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Landscape Photography

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  • Temple of the Tooth

    Temple of the Tooth


    One of Sri Lanka’s most majestic attractions, is captured in all its glory in this classic take of the Sri Dalada Maligawa which is home to the tooth relic of Buddha.

    Adorned with all its glory and illuminated on a starlit night, the photographer has captured two majestic elephants who are as much a part of this temple as the monument itself. The Tooth Relic is seen here sitting in all its glory while the religious dignitaries have found their place on the other elephant. This monument is part of the royal palace complex and calls Kandy its home. The city which is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka is also a UNESCO World Heritage site primarily due to this magnificent monument.

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  • Waves of Happiness

    Waves of Happiness


    In this wonderful sample of landscape photography, the creator captures the moment when a young monk leaps ahead of the waves as he enjoys himself at a golden sandy beach on a bright and sunny day. The waves that meet the shore also seem to mimic the movements of the young monk as if they too experience the same freedom and happiness he feels at this moment.

    Capable of easily blending with any backdrop, this creation will make a perfect addition to your home or office generously dissipating the power of freedom and happiness embedded in it.

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  • Walking Meditation

    Walking Meditation


    Featured in this creation is a group of Buddhist monks crossing a paddy field on a bright and sunny morning carrying their alms bowls in front of them.  As they walk in single file, the creation shows how they follow the senior most monk and walk forward in quiet meditation as even the surrounding reflects the same peaceful state.

    Due to the bright lighting conditions experienced during this time, the color of the monks robes is beautifully highlighted against the lush green surrounding greenery making the creation even more captivating and pleasing to the eye of the onlooker.

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  • Stillness within Motion

    Stillness within Motion


    Yet another fine example of aerial photography, the creator captures the beauty of a still object from a different perspective that would generally meet the eye, to convey a powerful message worthy of contemplation.

    The main focus point of this creation is a bright blue boat stationary in the midst of murky waters against which it casts its solid shadow. As the viewer continues to gaze upon this creation it will begin to show the strength the lonely boat exhibits to remain still in the midst of the constant motion experienced in the surrounding waters full of rippled patterns.

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  • Sunset Observatory

    Sunset Observatory


    An unobstructed view of a breathtaking sunset calls out to you at the end of this lonely walkway which is featured in this mesmerizing creation. The creator has skillfully chosen this unique perspective which invites the viewer to take the first step at the start of the walkway leading up to the observatory where a priceless reward awaits.

    If you choose to make this creation part of your home or office décor, you will feel extremely fortunate to be able to feast your eyes on this amazing creation mixed with shades of violet, gold and pink which will take you to this blissful observatory to enjoy the unfathomable beauty of a perfect sunset.

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  • Net of Hope

    Net of Hope


    This creation provides an aerial view of the murky waters and striking view of a fishing boat out at sea in action. A hardworking fisherman is seen standing at the edge of his boat and the creator captures the exact moment as he casts out his net with the hope of returning with a bountiful catch.

    A mild gradient of color is seen as the water becomes less shallow, transitioning from a shade of brown to a deeper shade of grayish blue and the lone fisher boat stands out from the image due to its bright blue color.

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  • Majestic Splendor

    Majestic Splendor


    A majestic elephant is captured by the photographer climbing down the steps of the temple of the tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka. A symbol of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, the elephant is adorned in all its glorious splendor. Carrying the sacred tooth relic on its back, here is a moment in time where this majestic beast is treated with reverential awe.

    The Temple of the tooth is a revered temple of worship due to its hosting the tooth relic of Buddha. Situated in the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, it is a place of worship for locals and a hugely popular tourist attraction for foreigners. Captured here is a side view of this monument that showcases a little bit of its former prehistoric glory

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  • Bright as the Golden Sun

    Bright as the Golden Sun


    Captured from an optimum distance the creator focuses on a massive golden Buddha statue from afar and through the perfect positioning of this focal point captures the beauty of the surrounding landscape in all its glory.

    The creation which takes on a stratified distribution highlights the road that leads to the statue, the lush greenery of the surrounding and above all the mighty sky adorned with dark clouds. The unique depth of this creation is used to allow the viewer to visualize the horizon at which this the golden statue of the Buddha shines bright as the sun against the sky.

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  • Lights of Life

    Lights of Life


    A dark and somewhat lonely night is brought to life in this beautiful capture of lights, glistening on a peaceful lake. The creator has so ably captured a kaleidoscope of colors elegantly reflecting on the waters, to create the illusion of a lit-up waterway.

    Diverse shades of red, blue, green and orange dance on the waters to create a rainbow color palette, while a solitary boat gently cruises along. The thousands of miniature lights fixed on the trees also add to the vivacious color palette and transforms this photograph into one that would brighten up any space, on which it’s placed.

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  • Guided by the Dhamma

    Guided by the Dhamma


    Featured in this beautiful landscape creation is a Buddhist monk walking alone in quiet meditation along a pathway which has been captured by the creator from a distance. Through the careful positioning of his camera lens, the creator superimposes a majestic sacred Bo tree symbolizing the sacred teachings of the Dhamma which extends its branches across the boundaries of the creation as though it was guiding the monk through his journey ahead.

