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Modern Prints

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  • Golden Hues

    Golden Hues


    Flames of gold in a juxtaposition of color, have been cleverly interspersed in this painting, to light up the dull weeds of straw beneath.

    That in essence brings to life the vision of the artist who forms a unique color blends to catch the creative eye. Painstakingly curated tangible brushstrokes of gold, sing in splendor to brighten up an otherwise monochrome background, thus creating a striking masterpiece of color.

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  • Color Collision

    Color Collision


    Monochrome brilliantly brought to life by the clever use of agile brush strokes, thus forming a myriad of colors.

    Intricately blending shades of gray and white to form beautiful silver linings, the artist is able to also formulate gentle flames of fire floating along the waterways. This is an apt reflection of two worlds colliding into one union, to create a masterpiece so pleasing to the eye.

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  • A Magical Touch

    A Magical Touch


    It is hard to deny the magic behind a simple touch, and it is this power that is skillfully demonstrated by the creator in this unique work of art. The creation shows how two individuals exchange soft touches between each other’s hand, which is brought to life in a 3D like manner, and the creator also go on to use more finer detailing techniques to show the more stronger nature of the man’s hand, and the most delicate touch created by the woman’s hands.

    This creation is a perfect addition to remind yourself of the support and warmth a simple touch can bring to your life and dissipate a loving feeling to the entire surrounding.

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  • Satisfaction



    The face of satisfaction displayed on canvas portrayed by this painting of a young boy with a mischievous smirk across his face. This classic sketch is brought through with exquisite skill in capturing the emotion as though it were a photograph and transferring that same emotion from the picture to the onlooker’s heart.

    The creator has used soft hues to paint this masterpiece, whilst applying a plain white background giving focus to the countenance of the boy.

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  • Rhythm and Blue Skies

    Rhythm and Blue Skies


    The individual that has really been made to stand out in this brilliant piece is the traditional Kandyan dancer, all draped in robes of red and white tones, bearing a traditional Kandyan head piece. During the religious event of a Perahera procession, held in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, the traditional Kandyan dancers follow, alongside, the Kandyan drummers.

    The Creator has done a magnificent job in bringing across the energy and movement that would be seen in this Kandyan dancer in real life. The Creator has done a marvelous job of making this creation true-to-life.

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  • Simple Elegance

    Simple Elegance


    A lake of white lotus flowers blends into the marshy land behind, in this abstract take on the simplicity of nature’s beauty.

    Course brush strokes leave room for the mind to wander on the endless possibilities of this abstract beauty. From the flowers to plants and water to fire, the artist plays with a kaleidoscope of color to personify the simple pleasures of nature.

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  • Beauty in Balance

    Beauty in Balance


    An exquisite sketch of a ballerina in perfect balance set against a pink backdrop complementing her costume in light and ambience. This portrait captures the essence of creative expression that is passionately displayed in an exhibition of amazing skill and strength.

    The creator has beautifully blended light shades of pink and lavender in creating a sculpture on canvas illuminating an ambience of peace and tranquility.

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  • Together We Bloom

    Together We Bloom


    Dainty and elegant, this wonderful work of art is guaranteed to brighten up any living space almost instantly with its beautiful textured appearance colored with soft hues and the beauty it resonates from the power of love expressed by the intertwined branches in full bloom.

    The creator skillfully shows how the perfect union of these two branches comes together, filling the gaps between each other’s reach to give rise to a lovely bouquet of flowers in bloom. The shading techniques used in the background amplify the beauty of these delicate flowers, completing the overall creation.

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  • Meeting of the Gods

    Meeting of the Gods


    Two mythological creatures colliding into one another. One from the skies above, whereas the other rises up from the water, below. An angel and a mermaid reaching out to each other in an embrace. The sea, so vast and blue and immensely unknown, the sky, blue with soft strokes of clouds scattered about, so vast and infinite.

    Two elements of nature that are different in actual mass and physical texture, but are similar in nature. The interaction between a mermaid and an angel. Both mythological, the creatures collide into the aether that depicts one last element of nature, which is aether.

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  • The Placid Crouch

    The Placid Crouch


    The creator has portrayed the feline of the wild in its natural disposition. Restful yet alert, the leopard is aware of every detail of its surrounding. Seamlessly blending in with its environment, in camouflage with the yellow earth, concealing its predatory nature.

    The illustration of the beast in its rosette-glory mimics the master strokes of mother nature, in soft and dark contrasts and contours. The unmistakably playful crouch indicates that opportunity is not wasted on the ill-prepared. It is as if the artist wishes to state that in wakefulness lies possibility.

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  • Turquoise Crisscross

    Turquoise Crisscross


    This creation features turquoise lines crisscrossing each other to form an abstract net. The creator of this piece has given a horizontal posture to this artwork which gives a sense of width to the purpose and the inclusion of sporadic white and blue outlines and shading has added detail and depth.

