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  • Focus of a Kingfisher

    Focus of a Kingfisher


    Featured in this beautiful creation is a lone kingfisher, known for its brightly colored plumage, razor-sharp beak and unmatched focus giving it the strength to capture prey it has set its eyes on. Perched on a branch of a tree, the creator has perfectly portrayed the bird in its natural form highlighting its beauty by setting the main aspect against a blurred green background.

    This creation will make a perfect statement piece that will bring the wonders of nature closer to you and draw the viewer to a reflective state on the level of focus this beautiful bird exhibits before it dives towards its target.

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  • Simple Prettiness

    Simple Prettiness


    Portrayed in this amazing creation is an innocent young girl in a beautiful layered red dress. The artist finds faces, particularly of girl’s fascination. She is very impressionistic in style but with all the lovely colors she will charm the viewer. An artist’s eye for detail is a must to come up with a stunning piece of art like this. Masterly use of colors is a key feature in this creation.

    Neutral brown shades in the background make the girl and her red dress, prominent, and make a strong Impression on the viewer’s eye. This is a lovely painting which adds life and positive energy to your living space.

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  • Firefly on a Lotus Leaf

    Firefly on a Lotus Leaf


    A very unusual set of a firefly rests on a lotus leaf. The painting features a heavily detailed portrayal of a firefly and the striking greenery of a lotus leaf floating in what seems to be clear fresh water colored in emerald.

    The creator has also included an abstract geometrical design in the painting that curiously highlights the firefly as though it were the blueprint of the insect. In addition, skillful outlining of foliage and neighboring lotus leaves have been used to further decorate this painting.

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  • Where the Waters Run Deep..

    Where the Waters Run Deep..


    In this creation, we see a dark, shaded figure of an individual with an explosion of bright, vibrant colors flowing out from the head of the figure. Behind the individual stands a magnificent waterfall and the lilac and gray tones that make up the rocks of the waterfall and stream.

    The brilliant Creator has placed the individual in the body of water and we see little flashes of light striking against the body of the individual. The dark and edgy nature and tone of this creation makes it alluring and beautiful. Ethereal in its nature. The addition of this exquisite piece would make any collection of art special and unique.

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  • Rocky Reflection

    Rocky Reflection


    The creator has proven his ability to bring to life the wonder of ancient landmarks as he brings to life with near perfection a monument carved out of bare rock. The beauty of the scene is enhanced as the majestic structure is witnessed from afar over a tranquil water body which surrounds the scene.

    Aside from the amazing workmanship and historic value of this setting, the most unique aspect of this creation would be the tranquility it infuses through the rocky reflection cast upon the rippled surface which mirrors the majestic structure standing tall against the clear blue sky.

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  • Leap to Your Destiny

    Leap to Your Destiny


    A beautiful portrayal of a dolphin leaping out and over the calm evening waters while neighboring fish and a boat in the distance looks on, as though a soul leap over its habitat to find a destiny that lies beyond. The blend of ambient hues that serves as a fitting backdrop to this fete over the dark ocean adds a sense of mystery and serenity to as art that portrays a time just before the sub disappears into the sea.

    The creator has skillfully created an ambience that is not only relaxing, but also thought provoking in this splendor of the sketch and color.

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  • Court Wide Open

    Court Wide Open


    This creation is a sports illustration of a tennis player. The brilliant white background makes the animated image leap out of its surroundings. The clouded green and muted yellow are presented like smoke around the player in this intriguing piece.

    The tennis player has generated so much heat while sprinting from side to side that the soles of his shoes are burning through the ground and creating puffs of smoke behind him, as a result. A job well done by the ingenious and talented Creator in bringing this effect to life in this portrait. This piece would add a lot of value to any collection of art.

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  • Red Leaves

    Red Leaves


    This wonderful creation, has successfully molded a strong image frolicking with different shades of a single color while featuring a dense growth of florae with darker shades brought to life with a textured appearance. The stems of the vegetation display strong upward growth, spreading their branches in a healthy manner which clearly depicts vigor and liveliness.

    The setting which is featured in a lighter shade represents rays of light reflecting off the exposed verdure and this beautiful creation is a perfect statement piece and is guaranteed to energize the setting with its vibrant energy although in the midst of gloomy surroundings.

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  • Dusk till Dawn

    Dusk till Dawn


    A blast of amber lights up a dull canvass that is perfectly hued with gradience moving in and out from shade to light and vice versa. This abstract represents the coordination between sunrise and sunset regarding color and ambience.

    The creator skillfully communicates a laid-back romantic mood using stippling brush strokes to perfection and blended color with emotion in uniting natural themes that are many hours apart in one frame.

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  • Synchronized Soul

    Synchronized Soul


    Looking in to this piece of art, one can only feel a sense of calmness and a wave of peace. Amongst all the chaos in the present day where greed and jealousy reign one soul conquered the mind and gave the world a path to follow.

    The image is beautifully created as even though the artist has illustrated the brush-strokes to be frenzied the outcome is simply stunning and the choice of color brings light on to the canvas edifying each detail of the piece. It is perfect for any living space and a subtle reminder that serenity is within your reach.


