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Cultural Paintings

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  • Elephants in the Wild

    Elephants in the Wild


    This painting is a group of elephants in the rough surrounding of the wilderness. The environment is beautifully painted to represent the rough features of a forest. The creator has used dark khaki colors primarily in green shades to give the impression of a dark surrounding.

    The elephants themselves are drawn in a lot of detail. The creator has given them a lot of emotion and motion thereby making this a lively piece of art. The tree that encompasses the elephants almost gives a 3D effect to the painting as the creator has skillfully added depth to it behind the large elephant.

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  • Over the Edge

    Over the Edge


    Could this be a rail track that leads out over the edge of the cliff and does it continue beyond the bend? The creator of this work of art asks a question that curiosity may not solve but rather imagination. A mystical view of a railway track that extends far beyond what the eye can see against the vast expanse of the sky and the bordering cliff that towers over it.

    This painting is exquisite due to its focus angle and the question it poses the viewer. The creator expertly draws the tracks as it disappears into the distance over the band not to be traced again, in a manner that draws the attention of the viewer almost hypnotizing.

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  • A Shrine to Worship

    A Shrine to Worship


    This spectacular creation is a portrayal of a monumental and iconic Buddhist temple in Asia. It was given the name, “Gadaladeniya Vihara”, a temple in the ancient city of Kandy, in the Island nation of Sri Lanka. This temple is just one out of many beautifully built temples in this Island nation, each with their own distinctive set of characteristics that set them apart.

    Sri Lanka is, primarily, a Buddhist nation with many Buddhist temples and monuments scattered across it. This is magnificently constructed piece of cultural art. The Creator has dedicated a lot of time and care into bringing every, intricate detail to life, on the canvas.

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  • Road to Brotherhood

    Road to Brotherhood


    Where the constant perceptions of ‘otherness’ have been set aside to achieve a common goal is true unity. The artist’s creation encompasses this harmony of a unique people, from varied age, cast and creed.

    With bursts of color, expressive language, movement and action, this work of art adds vibrancy to a space. This inspirational piece is a testament to unity in diversity, with the ability to inspire even the most skeptical of viewers.

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  • Peaceful Respect

    Peaceful Respect


    Perfect peace of mind and the essence of tranquility is captured in color and sketch in this portrait a Buddhist Monk in deep meditation. The dark, deep colored background of what appears to be the heavy foliage of a hidden section of the forest is exquisitely applied against detailed features of the subject.

    The creator skillfully sketched the emotion of the monk and complemented his amber robe over the heavy greenery of the backdrop in bringing out a brightness amidst the darkness. A painting that speaks volumes beyond and exuberates an ambience over the hues and drawing itself.

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt


    A superbly portrayed painting of two gemstone hunters tirelessly straining the muddy waters in search of that one rock that could change their lives forever. The caption of the one hunter looking up towards his audience in a countenance of hope, determination mixed with a sense of fear of uncertainty is exquisitely sketched seizing the moment of expression to perfection.

    The creator has filled the canvas with detail and color, skillfully placing the two subjects; one as the focus and the other as the fitting background amongst their labor and toil. Color and shading are creatively used to bring out an evenly balanced painting between reality and art.

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  • Pure Light that Shines Br..

    Pure Light that Shines Br..


    Bathed in the hues of a bright ethereal glow emitted by the sacred tooth relic which safely rides on a majestic beast. Dancers too seem to halt their movements gazing in wonderment. This procession has a boastful aura only exemplified by the rich use of color.

    The righteous one leads with his piercing eyes taking in every detail. The outer borders of the painting succumb to a darker one that, however cannot seem to touch the ethereal glow of the sacred tooth relic that lights the way of the procession casting its glow only on those in its vicinity.

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  • Rural Life

    Rural Life


    In this painting, the creator is inspired by the scene of a rural life in the countryside. The bull and the cart are rooted in the country’s past and present as a confidante of both noble and commoner. As the sole mode of road transport for Sri Lankans not so long ago, the bullock cart not only aided in transportation for the villagers, but also in relieving the burdens of their livelihoods.

    The artist recreates colors he has seen at the scene. This creation takes you down memory lane, to the simplicity of country living and the times of yesteryear, where the pace of life was slow and charming. It’s a revisit to the past or better yet a hope for the future.

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  • Sturdy on a Rock

    Sturdy on a Rock


    In this exquisite creation, the Creator has captured a historic landmark figure, the ‘Gadaladeniya’ Vihara temple from the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Creator stunningly captures the Dravidian style of Architecture, represented by the pyramid shaped head/roof of the temple.

    This exquisite and timeless creation brings history, art and culture to a living space. Curiosity peaks at first glance. This creation is one with a story behind it and others will see it too. It is a unique conversation starter. A work of art of this caliber is now rare, and therefore hard to find.

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  • Descent into Peace

    Descent into Peace


    This creation boasts of a beautiful silhouette of splendid pagoda against the stunning backdrop of a golden evening sky. The lake appears as glass reflecting perfectly the images of the surrounding. The creator uses orange and yellow hues to bring out the mesmerizing beauty of this serene scene.

