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  • Painting the Dream World

    Painting the Dream World


    We all dream of living in a world free from judgment based on meaningless attributes that create separation like cast, creed, race, religions and much more, and through this creation, the talented creator paints a picture of a world a group of children hopes to live in.

    Representing true childlike innocence, this creation strategically uses the painting under construction to merge the boundaries among current existing separations. The creation also shows how once, such a united world comes to life, we too can enjoy true happiness as one and continue to live in harmony as the characters in this work of art.

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  • Prison of Souls

    Prison of Souls


    A gloomy mist laid hold of black silhouettes of human bodies that appear to float uncontrollably, almost as if hanging in midair. If the black figures could be interpreted as souls, then the misty atmosphere that is housing them could be regarded as a prison – a prison of souls.

    The random splatter of humans amidst the exquisite depiction of mist, brings to the viewer a painting that is not identifiable at a distance. The creator has creatively and skillfully added lighter colors to surround the black figures in bringing out an abstract pattern through the detail of the art.

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  • Atmosphere of Color

    Atmosphere of Color


    A splatter of vibrant shades against a darkened canvas brings about an ambience of joy and excitement even in the midst of hopelessness. This exquisite abstract art evangels an atmosphere built on brightness and color. The contrasting hues against a dull backdrop highlights an effect that is expertly brought through in organized distribution of mingled hues that easily blend into each other.

    The creator has used a hybrid of hatching and scumbling brush stroke techniques to produce an unusual yet creative effect in the painting, that also includes random dripping streaks crisscrossed over the square shaped mingle of color.

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  • After the Rain Subsides

    After the Rain Subsides


    A soft rain is always welcome as with it brings the hope of a fresh start; the refreshing new beginning brought to life as the rain subsides is a wonderful instance which has been captured by the creator in this scenic work of art. Using an acrylic painting technique, the creator skillfully highlights how the surroundings light up as though it has been showered with color and the rainwater remaining on the pathway amplifies the colored setting through its blurry reflection.

    The creator adds further meaning by depicting a shadow of a couple who walk close together representing how life itself goes on after the rain subsides.

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  • Butterfly Below the Moon

    Butterfly Below the Moon


    An ash color butterfly below a silver moon decorated with an abstract garden laced with white foliage. The beauty and simplicity of the butterfly are contrasted against a beautiful moon, almost as if the two were related to each other. The painting also includes geometric outlines which bring more abstract detail to the surroundings.

    The creator has painted the butterfly against an orange backdrop and an ash color border. The contrasting backdrop against the main features of the painting brings more beauty to this creation.

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  • Battlements



    This imaginative art is a drawing of a unique type of battlements used by soldier ants that features a watchtower and a lizard tank as its defense shield. The impeccable attention to detail and light yet realistic color hues blend to create an exquisite abstract.

    The creator has sketched this cartoon against an amber and magenta backdrop, giving depth and brightness to the animation. The luminous colors used for the ants’ armor are clever and beautifying feature of this work of art.

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  • Strength of Victory

    Strength of Victory


    This amazing creation brings to life the strength and stability demonstrated by a dominant stallion bettering his counterpart, as clouds of dust are raised by the immense force created by their galloping. With the unique blend of the colours blue and brown, the creator is successful in bringing to life the vigor and vitality of this beautiful natural scene.

    This creation perfectly highlights the forward movement while carefully planned brush strokes show the illusion of the past slowly fading away, making this a wonderful statement piece which is perfect as a décor option in your home or office space.

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  • Rainbow Splashes

    Rainbow Splashes


    A combination of piquant brush strokes bring together a kaleidoscope of color in this portrayal of trees absorbing the colors of the rainbow.

    In parallel the crystal clear waters reflect the majesty of the vibrant trees above. The artist thereby signifies the beauty and complexity of nature’s multifaceted character, through the use of colors skillfully blended together to perfection.

