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Landscape Paintings

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  • The Prey

    The Prey


    A white throated kingfisher is seen perched on a tree with a freshly caught fish in its beak! There are drops of water in the atmosphere, the tiny fish are still alive, flipping its body trying to escape its capture! The kingfisher is beautiful and poised unmoved by the struggle in front of her eyes, only her feathers are ruffled.

    Clad in shades of blue and auburn, she looks almost real. With the blue sky in the background and the tree leaves, green, turning her head towards the creator, she poses for a brief second, before she devours her catch! A stunning piece of work which needs to be admired.

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  • Midnight Sails

    Midnight Sails


    The moon takes center stage in this piece as it reaches it’s beams across the sky and onto the boats that sail across the moonlit sea. The otherwise midnight blue sky acts as an unobtrusive backdrop while the shadow of the white moon is illuminated by shades of gold and yellow.

    The artist lets loose with color as the sea takes on unconventional shades of brown and dark colors with only the moonlight to cast a glow against the water. The boats too stick to the minimalist, modernist color palette, the carefully shaded yellow sails creating an illusion of movement of the boats along the water.

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  • The Autumn Sunset

    The Autumn Sunset


    It is autumn and moments before dusk, the sky is a shade of blue and pink pastels, pine trees in the distance portraying a mountainous range. Some leaves are a blazing red colored by the glorious setting sun. Smudged brushstrokes create a blurred effect on some tree leaves depicting a silent wind brushing past.

    A pool of water has gathered on the ground, probably from a recent rainfall. Like a mirror it shines reflecting the light all around. The creator has carefully brought to life a chaotic scenery, vibrant in color a beautiful work of art fit to be displayed in an open space.

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  • Abstract Nature

    Abstract Nature


    This masterpiece beautifully harmonizes nature with man. Thatched houses of natural clay and dried coconut branches for roofs with the lush green trees makes the painting very abstract and unreal. This abstractness does not lie wholly in the blotted watercolor technique, but in the fact that man still lives in harmony with nature in an era of pollution and concrete jungles.

    The colors in the painting are simple to denote the serenity of the village, while prominence is given to the trees in the surrounding. The painting beautifully demonstrates the simple mindsets of the village inhabitants and their selfless relationship with mother nature.

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  • Rumble of the Drums

    Rumble of the Drums


    The Creator of this marvelous piece has, ever so brilliantly, captured a still image on canvas of a Kandyan drummer, who are a part of the Perahera Procession in the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. They are usually at the front of the Perahera, following, just behind the Elephants.

    The Creator’s choice and use of colors accurately portray the drummer and his scarlet clothing. The earthy tones of the drum blend into the multitude of hues, so effortlessly, that the drummer is brought to life from the canvas. This creation will certainly liven up a living, whilst adding a bit of flare.

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  • Indigo Bay

    Indigo Bay


    An exquisite painting of two boats parked adjacent to each other against a bay area backdropped with an indigo sky reflected clearly over the water. The bright indigo that is above and below the boats and the landscape provide a wonderful border beautifying the splendor of the setting that seems to be early evening soon after sunset.

    The creator skillfully sketched the boats and the landscape whilst providing before color balance and contrast to produce a work of art that is both breathtaking and thought provoking as it creates an ambience of leisure and serenity.

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  • City by the Waters

    City by the Waters


    A stunning abstract of a city beautified with color and structure reflected over its bordering waters to bring out an exquisite depiction of a concrete jungle enhanced in appearance as it is mirrored by nature. A wonderful blue background is applied to highlight the contrasting colors of the buildings that vary in size and height.

    The art horizontally oriented to exaggerate the vastness of the city which adds to its splendor and awe. The creator has used a blend of amber and blueish hues to announce a color coordinated that perfectly complements the background of the sky above and the lake below.

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  • Thirst Quencher

    Thirst Quencher


    A rich, lush environment nourished by the flowing of a sparkling stream that not only beautifies the surroundings, but offers itself as a thirst quencher to a group of deer. This wonderful portrayal of animal and forest is supervised afar by an astounding rock in the background, which seems to be the ruling body over this natural habitat.