    The stillness in the art is quiet and calming. This will add peace and harmony to any environment. Use of subtle colors dissolves tension and surrounding in these soft colors help calm aggressive tendencies and eliminates discord. Enjoy this peaceful creation when you make it a part of your living space.



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  • The Eye of Wisdom

    The Eye of Wisdom


    Featured in this beautiful creation is the mesmerizing gaze of a wise old elephant which has been skillfully brought to life through a unique blend of shades of brown and subtle hints of the colours grey, black and white. The creator also demonstrates his artistic prowess by highlighting the features of the elephant by perfectly outlining its facial features against the shadow cast in black.

    The most remarkable feature of this work of art is the elephant’s eye that sets a constant gaze towards the onlooker serving as a window to the wisdom that lies beneath; with its deep meaning, this creation will be a perfect statement piece to add to any home or office space.

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  • Foundations of Stone

    Foundations of Stone


    Captured on a beautiful sunny day, this creation highlights the majesty of a valuable heritage site that has stood the test of time. The creator uses perfect blends of color and artistic brush strokes to bring to life this amazing creation which depicts a stone structure that has stood tall for centuries and will continue to stay firm representing a sturdy foundation of a heritage worthy of much admiration.

    Make this inspiring creation part of your home or office space and welcome the pride and energy it brings to its surroundings, reminding you of the importance of building a sturdy foundation no matter what you do.

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  • Passion for Music

    Passion for Music


    Portrayed in this amazing creation is of a female violinist. She is engulfed in the music. Music in itself is healing, it’s an explosive expression of humanity, something we are all touched by, no matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music. The spin of violin music raises a wave of bright emotions inside of human soul. This creation describes an excellent combination of colors.

    This extremely emotional painting reflects the sensational sound of the music. Hang this painting in your bedroom, kitchen or office to bring some music into your life. Where words fail, music speaks.

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  • Cultural Exuberance

    Cultural Exuberance


    An enthusiastic pose of a female dancer locked in culture and creative expression. Beautiful facial expression and posture has been captured through this portrait utilizing sharp but simple shades. The dull background contrasts the subject to bring into focus the message the intends to convey.

    The creator has exquisitely sketched detail in the costume and appearance of the dancer and drawn this portrayal at an angle that exhibits a mood of enthusiasm that is both commanding and proud as is the culture it represents.

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  • Contentment



    When the world is against you and there is no one to call your own, there is only one place to turn to and seek peace, and that is within yourself. This piece of art brings forth direction to a turbid soul, to be still and understand oneself.

    The use of the hues of fiery red depicts the turbulent world we live in and the subtle easing of color around the face. The artist has created a gentle wash away of color which adds an antiquated feel. The artist has painted each detail with care and symmetry. This is an ideal piece against a mild tone background


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  • Satisfaction



    A young lady offers an animated posture of relaxation in this beautiful monochrome portrait laid against an abstract background. The black and white colors give the painting a raw yet antique look drawing the eyes of the viewer directly into the gaze of the lady who is sketched in rich detail.

    The creator has skillfully used shading to sculpt the shadows around the subject in producing depth of elegance to the single colored painting. The perfection in drawing out the emotion of the lady results in creating an ambience of joy, relaxation and satisfaction even in the lack of bright color.

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  • Connect Earth and Heaven

    Connect Earth and Heaven


    This creation is a beautiful representation of ancient man-made wonders, the creator artistically portrays a massive Dagoba stands tall in the midst of its surroundings. Although a realistic representation of a natural landscape, the view through which the artist has chosen to display this moment brings to life a deeper meaning, which shows how the teachings drawn from this sacred monument act as a bridge between life on earth and the divine powers hidden in the heavens above.

    As you make this beautiful creation part of your living space, you will be invited to go into a state of deep meditation on the hidden powers this wonder holds.

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  • Flamenco



    This amazing creation portrays a beautifully dressed charming flamenco dancer in an artistic position on a black background. Her body depicts us of her strong will to live and her hard working nature. No-one has any idea what she’s thinking about, we can only guess. What should we expect from her desperate dance?

    This painting is very dramatic, the white skirt against the black background creates quite a drama. A charming addition to any living space or just a pretty reminder of how much we all love dancing. Dance is the hidden language of the soul…


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  • Little Clay Houses

    Little Clay Houses


    The Creator of this simple yet mysterious work of art has depicted a village of indigenous people in Sri Lanka. The Creator has, wonderfully, painted the huts in the village; that are made of clay and palm fronds, as the paddy fields surround this area. The Creator has, quite incredibly, brought the village to life.

    This beautiful, scenic creation is a perfect addition to a living space. When having people over, attention will immediately be drawn to it. At first glance curiosity peaks. Then you begin to get lost in this creation.

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  • While the Birds Watched

    While the Birds Watched


    This obscure creation is filled with mystery and intrigue. The creator has put in all the effort to create a fantastically dramatic piece of art. We see the blue-gray hues, very poignant, very mellow. The placement of the rocks and the touch of greenery in the landscape, with people atop the rocks engaging in different activities. A large river connecting these elements in nature.

    This beautiful creation brings a sense of wonder and calm into a space. The creator has done a marvelous job at making this a piece that would draw any and all attention towards it.

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