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  • It’s A Jumbo Saga

    It’s A Jumbo Saga


    The excellence of the Creator who has managed to capture this exceptional piece. It’s light and fun and it will warm the hearts of all who look at it. A beautiful, exquisite creation to add to one’s collection. Brings that rustic vibe to a living space along with peace and tranquility.

    A very cute looking elephant and this is one creation that would truly brighten the mood and ambience of any space that it is displayed in. A beautiful addition to any masterful collection which will brighten any space immediately.

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  • As Time Stood Still

    As Time Stood Still


    The Creator has captured a rather magnificent telescopic image of a dragonfly, flying above a branch with its wings still in motion. He has allowed the shutter to stay open to get the perfect blur, caused by the motion of the dragonfly’s wings.

    The natural light is completely focused and concentrated in that one area that strikes the body of the dragonfly, which makes for a very magical creation. This masterpiece exists, thanks to the intelligence and the keen eye of the Creator. The blur of green in the background adds a level or class, chic and impeccable artistry.

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  • The Morning Ride

    The Morning Ride


    Captured here is a rider, perched on a sleek and smart horse, clad in all his signature attire. Adopting some creative shutter movements, the photographer has blurred out the surroundings and focuses purely on the magnanimity of the beast and its rider.

    The beauty of the black and white horse is further illuminated in this photograph, through the echoing of the parallel color schemes. As such the beautiful mane and pristine fur of the horse is easily identifiable, while the strength of the animal is also apparent in the sturdy gallops he takes, under the able guidance of his rider.

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  • Saffron Fumes

    Saffron Fumes


    Clouds of mystery engulf this creation, giving it an almost realistic allure as the creator focusses on a Buddhist monk perform a ritualistic ceremony to invoke blessings. The incense lighting causes fumes to rise and it seems the smoke is getting colored by the dark orange color of the monk’s robes and the flowers offered, as it too is colored in pale yellow giving the entire creation a uniform golden glow.

    As you make this creation part of your home or office, envision how the saffron fumes will begin to spread to your surroundings as though the same blessings invoked through the ceremony are shared among your living space as well.

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  • Blossoming Love

    Blossoming Love


    This is a beautiful creation which depicts the innocence and warmth of a blossoming new romance, as the creator captures the moment when two young lovers walk hand in hand enjoying each other’s company. The setting is captured in an equally beautiful walk way adorned by bright green hedges and dainty cherry blossom trees in full bloom which symbolize the freshness of this new romance.

    Make this image part of your home and enjoy the warmth it will bring as it reminds you of the joy and love you would feel if you too were walking down this beautiful path with your loved one.

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  • A Notch Above the Rest

    A Notch Above the Rest


    Nothing beats the view of a large herd of wild elephants in their natural habitat, which gives one the opportunity to enjoy how these gentle giants live in harmony with each other, unperturbed by human intervention. Aside from its natural beauty, the main focus of this image in how one giant rises on its hind legs as though it was claiming to be a notch above the rest.

    If you chose to display this wonderful creation in your home or office, it will most certainly gain much appreciation from the onlooker due to its amazing ability to capture the wonders of nature.

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  • Eagle at Dawn

    Eagle at Dawn


    A crested eagle is captured perched on a tree at dawn. The sky is a hue of pink, blue and purple, absolutely stunning. This is his morning practice; to watch with his sharp eyes for any serpents, small mammals and insects making their way out of the dens.

    Against the shadow of the morning light, his face is not visible, but one can imagine by his posture how watchful he is. The creator has seized a beautiful moment in time, a glimpse of the life in the jungle where the day begins at sunrise and ends at sunset, how simple it can be.

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  • Tireless Sunset

    Tireless Sunset


    I could never find enough of gazing upon a mesmerizing sunset as beautiful as this, and through this creation the photographer has been able to immortalize this captivating moment. Against this beautiful auburn sky, the creator focuses his lens on a pair of fishermen who together, prepare their nets before they set out to sea, and due to the illumination created by the sunset, they bear out from the image as black silhouettes.

    Owing to its astonishing natural beauty and depiction of hard work, this creation will draw a perfect décor option for your household or office place.

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  • Actions speak Louder

    Actions speak Louder


    Actions do speak louder than words, and this creation is quite clear about the powerful message it gives out. In a world where we hear many speak of things of what should be done, a scene where two young children cart along sacks full of garbage left behind on these beautiful shores shouts out a powerful reminder that we must do everything in our control and beyond to protect our environment.

    Whether you are a passionate environmentalist, or lover of art which conveys powerful messages, this creation will be a perfect addition to your collection and also help spread this timely message.

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  • Hopes Lineup

    Hopes Lineup


    This amazing creation captures the moment when devotees join together to place simple oil lamps in neat rows representing their deep faith and the hope burning inside each one of them. Despite the brightness of a single lamp may be faint, when all the flames come together, they are capable of lighting up the entire surrounding even during the night time.

