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Landscape Photography

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  • Golden Sunset

    Golden Sunset


    An unconventional take on a golden sunset is portrayed by the photographer in this beautiful capture. Depicting the silhouette of a family standing on a cliff adjacent to the ocean, the photographer introduces a new dimension to a conventional photograph.

    In the horizon, the crashing waves blend into the deep dark sea that consummates with the orange hues of the evening sky. And as the sun hides behind the stormy clouds, it splashes hues of golden yellow across the skies, memorializing the beauty of this moment in time.

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  • Structures of Light

    Structures of Light


    Captured at night time, the creator skillfully uses the solid darkness of night to allow the beauty of this well-lit monument to pierce through from this creation. Due to the contrast between the bright lights and the darkness of the surroundings the structure in itself seems to be invisible creating the illusion that everything seen before you is made entirely out of lights.

    The creation becomes more surreal as the still waters that run below the structure reflect a perfect mirror image of the structure, creating the illusion of it to be floating, as though it is suspended in thin air.

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  • Blossoming Love

    Blossoming Love


    This is a beautiful creation which depicts the innocence and warmth of a blossoming new romance, as the creator captures the moment when two young lovers walk hand in hand enjoying each other’s company. The setting is captured in an equally beautiful walk way adorned by bright green hedges and dainty cherry blossom trees in full bloom which symbolize the freshness of this new romance.

    Make this image part of your home and enjoy the warmth it will bring as it reminds you of the joy and love you would feel if you too were walking down this beautiful path with your loved one.

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  • Heritage and Nature

    Heritage and Nature


    An aerial view of such a mesmerizing natural landscape is definitely hard to come by, making this creation an amazingly unique work of art any collector would love to make his own. The landscape not only focuses on the natural beauty of the setting, but through the aerial view from which it was captured shows ancient man-made wonders emerge from the lush green forest canopies.

    With a view of the horizon in the background, this creation is priceless as it captures the wonder of heritage intertwined with nature, two aspects which continue to maintain a mutual relationship which results in value beyond comprehension.

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  • Nothing but Fun and Froli..

    Nothing but Fun and Froli..


    Every now and then we need to escape from our hectic lifestyles and enjoy ourselves, what better way to do this than enjoy some time at the beach. Through this creation the creator uses aerial photography to capture a group of individuals enjoy themselves at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    As the viewer continues to contemplate on this lovely scene, it will also show how all the different groups of individuals present at this site are able to enjoy themselves to the fullest reminding us that some of the best things in life are free.

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  • Temple of the Tooth

    Temple of the Tooth


    One of Sri Lanka’s most majestic attractions, is captured in all its glory in this classic take of the Sri Dalada Maligawa which is home to the tooth relic of Buddha.

    Adorned with all its glory and illuminated on a starlit night, the photographer has captured two majestic elephants who are as much a part of this temple as the monument itself. The Tooth Relic is seen here sitting in all its glory while the religious dignitaries have found their place on the other elephant. This monument is part of the royal palace complex and calls Kandy its home. The city which is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka is also a UNESCO World Heritage site primarily due to this magnificent monument.

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  • Taking Centerstage

    Taking Centerstage


    This beautiful landscape creation set in a coastal area to capture the striking features of an unmanned boat with a single red sail. Positioned perfectly in the center of the creation, this prominent vessel is flanked by two other boats positioned at equal distance away and on the other side, two men who walk towards it.

    This creation which continues deep into the horizon also highlights the perfect symmetry of the shadow cast on the still water body along with the textured soft sand closer to the shore allowing the viewer to enjoy the calm and stillness emanating from the scene.

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  • Three Compadres

    Three Compadres


    Through this creation you will be able to enjoy a colorful coastal landscape setting decorated with the bright colors of three fishing boats docked side by side just as three companions would sit by each other’s side on the shore. The tall palm trees lining the shore are set against a bright blue sky boasting of an artistic array of clouds that remind the viewer of the mesmerizing beauty of a tropical coast on a bright sunny day.

    This creation will make a perfect addition to any part of your home and immediately take your thoughts away to such a coast that eagerly waits to welcome visitors to its shores.

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  • Laser Party in the City

    Laser Party in the City


    Watch how laser lights adorn this beautiful city landscape as the creator plays with a combination of photographic techniques such as night photography and Astrophotography to create one of the best of long exposure photography creations.

    The creation displays how the entire city comes to life at night due to its brightly lit up buildings and roads lit up by vehicles speeding by as though it was the center of a thrilling laser party. This creation is perfect to bring the beauty of city life closer to you and allow the viewer to enjoy the electrifying nature of night life in the city.

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  • Enduring the Test of Time..

    Enduring the Test of Time..


    Sri Lanka is a nation that boasts of a proud history dating back over 2500 years and this creation features one such structure that has endured the test of time and still continue to stand tall mesmerizing all those who behold its wonder.

    The creator has chosen a time of day when natural lighting is at its best to capture this image, which allows the true beauty of this majestic historic monument to diffuse out from the image. If you are a fan of such historic sites, this creation would make a perfect addition to your collection.

