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  • Tea Break

    Tea Break


    No matter what type of work you engage in it is always better to take a small break every now and recharge yourself with the energy to go on with your work for the rest of the day. What better way to refuel yourself than with a group of friends with whom you can crack a joke or two and enjoy some light hearted chit chat.

    As seen in this delightful creation, a group of farmers comes together during a tiresome day at the field, and enjoy a warm cup of tea as they chat amongst each other reminding us too about the need to take a break every now and then.

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  • Kaleidoscopic Swirls

    Kaleidoscopic Swirls


    A group of Indian dancers clad in their traditional costumes swings to upbeat music, while rays of vibrant lighting illuminate the background. Craftily capturing a mix of pastel shades of mauve, blue & green; the photographer contrasts these against the daring shades of red and orange beneath.

    In an attempt to portray a world of color, the photographer has captured an amazing array of colors interspersed between nuggets of life. Here is a brilliant take on living life to its fullest and is a capture that will light up any background on which it’s placed.

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  • Forlorn Love Story

    Forlorn Love Story


    The silhouette of two lovers is captured in a carefree pose on a gloomy day, in this classic black and white take. The photographer also personifies the moment in time where the melancholy time frame is further enhanced by the two majestic trees featured in the foreground.

    In this tale of two lovers, the photographer also brings to light the approaching storm clouds. Yet the lovers are unmoved and continues on their journey, along the mountainside. Here is a portrayal of how love can truly give life, even in the darkest of hours.

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  • Guided by the Dhamma

    Guided by the Dhamma


    Featured in this beautiful landscape creation is a Buddhist monk walking alone in quiet meditation along a pathway which has been captured by the creator from a distance. Through the careful positioning of his camera lens, the creator superimposes a majestic sacred Bo tree symbolizing the sacred teachings of the Dhamma which extends its branches across the boundaries of the creation as though it was guiding the monk through his journey ahead.

    As the viewer contemplates on this beautiful setting, this creation will remind the viewer to be guided by the powerful teachings of the Dhamma during all aspects of life.

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  • Returning Home

    Returning Home


    Pictured in this rustic creation is a farmer returning home with his herd of cattle after a tiresome day’s work in the field. The creator has captured this beautiful moment which tells the tale of how the farmer and his faithful herd come together as a tight knit unit which has a common goal in mind and also look out for each other even once the job is done.

    Enjoy the wonderful message of faithfulness, unity and hard work which this beautiful creation displays, and remind yourself of the warmth and pleasure you too feel when you return back home after a tiresome day at work.

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  • Battles of the Jungle

    Battles of the Jungle


    Two common garden lizards are battling one another. One is turned over hence he seems to have lost the battle, but his little feet are spread open. He doesn’t seem to have given up the fight. The garden lizard has beautiful markings on its body and a piercing ridge across its spine. While one is of green, black and brown hues, camouflaged with the ground of small pebbles and sand, his opponent ornate in shades of earthy red and black.

    It is amazing to see the wonderful work of nature, creating moments which are priceless. The creator has portrayed a moment of triumph in one of these peculiar creatures.

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  • Giants Above the Clouds

    Giants Above the Clouds


    Landscape photography is an area which gives us many opportunities to capture the beauty of mesmerizing landscapes which we would otherwise take for granted. Captured on a misty morning this creation is a truly amazing work of art which depicts massive giant like structures pierce through and emerge from above the clouds.

    This creation would make a perfect addition to your collection as it would easily blend in with any backdrop due to its dark hues while at the same time capture the attention of the onlooker by creating the illusion of the mighty giants approaching from a distance.

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  • Bold Reflections

    Bold Reflections


    A group of strong physiqued dancers clad in minimalistic costumes is portrayed in classic oriental style, adorned with headgear unique to Sri Lankan dance culture. Dominating the eye of the onlooker with the color red that represents boldness and strength, here is a capture that breaks traditional norms in highlighting the vivacious nature of oriental dancing.

    Fumes of smoke are illuminated through eerie flashes of red lighting. Thus, the photographer is able to create a multidimensional effect in this unconventional take on a traditional dance, which personifies the most daring dance form unique to Sri Lankan arts & crafts.

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  • Quenching the Thirst

    Quenching the Thirst


    At first glance, those eyes stare at you, sharp as ever, shining ever so beautifully in the light. He is magnificent, the shades of orange and yellow complementing the black markings on the body like the handiwork of an artist.

    The leopard is an endangered species in Sri Lanka and this capture is worth the painstaking journey through the jungle. He carefully makes his way to the pond to quench his thirst, crouching low. The reflection of this beast of the water is stunning. He is unmoved by the lens focused on him, but poses with pride bringing this creation to life!

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  • Eternity



    Life and death are but a transition from one dwelling to the next. A flower full in bloom stands amidst a graveyard. The orientation of the image is purposely in portrait to exaggerate the often-overwhelming existence of the reality of death. Although the tombstone appears to be a commanding presence over the flower, the creator has reduced the aperture to focus on the bright amber colored foliage and thereby personify his personal ideology with regards to eternity.

