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Cultural Prints

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  • Queen of the Mountains

    Queen of the Mountains


    An astounding portrayal of the queen of all trains carving her way through the steep hills over picturesque death-defying bridge spanning the cliffs. The beauty in the detail of the train in contrast to the silhouette of the mountain cliffs is a feature of this painting.

    The creator of the work of art has skillfully offered a viewpoint that is both scenic and dangerous, giving a sense of awe mixed with fear. The raw courage of the train moving across the heavenly landscape is wonderfully brought through in this exquisite painting.

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  • Making Clouds Disappear

    Making Clouds Disappear


    The creator has chosen to depict this ancient heritage site on a bright and sunny afternoon during which the clear blue cloudless sky offers the most striking backdrop which makes the milky white stupa stand out in the most perfect way. Oozing purity and peacefulness this beautiful stupa may even trick the eyes of the viewer to think it is a pure white cloud which has taken such a shape.

    In order to make this setting more real, the creator has very delicately portrayed a few devotees who have come to pay homage along with ancient ruins surrounding the stupa which makes this creation ethereal yet realistic at the same time.

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  • Stairway of Faith

    Stairway of Faith


    A lone Buddhist monk walks up towards the endless journey of faith using a staircase that seems to be leading to an oblivion that only he can see. The curious setting of the staircase amidst a rocky wilderness is thought provoking.

    The creator has beautifully portrayed the loneliness of his journey by drawing a contrasting large surrounding landscape that is filled with detail and color. The monk has been placed in the middle of the stairway to offer the viewer the opportunity to take in the adjacent nature whilst focusing on the subject.

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  • An Eye for Detail

    An Eye for Detail


    If you are an admirer of traditional handcraft industries, then this work of art will be a perfect addition for your collection as it captures the level of commitment and eye for detail which is required to come up with a beautiful work of art.

    As seen in this creation, the artist focuses on the high level of concentration seen on the face of the workman as he wields the raw block of wood through a wood carving machine to yield the final product. Put yourself in the midst of this workstation as you imagine watching how this talented artist expresses his unmatched workmanship to create a fine work of art.

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  • Colors of Next Generation..

    Colors of Next Generation..


    Sri Lanka is a country that is blessed with much diversity, and it is this diversity that truly makes this little nation one of the most beautiful nations in the world. But as we all know, all what we have been blessed with belongs to our future generations and this creation is a timely reminder of the need to embrace our colorful heritage in order to protect the best assets of our motherland for our future generations.

    As the little children seen in this beautiful creation join hands to spread the strength of diversity to every corner of the island, sit back and enjoy how this cheerful work of art spreads the power of diversity to its surroundings as well.

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  • Thirst Quencher

    Thirst Quencher


    A rich, lush environment nourished by the flowing of a sparkling stream that not only beautifies the surroundings, but offers itself as a thirst quencher to a group of deer. This wonderful portrayal of animal and forest is supervised afar by an astounding rock in the background, which seems to be the ruling body over this natural habitat.

    The creator has beautifully brought through the astounding dependence of nature within itself and managed to insert a lot of detail into a single picture by carefully organizing the subjects throughout the canvass whilst expertly revealing the sparkle of fresh water amidst the stunning background landscape.

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  • Return to the Community

    Return to the Community


    Through this beautiful watercolor creation, the artist brings to life the journey of a mother and child as they make their way back to their community. The beautiful village setting captured explores the simplicity of community style living and the sense of security it brings to all those who enter the vicinity.

    The creation also emanates a very warm feeling mainly due to the warm autumn hues it is colored by, making it a perfect décor option you could use to color any space in your home of office, which will help remind you of the sense of belonging you will feel when you are a part of a tight-knit community.

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  • A Mighty Leader to Come

    A Mighty Leader to Come


    In an era where millions of devotees worship and draw inspiration from the teachings of the Lord Gautama Buddha, many believe the time is also drawing near for another such great teacher to walk among us. In this beautiful landscape creation, the creator has demonstrated a man-made statue of “Maithri Bodhisathva”, the divine one, who many believe is the next great leader to come.

    Closely intertwined with the culture and heritage of our predominantly Buddhist nation, this creation offers many reasons as to why you should make it part of your living space as it will help prepare our mind for the arrival of this divine leader.

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  • A Pilgrim’s Haven

    A Pilgrim’s Haven


    Here, we have an iconic landmark captured on canvas. This Brilliantly thought out and beautifully painted creation is of the “Meditating Buddha” or Gal Vihara Temple in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, in Sri Lanka. The Creator has done a marvelous job of recreating it on canvas. Its prominence and beauty have not been diminished but heightened by the Creator.

    This is a stone statue and Temple of Lord Buddha where the statue was carved into the rock. A perfect blend of culture and philosophy. This creation will bring tranquility to any living space. The earthy tones of the creation complement any and all color schemes.

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  • Village Hospitality

    Village Hospitality


    This masterpiece beautifully paints the regard Sri Lankans have for the warmth and freshness of milk straight from the udder of the cow or the buffalo. A glass of warm milk from their own cattle is a gesture of hospitality, that exists even to this date.

