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Landscape Prints

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  • A Silhouette Robed in Whi..

    A Silhouette Robed in Whi..


    A brown tipped butterfly adorns herself with two red rings, her wings flap ever so slowly as she settles herself in a flower, she is beautiful and gentle, her wings shine in the light. The creator of this work of art has watched her over time and painted every detail of her on to a canvas ever so patiently.

    Her wings are like the frills on a kite, moving slowly, helping her glide across the forests. As easy as she is in the eyes this pretty girl has stopped to admire the beauty of Heliconias. The creator has brought forth inspiration, white can be pretty fabulous!

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  • Cross of Faith

    Cross of Faith


    Faith bears a strong power which often cannot be explained but can be felt and experienced in massive proportions, and through this creation, the artist brings to life the power of faith symbolized by a wooden cross.

    Although humble it may seem the massive crowds of devotees depicted in this scene show the degree of power this modest symbol of faith possesses. As a creation which tells the story of a biblical tale, you too will be able to remind yourself of the mighty power faith can bring as long as you continue to believe.

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  • A Hard Knock Life

    A Hard Knock Life


    The Creator of this magnificent work of art has delved deep into the struggle and dedication that some have to go through in their daily work life. The creator’s technique and brushwork brilliantly capture the scene that is to be brought to the attention of the audience.

    The creation goes well with a workplace or at home, in a study. It could be a motivational piece. You could also use it as a cultural piece of art which will magnify the elegance and culture within any living space.

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  • Road to Brotherhood

    Road to Brotherhood


    Where the constant perceptions of ‘otherness’ have been set aside to achieve a common goal is true unity. The artist’s creation encompasses this harmony of a unique people, from varied age, cast and creed.

    With bursts of color, expressive language, movement and action, this work of art adds vibrancy to a space. This inspirational piece is a testament to unity in diversity, with the ability to inspire even the most skeptical of viewers.

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  • Broken Mirrors

    Broken Mirrors


    The ship, depicted in this masterpiece, has been represented by different fragmented pieces of brushwork, stitched together or by the Creator on canvas. This magnificent creation is obscure abstract, contemporary piece of art. It looks like it has been hand plucked from the Renaissance age.

    The Creator has retained the purity of what the fine arts stand for and represent. It is an expression of one’s emotions, the subconscious pours out onto the blank canvas, and that is what is prominent in this work of art. This creation is hauntingly beautiful in all its splendor and glory.

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  • Eye on the Wings

    Eye on the Wings


    In this piece, the Creator shows us the beauty of nature. This stunningly vivid creation portrays a simple, yet beautiful butterfly, sitting on a flower and drinking the golden nectar of this flower for sustenance. The deep scarlet that highlights the wings of the butterfly, mixed with sapphire blue, bits of yellow and charcoal black, an excellent choice of colors in this combination.

    We then have the leaves which pop out beside the butterfly, a beautiful hue of green, with such vivid detailing of the veins of the leaves and parts that have bitten off by other insects and various gastropods. The burnt orange and dull yellow hues that peek out from behind the centralized area of the image, in the background. This beautiful creation is a testament to the brilliance of the Creator, and of the wonders of nature.

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  • Leaves of Gold

    Leaves of Gold


    Golden leaves on whimsical trees create a beautiful arch of color, which concurrently reflect upon the murky waters beneath, to lighten up the dreary surroundings.

    Using intricate brush strokes with precision, the leaves of golden are made to shine on the foreground of the setting sun. Thereby a beautiful dusky evening is being illuminated, as seen through the eyes of its creator.

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  • The Red Eyed Girl

    The Red Eyed Girl


    A Magpie clothed in all shades of blue, elegantly poses for the creator. Her feathers a chestnut tone, she is truly a beautiful bird who is endemic to Sri Lanka. The intricate detail of the Creator is brilliant as the color combination and patterns seem as if hand painted on each bird.

    This beauty has a tail of blue with black and white strips and her eyes are a bright red with an ornate ring around it. She takes a break from her long journey to enjoy a delicacy. The artist perfectly portrays this feathered beauty who is one of our treasures.

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  • A Manic Monday

    A Manic Monday


    The Creator has expertly brought out the rush and urgency of a typical marketplace in Sri Lanka. Buyers and sellers coming together. Multiple deals and events happening in one moment and the Creator has, expertly captured, the typical atmosphere and the nature of a bazaar in Sri Lanka.

    The use different colors in this creation make it a diverse piece. The calming green and blue hues, mixed with the strong earthy tones give this creation multiple facets, as if it was a diamond. This makes it obscure and means there’s always something new to be discovered when admiring the technique and brilliance of this creation.

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  • Pain of Captivity

    Pain of Captivity


    Hidden behind this artistic portrayal of a scene which took place not too long ago, is the pain and anguish felt by a herd of gentle giants as they are forced into slavery by a group of affluent humans and their faithful followers.

    The creator very carefully details the level of anguish this herd of wild elephants feels as they are forced to work against their will as the group of greedy humans watch over the captive ground amused by the damage they are causing to nature. This work of art is definitely thought-provoking and will serve as a great reminder for us never to revert back to such primitive behavior.

