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Landscape Prints

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  • Exodus



    The creator beautifully expresses a highly saturated landscape with strokes of browns and yellows that visually craft a dry and humid land. Spots of dry against the dark green foliage resemble the loss and continuity of life. The land is a collapsed civilization with hints of life.

    A stroke of astounding divinity from the stream revives the land from her lamentation over her curse. Her barrenness is a clear emphasis on the cycle of human selfishness towards nature. A balance of warm and dark tones adds contrast to the landscape and its downfall.

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  • Time to Hunt

    Time to Hunt


    This creation is a beautiful, hand-painted portrait of a spectacular sighting of a leopard, resting in its natural habitat, scanning and focusing on something that has caught its eye, in its surroundings. The intricate definition and highlighting of the rocks that the leopard sits on give a rather realistic feel to the piece.

    The rosette shapes on the coat of the leopard, meticulously placed dotting of the subtle spots on the head of the leopard, shift in color from a golden, caramel brown to a more off-white shade below the neck and between the front legs has given life to this magnificent creature by bringing as much attention and emphasis in this spectacular work of art.

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  • A Robed Beauty

    A Robed Beauty


    A migratory bird sits in her nest patiently protecting her young. Clothed in a flawless tone of orange this beautiful bird is famously known as the ‘Siuru Hora’ or the Indian Flycatcher. They fly thousands of miles to tropical Sri Lanka to escape the winter chills and find their mate.

    The creator has beautifully portrayed the little bird in snug in her nest, her bright blue eyes alert to the smallest movement, the nest carefully placed in a fork, protected from the wind, a few small branches to support. It is brilliant to witness this creation up close with every detail drawn to perfection.

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  • Rays of Hope

    Rays of Hope


    A sunset captured in all of its splendor & color, is beaming rays of hope in this classic tale of a day’s end.

    The rays consummate with the hidden clouds, to form a kaleidoscope of color as seen through the eyes of its creator. The colors of the rainbow, thus emanate through the tree barks, to create breathtaking reflections, that dance along the scenic body of water

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  • Connect Earth and Heaven

    Connect Earth and Heaven


    This creation is a beautiful representation of ancient man-made wonders, the creator artistically portrays a massive Dagoba stands tall in the midst of its surroundings. Although a realistic representation of a natural landscape, the view through which the artist has chosen to display this moment brings to life a deeper meaning, which shows how the teachings drawn from this sacred monument act as a bridge between life on earth and the divine powers hidden in the heavens above.

    As you make this beautiful creation part of your living space, you will be invited to go into a state of deep meditation on the hidden powers this wonder holds.

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  • Eye on the Wings

    Eye on the Wings


    In this piece, the Creator shows us the beauty of nature. This stunningly vivid creation portrays a simple, yet beautiful butterfly, sitting on a flower and drinking the golden nectar of this flower for sustenance. The deep scarlet that highlights the wings of the butterfly, mixed with sapphire blue, bits of yellow and charcoal black, an excellent choice of colors in this combination.

    We then have the leaves which pop out beside the butterfly, a beautiful hue of green, with such vivid detailing of the veins of the leaves and parts that have bitten off by other insects and various gastropods. The burnt orange and dull yellow hues that peek out from behind the centralized area of the image, in the background. This beautiful creation is a testament to the brilliance of the Creator, and of the wonders of nature.

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  • Midnight Sails

    Midnight Sails


    The moon takes center stage in this piece as it reaches it’s beams across the sky and onto the boats that sail across the moonlit sea. The otherwise midnight blue sky acts as an unobtrusive backdrop while the shadow of the white moon is illuminated by shades of gold and yellow.

    The artist lets loose with color as the sea takes on unconventional shades of brown and dark colors with only the moonlight to cast a glow against the water. The boats too stick to the minimalist, modernist color palette, the carefully shaded yellow sails creating an illusion of movement of the boats along the water.

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  • Main Street

    Main Street


    The hustle and bustle of the commercial sector in a remote village are beautifully painted using various shades of brown and green. The street is flanked by vendors and village folk while in the center is a large bullock cart possibly carrying the days merchandise.

    The creator has skillfully used water colors to give a spectacular faded shading to create depth in the background foliage and drawn the texture of the villages along the road in intricate detail.

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  • Cross of Faith

    Cross of Faith


    Faith bears a strong power which often cannot be explained but can be felt and experienced in massive proportions, and through this creation, the artist brings to life the power of faith symbolized by a wooden cross.

    Although humble it may seem the massive crowds of devotees depicted in this scene show the degree of power this modest symbol of faith possesses. As a creation which tells the story of a biblical tale, you too will be able to remind yourself of the mighty power faith can bring as long as you continue to believe.

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  • Anchored Together

    Anchored Together


    The sky is painted in subtle hues of cerise, navy, beige and rubicund, restrained and almost indiscernible. Staring right back at you are six sailboats and as if guarding their offspring, the small boats are flanked by the large motor boats.

    The intricate strokes on the sail ships are drawn with every detail brought to life, showing great skill of the creator. The inflamed water is translucent of the setting sun, majestically escorting the ships glowing in the brightness. This work of art is beautiful and resonates passion! A reminder of the brilliance and power of the creator!

