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Landscape Photography

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  • Taking Centerstage

    Taking Centerstage


    This beautiful landscape creation set in a coastal area to capture the striking features of an unmanned boat with a single red sail. Positioned perfectly in the center of the creation, this prominent vessel is flanked by two other boats positioned at equal distance away and on the other side, two men who walk towards it.

    This creation which continues deep into the horizon also highlights the perfect symmetry of the shadow cast on the still water body along with the textured soft sand closer to the shore allowing the viewer to enjoy the calm and stillness emanating from the scene.

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  • Set for Island Hopping

    Set for Island Hopping


    Through this creation the creator takes the viewer to the live moment as a journey begins for a thrilling adventure of island hopping. While the boat engine fully powered up to take the boat to its destination may be the first thing you may notice, the viewer is invited to look beyond this mechanical monster towards the amazing groups of islands waiting to treat their visitors to thrilling adventures.

    Add this creation to any living space where you can sit back and enjoy the ride as you visualize yourself, a passenger of this boat, on route to an island full of fun and adventure.

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  • Nothing but Fun and Froli..

    Nothing but Fun and Froli..


    Every now and then we need to escape from our hectic lifestyles and enjoy ourselves, what better way to do this than enjoy some time at the beach. Through this creation the creator uses aerial photography to capture a group of individuals enjoy themselves at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    As the viewer continues to contemplate on this lovely scene, it will also show how all the different groups of individuals present at this site are able to enjoy themselves to the fullest reminding us that some of the best things in life are free.

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  • Glimpse of a Sunrise

    Glimpse of a Sunrise


    A lush mountain covered in greenery, is featured on this breathtaking capture of the first glimpse of a sunrise. At first glance the photographer appears to have captured the dull silhouette of a mountain, lacking color & character. Upon close look, the eye meets a thin line of brightly lit greenery, where the rays of sunlight begin to fall on the peaking trees.

    Here is a signature trademark of the beauty of the hill country of Sri Lanka. Cool breezed winds caress the pine trees, at the root of which grow bushes of Tea signifying the warmth and character of Sri Lankan hospitality.

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  • Watchman of the Ocean

    Watchman of the Ocean


    This scenic photograph is of a white lighthouse watching over a blue ocean. The distance in which the photo is shot is perfectly measured to ensure that the picture conveys much more detail that just the lighthouse, but also the landscape and people of the surrounding.

    The creator has gone to great lengths to capture the purity of a white lighthouse surrounded by nature, man-made structure and inclusion of a bustling pathway connecting to the town. Most of the backdrop is the blue cloud speckled sky, which stands as a fitting covering over the blend of life and structure below.

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  • Light of a Divine Force

    Light of a Divine Force


    Depicted in this creation is one of the most revered sites for all Buddhist devotees and brings to life the amazing power, such a sacred site holds for those of faith. The creator has chosen the perfect moment to capture this image as the darkness of nightfall only accents the warm and welcoming lights which illuminate this Holy site.

    This creation is a perfect piece of photography that brings to life the light of this divine force which will infuse much strength among the faithful and will serve as a guiding light to set devotees on the right path.

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  • Past, Present and Future

    Past, Present and Future


    This creation is a unique piece of aerial photography which has been captured on a quiet evening at a beautiful beach site and explores the ability to use a single moment in time to live in the past, present or future. The creation focuses on three main groups of characters, who through their positions and movements tell the tale of a deeper meaning.

    As you contemplate on this still moment in time, you will begin to see how at the same time, one is able to either gaze at the future, walk slowly reminiscing the past or lie still enjoying the beauty of the present moment.

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  • Island Temple

    Island Temple


    A photograph of a temple situated on an island. The feature of this photo is its setting in dull light over a grayed sky and rustic waters. The greenery of the tree and orange tiled roof, beautifully contrasts against the gloomy weather.

    The creator skillfully fills the width of the photo with the island itself to produce a well-balanced image of land and structure separating the sea and sky.

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  • Starry Lights

    Starry Lights


    Just as stars shinning bright adorn the night sky, this creation captures the moment when a long row of street lights shine brightly against the thick black surroundings. The pathway lit up by these lights has been captured on camera by the creator who also focuses equal attention on the water body upon which these lights cast their reflection separating the image across a perfect line of symmetry.

