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Abstract Paintings

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  • Smears on a Flamboyant Ma..

    Smears on a Flamboyant Ma..


    This multi-hued symmetrical creation is a vibrant jubilation of color. Both bold and loud set in a backdrop of a complacent blue, this creation uses splashes of bright yellows and blues, complemented with statements of crimson and turquoise highlights.

    Upon close observation a viewer would recall an artisanal mask belonging to the ancient woodcarving traditions of Sri Lanka. The layers of contrasting color smears brings out an interesting perspective on traditional art.

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  • Magenta Rising

    Magenta Rising


    A beautiful creation of dark magenta rising from the bottom of the canvas up towards a light-colored backdrop. The contrast between the magenta and the backdrop gives it a striking effect as the darker shades are illuminated through the lighter shade.

    The creator skillfully merges two most unlikely shades and yet maintained an artistic impression. The rising of the magenta is beautifully captured using a mixture of blue shades that gives more color and depth to this artwork.

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  • Raindrops on My Head

    Raindrops on My Head


    The connotation of rainfall on one’s head may seem frustrating when staring at this elegant abstract created with a mix of light hues and amber splats. The brush strokes bring out a sense of drizzle seen through a window tainted in light and water drops.

    The creator skillfully sketched the damp effect whilst complimenting the subject with ambient light through a clever use of color and shading over a beautified canvas.

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  • Lizard-Mobile



    A new type of transportation for effective conveyance of unstable and rough terrain. This vehicle seems to have a character by itself. The art introduces in the picture the lizard-mobile which is an android used as a moon buggy by the populating ants.

    The creator has used soft color concepts and sketched the imaginative vehicle to perfection, bringing both characters of an animal combined with a machine. The animation is well constructed and portrayed as an abstract cartoon type work of art.

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  • Cotton Candy in the Sky

    Cotton Candy in the Sky


    The Creator of this piece has such a vast, bold imagination. To be able to create an alternate world with your god given talent, a world full of fantasy and intrigue, it is a testament to the brilliance and ingenuity of this Creator’s skill and highly artistic mindset.

    This creation would bring out the child in anyone who gazes upon it. The Creator deserves high praise for their ability to take us, the audience, back to our childhood, back to the age of innocence. A comical and humorous animation, which is a refreshing change from the more stereotypical forms of art.

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  • Butterfly Below the Moon

    Butterfly Below the Moon


    An ash color butterfly below a silver moon decorated with an abstract garden laced with white foliage. The beauty and simplicity of the butterfly are contrasted against a beautiful moon, almost as if the two were related to each other. The painting also includes geometric outlines which bring more abstract detail to the surroundings.

    The creator has painted the butterfly against an orange backdrop and an ash color border. The contrasting backdrop against the main features of the painting brings more beauty to this creation.

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  • Boats at the Quay

    Boats at the Quay


    A colorful representation of fishing boats parked at a quay. The beautiful use of various colors is the highlight of this painting. A smudge of yellow in the water against a magenta sky over a what seems to be a landscape backdrop. An art that would tickle the imagination at every glance.

    The creator has creatively combined abstract and reality. The detail in texture used on the boats in contrast to the abstract use of color for the natural elements is a delightful feature of this painting.

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  • Hills in the Distance

    Hills in the Distance


    As we stare into the cold mist, we catch the beauty of blue hills lines up against each other separated by distance but joined in splendor. This abstract representation of a mountain range just before daybreak is a stunning testimony to the natural gradient in the landscape brought about through the filtering of light.

    The creator has skillfully adapted three different shades of blue utilizing a blend between stippling and hatching brush stroke techniques and splattered random cream-colored drippings to produce an art that creatively exuberates the ambience of a natural landscape at the birth of day.

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  • Temptations of an Evil Mi..

    Temptations of an Evil Mi..


