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Abstract Paintings

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  • An Angel’s Embrace

    An Angel’s Embrace


    Feel a sense of warmth and security gradually diffuse into your surrounding with this beautiful creation titled ‘An Angel’s Embrace’. A perfect embodiment of the power of love transcending all boundaries, the creator brings to life the wonder of this loving bond being nurtured between two lovers, one a mortal and the other a divine being, as they embrace.

    Decorated with hints of blue and green against monochromatic tones this angelic creation is capable of enchanting its viewers with its deep sense of adoration.

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  • Naked Dream

    Naked Dream


    Through this creation titled ‘Naked Dream’ the creator expresses the vulnerable nature of his muse as she drifts away to her dream world. Unable to control the outcome of her dreams, the beauty enjoys the sense of freedom she feels as she explores the unknown in this dreamy state, free from any obstructions and constraints.

    Invite the same sense of freedom and creativity to your home or office space as you place this mesmerizing creation on display.

    Kos Cos
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  • Hidden Skin

    Hidden Skin


    The crafting of this masterpiece reflects futurism in its most abstract form. The dispersion of the human form leaves behind traces of blurred color. This emphasizes on the beauty of imperfections and reciprocates it with a strong link to self- identity.

    Disguised among the blurred-out chaos of paint is a gazing eye. Although self-esteem is benefitted by the appreciation of imperfections, there is also a necessity to fit into a common caliber in society. Uniqueness also crave commonness. Our skin is truly our biggest façade. Our hearts and souls the mirrors that reflect the realities of ourselves.

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  • Roaring Waterfall

    Roaring Waterfall


    This beautiful abstract creation is a work of art depicting a mighty waterfall pouring down from the mountaintops while the entire surrounding area gets covered by a thick mist due to the force of water bashing off the rocky surface. Through this mist, the creator also brings out the rays of sunlight that can be seen shining brightly though the water clouds and over the mountaintop.

    The ‘Roaring waterfall’ creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office due to its simplicity and at the same time, the creator’s artistic talents to bring to life a wondrous natural setting in its true glory.

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  • Flowerbed



    A simple yet exquisite sketch of a flower bed in blue outline. At the left of the foliage is a curious design that acts as its border bringing in an unusual abstract effect that adds character to this unique art. The background is clever woven to appear as though the sketch was done as graffiti on a weather-beaten wall that features the cracks and marks of old age.

    The creator has used a single hue to draw a silhouette against an amazingly creative backdrop to produce a design that is both unique to the eye and soul. A painting that would take many hours to fathom and certainly not one that will suffice by just a glance.

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  • Feisty Angel

    Feisty Angel


    The beauty featured in this creation is mesmerizing, charming and seductive, but by no means an innocent angel. The appeal of this feisty damsel will definitely command the attention of the onlooker as she allures the viewer with her magnetic glance to enter into her plot of absolute mischief.

    A unique acrylic, this creation will definitely infuse some lively energy to its surroundings while it effortlessly stands out against any background as you place it on display.

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  • Summer’s End

    Summer’s End


    This creation embodies a melancholic summer song. The splashes of crimson seem to be stirred by the setting summer sun. Soft rose tints echo the voices of an ageing season well past its youth. Dark shadows lurk in the corners; a premonition of cold and sinister seasons to come.

    The artist builds texture through thick layers of paint in varied and contrasting hues. The final outcome reflects a subtle hope, even in a time of despair.

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  • My Own Song

    My Own Song


    Through this work of art, the creator explores a unique perspective of a beautiful ballerina, a charming beauty who often performs her dance act to predefined music. In this creation, she is seen in a rather unfamiliar stance as she creates her own melodious tune which is equally capable of enchanting an audience as her captivating dance performance would do.

    Invite your mind to pay heed to this innocent tune as this elegant dancer attempts to charm her audience with her own song.

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  • Grunge



    The Renaissance of punk rock blended with a retro theme results in a blast of color and attitude. This abstract portrait of a girl dressed in waves of color presents this mixture in a theme called grunge. Her face mutated from nature in what appears to be an evolution of an ocean.

    The creator has splattered this beautiful abstract art with a sea of color ranging from violet to turquoise whilst combining many of the rainbow hues in swift smooth brush strokes applied in freedom and harmony.

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  • The Festival of Fools

    The Festival of Fools


    Creator of this unique work of art has juxtaposed the dark, shadow like individual seems to be saddened by what’s around it. In the background, which is the gradient of blue, there are multiple masks in varying colors. The eyes of the masks, almost empty and eerie, are actually full of life and laughter. From the head is an explosion of strands of color like a metaphor to describe the individual state as al the color is being lost from within.

    Creator makes a powerful and empathetic statement on mental health. When going through depression, it’s as if all the color is being drained from you, your life and point of view. Points of view become darker and more morbid. Seeing color and happiness doesn’t lift one’s mood. It’s a very powerful statement that says that mental illness exists and there are those that struggle every day. It’s their courage and strength that helps them through their days.

