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Art Photography

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  • The Dream

    The Dream


    I see two mystical dark life-giving trees overshadowing a lush meadow that is inhabited by a cottage afar. This photograph is a picturesque representation of a scenic setting that may appear to be like that of a vision in a dream. The natural environment is mystic and yet so real.

    It is hard to believe that this scenic setting is a photograph of a real landscape which has been abstracted by expert use of aperture.

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  • Light and Darkness

    Light and Darkness


    In any season there is always a mixture of good and bad, light and darkness. This photograph presents us the ingredients of life in the form of branches holding small leaves arranged in a circle. The amazing lighting effect brought about through the background results in lighting some leaves while leaving others in darkness. This effect and the curious arrangement of the branches themselves combine to create a thought-provoking image.

    The photographer has skillfully used heavy backlight to his advantage, but balanced it well by reducing the ISO levels to bring forth the desired outcome of the caption.

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  • Graceful Solitude

    Graceful Solitude


    In this unique take on a solitary dancer walking along what appears to be a desert land, the photographer has captured the simplicity and the ethnic elegance of a serene moment in time.

    Surrounded by a lush green background that emanates soothing hues, the dancer clad in pure white is captured in a striking pose by the photographer. This aesthetically pleasing visual is both calming on the eyes and soothes the soul, and thus sets the tone for its tranquility to be absorbed into the very eyes that behold it.

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  • Floating Market

    Floating Market


    The creator has portrayed streaks of colorful lights dangling on the floating market, thus creating a myriad of colors. Capturing a range of reds and oranges in shades of color, it is a photograph that captures the essence of a rainbow that cuts through the darkest night.

    The photographer has, also, so ably captured every single reflection of the many lights cascading along the walls, to create an illusion of lights that in return light up the waters beneath. As perceived by its creator, here is a true reflection of rays of hope that can brighten the darkest of nights.

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  • Musical Serenade

    Musical Serenade


    In this soothing capture of a group of dancers, the photographer illustrates the beauty of a simplistic union. Clad in elegant white dresses, flowing through with a sense of unity, the slender dancers are memorialized in a graceful pose, at the conclusion of a delightful dance piece.

    The eye is then drawn to the minute details of the graceful dancers, posing away with graceful agility. Slender bodies are intermingled with graceful arms that are lifted up in a striking pose as though visualized in a classical piece of ballet. Here is a classic take on an old world charm, embodied with modern day dance to create a masterpiece to soothe the eyes of its beholder.

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  • Blue Enchantment

    Blue Enchantment


    Be mesmerized by the enchanting motion of a sole dancer whose expression and clear figure takes center stage while she strides from side to side of the frame in creating a blue mystic trail of elegant motion.

    The blue hue of the photograph adds to the celestial effect that the photographer has successfully created by perfectly adjusting white balance. The image is taken using a low shutter speed that is well disguised to emerge the clear expressions of the dancer at the center of the frame.

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  • Floating Lights

    Floating Lights


    Capturing a myriad of colors, the thousands of lights dangling along the walls illuminate an otherwise dull & dreary night. Dainty streaks of lights play along with the waters and further personify the bright spots of white, red and orange bursting through.

    Capturing a kaleidoscopic color palette, the assortment of bright lights cut through the dullness of the night by doubling its strength through the reflections on the water. The photographer has thus captured every single reflection of the many lights cascading along the walls, to fabricate a creative illusion, which would light up any space on which it’s placed.

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  • Fumes of Cobalt

    Fumes of Cobalt


    A traditional oriental dancer holds two dance poles from which emanate what looks like blue smoke. Take a closer look and you see it’s the genius illusion of ultra violet lighting that storm up blue hues to pierce through the smoke. From the dancer’s facial features to the very golden embellishments on his costume, this is a photograph where the artist has personified his love for the soothing shade of blue.

    Enveloped by smoke, this is an unconventional capture of a talented photographer who portrays the creative illusion of lighting.

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  • Power of Letting Go

    Power of Letting Go


    This creation serves as a bold and potent reminder for us about the amazing power we are able to unleash from within by letting go of all worldly burdens which weigh us down on a regular basis.

    The creator skillfully shows us a realm beyond what would simply appear behind the camera lens through well-mastered composite photography techniques and shows us how the monk in a deep state of meditation is able to reach a higher state achieved through the practice of letting go. As the surroundings of this creation dissolve creating more space for higher awareness enjoy how your consciousness too will be heightened through deep contemplation.

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  • Sweeping Life’s Chaos

    Sweeping Life’s Chaos


    This creation portrays the unmatched talent of the creator to capture the finest details of an instance when a Buddhist monk meditatively sweeps the temple gardens. This exact moment in time skillfully selected by the creator tells the story of the importance of sweeping away chaos from the surface of our lives which will not only create a more peaceful setting, but also bring hope for when the dust settles, we will be able to enjoy the beauty of life.