    The contrast of colors and smart use of aperture paints a beautiful picture of a flower that is almost shining like a spotlight through a darkened foreground representing how life always triumphs over death no what the outcome maybe.

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  • Majestic Splendor

    Majestic Splendor


    A majestic elephant is captured by the photographer climbing down the steps of the temple of the tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka. A symbol of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, the elephant is adorned in all its glorious splendor. Carrying the sacred tooth relic on its back, here is a moment in time where this majestic beast is treated with reverential awe.

    The Temple of the tooth is a revered temple of worship due to its hosting the tooth relic of Buddha. Situated in the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, it is a place of worship for locals and a hugely popular tourist attraction for foreigners. Captured here is a side view of this monument that showcases a little bit of its former prehistoric glory

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  • Echoes of Colour

    Echoes of Colour


    Popularly referred to as the “Rabana” in Sri Lanka, here is a symbol that is reminiscent of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year celebrations. It is a drum mainly used by village folks to celebrate the dawn of the auspicious time and festivals relating to the cultural heritage of the country.

    In this classic caption of the famed instrument, the creator surrounds it with a kaleidoscope of color, predominantly from the attire of its players. A capture that reminds us that there is much to be celebrated, in the simplicity of village life.

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  • Road to the Horizon

    Road to the Horizon


    This creation cuts across many lines with the main focus being the dead straight road leading directly to the horizon. The creator uses HDR imaging to bring out the most mesmerizing aspects of this landscape, which each and every time will draw the viewer’s attention to a variety of aspects such as the mesmerizing sunset sky, the still water body on one side, the lush greenery on the other, and the landscape hidden beyond horizon.

    Enjoy the beauty of this creation which allows viewers to imagine taking this road leading to the horizon.

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  • Capture the Moment

    Capture the Moment


    This is a unique creation captured through aerial photography right at the moment a hopeful fisherman casts his net out with the desire to reel in a bountiful catch. Due to the perfect angle from which this creation has been caught on camera, the creator is able to highlight the change seen in the murky waters upon which the fishing net has been cast.

    The sunny weather allows even the finest detail to be visible through the creation, making this a very unique creation that will captivate the onlooker in the best way possible.

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  • A Fun Day at the Beach

    A Fun Day at the Beach


    The creator exhibits the wonders of aerial photography as he captures the mesmerizing beauty of a beach and how the visitors to the location enjoy themselves in their own way. The creation highlights three types of visitors, namely an avid swimmer exploring the deeper waters, the couple that enjoys the beauty of the unending shoreline, and the family enjoying time closer to the shore with their little one.

    All these aspects make this creation unique and overall happy image which is guaranteed to spread the joy experienced through a fun day at the beach.

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  • Starry Lights

    Starry Lights


    Just as stars shinning bright adorn the night sky, this creation captures the moment when a long row of street lights shine brightly against the thick black surroundings. The pathway lit up by these lights has been captured on camera by the creator who also focuses equal attention on the water body upon which these lights cast their reflection separating the image across a perfect line of symmetry.

    As you continue to gaze upon this beautiful setting at night, you too would be able to enjoy the beauty of these starry lights illuminating their surroundings just as natural stars would do.

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  • The Watchtower

    The Watchtower


    Hoisted high above the fields is the watchman that stays posted on the tower to ward-off any incoming threat to the crop destined for harvest. This beautiful photograph captured in perfect orientation and balance displays a tree house that serves and last and only defense of a farmer against enemies that may come to steal his produce.

    The creator has displayed a keen eye to bring out a stunning photo engaging the detail of the lofted structure against a fitting backdrop of a darkened sky through a simple setting that in most cases would pass by as a common sight.

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  • Sky Walker

    Sky Walker


    A photograph of a coconut plucker fearlessly scaling the sky from one tree to another in his quest to retrieve his prized fruit. The angle in which the picture is taken gives a sense of awe into the height in which he works. The beauty of the photo is also in the multiple coconut trees randomly spread around the plucker in the sky.

    The creator that focused on a difficult angle to shoot, which is directed into the sky to ensure that the shear risk of this profession and the bravery of the individual is accurately conveyed to the viewer.

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  • Multi-Colored Shields

    Multi-Colored Shields


    An umbrella is one of the most common forms of shields we use for protection from various environmental influences, and in this creation, the creator uses a series of colorful umbrellas arranged in an orderly fashion to explore the variety of shields we use on a daily basis.

    A combination of beautiful bright shades, this creation will remind viewers of the many times they have sought protection under such a shield to ward off any dangers approaching. Add this creation to any part of your home or office and allow these shields to act as a symbol to protect your own space.

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  • Stride with Purpose

    Stride with Purpose


    A leopard strides over a clearing in the forest focused on her prey, expertly captured with skill and precision. This amazing wildlife photograph focuses not just on the animal, but also the surrounding habitat. The beauty of the wilderness encompasses the background and foreground of the frame. The detail in which the animal has been portrayed testifies of the grace and beauty of this elegant beast.

    The creator has used a high setting of shutter speed and utilized the natural light as much as possible to produce a picture that is visually stunning and vivid.

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