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Modern Paintings

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  • Focused on the Job

    Focused on the Job


    A countenance of deep concentration and focus is exhibited in this dancer’s face as he prepares to stun his audience with a creative expression of culture through dance. The black background perfectly contrasting over the rich detail of the performer’s costume bringing immediate focus to each item and angle of its fabric and shape.

    The creator has painted this portrait from a viewpoint that places the dancer almost at a slight angle and at an equal height, thereby skillfully enhancing the depth and exaggerating the features of the subject, his stature and attire.

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  • Boats at the Quay

    Boats at the Quay


    A colorful representation of fishing boats parked at a quay. The beautiful use of various colors is the highlight of this painting. A smudge of yellow in the water against a magenta sky over a what seems to be a landscape backdrop. An art that would tickle the imagination at every glance.

    The creator has creatively combined abstract and reality. The detail in texture used on the boats in contrast to the abstract use of color for the natural elements is a delightful feature of this painting.

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  • Basking in the Light

    Basking in the Light


    The Creator has offered a masterful ode to Buddhism. Being that the Lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism. The geometry of this masterpiece only draws emphasis to the celestial atmosphere that is highly prominent in this magnificent piece.

    The sapphire hues that cover the semi-precious effect of the sky is so alluring, calming. Perfect to soften the chaos of the modern world in which we live in. The Creator has astoundingly portrayed an abstract masterpiece that emanates a strong and calm peace.

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  • As the Light Fell

    As the Light Fell


    A mixture of brightly colored spirals falling on to a layer of white spirals, all swirling and bending into one another, trying to find their symmetry. The Creators’ use of such vibrant, prismatic colors in this obscure piece exudes life and joy.

    The confetti like appearance of the spirals screams celebration and enjoyment. This creation would be an excellent addition in to one’s living space due to its lively nature. It can perk up the mood of the viewer and brighten up the atmosphere that it’s surrounded by.

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  • Memory is the Happiness o..

    Memory is the Happiness o..


    We often hide our loneliness deep within ourselves, and through this work of art, the creator attempts to uncover the loneliness his beautiful muse conceals within her. Beginning with a near perfect portrait of this beauty, the creator begins to the surface all the happy memories which have been suppressed by loneliness she feels at present.

    Use this creation to remind yourself of all your happy memories which will help you get through tough times and moments of desolation.

    Kos Cos
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  • Hidden Skin

    Hidden Skin


    The crafting of this masterpiece reflects futurism in its most abstract form. The dispersion of the human form leaves behind traces of blurred color. This emphasizes on the beauty of imperfections and reciprocates it with a strong link to self- identity.

    Disguised among the blurred-out chaos of paint is a gazing eye. Although self-esteem is benefitted by the appreciation of imperfections, there is also a necessity to fit into a common caliber in society. Uniqueness also crave commonness. Our skin is truly our biggest façade. Our hearts and souls the mirrors that reflect the realities of ourselves.

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  • Free Falling

    Free Falling


    A mindless generation free falls into the dark wilderness of confusion. A headless human figure seems to be falling upside-down into what seems to be a dark rocky abyss. This clearly represents how mindlessness or ignorance can lead to the destruction of man.

    The creator has used dull colors to depict the dark reality of the portrayed scenario and give the viewer a sense of depression within which to relate to what the picture is attempting to convey. Curiously the human figure is drawn with an umbilical cord attached, which could mean that the end to which he has destined himself to, was that which was fated from the birth of an entire generation.

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  • Shield of Hope

    Shield of Hope


    The burdens of life may often leave us feeling lost without hope; in such moments of despair, we often look for even a single source of support that creates a safe environment.

    Expressing a feeling of optimistic anticipation, the creator artistically brings to life this mesmerizing acrylic through the depiction of a deep bond between a couple as the energy radiating from them begins to spread the light which gradually consumes the darkness surrounding them.

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  • Eternal Kingdom

    Eternal Kingdom


    One of the most iconic kingdoms in all of history is Sigiriya, the fortress chosen by the great king; King Kashayapa who sought refuge in one of the most secure locations in the island which he thought was perfect to set up his mighty legacy. Centuries gone by, this rock fortress still stands tall captivating all those who are fortunate enough to set their eyes on the splendors it unfolds.

    This unique perspective of this iconic landmark brought to life in this monochrome acrylic will definitely receive much praise and appreciation from all those who feast their eyes on this masterpiece put on display.

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  • Mystic Royalty

    Mystic Royalty


    A mystic design of a magnificent lion in full roar against the beautiful expanse of space lightened up by what seems to be a galaxy arrayed with starts. The lion is almost portrayed to be a constellation that has come to life. The blend of white against dark blue bursts out of the canvas together with an unusual addition of red that injects color amidst the darkness.

    The creator has sketched this amazing abstract design that speaks out much detail outlined in white of the featured creature that is often equated to royalty whose emotion well caught in the skillfully in the exquisite profile.