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  • A Love Enduring

    A Love Enduring


    Two beautiful Guinea Fowls are seen among the bushes. It is dusk and the surrounding is dreamy, a perfect setting for these love birds. There is a tiny moth resting on a meadow grass. They are in forbidden territory as Guinea Fowls are known to destroy crops. The creator has illustrated the background in the perfect shades of blue, red and orange, as forbidden and fiery as their romance.

    These monogamous birds mate for life which explains this evening escapade. An amazing skill is portrayed by the artist who has carefully displayed all details. A pretty image ideal for any space.

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  • Light at the end of the T..

    Light at the end of the T..


    The path may be dark but there is always light at the end of the tunnel and any journey will always be made easier with the right company by your side. This is the warm message the creator brings to life through this beautiful watercolor acrylic which shows two friends walk through a rather dark tunnel representing tough times in life, with only the hope of reaching the end of the tunnel where happiness awaits, giving them the energy to journey along.

    An artistic masterpiece, each brushstroke perfectly intertwines with each other and fades into more lighter shades inviting the viewer to join this pairs’ meaningful journey together.

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  • Sunset Above the Ocean

    Sunset Above the Ocean


    If you dream of bringing the beauty of the ocean at sunset closer to you; then this is creation is the perfect way to do so, as the creator represents the great influence the sun casts over the ocean during this time. As the horizon takes center stage, the lone bird in the far corner of the creation and the choppy waves crafts a very realistic nature.

    Sunset has always been an inspirational scene which has given rise to many amazing artistic creations, and this work of art is one fine example, which you can use to bring the beauty of nature closer to you.

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  • A Moment’s Repose

    A Moment’s Repose


    The artist remarkably captures a momentary repose in a leopard’s day. These fast and fierce felines roam the wilderness under the cover of the night, in search of prey. The day calls for restful slumber and reflection.

    With strong attention to detail, the artist captures a photograph-like realism in painting this agile beast. Speckles of burnt umber against a gold fur coat, replete with intense and focused eyes, the leopard is the embodiment of stealth. Painted against lush green vegetation, this portrait brings to life the essence of the wild.

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  • Row of Red Sword Lilies

    Row of Red Sword Lilies


    The ‘Row of Red Sword Lilies’ is a beautiful and striking creation which will instantly color any surrounding due to its vibrant mix of hues and soft finish which successfully brings to life the true beauty of these dainty flowers. The creator uses the exact natural red color of the flowers and accents their beauty with delicate hints of yellow and pink, including bright green colored leaves, all set on a pale blue background.

    If you are looking for a colorful creation to decorate a space in your home or office, this creation will be a perfect pick as it will instantly spread its colorfulness and cheer.

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  • Festival of Color

    Festival of Color


    A grand festival of color celebrated in elegant costumes featuring man and beast in a processioning of holiness. This is an abstract portrayal of a cultural and religious parade in Sri Lanka that encapsulates the serenity mixed with color of the Buddhist culture. The vibrant hues splattered against a dark background burst out brightness that acts as a foreground to a couple of elephants draped in their ceremonial costume as they march in all their splendor.

    The creator has skillfully crafted this deign like painting that include much detail of this wonderful attraction without missing-out on any of the features of the event.

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  • Firefly on a Lotus Leaf

    Firefly on a Lotus Leaf


    A very unusual set of a firefly rests on a lotus leaf. The painting features a heavily detailed portrayal of a firefly and the striking greenery of a lotus leaf floating in what seems to be clear fresh water colored in emerald.

    The creator has also included an abstract geometrical design in the painting that curiously highlights the firefly as though it were the blueprint of the insect. In addition, skillful outlining of foliage and neighboring lotus leaves have been used to further decorate this painting.

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  • Weakening Foundation

    Weakening Foundation


    Splashes of watercolors bring to life a beautiful creation with a deep meaning thanks to the work of our talented creator. Picturing a cityscape from afar, the creation shows the breathtaking view of towering skyscrapers set against a clear sky and upon further examination the creation unveils a deeper meaning which focusses on the foundation on which these massive structures stand.