    This painting captures a young woman milking a buffalo. Buffalo milk is used to make curd which is usually eaten with fresh treacle as a desert in the Sri Lankan culture. The creator focuses on the hardships the villagers undergo even for a simple gesture of hospitality, which is done wholeheartedly.

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  • Monochrome Evenings

    Monochrome Evenings


    At a distance some coconut trees, dive to welcome the sea, the branches turning inland for the wind force, a flock of seagulls’ fly home after a day at sea. It’s dusk and the sky is exploding with color. This monochrome piece leaves the spectator in awe of the beauty of nature, where colors fail.

    A solitary sail ship is in the deep sea, heading out to sea perhaps, leaving the comfort of their home. The lighthouse stands tall along the shore, spreading light, giving direction and hope to those who seek… A beautiful work of art fit for any space.

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  • Village Stopover

    Village Stopover


    A welcome stopover along a village road for the journey weary bullock cart. This painting features a remote landscape populated with some idling local inhabitants. The detail of the surrounding trees stands out as a feature in the work of art as the creator has blended colors with definite brush strokes.

    Simplicity in choice of colors gives this painting a rugged look in keeping with the theme of a village. The dull hues are overshadowed by the rich detail in multiple characters represented by men and animals spread evenly throughout the canvas, giving the viewer a lot to gaze at when taking in the environment that is portrayed.

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  • Daily Toils for Timber

    Daily Toils for Timber


    The daily toils of a carpenter surrounded by the results of his labor are skillfully illustrated by the creator. It takes many a shaving of timbers new and old to reach perfection, achieved at many compromises of the wood-crafter’s own comfort. His workmanship and pride both at stake with the slightest of distractions.

    The rigid focus of the carpenter despite constant wails of machinery is almost heard as one gazes at this portrayal, as the artist has masterfully recreated a real-life scene in striking detail.

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  • The Great Philosopher

    The Great Philosopher


    This terracotta colored painting of the Lord Buddha is a spectacular depiction of this iconic symbol of Buddhism. The terracotta shade that the Creator has used on the statue head brings prominence to the earth element that is heavily present in this creation. The gray background could represent either the element of wind or Aether.

    A bold piece such as this adds class, elegance and tranquility to any living space. A refined, quiet grace exudes from the creation. The Creator has very unique, artistic eye.

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  • The Greener Side

    The Greener Side


    Through this beautiful landscape creation, the creator brings to life the age old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side, and captures the exact moment when a courageous branch leaps over to what is perceived as the greener side. Separated by a simple fence, the creator strategically uses shading techniques to show how one side seems much brighter symbolizing new hope while the past casts a shadow on the other side.

    The viewer will easily move into a state of contemplation as he begins to understand what it takes to take a leap of faith and jump over to the greener side.

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  • Sturdy on a Rock

    Sturdy on a Rock


    In this exquisite creation, the Creator has captured a historic landmark figure, the ‘Gadaladeniya’ Vihara temple from the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Creator stunningly captures the Dravidian style of Architecture, represented by the pyramid shaped head/roof of the temple.

    This exquisite and timeless creation brings history, art and culture to a living space. Curiosity peaks at first glance. This creation is one with a story behind it and others will see it too. It is a unique conversation starter. A work of art of this caliber is now rare, and therefore hard to find.

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  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost


    The Creator has captured a peaceful and serene moment in an ancient indigenous village. There is a stillness and calmness to the skill and brushwork of the creator of this work of art.

    This creation blends well with any theme or color scheme. It’s a beautiful piece that anyone would admire when looking at it. It would be a great conversation starter when friends and family are over.

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  • Race Across the Waters

    Race Across the Waters


    A sailboat in expectation of a profitable day catches races across the great ocean splitting the waves in its wake. This painting is filled with shadings of blue and spots of amber used with perfection and creativity to bring a sense of turmoil amongst a stunning natural setting of nature vs man.

    The creator has skillfully drawn the waves in a manner that portrays the speed in which the catamaran is traveling whilst its sail is full of a powerful wind. The amazing portrayal of wind on the sail and disturbed waters using color and sketch is a feature of this wonderful work of art.

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  • Victorious on the Battle ..

    Victorious on the Battle ..


    The Creator depicts a war, a fight between two soldiers on the battlefield. The colors present in the background are more muted and grey toned, it suggests that the theme of this creation is darker and more remorseful. It’s very evident by the central figures of the image that it is dark and there is some gore present.

    However, it depicts that a battle is being fought and being won. This could be the Creator’s rendition of a battle that shaped history. Every war or battle known and recorded in history has shaped the world in one way or another.

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  • The Midas’ Work

    The Midas’ Work


    The masterful Creator has painted a rendition of the face of a statue of the Lord Buddha, glistening dull gold, in all its glory. The Creator is increasing the value and the importance of this cultural icon by ten fold, by the use and choice of this bold and distinctive color.

    This magnificent creation is a beautiful piece of cultural art that is alluring and brings peace, tranquility and grace into a living space. Adding this work of art to a collection of different works of art will enrich and diversify the collection, making it more valuable and more exquisite.

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