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  • Splendor of the Wild

    Splendor of the Wild


    Few can appear more beautiful than the male peacock in full spread. This amazing photograph is perfectly positioned to capture the full array of the exquisite colors and pattern of a peacock’s feather. The image fills the entire width of the frame in a magnitude of blue, green and purple splendor.

    Even the background amazing compliments the beauty of the animal. It boarder’s similar hues round the expanse of the bird. The creator has timed this photograph to perfection. It has also applied a clever angle to capture this beautiful bird that is fittingly testifying of its appearance.

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  • Musings in the Wild

    Musings in the Wild


    A beautiful leopard watches intently as he locks the sight of its prey. The plains are hot and dry this season, the ground has not been watered in months, the few large tree bushes, with leaves still green, which have weathered the dry season are the only shade.

    The leopard prowls low, his ears popped up and alert, ready and patiently waiting for the time to attack. This majestic beast is rarely found in the open plains so up close. The creator has delivered his spectators a capture of a beautiful specimen we rarely witness. A moment before the battle begins.

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  • Night Cruise

    Night Cruise


    A beautiful picture of a boat floating across a bay that is lit with a multicolored array of illuminating décor. The night is exquisitely captured not sacrificing on the effect the lights have against the water as its reflection is perfectly caught in marvelous detail, producing a fitting background for a silhouette of a boat and its passengers.

    The creator of this photograph has skillfully adapted the exact level of aperture and ISO setting to capture this night time image in elegant detail utilizing the limited natural light to perfection.

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  • Waves of Happiness

    Waves of Happiness


    In this wonderful sample of landscape photography, the creator captures the moment when a young monk leaps ahead of the waves as he enjoys himself at a golden sandy beach on a bright and sunny day. The waves that meet the shore also seem to mimic the movements of the young monk as if they too experience the same freedom and happiness he feels at this moment.

    Capable of easily blending with any backdrop, this creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office generously dissipating the power of freedom and happiness embedded in it.

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  • Playful Moments

    Playful Moments


    This amazing Creator has managed to capture a very candid and playful shot of this beautiful animal. The elephant looks happy and carefree. This creation has the power to transfer those feelings on to those who view it. The Creator has focused the image on the Elephant in its element.

    The Elephant has submerged it in water, which looks to be very fun, interesting and inviting. It seems as though it is meal time for this elephant, portrayed here in this image where it has taken a trunk full of grass from the water and is preparing to eat it.

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  • Taming the Heart

    Taming the Heart


    The photographer has captured a beautiful setting, a grand, but ruined temple in the background, the plot of the image. The wind blows tumbling the leaves along the greenery, a storm brews in the distance, the sky rumble as the clouds draw closer in haste.

    In all this chaos, a young priest with all his strength cycles past, rushing back to the temple, his robe in hand. His heart is just like the storm, chaotic and rebellious. An otherwise peaceful afternoon spent in meditation took a twist at the sight of a bicycle and his day was never the same!

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  • Quenching the Thirst

    Quenching the Thirst


    At first glance, those eyes stare at you, sharp as ever, shining ever so beautifully in the light. He is magnificent, the shades of orange and yellow complementing the black markings on the body like the handiwork of an artist.

    The leopard is an endangered species in Sri Lanka and this capture is worth the painstaking journey through the jungle. He carefully makes his way to the pond to quench his thirst, crouching low. The reflection of this beast of the water is stunning. He is unmoved by the lens focused on him, but poses with pride bringing this creation to life!

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  • Power of Letting Go

    Power of Letting Go


    This creation serves as a bold and potent reminder for us about the amazing power we are able to unleash from within by letting go of all worldly burdens which weigh us down on a regular basis.

    The creator skillfully shows us a realm beyond what would simply appear behind the camera lens through well-mastered composite photography techniques and shows us how the monk in a deep state of meditation is able to reach a higher state achieved through the practice of letting go. As the surroundings of this creation dissolve creating more space for higher awareness enjoy how your consciousness too will be heightened through deep contemplation.

