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  • I worship at Thy Feet

    I worship at Thy Feet


    Portrayed in this fascinating creation, a Buddhist monk dressed in his tangerine colored robes, humbly stands at the feet of the statue of Lord Buddha in worship, admiration and adoration. A beautifully executed piece of cultural art. Painted to perfection by this marvelous Creator.

    There is so much depth, detail and definition that have put into this creation. Every crevice, every shadow and outline can be seen in great detail. This piece of art would be a unique and special addition to any collection of artwork. It Exudes peace, balance and tranquility. “Kudos!”, To the Creator on this masterpiece.

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  • Eye of the Tiger

    Eye of the Tiger


    The creator immense attention to the intricacies of the tiger’s face. This oil painting creating a lifelike illusion through the artist’s attention to the structure and shape of the animal. One can almost feel the soft fur past along the big cat’s snout and face as intricately painted stripes create a realistic image of the layered beauty of the tiger. In this microscopic portrait, the artist invites us to explore the many dimensions to the patterns of the animal’s skin and its nuanced beauty captured through subtle light and shading, giving the painted feline an almost 3D look.

    At the focus of the painting; his gaze bores into the eye of the viewer. The carefully painted eye is a luminous pool of amber and jade; adding a depth to the tiger’s soul and inviting the viewer to look closer

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  • Watchfully Relaxed

    Watchfully Relaxed


    Portrayed in this beautiful, magical creation is an incredible nature portrait of a magnificent creature. The lion sits atop a makeshift floorboard, made from logs. He sits freely and without a care in the world, relaxed, and gazing directly into the eyes of his audience.

    The brilliance of this Creator’s skill and artistic prowess is boldly displayed. The Creator has painted this piece with such precision and vivid detail, it is as though the Creator has directly taken an everlasting photograph of this lion. It is a beautiful, personal portrait of the lion from up close. And it’s as the though this, photogenic lion, is posing to have his picture taken; or in this case, have a portrait of him, painted.

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  • Pure Innocence

    Pure Innocence


    A stork billed kingfisher is perched on a branch and looks towards the sky, longingly. It’s pretty, hopeful eyes glistening in the sun, the tail raised. She is a beautiful work of art, her body cloaked in blue and shades of auburn, her beak a crimson red.

    The creator has taken in every detailed and carefully brush worked onto the canvas. The blurred out background gives prominence to the subject. For all we know, she may be longing for a dew drop that is about to fall from a leaf or a little insect flying so close. The piece is visually calming and intriguing, ideal for an open verandah.

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  • Over the Edge

    Over the Edge


    Could this be a rail track that leads out over the edge of the cliff and does it continue beyond the bend? The creator of this work of art asks a question that curiosity may not solve but rather imagination. A mystical view of a railway track that extends far beyond what the eye can see against the vast expanse of the sky and the bordering cliff that towers over it.

    This painting is exquisite due to its focus angle and the question it poses the viewer. The creator expertly draws the tracks as it disappears into the distance over the band not to be traced again, in a manner that draws the attention of the viewer almost hypnotizing.

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  • Safe Crossover

    Safe Crossover


    Immortalizing a beautiful sunset, this rustic creation is a masterpiece worthy of much admiration as it gives out a charming allure hidden in its simplicity of this rural setting, while it diffuses its peaceful nature to the entire surrounding. A perfect addition to your home or office space where you would like to welcome some peaceful and calming energy as you watch a clergyman and hardworking rafter embark on their journey across a placid lake on a humble yet reliable raft.

    What better way to unwind after a tiring day as you feast your eyes on this serene creation while you feel its soothing nature unfold right before your eyes.

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  • Patriotic Martyr

    Patriotic Martyr


    The painting depicts a time freeze that took place in 1815 when the British signed a treaty with the Kandyan Kingdom relinquishing them of control and power over the region. As a British soldier brought down the Sri Lankan flag and hoisted the Union Jack, Wariyapola Sri Sumangala is seen setting things right again.

    The creator has skillfully brought out the emotion behind the act of the hero and the onlooking British soldiers. Anger and pride go head-to-head in this beautiful portrait that is rich in color and detail. The canvas is filled with the subjects, leaving little space for obscurity of any part of the painting.

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  • Golden Heritage

    Golden Heritage


    Celebrating a history as rich as the golden hues of a perfect sunset sky, the creator of this mesmerizing work of art takes us to the banks of serene lake which offers the most captivating view of towering structures which have played an integral role in our cultural history.

    Capturing the very essence of this amazing landscape the creator exhibits nothing but sheer perfection which will result in the glamour radiating from this creation effortlessly spread across the area in which it is displayed.

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  • Dancing to my Tune

    Dancing to my Tune


    A detail rich painting of a cobra caught in the hypnotic dance of a charmer symbolizes a spiritual connection between man and animal that is unique to Sri Lanka. The grayscale background is disturbed by light shades used in the clothing of the charmer bringing into focus the charmer and his memorized partner.

    The brushstrokes of the creator are perfectly disguised in the smoothness of the texture that is applied onto the painting skillfully blending deep features of the musician and his dancer.

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  • Light vs. Dark

    Light vs. Dark


    Enigmatic in nature, this creation will be a perfect addition to your home or office space as it on one hand is a priceless work of art which will make a perfect statement piece, and on the other hand it invites the onlooker to enter into a state of deep contemplation.