    As with any aspect, it is always important to have a sturdy foundation as this will ultimately define the longevity of what is upon it, but due to negligence, overtime, any foundation may begin to weaken, reminding us the importance of focusing and respecting the role a firm foundation plays in life.

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  • Profile in the Forest

    Profile in the Forest


    A green forestry backdrop accommodates the profile of a beautifully sketched elephant in all its splendor and majesty. The blend of green hues and silhouette geometric designs combine to create a background made of abstract design signifying the environment from whence the animal resides. The green hues provide a fitting contrast to the elephant’s body as it compliments it as well.

    The creator has placed the feature of the painting to the extreme right of the canvas in making the art a creative testament that would be a wonderful addition to any atmosphere that requires a complement to the ambience and artistic design of an interior.

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  • Wading Through Muddy Wate..

    Wading Through Muddy Wate..


    The Creator brings light and precedence to the struggles that many animals, such as the buffaloes portrayed in this piece, have to endure in their lives, out in the wild. The brilliance of this creation can be used as a powerful motivator with a poignant message in this powerful creation. Displaying this in a working space or study as a motivational statement piece would drive anyone who sees it work harder and with more dedication.

    We don’t realize that we have everything handed to us. For these buffaloes, the amount of energy and hardship they endure just to travel from one point of the jungle to another area is treacherous and heart-wrenching. They are not provided with neatly cleared pathways and roads to travel on, nor bridges to cross over. They travel in the wild, where, if untouched by man, remains rustic and unconventional.

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  • Flamenco



    This amazing creation portrays a beautifully dressed charming flamenco dancer in an artistic position on a black background. Her body depicts us of her strong will to live and her hard working nature. No-one has any idea what she’s thinking about, we can only guess. What should we expect from her desperate dance?

    This painting is very dramatic, the white skirt against the black background creates quite a drama. A charming addition to any living space or just a pretty reminder of how much we all love dancing. Dance is the hidden language of the soul…


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  • The Loss of a Day

    The Loss of a Day


    As the sun blinks, standing atop their narrow cane poles are fisherman with apprehension to the setting sun, as they understand the impact a loss of light means as their day comes to an end.

    The creator has captured the serenity of a sunset on the ocean. Tinting the heavens and water in deep reds, umbers and gold hues the fiery orb sinks into the water. He has captured almost the varying personalities of the stilt fishermen from their colorful patterned sarongs yet has made the efforts taken in their labors common to all.

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  • Journey along a Beaten Pa..

    Journey along a Beaten Pa..


    The Creator has painted a timeless act seen in many different cultures with a mixture of warm and cool tones scattered across the canvas. The warmer tones have been centralized, while the cooler toned background frames the central image. The image is of a man riding and guiding the path of a bullock-cart, being led and carried by two bulls at the front of the cart, stacked up with large piles of hay.

    An inspiring piece that would fit any living space. A perfect touch of tranquility. The Creator of this marvelous piece has brought this moment to life on canvas. It could also be used as a motivational statement piece.

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  • Against a Clear Blue Sky

    Against a Clear Blue Sky


    The morning sky is a beautiful shade of blue. As the sun shines on the lake giving life to all its beings, it reflects the brightness of the sky above. The water lilies of a pale pink glisten in the morning sun, the leaves are in plenty and are a different tone of green, red and yellow, the day has dawned.

    Life flourishes on this lake as the depth of the water is created using darker shades of blue and black. The artist has wonderfully portrayed this serene setting, bringing a sense of calm to everyone who stops to admire this painting.

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  • Foundations of Stone

    Foundations of Stone


    Captured on a beautiful sunny day, this creation highlights the majesty of a valuable heritage site that has stood the test of time. The creator uses perfect blends of color and artistic brush strokes to bring to life this amazing creation which depicts a stone structure that has stood tall for centuries and will continue to stay firm representing a sturdy foundation of a heritage worthy of much admiration.