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  • Monochrome Evenings

    Monochrome Evenings


    At a distance some coconut trees, dive to welcome the sea, the branches turning inland for the wind force, a flock of seagulls’ fly home after a day at sea. It’s dusk and the sky is exploding with color. This monochrome piece leaves the spectator in awe of the beauty of nature, where colors fail.

    A solitary sail ship is in the deep sea, heading out to sea perhaps, leaving the comfort of their home. The lighthouse stands tall along the shore, spreading light, giving direction and hope to those who seek… A beautiful work of art fit for any space.

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  • Gloomy Skies

    Gloomy Skies


    ‘Gloomy Skies’ is a landscape painting of the scene just before a shower of rain pours down from the sky. With the combination of a few primary colors the artist successfully brings to life a still moment in time before the climate transitions from a bright sunny day to a rainy evening.

    The lush greenery portrayed in the painting seems to eagerly await the refreshing shower of rain. Yet the reflection of the white clouds in the stream flowing across seems to act as a reminder of the clear weather experienced moments before. Used as décor, this painting will successfully take the observer in a calming state of contemplation.

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt


    A superbly portrayed painting of two gemstone hunters tirelessly straining the muddy waters in search of that one rock that could change their lives forever. The caption of the one hunter looking up towards his audience in a countenance of hope, determination mixed with a sense of fear of uncertainty is exquisitely sketched seizing the moment of expression to perfection.

    The creator has filled the canvas with detail and color, skillfully placing the two subjects; one as the focus and the other as the fitting background amongst their labor and toil. Color and shading are creatively used to bring out an evenly balanced painting between reality and art.

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  • The Color of Nature

    The Color of Nature


    The splendor of rich color in creation is beautifully portrayed in this exquisite art of flower and foliage. The mix of soft hues overlapping each other almost seems to be an abstract art, but proved not upon close examination. Every aspect of this painting represents a part of nature in the plant kingdom. Flower, leaf, tree combine to produce a spectrum of color that is largely unmatched in any artificial creation.

    The creator has taken the reality of nature and converted it into a bright pattern of creative art that splashes out an ambience of excitement and joy that would lighten any atmosphere and brighten any mood.

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  • Pure Light that Shines Br..

    Pure Light that Shines Br..


    Bathed in the hues of a bright ethereal glow emitted by the sacred tooth relic which safely rides on a majestic beast. Dancers too seem to halt their movements gazing in wonderment. This procession has a boastful aura only exemplified by the rich use of color.

    The righteous one leads with his piercing eyes taking in every detail. The outer borders of the painting succumb to a darker one that, however cannot seem to touch the ethereal glow of the sacred tooth relic that lights the way of the procession casting its glow only on those in its vicinity.

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  • A Robed Beauty

    A Robed Beauty


    A migratory bird sits in her nest patiently protecting her young. Clothed in a flawless tone of orange this beautiful bird is famously known as the ‘Siuru Hora’ or the Indian Flycatcher. They fly thousands of miles to tropical Sri Lanka to escape the winter chills and find their mate.

    The creator has beautifully portrayed the little bird in snug in her nest, her bright blue eyes alert to the smallest movement, the nest carefully placed in a fork, protected from the wind, a few small branches to support. It is brilliant to witness this creation up close with every detail drawn to perfection.

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  • Village Hospitality

    Village Hospitality


    This masterpiece beautifully paints the regard Sri Lankans have for the warmth and freshness of milk straight from the udder of the cow or the buffalo. A glass of warm milk from their own cattle is a gesture of hospitality, that exists even to this date.

    This painting captures a young woman milking a buffalo. Buffalo milk is used to make curd which is usually eaten with fresh treacle as a desert in the Sri Lankan culture. The creator focuses on the hardships the villagers undergo even for a simple gesture of hospitality, which is done wholeheartedly.

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  • Lonely Structures

    Lonely Structures


    The artist recreates his take on the lonesome surviving structures withstanding the tests of time. In the days of the royal capital, this ancient structure enshrined the relics of the olden times. Built with royal patronage it was the architect’s prime obligation to house the most venerated relics by order of the supreme ruler.

    The brick and wood are now long gone while the stone columns remain. An impervious argument that no structure or design can surpass the might of time.

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  • The Autumn Sunset

    The Autumn Sunset


    It is autumn and moments before dusk, the sky is a shade of blue and pink pastels, pine trees in the distance portraying a mountainous range. Some leaves are a blazing red colored by the glorious setting sun. Smudged brushstrokes create a blurred effect on some tree leaves depicting a silent wind brushing past.

    A pool of water has gathered on the ground, probably from a recent rainfall. Like a mirror it shines reflecting the light all around. The creator has carefully brought to life a chaotic scenery, vibrant in color a beautiful work of art fit to be displayed in an open space.

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  • The Color of Love

    The Color of Love


    A beautiful scene of a passionate couple in a romantic journey together under a shared shade of love and devotion. As the background color is faded away by the multi array of their passion, yet it gives an enchanting effect that offers a fitting ambience to the focal of the painting.

    The creator has skillfully contrasted color and monochrome to perfectly communicate the emotion of the moment. The reflecting trees against the damp surface is cleverly sketched and blended with the centerpiece that walkaway into the distance.

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