    A clever portrayal of a deceptive and evil mind. The man that stands as an overpowering presence in this portrait is pictured is seen as a demonic figure whose forehead is open and spurting out with an array of multicolored patterns. These colorful patterns may represent the evil thoughts of the dark creature, much like the temptations that fill an unholy mind.

    The creator has used skill and creativity in applying color in the sketch of the figure’s demonic torso, beautifully contrasting the dark figure with a background fill with color and brightness. A feature in this art is the carefully drawn red hands of the demon which show to be a seductive lure into the tempting mind.

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  • Captivating Bold Spirits

    Captivating Bold Spirits


    This creation is evocative of a captivating tribal mask often representing the spirits and after life, across many cultures. The artist entraps the beauty of various beliefs, be it mythological good or evil believed to have a divine power over humanity.

    The acrylics used by the creator are less opaque, which brings out the consistency of the structure. The lilac colored porous background thrusts the central colors towards the viewer, encouraging them to draw an impression of this creative piece of work.

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  • The Light above the Fores..

    The Light above the Fores..


    A line of trees and foliage is overshadowed by a falling light that disturbs a perfect setting of green shades moving from dark to bright, bottom to the top of the canvas. This abstract design of intermingled greens perfectly represents a forestry scenery as seen from above over the tree line and a touch of the sky above.

    The creator has smudged in an exquisite balance of the gradient and light using a blend of green shading for the forest and a light blue for the expanse. The streak of white is expertly introduced at the top left corner as an addition that expands on the ambience and character of the design.

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  • A Bouquet of Color

    A Bouquet of Color


    Sharp, bright hues come together to form a splendid bouquet of colors as though a bunch of awesome flowers were twined together and viewed from an aerial angle. A blend of rainbow shades assigned separate corners of the centered square type shape with curious streaks of paint drips crisscrossed with a liner brush brings out an exquisite effect to the abstract art.

    The creator has chosen a beautiful array of shades to combine in an orderly yet an abstract manner against a white backdrop that acts as a highlight for the featured colors. Plus, the hatching type brush strokes that are utilized for the bouquet produce a superb blast of color in the face of the viewer.

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  • Blue Ocean

    Blue Ocean


    A beautiful oil painting on the canvass of an ocean view against the horizon. The picture is in dark and light blue shading. It also includes what seems to be abstract cliffs and a landscape. The creator of this art has purposely kept white space to enhance the abstract and color contrasts of the picture.

    Certain features of the art are embossed out of the canvass, giving it a 3D effect. The color selection complements the sense of freshness and tranquility through the art.

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  • Sleeping Skyline

    Sleeping Skyline


    The thought of city life often causes are minds to instantly envision the hustle and bustle and intense activity associated with it. Though this creation, our talented artist explores a very different side to city life, portraying a peaceful view of the waterfront which shows absolute stillness and a sense of calm.

    This beautiful watercolor acrylic colored in cooling shades of blue, decorated with hazy lines and blotches captures the moment as the entire city sleeps. As though it was resting before the start of another busy day signaled to rise by the warmth of the sunrise.


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  • Cloud Color

    Cloud Color


    This painting is a burst of color in the sky. It represents a beautiful multicolored cloud that stands out from the otherwise pale morning sky. Touches of green have been spread through the canvass so that the color of the cloud easily blends in with the light blue sky.

    The creator has maintained vertical brush strokes to give a sense of a hanging cloud and to be consistent with the texture of the backdrop of the sky. The focus of the color at the center of the canvas is skillfully painted with the selections of color contrasts.

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  • Tetris Landscapes

    Tetris Landscapes


    Remember, spending hours and sometimes days of your childhood playing a fun game of Tetris? Well, this beautiful watercolor landscape creation will bring back such fond memories. The creator portrays this waterfront landscape of towering skyscrapers which at a glance look like they are made up of Tetris blocks reaching up to the sky.

    Enhancing the color of this beautiful creation, the large empty space left in between serves as space to let in the warmth of the sun on a bright afternoon. This casts a shadow on the entire city and lights up the rippling waters below.

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