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  • Embroidery on a Leaf

    Embroidery on a Leaf


    An unusual pathway has been created by way of the appetite of an insect over a lush green leaf. The history marked out by the snails feeding has carved out a beautiful pattern on the foliage, which is eloquently captured through this close-up.

    The photographer has used light and directed focus to perfection to bring forth an enhanced effect of the spectacular greenery of the embroidered leaf.

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  • Guiding Hands

    Guiding Hands


    Featured in this creation is a young Buddhist monk who engages in quiet meditation on the words of the Dhamma. Such a powerful doctrine that has gained many followers over the years have been a result of various teachings handed down over thousands of years, from higher beings who have reached enlightenment.

    This image is powerful as it depicts how the young monk contemplates on the sacred teachings with the hope of reaching this higher state and also the power bestowed by each of the mighty teachers that continue to guide other followers on the right path to enlightenment.

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  • Engulfed by Wings

    Engulfed by Wings


    This is one of the most perfectly captured creations. The Creator has done a great service and has done justice by this astounding bird. The feathers of the peacock open out and spread far and wide, this act can distract anyone who sees it as it is fascinating and surreal. The creation as a whole looks as though it has been plucked from a fairy tale.

    The Creator has actually transformed a naturalistic portrait into performance art as the peacock is performing in this image and we, the viewers, are humbled and honored by experiencing it.

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  • A Meditative Pose

    A Meditative Pose


    Captured in this beautiful piece of landscape photography is a wild monkey sitting by itself as though it was striking the perfect pose for meditation. With its tail hanging down, feet crossed and arms positioned in a neutral position you will notice a piercing glance from his half open eyes, almost invisible at a glance due to the jet black color of its face.

    Invite yourself to reach a quiet, meditative state after gazing upon this beautiful and calming creation as you to enter the peaceful natural setting this meditating monkey has found for himself.

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  • A Train of Lights

    A Train of Lights


    Across a still water body, the creator has waited for the perfect moment to capture this vibrant illustration of landscape photography that focuses on the beauty of the city bordering the water decorated by lights during a festive season. As the darkness greedily engulfs every shape or line that is not lit up, the unending strings of lights serve as the outlines creating a whole other image for the viewer’s pleasure.

    Enjoy gazing upon this creation that depicts a train of lights moving forward on its tracks as it casts a perfect reflection on the still waters below.

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  • Sunset Observatory

    Sunset Observatory


    An unobstructed view of a breathtaking sunset calls out to you at the end of this lonely walkway which is featured in this mesmerizing creation. The creator has skillfully chosen this unique perspective which invites the viewer to take the first step at the start of the walkway leading up to the observatory where a priceless reward awaits.

    If you choose to make this creation part of your home or office décor, you will feel extremely fortunate to be able to feast your eyes on this amazing creation mixed with shades of violet, gold and pink which will take you to this blissful observatory to enjoy the unfathomable beauty of a perfect sunset.

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  • The Lone Warrior

    The Lone Warrior


    It’s mid-morning in the jungle, the animals are out and about, at a distance a beautiful Leopard is spotted making its way through the jungle and onto the walking path. He walks with purpose and pride. The coat is beautiful and unique; it shines in the sunlight. His razor sharp teeth and the visible through the half open mouth.

    This lone warrior has fought the good fight and suffered an eye injury. Yet, undefeated, he walks through the jungle. Our creator has caught him at the perfect moment and exposed the true elegance of a wild animal through his lenses.

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  • Jumbo Foot Therapy

    Jumbo Foot Therapy


    A monochrome picture of an elephant in captivity being washed under the foot by his keeper. The elephant seems to be looking directly into the focus of the lens, thereby exhibiting emotion towards the viewer. Most likely the emotion of satisfaction as he is tickled under foot.

    The creator candidly snapped this comical photo, but applied a black and white effect give it a more serious and antique look. The laughing gaze of the elephant is wonderfully captured and is the feature of this photograph.

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