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Art Photography

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  • Dance with Evil

    Dance with Evil


    A common tradition within a cultural setting that is immersed in the supernatural. A beautifully sketched and hued painting of a devil dance which is accustomed to the southern regions of Sri Lanka. The dark and evil ambience is perfectly brought through in the color selection.

    The creator has skillfully hazed lighter shade in the black background to display an exquisite effect of the dust from the earth spurting up into the night air as a result of the violent yet graceful dance of master craftsman.

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  • Peaceful Serenade

    Peaceful Serenade


    Portraying that music is indeed the food of the soul, the photographer has so ably captured the emotions of the dancers camouflaged within shades of green.

    Artfully swaying to the beat of the music, here is a unique take on a peaceful serenade of a troupe of young dancers. Enveloped within the soothing tones of the music, the troupe of dancers are thus captured transforming into a cohesive team who are united in mind, soul & body.

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  • Colors Ablaze

    Colors Ablaze


    In this striking capture of a group of dancers caught in a mesmerizing pose, the photographer displays his love for the color blue. Interspersing shades of pink, white & yellow; here is a capture that personifies and celebrates the vibrancy of life.

    Upon close look, you see a beautiful dancer in a classical oriental dance pose, while her troupe of dancers parades around. The dancers clad in their signature costumes, appear to be bouncing off the thin air while flames of vibrant colors seem to encapsulate them, transforming this into a unique abstract photo.

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  • Simplicity



    A restful spirit celebrates the simplicity of life. This thought provoking and wise creation is that of a mixture of light hues against a white background featuring random items of nature. Standing out in the picture is a bunch of orange flowers that is surrounded with modesty.

    The creator has produced a painting that speaks more words than it has features, yet its beauty is found in the creativity of using light hues and minimum objects in an abstract manner that teases the mind.

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  • Kaleidoscopic Swirls

    Kaleidoscopic Swirls


    A group of Indian dancers clad in their traditional costumes swings to upbeat music, while rays of vibrant lighting illuminate the background. Craftily capturing a mix of pastel shades of mauve, blue & green; the photographer contrasts these against the daring shades of red and orange beneath.

    In an attempt to portray a world of color, the photographer has captured an amazing array of colors interspersed between nuggets of life. Here is a brilliant take on living life to its fullest and is a capture that will light up any background on which it’s placed.

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  • The Dream

    The Dream


    I see two mystical dark life-giving trees overshadowing a lush meadow that is inhabited by a cottage afar. This photograph is a picturesque representation of a scenic setting that may appear to be like that of a vision in a dream. The natural environment is mystic and yet so real.

    It is hard to believe that this scenic setting is a photograph of a real landscape which has been abstracted by expert use of aperture.

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  • Strength of Unity

    Strength of Unity


    This wonderful creation is a perfect reminder of the strength of unity brought about when even the most diverse group comes together. The creator has chosen a group of beautiful traditional Japanese umbrellas arranged in perfect order, to symbolize all groups of humanity irrespective of race, gender, caste, creed or any other defining characteristic represented by each colored umbrella, and shows the strength achieved when they all stand together united as one.

    This creation, which delivers a powerful message is a perfect addition to make your own as it serves as a timely reminder for all of us to come together and stand united no matter what.

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  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves


    Colorful and animated, this captivating abstract creation brings to life the beauty of brightly colored autumn leaves falling to the ground, symbolizing the arrival of the season of fresh starts and new beginnings. Deviating from the conventional practices of photography which capture still moments in time, this creation captures the attention of the viewer due to the ability to mimic the movement of leaves falling softly on the ground.

    Set in a still black surrounding this creation will most certainly stand out from any surrounding, immediately inviting the onlooker to be caught up with its animated beauty.

