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Cultural Paintings

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  • Illusions from Beyond

    Illusions from Beyond


    This is an exceptional piece of art which focuses on a beautiful and unique cultural art of Sri Lanka. On an island famous for worshipping demons and devils, masks are in popular usage for ungodly practices. These masks tend to look surreal; with huge bulging eyes, wide grins, colorful headdresses and mix of colors. Facial expressions of them are quite bizarre.

    Bold colors at the background make the mask prominent and make a strong impression on the viewer’s eye. Blazing red evokes the emotions of passion, excitement and power in you. This creation is a Perfect statement piece for any living space.

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  • Lead from the Front

    Lead from the Front


    A beautiful portrayal of a bullock cart race in full action. The pictures show the race from the front view, focusing on the leader and the competition behind. The wise selection of color contrast, brings to the immediate attention the race leader clads in a bright orange T-shirt whilst the other racers are painted in grayscale, thereby subtly bringing out the theme of this painting.

    The creator has skillfully sketched the gleeful thrill on the race leaders face, which stands out against the dull background and has added much detail to the carts and their engines that perfectly compliment the motion of the art.

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  • Rhythm of the Cobra

    Rhythm of the Cobra


    Portrayed here a wonderful moment of a life of a snake charmer, they have always been a part of the mysterious culture of Sri Lanka. These men carry a bamboo flute and a harmless looking basket in which resides a deadly cobra. As he begins to play the flute in response to the summons of the strange and melancholy tune the serpent begins to sway to and fro to the rhythm of the charmer’s melody.

    The color selection compliments the beauty of the scene and it’s a perfect example for the best balance of colors. Creator’s eye for detail which is a must to come up with a beautiful work of art.

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  • Protection of the Dhamma

    Protection of the Dhamma


    This unique creation features the Hamsa hand, a symbol known to represent faith, positivity and protection, intertwined with the teachings of the Dhamma. Set against a fluid background created by brushstrokes of mixed colors which draw reference to the uncertainty of life, the Hamsa hand outlined in solid black stands out as the only definite guide to finding all that is good in life.

    This meaningful creation will serve as a perfect reminder of these valuable teachings which will help you achieve a happy and fulfilled life.

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  • Elder of the Temple

    Elder of the Temple


    A beautiful portrait of a Buddhist monk clads in bright amber robes strolling across the sandy surface of the outer court of a temple. Clearly the elder of the shrine, the monk is sketched in deep detail that shows forth an emotion of satisfaction as he gazes to capture the surrounding environment.

    The creator has used a blotching type brush style to produce a curious design in the foreground and background of the painting giving it an abstract touch. The dark green tree serves as a fitting backdrop highlighting the bright robe of the elderly clergymen and perfectly contrasting over the sandy foreground.

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  • Satisfaction



    A young lady offers an animated posture of relaxation in this beautiful monochrome portrait laid against an abstract background. The black and white colors give the painting a raw yet antique look drawing the eyes of the viewer directly into the gaze of the lady who is sketched in rich detail.

    The creator has skillfully used shading to sculpt the shadows around the subject in producing depth of elegance to the single colored painting. The perfection in drawing out the emotion of the lady results in creating an ambience of joy, relaxation and satisfaction even in the lack of bright color.

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  • Essence of Music

    Essence of Music


    Here in this painting the lady playing the ‘Tabla’ and in her subconscious mind she sees everything about her lover. The love is flowing in her heart. Masterly use of colors is a main feature of this painting. This fine piece of art can be called as visual music or music for the eyes.

    What is the essence of music? It’s the real fruit of music. When we play music we feel pleasure in our heart and spiritual pleasure also comes within it. Enjoy this piece of creation when you make it part of your living space.

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  • Forgotten Heritage

    Forgotten Heritage


    As time goes by, it is inevitable that we tend to forget some of the treasures passed down to us from our ancestors, and through this creation the creator strives to bring to life the memory of one such forgotten wonder. The massive stupa depicted in this creation would have once stood tall, shining bright against its surroundings, yet with time moss has begun to grow on its surface masking its true beauty which it once possessed.

    This is a unique work of art which you could make part of your home or office, which will once again begin to inculcate the need for us to strive to protect and preserve our forgotten heritage.

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  • Splendor of the Ages

    Splendor of the Ages


    The drummers clad in bright red cloth walk in pride, the dancers adorned in their costumes dance flamboyantly around the majestic elephants. The tusker dressed in beautiful garments carries the casket of the tooth relic, he is escorted by two other equally elegant Tuskers.

    The atmosphere is filled with the powerful noise of the drums as they make their way through the crowds that gather alongside the streets, the Tuskers take a few steps according to the beat. It is a celebration of splendor. The creator has brought forth this masterpiece filled with brilliant red and orange hues, bound to capture the attention of anyone.


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  • Kingdom of Yesteryear

    Kingdom of Yesteryear


    A beautiful sketch of the Kandyan Kingdom against a pale blue sky in the height of daylight robed with nature and splendor. Brightness springs out of this painting as the white of the palace reflects out the golden roof of the throne room.

    The creator has used a curious and a skillful form of shading to sink in the detail of royal architecture with serenity and a restful mood. Pale colors intermingled with brightness and perfect symmetry to bring forth a painting that is both pleasant and commanding.

