starry night at the Kandy Perahera, in Sri Lanka. The Creator has captured this prestigious, religious event so meticulously and accurately, down to the last detail.

    What is being brought across on canvas by this masterful Creator is the front of Perahera. It is a religious Buddhist event held every year in the ancient city of Kandy. The Elephant can be seen carrying the sacred tooth relic atop its back and decked in beautiful silk draping with jewels embedded in them. While the procession and the other elephant follow behind and alongside this sacred relic.

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  • Army of Water Lilies

    Army of Water Lilies


    Get set for your attention to be captured by a beautiful army of water lilies as this creation is laid before your eyes. With its soft and delicate touch, this creation will most certainly brighten up your day as you enjoy watching how a group of water lilies rise from the mud and delicately settle on the surface of the water body as though they are ready to move forward from the acrylic itself.

    The creator has skillfully used various shades for the background which generates the perception of depth and forward movement of these attractive little flowers.

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  • Shady Grove

    Shady Grove


    If you are looking to bring the peace and beauty of a village setting closer to your living space, then this creation will make a perfect statement piece to add to your collection. The rustic nature of this serene scene is worthy of much praise as it will instantly instill a sense of calmness as it whisks the viewer into this ‘Shady Grove’ setting where from one side a fertile paddy field lines the roadway and on the other a humble hut takes shelter under the shade of a beautiful tree.

    Enjoy yourself as you are drawn further into the setting as though you hitch a ride in the cart journeying on into the horizon.

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  • The Ripened Fruit

    The Ripened Fruit


    A pretty little bird hangs from a branch, its prized possession in sight. An endemic species in Sri Lanka, this beautiful bird is also known as the hanging parrot is found in the hills of the country. She carefully orchestrates her steps to reach the ripened guava, a delicacy to be savored from the first bite.

    With pretty auburn feathers on her head and a hint of blue at the tail It is amazing to watch her perfectly blend in with the fresh green leaves. The creator exquisitely painted every detail of the bird and the surrounding creating this stunning piece.

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  • True Blue

    True Blue


    A blue butterfly hangs off a blue flower suckling at its petals creating a picture of natural splendor and awe. This painting highlights blue hues against a curiously dark background that exuberates the foreground and the focal subjects.

    The backdrop features a touch of blue that blends well with the flower and its guest in a manner that compliments and contrasts each other perfectly adding a curious splendor to the art as a whole. The creator skillfully sketched the detail of the butterfly and the foliage mixing exquisite colors in a manner that are both realistic and artistic.

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  • A Dazzling Display

    A Dazzling Display


    The creator has chosen to depict a subject often portrayed in a surge of color, with muted and neutral use of shades. The long slender face and body of the spectacular peacock are painted in hues of azure. The uniformly placed bronze eye of every feather with centers of indigo and jade is a feature of outstanding beauty itself.

    The glorious fan of feathers in a dazzling display has been structured in soft earthen pigments of sienna and amber. Each feather is detailed with precise and quick, directional strokes to create a stunning visual effect.

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  • Urban Directionality

    Urban Directionality


    Here we have an image of a busy, crowded street with people walking on the side of the road, along the paved pathway, rushing to get somewhere. This creation reminds of the accelerated pace and the rush of the everyday modern life. The Creator has managed to brilliantly capture this moment on canvas for the purpose of reminding the viewer that sometimes we need to slow down and take a breath in this fast-paced life.

    A message of poignancy and clarity that has been perfectly put across by the Creator. The use of colors sets the tone of the piece. The blueish-gray hues tell the viewer that urban living isn’t as glamorous or appealing as it seems to be. There are important moments that we miss out on when we rush through life.

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  • The Coronation of Cleopat..

    The Coronation of Cleopat..


    The creator has crafted a perfect goddess-like woman. At the time of the reign of Queen Cleopatra, she was only a young teenager. This historical event is made alive, and the queen-to- be crowns with jewels of the land of Egypt. Her skin is exotically beautiful under the Egyptian sun. The riches of the land of Egypt are expressed through the visual tactility of her gold jewels and costume.

    The Princess bows her head in humility and accepts the role of being a leader among her people. At her coronation she glows with radiance. The masterpiece attributes strength intertwined with beauty and leadership.

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  • I worship at Thy Feet

    I worship at Thy Feet


    Portrayed in this fascinating creation, a Buddhist monk dressed in his tangerine colored robes, humbly stands at the feet of the statue of Lord Buddha in worship, admiration and adoration. A beautifully executed piece of cultural art. Painted to perfection by this marvelous Creator.