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  • The Dance at Dusk

    The Dance at Dusk


    Achievement is established not by the number of times we dance in daylight, but rather the number of times we celebrate at dusk. A dancer expresses celebration in a whirlwind of motion against a dusky hue. As she struts from right to left of the frame the creator captures her movements at slow shutter speed to exaggerate her trail.

    The dance at dusk is a beautiful portrayal of art through this creation as it perfectly blends the clarity of a subject at the end of her move with the abstract of the move itself in her wake.

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  • Solitary Vibes

    Solitary Vibes


    Creating an illusion of vibration, the photographer has captured an Indian dancer clad in all her glory. Adorned with traditional jewelry to complement her outfit, the dancer is captured in a mesmerizing pose.

    Surrounded by what appears to be a kaleidoscopic color palette, the dancer is captured in motion where the strength of the dance moves creates a swirl of color with her costume. Mesmerizing to look at, the photographer plays with gimmicky effects to portray the simplistic beauty of the movements of one solitary dancer.

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  • Forlorn Love Story

    Forlorn Love Story


    The silhouette of two lovers is captured in a carefree pose on a gloomy day, in this classic black and white take. The photographer also personifies the moment in time where the melancholy time frame is further enhanced by the two majestic trees featured in the foreground.

    In this tale of two lovers, the photographer also brings to light the approaching storm clouds. Yet the lovers are unmoved and continues on their journey, along the mountainside. Here is a portrayal of how love can truly give life, even in the darkest of hours.

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  • Graceful Solitude

    Graceful Solitude


    In this unique take on a solitary dancer walking along what appears to be a desert land, the photographer has captured the simplicity and the ethnic elegance of a serene moment in time.

    Surrounded by a lush green background that emanates soothing hues, the dancer clad in pure white is captured in a striking pose by the photographer. This aesthetically pleasing visual is both calming on the eyes and soothes the soul, and thus sets the tone for its tranquility to be absorbed into the very eyes that behold it.

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  • Dancing Vibes

    Dancing Vibes


    In an attempt to illustrate the vibrancy of nightlife, the photographer captures a vivacious discotheque showcasing the young-at-heart dancing the night away. Unidentifiable bodies link together in perfect harmony, creating a mass of human emotions resembled by the vibrant gimmicks of the photographer.

    Enveloped by bright and illuminated lighting that emanate hues of UV rays, it is a capture intermingled with flashes of bright pink shadows. In this abstract portrayal of nightlife, the photographer depicts how music can unite the hearts, minds, and souls of humans alike, the world over.

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  • Bold Reflections

    Bold Reflections


    A group of strong physiqued dancers clad in minimalistic costumes is portrayed in classic oriental style, adorned with headgear unique to Sri Lankan dance culture. Dominating the eye of the onlooker with the color red that represents boldness and strength, here is a capture that breaks traditional norms in highlighting the vivacious nature of oriental dancing.

    Fumes of smoke are illuminated through eerie flashes of red lighting. Thus, the photographer is able to create a multidimensional effect in this unconventional take on a traditional dance, which personifies the most daring dance form unique to Sri Lankan arts & crafts.

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  • Lord Over the Seas

    Lord Over the Seas


    The sky reveals the Lord over the oceans below. An abstract art in the form of a photograph depicting worship from the creatures of the sea towards the heavens above. The clouds take the form of a fish dancing in the air as its congregation revels in awe at the sight.

    The photographer creatively tells a story in picture form combining aspects of the animal kingdom and nature against the blue hue of sky and water.

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  • Parade of lights

    Parade of lights


    In this classic creation of a “Perahera” as seen on the streets of Sri Lanka, a Kandyan dance troupe display their colors. A classic symbol of this country that boasts of a rich cultural heritage, the photographer captures a moment in time where the streets light up with life.

    Zooming in on one solitary dancer holding on to his oriental drum, the photographer blurs out the surrounding areas. Clad in his signature white and red costume, the man is adorned with the signature headgear and other striking embellishments, which truly make this photograph an icon of Sri Lankan culture.

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