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  • Dancing Stars

    Dancing Stars


    As beautiful as the night sky is on a peaceful starry night, this mesmerizing creation titled ‘Dancing Stars’ will brighten up your living space with its amazing beauty. Imagine yourself enter a fixating trance as you watch these beautiful dancers perform right before your eyes and shine bright like a group of twinkling stars.

    The creator captures the moment when a group of beautiful ballerinas treat their audience to a captivating dance performance and their graceful movements are brought to life through every careful brush stroke in brilliant white set against a shaded deep blue backdrop.

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  • Joy of Life

    Joy of Life


    The woman’s figure is the most beautiful element of mankind. Here the artist creates a beautiful image of a pretty Indian woman dressed in a simple white saree and colorful bangles. Beautiful waterfall as the backdrop provides a stunning element to this creation.

    The artist uses bright and delicate colors against the cool aqua blue background which depicts the delicate beauty on earth. This helps to create an active response in the viewer’s brain and bring feelings of excitement. This painting is vibrant and full of action and on the other hand smooth and soft like women are. Unique piece of art which would light up any wall.

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  • Eye on the Wings

    Eye on the Wings


    In this piece, the Creator shows us the beauty of nature. This stunningly vivid creation portrays a simple, yet beautiful butterfly, sitting on a flower and drinking the golden nectar of this flower for sustenance. The deep scarlet that highlights the wings of the butterfly, mixed with sapphire blue, bits of yellow and charcoal black, an excellent choice of colours in this combination.

    We then have the leaves which pop out beside the butterfly, a beautiful hue of green, with such vivid detailing of the veins of the leaves and parts that have bitten off by other insects and various gastropods. The burnt orange and dull yellow hues that peek out from behind the centralized area of the image, in the background. This beautiful creation is a testament to the brilliance of the Creator, and of the wonders of nature.

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  • Natalya



    Natalya, a beauty who holds many strengths, flaws that make her even stronger, and a personality capable of capturing hearts with just one smile. All these charming qualities make this beauty the perfect muse for the creator looking to create a mesmerizing work of art.

    It is truly amazing how the creator uses his mastery of color to convert a monochromatic portrait to a lively celebration of this beauty by adding of splashes of red, blue and yellow.

    Kos Cos
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  • Descent into Peace

    Descent into Peace


    This creation boasts of a beautiful silhouette of splendid pagoda against the stunning backdrop of a golden evening sky. The lake appears as glass reflecting perfectly the images of the surrounding. The creator uses orange and yellow hues to bring out the mesmerizing beauty of this serene scene.

    The stillness in the art is quiet and calming. This will add peace and harmony to any environment. Use of subtle colors dissolves tension and surrounding in these soft colors help calm aggressive tendencies and eliminates discord. Enjoy this peaceful creation when you make it a part of your living space.



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  • The Caravan

    The Caravan


    A beautiful landscape painting of a caravan of bullock carts coming along a village road flanked with greenery and the lush foliage of a thick forest. The row of carts stretching into the near distance is perfectly balanced against the background and fills the canvas as the main feature of the painting.

    The creator has painted an enchanting picture using bright shades, to capture rural modes of transport and nature framed with a scenic view of a gravel road cutting through a dense forest. The green background taking up most of the image, almost encapsulating the subjects below seem both overpowering and awesome.

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  • Faces of Life

    Faces of Life


    The Creator has portrayed the beginning of a human life in this unique piece of art. The viewer is immediately drawn to the woman at the heart and center of the image; the protagonist. It seems that the protagonist is about to bring new life into this world. She has been made to look like a vibrant, glowing goddess by the mastery of the Creator.

    The people that surround her are those who are born from her and stem from her bloodline. The lives that will come to be as a result of the birth of her child. The brightness and vibrancy in the rainbow-colored hues that surround her and those lives in this creation, bring joy, happiness and celebration to this event that has been depicted by this wonderful Creator.

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  • Making Clouds Disappear

    Making Clouds Disappear


    The creator has chosen to depict this ancient heritage site on a bright and sunny afternoon during which the clear blue cloudless sky offers the most striking backdrop which makes the milky white stupa stand out in the most perfect way. Oozing purity and peacefulness this beautiful stupa may even trick the eyes of the viewer to think it is a pure white cloud which has taken such a shape.

    In order to make this setting more real, the creator has very delicately portrayed a few devotees who have come to pay homage along with ancient ruins surrounding the stupa which makes this creation ethereal yet realistic at the same time.

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  • Village Harbor

    Village Harbor


    A beautiful portrait of a fishing boat parked outside a village harbor surrounded by an exquisite set violet sky reflected in the water blended with light blue hues. The character of the boat is skillfully sketched with detail and yet a creative touch is added by way of its position in relation to its backdrop.

    The creator expertly sketched the village as the background of the parked boat with accompanying vessels scattered along the keys using hatching type brush strokes to bring out a mixture of abstract along with the detailed landscape.

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  • Liza



    Decorated in the eye-catching hues of mauve and sky blue, a color combination most often chosen by hopeless romantics, this beautiful portrait of the damsel Liza is a unique creation which will transfix the viewer almost immediately.

