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  • Fruit of the Forest

    Fruit of the Forest


    A single leaf is the center piece of this abstract art that glorifies the singular foliage over an entire forest that is sketched in silhouette beneath it. The leaf itself is placed in the midst of a triangular portal that includes an of colors mixed with blue, green and turquoise. The design held against a dull but a curious background that both compliments and contrasts in color and shade.

    The creator skillfully sketched the design and silhouetted forest using expert brush strokes to capture the detail in perfect clarity and deliver the message of the value of a single leaf that is borne by a forest.

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  • Dovely Girl

    Dovely Girl


    The creator is fascinated by the beauty of the scene of the girl with pigeons. This lovely creation brings out the love for nature. The pleasant sight of the young girl and beautiful white pigeons make us forget our care and sorrows. The pigeons resemble the child’s innocence that’s not yet polluted with the problems of life.

    The whiteness of her dress is as pure as her heart so is her love for pigeons. Differential geometry of lines and texture of paint attracts attention. Clever use of color is a great feature of this painting. Light yellow and white reacts subtly with the aqua blue background which exemplifies energy and life.

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  • Snoozing Appeal

    Snoozing Appeal


    This painting portrays a nude resting female figure who is in a quiet contemplative mood she waits for her lover. This melancholic scene heightened by the dramatic poses of the model and her enigmatic expression is an invitation for thought and reflection.

    This creation evokes a quiet peaceful feeling which is also erotic. Her tan colored skin glows in contrast to the cool blue cloth and neutral grey background. Creator cleverly uses the dark and light to create dramatic effect while capturing her sensuous graceful curves of the body. One of a kind painting and a perfect statement piece for your home.

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  • The Day of Judgement

    The Day of Judgement


    This creation is one that represents a deep meaning worthy of contemplation; it represents the day of judgement, the time at which a mere mortal stands before the mighty gatekeepers who decide his ultimate fate in the afterlife. The creator perfectly highlights the journey of the mortal leading up to this decisive moment in time and the promising rays of hope that shine brightly from behind.

    This beautiful creation which displays a classical work of art will make a perfect addition to your home or office space and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.

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  • Lookout for Supper

    Lookout for Supper


    A rare, beautiful sighting. A spectacular creation, where the Creator is forming an interaction between the audience and the Long-Eared Owl. We are able to have an up close, face to face connection with this stunning creature.

    It would be quite difficult for one to glance at this piece of art and be unaffected by its beauty. All who gaze upon the mastery of this creation would be in awe of it. We are able to experience and witness the glory of nature, as though the owl is, literally, in front of our very own eyes. We are able to forge a bind with the owl. This exceptional Creator deserves to be applauded for this masterpiece.

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  • A Fiery Vixen

    A Fiery Vixen


    The creator has taken so much in bringing out the essence of this piece of botanical art. The yellow flowers, encased in a sea of red and green and yellow don’t fade into the loudness of the scarlet background, it simply heightens the image of the flowers and gives it a sort of platform to shine and display itself against. The blend and multitude of colors on the outer edges of the red, complement the flowers.

    This creation is ever changing with every glance. The Creator has painted a piece to liven and brighten any room that it is put in. Lovely against a simple white background with elements of gold to the overall color scheme, would really do this creation justice.

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  • Pride in Work

    Pride in Work


    An elderly lady takes immense pride in her daily duty of collecting milk off a rubber tree to deliver the most sort after ingredient for the production of rubber goods. Her smirky smile almost gives away her embarrassment of being discovered by an onlooker, but is cleverly disguised by honor of her work that cannot be hidden.

    The creator has skillfully captured the lady’s emotion with paint and brush enveloping this portrait with realistic colors and placing a beautiful rubber estate as a backdrop. The detail painted in of the foliage and the subject itself brings to life emotion and nature in perfect unison and meaning.

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  • Blue in a Lotus

    Blue in a Lotus


    This abstract piece of art creates a frenzy in the mind of the spectator at the first glance. But upon careful observation, it is found to be a simple expression of creativity. On a pond of Lotus plants, beautiful flowers have bloomed, those that came before having slowly wilted.

    The artist has used natural and earthy shades to create the Lotus flowers. The centers a dull hue of yellow and buds waiting to bloom… The leaves are delicate and portrayed with great detail, they too have faded leaving the web exposed. The shades of the leaves are a beautiful green. This is simply breathtaking!

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  • Winds of Change

    Winds of Change


    Winds of change are epitomized in a striking impression of a tree, caught in the winds of a storm.

    The artist has so ably personified the very strength & essence of the strong winds, by capturing the movement and fierce sway of the tree that is grounded so well. Shimmering with bold magnificence, it is a tree that will remain unshaken, due to the unforeseen roots that have penetrated so deep.

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  • Sound Waves

    Sound Waves


    This art resembles sound waves in a mix of blue, yellow and white vertical lines. The center is highlighted in white and yellow while the wings feature blue with sporadic orange. The painting is set against a blue background and is well balanced with color and detail.

    The creator of this painting has used short brush strokes to create the sound wave effect and has masterfully mixed dark with light colors to bring a sense of light springing out from the center of the canvas.