    There is so much depth, detail and definition that have put into this creation. Every crevice, every shadow and outline can be seen in great detail. This piece of art would be a unique and special addition to any collection of artwork. It Exudes peace, balance and tranquility. “Kudos!”, To the Creator on this masterpiece.

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  • Pint Sized Dynamo

    Pint Sized Dynamo


    This is a wicket-keeper batsman who changed the game of cricket forever. A portrait of this amazing sportsman clad in his customary dark blue national uniform playing one of his trademark leg glances that often finds the way to the boundary quite easily.

    The creator has chosen a perfect pose and angle for this colorful portrait and skillfully sketched Kalu’s facial expression has he sees the ball fly off the blade of his bat. The blue and yellow splattered background adds a much-needed beautifying feature to the painting and color coordination complimenting the subject’s uniform.

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  • Fern Leaves of Autumn

    Fern Leaves of Autumn


    Autumn season is a time of transition. Among the many forms of a transitional nature undergoes during this time, the changes in plant life could be one of the most noticeable aspects.

    ‘Fern Leaves in Autumn’ painting aims to depict this stage of change and what is to come. In the center lies a golden fern with flanked by two ferns that have faded in color over time. Textured patterns have been used to isolate the individual fronds which come together to form the beautiful ferns of this painting. No matter what season it is, the ‘Fern Leaves in Autumn’ painting is a wonderful artistic creation you can include as part of your décor options.

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  • Aquatic Vibes

    Aquatic Vibes


    Two mesmerizing fish of different species, but still so similar in nature, swimming along a current. The Creator is displaying the importance and beauty of aquatic life and the greatness of mother nature.

    A poignant message stems forth from this exquisite creation. Nature has created in different shapes, sizes, colors to co-exist with each other. The aquatic life has no issue and passes no judgement on the array of forms and colors that they are born with. They seamlessly mix and blend with each other. They swim beside each other, they pass each other by, they interact with one another. Everyone is born different and yet equal, remembering that message can help make this world a better place.

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  • Window to World

    Window to World


    Pictured in this beautiful creation is the artist’s depiction of a closed window reflecting what is visible from the outside. Aside from its visually appealing nature, this creation resonates a meaningful message which expresses how the outside world often casts a shadow and reflects a version of itself through even a closed window.

    This serves as a reminder to the viewer that even if the window to our mind is not open, the outer environment will always cast a reflection, which is visible to the outside. Decorated with beautiful natural plants, this eye-catching beauty will be a perfect addition to your home.

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  • Butterfly Below the Moon

    Butterfly Below the Moon


    An ash color butterfly below a silver moon decorated by an abstract garden laced with white foliage. The beauty and simplicity of the butterfly are contrasted against a beautiful moon, almost as if the two were related to each other. The painting also includes geometric outlines which bring more abstract detail to surroundings.

    The creator has painted the butterfly against an orange backdrop and an ash color border. The contrasting backdrop against the main features of the painting brings more beauty to this creation.

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  • Color of the Night

    Color of the Night


    An abstract painting of a colorful night. The darkness is slowly turning into color as the painting progresses from bottom to top. The orientation of the canvass is purposely vertical in order to exaggerate the intent of the creator.

    Dark and bright colors are combined with the art to bring a sense of beauty through the darkness. The vertical brush strokes contribute to the motion of the night air that is the element that is portrayed as changing into multicolor.

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  • Color Collision

    Color Collision


    Monochrome brilliantly brought to life by the clever use of agile brush strokes, thus forming a myriad of colors.

    Intricately blending shades of gray and white to form beautiful silver linings, the artist is able to also formulate gentle flames of fire floating along the waterways. This is an apt reflection of two worlds colliding into one union, to create a masterpiece so pleasing to the eye.

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  • Pure Light that Shines Br..

    Pure Light that Shines Br..


    Bathed in the hues of a bright ethereal glow emitted by the sacred tooth relic which safely rides on a majestic beast. Dancers too seem to halt their movements gazing in wonderment. This procession has a boastful aura only exemplified by the rich use of color.

    The righteous one leads with his piercing eyes taking in every detail. The outer borders of the painting succumb to a darker one that, however cannot seem to touch the ethereal glow of the sacred tooth relic that lights the way of the procession casting its glow only on those in its vicinity.

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