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  • City in The Sky

    City in The Sky


    The artist creates a city in the sky, where fantasy meets harmony. This work of art depicts a utopian cluster of flying islands, where a visual adaptation of a Jules Verne adventure comes to life. The midair metropolis are painted with a translucent effect of blue toned brush strokes. The mint and yellow add depth and color to this fantastic creation.

    This oasis in the sky reflects countless possibilities of the future while attributing calm and serenity to the scene. A moving and thought-provoking depiction befitting a tranquil space.

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  • The Explorers

    The Explorers


    A fitting tribute to a civilization dedicated to venturing into the unknown and passionately pushing the boundaries of exploration and innovation. This exquisite portrait of a Viking ship in action on the merciless waves is sketched in detail of motion and color.

    The creator has skillfully drawn the waves hitting against the bow as the ship cuts through the waves against a backdrop of land and sea. The calm of the expanse and earth contrasted beautifully against the rough seas and brave explorers.

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  • Elephants in the Wild

    Elephants in the Wild


    This painting is a group of elephants in the rough surrounding of the wilderness. The environment is beautifully painted to represent the rough features of a forest. The creator has used dark khaki colors primarily in green shades to give the impression of a dark surrounding.

    The elephants themselves are drawn in a lot of detail. The creator has given them a lot of emotion and motion thereby making this a lively piece of art. The tree that encompasses the elephants almost gives a 3D effect to the painting as the creator has skillfully added depth to it behind the large elephant.

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  • This is Mine

    This is Mine


    A clingy mongoose holds fast to what appears to be a tortoise buried in his shell. A painting that perfectly captures the intense stare of the animal amidst a background exquisitely sketched portraying his grassy domain. The realistic colors used and the detail in which the creator has gone through to paint in true light the reality of the incident is the paintings feature and stunning splendor.

    The creator has chosen earth colors to bring out an ambience that depicts a hiding place which captures the true essence of the animal and his surrounding habitat. This combined with skillful brush strokes have produced a stunning natural portrait.

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  • The Mind of Man

    The Mind of Man


    Most everything in our lives is ‘mind of matter’. This painting is a curious depiction of the role the mind plays in our day-to-day lives and its independence from the body. Three male figures are featured engaging in different physical activities while the heads of these figures seem to be partly transparent and abstract in a colored array. This represents how our minds could operate in complete independence from the body and thereby engage in different thoughts and activities than what the body would appear to be occupied in.

    The canvas has been filled with a burst of paint and detail. The creator has skillfully brought through a blend of abstract and reality, telling a story of the realities of life in a splendor of color.

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  • A Final Goodbye

    A Final Goodbye


    Somewhat grave and gloomy in nature, the creator captures the somber moment when a group of individuals bids farewell to a dying companion. In order to set the context for this sad and dark moment, the creators have carefully used a mix of muted colors which spread the feeling of sadness also expressed through the facial expressions of the characters in the setting.

    The lone window which is seen in the middle of the setting conveys a powerful message and ray of hope that the soul passing is being called to a brighter place from this point on.

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  • Singleness of Thought

    Singleness of Thought


    A wonderful depiction of the act that produces a posture of meditation – the singleness of mind and body. This painting blends a realistic scenery with an abstract angle that provides a contrast between reality and teaching, as the peacefulness and concentration of a Buddhist monk is likened unto his inspiration.

    The creator has perfectly sketched and hued the surface of the rock and the center piece statue in displaying a stunningly realistic image that produces a fitting backdrop to the lowliness of the Buddhist monk strategically placed in the corner. The painting provides an ambience of peace and tranquility, whilst defining conviction through imagery.

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  • After the Flight

    After the Flight


    In this acrylic painting, the creator captures the falcon in mid landing. The predatory bird is captured in an unusual stance. The timing and precision of his landing are intelligently captured by the artist in the movement of wings and the angled silhouette of the bird. Its face too reflects the precision and focus as it makes a graceful landing on the bare branch.

    Using a traditional color scheme, the artist brings the bird’s landing to life with the different shades of brown and white that encompass the bird’s feathers- adding a subtle naturalness to its appearance.

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  • The Color of Calm

    The Color of Calm


    An Orchid is a very peaceful and majestic flower. This Creator’s rendition of an Orchid is one which travels and is wrapped along a branch. It tends to grow like a vine. It is easy to take a moment to appreciate the dynamic dimensions of mother nature.

    This flower can affect mood just by gazing at it, we use it to help relax ourselves in aromatherapy; it has therapeutic and medicinal properties. The Creator of this intriguing piece has not just simply painted this for our amusement, but also to dig deeper and appreciate little things like these.

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  • Victorious on the Battle ..

    Victorious on the Battle ..


    The Creator depicts a war, a fight between two soldiers on the battlefield. The colors present in the background are more muted and grey toned, it suggests that the theme of this creation is darker and more remorseful. It’s very evident by the central figures of the image that it is dark and there is some gore present.

    However, it depicts that a battle is being fought and being won. This could be the Creator’s rendition of a battle that shaped history. Every war or battle known and recorded in history has shaped the world in one way or another.

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