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  • The Color of Nature

    The Color of Nature


    The splendor of rich color in creation is beautifully portrayed in this exquisite art of flower and foliage. The mix of soft hues overlapping each other almost seems to be an abstract art, but proved not upon close examination. Every aspect of this painting represents a part of nature in the plant kingdom. Flower, leaf, tree combine to produce a spectrum of color that is largely unmatched in any artificial creation.

    The creator has taken the reality of nature and converted it into a bright pattern of creative art that splashes out an ambience of excitement and joy that would lighten any atmosphere and brighten any mood.

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  • Elephant in Gold

    Elephant in Gold


    A working elephant in midst of a golden sanctuary. The beauty of a black elephant is seen against the glittering golden backdrop. Interestingly the elephant is portrayed to be an animal of labor as he carries a heavy log using his trunk.

    The creator has also added a white stone above the featured elephant bordered by a geometric design that brings in abstract to the art. The glitter of the background is skillfully captured through a mix of gold, silver and bronze colors that gives an exquisite look to the entire painting.

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  • The Path to Divinity

    The Path to Divinity


    This is a truly enchanting work of art which not only portrays one of the most peaceful settings captured on a full moon night, but also tells the story of how each of the faithful devotees yearn to discover the path to divinity. The creator demonstrates his unmatched artistic talents through the careful selection of colors which enhances the beauty of the natural setting with the beaming rays of the full moon set against a starry night sky.

    As you witness the rows of faithful followers slowly climb to the peak of the mountain where lies a statue of the mighty Lord Buddha, the reflection of the colors of the Buddhist flag against the rock serves as a reminder for all devotees of the need to follow the teachings of the Dhamma.

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  • Grunge



    The Renaissance of punk rock blended with a retro theme results in a blast of color and attitude. This abstract portrait of a girl dressed in waves of color presents this mixture in a theme called grunge. Her face mutated from nature in what appears to be an evolution of an ocean.

    The creator has splattered this beautiful abstract art with a sea of color ranging from violet to turquoise whilst combining many of the rainbow hues in swift smooth brush strokes applied in freedom and harmony.

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  • Journey along a Beaten Pa..

    Journey along a Beaten Pa..


    The Creator has painted a timeless act seen in many different cultures with a mixture of warm and cool tones scattered across the canvas. The warmer tones have been centralized, while the cooler toned background frames the central image. The image is of a man riding and guiding the path of a bullock-cart, being led and carried by two bulls at the front of the cart, stacked up with large piles of hay.

    An inspiring piece that would fit any living space. A perfect touch of tranquility. The Creator of this marvelous piece has brought this moment to life on canvas. It could also be used as a motivational statement piece.

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  • Rhythm and Blue Skies

    Rhythm and Blue Skies


    The individual that has really been made to stand out in this brilliant piece is the traditional Kandyan dancer, all draped in robes of red and white tones, bearing a traditional Kandyan head piece. During the religious event of a Perahera procession, held in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, the traditional Kandyan dancers follow, alongside, the Kandyan drummers.

    The Creator has done a magnificent job in bringing across the energy and movement that would be seen in this Kandyan dancer in real life. The Creator has done a marvelous job of making this creation true-to-life.

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  • Living Waters

    Living Waters


    Two young Buddhists monks seated up some rocks near a river where they are busy washing their robes. The Creator has expertly portrayed the young monks, attending to their daily chores, draped in their religious robes of bright tangerine, holding the pots used to wash their robes.

    In the background, a bluish-gray sky and the silhouette of a mountain top peeping up from behind. A serene, scenic moment captured by the Creator in this lovely work of art. The stillness in this image is quiet and calming.

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  • A Magical Touch

    A Magical Touch


    It is hard to deny the magic behind a simple touch, and it is this power that is skillfully demonstrated by the creator in this unique work of art. The creation shows how two individuals exchange soft touches between each other’s hand, which is brought to life in a 3D like manner, and the creator also go on to use more finer detailing techniques to show the more stronger nature of the man’s hand, and the most delicate touch created by the woman’s hands.

    This creation is a perfect addition to remind yourself of the support and warmth a simple touch can bring to your life and dissipate a loving feeling to the entire surrounding.

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  • Daily Toils for Timber

    Daily Toils for Timber


    The daily toils of a carpenter surrounded by the results of his labor are skillfully illustrated by the creator. It takes many a shaving of timbers new and old to reach perfection, achieved at many compromises of the wood-crafter’s own comfort. His workmanship and pride both at stake with the slightest of distractions.

    The rigid focus of the carpenter despite constant wails of machinery is almost heard as one gazes at this portrayal, as the artist has masterfully recreated a real-life scene in striking detail.

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  • A City Bygone

    A City Bygone


    It was a beautiful morning. A day to make a memory. Looking out of the window, the world seemed laid back. The great Indian ocean painted in shades of turquoise with ships in the distance on a journey of their own. A volume of water, hurrying towards the rocks, uncompromising, recedes to try again another time.

