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Cultural Paintings

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  • Connect Earth and Heaven

    Connect Earth and Heaven


    This creation is a beautiful representation of ancient man-made wonders, the creator artistically portrays a massive Dagoba stands tall in the midst of its surroundings. Although a realistic representation of a natural landscape, the view through which the artist has chosen to display this moment brings to life a deeper meaning, which shows how the teachings drawn from this sacred monument act as a bridge between life on earth and the divine powers hidden in the heavens above.

    As you make this beautiful creation part of your living space, you will be invited to go into a state of deep meditation on the hidden powers this wonder holds.

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  • The Ghost of Odette

    The Ghost of Odette


    The creator’s reflection of a contemplating ballerina with soft and edgy strokes craft an epitome of feministic beauty. The brilliance of the dancer’s smooth skin and the elegance of her clothing is expressed in a tactile manner. A striking usage of monotony appreciates the classical beauty in the dancer’s messy hairdo and her wonderfully chiselled body shape.

    The dancer is graced by the radiance of beauty, but does the same radiance exist within her? Is she a swan by day, but a young woman at night? Is she the ghost of Odette, the Swan Princess? The beauty of this painting lies in these rhetorical questions and entices the imagination to paint endless possibilities of an overwhelming story line.

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  • Night of Prayer and Penan..

    Night of Prayer and Penan..


    Devotees gather at the holy threshold for the eve of prayer and penance. Some stooping before the divine power, others seeking blessings and solace. In a world of chaos, to recover and respite from one’s troubles is not an easy deed. Yet this humble abode of the divine, illuminated by hope and veneration unites the troubled in one purposeful worship.

    The creator captures the inherent human nature in a compelling and subtle manner with this creation. A magnificent addition to your collection, which will no doubt, lighten your worldly burdens.

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  • Who’s in Control?

    Who’s in Control?


    In this piece, the Creator brings light to a majestic tusker and its mahout sharing a walk and from the heavy, metal shackles around the neck of the elephant, and the bullhook carried by the mahout, it’s evident who is actually in control.

    The detailing and the precision that the Creator has put into making this powerful piece of art is truly touching and impressive. This Creator’s attention to detail has not faltered. It is having been remarkably captured, to make it appear as though this creation, were not a painting at all.

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  • The Vessel That Sail No M..

    The Vessel That Sail No M..


    The creator has portrayed nature at its best, the sky a golden tone with hints of red, the sun is setting and making way for the night. Some trees are visible in the distance, but they are undefinable. The green grass slowly makes way for the rocks on the shore, the sea is calm creating small waves.

    There are two sailing ships without their sails, but anchored. This boasts color, bright shades to define land, sea and sky, but overall this piece of art is melancholy, as everything about it depicts an ending. The creator has left a message for the spectator making this work of art ideal for a living room space.

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  • To the Heavens

    To the Heavens


    Motivation and inspiration for the creative expression comes only from above. This thoughtful painting of a cultural dancer is a perfect portrayal of preparation before the performance. His pose sketched exquisitely from an unusual angle capturing the emotion and body language of the stance.

    The creator as inserted detail in the subject whilst utilizing a dull background forcing the focus of the viewer to the dancer’s search for the stimulus above.

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  • Traditional Beauties

    Traditional Beauties


    Dressed in an elegant multi array of color and splendor, this procession painted in exquisite detail and brightness awaits the start of what is much regarded as the most beautiful display of tradition in the world – the Kandyan Perahera. This amazing painting brings together sketch and unusual hues in a perfect blend in producing an ambience of unprecedented wonder and realism.

    The creator has skillfully combined almost all aspects of the Kandyan Perahera against an abstract background that doubles as a multi-colored evening sky that looks over the actors of the procession serving as a compliment that highlights the magnificent foreground.

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  • The Colors of Romance

    The Colors of Romance


    Romance is deep, fiery and consuming, and in this creation, the creator uses a strategic blend of various hues to create a result which goes beyond what is plainly visible to a deeper psychological level. Beginning with a dark gray surroundings, the creator takes on a layered approach to show the blossoming nature of a fresh new romance spreading its color as it brightens up its surrounding.

    Make this creation part of any living space and enjoy how it will gradually start to diffuse the color of romance out into its surroundings, spreading the love and fire it brings along with it.

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  • Autumn Reflections

    Autumn Reflections


    Feast your eyes on this beautiful work of art as the creator draws you into the midst of a landscape setting captured on a peaceful autumn day. ‘Autumn reflections’ is a work of art that demonstrates the power of transformation, as seen in the mighty trees which take center stage.

    Whether alone or together with a companion by their side, they all go through a period of change and with the successful transition through this period, it casts a reflection upon the surroundings that acts as a pleasant reminder of the amazing outcome achieved at the end.

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  • Innocent Dreams

    Innocent Dreams


    A young girl stares into space wondering and dreaming where this life may be heading. This portrayal of a village lass in engaging and curious as it tells a story of hopes and dreams that every young adult has lived through at least once in their life.

    The dark magenta mixed with dark shades of brown gives a thought-provoking ambience to the painting that the creator has perfectly utilized and blended with the sketch of a pose in which the subjects gaze is looking away from the viewer to exquisitely portray the emotion of wonder and hope.

