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Modern Paintings

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  • The Chameleon

    The Chameleon


    This creation explores the many colors and personalities of human nature. As depicted by the chameleon, the creator artistically portrays through varying blends of colors the ever changing nature of human personality and also highlights the underlying good and bad nature through the light and dark shading seen in the background symbolizing the ‘Yin and Yang’ principle most profoundly defined in Chinese dualistic cosmology.

    Owing to its artistic blend of colors, this creation will be an easy addition against any backdrop and once set in place, it will definitely give the viewer much to observe and think about in relation to the complexity of human personality.

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  • Satisfaction



    The face of satisfaction displayed on canvas portrayed by this painting of a young boy with a mischievous smirk across his face. This classic sketch is brought through with exquisite skill in capturing the emotion as though it were a photograph and transferring that same emotion from the picture to the onlooker’s heart.

    The creator has used soft hues to paint this master piece, whilst applying a plain white background giving focus to the countenance of the boy.

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  • Wilderness in Dusk

    Wilderness in Dusk


    As dusk sets into a picturesque wilderness, the creator catches a glimpse of the setting sun as it lightens the surrounding foliage and hills with a blend of amber and reddish hues. A curious sight is skillfully created with a mix of reality and abstract design as a forested landscape is sketched accompanied with light designs that serve perfectly as adding character to the otherwise simple landscape painting.

    The blend of blue gradient designs, contrasting against the amber backdrop gives a beautiful touch and color to this work of art that amazingly brings out the beauty of a wilderness at dusk through abstract additions.

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  • Evil Takes Form

    Evil Takes Form


    Dark and consuming, evil takes form in many ways around us and this unique creation represents the ability of such a dark force to morph into any shape or situation as it wishes. Playing with monochromatic tones, the creator uses sharp textured patterns as he shows how the dark energy hidden within the creation takes on a humanlike form, just hinting at the beginning of the process with what may appear to be the emergence of a human face.

    This creation will most certainly stand out of its setting due to the intense energy it exudes, making it a very unique addition to your collection.

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  • Dancing Colors of Water

    Dancing Colors of Water


    The landscape that the Creator has, so masterfully, depicted here tells a story of two cities separated, yet still connected by a beautiful reflective river. The color of the buildings bounces off of the reflection in the river. The colors in the sky that have morphed together reflect back on the surface of water. The reality is that there can always unity in a divided world, we just have to look for it.

    A brilliant creation by a skillful and soulful Creator. The myriad colors blend so well together. A lovely, obscure masterpiece to add to your living space.

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  • Beauty in Balance

    Beauty in Balance


    An exquisite sketch of a ballerina in perfect balance set against a pink backdrop complementing her costume in light and ambience. This portrait captures the essence of creative expression that is passionately displayed in an exhibition of amazing skill and strength.

    The creator has beautifully blended light shades of pink and lavender in creating a sculpture on canvas illuminating an ambience of peace and tranquility.

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  • Tree of Life

    Tree of Life


    Spring has dawned with an explosion of complementary colours that combine all-natural elements in perfect harmony. Each element is beautiful because the other complements its beauty and colours. The leaves are lush and full, the fruit is plump, and the tree is full of life. It is a mesmerizing explosion of positive energy that is visually enticing to the viewer. The artist reveals the fruitfulness and beauty of nature in the spring time.

    It is expressive and dynamic as it focuses and gives connotations of beauty and prosperity to nature. The abstract merging of colours form a wholesome picture of nature.

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  • Spear of Courage

    Spear of Courage


    Javelin is an Olympic sport that requires a high level of skill, talent, agility, strength, precision, hard work and dedication. This creation can be used as a powerful motivational piece. It can remind you to always reach for the stars and help you reach your goals in life.

    The mastery of this Creator reminds us that hard work and dedication always has a positive effect and outcome. It always pays off. The impeccable form that must be achieved when holding throwing a javelin have been painted and represented, here, perfectly by the brilliance of this Creator in recreating this fascinating moment.

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  • Childhood Memories.

    Childhood Memories.


    The creator beautifully expresses simultaneously the coldness and the playfulness of the rain. Although the rain can cause a depressing gloom, it also recalls childhood memories of jumping into puddles and dancing in the rain. This nostalgic joy of being able to relive a childhood pleasure as an adult is precious.

    The umbrellas add contrast and color in the painting and has brightened the gloom. The happiness of the couple takes flight like butterflies and adds a very dreamy, imaginative and nostalgic feeling. There is a striking imbalance between the warm against the cool tones, and this is what makes the masterpiece visually enticing.

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  • Gloomy Skies

    Gloomy Skies


    ‘Gloomy Skies’ is a landscape painting of the scene just before a shower of rain pours down from the sky. With the combination of a few primary colors the artist successfully brings to life a still moment in time before the climate transitions from a bright sunny day to a rainy evening.

    The lush greenery portrayed in the painting seems to eagerly await the refreshing shower of rain. Yet the reflection of the white clouds in the stream flowing across seems to act as a reminder of the clear weather experienced moments before. Used as décor, this painting will successfully take the observer in a calming state of contemplation.