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  • Undiscovered Thoughts

    Undiscovered Thoughts


    The painter has crafted a beautiful woman who somehow seems incomplete. She is contemplative and seems empty and fragmented. The brilliance of her skin is warm and contradicts with her dark and mysterious thoughtfulness. The softly blended brush strokes that build up her body makes her beautifully unique while she sits covering her nakedness with a fear of being completely exposed.

    The cool and dark background dramatizes the untold emotions and thoughts of the woman as she lives in the darkness of her own trauma.

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  • Snowflakes at Night

    Snowflakes at Night


    This masterful creation is a textured, scenic, landscape of a snowy street. The Creator does a wonderful job of portraying an empty street on a cold, snowy day, that has been enveloped in snow. The inviting blankets of snows have been emphasized and accentuated by the texturing done this clever Creator.

    The of darker tones beautifully contrasts the creation and sets the atmosphere of this particular natural phenomenon. A great addition to one’s collection. A timeless, and beautiful piece that would fit just about any mood and would be a bold, statement piece in one’s collection.

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  • Dance of the Elephants

    Dance of the Elephants


    Set against a throbbing, vibrant background, the elephants raise their trunks and echo the energy of the painting. The creator’s use of unusual color combinations creates a lively, exuberant atmosphere with brushstrokes add to the pulsating rhythm and energy of this creation.

    Emerging from the hazy, party like the background, the two elephants explore the artist’s skillful brushwork. Intricate in detail with an attention to shadow and shade, the artist creates a lifelike duo against the colorful haze. Together, intricate skill literally emerges through the canvas inviting the audience into another dimension; a hidden paradise within.

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  • I Know that I’m Beautif..

    I Know that I’m Beautif..


    In the background the trees are dry, the bushes in the distance a golden yellow, colored by the afternoon sun and the blue sky. Raising dust to the sky, a beautiful stallion poses with pride showing off his stamina and strength.

    The creator has captured a beautiful moment when he reared, if in excitement or fear at the sight of the artist, is unknown but his eyes watch intently. For what it’s worth the creator skillfully portrays the beauty and elegance of the stallion, he is full grown and full of life, reminding the spectator of the strength of mother nature.

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  • Essence of Music

    Essence of Music


    Here in this painting the lady playing the ‘Tabla’ and in her subconscious mind she sees everything about her lover. The love is flowing in her heart. Masterly use of colors is a main feature of this painting. This fine piece of art can be called as visual music or music for the eyes.

    What is the essence of music? It’s the real fruit of music. When we play music we feel pleasure in our heart and spiritual pleasure also comes within it. Enjoy this piece of creation when you make it part of your living space.

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  • Green In-Sync

    Green In-Sync


    A smudge of green brings light to a silhouette of green trees against a white background. The creation focuses on the barks of the trees while combining simplicity and freshness for the color scheme.

    The untidy green against the white and the non-symmetrical spacing of the barks brings out the rawness and complexity of nature. The creator has created a family of trees that share the same color code is huddled together in unity while exhibiting their family trait of bright fresh greens.

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  • Tropical Bay

    Tropical Bay


    A natural bay is painted in deep detail using realistic colors to perfectly resemble its awe and beauty. The angle of the sandy curve that produces the bay is exquisitely positioned to draw in the viewer and determine the focus on the lone finishing catamaran birthed on the shore.

    The creator has blended green and earthen colors to produce a picture that creates a peaceful and serene ambience through its beautiful depiction of a natural scenery. The skillful sketching and coloring of a heavenly blue sky and the sea green ocean adds to the splendor of this natural wonder on canvas.

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  • Deep Calls to Deep

    Deep Calls to Deep


    Looking up from deep inside an abyss you will see a dull light that gets brighter as you travel further to the surface in pursuit of what lies above. This exquisite abstract that is painted using dabbing brush strokes represents a journey from the deep using light and dark shades of blue.

    The creator has brought through a sense of being sunk deep into an abyss and looking upward to the surface light perfectly with skill and imagination.

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  • The Pain of Memories

    The Pain of Memories


    This unique work of art titled ‘the pain of memories’ is exceptional in its own way as it artistically brings to life the emotions invoked by memories. Featuring a portrait of a beautiful muse, the creator goes on to reveal the pain she holds within from experiences accumulated from former times.

    Filling her mind with pain and anguish, the viewer can witness how these powerful emotions are unleashed from within and is gradually washed away with time.

    Kos Cos
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  • Smears on a Flamboyant Ma..

    Smears on a Flamboyant Ma..


    This multi-hued symmetrical creation is a vibrant jubilation of color. Both bold and loud set in a backdrop of a complacent blue, this creation uses splashes of bright yellows and blues, complemented with statements of crimson and turquoise highlights.

    Upon close observation a viewer would recall an artisanal mask belonging to the ancient woodcarving traditions of Sri Lanka. The layers of contrasting color smears brings out an interesting perspective on traditional art.

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