    The creator has drawn thin turquoise lines mainly towards the center of the canvas to give emphasis to the crisscross nature of the painting and his choice of colors depicts calmness, freshness and beauty to this creation.

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  • Jungle Waters

    Jungle Waters


    The Creator’s bold use of colors hits the viewer’s eye immediately. A jungle green hue, used in bringing the water to life; the rosettes, finely placed on the body of the leopard. The sandy yellow of the leopard’s coat. The intricate definition and shading of the ripples in the water, especially around the legs of the leopard as it stands in the water.

    The Creator has marvelously portrayed this lovely scenic portrait. The Creator brings light to the mysterious and wonders of mother nature. When we see these beings, it’s a magical and humbling experience.

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  • Energy in Motion

    Energy in Motion


    The artist has created a vivid and vibrant piece full of energy with wild strokes. Along with bold choices in blending colors and complete with drips and splashes mounted by palette knife strokes, this work of art is reminiscent of a free spirit.

    The painting reflects motion and energy while portraying the extremes of light and dark at the same time. The quick changes in both stroke and color contrasts, reflect the vigor of the creator and stimulates flamboyance in any space.

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  • They Came from Above

    They Came from Above


    Work in this piece is absolutely astounding and other worldly. It seems as if this work of art is the Creator’s own perception an ethereal being. The brilliance in the skill, use of colors and brush strokes that bring this creation to life and make it seem so lifelike is a highly impressive and commendable.

    Amidst the jungle of green, bits of Tuscan yellow, tangerine, browns, and white shading within the geometric shapes. Anyone would be lucky enough to own piece like this in their collection. One could gaze at this spectacular creation for eternities to come.

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  • Olympus is Rising

    Olympus is Rising


    The ingenious Creator has chosen to portray the power of an athlete. The high jumper depicted here, in this creation, is mesmerizing. The Creator has painted the high jumper in mid motion, in mid air, his body levitating over the bar so fiercely and effortlessly, on canvas in an animated style.

    This masterpiece can be used as a motivational piece. The creation evokes thoughts on Olympians leaping into the air and forcefully throwing themselves over the bar, that is high up in the air. This piece of art has the power to make you feel invincible, like anything is possible and nothing can step in your way.

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  • The Bullet Man

    The Bullet Man


    This amazing detailed sketch of Roberto Carlos aka The Bullet Man, encapsulates his power and style when controlling the soccer ball, he so often dispatched away with the force of shooting bullet. The creator has depicted him in his customary national uniform and the number 6 jersey.

    The bright colors are well illuminated by the plain white background. The contract of the ruddy features and yellow suite shines through with striking impact as though his emotion and action is bursting out of the picture itself.

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  • Curtain Call

    Curtain Call


    The creator demonstrates his amazing artistic talents through this mesmerizing creation ‘curtain call’ which portrays the moment just as the curtains rise to reveal the talented performers set to take their final bow.

    As you sit back and gaze upon this wonderful creation, you can enjoy a front row seat as you begin to hear the echoing sound as the audience applauds a magnificent performance which took place right before their eyes. Colored with rich golden hues, this acrylic will make a perfect addition to your home or office infusing the splendor of a spectacular curtain call.

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  • Perfect Reflection

    Perfect Reflection


    Soothing blue skies with a dash of white clouds, glisten through daring red leaves in an attempt to portray Autumn reflections, as seen through the eyes of its creator.

    Emanating the peace & serenity of this season, the artist plays with contrasting colors to create a beautiful work of art that so aptly reflect the natural beauty of a fleeting season.

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  • Crimson Beauty

    Crimson Beauty


    The creator’s unrestrained use of colors explodes across the canvas in this visual masterpiece. Staring into the eyes of her audience the subject is as riveting as she is vibrant. Quick, multiple strokes frame her hair and figure adding a fiery touch to her otherwise cool and calm personality. This kaleidoscopic Mona Lisa is quietly defiant. Her unapologetic gaze softened only by the almost smile of her richly hued pout.

    Lonely yet vibrant, she fills the canvas and the room with a strength and joy that is sophisticated, playful and her own shade of femininity.  All around the color reverberates against an equally textured monochrome background that places her in the spotlight.

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  • Anchored Together

    Anchored Together


    The sky is painted in subtle hues of cerise, navy, beige and rubicund, restrained and almost indiscernible. Staring right back at you are six sailboats and as if guarding their offspring, the small boats are flanked by the large motor boats.

    The intricate strokes on the sail ships are drawn with every detail brought to life, showing great skill of the creator. The inflamed water is translucent of the setting sun, majestically escorting the ships glowing in the brightness. This work of art is beautiful and resonates passion! A reminder of the brilliance and power of the creator!

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