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Cultural Paintings

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  • Heartbeat of the Hills

    Heartbeat of the Hills


    The creator of this simple yet exquisite work has portrayed a day in the life of a tea plucker. A frequent sight seen on the beautiful central hills of the country. They are the heart of Ceylon tea. Their life is simple yet challenging. With A keen eye and deft fingers they snip the leaves that make for a refreshing cup.

    This amazing painting colored in subtle tones of yellows and greens enhances the softness of this creation. The pale green background helps to bring out the images of the tea pluckers. This helps to capture the attention of the viewer and draw into the image. This is a perfect statement piece for any living space.

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  • Kingdom of Yesteryear

    Kingdom of Yesteryear


    A beautiful sketch of the Kandyan Kingdom against a pale blue sky in the height of daylight robed with nature and splendor. Brightness springs out of this painting as the white of the palace reflects out the golden roof of the throne room.

    The creator has used a curious and a skillful form of shading to sink in the detail of royal architecture with serenity and a restful mood. Pale colors intermingled with brightness and perfect symmetry to bring forth a painting that is both pleasant and commanding.

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  • Labor in the Mud

    Labor in the Mud


    A detail rich portrayal of the struggle of labor partnered between man and beast in this stunning painting of a farmer struggling to plough the muddy trench along with his trusted and equally strong water buffaloes.

    The creator exquisitely depicts the difficulty faced by the driver of the plough which is perfectly matched with the fight to wallow through the muddy terrain by the three beasts. Using a perfect mixture of color and sketch bringing out the features on all subjects that highlight each of their physical effort and emotion.

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  • Baskets of Gold

    Baskets of Gold


    The colors and the details of the shoreline is beautifully painted in a very natural and fluid manner. The painting is feministic as it focuses on women who are picking fish to be sold and draws back from the patriarchal idea that only the men who catch fish from the sea are the real bread winners.

    The highly saturated golden baskets emphasize on the value of the fish to the women and embarks on the main source of income for those living along the coastline. The beauty of this painting remains in the women stepping outside the boundaries of patriarchy and being able to be the bread winners too.

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  • Beauty with Simplicity

    Beauty with Simplicity


    If you want to cultivate a serene, peaceful mood in your home this is the perfect piece for you. This creation represents the woman of rural Sri Lanka who performs her duty without any complaint. She plays an important role to run the house with the men of the family. This is a beautiful painting of a delicate, feminine figure.

    The earthen pot is a heritage of our country’s history. It’s a symbol of every village household. Though the urban household keeps these as a fancy this earthen pot of water is the lifeline of rural Sri Lanka.
    The colors are soft and muted that they are breathtaking in a quiet and contemplative way.

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  • Who’s in Control?

    Who’s in Control?


    In this piece, the Creator brings light to a majestic tusker and its mahout sharing a walk and from the heavy, metal shackles around the neck of the elephant, and the bullhook carried by the mahout, it’s evident who is actually in control.

    The detailing and the precision that the Creator has put into making this powerful piece of art is truly touching and impressive. This Creator’s attention to detail has not faltered. It is having been remarkably captured, to make it appear as though this creation, were not a painting at all.

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  • A Manic Monday

    A Manic Monday


    The Creator has expertly brought out the rush and urgency of a typical marketplace in Sri Lanka. Buyers and sellers coming together. Multiple deals and events happening in one moment and the Creator has, expertly captured, the typical atmosphere and the nature of a bazaar in Sri Lanka.

    The use different colors in this creation make it a diverse piece. The calming green and blue hues, mixed with the strong earthy tones give this creation multiple facets, as if it was a diamond. This makes it obscure and means there’s always something new to be discovered when admiring the technique and brilliance of this creation.

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  • Paths of Life

    Paths of Life


    A white gush of water flows majestically, breaking every barrier, turning rocks and clearing its path, resounding in power! Deafening the sound of the birds chirping in the forest. The huge rocks have been polished through the years for the water that flows, the creator has painted it in white as it moves with a force.

    The suspension bridge is scary, perfect for those who love on the edge and seek for adventure. But for those who live in the village it is no thrill, it’s a walk of life and death every day. Beautiful lush green trees surround, nourished well by the water that flows freely. The painting is ideal for a room with subtle shades of yellow as the colors of the piece blend well into the background!

