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Modern Paintings

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  • The Flame of Hades

    The Flame of Hades


    In this creation the dark figured individual is being anointed in ethereal light of the waterfall. The long, flowing, connecting strokes of azure act as a light around the figure of the person. Framing the individual perfectly in the halo of light. The figure; stunning and fascinating, godlike in its nature is what one would imagine a celestial being from Greek mythology looks like.

    This hauntingly beautiful piece would be a key, signature work of art in any collection of art. It is a testament to the artistic prowess of this ingenious Creator. The piece exudes wonder and mystique. Any and all who gaze upon the mastery of this work of art will be in awe of it.

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  • Rhythm and Blue Skies

    Rhythm and Blue Skies


    The individual that has really been made to stand out in this brilliant piece is the traditional Kandyan dancer, all draped in robes of red and white tones, bearing a traditional Kandyan head piece. During the religious event of a Perahera procession, held in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, the traditional Kandyan dancers follow, alongside, the Kandyan drummers.

    The Creator has done a magnificent job in bringing across the energy and movement that would be seen in this Kandyan dancer in real life. The Creator has done a marvelous job of making this creation true-to-life.

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  • Beauty from Nothing

    Beauty from Nothing


    Watch how beautiful water lilies emerge from the mud with near perfection as the creator attempts to captivate his audience with this acrylic of the aerial view of a water lily pond. Each of these bright pink flowers very elegantly peep from between their leaves that cover the surface of the water body.

    The creator very strategically paints the color of the water surface in orange as though they were emerging to catch the warm rays as the sun rises casting a warm yellow glow on the surface. Colorful and bright, this creation will be a wonderful décor option for any living space.

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  • Elephants Feeding in Colo..

    Elephants Feeding in Colo..


    This painting depicts the most unusual occurrence of one elephant feeding another as they both stand face to face of each other. The creativity in using multiple colors to express the multi-facet nature of these majestic animals brings true beauty to this picture.

    The creator has brought through this painting a burst of light and color by applying an array of bright colors for the otherwise dull colored animal against a dark backdrop. The art is a touch of abstract mixed in with the realism and beauty of nature.

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  • Day Ending

    Day Ending


    As a golden sun disappears into the ocean the golden amber sky signals the end of another day that reaches a conclusion that is as spectacular as its start. This amazing scene brought to life with color on canvas is a wonderful testament to the awesomeness and power of nature.

    The deep color used by the creator is exquisitely reflected off the sea which highlights the waves that will house the sunlight until the break of the next day. The clarity of detail coupled with creative application of color gives this painting a powerful yet serene ambience of fire and beauty.

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  • Evolution of Man and Mach..

    Evolution of Man and Mach..


    The first thing the viewer’s eyes recognizes in the top center of this picture is the poster that illustrates the man’s evolution from ape to Neanderthal. A powerful contrast is made with regards to man’s evolution and the evolution of machines. This contrast is represented by a pile of man-made tools that have now become redundant and thrown away as industrial junk onto an outdated fire hydrant.

    The color combination used in this depiction is interesting and peculiar. The creator has opted for dark brown shades, more likely to portray the antique character of the objects that feature in the painting. Thereby successfully conveying a powerful message on the connection between man evolution and the evolution of his creations.

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  • The Golden Wave

    The Golden Wave


    An amazing freeze of the wonder of nature illustrated through a rolling giant wave that loops over to reveal a golden sky through its waters. This picture representation of nature’s power and beauty is painted on canvas using light colors with the exception of the Golden touch in the sky that takes center stage as it glows through the wave.

    The creator has used skillful flowing brush strokes to sketch an eye drawing wave that almost seems heavenly against the bluish sky and too good to be true in its perfection in formation. This produces an ambience of freshness and brightness easily lighting up the environment.

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  • Profile in the Forest

    Profile in the Forest


    A green forestry backdrop accommodates the profile of a beautifully sketched elephant in all its splendor and majesty. The blend of green hues and silhouette geometric designs combine to create a background made of abstract design signifying the environment from whence the animal resides. The green hues provide a fitting contrast to the elephant’s body as it compliments it as well.