    Make this inspiring creation part of your home or office space and welcome the pride and energy it brings to its surroundings, reminding you of the importance of building a sturdy foundation no matter what you do.

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  • Lighter and Darker Side

    Lighter and Darker Side


    Through this creation, the creator explores opposite sides of city life – the light and dark side, from a distance. At a glance, the viewer’s attention is immediately captured by the beauty of the city and the reflection it casts on the water body. It then invites the onlooker to continue to gaze upon the image revealing a deeper meaning showing the landscape divided into two equal halves. This takes on a lighter appearance and the other side depicting the dark side.

    Feast your eyes on this wonderful creation that is worthy of hours of admiration as it takes you through the transition of city life from the light side to the dark.

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  • Boats at the Dockyard

    Boats at the Dockyard


    ‘Boats at the Dockyard’ is a beautiful and calming depiction of the stillness of boats docked, awaiting their turn to go back out to sea, as the setting is colored by the faint lighting created by the sun bidding adieu for the day. The creation is brought to life through a combination of soft brown and grey shades which the creator artistically works with delicate brush strokes to detail every aspect of the setting.

    Add this wonderful creation to any area of your home or office and enjoy the calm and stillness this image will instantly bring into the space.

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  • Embracing the Rain

    Embracing the Rain


    The entire city shone for them, nobody knew how vibrant raindrops could be, not until now. It was as if fairies aligned themselves just to pave the way to a love that was slowly sparing inside them. It was the beginning of a spirituality, the purest kind.

    The subtle colors intensify the feeling creator is trying to bring to life. He succeeds with the bold yet earthy strokes of hue adjoining at the focal point bringing to life the most powerful feeling ever to exist. And yet, to the rest of the world, it was just an ordinary boy and a girl trying to protect themselves from the rain.

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  • Charming a Cobra

    Charming a Cobra


    Depicted in this brilliant creation is a snake charmer with his flute in hand, ready at the helm to play for the snake. The music is so hypnotic to the cobra, that is front of the man. If ever you have been lucky enough to witness this event in real life you would know how fascinating it is to see a snake becoming so entranced and enchanted by the music.

    The music takes over and the snake starts to move along to and with the music. This incredible Creator has succeeded in capturing. This exceptionally spectacular moment on canvas.

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  • Paddy Land

    Paddy Land


    There is nothing more tranquil than the beauty of simple village life; the way in which life goes on in harmony with nature to create an overall self-sufficient lifestyle. Bring the harmony and serenity this beautiful little village holds right into the midst of your living space as you make this wonderful creation based on the theme of a paddy land part of your decor.

    The creator carefully chooses his color palette to match to near perfection the exact appearance of this peaceful setting, allowing the viewer to enjoy a real life experience as though they found the perfect viewpoint to watch over the village from nearby.

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  • The Natural Wonder

    The Natural Wonder


    Canvas paintings are beautiful simply since they bring about a warm feeling. Enjoying this work of art, the spectator is enchanted by the beauty of nature. The waterfall begins from the mountain, colored in pastels of blue and white flows down where a pond is formed, budding with marine life, the trees on each side lush and green fed well by the graceful water is perfect for the birds that sit still to catch its prey.

    The rocks around covered in moss, glistens in the sunlight, which shines through the forest. The creator has portrayed the grand handiwork of nature which cannot be compared!

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  • The Midas’ Work

    The Midas’ Work


    The masterful Creator has painted a rendition of the face of a statue of the Lord Buddha, glistening dull gold, in all its glory. The Creator is increasing the value and the importance of this cultural icon by ten fold, by the use and choice of this bold and distinctive color.

    This magnificent creation is a beautiful piece of cultural art that is alluring and brings peace, tranquility and grace into a living space. Adding this work of art to a collection of different works of art will enrich and diversify the collection, making it more valuable and more exquisite.

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