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  • Glorious Evenings

    Glorious Evenings


    The day is coming to an end. The sun sets into the sea in all its glory, reminding us of its wonder and the water glistens with pride colored by the rays of the sun! The eloquent brushstrokes of the sunset create a swirl effect on the canvas, almost as if we are witnessing a moment not to be missed.

    The fishermen are taught, patiently sitting on the stilts waiting for their catch. They are too immersed to pause for a minute and be in awe of this beautiful creation of nature. This piece of art is enough to brighten up any living space!

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  • Sturdy Stilts

    Sturdy Stilts


    Stilt fishing is a task which no amateur can handle; it not only takes the very best balancing skills and perfect focus, but also a high level of patience to endure hours of sitting still, perched atop the stilt waiting for a catch.

    As the creator brings to life this moment, which captures the beauty of the sunset and the waves that beat against the shore, it also shows the essentiality of having the most sturdy stilts in place for these hardworking fisherman to endure this arduous task. A truly spellbinding creation, this will make a perfect statement piece for any living space.

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  • Sitar Melodies

    Sitar Melodies


    Set against a vibrant saffron backdrop, the creator brings to life a beautiful sitar player who is prepared to play a mesmerizing melody. This wonderful creation oozing with traditional charm will make a perfect addition to your collection if you are a lover of classical music and other forms of traditional art.

    Once this creation grabs the attention of the onlooker, it will begin to become more and more realistic, enchanting its audience with harmonious sitar melodies.

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  • Sublime Gaze

    Sublime Gaze


    This unique creation is both peaceful and mesmerizing as the creator details the most sublime gaze of the Lord Buddha. Due to the highly focused nature of the creation, even the finest details of the structure become noticeable with time and through the slit like openings of the divine teacher’s eyes, the onlooker will begin to feel as though the gaze is directed directly at him.

    Set against a strong black background, the face of the golden Buddha will easily stand out of any surrounding captivating the onlooker instantly with this sublime gaze.

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  • On a Night Like This

    On a Night Like This


    A brilliantly portrayed starry night at the Kandy Perahera, in Sri Lanka. The Creator has captured this prestigious, religious event so meticulously and accurately, down to the last detail.

    What is being brought across on canvas by this masterful Creator is the front of Perahera. It is a religious Buddhist event held every year in the ancient city of Kandy. The Elephant can be seen carrying the sacred tooth relic atop its back and decked in beautiful silk draping with jewels embedded in them. While the procession and the other elephant follow behind and alongside this sacred relic.

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  • Palm Fringed Beach

    Palm Fringed Beach


    Rows of tall palm trees and glistening golden sand are some of the signature elements of breathtaking coastal regions, and all these elements are brought together in this wonderful creation depicting a beautiful beach setting. Through this amazing landscape painting, the creator perfectly highlights all the individual elements that create the perfect image of a picturesque coastline on a bright and sunny afternoon.

    Add this creation to your any part of your home and enjoy the feeling as you imagine lying on this beautiful beach watching soft waves reflect off the rocky bed to be greeted by the golden sandy shores.

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  • A Manic Monday

    A Manic Monday


    The Creator has expertly brought out the rush and urgency of a typical marketplace in Sri Lanka. Buyers and sellers coming together. Multiple deals and events happening in one moment and the Creator has, expertly captured, the typical atmosphere and the nature of a bazaar in Sri Lanka.

    The use different colors in this creation make it a diverse piece. The calming green and blue hues, mixed with the strong earthy tones give this creation multiple facets, as if it was a diamond. This makes it obscure and means there’s always something new to be discovered when admiring the technique and brilliance of this creation.

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  • Music for the Soul

    Music for the Soul


    The creator of this beautiful, timeless piece of art, has masterfully portrayed an art in its own respect. The relationship between the snake and it’s charmer have been clearly painted with such emotion that even the feeling of the movement of the snake is brought to life. The Creator has gone to great lengths to put in meticulous details into this creation.

    This creation is a bold and daring piece, one that would be an excellent addition into any collection for this creation is timeless, in every sense of the word.

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  • Peace



    Peace is a habitat of a tranquil mind. As two canoes lay await on a placid lake a dull sky reflected in the still water to mix an ideal day with a tranquil setting. Peace is not an afterthought in this picture, but rather the result of a combination of colors and abstract detail in the subjects and the landscape.

    The creator has used to perfection a blend of hues to bring through this painting an emotion that surpasses all understanding amidst a landscape that is filled with detail. The beautiful use of amber in a bordering brush and splattered along the sky brings a welcome sense of light and color to this thought provoking work of art.

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  • Potent Concoction

    Potent Concoction


    A common treat among village folks in the southeast region of Asia, this acrylic depicts an old man preparing his own special mixture of Betel leaves. Often served with ground Areca nut and lime, the creator brings out even the most minute elements to show the level of detail the old man goes into to create the perfect concoction that he will go on to enjoy perhaps for the rest of the day.

    Picture yourself in the midst of this rural setting while you watch the old man careful blend the handpicked ingredients he has procured as though he is passing down this traditional recipe to you.

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