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  • Jumbo Foot Therapy

    Jumbo Foot Therapy


    A monochrome picture of an elephant in captivity being washed under the foot by his keeper. The elephant seems to be looking directly into the focus of the lens, thereby exhibiting emotion towards the viewer. Most likely the emotion of satisfaction as he is tickled under foot.

    The creator candidly snapped this comical photo, but applied a black and white effect give it a more serious and antique look. The laughing gaze of the elephant is wonderfully captured and is the feature of this photograph.

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  • Peaceful Serenade

    Peaceful Serenade


    Portraying that music is indeed the food of the soul, the photographer has so ably captured the emotions of the dancers camouflaged within shades of green.

    Artfully swaying to the beat of the music, here is a unique take on a peaceful serenade of a troupe of young dancers. Enveloped within the soothing tones of the music, the troupe of dancers are thus captured transforming into a cohesive team who are united in mind, soul & body.

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  • Fighting Against All Odds..

    Fighting Against All Odds..


    Two beautiful birds in motion captured by the talented Creator, in this image. They seem to be fighting or playing with each other. The image has such contrasting colors. It is very eye catching and stands out quite beautifully.

    The burnt sienna and maroon hues stand out very nicely against the golden sandy ground that they stand upon. That golden glow that radiates from the sand would add a lot of light to any space that it is placed in. With just a touch of sunlight falling on only the smallest part of the creation could illuminate an entire room.

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  • Hopes Lineup

    Hopes Lineup


    This amazing creation captures the moment when devotees join together to place simple oil lamps in neat rows representing their deep faith and the hope burning inside each one of them. Despite the brightness of a single lamp may be faint, when all the flames come together, they are capable of lighting up the entire surrounding even during the night time.

    As you make this creation part of your collection, you would be able to picture yourself placing your own lamp in the midst of this peaceful setting and enjoy watching how each of your hopes line up spreading warmth and cheer to the entire surrounding.

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  • Spotlight to Escape

    Spotlight to Escape


    Surrounded by darkness, in the dense foliage of a murky forest there shines a light that serves as the spot to signal the escape route out of the confinement. This creative capture exhibits the mystery mixed with the beauty of nature and man’s attempt to tame it.

    The creator has exposed the lens to correct amount of light and balance to capture the ray of light against the dense darkness of the forest without losing out in the detail of the pathway and its surrounding foliage.

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  • Respect



    The creator has captured the wonderful moment when a faithful devotee shows the utmost level of respect to a group of monks walking in meditation on their way to gather alms.

    The creation also boasts of a beautiful blend of complementary colors which brings out the range of red and orange hues of the Buddhist monks’ robes set against the lush greenery seen in the backdrop, while the pale white color of the old lady’s sari stands out from the rest, highlighting the respect she shows at this moment.

    Enjoy this peaceful creation when you make it part of a living space which invites you to respect these keepers of faith.

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  • Journey to a Lost World

    Journey to a Lost World


    Take a journey to discover the beauty and enchantment of a lost world deep across the blue ocean of the East. This scenic view of a fleet of wooden motor boats making their way towards a cluster of mystic islands that standing out of the sea as pillars against an amazing blue gradient sky.

    The creator has skillfully captured all three boats in unison of direction, but varied in distance to create a natural sense of depth to the photograph. This depth signifying a journey that stretches far into the distance. The frame is perfectly draped with awesome island peaks, bringing balance to an image that has been expertly exposed to reveal vibrant colors amongst vivid detail.

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  • Dolphin Escort

    Dolphin Escort


    A beautiful action picture of a school of dolphins offering a customary escort. This photograph is taken from a perfect angle to capture clear detail of what seems to be four dolphins in a playful endeavor. The clear blue sea offers a stunning backdrop and color to the picture.

    The creator has exhibited the perfect balance in shutter speed to capture the fast-moving subjects in a motion, freeze without sacrificing on clarity or the mood of the picture.

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  • Misty Mornings

    Misty Mornings


    Surrounded by trees and lush greenery that are camouflaged by a foggy atmosphere, the photographer has so ably captured the raw essence of soothing mother nature. Encapsulating the calmness of the moment, it is a capture that truly signifies the simplistic beauty of a virgin forest.

    A solitary train track runs through the jungle stretch implying the existence of human intervention, yet one that has not disrupted the essence of this natural setting. The simplicity of the locality is further enhanced by the misty hues that create a semi-transparent overview, intricately captured through the lens of the photographer

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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    The leopard, a magnificent animal, lies sleeping on a sturdy tree branch, hoping to be shielded from the hot sun and other predators who may be lurking nearby. The leopard blends in so marvelously with its surroundings that you may have to take a second look just to see how it perched itself on top of the branch and has sprawled itself out so comfortably.

    The leopard makes the tree branch look inviting. It is a very relaxed and stress relieving creation. Nature in itself is a stress reliever, however, this portrait takes relaxation to another level. A great piece to add to any collection if peace and tranquility is what you seek.

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  • With Eyes Behind It’..