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  • The Mighty Mariner

    The Mighty Mariner


    Pictured in this captivating creation is a massive cargo ship which is returning back home laden with goods after travelling the world’s oceans for several days with the hope of coming back home to rest. The victorious nature of this mighty vessel that has conquered the seven seas seems to resonate in the sky above and water below as the clouds and waves move aside as the great mariner reaches the shores.

    Colored with deep hues of evening time, this creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office, directing you back home after achieving great feats.

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  • The Silver Lining

    The Silver Lining


    Herein is a capture of some of the signature landmarks of the city of Colombo. In the distance, the photographer has captured two buildings that form the epicenter of the business and academic areas of the country.

    In the background dark clouds form into a cohesive shape with streaks of silver linings. Contrasting the concrete jungle against the lush green trees and green grass in the foreground, it is a timely reminder that indeed every dark cloud in life comes with a silver lining.

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  • Walk of Serenity

    Walk of Serenity


    A man walks into the distance through acres of lush paddy fields, in this scenic take on the beauty of nature. The photographer has captured the raw magnanimity of these luscious fields, but juxtaposed it against a striking red bus strolling along the road.

    The road less travelled is clad with beauty, but visible only to the one who stops to admire it. This is in essence what the photographer attempts to capture through the portrayal of shades of organic greens, that naturally soothe the eye and bring a sense of calm, upon the soul.

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  • Returning Home at Dusk

    Returning Home at Dusk


    The creator takes maximum advantage of the mesmerizing lighting conditions witnessed as dusk takes over the day. The amazing natural lighting casts a gentle yet darkening shadow upon the surroundings, giving the entire creation a soft orange hue, while the objects are outlined in a strong black color.

    The most striking features which will grab the viewer’s immediate attention from the creation are the massive trees lining the road that gradually fade out into the backdrop. As viewers closely examine every aspect of this creation, they will begin to notice a bullock cart that seems to be returning home before nightfall.

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  • Night Cruise

    Night Cruise


    A beautiful picture of a boat floating across a bay that is lit with a multicolored array of illuminating décor. The night is exquisitely captured not sacrificing on the effect the lights have against the water as its reflection is perfectly caught in marvelous detail, producing a fitting background for a silhouette of a boat and its passengers.

    The creator of this photograph has skillfully adapted the exact level of aperture and ISO setting to capture this night time image in elegant detail utilizing the limited natural light to perfection.

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  • Ancient Wonders

    Ancient Wonders


    A significant historical monument of Sri Lanka, here stands the ruins of the “Atadage”, which housed the tooth relic of Buddha back in the day, and was constructed by an ancient ruler of Sri Lanka, King Vijayabahu. The word ‘Ata’ refers to eight, which could relate to the fact that this monument once housed eight relics including the main tooth relic.

    Erected on 54 stone pillars, the photographer aims to portray the majesty of a monument that hails from an ancient era. The tooth relic was said to have been placed on the second floor, while a granite staircase once replaced the faintly visible ruined steps, to grant access to the tooth relic.

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  • Shining Bright to the Hea..

    Shining Bright to the Hea..


    A majestic golden pagoda is the primary focus of this creation which captures the beauty it radiates not only here on earth, but also seems to extend to the heavens above. The creator displays the highest levels of perfection through the symmetry achieved, which is reflected in the cloudy sky above, the glistening monument set against the pale blue night sky, and the darker surrounding area at seeing ground level.

    This creation would make a perfect addition for any collector of fine art as it is a radiant creation that displays power which goes beyond our realm.

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  • Giants Above the Clouds

    Giants Above the Clouds


    Landscape photography is an area which gives us many opportunities to capture the beauty of mesmerizing landscapes which we would otherwise take for granted. Captured on a misty morning this creation is a truly amazing work of art which depicts massive giant like structures pierce through and emerge from above the clouds.

    This creation would make a perfect addition to your collection as it would easily blend in with any backdrop due to its dark hues while at the same time capture the attention of the onlooker by creating the illusion of the mighty giants approaching from a distance.

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  • Amber Haze

    Amber Haze


    As the sun sets over the ancient ruins of Cambodia, the creator has put his well-trained photographic skills to use and captured this breathtaking moment which will most certainly enchant the onlooker almost instantly. This beautiful landscape creation allows the viewer to enjoy the view of towering monuments from afar while an amber haze takes over the rest of the surrounding blurring the structures against a distant mountainous region, creating an overall mystic setting.

    Colored with bold hues, this amazing creation will make a beautiful statement piece and successfully stand out of any surrounding you wish to place it in.

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  • The Walk Before the Pagea..

    The Walk Before the Pagea..


    Pereheras are age-old traditions that are still practiced with much faith within Sri Lanka, and this creation captures a moment where one of the key elements of such a procession, a majestic Tusker elephant, prepares to take its place in the event.

    The creator has captured this image as evening dawns and the sky boasts of a deep shade of blue, and the temple lights begin to illuminate the surroundings. Directed by his mahout, the majestic tusker marches on dressed in his finery, set to take part in an exquisite cultural display unique to this part of the world.

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