    As you make this creation part of your collection, you would be able to picture yourself placing your own lamp in the midst of this peaceful setting and enjoy watching how each of your hopes line up spreading warmth and cheer to the entire surrounding.

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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    The leopard, a magnificent animal, lies sleeping on a sturdy tree branch, hoping to be shielded from the hot sun and other predators who may be lurking nearby. The leopard blends in so marvelously with its surroundings that you may have to take a second look just to see how it perched itself on top of the branch and has sprawled itself out so comfortably.

    The leopard makes the tree branch look inviting. It is a very relaxed and stress relieving creation. Nature in itself is a stress reliever, however, this portrait takes relaxation to another level. A great piece to add to any collection if peace and tranquility is what you seek.

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  • Who’s Next?

    Who’s Next?


    A man stands beside his logistical machinery before the workday starts in the trade hub of Pettah, Sri Lanka as another curiously steals a glimpse of the photographer. The line-up of the handcarts in a horizontal manner against a blue background of closed stores gives an artistic look to this photograph that expresses both creativity and meaning. The image itself is usually widened to exaggerate on the horizontal lineup.

    The creator successfully elaborated on a patient expectation of a Cartman to a business day filled with many errands for his transport fleet.

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  • Freedom in the Sea

    Freedom in the Sea


    Two dolphins swimming in a blue wonderland in perfect freedom. The clear water is nicely revealing these beautiful creatures as they swim through the dark blue backdrop of the ocean.

    The creator has exhibited perfect timing when taking this picture as both the dolphins appear to be in full forward motion and are clearly visible. The angled shot from above provided the beautiful view of the blue ocean that adds flavor to the obvious subjects.

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  • Flames of Hope

    Flames of Hope


    Colored in warm shades this amazing world is radiant and brilliant as the fires of hope which are firing inside the young ones captured in this picture. The creator proves his amazing ability to not just concentrate on the rows of lamps, lighting brightly of the story, simply through the unique positioning is able to capture the hopes and wishes each of these children has within them, through the expressions on their facial expressions.

    Owing to its innocent and bright nature, this world will be a perfect addition to your house or office, where you too will be able to savor the warmth of hope.

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  • Hoisted over Breaking Wav..

    Hoisted over Breaking Wav..


    An action photo of fisherman on stilts as they sit hoisted above the breaking waves to catch their prize. The picture shows many fishermen spread throughout the frame, which combines to produce a beautiful scenery against a backdrop of panoramic ocean and sky.

    The creator has used the right shutter speed to capture a time freeze of a breaking wave giving a sense that the viewer is standing in the wake of the break. The mixture of action with serenity is well managed and balanced with the splendor of nature as a background.

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  • Clouds of Followers

    Clouds of Followers


    Landscape photography is one of the most amazing methods in which we are able to capture the beauty of captivating scenery on camera. In this instance the creator focuses on a mighty statue of the Lord Buddha and using HDR photography technique the creator skillfully allows the image to resonate the might and majesty of this towering structure while bringing out the amazing beauty of the sky which serves as a breathtaking backdrop.

    A creation of such beauty invites the viewer to concentrate further and shows how the clouds gather in the sky around the statues depicting a group of faithful followers.

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  • Divine Invitation

    Divine Invitation


    The Holy Shrine of Infant Jesus, which is the main focus of this creation is one of the most venerated places of worship located in the heart of Colombo. The creator has captured this image just as evening falls which highlights the beauty of the church even more as it majestically stands out against the evening sky.

    The lights from within the church enhance its brightness as though it is warmly inviting the its faithful congregation inside. This creation would be a perfect item for anyone who would like to remind themselves of the power of faith in the Almighty.

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  • Road to the Horizon

    Road to the Horizon


    This creation cuts across many lines with the main focus being the dead straight road leading directly to the horizon. The creator uses HDR imaging to bring out the most mesmerizing aspects of this landscape, which each and every time will draw the viewer’s attention to a variety of aspects such as the mesmerizing sunset sky, the still water body on one side, the lush greenery on the other, and the landscape hidden beyond horizon.

    Enjoy the beauty of this creation which allows viewers to imagine taking this road leading to the horizon.

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  • Blue Enchantment

    Blue Enchantment


    Be mesmerized by the enchanting motion of a sole dancer whose expression and clear figure takes center stage while she strides from side to side of the frame in creating a blue mystic trail of elegant motion.

    The blue hue of the photograph adds to the celestial effect that the photographer has successfully created by perfectly adjusting white balance. The image is taken using a low shutter speed that is well disguised to emerge the clear expressions of the dancer at the center of the frame.

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  • Silent Prayers

    Silent Prayers


    A young girl hurriedly prays in silence, a million thoughts running through her mind, where words fail… before she heads out to face the world, she gives thanks for the day and lays before her god, countless unanswered prayers. Her posture is steady, yet delicate. This beautiful monochrome capture is thought provoking, yet serene.

    The creator intricately portrayed the strength of a woman, she is one who can fight the world and rock a baby to sleep, both with the same fervent heart. The light shines in the through in the background, bringing forth hope to the believer.

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