    With Eyes Behind It’..


    A magical moment in nature captured by the talented Creator. This creation was captured taking into consideration so many different elements such as the timing, the angle of light, the angle at which the photograph was captured at.

    The Creator had to have used a more accelerated shutter speed in order to capture this moment with their camera so precisely and perfectly. The butterfly could be taken as a symbol of hope and freedom and even peaceful. There is something so magical in the ability of the creatures, flying to wherever they need to go, being able to have an aerial view of the world.

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  • Parenting Skills in Pract..

    Parenting Skills in Pract..


    A little family of Grebes makes their way into the lake. Seems like, it is time for mum to teach her young to swim independently. The two little chicks follow their mum’s lead along her side. Rufous colored neck and bright orange eyes make an adult Grebe a beautiful bird.

    The young are lighter shades. Grebe’s are excellent swimmers and hunt on small fish and small insects under water. The creator has caught a precise moment where the adult Grebe ruffles her feathers splashing the water all around, which shine bright with the colors of the rainbow, through the light of the sun.

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  • Perfectly Relaxed

    Perfectly Relaxed


    Have you ever just wanted to find the perfect place to chill on a quiet Sunday afternoon? Well, it seems this monkey has found the perfect place, set away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but offers a perfect view to keep a quiet watch of what’s going on with the tribe from afar.

    The photographer has been quite adept to capture this unique moment without disturbing his muse to give us this wonderful work of art that will bring the beauty of this natural setting closer to you when you display it in any living space of your choice.

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  • Old Limbs

    Old Limbs


    Knees that stand together will always bow in prayer together. Several pairs of worn-out old limbs are represented by an unlikely setting of an old tree trunk. This curious picture portraying the natures old age is captured as an interpretation of long-lasting unity amongst the elderly in society.

    The photographer has taken this picture in monochrome to successfully covey the age of its subject and contribute to its theme and message. The focus and ISO settings have been smartly adjusted to display the features of the old trunk even in suppressed lighting.

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  • Mean No Harm

    Mean No Harm


    Aside from the value this image holds as a piece of unique wildlife photography, this creation also holds a deep meaning spoken through the main character, a wild mongoose. The animal seems to look directly through the lens of the photographer as though it was looking directly at him with a humble request to mean no harm towards its kind.

    This creation serves as a powerful reminder of how we must always be mindful of the sensitivities of the natural world and how we can still enjoy the beauty of nature as long as we pay attention to the humble pleas of nature.

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  • Helping Hands

    Helping Hands


    No task is impossible to complete if you have the right amount of energy and enthusiasm, and this is exactly what this cheerful creation brings to life as a group of young ones gather to make traditional Vesak décor. As the creation depicts, all children seem to be quite busy while most of them gaze towards an unseen figure, which is probably the elder present, who seems to be providing guidance to help get the job done.

    This creation is perfect to bring in the strength so many helping hands can bring to make any task seem achievable.

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  • Walking Meditation

    Walking Meditation


    Featured in this creation is a group of Buddhist monks crossing a paddy field on a bright and sunny morning carrying their alms bowls in front of them.  As they walk in single file, the creation shows how they follow the senior most monk and walk forward in quiet meditation as even the surrounding reflects the same peaceful state.

    Due to the bright lighting conditions experienced during this time, the color of the monks robes is beautifully highlighted against the lush green surrounding greenery making the creation even more captivating and pleasing to the eye of the onlooker.

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  • The Gray of an Elephant

    The Gray of an Elephant


    Captured by an ingenious Creator in this timeless piece, a majestic animal. It, to put it simply, is a perfectly captured piece of nature photography. The Creator has managed to get such a perfectly clear view of the elephant. A brilliantly captured moment and event. Kudos and a round of applause goes to the brilliant Creator’s skill and a keen eye and quick reflexes.

    It is as though the elephant posed for the Creator to capture its essence.  A picturesque piece to add to any collection of photography that would make a collection more intriguing and strengthen the value of the collection.

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  • Orange Bellied Observer

    Orange Bellied Observer


    A perfectly executed photograph of an orange belly sparrow rests on a slender branch. He takes in the atmosphere of the surrounding forest. His gaze to the outside world is a beautiful feature of this caption. It seems that he is completely unaware of the photographer. His orange features stand highlighted against a blurred-out backdrop that has been skillfully adapted to complement the main subject.

    The creator has skillfully focused this capture to perfection. He has set a low aperture ensure that the background appears abstract and not taking away the stunning detail of the bird.

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  • The Warrior Approaches

    The Warrior Approaches


    Fearless and strong is the mighty warrior who takes center stage in this extraordinary piece of wildlife photography which can truly be identified as one of a kind. The creator has positioned himself directly in the danger zone as one of the most feared predators set his gaze directly at his lens and approaches with stealth and focus.

    As any true warrior would do, this magnificent creature fearlessly moves forward. It is as though it was coming out of this creation into the real world. This makes this creation as realistic it can be. It is a guaranteed way to captivate your visitors who lay their eyes on it.

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