    Enjoy the beauty of this unique piece of photography and remind yourself to sweep the chaos away from life every now and then.

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  • Echoes of Colour

    Echoes of Colour


    Popularly referred to as the “Rabana” in Sri Lanka, here is a symbol that is reminiscent of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year celebrations. It is a drum mainly used by village folks to celebrate the dawn of the auspicious time and festivals relating to the cultural heritage of the country.

    In this classic caption of the famed instrument, the creator surrounds it with a kaleidoscope of color, predominantly from the attire of its players. A capture that reminds us that there is much to be celebrated, in the simplicity of village life.

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  • Lord Over the Seas

    Lord Over the Seas


    The sky reveals the Lord over the oceans below. An abstract art in the form of a photograph depicting worship from the creatures of the sea towards the heavens above. The clouds take the form of a fish dancing in the air as its congregation revels in awe at the sight.

    The photographer creatively tells a story in picture form combining aspects of the animal kingdom and nature against the blue hue of sky and water.

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  • Graceful Embodiment

    Graceful Embodiment


    A classic take on a ballerina clad in her traditional clothing is envisaged by the photographer who captures a graceful moment where the dancer is caught in one of the most physically challenging movements of dance.

    Though captured with absolute grace, serenity, and balance, it is a reminder that rigorous training, skill, and technique is required to master the execution of this posture. Set in a vivacious blue background, the soothing white ballerina is a depiction of grace and precision.

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  • Dance with Evil

    Dance with Evil


    A common tradition within a cultural setting that is immersed in the supernatural. A beautifully sketched and hued painting of a devil dance which is accustomed to the southern regions of Sri Lanka. The dark and evil ambience is perfectly brought through in the color selection.

    The creator has skillfully hazed lighter shade in the black background to display an exquisite effect of the dust from the earth spurting up into the night air as a result of the violent yet graceful dance of master craftsman.

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  • Colors Ablaze

    Colors Ablaze


    In this striking capture of a group of dancers caught in a mesmerizing pose, the photographer displays his love for the color blue. Interspersing shades of pink, white & yellow; here is a capture that personifies and celebrates the vibrancy of life.

    Upon close look, you see a beautiful dancer in a classical oriental dance pose, while her troupe of dancers parades around. The dancers clad in their signature costumes, appear to be bouncing off the thin air while flames of vibrant colors seem to encapsulate them, transforming this into a unique abstract photo.

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  • Angelic Physique

    Angelic Physique


    Portrayed here is a troupe of dancers, poised in perfect precision. Led by their majestic leader clad with wings of glory, the photographer aims to capture a surreal moment in time when the dancers are captured in harmonious unison.

    The white fumes of smoke surrounding the dancers are further enhanced by the UV lighting that creates hues of blue. Prancing in a delicate harmony, the dark silhouettes of the dancers are contrasted against the white net in their hands, thus creating a mystic portrayal of unity on the dance floor.

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  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves


    Colorful and animated, this captivating abstract creation brings to life the beauty of brightly colored autumn leaves falling to the ground, symbolizing the arrival of the season of fresh starts and new beginnings. Deviating from the conventional practices of photography which capture still moments in time, this creation captures the attention of the viewer due to the ability to mimic the movement of leaves falling softly on the ground.

    Set in a still black surrounding this creation will most certainly stand out from any surrounding, immediately inviting the onlooker to be caught up with its animated beauty.

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  • Beauty Comes in Fives

    Beauty Comes in Fives


    Five colors, five figures and five wonders represented by five dancers on unicycles. If beauty comes in fives, this picture captures it perfectly, not only through the subjects themselves, but also through the diversity of color which has been given depth by smudging the motion using a low shutter speed.

    The black background and the blue base have been used to good effect by the creator to highlight the bright colors that spread out like neon streaks across the frame.

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  • Multi-Colored Shields

    Multi-Colored Shields


    An umbrella is one of the most common forms of shields we use for protection from various environmental influences, and in this creation, the creator uses a series of colorful umbrellas arranged in an orderly fashion to explore the variety of shields we use on a daily basis.

    A combination of beautiful bright shades, this creation will remind viewers of the many times they have sought protection under such a shield to ward off any dangers approaching. Add this creation to any part of your home or office and allow these shields to act as a symbol to protect your own space.

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  • Dancing Vibes

    Dancing Vibes


    In an attempt to illustrate the vibrancy of nightlife, the photographer captures a vivacious discotheque showcasing the young-at-heart dancing the night away. Unidentifiable bodies link together in perfect harmony, creating a mass of human emotions resembled by the vibrant gimmicks of the photographer.

    Enveloped by bright and illuminated lighting that emanate hues of UV rays, it is a capture intermingled with flashes of bright pink shadows. In this abstract portrayal of nightlife, the photographer depicts how music can unite the hearts, minds, and souls of humans alike, the world over.

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