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  • As the Lotus Floats

    As the Lotus Floats


    A symbol of Buddhism and at the heart of the religion, Lord Buddha has been portrayed in this creation. The Creator has painted a depiction of a gray toned statue of Lord Buddha, carved in stone, with intricate etchings on the forehead and under the eyes of the face.

    A peaceful, wondrous and time piece of culture and ethnicity. This piece would bring a sense of healing, peace and a better mood to anyone who gazes at its marvel and beauty. It will also enrich the aesthetic of any living space by filling it with timeless traditions and culture.

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  • Village Life

    Village Life


    The creator beautifully expresses a typical Sri Lankan village. This is a Sinhalese phrase that shows the close relationship with the village with the temple and tanks for agricultural purposes. The painting is nourished by the nutrients of its soil and the farmer’s labor that in return has produced healthy plants that cover the land.

    A stroke of astounding divinity from the tanks and the bright skies revives the land and glorifies its beauty. A balance of warm and dark tones adds contrast to the landscape and village culture.

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  • The Cellist

    The Cellist


    A young boy concentrates intently as he engages his body and soul in creating music through a wooden stringed accomplice. This portrait of man and music is a perfect depiction of the relationship between the musician and instrument, both lost in each other’s embrace with the sole purpose of delivering a beautiful melody.

    The creator has placed the subjects in solitude and exaggerated the theme through skillful use of color by including a gray, misty background to the bright contrast of the instrumentalist and his cello.

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  • Main Street in the Villag..

    Main Street in the Villag..


    The hustle and bustle of the commercial sector in a remote village are beautifully painted using various shades of brown and green. The street is flanked by vendors and village folk while in the center is a large bullock cart possibly carrying the days merchandise.

    The creator has skillfully used water colors to give a spectacular faded shading to create depth in the background foliage and drawn the texture of the villages along the road in intricate detail.

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  • Secret to her Smile

    Secret to her Smile


    A beautiful village damsel takes center stage in this colorful acrylic as the creator highlights popular thirst quenching gift from nature, the tropical fruits called king coconuts. The creator very carefully has picked the exact colors of king coconuts that often come in bright orange or dark green and perfectly complemented these natural colors with the lovely lady whose smile will grab the attention of the onlooker instantly.

    Known to be a powerhouse of nutrients, the creator illustrates how the sweet tasting drink packaged in such colorful containers can contribute to a happy life and ultimately a captivating and healthy smile.

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  • Where Seagulls Fly

    Where Seagulls Fly


    The Creator of this masterful piece has portrayed a famous, iconic landmark in Sri Lanka. The lighthouse that the Creator has depicted is inside the infamous “Galle Fort”. A truly exquisite recreation of this important landmark. It is as though the actual site had been laid out on the Creator’s canvas.

    Even from afar this creation stands out. It is a radiant eye catcher. It brings out a sense of warmth and lightness in the atmosphere surrounding it, all the while bringing in a pop of color and brightness to a living space.

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  • Abstract Nature

    Abstract Nature


    This masterpiece beautifully harmonizes nature with man. Thatched houses of natural clay and dried coconut branches for roofs with the lush green trees makes the painting very abstract and unreal. This abstractness does not lie wholly in the blotted watercolor technique, but in the fact that man still lives in harmony with nature in an era of pollution and concrete jungles.

    The colors in the painting are simple to denote the serenity of the village, while prominence is given to the trees in the surrounding. The painting beautifully demonstrates the simple mindsets of the village inhabitants and their selfless relationship with mother nature.

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  • Patriotic Martyr

    Patriotic Martyr


    The painting depicts a time freeze that took place in 1815 when the British signed a treaty with the Kandyan Kingdom relinquishing them of control and power over the region. As a British soldier brought down the Sri Lankan flag and hoisted the Union Jack, Wariyapola Sri Sumangala is seen setting things right again.

    The creator has skillfully brought out the emotion behind the act of the hero and the onlooking British soldiers. Anger and pride go head-to-head in this beautiful portrait that is rich in color and detail. The canvas is filled with the subjects, leaving little space for obscurity of any part of the painting.

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  • The Ghost of Odette

    The Ghost of Odette


    The creator’s reflection of a contemplating ballerina with soft and edgy strokes craft an epitome of feministic beauty. The brilliance of the dancer’s smooth skin and the elegance of her clothing is expressed in a tactile manner. A striking usage of monotony appreciates the classical beauty in the dancer’s messy hairdo and her wonderfully chiselled body shape.

    The dancer is graced by the radiance of beauty, but does the same radiance exist within her? Is she a swan by day, but a young woman at night? Is she the ghost of Odette, the Swan Princess? The beauty of this painting lies in these rhetorical questions and entices the imagination to paint endless possibilities of an overwhelming story line.

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  • Window to World

    Window to World


    Pictured in this beautiful creation is the artist’s depiction of a closed window reflecting what is visible from the outside. Aside from its visually appealing nature, this creation resonates a meaningful message which expresses how the outside world often casts a shadow and reflects a version of itself through even a closed window.

    This serves as a reminder to the viewer that even if the window to our mind is not open, the outer environment will always cast a reflection, which is visible to the outside. Decorated with beautiful natural plants, this eye-catching beauty will be a perfect addition to your home.

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