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  • Sound Waves

    Sound Waves


    This art resembles sound waves in a mix of blue, yellow and white vertical lines. The center is highlighted in white and yellow while the wings feature blue with sporadic orange. The painting is set against a blue background and is well balanced with color and detail.

    The creator of this painting has used short brush strokes to create the sound wave effect and has masterfully mixed dark with light colors to bring a sense of light springing out from the center of the canvas.

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  • Exodus



    The creator beautifully expresses a highly saturated landscape with strokes of browns and yellows that visually craft a dry and humid land. Spots of dry against the dark green foliage resemble the loss and continuity of life. The land is a collapsed civilization with hints of life.

    A stroke of astounding divinity from the stream revives the land from her lamentation over her curse. Her barrenness is a clear emphasis on the cycle of human selfishness towards nature. A balance of warm and dark tones adds contrast to the landscape and its downfall.

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  • Is this near OZ?

    Is this near OZ?


    This humorous creation is comical in nature. It is a cartoon themed piece. It is a highly animated, fantasy type of Dreamscape piece. This creation has the power to make you believe in the existence of rainbows and unicorns.

    The Creator has portrayed the animated characters to look like tiny pieces of candy that have been brought to life in a magical land that exists in the sky, on a pillow of soft, fluffy clouds. The colors are very childlike, innocent, wholesome and pure. Full of fantasy and beauty. A round of applause to the Creator’s level of imagination.

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  • The Face of Emptiness

    The Face of Emptiness


    The Creator has portrayed a dark figure, amidst a brilliant white backdrop. The face of the shadowed individual is shaded and textured in a 3-dimensional format. The gold, 3-dimensional textured effect has a glowing effect on the empty face. The halo and silhouette of the have been emphasized with a dark, navy blue.

    There is strong, strange sense of emptiness flowing out from the dark figure. An intriguing still image. It’s as if the Creator were painting their interpretation of what a “full stop” or an “ellipsis”. The interpretation is left to the eye of the beholder.

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  • Pain of Captivity

    Pain of Captivity


    Hidden behind this artistic portrayal of a scene which took place not too long ago, is the pain and anguish felt by a herd of gentle giants as they are forced into slavery by a group of affluent humans and their faithful followers.

    The creator very carefully details the level of anguish this herd of wild elephants feels as they are forced to work against their will as the group of greedy humans watch over the captive ground amused by the damage they are causing to nature. This work of art is definitely thought-provoking and will serve as a great reminder for us never to revert back to such primitive behavior.

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  • Village Life

    Village Life


    The simplicity of village life and the magnificence of its natural surroundings, makes this painting a calming work of art.

    While resting the eyes on the minute details brought together so perfectly by the artist; the family of three takes center stage in reminiscing a bygone era. On the other hand, the artist also portrays the cascading mountain range as a symbol of timeless beauty.

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  • Solitariness



    This compelling portrait portrays a nude male seated and hand resting on his thighs. Depicted in profile the male subject gazes off into the distance. Despite the spontaneous style in which he draws, one can readily grasp that he suggests the paradigm of male beauty with symmetrical proportions, chiseled features and perfectly quaffed hair. His expressive eyes capture the attention of the viewer as you want to admire them. His musculature is highlighted with energetic strokes of subtle tones of browns which suggest skin glisten under the light. This is an excellent work of art which showcases the male form at its finest.

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  • Glorious Gaze

    Glorious Gaze


    Portrayed in this mesmerizing creation, sits a magnificent eagle, atop a bare branch, looking, far, out into the distance. The strength of the eagle can is evidently seen from the way the Creator has painted the firm, strong beak and the talons, that are firmly gripped onto the branch, that the eagle sits on.

    A stunningly beautiful nature portrait by this masterful Creator. From the outline and detailing of the feathers, to the deep, earthy tones of the feathers; paired together with the azure sky all speak to the intimate, personal connection with nature, that the Creator is translating to any and all who look upon this piece of art.

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  • Heritage and Nature

    Heritage and Nature


    Our nation boasts of a unique cultural heritage which dates back over thousands of centuries, and the towering man-made monuments which we find scattered across the land serve as testament to this rich history. This creation attempts to bring to light the important aspect of how such awe-inspiring man-made structures still manage to survive in harmony with their natural surroundings.

    As you gaze upon this beautiful creation, you will be able to understand how such structures embrace their relationship with nature – a lesson we all need to follow, drawing inspiration from how our heritage is intertwined with nature.

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  • Rebuild and Rejoice

    Rebuild and Rejoice


    Sri Lanka was once plagued by a civil war, which although has now come to an end, still has left nasty scars among every one of us. Through this creation, the creator addresses the timely need for all of us to come together once again to rebuild what has been lost and also build a firmer foundation to prevent any dangerous cracks appear from amongst us.

    This amazing creation shows the power of strength and the determination we all need to demonstrate in order to make our nation strengthened by the unity and undying commitment to protect our motherland from this point on.

