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Animal Paintings

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  • The Gaze of a Million Eye..

    The Gaze of a Million Eye..


    In this portrait of a peacock, the artist takes a closer look at the exotic bird. Up close and personal, we see the tints and hints of pinks, purples under the sea of blue that dominates the canvas. Through countless short, swift brush strokes, the artist paints the movement of the peacock and the shimmer of its feathers that exude an explosion of color and life, like the fiery yellow that seeks to escape from the bottom of the page.

    Echoing the peacock’s slanted gaze, an endless horde of multicolored eyes gaze back through its feathers- the artist’s technique bringing the bird to life in all its intensity and seductiveness.

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  • A Dazzling Display

    A Dazzling Display


    The creator has chosen to depict a subject often portrayed in a surge of color, with muted and neutral use of shades. The long, slender face and body of the spectacular peacock are painted in hues of azure. The uniformly placed bronze eye of every feather with centers of indigo and jade is a feature of outstanding beauty itself.

    The glorious fan of feathers in a dazzling display has been structured in soft earthen pigments of sienna and amber. Each feather is detailed with precise and quick, directional strokes to create a stunning visual effect.

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  • Charging Elephant

    Charging Elephant


    The front view of a charging elephant in vibrant color. The portrait is in a spectrum of multi colors mixing in the abstract with reality. The emotion of the angry elephant is skillfully brought out by the creator through the adding of much detail in the elephant.

    The creator has applied a darkened background which exaggerates the colors of the elephant and thereby brings even more beauty to this emotion-filled piece of art.

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  • Fire in the Meadow

    Fire in the Meadow


    The Creator has wonderfully portrayed a very powerful piece of art. The horses surrounded by incandescent light, blazing and rising all around them. Crimson, burnt orange and the mixtures in different shades of yellow, all fusing together, falling from the early morning sky, as though the meadow and the horses are being engulfed by light.

    The Creator’s rendition of a field or meadow, here in this work of art is unique and breathtaking. The anecdotal aspect of the creation is interesting as it can change according to different perceptive viewpoints. With the addition of this piece into a collection of art, there is the added benefit that everyone who encounters its beauty, would interpret it differently. It is everchanging and, therefore, everlasting.

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