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Landscape Prints

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  • Gaze Upon the Sunset

    Gaze Upon the Sunset


    This creation portrays one of the most beautiful moments of the day, the sunset, which is most perfectly seen as the sun gradually recedes casting a perfect reflection over the calm waters, while a boat sailing through the waters enjoys a perfect view of the scene. The creator uses a strong combination of the colors blue, yellow and orange and enhances the beauty of the creation by accenting the shadows cast and reflections created in the most realistic manner.

    Include this creation in an area where you will like to add some color and also instill a sense of calmness and enjoy gazing upon the sunset whenever you please.

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  • The Natural Smile

    The Natural Smile


    A candid photo generates a smile that can never be engineered. This beautiful painting exuberates the sweet smile of a young dame as she turns towards the viewer in the burst of greenery and freshness. Her smile is perfectly caught and sketched in a splendor of body language that compliments her every expression.

    The creator has masterfully used a single primary to fill the background without losing on the wonder and awe of the subject or her surroundings. Every part of this work of art screams out the joy and brightness of youth and nature.

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  • A Pilgrim’s Haven

    A Pilgrim’s Haven


    Here, we have an iconic landmark captured on canvas. This Brilliantly thought out and beautifully painted creation is of the “Meditating Buddha” or Gal Vihara Temple in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, in Sri Lanka. The Creator has done a marvelous job of recreating it on canvas. Its prominence and beauty have not been diminished but heightened by the Creator.

    This is a stone statue and Temple of Lord Buddha where the statue was carved into the rock. A perfect blend of culture and philosophy. This creation will bring tranquility to any living space. The earthy tones of the creation complement any and all color schemes.

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  • Journey along a Beaten Pa..

    Journey along a Beaten Pa..


    The Creator has painted a timeless act seen in many different cultures with a mixture of warm and cool tones scattered across the canvas. The warmer tones have been centralized, while the cooler toned background frames the central image. The image is of a man riding and guiding the path of a bullock-cart, being led and carried by two bulls at the front of the cart, stacked up with large piles of hay.

    An inspiring piece that would fit any living space. A perfect touch of tranquility. The Creator of this marvelous piece has brought this moment to life on canvas. It could also be used as a motivational statement piece.

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  • Color Festival

    Color Festival


    A festival of color comes to light in this vibrant depiction of trees on the banks of a soothing river, dancing to the beat of a colorful tune.

    Illuminating a plethora of colors, the artist captures the essence of a rainbow that splashes its fragments onto the surroundings, so piquantly.

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  • Golden Leaves

    Golden Leaves


    The focal point of this magnificent creation is a majestic tree with evenly distributed branches, surrounded by a grassland where the blades of grass reflect a similar soft shade of gold. This textured landscape is designed to portray the transition plant life undergoes in Autumn.

    Within a stunning juxtaposition of color, it’s set in the foreground of an earthy monochrome sky. The creator has adopted a creative approach to bring to life some vibrant brush strokes that strike a vivacious balance of color, to illuminate the darkest of nights.  Brighten up a room and usher in the feeling of warmth experienced on a beautiful Autumn day with this piece.

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  • Queen of the Mountains

    Queen of the Mountains


    An astounding portrayal of the queen of all trains carving her way through the steep hills over picturesque death-defying bridge spanning the cliffs. The beauty in the detail of the train in contrast to the silhouette of the mountain cliffs is a feature of this painting.

    The creator of the work of art has skillfully offered a viewpoint that is both scenic and dangerous, giving a sense of awe mixed with fear. The raw courage of the train moving across the heavenly landscape is wonderfully brought through in this exquisite painting.

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  • Simple Elegance

    Simple Elegance


    A lake of white lotus flowers blends into the marshy land behind, in this abstract take on the simplicity of nature’s beauty.

    Course brush strokes leave room for the mind to wander on the endless possibilities of this abstract beauty. From the flowers to plants and water to fire, the artist plays with a kaleidoscope of color to personify the simple pleasures of nature.

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  • A Hard Knock Life

    A Hard Knock Life


    The Creator of this magnificent work of art has delved deep into the struggle and dedication that some have to go through in their daily work life. The creator’s technique and brushwork brilliantly capture the scene that is to be brought to the attention of the audience.

    The creation goes well with a workplace or at home, in a study. It could be a motivational piece. You could also use it as a cultural piece of art which will magnify the elegance and culture within any living space.

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  • World… United

    World… United


    We are shown in this creation that it does not matter what cast, creed, ethnic background and religion you come from, we all share this world and we deserve to live together in unity, without discrimination. We can all be together and interact with each other as one.

    Portrayed in this creation are children of different ethnicities. One theme clearly portrayed and very evident in the piece. The moral of this piece lies in the simple fact that each of us were born in the same way, we were all once infants who grew to be children of the world and now adults. We all share the same stages in life, from birth to old age. How can we be different when we share so much, already?

