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Landscape Paintings

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  • Sailing Heroes

    Sailing Heroes


    The real heroes of the seas and these that brave the awesome waves in nothing more than a ruddy catamaran. These fishermen are exquisitely portrayed upon a catamaran that is hardly spacious to host them equipped with their nets ready to face the rough seas in search of their prized catch.

    The sparkling background of the wrinkled sea is perfectly painted using much skill in brush strokes and color combination by the creator who has contrasted a detailed sketch of a boat against the blue waves. The emotions of the fisherman looking up towards the viewer bring the art to life giving an overwhelming sense that we are present in the moment bidding well to the sailors as they venture out for their daily mission.

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  • Who is Prettier?

    Who is Prettier?


    Two is always better than one. This is the message portrayed through this beautiful painting of two Hornbills perched on a branch of a tree engrossed in what appears to be a light-minded conversation which has drawn each other into a deep zone of comradery. Much thought and effort has been put into the intricate details of the painting – both animal and plant has been described to extent in brush and color.

    The creator has used realistic colors to brighten up the canvas filling it with fresh foliage against a dull background to bring forth a lush refreshing ambience through the art.

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  • Mother Knows Best

    Mother Knows Best


    Oozing of tribal splendor, the creator explores a powerful meaning through this striking watercolor acrylic. Featuring a mother leading her children, the creation unveils a deeper meaning as it shows the faith placed in the mother as she leads the way for her children who obediently follow in her footsteps.

    In search of water to fulfill their basic needs, the children trust their mother to teach them all they need to know to survive in a harsh world.

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  • Valley through the Trees

    Valley through the Trees


    An exquisite view of a valley that is bordered by trees decorated in an evening sky mixed with shades of violet and indigo. This beautiful painting is a testament to the beauty of nature as it shows off its colors over a lush green pictures landscape. The bright hues used in this work of art are nicely matched with deep shades of the forestry.

    The creator has skillfully used oil paints to bring a realistic look of the intermingled color of the heavens at dusk that act as a perfect backdrop to the detailed sketch of green trees and hills in the foreground.

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  • Forbidden Affair

    Forbidden Affair


    Although present in a public space, two lovers hide behind a brick wall found in the corner of a park as though they were concealing their affair from the public eye. The creator uses a bright color combination to bring this scenario to life, making it a wonderful work of art capable of brightening up any living space.

    Enjoy the unique perspective, this colorful acrylic brings to life as you sit back and enjoy how life goes on.

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  • Joy of Life

    Joy of Life


    The woman’s figure is the most beautiful element of mankind. Here the artist creates a beautiful image of a pretty Indian woman dressed in a simple white saree and colorful bangles. Beautiful waterfall as the backdrop provides a stunning element to this creation.

    The artist uses bright and delicate colors against the cool aqua blue background which depicts the delicate beauty on earth. This helps to create an active response in the viewer’s brain and bring feelings of excitement. This painting is vibrant and full of action and on the other hand smooth and soft like women are. Unique piece of art which would light up any wall.

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  • Mysterious Lair

    Mysterious Lair


    If you are looking to bring some magic to the midst of your living space, this mesmerizing work of art will be a perfect option to consider. This amazing creation highlights a mysterious red door hidden within a thick and gloomy forest cover.

    Only those who are bold enough would be able to approach this mysterious lair, as this extends an open invitation to all those who pass by to see if they have what it takes to explore the unknown.

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  • Emerging Victorious

    Emerging Victorious


    Moments before this the lake was calm, the water lilies gracefully floated and a silent wind blowing through. A white throated kingfisher watches from a distance, she observes the movements of the fish carefully and plans her move. In a flash, a white throated kingfisher with its wings open wind dive in and emerge with its prize, a fish, still alive and flapping its tiny body fighting for its life.

    For an instant, everything was chaotic, and the world was shaken. The creator has captured an instant of graceful chaos where nature performs, and the creator has portrayed every detail ever so delightfully.

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  • Blackberries in Spring

    Blackberries in Spring


    The Creator has depicted this magnificent, larger than life, floral setting. What really stands out here are the plum and berry tones scattered in different areas of this creation. Next to the berry tones, bits of scarlet red idly scattered amongst the flower and then we have the huge, eye-catching center which is a gradient of green. A beautiful, bold combination that complement each other perfectly.

    This piece would change the atmosphere and ambience of a room, beauty overflowing from the canvas into the space that it sits in. A decadent piece. Sometimes you need a little decadence in your life.

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  • The Long Eared One

    The Long Eared One


    When looking at this piece, at first glance, it is difficult to avert our gaze from the eyes of this magnificent owl, who are often described as, “wise”, because of the elegant and graceful way they fly and also when they look directly at you. When locking eyes with a wise owl, it’s difficult to not wonder, if they could possibly glance into your soul with their big, soulful eyes.

    The Creator of this marvelous piece of art has successfully created a connection between the viewer, the wise owl, and nature. Sights like this, that the Creator has captured on canvas, remind us of the marvels of nature.

