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Landscape Photography

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  • Clouds of Followers

    Clouds of Followers


    Landscape photography is one of the most amazing methods in which we are able to capture the beauty of captivating scenery on camera. In this instance the creator focuses on a mighty statue of the Lord Buddha and using HDR photography technique the creator skillfully allows the image to resonate the might and majesty of this towering structure while bringing out the amazing beauty of the sky which serves as a breathtaking backdrop.

    A creation of such beauty invites the viewer to concentrate further and shows how the clouds gather in the sky around the statues depicting a group of faithful followers.

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  • Temple of the Tooth

    Temple of the Tooth


    One of Sri Lanka’s most majestic attractions, is captured in all its glory in this classic take of the Sri Dalada Maligawa which is home to the tooth relic of Buddha.

    Adorned with all its glory and illuminated on a starlit night, the photographer has captured two majestic elephants who are as much a part of this temple as the monument itself. The Tooth Relic is seen here sitting in all its glory while the religious dignitaries have found their place on the other elephant. This monument is part of the royal palace complex and calls Kandy its home. The city which is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka is also a UNESCO World Heritage site primarily due to this magnificent monument.

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  • Soaring Skylines

    Soaring Skylines


    A beautiful skyline, is portrayed by the photographer who captures a stunning sunset clad in breathtaking shades of golden orange. A mere reflection of the beauty of the isle of Ceylon; here is a glimpse into the natural beauty found along the shores of Sri Lanka.

    On one hand the photographer cajoles the eyes to gaze upon the signature landmarks of the Colombo city by capturing the World Trade Centre Twin Towers and its neighboring structures. On the other hand the cascading waves crashing onto the Galle Face Green, are a reminder of a bygone era of the Colombo skyline.

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  • A Fun Day at the Beach

    A Fun Day at the Beach


    The creator exhibits the wonders of aerial photography as he captures the mesmerizing beauty of a beach and how the visitors to the location enjoy themselves in their own way. The creation highlights three types of visitors, namely an avid swimmer exploring the deeper waters, the couple that enjoys the beauty of the unending shoreline, and the family enjoying time closer to the shore with their little one.

    All these aspects make this creation unique and overall happy image which is guaranteed to spread the joy experienced through a fun day at the beach.

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  • Man and Nature

    Man and Nature


    A cyclist is well captured in the distance surrounded by a mass of water – which appears to be a lake – and a cloud covered sky. The photograph draws a beautiful comparison between man and nature in terms of size and magnitude. The creator has skillfully captured this comparison whilst drawing the viewer’s attention to the color contrast of the green against dull gray.

    The creator has produced somewhat a silhouette to portray the cyclist by incorporating the available light and proximity of the subject. This silhouette brings forth a unique and life into an otherwise dull landscape photograph.

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  • A Blissful Sanctuary

    A Blissful Sanctuary


    This creation is a fine example of landscape photography that captures the beauty of an amazing sanctuary and the beauty of the natural surroundings that amplify the overall attractiveness seen in a particular still moment in time.

    The main focus of the creation is a beautiful ancient temple that has a stairway leading to its entrance and also seen at the base of the stairway is a humble shelter. Decorated with a clear blue sky and lush greenery, this creation which has been captured under bright lighting conditions will be a perfect addition against any backdrop.

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  • Shade of a Bo Tree

    Shade of a Bo Tree


    Featured in this creation is a massive rock statue of the Lord Buddha which serves as a place of worship for all those who wish to draw upon the teachings of one of the greatest teachers known to man. The creator has strategically captured this breathtaking moment from the shade of a Bo tree nearby, which has led to the meaningful placement of the sacred Bo leaves towards the top of the creation.

    This is a very calm and serene setting that will remind the viewer of the sacred teachings and bring peace and tranquility through to its surroundings.

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  • The Mighty Mariner

    The Mighty Mariner


    Pictured in this captivating creation is a massive cargo ship which is returning back home laden with goods after travelling the world’s oceans for several days with the hope of coming back home to rest. The victorious nature of this mighty vessel that has conquered the seven seas seems to resonate in the sky above and water below as the clouds and waves move aside as the great mariner reaches the shores.

    Colored with deep hues of evening time, this creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office, directing you back home after achieving great feats.

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  • The Time is Right

    The Time is Right


    Getting set to go out to sea’ is a creation that brings out the mesmerizing beauty of a perfect sunset, and showcases two fishermen gather their fishing ropes as they prepare to go out to sea. The viewer will be instantly captivated by the beauty of the sunset sky and the different shades of orange diffusing through the sky coloring the clouds in rich tones.

    This creation will definitely be a perfect addition to any area of your home or office where you would like to add some bold colors and also allow you to admire the beauty of the scene colored by nature.

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  • Capture the Moment

    Capture the Moment


    This is a unique creation captured through aerial photography right at the moment a hopeful fisherman casts his net out with the desire to reel in a bountiful catch. Due to the perfect angle from which this creation has been caught on camera, the creator is able to highlight the change seen in the murky waters upon which the fishing net has been cast.

