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  • Feathered Forager

    Feathered Forager


    A body of water, with adjacent points of elevation, seems incomplete without the Kingfisher. Skilled in patience and swift movement, the artists bring to life a feathered forager.

    Its plumage depicts an occasion when dusk and sunset met when hues of tangerine teased the cobalt. Despite a hunched silhouette, the dark orbital ring in its eye, witnesses every movement. It is conspicuous but prepared, in a watchful perch for prey. The artist’s precise strokes of color breathe vigor into this creation.

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  • Seeing with Mind’s ..

    Seeing with Mind’s ..


    The reality in most cases goes beyond what meets the eye, and this amazing creation invites the viewer to see not only with the eyes, but look beyond and use one’s imagination to see with the mind’s eye.

    With a smear of color covering the muse’s eyes, the creator beautifully symbolizes the mind’s eye and demonstrates the various colors of the world which become visible when viewed with an open mind, a reminder to the viewer to do the same.

    Kos Cos
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  • The Cellist

    The Cellist


    A young boy concentrates intently as he engages his body and soul in creating music through a wooden stringed accomplice. This portrait of man and music is a perfect depiction of the relationship between the musician and instrument, both lost in each other’s embrace with the sole purpose of delivering a beautiful melody.

    The creator has placed the subjects in solitude and exaggerated the theme through skillful use of color by including a gray, misty background to the bright contrast of the instrumentalist and his cello.

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  • The Bouquet

    The Bouquet


    A beautiful bouquet of orange flowers are bunched together against a dark background in a mystical yet enchanting array. The outlining of the brush strokes and the white splatter over the featured flora give an abstract touch to this exquisite creation of creativity, that could be regarded as a bouquet inside a white vase.

    The creator has skillfully blended dark and light colors in an unusual sketch that is a mutation of a natural portrait and a design that teases the mind. The art brings forth a tranquil and cooling ambience that is felt in the atmosphere that hosts it.

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  • Sea ‘n’ Sun II

    Sea ‘n’ Sun II


    Our talented creator brings to life the beauty of his muse as she bathes in the calm waters of the cool ocean. The rich shades of the still blue waters are enhanced by the golden rays of the sun setting behind her.

    Place yourself in the best position to enjoy the mesmerizing view of this scene as you make this creation part of your living room décor, a perfect way to unwind after facing the trials of a busy day.

    Kos Cos
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  • Paths of Life

    Paths of Life


    A white gush of water flows majestically, breaking every barrier, turning rocks and clearing its path, resounding in power! Deafening the sound of the birds chirping in the forest. The huge rocks have been polished through the years for the water that flows, the creator has painted it in white as it moves with a force.

    The suspension bridge is scary, perfect for those who love on the edge and seek for adventure. But for those who live in the village it is no thrill, it’s a walk of life and death every day. Beautiful lush green trees surround, nourished well by the water that flows freely. The painting is ideal for a room with subtle shades of yellow as the colors of the piece blend well into the background!

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  • Flamingo Party

    Flamingo Party


    Bring in the joy and beauty of this flamboyant flamingo party as you add this colorful creation featuring a group of dancing damsels as part of your home or office décor. Colored in bright hues of burgundy, magenta and blue, with the silhouettes of the dancers outlined in deep black, this creation will instantly add a pop of color which can brighten up any surrounding.

    Enjoy how the energy of this youthful and spectacular party diffuses to the surrounding as though these dancing beauties were extending their invitation out to you, making you feel part of this exciting flamingo party.

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  • The Unsaid Goodbye

    The Unsaid Goodbye


    Exploring the emotions hidden deep within during a painful farewell, this creation titled ‘the unsaid goodbye’ is a perfect statement piece to add to your collection of fine art. Rising from beyond the beauty of the muse is the true nature of the pain causing her due to an unsaid goodbye.

    Serving as a reminder to make sure important words are not left unsaid, this creation is exceptional in terms of artistic value and profound meaning.

    Kos Cos
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  • City by the Bay

    City by the Bay


    City life is often known for its hustle and bustle and fast-paced nature, but this creation takes you away from all the chaos and allows the viewer to enjoy the beauty of a city landscape from afar. Depicting a view of the city by the bay, the creator perfectly highlights the beauty of the towering skyscrapers and how they cast a perfectly aligned reflection on the water body lying before them.

    Make this creation part of your home or office décor and enjoy watching the sun slowly set behind this busy city while you unwind after a hard day’s work.

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  • Raising the Young

    Raising the Young


    A young mother returns home with a delicacy in her mouth! Commonly known as the black hooded Oriole, this pretty bird is noticeable at a distance due to its colors. She adorns a bright shade of yellow and black with intricate markings. She watches for a moment before feeding her very hungry young ones who are chirping away at the sight of food.

    A few temple tree leaves provide shade for her home cozily made for her babies. The colors are brilliantly bright, and the artist has created a wonderful space to witness this juncture of life and captured it so intimately.

