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Landscape Photography

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  • The Mighty Mariner

    The Mighty Mariner


    Pictured in this captivating creation is a massive cargo ship which is returning back home laden with goods after travelling the world’s oceans for several days with the hope of coming back home to rest. The victorious nature of this mighty vessel that has conquered the seven seas seems to resonate in the sky above and water below as the clouds and waves move aside as the great mariner reaches the shores.

    Colored with deep hues of evening time, this creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office, directing you back home after achieving great feats.

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  • Majesty Reaching to the S..

    Majesty Reaching to the S..


    Breaking down the mighty strength of rock, this creation captures the unmatched skill of the craftsmen to carve out a majestic Buddha statue right down to the finest detail. The creator has captured this image from a slight angle, which highlights the beauty of the cloud cover in the bright sky above which seems to resonate the same majesty of the mighty statue in front of you.

    This image would make a perfect sample of landscape photography that boasts of an amazing site which can only be found in a country such as Sri Lanka.

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  • Perfect Mirror Image

    Perfect Mirror Image


    This is truly an astounding creation that has captured the instance when a still water body successfully reflects a mirror image of everything above its surface water. Undisturbed by even a mild breeze, the crystal clear waters showcase an almost perfect mirror image, creating one of the most unique works of art.

    The color of the bright blue sky decorated with clusters of clouds is brought out more by the touch of bright red color from the sails of one of the boats. This creation will most certainly baffle the onlooker by the near perfection achieved through its symmetric reflection.

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  • Let Me Keep Watch

    Let Me Keep Watch


    ‘Let me keep watch’ is a beautiful creation which captures the beauty and innocence of childhood as three young children venture out on a playful journey. The little ones do not seem to have gone far away as their home is still within sight, but they are blessed with ample amounts of entertainment due to the lush greenery and natural resources which has been well preserved in this village setting.

    This wonderful creation will allow you to reminisce your own childhood, maybe even take you back to the exact moment when you kept watch while your friends led a secret exploration.

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  • The Great Golden Dragon

    The Great Golden Dragon


    Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of one of the most iconic landmarks of Myanmar, the Shwedagon Pagoda, often referred to as the Shwedagon Zedi Daw, the Great Dagon Pagoda or the Golden Pagoda. The creator has skillfully captured the beauty of this amazing structure at the most opportune time of the day when the glistening beams radiating from the shrine shine brightly against the night sky and along with the other glistening structures nearby, light up the water body with colorful beams of light.

    This creation will most certainly captivate the viewer as they enjoy the view of the great golden dragon from beyond the waters that surround it.

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  • Light at the End of the T..

    Light at the End of the T..


    A tunnel is the symbol of the unknown which carefully conceals its contents from those who look from outside and invites those who are brave enough to explore what lies within. This creation depicts the adventure taken on by a group of travelers who were courageous enough to see what was within, but with such courage comes the need to see the light at the end of the tunnel which helps dissipate fear.

    As this creation radiates the hope the light at the end of a tunnel brings, it would be a perfect addition to your home or office to infuse the same hope to its surroundings as well.

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  • Set for Island Hopping

    Set for Island Hopping


    Through this creation the creator takes the viewer to the live moment as a journey begins for a thrilling adventure of island hopping. While the boat engine fully powered up to take the boat to its destination may be the first thing you may notice, the viewer is invited to look beyond this mechanical monster towards the amazing groups of islands waiting to treat their visitors to thrilling adventures.

    Add this creation to any living space where you can sit back and enjoy the ride as you visualize yourself, a passenger of this boat, on route to an island full of fun and adventure.

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  • Shining Bright to the Hea..

    Shining Bright to the Hea..


    A majestic golden pagoda is the primary focus of this creation which captures the beauty it radiates not only here on earth, but also seems to extend to the heavens above. The creator displays the highest levels of perfection through the symmetry achieved, which is reflected in the cloudy sky above, the glistening monument set against the pale blue night sky, and the darker surrounding area at seeing ground level.

    This creation would make a perfect addition for any collector of fine art as it is a radiant creation that displays power which goes beyond our realm.

