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Abstract Paintings

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  • Water’s Edge

    Water’s Edge


    An abstract design painted in the form of a beautiful landscape that portrays the stunning splendor of white cliffs at the edge of the vast ocean. The blue bordering sea is exquisitely sketched as a necklace around the magnificent cliffs that feature hills of varied degrees, grassy highlands and even a silhouette of a lighthouse.

    The creator has expertly produced detail in the midst of design using light shades and inserting wave form lines that flow across the canvas. These features cleverly bring through a unique effect in blended abstract art.

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  • Dancing in the Daylight

    Dancing in the Daylight


    An interesting painting of a disco ball placed in an outdoor setting. The light background, giving the impression that it’s probably daytime. Nevertheless, the ball is reflecting an array of colorful effects that span onto the floor.

    The creator has beautifully painted the disco ball in gold and placed it as though it were hanging from the sky spreading forth multi-color light. The landscape seems to be that of a snow-capped mountain range outlined in a geometrical design.

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  • Pillars of Stalagmites

    Pillars of Stalagmites


    This painting features eleven pillars standing over a bed of water. The reflection of which can be seen over the water. The beauty of this and uniqueness is the choice of color against a dull background, which brings forth an antique and mysterious look.

    The creator has purposely drawn beige shaded pillars of different sizes and thicknesses to represent diversity whilst placing them on an even multicolored base. The colorful base brings color into an otherwise dull picture, thereby adding to its mystery.

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  • King of the Stars

    King of the Stars


    A starry night sky is never complete without its royalty taking forefront. This amazing abstract art signifies the moon in all its glory commanding over the expanse. The bright white color shaded to perfection to resemble the surface of the full moon against the geometric designs above and below it, is expertly placed to tease the imagination and relax the mind.

    The creator has used amber and black for the background and surrounded the moon with mostly dark colors to bring somewhat a balance to the hues in the painting which also complement the main feature with variety.

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  • Golden Sunset

    Golden Sunset


    This bright golden picture is a true eye catcher as it captures the beauty of a sunset embossed in oil on a canvas. The skill in mixing just two colors to get a stunning effect of clouds and sky covered in gold over an otherwise dull landscape is truly noteworthy.

    The creator has purposely limited the color selection in this art to ensure that the viewers’ focus is in the setting of the sun in the middle of the canvas and thereafter spreads outward throughout the golden array.

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  • The Haze of Purple Mist

    The Haze of Purple Mist


    There are mystique and intrigue in the textured haze that is spread over the entirety of the creation. There is a plethora of colors that the Creator has used in this creation. The violet, tangerine, vermillion red, indigo blue, and azure are the colors to first catch the eye. They are placed very prominently throughout the creation.

    This piece would be an intriguing addition to a collection of modern, contemporary art. The brilliance of it is in the haziness. If you are looking to add wonder, awe and a sense of poignancy in your home, this is the piece to do exactly that.

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  • Aurora



    The creator has masterfully presented an arresting impression of a northern sky. Even if stars fail to appear by twilight, illuminated clouds of a divine glow decorate the night sky. Just beneath the moonlight, yet deeper than the sky, these are heavenly illuminations of the aurora.

    A stimulation of emotion and intellect, the very essence of a soul is embodied in this work of art. It is more than just a creation, but an object to be experienced rather than simply viewed. This beautiful creation is a perfect example of the evolution of contemporary artistic styles which allows the viewer to enjoy a blend of colors, textures and creative representations depicting deeper meanings.

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  • Colors in a Prism

    Colors in a Prism


    Each perspective is unique and therefore, how we all perceive this spectacularly unique piece is how we ultimately interpret it. The Creator wants to try and divert our attention to the vibrant, eye-catching hues painted above in such gentle, abstract strokes.

    Imagine, lying down in a park, looking up at the sky. It’s Autumn, the leaves are changing color, not all of them have changed just yet, a beautiful, contrasting gradient of colors when looking up at the trees. This is the moment that the brilliant Creator has captured, by hand, on canvas. This creation has been splendidly articulated on its canvas.

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  • Blue Ocean

    Blue Ocean


    A beautiful oil painting on the canvass of an ocean view against the horizon. The picture is in dark and light blue shading. It also includes what seems to be abstract cliffs and a landscape. The creator of this art has purposely kept white space to enhance the abstract and color contrasts of the picture.

    Certain features of the art are embossed out of the canvass, giving it a 3D effect. The color selection complements the sense of freshness and tranquility through the art.

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  • Trio of Vessels

    Trio of Vessels


    Through the ‘Three Water Jugs’ the creator perfectly demonstrates his mastery of the still life painting technique and uses this artistic style to depict three inanimate objects, in this instance, being three water jugs.

    The creation which focuses mainly on these three objects is brought to life using shades of brown featuring prominent outlines to separate the objects from one another while perfectly indicating the direction of light illustrated by the darkening of the opposite side of the objects. Due to its high artistic value, this creation will be a perfect statement piece to add to your collection of art.