    Along the beach, a quiet row of vehicles makes their way. The trees, bright and green sway for the wind carrying a gentle breeze. Just next door is a temple, painted in white the dome shaped shrine is visible, the cannons are on the other side and a lighthouse in the middle; between war and peace stands a light, beaconing the path. The creator has painted a masterpiece.

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  • Color of the Night

    Color of the Night


    An abstract painting of a colorful night. The darkness is slowly turning into color as the painting progresses from bottom to top. The orientation of the canvass is purposely vertical in order to exaggerate the intent of the creator.

    Dark and bright colors are combined with the art to bring a sense of beauty through the darkness. The vertical brush strokes contribute to the motion of the night air that is the element that is portrayed as changing into multicolor.

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  • Totally in Control

    Totally in Control


    The Creator brilliantly painted this illustration of a sportsman. The football player has been painted in motion, mid movement, in mid air. The Creator has made an interesting and bold decision to paint this piece as an artistic, animated illustration. There is a fantasy, dream like element to the creation.

    A well-executed rendition of a sports illustrated by this brilliant Creator. This piece can be added to a living space to display its star quality and can be used as a motivational piece. The interest of this piece is not limited to the sports fans who would want to add this to their collection. It fits with any living space.

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  • Leaves of Gold

    Leaves of Gold


    Golden leaves on whimsical trees create a beautiful arch of color, which concurrently reflect upon the murky waters beneath, to lighten up the dreary surroundings.

    Using intricate brush strokes with precision, the leaves of golden are made to shine on the foreground of the setting sun. Thereby a beautiful dusky evening is being illuminated, as seen through the eyes of its creator.

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  • The Face of Emptiness

    The Face of Emptiness


    The Creator has portrayed a dark figure, amidst a brilliant white backdrop. The face of the shadowed individual is shaded and textured in a 3-dimensional format. The gold, 3-dimensional textured effect has a glowing effect on the empty face. The halo and silhouette of the have been emphasized with a dark, navy blue.

    There is strong, strange sense of emptiness flowing out from the dark figure. An intriguing still image. It’s as if the Creator were painting their interpretation of what a “full stop” or an “ellipsis”. The interpretation is left to the eye of the beholder.

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  • Charming a Cobra

    Charming a Cobra


    Depicted in this brilliant creation is a snake charmer with his flute in hand, ready at the helm to play for the snake. The music is so hypnotic to the cobra, that is front of the man. If ever you have been lucky enough to witness this event in real life you would know how fascinating it is to see a snake becoming so entranced and enchanted by the music.

    The music takes over and the snake starts to move along to and with the music. This incredible Creator has succeeded in capturing. This exceptionally spectacular moment on canvas.

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  • Pastel Sunsets by the Sea..

    Pastel Sunsets by the Sea..


    The artist uses a variety of brush stroke techniques in this piece as four boats sail across the horizon. Shades of bronze and beige create an illusion of a sunset as the boats sail into the painting, reflecting the setting rays on the water’s surface. The artist’s short, sharp brushwork creates an air of mystery and adventure filling up the canvas with a vision of the evening sky while echoing the movement of the water and shimmering skin of the fish that live in it.

    Against the dark silhouettes of the ships, the artist brings the water to life as well with realistic lines and shadows as the water almost moves and ripples across the canvas.

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  • Rays of Hope

    Rays of Hope


    A sunset captured in all of its splendor & color, is beaming rays of hope in this classic tale of a day’s end.

    The rays consummate with the hidden clouds, to form a kaleidoscope of color as seen through the eyes of its creator. The colors of the rainbow, thus emanate through the tree barks, to create breathtaking reflections, that dance along the scenic body of water

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  • Feathered Guardian

    Feathered Guardian


    A beautiful representation of a blue and white bird guarding her egg against predators. At the center of the picture is a nest with a blue egg against an abstract background. The bird itself is very skillfully drawn and painted using striking blue and white shadings with detail features.

    The creator has applied a colorful background and included foliage in silhouette with the bark of a tree upon which the nest is housed. Above the egg, there is a curious white feather which adds to the abstract of the art. The blend of color and detail is perfectly matched in the exquisite word of art.

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  • Anchored Together

    Anchored Together


    The sky is painted in subtle hues of cerise, navy, beige and rubicund, restrained and almost indiscernible. Staring right back at you are six sailboats and as if guarding their offspring, the small boats are flanked by the large motor boats.

    The intricate strokes on the sail ships are drawn with every detail brought to life, showing great skill of the creator. The inflamed water is translucent of the setting sun, majestically escorting the ships glowing in the brightness. This work of art is beautiful and resonates passion! A reminder of the brilliance and power of the creator!

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  • Pint Sized Dynamo

    Pint Sized Dynamo


    This is a wicket-keeper batsman who changed the game of cricket forever. A portrait of this amazing sportsman clad in his customary dark blue national uniform playing one of his trademark leg glances that often finds the way to the boundary quite easily.

    The creator has chosen a perfect pose and angle for this colorful portrait and skillfully sketched Kalu’s facial expression has he sees the ball fly off the blade of his bat. The blue and yellow splattered background adds a much-needed beautifying feature to the painting and color coordination complimenting the subject’s uniform.

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