    As the viewer contemplates on this beautiful setting, this creation will remind the viewer to be guided by the powerful teachings of the Dhamma during all aspects of life.

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  • Shining Bright on a Feast..

    Shining Bright on a Feast..


    Captured in this beautiful image is one of the most revered places of worship by faithful Christians, richly decorated with thousands of lights in celebration of the church feast day. As the flag post is seen hoisted towards the side of the church the creation focuses on the many elements of preparation that are underway prior to the proceedings.

    This is a beautiful creation that exhibits the amount of faith, such a powerful shrine influences are a great addition to remind the viewer of the glory of this sacred place of worship.

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  • Casting Nets at Sunset

    Casting Nets at Sunset


    A beautiful sunset sky is one that will never fail to amaze, and this is what has been captured here in this still moment as fishermen get set to cast their fishing nets. As the sky lights up in a bright shade of orange, the silhouettes of the fishermen are prominently highlighted along with even the most minute detail of the fishing net.

    The bright color of the evening sky gradually fades away towards the corner of the creation and also catches a glimpse of a lone fisher boat that has already ventured out to sea.

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  • Divine Invitation

    Divine Invitation


    The Holy Shrine of Infant Jesus, which is the main focus of this creation is one of the most venerated places of worship located in the heart of Colombo. The creator has captured this image just as evening falls which highlights the beauty of the church even more as it majestically stands out against the evening sky.

    The lights from within the church enhance its brightness as though it is warmly inviting the its faithful congregation inside. This creation would be a perfect item for anyone who would like to remind themselves of the power of faith in the Almighty.

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  • Capture the Moment

    Capture the Moment


    This is a unique creation captured through aerial photography right at the moment a hopeful fisherman casts his net out with the desire to reel in a bountiful catch. Due to the perfect angle from which this creation has been caught on camera, the creator is able to highlight the change seen in the murky waters upon which the fishing net has been cast.

    The sunny weather allows even the finest detail to be visible through the creation, making this a very unique creation that will captivate the onlooker in the best way possible.

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  • Blurry Vision

    Blurry Vision


    At the onset of dusk, the creator has captured a breathtaking mountain skyline tingling with pastel shades of blue and pink, to brighten up the somber mood of this photograph.

    In the foreground is a majestic tree captured in all its glory, but emanating a mesmerizing character due to the angle captured by the creator. Almost tangible vibrations of the tree give it a two-dimensional look and feel where even the branches depict that same artistic vibration. Here is a classic take on a scenic sight that beholds the natural splendor of Mother Earth.

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  • Enduring the Test of Time..

    Enduring the Test of Time..


    Sri Lanka is a nation that boasts of a proud history dating back over 2500 years and this creation features one such structure that has endured the test of time and still continue to stand tall mesmerizing all those who behold its wonder.

    The creator has chosen a time of day when natural lighting is at its best to capture this image, which allows the true beauty of this majestic historic monument to diffuse out from the image. If you are a fan of such historic sites, this creation would make a perfect addition to your collection.

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  • Path to Enlightenment

    Path to Enlightenment


    This creation serves as a subtle yet thought-provoking reminder for the viewer on the path to enlightenment, which is captured through the stairway leading to a peaceful statue of the Lord Buddha, carved out of rock, and two young Buddhist monks who are followers the teachings stand at the fore.

    The row of Buddhist flags seen at the top of the creation perfectly complement the color of the monk’s robes against the pale grey background of the massive rock structure towering behind them. The peaceful and deep message this creation conveys makes it a great option for viewers to derive peace from this amazing moment caught on camera.

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  • Structures of Light

    Structures of Light


    Captured at night time, the creator skillfully uses the solid darkness of night to allow the beauty of this well-lit monument to pierce through from this creation. Due to the contrast between the bright lights and the darkness of the surroundings the structure in itself seems to be invisible creating the illusion that everything seen before you is made entirely out of lights.

    The creation becomes more surreal as the still waters that run below the structure reflect a perfect mirror image of the structure, creating the illusion of it to be floating, as though it is suspended in thin air.

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  • Invitation to the Unknown..

    Invitation to the Unknown..


    In most instances in our life we need to find the courage to journey into the unknown and this creation emanates positivity to encourage us to move forward even when we are uncertain where the road ahead will lead to.

    Captured on a beautiful sunny afternoon, this creation boasts of the most perfect outdoor conditions where the sky is bright blue, and the grass is lush and green, all signs showing it is ideal for explorers to set out on their journey. This creation will be a perfect reminder that although the path is not clear, the conditions are right to explore the unknown.

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  • Man and Nature

    Man and Nature


    A cyclist is well captured in the distance surrounded by a mass of water – which appears to be a lake – and a cloud covered sky. The photograph draws a beautiful comparison between man and nature in terms of size and magnitude. The creator has skillfully captured this comparison whilst drawing the viewer’s attention to the color contrast of the green against dull gray.

    The creator has produced somewhat a silhouette to portray the cyclist by incorporating the available light and proximity of the subject. This silhouette brings forth a unique and life into an otherwise dull landscape photograph.

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