    The creator has placed the feature of the painting to the extreme right of the canvas in making the art a creative testament that would be a wonderful addition to any atmosphere that requires a complement to the ambience and artistic design of an interior.

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  • Color Collision

    Color Collision


    Monochrome brilliantly brought to life by the clever use of agile brush strokes, thus forming a myriad of colors.

    Intricately blending shades of gray and white to form beautiful silver linings, the artist is able to also formulate gentle flames of fire floating along the waterways. This is an apt reflection of two worlds colliding into one union, to create a masterpiece so pleasing to the eye.

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  • Master of Routine

    Master of Routine


    The artist has captured in mono-hued skill, the master of the Kandyan dance tradition. This ancient tradition of dance, performed only with percussion, allows the drummer to weave and command the routine of dance.

    The artist echoes the notion that although not the central performer of the tradition, the drummer is significant to the ensemble. The yellow toned highlights illuminate the portrait in a striking manner. Painted in broad knife strokes in lighter tones and complemented with the darker tones used as strokes of definition, this portrayal is ideal for a space seeking to make a strong assertion.

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  • Sea and Land

    Sea and Land


    An abstract portrayal of the colorful shades that make up the sea and land. Intermeddled with blue and orange, outlined with dashes of white and black. This reflection of nature teases the mind as it gives a visual hint of the fresh beauty of water mixed with soil that hosts what seems to appear as fish swimming through the deep realm.

    The creator has skillfully utilized hatching type brush strokes to bring out the unique effect of detail through design and applied matching yet contrasting colors to draw a magnificent connection between two opposites of nature

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  • Leap to Your Destiny

    Leap to Your Destiny


    A beautiful portrayal of a dolphin leaping out and over the calm evening waters while neighboring fish and a boat in the distance looks on, as though a soul leap over its habitat to find a destiny that lies beyond. The blend of ambient hues that serves as a fitting backdrop to this fete over the dark ocean adds a sense of mystery and serenity to as art that portrays a time just before the sub disappears into the sea.

    The creator has skillfully created an ambience that is not only relaxing, but also thought provoking in this splendor of the sketch and color.

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  • Touch the Darkness

    Touch the Darkness


    An orange hand print invades a darkened background that is splattered with various designs and colors. The featured center-piece is surrounded by other hands painted in black and accompanied by a mix of turquoise and amber random brush strokes as though the hand is attempting to touch the darkness. The random splatter of white spaces is skillfully applied to bring a dash of light into the mix.

    The creator has beautifully sketched this abstract design that boasts both meaning and stunning color which protrudes forth from the canvas due to its bright colors that are laid against a dark backdrop.

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  • Mystic Royalty

    Mystic Royalty


    A mystic design of a magnificent lion in full roar against the beautiful expanse of space lightened up by what seems to be a galaxy arrayed with starts. The lion is almost portrayed to be a constellation that has come to life. The blend of white against dark blue bursts out of the canvas together with an unusual addition of red that injects color amidst the darkness.

    The creator has sketched this amazing abstract design that speaks out much detail outlined in white of the featured creature that is often equated to royalty whose emotion well caught in the skillfully in the exquisite profile.

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  • Shattered Glass

    Shattered Glass


    Exploring the depths of modern art, the creator brings to life a still moment in time as a forceful impact causes a sheet of glass to shatter from a single point, spreading its destruction to the entire plane. This creation is highly successful as it is able to transfuse the sense of motion and distribution of energy caused from the sudden impact as though the viewer is able to witness the shatter in live motion right before his eyes.

    Using a blend of contrasting colors, our talented creator has come up with this masterpiece which will make a perfect statement piece for your home or office space.

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  • Mystic Tusker

    Mystic Tusker


    The creator highlights the unique features of the tusker through various shading techniques which highlights its frontal view while at the same time rouses the sense of mysticism through animal’s eyes which are barely seen but are focused right at the viewer through a blurred background. At a glance, this creation will draw your attention to the rare formation of the elephant’s tusks, but a longer look will reveal the grandeur of the behemoth who carries them.

    This creation will most certainly grab attention of the onlooker and infuse the sense of majesty and mysticism in any space you choose to feature.

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