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  • Who Spies

    Who Spies


    A clever drawing of a young girl caught in a candid gaze towards her spy while she baths in the local river. A shy smirk is beautifully sketched as she is caught in a sudden sense and a posture that compliments the mood of the scene.

    The creator has skillfully painted the subject and her features whilst adding a plain green background with a mixture of light shades to bring brightness into art for partnering with the girl’s reaction to the artists invasion of privacy.

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  • Color Spill

    Color Spill


    What would happen if a container filled with a mix of light colors fell to the surface, spilling out all its contents in a splatter of color and obscure design? You will see almost the same art on the floor as it portrayed so cleverly on this canvas. A beautiful abstract of spilt color against a plain white background brings out a blast of brightness and shades.

    The creator skillfully sketched and applied color to this art in a manner that brings out an ambience of space and light which would be ideal in an otherwise dark setting. Using scumbling type brush strokes to produce a knitting of hues and angles in forming a creative shape out of disorder.

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  • Roaring Waterfall

    Roaring Waterfall


    This beautiful abstract creation is a work of art depicting a mighty waterfall pouring down from the mountaintops while the entire surrounding area gets covered by a thick mist due to the force of water bashing off the rocky surface. Through this mist, the creator also brings out the rays of sunlight that can be seen shining brightly though the water clouds and over the mountaintop.

    The ‘Roaring waterfall’ creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office due to its simplicity and at the same time, the creator’s artistic talents to bring to life a wondrous natural setting in its true glory.

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  • The Hive

    The Hive


    The golden interior of a beehive is beautifully portrayed in this blend of abstract and reality. The feature or centerpiece of the painting being an elegant bee who could easily be the queen of the hive is surrounded by the black and gold splendor of the nest. Mystic designs included above and below the queen bee add more mystery to this exquisite painting.

    The creator has applied a through skillful use of the brush and color a glitter of white specks that add a sparkle to the golden hive and bas perfectly balanced the painting with wise use of metric designs interlaced with the character sketch of the bee.

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  • Graceful Love

    Graceful Love


    A majestic lion rests gazing into the eyes of his lioness. The ground seems parched, the season has been a struggle. The lion is tired and old. He is in his last league of life and his ever faithful companion provides him comfort, reminding him of the beautiful memories they built over the years.

    He was once a leader of a pride, full of life and vigor, walking with his head held high through the jungle. As he reminisces of his grandeur, he realized that his time has come to an end. The artist has beautifully portrayed the love and the bond between these incredible creations.

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  • Encased in Glass

    Encased in Glass


    The Creator has expertly captured the stillness of the remnants of a fallen leaf blowing through the wind, where it has journeyed to a window and is pressed up against the glass. The stem of the leaf has been sketched to perfection and been made prominent, while the leaf itself and the veins in it seem to have faded and frayed. The background behind the leaf has a hill and some shrubbery in it.

    The black and white feel and look of this creation is exquisitely gothic and that color theme makes it very powerful. This beautiful piece of modern art makes for a perfect addition into any collection. The black and white color choice adds to the humble allure of this piece.

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  • The Placid Crouch

    The Placid Crouch


    The creator has portrayed the feline of the wild in its natural disposition. Restful yet alert, the leopard is aware of every detail of its surrounding. Seamlessly blending in with its environment, in camouflage with the yellow earth, concealing its predatory nature.

    The illustration of the beast in its rosette-glory mimics the master strokes of mother nature, in soft and dark contrasts and contours. The unmistakably playful crouch indicates that opportunity is not wasted on the ill-prepared. It is as if the artist wishes to state that in wakefulness lies possibility.

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  • Leaping over Boundaries

    Leaping over Boundaries


    An exquisite sketch of a hurdler leaping over the obstacles laid before him with precision and skill. The portrait is painted with much detail of the athletes physic and expression to exuberate the determination and passion of the act itself.

    The creator has used soft colors and drawn in light into this motion portrayal that is pleasing to watch and provoking in thought.

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  • Lake on Fire

    Lake on Fire


    Flames exuberate over still waters as though its surface was the source of the furnace. This abstract elates a story of what many may view as here-say or mystic, but few believe to be a true destination for lost souls – the Lake on Fire.

    The creator has communicated this concept using hatching and has skillfully built on texture and tone whilst blending turquoise and shades of brown – amber to produce a masterpiece of what appears to be fire on water or rather water on fire.

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  • Neutral Frond

    Neutral Frond


    Art as imitation of nature… skeleton leaves are perfect objects for photographic projects. This is a Silhouette of a dead leaf with its internal structure highlighted and the image shows the decay of the leaf. The artist has tried to capture the fine and intricate veins of the leaf in this creation which has been color manipulated to dramatize the overall visual effect.

    Making skeleton leaves out of fresh green leaves, though a time consuming and laboring process, but it is quite a rewarding experience. At the end of it you hold a precious and delicate thing of beauty in your hand. A piece of nature itself. This beautiful grayscale piece of art will add elegance to any living space.

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