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  • Sweet Bride

    Sweet Bride


    A young lass dressed in a magenta decoration and prepared to meet her groom, waits and poses with a sweet impatient smile. The painting beautifully captures her patience, excitement and joy all rolled into one expression of emotion.

    Exquisite detail of facial features is sketched, and perfect color balance utilized by the creator in this portrait that blends art with human passion. The texture of the subject’s skin and shades of her costume skillfully complimented with the background and foreground of the picture.

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  • Grazing in a Fiery Field

    Grazing in a Fiery Field


    Set in broken color, the artist evokes impressionism in this work of art. The chrome opaque brush strokes are characteristic of a Van Gogh creation. Yet it is more vibrant and colorful in its open composition.

    With more emphasis on the accurate depiction of light and depth, the grazing rabbit is portrayed as gentle and sans defense. The artist illustrates its inherent timid and inhibited quality albeit with the use of an array of complex complementary colors, against a blazing field of crimson.

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  • Together, We Walk

    Together, We Walk


    A lovely nature portrait of a family of elephants, stepping out from behind the trees of the inner and on to a visible path. The Creator has chosen to paint this beautiful work of art, with the hope that it would lighten the moods of those who look at it and brighten and cheer up anyone’s day.

    There is the element of family and togetherness that is, very strongly, represented in this creation. Although placed behind the first parent, the baby elephant is the best part of this creation. As we know, baby elephants are fun loving and playful, so when we look at the baby elephant, walking beside its parents, it reminds us of the mischievous acts that the elephant could be up to, while on this walk.

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  • The Red Eyed Girl

    The Red Eyed Girl


    A Magpie clothed in all shades of blue, elegantly poses for the creator. Her feathers a chestnut tone, she is truly a beautiful bird who is endemic to Sri Lanka. The intricate detail of the Creator is brilliant as the color combination and patterns seem as if hand painted on each bird.

    This beauty has a tail of blue with black and white strips and her eyes are a bright red with an ornate ring around it. She takes a break from her long journey to enjoy a delicacy. The artist perfectly portrays this feathered beauty who is one of our treasures.

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  • The Sacred Branch

    The Sacred Branch


    In this creation the creator symbolically uses the growth of a branch of the sacred Bo tree to show how the teachings and beliefs intertwined with the Buddhist religion also continue to grow with time. Beginning with a sturdy trunk deeply rooted in the soil, the branch begins to grow away from its comfort zone in the outer areas where there is little or no support for its growth.

    But as seen in this image, although the growth of the tree may have not been determined by any outside force, with the right human intervention, the required support has been provided to ensure the sacred branch representing religious beliefs is properly supported and kept strong.

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  • World… United

    World… United


    We are shown in this creation that it does not matter what cast, creed, ethnic background and religion you come from, we all share this world and we deserve to live together in unity, without discrimination. We can all be together and interact with each other as one.

    Portrayed in this creation are children of different ethnicities. One theme clearly portrayed and very evident in the piece. The moral of this piece lies in the simple fact that each of us were born in the same way, we were all once infants who grew to be children of the world and now adults. We all share the same stages in life, from birth to old age. How can we be different when we share so much, already?

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  • A Grand Spectacle

    A Grand Spectacle


    Taking us a step back in time, the creator has captured the natural essence of a traditional Perahera. Devoid of its modern makeup the Perahera has been stripped down to showcasing the prowess of the dancers and drummers.

    The creativity behind this masterpiece has skillfully captured one of Sri Lanka’s well-known attractions with careful detailing. Using shades of umber, bronze and burnt orange they cast an affluent area surrounding the beloved procession allowing its players to be distinguishable in their dresses of white.

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  • Jungle Waters

    Jungle Waters


    The Creator’s bold use of colors hits the viewer’s eye immediately. A jungle green hue, used in bringing the water to life; the rosettes, finely placed on the body of the leopard. The sandy yellow of the leopard’s coat. The intricate definition and shading of the ripples in the water, especially around the legs of the leopard as it stands in the water.

    The Creator has marvelously portrayed this lovely scenic portrait. The Creator brings light to the mysterious and wonders of mother nature. When we see these beings, it’s a magical and humbling experience.

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  • Journey along a Beaten Pa..

    Journey along a Beaten Pa..


    The Creator has painted a timeless act seen in many different cultures with a mixture of warm and cool tones scattered across the canvas. The warmer tones have been centralized, while the cooler toned background frames the central image. The image is of a man riding and guiding the path of a bullock-cart, being led and carried by two bulls at the front of the cart, stacked up with large piles of hay.

    An inspiring piece that would fit any living space. A perfect touch of tranquility. The Creator of this marvelous piece has brought this moment to life on canvas. It could also be used as a motivational statement piece.

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  • Rumble of the Drums

    Rumble of the Drums


    The Creator of this marvelous piece has, ever so brilliantly, captured a still image on canvas of a Kandyan drummer, who are a part of the Perahera Procession in the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. They are usually at the front of the Perahera, following, just behind the Elephants.

    The Creator’s choice and use of colors accurately portray the drummer and his scarlet clothing. The earthy tones of the drum blend into the multitude of hues, so effortlessly, that the drummer is brought to life from the canvas. This creation will certainly liven up a living, whilst adding a bit of flare.

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