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Landscape Paintings

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  • Fading Beauty

    Fading Beauty


    The blossoms once filled with color and beauty, those which people stopped to admire each flower and speak of their fragrance and feel their tenderness. But with time, they slowly lost their color and those admirers now turned away. The shades of yellow, green, orange and the hint of purple and blue have brought light to this piece of art.

    The artist has cleverly white washed the painting on the background to create an effect of decay, passing on a subtle message to the viewer. This work of art is pretty amazing and is suitable for a more rustic living space.

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  • Setting Off to Sea

    Setting Off to Sea


    The creator carefully portrays the moment as a fishing boat sets off to sea from the warmth and safety of the home shores, with hope of returning back with a bountiful catch after a tiresome fishing expedition. The creation which revolves around this incident is made more realistic with the perfect alignment of the sails of the boat and the direction of the wind, which is also indicated by the bending caused in palm trees away from the shore over time.

    Make this beautiful creation part of your home or office to remind yourself of the hope many bears with them as they set out on a tireless venture.

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  • Autumn Pleasures

    Autumn Pleasures


    A wonderful array of trees dressed for autumn and lined up on either side of a road. As the journey continues the trees have lost its leaves, leaving behind a beautiful outline of silver branches. The blend of amber moving into dark brown mingled with light colors that paint the sky, which is elegantly reflected on the path gives an amazing almost heavenly effect.

    The creator has skillfully used hatching brush strokes throughout this painting to give it an abstract effect that perfectly blends in with the detail of the natural wonder of color and foliage that make up the beauty of the season.

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  • Flaming Fleet

    Flaming Fleet


    A fleet of sail ships stays close afloat to each other over a flaming sky that lights up the sea and all beneath in bright amber as though the entire atmosphere is placed inside a furnace. The bright orange, yellow and reddish hues combine to create an ambience of deep struggle portraying the ships as those who brave the storms ahead.

    The exquisite hatching type brush strokes perfectly bringing through the uneasiness of the sea that compliments the sentiments of the art. The creator has added a beautiful blend of hues mixed with detail of the ships in a creative manner to produce a painting that is eye-catching and thought provoking.

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  • The Three Stooges

    The Three Stooges


    A transformation of the famous vintage comic trio into a striking resemblance of the animal kingdom. Three blue birds sit perched on a tree sharing a curious comical. The striking blue color of their features is beautifully portrayed in this splendid blend of color and detail.

    The curiosity in the expressions of each bird is almost human-like and their focus turned to different angles gives a sense of unity through diversity. The creator skillfully utilized an abstract background mixed in with shades of amber and violet to burst out multi facets of color and shade to beatify this elegant work of art.

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  • A Lonely Walk

    A Lonely Walk


    Striding down a lovely road with no one to keep him company, this elephant gazes at the onlooker in a manner in which he could be requested for a walking partner on his journey through the forest. This painting captures the emotion of the animal amidst the scenic beauty of a pathway bordered by lush green foliage.

    The creator has beautiful sketched the detail of the elephant and used bright realistic colors to in the background and foreground of the painting in producing a masterpiece of a curious incident in nature frozen in time.


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  • Flamenco Dancers

    Flamenco Dancers


    Prepare to be fascinated by the mesmerizing dance performance this beautiful pair of flamenco dancers will unveil before your eyes. Brought to life by creative brush strokes and perfect color choice of our talented creator, this vibrant masterpiece will definitely bring a splash of energy to its surroundings.

    A perfect décor option for your home or your office space, you could easily place this work of art against any backdrop as it is more than capable of grabbing attention no matter where it is.

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  • Atmosphere of Color

    Atmosphere of Color


    A splatter of vibrant shades against a darkened canvas brings about an ambience of joy and excitement even in the midst of hopelessness. This exquisite abstract art evangels an atmosphere built on brightness and color. The contrasting hues against a dull backdrop highlights an effect that is expertly brought through in organized distribution of mingled hues that easily blend into each other.

    The creator has used a hybrid of hatching and scumbling brush stroke techniques to produce an unusual yet creative effect in the painting, that also includes random dripping streaks crisscrossed over the square shaped mingle of color.

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  • Majesty on a Stroll

    Majesty on a Stroll


    The realistic nature of this piece is absolutely breathtaking. It is as though we have been plucked from our seats and have been taken into a literal jungle and are able to humbly experience and adore this majestic creature.

    The highlights and the shading have been so carefully and meticulously thought out and painted with such detail and dedication by this exceptional Creator. When adding this piece to your collection, as others gaze upon it, all will marvel at this magnificent work of art, trying to fathom the real-life element of this creation. The Creator of this piece should be applauded for this work of art.

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  • Hues of Azure

    Hues of Azure


    A solitary butterfly rests with its wings sprawled, camouflaged among the leaves of jade and a flower, the shade of the sea, its wings an enchanting hue of blue, carefully outlined in a dark tone of brown combined with black, absorbing the bright sunlight of the morning.

    The background is blurred to softer shade of yellow and blue, blending with the prominent image in the setting. The creator has left the spectator engrossed in this work of art and It is amazing to understand the very detail, line and tone the artist has captured, creating this brilliant work of art.

