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Abstract Prints

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  • Rays of Hope

    Rays of Hope


    A sunset captured in all of its splendor & color, is beaming rays of hope in this classic tale of a day’s end.

    The rays consummate with the hidden clouds, to form a kaleidoscope of color as seen through the eyes of its creator. The colors of the rainbow, thus emanate through the tree barks, to create breathtaking reflections, that dance along the scenic body of water

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  • Turquoise Crisscross

    Turquoise Crisscross


    This creation features turquoise lines crisscrossing each other to form an abstract net. The creator of this piece has given a horizontal posture to this artwork which gives a sense of width to the purpose and the inclusion of sporadic white and blue outlines and shading has added detail and depth.

    The creator has drawn thin turquoise lines mainly towards the center of the canvas to give emphasis to the crisscross nature of the painting and his choice of colors depicts calmness, freshness and beauty to this creation.

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  • Rainbow Leaves

    Rainbow Leaves


    Nothing represents color more than a brightly colored rainbow. This ‘Rainbow Leaves’ landscape painting is a perfect representation of the colors of the rainbow through brightly colored plants growing along the banks of a river.

    As the colors transition from one group of plants to the other, the reflection on the water body also perfectly aligns it from one end to the other. Such a creative work of art is therefore perfect for any space such as living room, dining area, kitchen or office. Once displayed, you can enjoy how the entire space will brighten up with the colors of the rainbow.

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  • Idolatry



    A grim portrayal of what appears to be a spiritual being sketched abstractly seated in a hollow transcending time and space. The figure, although unclear is elegantly drawn and skillfully sculptured using dull colors against an equal background.

    The creator of beautifully painted this figure, which stands as a representation of an idol using detail brush strokes and careful application of light and shade.

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  • Anchored Together

    Anchored Together


    The sky is painted in subtle hues of cerise, navy, beige and rubicund, restrained and almost indiscernible. Staring right back at you are six sailboats and as if guarding their offspring, the small boats are flanked by the large motor boats.

    The intricate strokes on the sail ships are drawn with every detail brought to life, showing great skill of the creator. The inflamed water is translucent of the setting sun, majestically escorting the ships glowing in the brightness. This work of art is beautiful and resonates passion! A reminder of the brilliance and power of the creator!

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  • Basking in the Light

    Basking in the Light


    The Creator has offered a masterful ode to Buddhism. Being that the Lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism. The geometry of this masterpiece only draws emphasis to the celestial atmosphere that is highly prominent in this magnificent piece.

    The sapphire hues that cover the semi-precious effect of the sky is so alluring, calming. Perfect to soften the chaos of the modern world in which we live in. The Creator has astoundingly portrayed an abstract masterpiece that emanates a strong and calm peace.

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  • Dancing in the Daylight

    Dancing in the Daylight


    An interesting painting of a disco ball placed in an outdoor setting. The light background, giving the impression that it’s probably daytime. Nevertheless, the ball is reflecting an array of colorful effects that span onto the floor.

    The creator has beautifully painted the disco ball in gold and placed it as though it were hanging from the sky spreading forth multicolor light. The landscape seems to be that of a snow-capped mountain range outlined in a geometrical design.

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  • Misunderstanding



    A common occurrence in relationships between a man and a woman is the female assuming that the male’s actions towards fellowship is purely sexually motivated as opposed to seeking companionship. This painting of a man and woman facing each other in complete physical transparency with their heads erased out, portrays this misunderstanding perfectly.

    The creator has drawn the two genders in contrasting abstract colors whilst maintaining reality in body shape. The surrounding dull colored shadings add variety and depth to this intense depiction of human relations.

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  • Feathered Nest

    Feathered Nest


    A contrast of black and white mingled with an orange-breasted light brown bird. The bird is gazing at her nest that is strategically drawn at the center of the canvas against a black and white setting. The curious stare of the bird toward the nest that bears an egg that appears to be in the process of hatching is well caught by the creator of this painting.

    The art is well populated with detail, color, and emotion of the animal as it gives a sense of expectation of what about to come out of the hatching egg.

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  • Fern Leaves of Autumn

    Fern Leaves of Autumn


    Autumn season is a time of transition. Among the many forms of a transitional nature undergoes during this time, the changes in plant life could be one of the most noticeable aspects.

    ‘Fern Leaves in Autumn’ painting aims to depict this stage of change and what is to come. In the center lies a golden fern with flanked by two ferns that have faded in color over time. Textured patterns have been used to isolate the individual fronds which come together to form the beautiful ferns of this painting. No matter what season it is, the ‘Fern Leaves in Autumn’ painting is a wonderful artistic creation you can include as part of your décor options.