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  • Journey of Faith

    Journey of Faith


    A group of young Buddhist monks walks elegantly in unison and sequence over a village pathway that is backdropped by a beautiful rural landscape in the dawn of a new day. A perfect representation of the walk of faith that is taken in the midst of peacefulness and tranquility, encompassing nature and the environment.

    The creator exquisitely sketched the three Buddhist Monks with detail and yet almost silhouetting them against the freshness of a rural atmosphere that is beautified by a multicolored abstract sky. The darkened foreground perfectly highlighting the subjects and the background, bringing forth the brightness of the morning.

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  • When Blindness is in the ..

    When Blindness is in the ..


    Blindness is not merely the loss of sight; more often than not, we find us all suffering from blindness in the mind. This hinders our ability to see the truth and results in a point of view which is perceived after viewing through a predefined filter.

    ‘Do not allow your mind to be inflicted by such blindness’ is the powerful message conveyed by the creator as he invites the viewer to open one’s mind and see the beauty of the world.

    Kos Cos
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  • It Takes Two to Tango

    It Takes Two to Tango


    A vivacious and colorful creation, this beautiful acrylic will serve as an instant remedy to brighten up any living space which requires a vibrant burst of energy. Capturing the climax of the dance of love, the creator goes on to show how essential the collaboration between this duo is to bring completeness to this mesmerizing performance.

    Feel the magnetic attraction between this charming pair as you feel the allured to watch their amazing performance unveil right before your eyes.

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  • Hope in Darkness

    Hope in Darkness


    A gush of water splits the darkened mountainous wilderness as what appears to be a human figure raises his hands up in worship to the heavens above. This picture portrays the only weapon against a dark season in life – worship. The black terrain through which a powerful river burst forth is well balanced with a color and detail beneath a towering silhouette of a man in worship.

    The creator has shaded in a light background of amber, peach and gray to add more visually pleasing texture to the painting and filling the canvas with meaning and extraordinary beauty.

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  • Family Trip

    Family Trip


    An amazing sight in the wild, caught by the eye of an artist and beautifully recreated on canvas. This portrayal of a small family of elephants journeying across the plains of the wilderness is a wonderful representation of unity and oneness. The carefree stroll to what could mean a new land is given rise due to the security formed in the most nucleus social units in the wild.

    The creator exquisitely sketched and colored the forestry to serve as a stunning backdrop to the family trip. The detail of the animals is perfectly brought through with emotion and the splendor of the wild with an ambiance of serenity and love.

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  • To the Heavens

    To the Heavens


    Motivation and inspiration for the creative expression comes only from above. This thoughtful painting of a cultural dancer is a perfect portrayal of preparation before the performance. His pose sketched exquisitely from an unusual angle capturing the emotion and body language of the stance.

    The creator as inserted detail in the subject whilst utilizing a dull background forcing the focus of the viewer to the dancer’s search for the stimulus above.

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  • The Silver Tree

    The Silver Tree


    A lone silver tree lies at the center of a vast jungle that encompasses much forestry and foliage. Curiously the forest that features the tree as its centerpiece is held as though it were a universe over a giant branch of a tree, representing the fact that from a single tree an entire forest is berthed.

    The creator has skillfully and creatively thought through this wise statement and conveyed it through abstract art and design in a blend of reddish and brown hues including much detail in the sketched aspects of nature. Delicate brush strokes and perfectly used to outline the featuring trees in the forest, making every minute detail of the art visible to the naked eye.

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  • An Emissive Skyline

    An Emissive Skyline


    Colored in contrasting hues of deep orange and blue, this eye-catching acrylic carries a timely and purposeful message hidden beneath its amazing beauty. Highlighting the beauty of the city viewed from beyond the banks of the bordering lake, the creator skillfully displays the wonder of the city as it casts a mirror like image on the water surface. At the same time, it shows the impact of busting city life in terms of the emissions the towering skyline releases to the surroundings.

    As you make this beautiful creation part of your home or office space, you could help spread deeper meaning this creation carries on how major developments impact the environment.

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  • The Color of Enlightenmen..

    The Color of Enlightenmen..


    In this creation the silhouette of the Lord Buddha has been painted on top of a vibrant background. There is a plethora of colors in the background. From oranges, yellows to bright pinks, forest greens and peacock / sapphire blue.

    A halo of color frame the silhouette. The halo of color is in the shape of a lotus leaf which is a symbol in Buddhism. Everything ties together so perfectly. There are flecks of white that symbolize light. We have flecks of color falling down into and mixing with the light. The Creator’s brilliance shines throughout the piece of art.

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  • Abstract Nature

    Abstract Nature


    This masterpiece beautifully harmonizes nature with man. Thatched houses of natural clay and dried coconut branches for roofs with the lush green trees makes the painting very abstract and unreal. This abstractness does not lie wholly in the blotted watercolor technique, but in the fact that man still lives in harmony with nature in an era of pollution and concrete jungles.

    The colors in the painting are simple to denote the serenity of the village, while prominence is given to the trees in the surrounding. The painting beautifully demonstrates the simple mindsets of the village inhabitants and their selfless relationship with mother nature.

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