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  • Wading Through Muddy Wate..

    Wading Through Muddy Wate..


    The Creator brings light and precedence to the struggles that many animals, such as the buffaloes portrayed in this piece, have to endure in their lives, out in the wild. The brilliance of this creation can be used as a powerful motivator with a poignant message in this powerful creation. Displaying this in a working space or study as a motivational statement piece would drive anyone who sees it work harder and with more dedication.

    We don’t realize that we have everything handed to us. For these buffaloes, the amount of energy and hardship they endure just to travel from one point of the jungle to another area is treacherous and heart-wrenching. They are not provided with neatly cleared pathways and roads to travel on, nor bridges to cross over. They travel in the wild, where, if untouched by man, remains rustic and unconventional.

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  • Boats at the Quay

    Boats at the Quay


    A colorful representation of fishing boats parked at a quay. The beautiful use of various colors is the highlight of this painting. A smudge of yellow in the water against a magenta sky over a what seems to be a landscape backdrop. An art that would tickle the imagination at every glance.

    The creator has creatively combined abstract and reality. The detail in texture used on the boats in contrast to the abstract use of color for the natural elements is a delightful feature of this painting.

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  • The Jade Moon

    The Jade Moon


    Bask in the energy of the Jade moon as you feast your eyes on this mesmerizing creation. Capable of filling its surroundings with its enigmatic energy, this beautiful acrylic boasts of a pleasant color scheme which makes it easy to place against any backdrop.

    The creator goes on to enhance the beauty of this creation as he brings to life motion of his muse as she quietly dances on a starlit night as the crescent moon fills the sky with its radiance.

    Kos Cos
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  • Colors Blast on Water

    Colors Blast on Water


    ‘Color Blast of Water’ is an original handmade painting displaying a vibrant array of color. Beautiful hues of green, blue, pink, and highlights of yellow blend in well together to create this beautiful landscape painting. Aside from the unique burst of color, the artist has added gradients creating unison between the clusters of water plants and the surface of water upon which it lies.

    Due to the variety of colors used in this painting it could very easily be placed against any background. This unique feature will also guarantee that it will stand out and grab the attention of the onlooker.

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  • The Hive

    The Hive


    The golden interior of a beehive is beautifully portrayed in this blend of abstract and reality. The feature or centerpiece of the painting being an elegant bee who could easily be the queen of the hive is surrounded by the black and gold splendor of the nest. Mystic designs included above and below the queen bee add more mystery to this exquisite painting.

    The creator has applied a through skillful use of the brush and color a glitter of white specks that add a sparkle to the golden hive and bas perfectly balanced the painting with wise use of metric designs interlaced with the character sketch of the bee.

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  • The Autumn Sunset

    The Autumn Sunset


    It is autumn and moments before dusk, the sky is a shade of blue and pink pastels, pine trees in the distance portraying a mountainous range. Some leaves are a blazing red colored by the glorious setting sun. Smudged brushstrokes create a blurred effect on some tree leaves depicting a silent wind brushing past.

    A pool of water has gathered on the ground, probably from a recent rainfall. Like a mirror it shines reflecting the light all around. The creator has carefully brought to life a chaotic scenery, vibrant in color a beautiful work of art fit to be displayed in an open space.

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  • Pure Magic

    Pure Magic


    Invite the power of pure magic to your home or office space with this mesmerizing creation featuring one of the most beautiful mythical creatures, an enchanting unicorn. Set against a solid black background, this magnificent creature elegantly stands out as though it was gazing at our world through its home, the mythical realm.

    Enjoy how this masterpiece turns into a window to an enchanted world as you feel pure magic flow into your living space.

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  • Parental Love and Care

    Parental Love and Care


    This colorful creation portrays the most amazing bond parents hold with their children and the unconditional love only parents could provide to their little ones. In this image, the creator uses a vibrant blend of color brings to life this amazing moment that shows two little ones look up to their parents, one which brings home food to feed their hungry stomachs while the other parent is extremely watchful to protect his family from any potential threats.

    Due to its bright color combinations, this creation will easily add a pop of color to any surrounding and also bring in the love and warmth felt through this beautiful family moment.

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  • Lead from the Front

    Lead from the Front


    A beautiful portrayal of a bullock cart race in full action. The pictures show the race from the front view, focusing on the leader and the competition behind. The wise selection of color contrast, brings to the immediate attention the race leader clads in a bright orange T-shirt whilst the other racers are painted in grayscale, thereby subtly bringing out the theme of this painting.

    The creator has skillfully sketched the gleeful thrill on the race leaders face, which stands out against the dull background and has added much detail to the carts and their engines that perfectly compliment the motion of the art.

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  • Firework Performance

    Firework Performance


    If you are looking to add a splash of color to your home or office space, this beautiful creation titled ‘firework performance’ will be a perfect option to consider.