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  • Paradise Land

    Paradise Land


    Invite the beauty of a paradise land right into your home or office space as you make this mesmerizing creation part of your décor. Created using a culmination of vibrant hues, this amazing creation will easily blend in against almost any backdrop while at the same time be successful in grabbing the viewer’s attention by the multitude of features highlighted in the envisioned landscape.

    Feast your eyes on the fertile green pastures surrounded by still waters invigorated by the warm sunlight gently rising from beyond the majestic mountain-scape as you begin to hear the sweet sound of bird chirping with joy.

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  • Volcanic Eruption

    Volcanic Eruption


    The flames and fumes of molten lava will take over your living space as you make this captivating creation part of your décor. The creator demonstrates unmatched talents which bring to life this amazing creation through perfect brush strokes blending vibrant colors and by paying attention to even the most finite details of how the volcanic fumes rise into the atmosphere.

    Allow this mighty volcano to energize its surroundings as it captivates the audience with sudden eruptions.

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  • The Unsaid Goodbye

    The Unsaid Goodbye


    Exploring the emotions hidden deep within during a painful farewell, this creation titled ‘the unsaid goodbye’ is a perfect statement piece to add to your collection of fine art. Rising from beyond the beauty of the muse is the true nature of the pain causing her due to an unsaid goodbye.

    Serving as a reminder to make sure important words are not left unsaid, this creation is exceptional in terms of artistic value and profound meaning.

    Kos Cos
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  • Swan Lake in the City

    Swan Lake in the City


    This amazing abstract creation is inspired by the setting of a natural lake bordering a busy city and depicts the calm nature of a beautiful swan swimming in its natural habitat while the hustle and bustle of the city go on in the background. The creation also draws the viewer’s attention to how the clouds of pollution gradually begin to erode the innocence of nature which is trying to maintain a stronghold for the benefit of life.

    Include this inspiring creation as part of your home or office décor and demonstrate the powerful message it portrays.

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  • The Day of Judgement

    The Day of Judgement


    This creation is one that represents a deep meaning worthy of contemplation; it represents the day of judgement, the time at which a mere mortal stands before the mighty gatekeepers who decide his ultimate fate in the afterlife. The creator perfectly highlights the journey of the mortal leading up to this decisive moment in time and the promising rays of hope that shine brightly from behind.

    This beautiful creation which displays a classical work of art will make a perfect addition to your home or office space and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.

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  • The Jade Moon

    The Jade Moon


    Bask in the energy of the Jade moon as you feast your eyes on this mesmerizing creation. Capable of filling its surroundings with its enigmatic energy, this beautiful acrylic boasts of a pleasant color scheme which makes it easy to place against any backdrop.

    The creator goes on to enhance the beauty of this creation as he brings to life motion of his muse as she quietly dances on a starlit night as the crescent moon fills the sky with its radiance.

    Kos Cos
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  • An Angel’s Cry

    An Angel’s Cry


    A symbol of purity and innocence, an angel hides in pain as she sheds tears in silence. Capable of arousing a host of emotions, with each brush stroke the creator brings to life the feelings of the muse of this captivating creation as she shields herself from the judgmental views of the world.

    A perfect statement piece to adorn any living space, this creation is truly an artistic masterpiece which showcases the creator’s ability to display hidden emotions through art.

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  • Autumn’s Fury

    Autumn’s Fury


    This illustration mimics gusts of cold winds against the fires of the august sunset. Filled with emotion, it stirs the picture of mountains echoing in the wake of Autumn’s fury.

    The artist employs several layers of crimsons and tangerines, highlighted with streaks of fuchsia blending into the hues of Autumn red. It reflects a passion that pursues the greens of Summer. These vibrant and effervescent colors, add personality to any space.

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  • Water Planet

    Water Planet


    Celebrating our very source of existence, this creation highlights the most magnificent view of Planet Earth, often dubbed the water planet as it is the only planet in the entire solar system with a conducive environment to sustain life. In this day and age, we often tend to take for granted what Mother Nature has freely gifted to us, and this beautiful creation serves as a timely reminder of the value of our natural surroundings and why we must strive to protect our beautiful planet.

    This creation will invite the viewer to enjoy the view of our abundant planet from afar and instill a sense of gratitude towards this priceless gift from nature.

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  • When Blindness is in the ..

    When Blindness is in the ..


    Blindness is not merely the loss of sight; more often than not, we find us all suffering from blindness in the mind. This hinders our ability to see the truth and results in a point of view which is perceived after viewing through a predefined filter.

    ‘Do not allow your mind to be inflicted by such blindness’ is the powerful message conveyed by the creator as he invites the viewer to open one’s mind and see the beauty of the world.

    Kos Cos
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