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Cultural Paintings

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  • Hidden Heritage

    Hidden Heritage


    This masterpiece uses vivid and prominent brush strokes to beautifully express the close relationship with man, animals and the village. The cool colors against the warm colors exaggerate its beauty and details. The sweat of manual and animal labor leaves a hidden trail of heritage.

    The fortress complex of Sigiriya which means ‘lion’s rock’ is also in the vicinity of this beautiful landscape painting. It harmonizes nature with heritage. There is an astounding sense of serenity that is characterized with a tinge of exoticness. The village is brought to life by the hard work of the people in its community and reflects the content in simplicity.

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  • Songs of Nature

    Songs of Nature


    A bunch of white flowers in full bloom over a dark backdrop personifies peace, tranquility and above all, purity. This natural portrait is exquisitely painted against a contrasting background that exaggerates the whiteness of the foliage.

    The creator has used the perfect color balance between the main subject and the surrounding to highlight the theme of the picture and has perfectly shaded the white of the flowers skillfully bringing to life a painting that is thought-provoking and mood influencing.

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  • Living Dreams

    Living Dreams


    The wind blows towards the land, it may be early morning, when the fisherman returns home after a night at sea. This monochrome painting is beautiful as it signifies the complexities and the turmoil the fishermen face each day to fulfill the dreams of their loved ones, the creator has portrayed chaos in the sky and the sea using highlights of white.

    Their lives are shades of black and white, but the effort is to color it bright with the shades of the rainbow! The attention to details on this piece on all features is brilliant, the sound of the sea, waves crashing is almost audible to the spectator creating a vivid image.

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  • Cultural Beats

    Cultural Beats


    If you are a lover of unique cultural performances and traditions this is a perfect piece of art for you. Here the artist highlights the amazing talent of a drum performer. Sri Lanka has one of the greatest drum cultures in the world and its rhythms are very unique. This type of drummers is commonly found in local bands and play in accompaniment for Buddhist temple rituals.

    The creator has exquisitely sketched details on the costume and appearance of the drummer. The artist uses vibrant colors with quite ease in his creation to capture the viewer. This creation makes a stunning visual impact and creates a lasting impression on the viewer.


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  • Sailing Heroes

    Sailing Heroes


    The real heroes of the seas and these that brave the awesome waves in nothing more than a ruddy catamaran. These fishermen are exquisitely portrayed upon a catamaran that is hardly spacious to host them equipped with their nets ready to face the rough seas in search of their prized catch.

    The sparkling background of the wrinkled sea is perfectly painted using much skill in brush strokes and color combination by the creator who has contrasted a detailed sketch of a boat against the blue waves. The emotions of the fisherman looking up towards the viewer bring the art to life giving an overwhelming sense that we are present in the moment bidding well to the sailors as they venture out for their daily mission.

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  • Victorious on the Battle ..

    Victorious on the Battle ..


    The Creator depicts a war, a fight between two soldiers on the battlefield. The colors present in the background are more muted and grey toned, it suggests that the theme of this creation is darker and more remorseful. It’s very evident by the central figures of the image that it is dark and there is some gore present.

    However, it depicts that a battle is being fought and being won. This could be the Creator’s rendition of a battle that shaped history. Every war or battle known and recorded in history has shaped the world in one way or another.

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  • Tarn of Lilies

    Tarn of Lilies


    The artist has wonderfully portrayed the beauty of the blooming water lilies elegantly growing in the pond. On the water is a reflection of the clear blue sky, the depth of the pond is created by using shades of blue and white, darkening as it deepens.

    The pond is flourishing with flowers is a sign that there is plenty of nourishment and the leaves which are in plenty painted in tones of green, bring emphasis on the pale pink lilies. They bloom with pride in the morning with the rising sun, those who can spare a moment will admire them from a distance. This is a very calming image perfect for any setting.

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  • Delicate Hands

    Delicate Hands


    This masterpiece uses vivid and prominent brush strokes to beautifully express the aromatic infusion of tea and its crafting. The sweat of manual labor preserves natural sweetness within the tea leaves exposing it to bold and dark flavors. A striking balance of warm yellows and cooler tones of green add an astounding edginess to the painting, with a tinge of exoticness.

    The wrinkles on the face of the tea plucker makes her truly beautiful for her commitment to precision and her unique and artisan manual crafting. Her beauty truly reflects her hard work.

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  • Night of Prayer and Penan..

    Night of Prayer and Penan..


    Devotees gather at the holy threshold for the eve of prayer and penance. Some stooping before the divine power, others seeking blessings and solace. In a world of chaos, to recover and respite from one’s troubles is not an easy deed. Yet this humble abode of the divine, illuminated by hope and veneration unites the troubled in one purposeful worship.

    The creator captures the inherent human nature in a compelling and subtle manner with this creation. A magnificent addition to your collection, which will no doubt, lighten your worldly burdens.

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  • I worship at Thy Feet

    I worship at Thy Feet


    Portrayed in this fascinating creation, a Buddhist monk dressed in his tangerine colored robes, humbly stands at the feet of the statue of Lord Buddha in worship, admiration and adoration. A beautifully executed piece of cultural art. Painted to perfection by this marvelous Creator.

