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Modern Paintings

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  • Grandeur of the Wild

    Grandeur of the Wild


    A Leopard is portrayed in a jungle setting, large trees, bushes and tangles all around, a large rock in the background. He lurks patiently watching and waiting, observing every move of his prey who innocently goes about its day, gathering food, unknowing that at any moment the Leopard can charge and devour.

    In color this illustration would have given light to the bright green leaves, the large trees and rocks. But in black and white, the creator has given prominence to this majestic beast who is required no color to show his dominance. A beautiful creation showing the spectator the amazing grandeur of nature.

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  • Elephants Feeding in Colo..

    Elephants Feeding in Colo..


    This painting depicts the most unusual occurrence of one elephant feeding another as they both stand face to face of each other. The creativity in using multiple colors to express the multi-facet nature of these majestic animals brings true beauty to this picture.

    The creator has brought through this painting a burst of light and color by applying an array of bright colors for the otherwise dull colored animal against a dark backdrop. The art is a touch of abstract mixed in with the realism and beauty of nature.

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  • A Royal Color

    A Royal Color


    The Creator has chosen to paint an old school, classic car. She really is a beauty. The colors used in this exquisite creation for the body of the car are very interesting and unique. The purple that has been used by the Creator is very bold and personifies the car as a, “Royal Figure”.

    The color, purple, was once a color used only by the royals and hence was deemed a rather valuable and expensive color that many could not afford to wear or use for a very long time. This illustration gives rise to a new and better appreciation for cars, especially those cars that have long since been used.

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  • Wine Splash

    Wine Splash


    Feast your eyes on this captivating creation depicting a close range view of luscious red wine splashing into a glass. The creator goes into great detail to show the wave like movement and splashes created just before the rich, velvety liquid settles in the vessel before it is ready to be consumed.

    As you make this delectable creation part of your home or office, you would be able to enjoy the refreshing nature it infuses to its surroundings. You can enjoy this to the extent that your senses almost begin to feel the sweet aroma, rich flavor and overall refinement of a glass of classic red wine.

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  • Rustic Wall

    Rustic Wall


    The artistic look of an old wall is brought out through this picture using a mixture of green, beige and silver. A clear division has been made between what seems to be a section of the wall that was plastered newly, and one which age has taken its toll.

    The creator has skillfully adapted earth colors in a way that it would spring out with brightness and light. Criteria’s that are not usually associated with such shades. The merging of old and new is well managed in this well thought of piece of art.

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  • Glorious Moments

    Glorious Moments


    This stunning abstract painting is done in gorgeous earthy shades of cobalt blue, manganese blue with hints of green and red. The beautiful color blend gives this creation some incredible depth. The technique looks random and easy to achieve; however these take quite a bit of planning to create a balance across the whole piece built up over several layers and keeping control over tonal quality is quite difficult.

    This piece represents the progress of color in a tropical sea from deep blue to light turquoise. Soothing and serene earthy colors make this an exceptional piece of art.

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  • A Leap of Faith

    A Leap of Faith


    Leaping forward into the unknown is a move which requires the highest level of courage, and it is this fearless spirit the creator successfully brings to life through this creation. At a glance, this creation may seem like a casual arrangement of brush strokes, but as the viewer continues to ponder on its deeper meaning, each line of every brush stroke takes form into a figure leaping forward with arms extended above the head, glaring straight ahead instead of at the unknown which lies below.

    With its simplicity and ability to stand out, this transfiguring creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office space.

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  • Beauty in Balance

    Beauty in Balance


    An exquisite sketch of a ballerina in perfect balance set against a pink backdrop complementing her costume in light and ambience. This portrait captures the essence of creative expression that is passionately displayed in an exhibition of amazing skill and strength.

    The creator has beautifully blended light shades of pink and lavender in creating a sculpture on canvas illuminating an ambience of peace and tranquility.

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  • Wings of Delight

    Wings of Delight


    A celebration on canvas, the artist expresses freedom and life in this piece with a lone butterfly. In full flight, the effervescent insect exudes life and joy in its multihued form. This celebration of watercolor is a boundless scheme of pigments subtly selected and painted to manifest the energy and movement of the butterfly’s flight.

    Set against a dark backdrop, the show-stopping subject comes to life as the artist strategically uses dark hues to create a backlight against the butterfly, incidentally painting it into the spotlight of the painting. With more attention to color and texture rather than detail, the subject is a vibrant ghost, both loud and ever-present while simultaneously ready to flutter away from one’s grasp.

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  • The Sorcerer’s Kingdom

    The Sorcerer’s Kingdom


    Hidden behind a mystical illusion of clouds, a secret kingdom unveils itself as the rightful owner of the empire approaches. Bringing a touch magic right into your living room, this beautiful creation titled ‘the sorcerer’s kingdom’ will be a perfect décor option that will keep you entertained by its enchanting nature.

    Sit back and watch how a magical land appears out of nowhere as a powerful sorcerer calls forth his magnificent land to emerge from its disguise.

