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Art Photography

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  • Floating Market

    Floating Market


    The creator has portrayed streaks of colorful lights dangling on the floating market, thus creating a myriad of colors. Capturing a range of reds and oranges in shades of color, it is a photograph that captures the essence of a rainbow that cuts through the darkest night.

    The photographer has, also, so ably captured every single reflection of the many lights cascading along the walls, to create an illusion of lights that in return light up the waters beneath. As perceived by its creator, here is a true reflection of rays of hope that can brighten the darkest of nights.

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  • Higher Consciousness

    Higher Consciousness


    Intertwined with this colorful creation is a deeper meaning that explores the colors visible to a mind raised to a higher state of consciousness. The main focus point for the creator in this instance is three peaceful Buddhist monks walking in single file, and although they walk in the waking world, they practice deep meditation with every step they take which opens their minds to see a more vivid view of the general surroundings.

    This creation displays the talent of the creator showing us what is beyond our imagination is definitely a priceless possession to make your own.

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  • Musical Serenade

    Musical Serenade


    In this soothing capture of a group of dancers, the photographer illustrates the beauty of a simplistic union. Clad in elegant white dresses, flowing through with a sense of unity, the slender dancers are memorialized in a graceful pose, at the conclusion of a delightful dance piece.

    The eye is then drawn to the minute details of the graceful dancers, posing away with graceful agility. Slender bodies are intermingled with graceful arms that are lifted up in a striking pose as though visualized in a classical piece of ballet. Here is a classic take on an old world charm, embodied with modern day dance to create a masterpiece to soothe the eyes of its beholder.

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  • Pastel Elegance

    Pastel Elegance


    A soothing take on a troupe of dancers clad in scintillating shades of pink & white. The photographer captures a striking pose of the dancers caught halfway through a dance ritual. The fumes surrounding the dancers, create an illusion of smoke amidst which the dancers are poised.

    Capturing their elegant physique and sense of balance, the dancers display their perfectly choreographed dance moves. With slender arm movements that portray a multi-dimensional effect, in this capture, the photographer celebrates the vibrant life of a dancer.

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  • Vision of Love

    Vision of Love


    Expressing his undying love in the most traditional way, a lover steeps down to lift his partner up, whilst holding a red flower in hand. Interspersing the colors of love so subtly in this unique take on romance, the photographer captures two forlorn lovers caught in a moment of passion.

    Using a series of creative shutter movements, the photographer transforms this moment into a blurry mess. Through which even the colors of the lovers’ clothes blend together, to thus personify and memorialize a unique moment.

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  • Fumes of Cobalt

    Fumes of Cobalt


    A traditional oriental dancer holds two dance poles from which emanate what looks like blue smoke. Take a closer look and you see it’s the genius illusion of ultra violet lighting that storm up blue hues to pierce through the smoke. From the dancer’s facial features to the very golden embellishments on his costume, this is a photograph where the artist has personified his love for the soothing shade of blue.

    Enveloped by smoke, this is an unconventional capture of a talented photographer who portrays the creative illusion of lighting.

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  • The Dream

    The Dream


    I see two mystical dark life-giving trees overshadowing a lush meadow that is inhabited by a cottage afar. This photograph is a picturesque representation of a scenic setting that may appear to be like that of a vision in a dream. The natural environment is mystic and yet so real.

    It is hard to believe that this scenic setting is a photograph of a real landscape which has been abstracted by expert use of aperture.

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  • Kaleidoscopic Swirls

    Kaleidoscopic Swirls


    A group of Indian dancers clad in their traditional costumes swings to upbeat music, while rays of vibrant lighting illuminate the background. Craftily capturing a mix of pastel shades of mauve, blue & green; the photographer contrasts these against the daring shades of red and orange beneath.

    In an attempt to portray a world of color, the photographer has captured an amazing array of colors interspersed between nuggets of life. Here is a brilliant take on living life to its fullest and is a capture that will light up any background on which it’s placed.

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  • Angel of Dance

    Angel of Dance


    Swift and graceful in motion, this dancer captures the eye with a mischievous smile amidst a mist of elegance created by the exuberant wave of her dress. The blend of orange, yellow, violet and lavender created through a low shutter speed captures her dance motion with celestial effect.

    The creator has painted a beautiful art of color, motion and emotion in a single caption mixing camera effects and hues to perfection.

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  • Provoked by Dance

    Provoked by Dance


    A mystical caption of a dancer who provokes the viewer through the only visible features of her figure blended in a mist of multicolor array that is the result of the motion of her moves. The misty color that most likely is created by her costume represents the vibrancy of her creative expression in motion.

    This color photograph has been created using ultra slow shutter speed and yet curiously capturing the clear detail of the dancer’s legs against a black backdrop that highlights the array of color.

