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Landscape Paintings

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  • The Lone Explorer

    The Lone Explorer


    A single boat lies afloat on the still waters as a lone explorer awaiting its turn to catch the wind and the waves in search of a new horizon. The beauty of the detail sketched into the boat against an exquisite light blue backdrop which is reflected over the sea immediately catches the attention of the viewer together with a sense of curiosity as to why it stays in wait.

    The creator has expertly contrasted the dark brown hues used to colorize the boat against the light background to highlight the subject whilst injecting the canvas with a mass of light that would illuminate a dark room with life and brightness.

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  • Rural Life

    Rural Life


    In this painting, the creator is inspired by the scene of a rural life in the countryside. The bull and the cart are rooted in the country’s past and present as a confidante of both noble and commoner. As the sole mode of road transport for Sri Lankans not so long ago, the bullock cart not only aided in transportation for the villagers, but also in relieving the burdens of their livelihoods.

    The artist recreates colors he has seen at the scene. This creation takes you down memory lane, to the simplicity of country living and the times of yesteryear, where the pace of life was slow and charming. It’s a revisit to the past or better yet a hope for the future.

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  • Village Dream

    Village Dream


    A truly captivating work of art, this mesmerizing creation is the perfect embodiment of peace and tranquility – gifts of a simple life. The creator does justice to this beautiful scene as every aspect of this landscape is brought to life with skillful brush strokes and perfect color choices which would trick the viewer to believe they were staring through a window leading to this serene setting.

    Enjoy the feeling of relaxation this creation brings through its sheer simplicity as you put in on display.

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  • Wisdom Gained

    Wisdom Gained


    A young Buddhist Monk scans through the ancient teachings in search of wisdom. This beautiful portrait captures the passion to find answers for what most would regard the most important questions in life as it focuses on the keen gaze and concentration of the young monk amidst a scholarly backdrop that is simple, peaceful with a touch of abstract.

    The creator has included a faded black border surrounding the subject who is engrossed in his search to bring through a sense that the portrait is not just a picture in itself, but also a thought-provoking message driven into the hearts of many who search for answers.

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  • The Leader Speaks

    The Leader Speaks


    This stunning creation is a perfect way to add a splash of color to your home or office space as it brings to life the fluidity and vibrance of a beautiful Koi pond. Due to its alluring nature the viewer will be gradually invited to take a closer look as to what is going on, which will reveal how the shoal of fish turn to their leader as though he was addressing his followers.

    Be a part of this animated setting as you envision yourself in the shade of a lily pad surrounded by blooming water lilies listening to the words of wisdom this leader speaks.

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  • A Family Affair

    A Family Affair


    A family of elephants takes refuge in a grassy field amidst a clearing surrounded by a border of forestry. The detail of the sketch lures the viewer to stare into this curious sight in the wild where beast and nature share each other’s company in perfect harmony. The blend of realistic colors and light build an atmosphere of the peaceful serenity of a wilderness habituated and shared harmoniously by the wild.

    The creator has skillfully painted in a stunningly realistic portrayal in true color and shape, bringing forth an ambience of togetherness inside a home which through this elegant work of art.

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  • Perfect Reflection

    Perfect Reflection


    Soothing blue skies with a dash of white clouds, glisten through daring red leaves in an attempt to portray Autumn reflections, as seen through the eyes of its creator.

    Emanating the peace & serenity of this season, the artist plays with contrasting colors to create a beautiful work of art that so aptly reflect the natural beauty of a fleeting season.

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  • Nutty King

    Nutty King


    Refreshing king coconut is native to the pearl of the Indian Ocean, also called Sri Lanka. Brimming with healing virtues, its’ mildly sweet water contained within the hard shell is reminiscent of a bygone era, where the kings & royalty of ancient kingdoms quenched their thirst with this refreshing beverage.

    It’s the perfect soother for a hot summer’s day, visualized aptly by the artist through the backdrop of clear blue skies.

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  • Pain of Captivity

    Pain of Captivity


    Hidden behind this artistic portrayal of a scene which took place not too long ago, is the pain and anguish felt by a herd of gentle giants as they are forced into slavery by a group of affluent humans and their faithful followers.

    The creator very carefully details the level of anguish this herd of wild elephants feels as they are forced to work against their will as the group of greedy humans watch over the captive ground amused by the damage they are causing to nature. This work of art is definitely thought-provoking and will serve as a great reminder for us never to revert back to such primitive behavior.

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  • Paths of Life

    Paths of Life


    A white gush of water flows majestically, breaking every barrier, turning rocks and clearing its path, resounding in power! Deafening the sound of the birds chirping in the forest. The huge rocks have been polished through the years for the water that flows, the creator has painted it in white as it moves with a force.

    The suspension bridge is scary, perfect for those who love on the edge and seek for adventure. But for those who live in the village it is no thrill, it’s a walk of life and death every day. Beautiful lush green trees surround, nourished well by the water that flows freely. The painting is ideal for a room with subtle shades of yellow as the colors of the piece blend well into the background!

