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Cultural Prints

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  • Weaving Foundations

    Weaving Foundations


    Rattan weaving which was once a highly sought after skill is now a dying art which is hardly known to the younger generation, and for this reason the creator has picked a moment where a talented rattan weaver performs her task in order to immortalize this industry.

    The creator has kept things simple by using soft shades of brown and a bright blue background, but with every brush stroke has depicted the high level of concentration and artistic value of this dying industry. As the foundations of these chairs are woven together, this creation will help remind you of the ancient industries that paved the way for modern enterprises.

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  • Race Across the Waters

    Race Across the Waters


    A sailboat in expectation of a profitable day catches races across the great ocean splitting the waves in its wake. This painting is filled with shadings of blue and spots of amber used with perfection and creativity to bring a sense of turmoil amongst a stunning natural setting of nature vs man.

    The creator has skillfully drawn the waves in a manner that portrays the speed in which the catamaran is traveling whilst its sail is full of a powerful wind. The amazing portrayal of wind on the sail and disturbed waters using color and sketch is a feature of this wonderful work of art.

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  • Transgressions and Penalt..

    Transgressions and Penalt..


    The creator has chosen to portray an instance where the power of the ruler reigned supreme in ancient Sri Lanka. Penalties meted out to offenders of the law of the land varied in aggression.

    Depicted here is a royal’s discharge of judicial duties, thought to be a conscientious and rightful by the passive onlookers gathered at the back. Their somber expressions reflect fear and reverence as the artist skillfully represents the transgression of customs and law, bringing to life a bygone era.

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  • Cross of Faith

    Cross of Faith


    Faith bears a strong power which often cannot be explained but can be felt and experienced in massive proportions, and through this creation, the artist brings to life the power of faith symbolized by a wooden cross.

    Although humble it may seem the massive crowds of devotees depicted in this scene show the degree of power this modest symbol of faith possesses. As a creation which tells the story of a biblical tale, you too will be able to remind yourself of the mighty power faith can bring as long as you continue to believe.

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  • Setting Sun of Tranquilit..

    Setting Sun of Tranquilit..


    The artist brings to life the tranquility offered by the golden setting sun, against the ripples of the tranquil lake. An iconic Sri Lankan scene, it is an augmented visual delight in portraying the glistening body of water and the soft foliage of an ageing tree.

    The pagoda illustrated through shadows amongst the thick forestry adds undertones of serenity. A play between light and dark, this creation is brought to life with the use of only a few colors, a testament to the creator’s versatility.

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  • Sturdy on a Rock

    Sturdy on a Rock


    In this exquisite creation, the Creator has captured a historic landmark figure, the ‘Gadaladeniya’ Vihara temple from the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Creator stunningly captures the Dravidian style of Architecture, represented by the pyramid shaped head/roof of the temple.

    This exquisite and timeless creation brings history, art and culture to a living space. Curiosity peaks at first glance. This creation is one with a story behind it and others will see it too. It is a unique conversation starter. A work of art of this caliber is now rare, and therefore hard to find.

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  • Baskets of Gold

    Baskets of Gold


    The colors and the details of the shoreline is beautifully painted in a very natural and fluid manner. The painting is feministic as it focuses on women who are picking fish to be sold and draws back from the patriarchal idea that only the men who catch fish from the sea are the real bread winners.

    The highly saturated golden baskets emphasize on the value of the fish to the women and embarks on the main source of income for those living along the coastline. The beauty of this painting remains in the women stepping outside the boundaries of patriarchy and being able to be the bread winners too.

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  • The Cellist

    The Cellist


    A young boy concentrates intently as he engages his body and soul in creating music through a wooden stringed accomplice. This portrait of man and music is a perfect depiction of the relationship between the musician and instrument, both lost in each other’s embrace with the sole purpose of delivering a beautiful melody.

    The creator has placed the subjects in solitude and exaggerated the theme through skillful use of color by including a gray, misty background to the bright contrast of the instrumentalist and his cello.

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  • Pure Light that Shines Br..

    Pure Light that Shines Br..


    Bathed in the hues of a bright ethereal glow emitted by the sacred tooth relic which safely rides on a majestic beast. Dancers too seem to halt their movements gazing in wonderment. This procession has a boastful aura only exemplified by the rich use of color.

    The righteous one leads with his piercing eyes taking in every detail. The outer borders of the painting succumb to a darker one that, however cannot seem to touch the ethereal glow of the sacred tooth relic that lights the way of the procession casting its glow only on those in its vicinity.

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  • Sands of Time

    Sands of Time


    The Creator of this simple, yet lovely piece, has portrayed a day in the life a village fisherman. A beautiful seascape setting, this creation has been painted with such care and precision, at first glance, the detail that really catches one’s eye is an undertone of yellow and gold. We have two fishermen reaping the gains of a hard day’s work, in the warm afternoon sun, atop a sandy beach of golden warmth.

    Truly magnificent, a testament to the Creator’s skill, techniques, creativity and use of colors. A lovely piece to hang on the wall of any family lounge, living room or hall, inside a home. This creation is an ideal piece for that, touch of elegance feel.