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  • Simple Prettiness

    Simple Prettiness


    Portrayed in this amazing creation is an innocent young girl in a beautiful layered red dress. The artist finds faces, particularly of girl’s fascination. She is very impressionistic in style but with all the lovely colors she will charm the viewer. An artist’s eye for detail is a must to come up with a stunning piece of art like this. Masterly use of colors is a key feature in this creation.

    Neutral brown shades in the background make the girl and her red dress, prominent, and make a strong Impression on the viewer’s eye. This is a lovely painting which adds life and positive energy to your living space.

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  • Palm Fringed Beach

    Palm Fringed Beach


    Rows of tall palm trees and glistening golden sand are some of the signature elements of breathtaking coastal regions, and all these elements are brought together in this wonderful creation depicting a beautiful beach setting. Through this amazing landscape painting, the creator perfectly highlights all the individual elements that create the perfect image of a picturesque coastline on a bright and sunny afternoon.

    Add this creation to your any part of your home and enjoy the feeling as you imagine lying on this beautiful beach watching soft waves reflect off the rocky bed to be greeted by the golden sandy shores.

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  • Seduce Me

    Seduce Me


    The woman is crafted with perfection and beauty. She truly is seductive, and the curves and arches of her back are brilliantly complemented through the softly blended brush strokes. The smooth transition of the pigment of her skin makes her erotic and tactile. Her seductive methods are not sinful but are magical and natural. Clothed in her nakedness, she confidently exposes herself.

    The muddy skin is symbolic to natural clay that has been molded carefully with a power that radiates beauty and awe. The bright and saturated warm hues characterize her beauty. The play of light and shadow give prominence and focus on the beauty of the feminine body structure and its seductive power.

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  • Within the Waterfall

    Within the Waterfall


    This creation depicts a waterfall when seen from inside of the cliff of the waterfall itself. The contrasting dark and light shades is the effect of the light that shines through the water when gazed from the outside.

    Creator has illustrated the intricate details of dripping water using an offset of light brown and white streaks. A combination of water, light and beauty displayed through a blue abstract that pays attention to the detail of the water flow.

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  • City on the Bay

    City on the Bay


    Much like the beautified city of Los Angeles this skyscraper rich modern city holds sway over the clean surface of a water that serve on its bay to the ocean. The clear reflection of the skyline against the waters that take the appearance of a smooth blue sheet brings forth an astounding effect on the viewer of this wonderful piece of art that also features a silhouette of background structures cleverly hidden behind the high-rise buildings.

    The creator has utilized rough scarlet colors blended with earthen shades against a light blue setting as though the sketch was taken off a landscape that was immersed by the light of a setting sun.

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  • Trio of Vessels

    Trio of Vessels


    Through the ‘Three Water Jugs’ the creator perfectly demonstrates his mastery of the still life painting technique and uses this artistic style to depict three inanimate objects, in this instance, being three water jugs.

    The creation which focuses mainly on these three objects is brought to life using shades of brown featuring prominent outlines to separate the objects from one another while perfectly indicating the direction of light illustrated by the darkening of the opposite side of the objects. Due to its high artistic value, this creation will be a perfect statement piece to add to your collection of art.

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  • Golden Leaves

    Golden Leaves


    The focal point of this magnificent creation is a majestic tree with evenly distributed branches, surrounded by a grassland where the blades of grass reflect a similar soft shade of gold. This textured landscape is designed to portray the transition plant life undergoes in Autumn.

    Within a stunning juxtaposition of color, it’s set in the foreground of an earthy monochrome sky. The creator has adopted a creative approach to bring to life some vibrant brush strokes that strike a vivacious balance of color, to illuminate the darkest of nights. Brighten up a room and usher in the feeling of warmth experienced on a beautiful Autumn day with this piece.

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  • Warmth of Home

    Warmth of Home


    The creator blends the power of simplicity with a perfect choice of color to bring to life this beautiful masterpiece. Captured in a moment just before nightfall, the creator depicts life in a humble home surrounded by the majestic forces of nature.

    Although alone, the tiny bright light shining through the window of this home indicates the warmth felt within which is capable of subsiding even the toughest challenges faced on a cold winter’s night.

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  • Bridal Elegance

    Bridal Elegance


    A beautiful streak of white flowers pitched on the greenery of a creeper that seems to be straying across a bright green lawn and an expanse of white space. The contrast of color against lighter hues form a sense of beauty mingled with simplicity as with a bride draped in white straying across lightly decorated garden wedding. The touch of dark blue at the right extreme of the design probably signifying a time warp from morning to night as the imagery bride struts across the ceremonial décor.

    The creator has designed an exquisite horizontal design using foliage and natural colors using dripping type brush strokes to give the art a creative touch adding to its volume in color and abstract.

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  • Valley through the Trees

    Valley through the Trees


    An exquisite view of a valley that is bordered by trees decorated in an evening sky mixed with shades of violet and indigo. This beautiful painting is a testament to the beauty of nature as it shows off its colors over a lush green pictures landscape. The bright hues used in this work of art are nicely matched with deep shades of the forestry.

    The creator has skillfully used oil paints to bring a realistic look of the intermingled color of the heavens at dusk that act as a perfect backdrop to the detailed sketch of green trees and hills in the foreground.

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