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  • Rusted Nostalgia

    Rusted Nostalgia


    There is a sense of solitary beauty in the rusted Volkswagen as it has become one with nature. The artist beautifully expresses the rusted metal within the playfulness of nature. Although a colour palette of pastel and gloomy hues have been incorporated, it also recalls the memories of a youthful and nostalgic past. The joy of nostalgia reignites a precious memory to vintage vehicle lovers.

    The rust formed on the metal is symbolic to the stain of nostalgia that characterizes and imprints a strong memory. It also adds contrast and warmth to the painting while striking a balance between the warm and cool tones. It is indeed a visually enticing masterpiece.

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt


    A superbly portrayed painting of two gemstone hunters tirelessly straining the muddy waters in search of that one rock that could change their lives forever. The caption of the one hunter looking up towards his audience in a countenance of hope, determination mixed with a sense of fear of uncertainty is exquisitely sketched seizing the moment of expression to perfection.

    The creator has filled the canvas with detail and color, skillfully placing the two subjects; one as the focus and the other as the fitting background amongst their labor and toil. Color and shading are creatively used to bring out an evenly balanced painting between reality and art.

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  • Dancing in the Daylight

    Dancing in the Daylight


    An interesting painting of a disco ball placed in an outdoor setting. The light background, giving the impression that it’s probably daytime. Nevertheless, the ball is reflecting an array of colorful effects that span onto the floor.

    The creator has beautifully painted the disco ball in gold and placed it as though it were hanging from the sky spreading forth multi-color light. The landscape seems to be that of a snow-capped mountain range outlined in a geometrical design.

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  • Elder of the Temple

    Elder of the Temple


    A beautiful portrait of a Buddhist monk clads in bright amber robes strolling across the sandy surface of the outer court of a temple. Clearly the elder of the shrine, the monk is sketched in deep detail that shows forth an emotion of satisfaction as he gazes to capture the surrounding environment.

    The creator has used a blotching type brush style to produce a curious design in the foreground and background of the painting giving it an abstract touch. The dark green tree serves as a fitting backdrop highlighting the bright robe of the elderly clergymen and perfectly contrasting over the sandy foreground.

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  • Rushes Sway

    Rushes Sway


    Three bulrushes sway in the gentle air against an illuminating green backdrop. This painting is a blend of the reality of the beauty of nature converted into a pattern against a background applied with an abstract color. The bright orange bulrushes and accompanying dark green leaves offer an eye-catching foreground that is highlighted by the unusual color of the sky its set against. Both dark and light hues complimenting each other in a perfect mix.

    The creator has used neat brush strokes to colorize the detail of the flora as well as the expanse behind it in producing a bright cheerful ambience through this exquisite work of art.

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  • Other Way Around

    Other Way Around


    The moonlight shines through the clouds and the trees lighting up the whole garden. The creator sits outside waiting to capture the perfect moment the moon peeps through. As the light comes in, six curious little eyes are seen on a branch. A while later their whole figure is visible.

    Three bats with their eyes wide open hang upside down from a branch, wondering the sudden visitor staring right back at them. They wait patiently for the light to dwindle to fly off in search of food. The creator has portrayed a beautiful scenery in hues of black and white.

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  • Roaring Waves

    Roaring Waves


    It is not a common occurrence where a visual cue can cause an audible sensation to be perceived, yet this is exactly what this amazing creation does to its viewers allowing the roaring sound of waves takes form in the viewer’s mind.

    The creator perfectly plays with a blend of natural colors to show how strong waves gather momentum and rise from the floor of the ocean, amassing energy to push forward to the shores. This, in turn, creates the mighty roaring sound that represents the power of the waves rising from its setting within the mind of the onlooker.

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  • Pretty Petunias

    Pretty Petunias


    A butterfly adorned in tones of magenta and yellow with marking on its fore wings slowly flies onto a Petunia. She is the same shade of the flower beautifully turning towards the sun. The butterfly will grab a quick drink and fly off on to the next flower, taking only its heavenly scent and taste.

    Their life is simple and stress free. Mother nature will always prepare their next meal and all they have to do is enjoy what is given. This creation is beautiful and competently hand worked on to a canvas. It is a bliss to enjoy the simple treasures.

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  • We are One

    We are One


    Portrayed, here, in this exquisite creation, a family of leopards and an intruder, the snake, who is trespassing on the leopards family time. The leopard cubs playfully interact with each other near one parent, while the eyes of both parents have been diverted to the snake that may or may not threaten the lives of their children.

    What is truly portrayed in this ingenious creation, is the fact that these two species are able to co-exist with one another in their natural habitat, that they each share. It is also evident to the viewer that there is love overflowing from within this creation. The love and protection from the parents, the love, joy and security.

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  • Gloomy Skies

    Gloomy Skies


    ‘Gloomy Skies’ is a landscape painting of the scene just before a shower of rain pours down from the sky. With the combination of a few primary colors the artist successfully brings to life a still moment in time before the climate transitions from a bright sunny day to a rainy evening.

    The lush greenery portrayed in the painting seems to eagerly await the refreshing shower of rain. Yet the reflection of the white clouds in the stream flowing across seems to act as a reminder of the clear weather experienced moments before. Used as décor, this painting will successfully take the observer in a calming state of contemplation.

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