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  • Love Branching Out

    Love Branching Out


    Bring in the purity and warmth of a blossoming love as this unique creation continues to branch out its love to its surroundings making it a perfect display item for a living space as part of your collection or gift to someone near and dear to you.

    The creator uses a very simplistic approach to portray the union and love the couple shares which gradually grows – represented by artistic wines spreading across the entire creation which is illustrated in brilliant white and gets highlighted strategically against the rainbow-colored backdrop which represents love, respect and all the positive attributes such a union brings.

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  • Jaded Tropics

    Jaded Tropics


    Streaks of bright green foliage neatly aligned over a pure white canvas like jade structures overwhelming the simplicity of a white sky. This representation of the tropics is exquisitely sketched in a manner that highlights its brightness in nature. The fragrant freshness of tropical nature in deep jade hues can almost be physically sensed even through the canvas.

    The creator has skillfully applied streaks with a continues motion to perfectly represent the smoothness of the foliage. The dark green is mingled with a lighter gradient of green shades to give the painting an exquisite resemblance to reality as though a plant that is affected by the heat of the sun on a bright sunny day when the expanse is bright as white.

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  • An Angel’s Embrace

    An Angel’s Embrace


    Feel a sense of warmth and security gradually diffuse into your surrounding with this beautiful creation titled ‘An Angel’s Embrace’. A perfect embodiment of the power of love transcending all boundaries, the creator brings to life the wonder of this loving bond being nurtured between two lovers, one a mortal and the other a divine being, as they embrace.

    Decorated with hints of blue and green against monochromatic tones this angelic creation is capable of enchanting its viewers with its deep sense of adoration.

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  • The Smirk

    The Smirk


    A curious facial expression brought to life through a clever portrayal of a young girl looking straight into the eyes of the observer. Difficult to fathom her exact emotion except that the cheeks may give away a hint of a smirk.

    The creator has blended the colors perfectly to paint a lively and realistic portrait that cleverly camouflages the little girl’s emotion, thereby asking a subtle question from the observer in confirmation. The plain white background exaggerates the detail and brightness of the girls face and curious expression impeccably.

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  • Paired Up

    Paired Up


    A perfect décor option for a dining room or kitchen, this creation is quite simple yet is so realistic it will almost always get a second look from a passerby. ‘Paired Up’ features a pair of fresh pear fruits which look quite succulent and delicious as they are unwrapped.

    Enjoy how this creation will infuse the sense of freshness and goodness of its surroundings eventually making everything seem juicy and tasty to the onlooker.

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  • The Beat that Lives On

    The Beat that Lives On


    The creator has captured the passion of a drummer with his fluid rhythm depicted by the swirls of color surrounding the hand tightly grasping the stick ready to strike the drum with thunderous force. The other palm gently taps a constant beat on the alternate face of the drum.

    Graceful strokes in the painting depict the virility of the drummer from the fine lines of his forearms to the smooth shaped curve of his back. Fluid and dynamic use of lines and a palate of bright tones adds an essence of grace to the painting, creating an impression of the drummer’s passion.

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  • A Technicolor Roar

    A Technicolor Roar


    Up close and personal with the King of the Jungle, the artist explores cool pigments and tones to create a chic, urban take on the jungle cat. Away from the sandy tones and familiar fawn, this lion still encompasses hints of gold and beige of his natural fur. A more playful, bold interpretation of nature- the artist uses an urban palette to bring to life the aloof, majestic gaze of the lion.

    Short, fast brushstrokes take up the canvas and create the movement of its luxurious mane in colors that strategically pop and then blend into the dark backdrop, allowing the subject to take center stage of the portrait.

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  • Memory of Guilt

    Memory of Guilt


    Guilt has a way of weighing a person down no matter how long it has been held within. This is the concept brought to life by this bold and captivating creation where the creator illustrates the impact memories of guilt have on his beautiful muse.

    Her facial expression speaks a thousand words as her piercing gaze fixed directly at the viewer expresses how she yearns to release this burden from her mind and finally find freedom from this onerous load.

    Kos Cos
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  • Stance Before the Dance

    Stance Before the Dance


    Featured in this beautiful creation is the behind the scene view of a beautiful ballerina who prepares to mesmerize her audience with a captivating performance. The creation focuses primarily on the focus and concentration of this elegant beauty as she takes her stance before she springs into begin her enchanting dance as the curtains open, while the beauty of the creator’s muse is meticulously shown right down to the finite details of the beautiful costume she wears.

    The monochromatic tone and tints of gold of this creation make it a perfect statement piece that will work well with any background.

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  • The Haze of Purple Mist

    The Haze of Purple Mist


    There are mystique and intrigue in the textured haze that is spread over the entirety of the creation. There is a plethora of colors that the Creator has used in this creation. The violet, tangerine, vermillion red, indigo blue, and azure are the colors to first catch the eye. They are placed very prominently throughout the creation.

    This piece would be an intriguing addition to a collection of modern, contemporary art. The brilliance of it is in the haziness. If you are looking to add wonder, awe and a sense of poignancy in your home, this is the piece to do exactly that.

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