    This creative work of art capable of brightening up any living space is not only guaranteed to add a pop of color but it will also animate the entire surrounding as the beauty featured in the creation begins to captivate her audience with a mesmerizing dance performance that is so graceful and lively that every movement seems to add more colors to the background as the onlooker continues gaze upon this gripping creation.

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  • Nutty King

    Nutty King


    Refreshing king coconut is native to the pearl of the Indian Ocean, also called Sri Lanka. Brimming with healing virtues, its’ mildly sweet water contained within the hard shell is reminiscent of a bygone era, where the kings & royalty of ancient kingdoms quenched their thirst with this refreshing beverage.

    It’s the perfect soother for a hot summer’s day, visualized aptly by the artist through the backdrop of clear blue skies.

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  • Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger


    As dusk gives way to a magnificent starlit night, a Lone Ranger stands tall to glisten its inimitable beauty.

    The artist has so ably illustrated the daring colors of a sunset, and creates a unique juxtaposition of color. Bold shadings of red are further illuminated by the crafty matt silver tree, thus bringing to life a two dimensional look and feel.

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  • The Placid Crouch

    The Placid Crouch


    The creator has portrayed the feline of the wild in its natural disposition. Restful yet alert, the leopard is aware of every detail of its surrounding. Seamlessly blending in with its environment, in camouflage with the yellow earth, concealing its predatory nature.

    The illustration of the beast in its rosette-glory mimics the master strokes of mother nature, in soft and dark contrasts and contours. The unmistakably playful crouch indicates that opportunity is not wasted on the ill-prepared. It is as if the artist wishes to state that in wakefulness lies possibility.

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  • The Day of Judgement

    The Day of Judgement


    This creation is one that represents a deep meaning worthy of contemplation; it represents the day of judgement, the time at which a mere mortal stands before the mighty gatekeepers who decide his ultimate fate in the afterlife. The creator perfectly highlights the journey of the mortal leading up to this decisive moment in time and the promising rays of hope that shine brightly from behind.

    This beautiful creation which displays a classical work of art will make a perfect addition to your home or office space and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.

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  • Feelings of Isolation

    Feelings of Isolation


    Society often consciously or unconsciously drives others into social isolation and this unique creation explores the impact of such actions. Seen in one corner of the creation is the community from which the lonely figure is isolated and urged to leave the fold.

    The creation goes on to show the instability created by such actions which has driven it to the edge of a cliff. Put this creation on display and allow it to unleash its thought provoking ideology in the mind of the viewer.

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  • My Shade in the Rain

    My Shade in the Rain


    A beautiful portrayal of dependence of each-other and two becoming one. This art focuses on the journey of life as two decide to travel in one direction, leaning on each other to shelter from the storms of life. The splendor of a colorful backdrop to this passionate story is arrayed on either side of the couple as they journey away.

    The creator has perfectly utilized color and detail in the background and foreground of this work to paint an exquisite concept of love in brightness and thoughtfulness.

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  • Sturdy Stilts

    Sturdy Stilts


    Stilt fishing is a task which no amateur can handle; it not only takes the very best balancing skills and perfect focus, but also a high level of patience to endure hours of sitting still, perched atop the stilt waiting for a catch.

    As the creator brings to life this moment, which captures the beauty of the sunset and the waves that beat against the shore, it also shows the essentiality of having the most sturdy stilts in place for these hardworking fisherman to endure this arduous task. A truly spellbinding creation, this will make a perfect statement piece for any living space.

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  • Chalkboard Memories

    Chalkboard Memories


    Taking you on a journey back in time, this beautiful creation is one that will invoke sweet memories of the past intertwined with timeless traditions unique to our culture. Displaying random Sinhala lettering written on a chalkboard, this creation will remind you of some of the very first lessons you received in life.

    Set against a bright blue background which is capable of standing out from any surrounding this beautiful creation will invite the onlooker to reminisce their past and also instill pride in them as you set this beautiful creation on display in your home or office space.

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  • Twin Soldiers

    Twin Soldiers


    For those of you who yearn for the simple pleasures of a rustic lifestyle, this creation would make a perfect statement piece for your home of office décor. As a humble carter steers his way on his prized bullock cart your focus would also shit towards the almost identical sturdy bulls that pull their carriage onwards to their destination.

    As they faithfully continue their long journey along this peaceful pathway, the razor sharp focus seen in their eyes becomes more and more visible to the viewer as though they were a pair of twin soldiers with one goal in mind, that which, was to ensure a safe ride for their master.

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  • Facing the Storm

    Facing the Storm


    Split into two distinct halves, this eye catching creation explores two perspectives and outlooks to an impending storm which invites the viewer to examine his own approach to the scenario.

    Rising from one side is a raging storm for which a group closely huddles together in fear, with a shield which hopefully will protect them from the storm. At the other end lies a fearless character that views the storm from afar and braces himself for what is to come.

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