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  • A Procession of Monks

    A Procession of Monks


    The Creator, here, in this masterful creation, portrays a procession of Buddhists Monks, draped in tangerine colored robes, walking along an earthly path in a single-file style. There is a sense of peace upon viewing the stillness depicted in this incredible creation.

    This creation will bring peace and tranquility to any environment and living space. The pop of color from the vibrant tangerine that greatly stands out and livens up one’s mood as well as any room, would be the main attraction. Culture, faith and art all formed into one with this creation. It’s has all the perfect qualities for the making of elegant living.

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  • Path on Water

    Path on Water


    Appearing as a line of stepping stones, this beautiful acrylic is capable of tricking one’s eyes at a glance. The creator demonstrates his unmatched artistic talents as he blends shades of green, blue and yellow to recreate a peaceful setting of a natural lake with its surface decorated by delicate purple water lilies and lily pads which are arranged as though they serve as stepping stones creating a pathway to walk on water.

    Make this creation part of your home or office if you would like to bring the calming nature of the water element into your living space or simply use it as a décor option to captivate your audience.

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  • Being Carried Away

    Being Carried Away


    The fantastic Creator of this piece, has imagined and depicted what a Sri Lankan village would have looked like at some point in time, long ago. The scenic view and beauty; pristine, immaculate and enchanting. Nature’s landscape remains untouched and unspoilt.

    Judging from that depiction the Creator may have had in mind, a pre-colonial era, when painting this piece. Pre colonialism was a time that the great Sri Lankan or Ceylonese Kings reigned over the Island. It is also evident from the section of the creation where the King is being carried in his “Carriage” by his workers.

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  • The Natural Wonder

    The Natural Wonder


    Canvas paintings are beautiful simply since they bring about a warm feeling. Enjoying this work of art, the spectator is enchanted by the beauty of nature. The waterfall begins from the mountain, colored in pastels of blue and white flows down where a pond is formed, budding with marine life, the trees on each side lush and green fed well by the graceful water is perfect for the birds that sit still to catch its prey.

    The rocks around covered in moss, glistens in the sunlight, which shines through the forest. The creator has portrayed the grand handiwork of nature which cannot be compared!

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  • Hidden Heritage

    Hidden Heritage


    This masterpiece uses vivid and prominent brush strokes to beautifully express the close relationship with man, animals and the village. The cool colors against the warm colors exaggerate its beauty and details. The sweat of manual and animal labor leaves a hidden trail of heritage.

    The fortress complex of Sigiriya which means ‘lion’s rock’ is also in the vicinity of this beautiful landscape painting. It harmonizes nature with heritage. There is an astounding sense of serenity that is characterized with a tinge of exoticness. The village is brought to life by the hard work of the people in its community and reflects the content in simplicity.

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  • Rebuild and Rejoice

    Rebuild and Rejoice


    Sri Lanka was once plagued by a civil war, which although has now come to an end, still has left nasty scars among every one of us. Through this creation, the creator addresses the timely need for all of us to come together once again to rebuild what has been lost and also build a firmer foundation to prevent any dangerous cracks appear from amongst us.

    This amazing creation shows the power of strength and the determination we all need to demonstrate in order to make our nation strengthened by the unity and undying commitment to protect our motherland from this point on.

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  • Immaculate Heritage

    Immaculate Heritage


    Set against a clear blue sky, the creator has brought to life a massive Stupa shining bright in brilliant white which represents the proud history and heritage our nation has cultivated over thousands of years.

    In order to capture the magnificence of this man made wonder, the creator may have taken shelter under a nearby sacred Bo tree and the view captured from this angle also adds to the peaceful feeling of this setting as it amplifies the sacred nature inculcated through Buddhism.

    Enjoy the serenity this beautiful creation will bring which will forever serve as a reminder of the immaculate heritage our country is built upon.

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  • Captivating Bold Spirits

    Captivating Bold Spirits


    This creation is evocative of a captivating tribal mask often representing the spirits and after life, across many cultures. The artist entraps the beauty of various beliefs, be it mythological good or evil believed to have a divine power over humanity.

    The acrylics used by the creator are less opaque, which brings out the consistency of the structure. The lilac colored porous background thrusts the central colors towards the viewer, encouraging them to draw an impression of this creative piece of work.

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