    There is so much depth, detail and definition that have put into this creation. Every crevice, every shadow and outline can be seen in great detail. This piece of art would be a unique and special addition to any collection of artwork. It Exudes peace, balance and tranquility. “Kudos!”, To the Creator on this masterpiece.

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  • Pathway to Heaven

    Pathway to Heaven


    The setting is simply perfect, trees in the shade of the darkest green on one end, an old fashioned pathway that lights up on the other, a clear blue sky and a rainbow, it seems right out of a fairy tale.

    The artist has created this beautiful work of art with the skillful use of his paintbrush. The technique used has formed the texture of a collage, adding brightness to the image. The road way shines brightly as the rain drops gather to create a mirror effect. This masterpiece is truly breathtaking and will make any space bright and beautiful!

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  • An Army of Water Lilies

    An Army of Water Lilies


    Get set for your attention to be captured by a beautiful army of water lilies as this creation is laid before your eyes. With its soft and delicate touch, this creation will most certainly brighten up your day as you enjoy watching how a group of water lilies rise from the mud and delicately settle on the surface of the water body as though they are ready to move forward from the acrylic itself.

    The creator has skillfully used various shades for the background which generates the perception of depth and forward movement of these attractive little flowers.

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  • A Procession of Monks

    A Procession of Monks


    The Creator, here, in this masterful creation, portrays a procession of Buddhists Monks, draped in tangerine colored robes, walking along an earthly path in a single-file style. There is a sense of peace upon viewing the stillness depicted in this incredible creation.

    This creation will bring peace and tranquility to any environment and living space. The pop of color from the vibrant tangerine that greatly stands out and livens up one’s mood as well as any room, would be the main attraction. Culture, faith and art all formed into one with this creation. It’s has all the perfect qualities for the making of elegant living.

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  • Queen of the Mountains

    Queen of the Mountains


    An astounding portrayal of the queen of all trains carving her way through the steep hills over picturesque death-defying bridge spanning the cliffs. The beauty in the detail of the train in contrast to the silhouette of the mountain cliffs is a feature of this painting.

    The creator of the work of art has skillfully offered a viewpoint that is both scenic and dangerous, giving a sense of awe mixed with fear. The raw courage of the train moving across the heavenly landscape is wonderfully brought through in this exquisite painting.

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  • The United Family

    The United Family


    An emotional portrayal of the love, unity and forbearing nature of a family that may not be looked upon as a common unit. Husband, wife and their faithful and trusted pet cum helper possibly on a long journey bearing the load of the house.

    The creator has used dark shades to fill the background, bringing through a sense of thoughtfulness of the prose of the subjects. Both the husband and wife seem to be expressing their gratitude to the third member of their family who is bearing the burden in this beautifully shaded and sketched work of art.

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  • The Colors of Romance

    The Colors of Romance


    Romance is deep, fiery and consuming, and in this creation, the creator uses a strategic blend of various hues to create a result which goes beyond what is plainly visible to a deeper psychological level. Beginning with a dark gray surroundings, the creator takes on a layered approach to show the blossoming nature of a fresh new romance spreading its color as it brightens up its surrounding.

    Make this creation part of any living space and enjoy how it will gradually start to diffuse the color of romance out into its surroundings, spreading the love and fire it brings along with it.

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  • Labor in the Mud

    Labor in the Mud


    A detail rich portrayal of the struggle of labor partnered between man and beast in this stunning painting of a farmer struggling to plough the muddy trench along with his trusted and equally strong water buffaloes.

    The creator exquisitely depicts the difficulty faced by the driver of the plough which is perfectly matched with the fight to wallow through the muddy terrain by the three beasts. Using a perfect mixture of color and sketch bringing out the features on all subjects that highlight each of their physical effort and emotion.

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  • A Mighty Leader to Come

    A Mighty Leader to Come


    In an era where millions of devotees worship and draw inspiration from the teachings of the Lord Gautama Buddha, many believe the time is also drawing near for another such great teacher to walk among us. In this beautiful landscape creation, the creator has demonstrated a man-made statue of “Maithri Bodhisathva”, the divine one, who many believe is the next great leader to come.

    Closely intertwined with the culture and heritage of our predominantly Buddhist nation, this creation offers many reasons as to why you should make it part of your living space as it will help prepare our mind for the arrival of this divine leader.

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  • Relaxed Afternoon

    Relaxed Afternoon


    We all look forward to enjoying a relaxing time; and set against this humble market in a rural village, the creator portrays a group of villagers enjoying a quiet afternoon engaging in some relaxing activities of their choice.

    Through the simplicity of this creation you will be taken in the midst of this modest setting where you will feel as though you could hear the chatter of a group of folks discussing the latest news. Another duo is engaged in a heated game of draughts while the market remains laden with goods waiting to welcome anyone who passes by.

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  • Window to World

    Window to World


    Pictured in this beautiful creation is the artist’s depiction of a closed window reflecting what is visible from the outside. Aside from its visually appealing nature, this creation resonates a meaningful message which expresses how the outside world often casts a shadow and reflects a version of itself through even a closed window.

    This serves as a reminder to the viewer that even if the window to our mind is not open, the outer environment will always cast a reflection, which is visible to the outside. Decorated with beautiful natural plants, this eye-catching beauty will be a perfect addition to your home.

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