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  • Raindrops on My Head

    Raindrops on My Head


    The connotation of rainfall on one’s head may seem frustrating when staring at this elegant abstract created with a mix of light hues and amber splats. The brush strokes bring out a sense of drizzle seen through a window tainted in light and water drops.

    The creator skillfully sketched the damp effect whilst complimenting the subject with ambient light through a clever use of color and shading over a beautified canvas.

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  • Pastel Sunsets by the Sea..

    Pastel Sunsets by the Sea..


    The artist uses a variety of brush stroke techniques in this piece as four boats sail across the horizon. Shades of bronze and beige create an illusion of a sunset as the boats sail into the painting, reflecting the setting rays on the water’s surface. The artist’s short, sharp brushwork creates an air of mystery and adventure filling up the canvas with a vision of the evening sky while echoing the movement of the water and shimmering skin of the fish that live in it.

    Against the dark silhouettes of the ships, the artist brings the water to life as well with realistic lines and shadows as the water almost moves and ripples across the canvas.

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  • Forest of Fury

    Forest of Fury


    ‘Forest Fury’ is a captivating handmade oil painting which plays with a strong combination of contrasting colors. The central focus of the painting is a group of towering trees that have risen way above the canopy of the forest below. At the base of these strong tree trunks rises a raging fire unleashing fury among the surroundings.

    The contrast between the upper greenish area and the region of red below is highlighted by the white cloud of smoke segregated in between. This painting is a perfect statement piece which will stand out due to its energetic use of colors.

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  • Feathered Guardian

    Feathered Guardian


    A beautiful representation of a blue and white bird guarding her egg against predators. At the center of the picture is a nest with a blue egg against an abstract background. The bird itself is very skillfully drawn and painted using striking blue and white shadings with detail features.

    The creator has applied a colorful background and included foliage in silhouette with the bark of a tree upon which the nest is housed. Above the egg, there is a curious white feather which adds to the abstract of the art. The blend of color and detail is perfectly matched in the exquisite word of art.

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  • Color Festival

    Color Festival


    A festival of color comes to light in this vibrant depiction of trees on the banks of a soothing river, dancing to the beat of a colorful tune.

    Illuminating a plethora of colors, the artist captures the essence of a rainbow that splashes its fragments onto the surroundings, so piquantly.

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  • Light in the Darkness

    Light in the Darkness


    This exquisite art is painted using the skillful stippling technique with a mixture of light blue shades to form an abstract of light and shade. The fade from light to dark and then back again is perfectly placed and executed with color and depth.

    The creator has inserted a blast of white light from the center of the canvass that radiates the surroundings, giving an effect of light invading its darkened environment.

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  • The Flame of Hades

    The Flame of Hades


    In this creation the dark figured individual is being anointed in ethereal light of the waterfall. The long, flowing, connecting strokes of azure act as a light around the figure of the person. Framing the individual perfectly in the halo of light. The figure; stunning and fascinating, godlike in its nature is what one would imagine a celestial being from Greek mythology looks like.

    This hauntingly beautiful piece would be a key, signature work of art in any collection of art. It is a testament to the artistic prowess of this ingenious Creator. The piece exudes wonder and mystique. Any and all who gaze upon the mastery of this work of art will be in awe of it.

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  • Urban Directionality

    Urban Directionality


    Here we have an image of a busy, crowded street with people walking on the side of the road, along the paved pathway, rushing to get somewhere. This creation reminds of the accelerated pace and the rush of the everyday modern life. The Creator has managed to brilliantly capture this moment on canvas for the purpose of reminding the viewer that sometimes we need to slow down and take a breath in this fast-paced life.

    A message of poignancy and clarity that has been perfectly put across by the Creator. The use of colors sets the tone of the piece. The blueish-gray hues tell the viewer that urban living isn’t as glamorous or appealing as it seems to be. There are important moments that we miss out on when we rush through life.

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  • Where the Waters Run Deep..

    Where the Waters Run Deep..


    In this creation, we see a dark, shaded figure of an individual with an explosion of bright, vibrant colors flowing out from the head of the figure. Behind the individual stands a magnificent waterfall and the lilac and gray tones that make up the rocks of the waterfall and stream.

    The brilliant Creator has placed the individual in the body of water and we see little flashes of light striking against the body of the individual. The dark and edgy nature and tone of this creation makes it alluring and beautiful. Ethereal in its nature. The addition of this exquisite piece would make any collection of art special and unique.

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  • Grunge



    The Renaissance of punk rock blended with a retro theme results in a blast of color and attitude. This abstract portrait of a girl dressed in waves of color presents this mixture in a theme called grunge. Her face mutated from nature in what appears to be an evolution of an ocean.

    The creator has splattered this beautiful abstract art with a sea of color ranging from violet to turquoise whilst combining many of the rainbow hues in swift smooth brush strokes applied in freedom and harmony.

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