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  • Maiden Among Flowers

    Maiden Among Flowers


    A beautiful maiden immerses herself in the beauty of nature as she takes in the fresh fragrance of white water lilies floating in a still peaceful lake. This exquisite painting has captured the freshness of the flowers and the emotion of the girl to perfection on canvas.

    The skill of the creator in the choosing color and mixing hues to bring out an ambience of peace and freshness is amazing. A feature of this work of art is the positioning of the girl to the left of the canvas, giving focus to the foliage and water bringing all aspects of the painting into the foreground.

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  • Glimmer of Hope

    Glimmer of Hope


    Here the artist creates a beautiful image of a traditional Kandyan drummer. The drummer is dressed in his traditional colorful costume copious sarong, breast plate, white turban and broad waist band. This distinctive style of drumming subsequently spread from the temple into the cultural mainstream. They can be seen in numerous ceremonies and celebrations across the island, ranging from festivals to weddings.

    Vibrant, bold colors make a strong impression and enhances the beauty of the creation and it helps to express emotions and arouse feelings of the viewer. Colorful addition to any living space.


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  • Crops We Reap

    Crops We Reap


    Magnificently portrayed by the Creator, here we see a day in the life of the farmers and village workers of yesteryear in the countryside reaping crops they have sowed for sustenance and trade. Atop the heads of the village workers are baskets, made from cane or jute, carrying harvested crops. Creator brings forward the hardships these villagers put in to earn their wages, by representation from earthy tones of this exquisite piece.

    Mystique is the most eye-catching detail of this creation and if it’s possible to be lost by staring into a work of art, this would be the piece. With every glance, there’s a new perspective and a new story to relate based on different perceptions.

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  • Posing as a Leaf

    Posing as a Leaf


    This stunning butterfly is commonly known as the Ceylon blue oak leaf. With wings closed, this pretty creature resembles a dry leaf which also acts as a perfect camouflage. The blue oak leaf is found in the forest and wetlands. She hides her beauty with closed wings and invites the spectator to a world of color and pattern as she slowly expands her wings.

    The creator has portrayed some of her stunning hues of blue in combination with a hint of chestnut. As she gently placed herself among the lilac flowers, one can only be amazed at this beautiful endangered species of Sri Lanka.

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  • Exodus



    The creator beautifully expresses a highly saturated landscape with strokes of browns and yellows that visually craft a dry and humid land. Spots of dry against the dark green foliage resemble the loss and continuity of life. The land is a collapsed civilization with hints of life.

    A stroke of astounding divinity from the stream revives the land from her lamentation over her curse. Her barrenness is a clear emphasis on the cycle of human selfishness towards nature. A balance of warm and dark tones adds contrast to the landscape and its downfall.

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  • Satisfaction



    The face of satisfaction displayed on canvas portrayed by this painting of a young boy with a mischievous smirk across his face. This classic sketch is brought through with exquisite skill in capturing the emotion as though it were a photograph and transferring that same emotion from the picture to the onlooker’s heart.

    The creator has used soft hues to paint this master piece, whilst applying a plain white background giving focus to the countenance of the boy.

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  • A Tiger’s Smirk

    A Tiger’s Smirk


    In this piece, the artist captures the almost human like gaze in the expression of the tiger. Through a blend of oils, the King of the jungle glares back powerfully, silently. His strength and majesty bores through the green amber eyes that appear glassy and real through the artist’s brush.

    Skillfully shaded and highlighted, the portrait is almost photographic, down to each individual stripe and the fur that looks glossy to the touch. Blending imagination with striking reality, we see the creator’s mind reflected in the tiger’s gaze. His eyes reflect thoughts that we could never comprehend while a smile grazes his majestic face.

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  • Light Through the Darknes..

    Light Through the Darknes..


    Dark borders converging into a lighted center give a beautiful realistic view of light coming through a window in the night. The dark shading of the picture brings forth the night, while the lighter shades shine in the light.

    The creator has skillfully painted in square shapes to the picture and thereby bring through the reflection of light just a window would when the light is shining through from the outside. While also incorporating light and shade and overlapping squares in a way that the picture shows up almost as a 3D image.

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  • Lonely Prayer

    Lonely Prayer


    A woman sitting by herself in silence serves as the muse for this serene watercolor, acrylic as the creator demonstrates his artistic capabilities to bring out the emotions felt by this lonely damsel. The onlooker’s attention is immediately captured by the enchanting beauty of this damsel and as the viewer continues to reflect upon the creation, they begin to hear the silent prayer, she utters in loneliness while she yearns for her family to return back home safely.

    Make this creation part of your interior décor to remind yourself of your loved ones who eagerly await your safe return back home.

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  • Perfect Love

    Perfect Love


    Two beautiful oriental fish swim gracefully through the clear waters intertwined and in total togetherness. The perfect expression of love between two lives is portrayed through this work of art; exemplifying the notion that love requires the attitude of ‘each for the other’ and sharing the journey as one.

    The creator has used bright hues to bring out a realistic effect in the subject and skillfully sketched the clear water that serves as a perfect backdrop of transparency in this relationship represented through an image of nature. The light foliage scattered over the canvas perfectly complements the focal and adds to an already exquisite environment of peace and tranquility.

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