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  • Lost in The City

    Lost in The City


    The artist has successfully created a contemplative piece with fine contemporary details. The modern abstract painting resembles a city view on a dark, rainy evening. Shadows illustrated against the illuminations of white remind the viewer of the countless souls that walk through a city each day.

    The juxtaposition of dark against shades of light in mint and then presents an intimate relationship between the artwork and the viewer. It decorates a space with meaningful and provocative impressions.

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  • Morning Sky

    Morning Sky


    This painting resembles a morning sky with cloud cover. It mainly features white with smudged with blue and a scattering of green. The beauty of a cloud covered sky is brought through the smart mixing of colors with a heavy load of white.

    The creator has beautifully brought out the cloudy effect with a misty application of white that applies layer upon layer. Amazingly, no brush strokes are visible in this natural looking replication of a morning sky.

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  • Wine Splash

    Wine Splash


    Feast your eyes on this captivating creation depicting a close range view of luscious red wine splashing into a glass. The creator goes into great detail to show the wave like movement and splashes created just before the rich, velvety liquid settles in the vessel before it is ready to be consumed.

    As you make this delectable creation part of your home or office, you would be able to enjoy the refreshing nature it infuses to its surroundings. You can enjoy this to the extent that your senses almost begin to feel the sweet aroma, rich flavor and overall refinement of a glass of classic red wine.

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  • Autumn’s Fury

    Autumn’s Fury


    This illustration mimics gusts of cold winds against the fires of the august sunset. Filled with emotion, it stirs the picture of mountains echoing in the wake of Autumn’s fury.

    The artist employs several layers of crimsons and tangerines, highlighted with streaks of fuchsia blending into the hues of Autumn red. It reflects a passion that pursues the greens of Summer. These vibrant and effervescent colors, add personality to any space.

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  • Idolatry



    A grim portrayal of what appears to be a spiritual being sketched abstractly seated in a hollow transcending time and space. The figure, although unclear is elegantly drawn and skillfully sculptured using dull colors against an equal background.

    The creator of beautifully painted this figure, which stands as a representation of an idol using detail brush strokes and careful application of light and shade.

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  • Dandelion Feathers

    Dandelion Feathers


    The Creator has brilliantly melted the colors of the flora together, giving it as interesting edge and shape to the arrangement. Other than the azure that frames the portrait the color that stands out from the arrangement. White is said to be the absence of color, and yet, this magnificent Creator has drenched this creation in the decadence of these brilliant white flowers.

    Anyone would be impressed with skill and dedication that it has taken this masterful Creator to take a simple flora, abstract portrait and turn it into a poignant anecdote. Having a piece like this in your living space will add a sense of decadence to the ambience.

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  • Free Falling

    Free Falling


    A mindless generation free falls into the dark wilderness of confusion. A headless human figure seems to be falling upside-down into what seems to be a dark rocky abyss. This clearly represents how mindlessness or ignorance can lead to the destruction of man.

    The creator has used dull colors to depict the dark reality of the portrayed scenario and give the viewer a sense of depression within which to relate to what the picture is attempting to convey. Curiously the human figure is drawn with an umbilical cord attached, which could mean that the end to which he has destined himself to, was that which was fated from the birth of an entire generation.

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  • Basking in the Light

    Basking in the Light


    The Creator has offered a masterful ode to Buddhism. Being that the Lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism. The geometry of this masterpiece only draws emphasis to the celestial atmosphere that is highly prominent in this magnificent piece.

    The sapphire hues that cover the semi-precious effect of the sky is so alluring, calming. Perfect to soften the chaos of the modern world in which we live in. The Creator has astoundingly portrayed an abstract masterpiece that emanates a strong and calm peace.

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  • Dripping on the Canvas

    Dripping on the Canvas


    The effect of paint spilt on a canvas while a remnant drip to beautify the splatter. An amazing use of creativity and color is brought through this abstract art that is a blend of light and bright hues. Colors that are often featured in foliage and contrasted against each other with a sense of harmony and melody.

    The creator skillfully utilizes a unique brush technique that seems to be a mutant of stippling. The dripping effect is expertly brought through to line the large segments of color that pushes through a light background that’s mixed with white and solid hues.

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  • Rings in Motion

    Rings in Motion


    A worthwhile addition to your collection of art ‘Rings in Motion’ is a creative expression of abstract art that brings to life a sense of motion to its surroundings. Through placement of various geometric lines and shapes, the creator highlights three main rings against the deep blue shaded background of the acrylic.

    The three main pearl colored rings connected to each other through a network of connections are brought to life due to the textured appearance given to them. As the viewer continues to gaze at the creation, they begin to gradually take form, creating the illusion of movement further capturing the viewer’s attention.

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