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  • Lord Over the Seas

    Lord Over the Seas


    The sky reveals the Lord over the oceans below. An abstract art in the form of a photograph depicting worship from the creatures of the sea towards the heavens above. The clouds take the form of a fish dancing in the air as its congregation revels in awe at the sight.

    The photographer creatively tells a story in picture form combining aspects of the animal kingdom and nature against the blue hue of sky and water.

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  • Angelic Physique

    Angelic Physique


    Portrayed here is a troupe of dancers, poised in perfect precision. Led by their majestic leader clad with wings of glory, the photographer aims to capture a surreal moment in time when the dancers are captured in harmonious unison.

    The white fumes of smoke surrounding the dancers are further enhanced by the UV lighting that creates hues of blue. Prancing in a delicate harmony, the dark silhouettes of the dancers are contrasted against the white net in their hands, thus creating a mystic portrayal of unity on the dance floor.

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  • Unity



    The human spirit cries out for the expression and manifestation of unity in diversity. Every person is unique, but within there lies a common ambition for unity. This photograph captures this theme perfectly, as multitudes of dancers, diverse in personality, expression and form, but united in their focus towards the heavens above are framed into a blue sea of passion and motion.

    The creator has taken this picture from an unusual yet defying angle to successfully capture the essence of the message he wishes to convey through it.

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  • Floating Lights

    Floating Lights


    Capturing a myriad of colors, the thousands of lights dangling along the walls illuminate an otherwise dull & dreary night. Dainty streaks of lights play along with the waters and further personify the bright spots of white, red and orange bursting through.

    Capturing a kaleidoscopic color palette, the assortment of bright lights cut through the dullness of the night by doubling its strength through the reflections on the water. The photographer has thus captured every single reflection of the many lights cascading along the walls, to fabricate a creative illusion, which would light up any space on which it’s placed.

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  • Colors Ablaze

    Colors Ablaze


    In this striking capture of a group of dancers caught in a mesmerizing pose, the photographer displays his love for the color blue. Interspersing shades of pink, white & yellow; here is a capture that personifies and celebrates the vibrancy of life.

    Upon close look, you see a beautiful dancer in a classical oriental dance pose, while her troupe of dancers parades around. The dancers clad in their signature costumes, appear to be bouncing off the thin air while flames of vibrant colors seem to encapsulate them, transforming this into a unique abstract photo.

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  • Catch the Wind

    Catch the Wind


    Feel the breath, sense the movement and catch the wind. The knowing that there are dances moving across space almost as a mist or vapor is met with the attempt to lay hold of them. This unorthodox photograph is taken with such low shutter speed that the subjects are portrayed as a foggy wind with the only clearly visible features being their hands.

    The photographer somehow blends clarity with the abstract by clever use of shutter speed and ISO settings to bring forth reality and myth.

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  • Parade of lights

    Parade of lights


    In this classic creation of a “Perahera” as seen on the streets of Sri Lanka, a Kandyan dance troupe display their colors. A classic symbol of this country that boasts of a rich cultural heritage, the photographer captures a moment in time where the streets light up with life.

    Zooming in on one solitary dancer holding on to his oriental drum, the photographer blurs out the surrounding areas. Clad in his signature white and red costume, the man is adorned with the signature headgear and other striking embellishments, which truly make this photograph an icon of Sri Lankan culture.

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  • The Dance at Dusk

    The Dance at Dusk


    Achievement is established not by the number of times we dance in daylight, but rather the number of times we celebrate at dusk. A dancer expresses celebration in a whirlwind of motion against a dusky hue. As she struts from right to left of the frame the creator captures her movements at slow shutter speed to exaggerate her trail.

    The dance at dusk is a beautiful portrayal of art through this creation as it perfectly blends the clarity of a subject at the end of her move with the abstract of the move itself in her wake.

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  • Light and Darkness

    Light and Darkness


    In any season there is always a mixture of good and bad, light and darkness. This photograph presents us the ingredients of life in the form of branches holding small leaves arranged in a circle. The amazing lighting effect brought about through the background results in lighting some leaves while leaving others in darkness. This effect and the curious arrangement of the branches themselves combine to create a thought-provoking image.

    The photographer has skillfully used heavy backlight to his advantage, but balanced it well by reducing the ISO levels to bring forth the desired outcome of the caption.

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  • Peaceful Serenade

    Peaceful Serenade


    Portraying that music is indeed the food of the soul, the photographer has so ably captured the emotions of the dancers camouflaged within shades of green.

    Artfully swaying to the beat of the music, here is a unique take on a peaceful serenade of a troupe of young dancers. Enveloped within the soothing tones of the music, the troupe of dancers are thus captured transforming into a cohesive team who are united in mind, soul & body.

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