    At a glance the creation is separated into two equal halves, one light and the other representing the dark side, and this goes on to show how the man in the middle is faced with a strong pull from both halves which has a great degree of influence on the individual’s life and reflects the internal dilemma faced within.

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  • Outline of your own life ..

    Outline of your own life ..


    Life has a way of shaping one’s destiny in ways you had never imagined, and this creation titled ‘Outlines of your own life lost its sharpness’ explores the indefinite and unpredictable nature of life.

    Remind yourself of how powerless you are, but at the same time, the importance of maintaining your own personal identity when faced with the unknown. Allow this creation to help you reshape outlines in your life so that you can prevent your life from losing clarity and acuity.

    Kos Cos
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  • Commander of the Fleet

    Commander of the Fleet


    A regal view of the stunning commanding vessel of a Spanish fleet as it navigates across the Atlantic in full throttle catching the winds in its fully drawn sails. The beauty of this painting is in the motion of the ship and the surrounding ocean that is perfectly captured in color and sketch.

    The creator uses rays of amber to draw us into a mellow mood even in the midst of the turmoil of sea, presenting a sunset over a vintage voyage that exquisitely blends nature and machine.

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  • Traditional Beauties

    Traditional Beauties


    Dressed in an elegant multi array of color and splendor, this procession painted in exquisite detail and brightness awaits the start of what is much regarded as the most beautiful display of tradition in the world – the Kandyan Perahera. This amazing painting brings together sketch and unusual hues in a perfect blend in producing an ambience of unprecedented wonder and realism.

    The creator has skillfully combined almost all aspects of the Kandyan Perahera against an abstract background that doubles as a multi-colored evening sky that looks over the actors of the procession serving as a compliment that highlights the magnificent foreground.

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  • Amazing Skyline

    Amazing Skyline


    A city of lights and towering skyscrapers in color and abstract. Landscape in a blend of reality and imagination is beautifully portrayed in this art that uses exquisite shades of blue, amber and light hues. Sketched from a street view looking towards the structures ahead.

    The creator has skillfully smudged in ambient light, bringing in a stunning effect of radiance and color to a mystical yet realistic portrayal of the beautified city.

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  • Twin Twirls

    Twin Twirls


    Be prepared to be captivated by a mesmerizing performance, which will come to life right before your eyes as you make this beautiful creation oozing of traditional charm part of your home or office décor. The talented creator focusses on two seasoned dancers performing together and captures the exact moment they both execute twin twirls at the peak of their dance performance.

    Demonstrating a perfect mastery of coloring techniques, this spellbinding creation perfectly highlights the dancers clad in their traditional attire set against a solid black background while their rhythmic motion appears as real as it could ever be.

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  • The Golden Wave

    The Golden Wave


    An amazing freeze of the wonder of nature illustrated through a rolling giant wave that loops over to reveal a golden sky through its waters. This picture representation of nature’s power and beauty is painted on canvas using light colors with the exception of the Golden touch in the sky that takes center stage as it glows through the wave.

    The creator has used skillful flowing brush strokes to sketch an eye drawing wave that almost seems heavenly against the bluish sky and too good to be true in its perfection in formation. This produces an ambience of freshness and brightness easily lighting up the environment.

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  • World Smiles at You

    World Smiles at You


    The Creator of this beautiful piece has painted the portrait of a young girl. The style in which the Creator has painted the portrait is a very cartoonized, animated sort of a portrait. It has a lot of highlighting and brightness. The white background gives more emphasis to the face and, therefore, makes it much more striking and prominent.

    The colors in this creation are so incredibly vibrant and bright. There is so much optimism and happiness radiating from this creation. Your eyes can’t help, but, directly go to the little girl’s smile. The perfect addition to any living space.

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  • Fragile Wings of Amber

    Fragile Wings of Amber


    Just as a long and patient metamorphosis results in fragile beauty, the creator has strived to create depth and meaning in layers of color and texture. The veins within the delicate wings of the butterfly are portrayed in midnight ink with speckles of white demonstrating a starry effect.

    Hues of amber enlighten the frame as spots of color embellish the silken wings. Instilled with the power to fly and conquer meadow and mountain, yet limited by a feeble nature, the butterfly is a paradox personified. The bleeding effect created by the artist adds to the complexity of the subject.

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  • Bloom in the Wild

    Bloom in the Wild


    A beautiful flower blooms on the tree, it is too pretty to be admired alone. Two little humming birds adorned with the best of colors, each its own masterpiece, stop by to admire its beauty, their wings fluttering at lightning speed. They are so gentle with the flower, careful enough not to hurt, but longing to have a drink of its life-giving water which tastes ever so sweet. We miss these little moments which nature orchestrates every day.

    Creator’s eloquent brush work has portrayed the ever so wonderful creation of nature, perfect in all its ways, a reminder for us to enjoy the small wonders of this vibrant world.

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  • Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage


    The long strokes of gradient filled colors stitched together to form the ship. It is as though the Creator of this painting, painstakingly added intricate, delicate weaving and embroidery to make this painting the masterpiece that it is. It has been fragmented yet whole.

    A beautiful yet haunting and obscure depiction of a ship, a vessel that usually signifies a journey or safe voyage. As a whole, it also looks like a torn piece of, distressed paper. A Kandinsky-esque quality to the creation. The fluidity and consistent have a legato rhythm to the flow of the brush strokes. A painting within a painting.

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