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  • Sunset Observatory

    Sunset Observatory


    An unobstructed view of a breathtaking sunset calls out to you at the end of this lonely walkway which is featured in this mesmerizing creation. The creator has skillfully chosen this unique perspective which invites the viewer to take the first step at the start of the walkway leading up to the observatory where a priceless reward awaits.

    If you choose to make this creation part of your home or office décor, you will feel extremely fortunate to be able to feast your eyes on this amazing creation mixed with shades of violet, gold and pink which will take you to this blissful observatory to enjoy the unfathomable beauty of a perfect sunset.

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  • Divine Invitation

    Divine Invitation


    The Holy Shrine of Infant Jesus, which is the main focus of this creation is one of the most venerated places of worship located in the heart of Colombo. The creator has captured this image just as evening falls which highlights the beauty of the church even more as it majestically stands out against the evening sky.

    The lights from within the church enhance its brightness as though it is warmly inviting the its faithful congregation inside. This creation would be a perfect item for anyone who would like to remind themselves of the power of faith in the Almighty.

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  • A Fun Day at the Beach

    A Fun Day at the Beach


    The creator exhibits the wonders of aerial photography as he captures the mesmerizing beauty of a beach and how the visitors to the location enjoy themselves in their own way. The creation highlights three types of visitors, namely an avid swimmer exploring the deeper waters, the couple that enjoys the beauty of the unending shoreline, and the family enjoying time closer to the shore with their little one.

    All these aspects make this creation unique and overall happy image which is guaranteed to spread the joy experienced through a fun day at the beach.

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  • Invitation to the Unknown..

    Invitation to the Unknown..


    In most instances in our life we need to find the courage to journey into the unknown and this creation emanates positivity to encourage us to move forward even when we are uncertain where the road ahead will lead to.

    Captured on a beautiful sunny afternoon, this creation boasts of the most perfect outdoor conditions where the sky is bright blue, and the grass is lush and green, all signs showing it is ideal for explorers to set out on their journey. This creation will be a perfect reminder that although the path is not clear, the conditions are right to explore the unknown.

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  • Casting Nets at Sunset

    Casting Nets at Sunset


    A beautiful sunset sky is one that will never fail to amaze, and this is what has been captured here in this still moment as fishermen get set to cast their fishing nets. As the sky lights up in a bright shade of orange, the silhouettes of the fishermen are prominently highlighted along with even the most minute detail of the fishing net.

    The bright color of the evening sky gradually fades away towards the corner of the creation and also catches a glimpse of a lone fisher boat that has already ventured out to sea.

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  • The Silver Lining

    The Silver Lining


    Herein is a capture of some of the signature landmarks of the city of Colombo. In the distance, the photographer has captured two buildings that form the epicenter of the business and academic areas of the country.

    In the background dark clouds form into a cohesive shape with streaks of silver linings. Contrasting the concrete jungle against the lush green trees and green grass in the foreground, it is a timely reminder that indeed every dark cloud in life comes with a silver lining.

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  • Starry Lights

    Starry Lights


    Just as stars shinning bright adorn the night sky, this creation captures the moment when a long row of street lights shine brightly against the thick black surroundings. The pathway lit up by these lights has been captured on camera by the creator who also focuses equal attention on the water body upon which these lights cast their reflection separating the image across a perfect line of symmetry.

    As you continue to gaze upon this beautiful setting at night, you too would be able to enjoy the beauty of these starry lights illuminating their surroundings just as natural stars would do.

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  • The Pattern of Life

    The Pattern of Life


    Life is filled with bright times and dark times that often crisscross each other. This photograph of a building under renovation in Sri Lanka perfectly portrays the pattern of life, as a man who is clearly burdened by its reality looks-on. The black signifying misfortunes while the red signifying hope. Ironically, the man is clad in a red shirt to prophecy that while he too makes up life’s pattern, his misfortune does not deter his hope.

    The creativity of the photographer to identify this candid caption in the spur of the moment and adjust to the perfect angle to convey the size of life in comparison to man is truly amazing.

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