    The creator brings out the youthful nature of his muse as she casts a playful glance over her shoulder. Beaming with delicate, feminine energy, this creation is a perfect way to breathe new life to the surroundings in which it is placed in.

    Kos Cos
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  • Rooted Passion

    Rooted Passion


    The creator’s use of a visually rushed and dry painting style grafts natures longlines to survive. It paints a human entity for nature, so the viewer can empathize too. The flowers and leaves have lost their lushness and fresh beauty, but they have survived in which lies the beauty of endurance.

    The intertwined lovers symbolize the beauty and necessity of real connections which represents oneness and mutual trust based on the deep rooting of the lover’s relationship. The solemnity of the imagery is characterized by the use of somber tones to reflect emotion and is truly a masterpiece that interacts with the eye and overwhelms the heart.

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  • Hidden Heritage

    Hidden Heritage


    This masterpiece uses vivid and prominent brush strokes to beautifully express the close relationship with man, animals and the village. The cool colors against the warm colors exaggerate its beauty and details. The sweat of manual and animal labor leaves a hidden trail of heritage.

    The fortress complex of Sigiriya which means ‘lion’s rock’ is also in the vicinity of this beautiful landscape painting. It harmonizes nature with heritage. There is an astounding sense of serenity that is characterized with a tinge of exoticness. The village is brought to life by the hard work of the people in its community and reflects the content in simplicity.

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  • Shades of a Day

    Shades of a Day


    Using simple shading techniques, a masterpiece is created which demonstrates the varying shades of a day. The creator has chosen a forest setting comprised of towering trees set against the clear sky that shows the transition which takes place from the bright white lighting that shines in the morning. This begins to gleam in golden hues towards midday, and gradually turns a deep red as the night approaches.

    The creator strategically uses the placement and colors of the trees that seem to mimic the transition as their silhouettes become darker and take on a more prominent form as night falls.

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  • Ball of Lightning

    Ball of Lightning


    Through this fascinating work of art the creator brings to life a mesmerizing natural phenomenon involving the formation of a ball of lightning in the atmosphere. The creation does justice to this natural occurrence as it mimics the exact levels of electrifying nature, luminosity and sublime brightness as the ball of lightning crashes down from the sky to the floor of the earth.

    Enjoy how this creation will spread its brilliance to the surrounding and as it captures the attention of the onlooker, it will begin to spread its incandescent glow to the surroundings as well.

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  • Lake on Fire

    Lake on Fire


    Flames exuberate over still waters as though its surface was the source of the furnace. This abstract elates a story of what many may view as here-say or mystic, but few believe to be a true destination for lost souls – the Lake on Fire.

    The creator has communicated this concept using hatching and has skillfully built on texture and tone whilst blending turquoise and shades of brown – amber to produce a masterpiece of what appears to be fire on water or rather water on fire.

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  • Triumphant Beat

    Triumphant Beat


    Whether you are a fan of traditional works of art or simply looking for a striking statement piece to place in your home or office space, this beautiful watercolor acrylic will make a perfect addition to your collection. This creation titled ‘Triumphant Beat’ focuses on a skilled drummer and master of traditional dance who team up to deliver a truly enigmatic performance, which the talented creator brings to life against a deep black background mixed with clouds of dust.

    Feel the energy of the drumbeat and enjoy this triumphant dance performance come to life right before your eyes as you continue to spend time gazing upon this charming creation.

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  • From Light to Dark

    From Light to Dark


    This picture is a gradual descent from light to darkness in blueish shading. The creator of this art has used short brush strokes to give somewhat a raindrop effect and, in the process, added much detail in terms of color for a realistic look.

    Moving from top to bottom in the canvas the colors scheme begins at almost white, gradually changes into a blue shade and finally end in black. Although, the slow descent of color is painted whilst mixing in a majority of lighter shades thereby giving more light to an otherwise dark picture.

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  • Simple Elegance

    Simple Elegance


    A beautiful lady draped in a traditional attire and decorated with jewelry stands against an abstract background that highlights her pose, as she gazes in pride at the precious bracelet upon her hand. A perfect pose captured in paint with the skillful use of color.

    The creator has used shades of amber and red to create a portrait that is rich in detail and design. The smudged background could represent a wall of a rural dwelling, thus bringing to life an emotion in the girl that speaks out over her humble habitat due to the elegance of her costume and décor.

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  • Shield of Hope

    Shield of Hope


    The burdens of life may often leave us feeling lost without hope; in such moments of despair, we often look for even a single source of support that creates a safe environment.

    Expressing a feeling of optimistic anticipation, the creator artistically brings to life this mesmerizing acrylic through the depiction of a deep bond between a couple as the energy radiating from them begins to spread the light which gradually consumes the darkness surrounding them.

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  • Kaleidoscopic Waters

    Kaleidoscopic Waters


    The creator paints an intergalactic pool of color and light in this piece as water colored koi float around the illuminating water. The artist’s careful brushstrokes stay true to the traditional colors of the carp as their yellows, red and black patched bodies shimmer in an illusion of light against the intricately painted scales and transparent fins.

    Setting a modernist, minimalist mood, the painting captures a tone of hazy imagination and a contemporary edge as the otherwise traditionally painted fish swim around in the glowing, rainbow waters in the background.

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