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  • Branches of Wisdom

    Branches of Wisdom


    The creator explores the wonders of monochromatic artistry through this mesmerizing creation that will most certainly bring about a rather nostalgic feeling for all who set their eyes on it. The main highlight of this beautiful creation is a massive tree balancing almost on the edge of the riverbank but has throughout the years managed to successfully spread its branches out wide covering both land and water with its intricate network.

    Through these branches of wisdom, this beautiful wonder of nature tells the story of the wealth of knowledge it has accumulated over the years which perhaps could be even centuries old.

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  • Sweet Bouquet

    Sweet Bouquet


    The splendor of flowers draped in a blend of orange and reddish hues gives color to the canvas over a simple background that acts as a highlight for the focal flora. The sheer size of the Boquete that almost covers the entirety of the canvas draws a gaze that is met with wonder and awe at the beauty of the flowers.

    The creator has sketched with much skill perfect detail into the flora to bring out an ambience of brightness to whichever atmosphere that would house the painting. The choice and application of the reddish hues are exquisitely blended to produce a realistic image of this natural specimen of beauty.

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  • Pink Virtues

    Pink Virtues


    Pink lotus flowers blossom through murky waters and green leaves, thus resonating a frequent site that can be enjoyed in the lush waterways of Sri Lanka.

    The flower is revered not only for its beauty, but also for its soothingly virtuous persona that finds itself strewn across countless places of worship, across the isle of the Indian Ocean.

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  • City in The Sky

    City in The Sky


    The artist creates a city in the sky, where fantasy meets harmony. This work of art depicts a utopian cluster of flying islands, where a visual adaptation of a Jules Verne adventure comes to life. The midair metropolis are painted with a translucent effect of blue toned brush strokes. The mint and yellow add depth and color to this fantastic creation.

    This oasis in the sky reflects countless possibilities of the future while attributing calm and serenity to the scene. A moving and thought-provoking depiction befitting a tranquil space.

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  • Winds of Change

    Winds of Change


    Winds of change are epitomized in a striking impression of a tree, caught in the winds of a storm.

    The artist has so ably personified the very strength & essence of the strong winds, by capturing the movement and fierce sway of the tree that is grounded so well. Shimmering with bold magnificence, it is a tree that will remain unshaken, due to the unforeseen roots that have penetrated so deep.

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  • Synchronized Soul

    Synchronized Soul


    Looking in to this piece of art, one can only feel a sense of calmness and a wave of peace. Amongst all the chaos in the present day where greed and jealousy reign one soul conquered the mind and gave the world a path to follow.

    The image is beautifully created as even though the artist has illustrated the brush-strokes to be frenzied the outcome is simply stunning and the choice of color brings light on to the canvas edifying each detail of the piece. It is perfect for any living space and a subtle reminder that serenity is within your reach.


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  • To You I Belong

    To You I Belong


    Love is a power that transcends all boundaries, and this makes it the most widely depicted themes across various works of art; this creation is one such representation that focuses on the powerful bond shared between a couple deeply in love. The creator uses soothing earth tones of this watercolor painting blended with hints of dull gray to bring to life the couple sharing a warm embrace which exudes a flurry of emotions brought about by their connection.

    This romantic creation is a perfect statement piece for your home and will bless you with the pure love and a sense of belonging you seek from the one you love.

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  • Love Branching Out

    Love Branching Out


    Bring in the purity and warmth of a blossoming love as this unique creation continues to branch out its love to its surroundings making it a perfect display item for a living space as part of your collection or gift to someone near and dear to you.

    The creator uses a very simplistic approach to portray the union and love the couple shares which gradually grows – represented by artistic wines spreading across the entire creation which is illustrated in brilliant white and gets highlighted strategically against the rainbow-colored backdrop which represents love, respect and all the positive attributes such a union brings.

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  • The Ghost of Odette

    The Ghost of Odette


    The creator’s reflection of a contemplating ballerina with soft and edgy strokes craft an epitome of feministic beauty. The brilliance of the dancer’s smooth skin and the elegance of her clothing is expressed in a tactile manner. A striking usage of monotony appreciates the classical beauty in the dancer’s messy hairdo and her wonderfully chiselled body shape.

    The dancer is graced by the radiance of beauty, but does the same radiance exist within her? Is she a swan by day, but a young woman at night? Is she the ghost of Odette, the Swan Princess? The beauty of this painting lies in these rhetorical questions and entices the imagination to paint endless possibilities of an overwhelming story line.

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  • Grey Areas In Between

    Grey Areas In Between


    Everything is not always as clear as it seems and cannot simply be classified as black and white, and this is why this unique creation brings out the need to see all the shades in-between. Using monochromatic tones and simple geometric lines, the creator highlights how various shades exist between the two extremes and how these various shades create different perceptions to the external eye.

    Make this creation part of your home or office space and treat your guests to a unique work of art that will work as a great point of discussion as the creation begins to unfold various thought-provoking views.

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