    The sunny weather allows even the finest detail to be visible through the creation, making this a very unique creation that will captivate the onlooker in the best way possible.

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  • A Train of Lights

    A Train of Lights


    Across a still water body, the creator has waited for the perfect moment to capture this vibrant illustration of landscape photography that focuses on the beauty of the city bordering the water decorated by lights during a festive season. As the darkness greedily engulfs every shape or line that is not lit up, the unending strings of lights serve as the outlines creating a whole other image for the viewer’s pleasure.

    Enjoy gazing upon this creation that depicts a train of lights moving forward on its tracks as it casts a perfect reflection on the still waters below.

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  • Divine Invitation

    Divine Invitation


    The Holy Shrine of Infant Jesus, which is the main focus of this creation is one of the most venerated places of worship located in the heart of Colombo. The creator has captured this image just as evening falls which highlights the beauty of the church even more as it majestically stands out against the evening sky.

    The lights from within the church enhance its brightness as though it is warmly inviting the its faithful congregation inside. This creation would be a perfect item for anyone who would like to remind themselves of the power of faith in the Almighty.

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  • Ancient Wonders

    Ancient Wonders


    A significant historical monument of Sri Lanka, here stands the ruins of the “Atadage”, which housed the tooth relic of Buddha back in the day, and was constructed by an ancient ruler of Sri Lanka, King Vijayabahu. The word ‘Ata’ refers to eight, which could relate to the fact that this monument once housed eight relics including the main tooth relic.

    Erected on 54 stone pillars, the photographer aims to portray the majesty of a monument that hails from an ancient era. The tooth relic was said to have been placed on the second floor, while a granite staircase once replaced the faintly visible ruined steps, to grant access to the tooth relic.

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  • A Lonely Walk

    A Lonely Walk


    Captured on a cold and misty afternoon in the central highlands, this is a unique creation that highlights the mesmerizing beauty of a lonely road carved through a lush green landscape. Seen towards the corner of the image is a woman who walks alone with dry twigs in hand, which would be used to light a fire to warm her home on this cold day.

    This is a beautiful creation perfectly captures the misty surroundings which will resonate the same cold feeling to the entire setting it is placed in.

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  • Infinity



    A pattern carved out in an orange spread out from the present and into infinity. This caption portrays the endless pattern of infinity using a line of statues of Buddhist monks. Their orange robes paint a beautiful picture of a pattern that is almost never-ending due to the creative angle used by the photographer.

    A wider focus is used with high aperture to clearly capture the background of a line of steps leading upward that compliments the intended theme that the photographer has skillfully painted of a still image.

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  • Golden Sunset

    Golden Sunset


    An unconventional take on a golden sunset is portrayed by the photographer in this beautiful capture. Depicting the silhouette of a family standing on a cliff adjacent to the ocean, the photographer introduces a new dimension to a conventional photograph.

    In the horizon, the crashing waves blend into the deep dark sea that consummates with the orange hues of the evening sky. And as the sun hides behind the stormy clouds, it splashes hues of golden yellow across the skies, memorializing the beauty of this moment in time.

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  • Road to the Horizon

    Road to the Horizon


    This creation cuts across many lines with the main focus being the dead straight road leading directly to the horizon. The creator uses HDR imaging to bring out the most mesmerizing aspects of this landscape, which each and every time will draw the viewer’s attention to a variety of aspects such as the mesmerizing sunset sky, the still water body on one side, the lush greenery on the other, and the landscape hidden beyond horizon.

    Enjoy the beauty of this creation which allows viewers to imagine taking this road leading to the horizon.

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  • Light at the End of the T..

    Light at the End of the T..


    A tunnel is the symbol of the unknown which carefully conceals its contents from those who look from outside and invites those who are brave enough to explore what lies within. This creation depicts the adventure taken on by a group of travelers who were courageous enough to see what was within, but with such courage comes the need to see the light at the end of the tunnel which helps dissipate fear.

    As this creation radiates the hope the light at the end of a tunnel brings, it would be a perfect addition to your home or office to infuse the same hope to its surroundings as well.

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  • Invitation to the Unknown..

    Invitation to the Unknown..


    In most instances in our life we need to find the courage to journey into the unknown and this creation emanates positivity to encourage us to move forward even when we are uncertain where the road ahead will lead to.

    Captured on a beautiful sunny afternoon, this creation boasts of the most perfect outdoor conditions where the sky is bright blue, and the grass is lush and green, all signs showing it is ideal for explorers to set out on their journey. This creation will be a perfect reminder that although the path is not clear, the conditions are right to explore the unknown.

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  • Light of a Divine Force

    Light of a Divine Force


    Depicted in this creation is one of the most revered sites for all Buddhist devotees and brings to life the amazing power, such a sacred site holds for those of faith. The creator has chosen the perfect moment to capture this image as the darkness of nightfall only accents the warm and welcoming lights which illuminate this Holy site.

    This creation is a perfect piece of photography that brings to life the light of this divine force which will infuse much strength among the faithful and will serve as a guiding light to set devotees on the right path.

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