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  • Twin Soldiers

    Twin Soldiers


    For those of you who yearn for the simple pleasures of a rustic lifestyle, this creation would make a perfect statement piece for your home of office décor. As a humble carter steers his way on his prized bullock cart your focus would also shit towards the almost identical sturdy bulls that pull their carriage onwards to their destination.

    As they faithfully continue their long journey along this peaceful pathway, the razor sharp focus seen in their eyes becomes more and more visible to the viewer as though they were a pair of twin soldiers with one goal in mind, that which, was to ensure a safe ride for their master.

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  • Race Across the Waters

    Race Across the Waters


    A sailboat in expectation of a profitable day catches races across the great ocean splitting the waves in its wake. This painting is filled with shadings of blue and spots of amber used with perfection and creativity to bring a sense of turmoil amongst a stunning natural setting of nature vs man.

    The creator has skillfully drawn the waves in a manner that portrays the speed in which the catamaran is traveling whilst its sail is full of a powerful wind. The amazing portrayal of wind on the sail and disturbed waters using color and sketch is a feature of this wonderful work of art.

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  • A Majestic Movement

    A Majestic Movement


    A whirl of movement and emotion is captured as the creator has almost photographed this acrylic painting. Here the emotive expressions of the participants can be seen in clear detail, from the enthusiasm of its vigilant dancer to the superior tilt of the head of the procession.

    Bathed in the rich hues of amber, crimson and gold the creativity behind this masterpiece has ensured a stilled capture of country’s most iconic cultural events to grace the homes and living spaces of any worthy owner. Warmly welcoming a taste of Sri Lanka into our very own abodes.

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  • Delicate Hands

    Delicate Hands


    This masterpiece uses vivid and prominent brush strokes to beautifully express the aromatic infusion of tea and its crafting. The sweat of manual labor preserves natural sweetness within the tea leaves exposing it to bold and dark flavors. A striking balance of warm yellows and cooler tones of green add an astounding edginess to the painting, with a tinge of exoticness.

    The wrinkles on the face of the tea plucker makes her truly beautiful for her commitment to precision and her unique and artisan manual crafting. Her beauty truly reflects her hard work.

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  • Forgotten Vintage

    Forgotten Vintage


    The creator artfully expresses the beauty in vintage vehicles. The warm colour palette gives a radiance of positive energy through the hues, to create a strong nostalgic feeling. A nostalgic past is reignited while it also captures it in a visually pleasing aesthetic.

    The painting looks visually corroded to convey that the subjects have been taken from a particular period of time. The painter relates to the modern world through contemporary art styles to represent the timelessness of these valuable possessions.

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  • We are One

    We are One


    Portrayed, here, in this exquisite creation, a family of leopards and an intruder, the snake, who is trespassing on the leopards family time. The leopard cubs playfully interact with each other near one parent, while the eyes of both parents have been diverted to the snake that may or may not threaten the lives of their children.

    What is truly portrayed in this ingenious creation, is the fact that these two species are able to co-exist with one another in their natural habitat, that they each share. It is also evident to the viewer that there is love overflowing from within this creation. The love and protection from the parents, the love, joy and security.

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  • Shady Grove

    Shady Grove


    If you are looking to bring the peace and beauty of a village setting closer to your living space, then this creation will make a perfect statement piece to add to your collection. The rustic nature of this serene scene is worthy of much praise as it will instantly instill a sense of calmness as it whisks the viewer into this ‘Shady Grove’ setting where from one side a fertile paddy field lines the roadway and on the other a humble hut takes shelter under the shade of a beautiful tree.

    Enjoy yourself as you are drawn further into the setting as though you hitch a ride in the cart journeying on into the horizon.

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  • Potent Concoction

    Potent Concoction


    A common treat among village folks in the southeast region of Asia, this acrylic depicts an old man preparing his own special mixture of Betel leaves. Often served with ground Areca nut and lime, the creator brings out even the most minute elements to show the level of detail the old man goes into to create the perfect concoction that he will go on to enjoy perhaps for the rest of the day.

    Picture yourself in the midst of this rural setting while you watch the old man careful blend the handpicked ingredients he has procured as though he is passing down this traditional recipe to you.

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  • Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage


    The long strokes of gradient filled colors stitched together to form the ship. It is as though the Creator of this painting, painstakingly added intricate, delicate weaving and embroidery to make this painting the masterpiece that it is. It has been fragmented yet whole.

    A beautiful yet haunting and obscure depiction of a ship, a vessel that usually signifies a journey or safe voyage. As a whole, it also looks like a torn piece of, distressed paper. A Kandinsky-esque quality to the creation. The fluidity and consistent have a legato rhythm to the flow of the brush strokes. A painting within a painting.

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  • Secret Gateway

    Secret Gateway


    Found hidden deep within the lush greenery of a peaceful jungle, lies a secret gateway leading to the unknown. The creator of this mesmerizing creation invites the viewer to take a journey through a tranquil pathway to discover this hopeful secret which only the brave will ever be able to find.

    Feel the rays of hope enchant your imagination as you dive into the depths of this creation with the anticipation of following the light to paradise.

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