    The creator has beautifully brought through the astounding dependence of nature within itself and managed to insert a lot of detail into a single picture by carefully organizing the subjects throughout the canvass whilst expertly revealing the sparkle of fresh water amidst the stunning background landscape.

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  • Ancient Structures

    Ancient Structures


    An abstract design that portrays shapes that make up the curious ancient structures that are seen all over the world. This somewhat mysterious art represents the obscurity behind some man-made architectural wonders in the midst of its surrounding environment that may be in some cases desert, open field and an overshadowing blue sky.

    The creator has sketched these designs using many different hues and blending them perfectly with light gradients overlapping each other. The drawing that seems to be in three layers gives a 3D effect to the viewer as the design almost bursts out of the canvas with color and mystery.

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  • Tarn of Lilies

    Tarn of Lilies


    The artist has wonderfully portrayed the beauty of the blooming water lilies elegantly growing in the pond. On the water is a reflection of the clear blue sky, the depth of the pond is created by using shades of blue and white, darkening as it deepens.

    The pond is flourishing with flowers is a sign that there is plenty of nourishment and the leaves which are in plenty painted in tones of green, bring emphasis on the pale pink lilies. They bloom with pride in the morning with the rising sun, those who can spare a moment will admire them from a distance. This is a very calming image perfect for any setting.

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  • The Natural Smile

    The Natural Smile


    A candid photo generates a smile that can never be engineered. This beautiful painting exuberates the sweet smile of a young dame as she turns towards the viewer in the burst of greenery and freshness. Her smile is perfectly caught and sketched in a splendor of body language that compliments her every expression.

    The creator has masterfully used a single primary to fill the background without losing on the wonder and awe of the subject or her surroundings. Every part of this work of art screams out the joy and brightness of youth and nature.

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  • Simplistic Innocence

    Simplistic Innocence


    An exquisite painting capturing the innocence of an adolescent girl as she gazes within the walls of a confinement embracing a large jar. Her countenance perfectly captured in a skillful sketch and shade of light and shadow.

    The creator intricately portrayed an antique yet realistic scene, focusing on detail rather than color, but cleverly injecting light through the perfect use of dark and light shades. The detail rich sketch clearly exhibits features of the adolescent that adds to the beauty of the art.

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  • Heartbeat of the Hills

    Heartbeat of the Hills


    The creator of this simple yet exquisite work has portrayed a day in the life of a tea plucker. A frequent sight seen on the beautiful central hills of the country. They are the heart of Ceylon tea. Their life is simple yet challenging. With A keen eye and deft fingers they snip the leaves that make for a refreshing cup.

    This amazing painting colored in subtle tones of yellows and greens enhances the softness of this creation. The pale green background helps to bring out the images of the tea pluckers. This helps to capture the attention of the viewer and draw into the image. This is a perfect statement piece for any living space.

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  • Road to Brotherhood

    Road to Brotherhood


    Where the constant perceptions of ‘otherness’ have been set aside to achieve a common goal is true unity. The artist’s creation encompasses this harmony of a unique people, from varied age, cast and creed.

    With bursts of color, expressive language, movement and action, this work of art adds vibrancy to a space. This inspirational piece is a testament to unity in diversity, with the ability to inspire even the most skeptical of viewers.

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  • Water to Fetch

    Water to Fetch


    A lone woman walks towards from afar after fetching water from a nearby lake that seems to be in the background. This painting drawn in amber is lightly colored, but nevertheless is rich in detail. The road on which the subject is walking is expertly sketched to portray the distance from which she has to travel to bring the priceless commodity.

    The creator has added an abstract touch to this portrayal by using variant shades of a single primary in this painting, thereby giving the art an exquisite look of simplicity amidst beauty.

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  • Lake by Night

    Lake by Night


    A solitary hut on stilts holds sway over a scenic view of a calm lake that runs across a swamp in the beauty of a bright night. The hut seems to be illuminated by its inherent color as the light within fills the outside of the structure and serves as a beacon over the early evening sky.

    The creator beautifully sketched the winding river carefully reflecting the blue evening sky over it and capturing the blueish shades over the landscape. The contrast of the hut over its surroundings draws attention to itself and adds a curious brightness amidst the scenic darkness.

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