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  • Road to Brotherhood

    Road to Brotherhood


    Where the constant perceptions of ‘otherness’ have been set aside to achieve a common goal is true unity. The artist’s creation encompasses this harmony of a unique people, from varied age, cast and creed.

    With bursts of color, expressive language, movement and action, this work of art adds vibrancy to a space. This inspirational piece is a testament to unity in diversity, with the ability to inspire even the most skeptical of viewers.

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  • A Manic Monday

    A Manic Monday


    The Creator has expertly brought out the rush and urgency of a typical marketplace in Sri Lanka. Buyers and sellers coming together. Multiple deals and events happening in one moment and the Creator has, expertly captured, the typical atmosphere and the nature of a bazaar in Sri Lanka.

    The use different colors in this creation make it a diverse piece. The calming green and blue hues, mixed with the strong earthy tones give this creation multiple facets, as if it was a diamond. This makes it obscure and means there’s always something new to be discovered when admiring the technique and brilliance of this creation.

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  • World… United

    World… United


    We are shown in this creation that it does not matter what cast, creed, ethnic background and religion you come from, we all share this world and we deserve to live together in unity, without discrimination. We can all be together and interact with each other as one.

    Portrayed in this creation are children of different ethnicities. One theme clearly portrayed and very evident in the piece. The moral of this piece lies in the simple fact that each of us were born in the same way, we were all once infants who grew to be children of the world and now adults. We all share the same stages in life, from birth to old age. How can we be different when we share so much, already?

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  • Rumble of the Drums

    Rumble of the Drums


    The Creator of this marvelous piece has, ever so brilliantly, captured a still image on canvas of a Kandyan drummer, who are a part of the Perahera Procession in the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. They are usually at the front of the Perahera, following, just behind the Elephants.

    The Creator’s choice and use of colors accurately portray the drummer and his scarlet clothing. The earthy tones of the drum blend into the multitude of hues, so effortlessly, that the drummer is brought to life from the canvas. This creation will certainly liven up a living, whilst adding a bit of flare.

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  • Village Life

    Village Life


    The creator beautifully expresses a typical Sri Lankan village. This is a Sinhalese phrase that shows the close relationship with the village with the temple and tanks for agricultural purposes. The painting is nourished by the nutrients of its soil and the farmer’s labor that in return has produced healthy plants that cover the land.

    A stroke of astounding divinity from the tanks and the bright skies revives the land and glorifies its beauty. A balance of warm and dark tones adds contrast to the landscape and village culture.

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  • Painting the Dream World

    Painting the Dream World


    We all dream of living in a world free from judgment based on meaningless attributes that create separation like cast, creed, race, religions and much more, and through this creation, the talented creator paints a picture of a world a group of children hopes to live in.

    Representing true childlike innocence, this creation strategically uses the painting under construction to merge the boundaries among current existing separations. The creation also shows how once, such a united world comes to life, we too can enjoy true happiness as one and continue to live in harmony as the characters in this work of art.

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  • Under the Tree of Enlight..

    Under the Tree of Enlight..


    The Creator has beautifully portrayed Lord Buddha in this portrait with shading and definition have been meticulously crafted in this masterpiece. The way the dark and light contour and highlight the features within the face makes it look true to life. Against the shaded, gray background, the tone and shading that outlines the face does not diminish. The beauty of the portrait is heightened by the gray backdrop.

    An integration of culture, philosophy, worship and art are all in this one creation. The addition of this piece into one’s collection will bring cultural diversity to any collection of artworks.

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  • Connect Earth and Heaven

    Connect Earth and Heaven


    This creation is a beautiful representation of ancient man-made wonders, the creator artistically portrays a massive Dagoba stands tall in the midst of its surroundings. Although a realistic representation of a natural landscape, the view through which the artist has chosen to display this moment brings to life a deeper meaning, which shows how the teachings drawn from this sacred monument act as a bridge between life on earth and the divine powers hidden in the heavens above.

    As you make this beautiful creation part of your living space, you will be invited to go into a state of deep meditation on the hidden powers this wonder holds.

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  • The Greener Side

    The Greener Side


    Through this beautiful landscape creation, the creator brings to life the age old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side, and captures the exact moment when a courageous branch leaps over to what is perceived as the greener side. Separated by a simple fence, the creator strategically uses shading techniques to show how one side seems much brighter symbolizing new hope while the past casts a shadow on the other side.

    The viewer will easily move into a state of contemplation as he begins to understand what it takes to take a leap of faith and jump over to the greener side.

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  • The Ruler

    The Ruler


    An exquisite close-up profile of the king of rock in performance. This painting is a perfect portrayal of the young Elvis Presley in his rebel attire, guitar sling to the side, singing to an imaginary lass far into the crowds.

    The creator of this art has captured the curious and alluring gaze that won many hearts by skillfully sketching an exact replication of a pose that was never ignored. Dark shadings amidst the sharp features of Elvis is drawn and blended in unison to produce a masterpiece portrait.

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