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  • The Color of Love

    The Color of Love


    A beautiful scene of a passionate couple in a romantic journey together under a shared shade of love and devotion. As the background color is faded away by the multi array of their passion, yet it gives an enchanting effect that offers a fitting ambience to the focal of the painting.

    The creator has skillfully contrasted color and monochrome to perfectly communicate the emotion of the moment. The reflecting trees against the damp surface is cleverly sketched and blended with the centerpiece that walkaway into the distance.

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  • Music for the Soul

    Music for the Soul


    The creator of this beautiful, timeless piece of art, has masterfully portrayed an art in its own respect. The relationship between the snake and it’s charmer have been clearly painted with such emotion that even the feeling of the movement of the snake is brought to life. The Creator has gone to great lengths to put in meticulous details into this creation.

    This creation is a bold and daring piece, one that would be an excellent addition into any collection for this creation is timeless, in every sense of the word.

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  • First of its Kind

    First of its Kind


    A grand monument and a beacon of culture and heritage, the “Thuparamaya”, a Buddhist temple, located in the historic and ancient city of Anuradhapura, in the Island nation of Sri Lanka. Located in the heart of the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka has many Buddhist temples.

    The temple that is portrayed in this creation is known as one of the first dome shaped Buddhist temples, ever to be built in Sri Lanka and was built in order to enshrine the right collarbone of Lord Buddha. Cultural art at its finest. The Creator of this exceptionally exquisite piece deserves to be commended.

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  • Hues of Azure

    Hues of Azure


    A solitary butterfly rests with its wings sprawled, camouflaged among the leaves of jade and a flower, the shade of the sea, its wings an enchanting hue of blue, carefully outlined in a dark tone of brown combined with black, absorbing the bright sunlight of the morning.

    The background is blurred to softer shade of yellow and blue, blending with the prominent image in the setting. The creator has left the spectator engrossed in this work of art and It is amazing to understand the very detail, line and tone the artist has captured, creating this brilliant work of art.

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  • Where Seagulls Fly

    Where Seagulls Fly


    The Creator of this masterful piece has portrayed a famous, iconic landmark in Sri Lanka. The lighthouse that the Creator has depicted is inside the infamous “Galle Fort”. A truly exquisite recreation of this important landmark. It is as though the actual site had been laid out on the Creator’s canvas.

    Even from afar this creation stands out. It is a radiant eye catcher. It brings out a sense of warmth and lightness in the atmosphere surrounding it, all the while bringing in a pop of color and brightness to a living space.

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  • Shady Grove

    Shady Grove


    If you are looking to bring the peace and beauty of a village setting closer to your living space, then this creation will make a perfect statement piece to add to your collection. The rustic nature of this serene scene is worthy of much praise as it will instantly instill a sense of calmness as it whisks the viewer into this ‘Shady Grove’ setting where from one side a fertile paddy field lines the roadway and on the other a humble hut takes shelter under the shade of a beautiful tree.

    Enjoy yourself as you are drawn further into the setting as though you hitch a ride in the cart journeying on into the horizon.

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  • Village Stopover

    Village Stopover


    A welcome stopover along a village road for the journey weary bullock cart. This painting features a remote landscape populated with some idling local inhabitants. The detail of the surrounding trees stands out as a feature in the work of art as the creator has blended colors with definite brush strokes.

    Simplicity in choice of colors gives this painting a rugged look in keeping with the theme of a village. The dull hues are overshadowed by the rich detail in multiple characters represented by men and animals spread evenly throughout the canvas, giving the viewer a lot to gaze at when taking in the environment that is portrayed.

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  • Rays of Hope

    Rays of Hope


    A sunset captured in all of its splendor & color, is beaming rays of hope in this classic tale of a day’s end.

    The rays consummate with the hidden clouds, to form a kaleidoscope of color as seen through the eyes of its creator. The colors of the rainbow, thus emanate through the tree barks, to create breathtaking reflections, that dance along the scenic body of water

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  • Window to World

    Window to World


    Pictured in this beautiful creation is the artist’s depiction of a closed window reflecting what is visible from the outside. Aside from its visually appealing nature, this creation resonates a meaningful message which expresses how the outside world often casts a shadow and reflects a version of itself through even a closed window.

    This serves as a reminder to the viewer that even if the window to our mind is not open, the outer environment will always cast a reflection, which is visible to the outside. Decorated with beautiful natural plants, this eye-catching beauty will be a perfect addition to your home.

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  • Autumn Glow

    Autumn Glow


    The creator uses his unmatched talents to captivate the viewer with this striking portrayal of the peak time in autumn. As the dawn of the autumn season begins to spread its iconic golden glow, this magnificent tree which is the main focus of this creation spreading out is branched as wide as can be, and almost takes over the entire surrounding.

    The color scheme used in this acrylic makes it quite easy to blend in with any backdrop making it an ideal décor option which will allow you to enjoy how this amazing creation spreads the glow of the autumn season to its surroundings.

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