    As you continue to gaze upon this beautiful setting at night, you too would be able to enjoy the beauty of these starry lights illuminating their surroundings just as natural stars would do.

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  • The Walk Before the Pagea..

    The Walk Before the Pagea..


    Pereheras are age-old traditions that are still practiced with much faith within Sri Lanka, and this creation captures a moment where one of the key elements of such a procession, a majestic Tusker elephant, prepares to take its place in the event.

    The creator has captured this image as evening dawns and the sky boasts of a deep shade of blue, and the temple lights begin to illuminate the surroundings. Directed by his mahout, the majestic tusker marches on dressed in his finery, set to take part in an exquisite cultural display unique to this part of the world.

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  • Sunset Observatory

    Sunset Observatory


    An unobstructed view of a breathtaking sunset calls out to you at the end of this lonely walkway which is featured in this mesmerizing creation. The creator has skillfully chosen this unique perspective which invites the viewer to take the first step at the start of the walkway leading up to the observatory where a priceless reward awaits.

    If you choose to make this creation part of your home or office décor, you will feel extremely fortunate to be able to feast your eyes on this amazing creation mixed with shades of violet, gold and pink which will take you to this blissful observatory to enjoy the unfathomable beauty of a perfect sunset.

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  • Structures of Light

    Structures of Light


    Captured at night time, the creator skillfully uses the solid darkness of night to allow the beauty of this well-lit monument to pierce through from this creation. Due to the contrast between the bright lights and the darkness of the surroundings the structure in itself seems to be invisible creating the illusion that everything seen before you is made entirely out of lights.

    The creation becomes more surreal as the still waters that run below the structure reflect a perfect mirror image of the structure, creating the illusion of it to be floating, as though it is suspended in thin air.

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  • Path to Enlightenment

    Path to Enlightenment


    This creation serves as a subtle yet thought-provoking reminder for the viewer on the path to enlightenment, which is captured through the stairway leading to a peaceful statue of the Lord Buddha, carved out of rock, and two young Buddhist monks who are followers the teachings stand at the fore.

    The row of Buddhist flags seen at the top of the creation perfectly complement the color of the monk’s robes against the pale grey background of the massive rock structure towering behind them. The peaceful and deep message this creation conveys makes it a great option for viewers to derive peace from this amazing moment caught on camera.

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  • Majestic Splendor

    Majestic Splendor


    A majestic elephant is captured by the photographer climbing down the steps of the temple of the tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka. A symbol of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, the elephant is adorned in all its glorious splendor. Carrying the sacred tooth relic on its back, here is a moment in time where this majestic beast is treated with reverential awe.

    The Temple of the tooth is a revered temple of worship due to its hosting the tooth relic of Buddha. Situated in the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, it is a place of worship for locals and a hugely popular tourist attraction for foreigners. Captured here is a side view of this monument that showcases a little bit of its former prehistoric glory

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  • Walk of Life

    Walk of Life


    A couple walks down the slopes of life taking shade over trees that have prepared themselves for the expected winter against the beautiful silhouette of land and sky. This monochrome photograph speaks out a story as the viewer is made to focus on the subjects who are far off almost lost in the surrounding environment yet drawn in the focus of a curious eye.

    The creator has skillfully adapted white balance and taken this image from an unusual yet creative angle to produce a picture that uses all its subjects to tell its story.

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  • Walking Meditation

    Walking Meditation


    Featured in this creation is a group of Buddhist monks crossing a paddy field on a bright and sunny morning carrying their alms bowls in front of them.  As they walk in single file, the creation shows how they follow the senior most monk and walk forward in quiet meditation as even the surrounding reflects the same peaceful state.

    Due to the bright lighting conditions experienced during this time, the color of the monks robes is beautifully highlighted against the lush green surrounding greenery making the creation even more captivating and pleasing to the eye of the onlooker.

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  • Let Me Keep Watch

    Let Me Keep Watch


    ‘Let me keep watch’ is a beautiful creation which captures the beauty and innocence of childhood as three young children venture out on a playful journey. The little ones do not seem to have gone far away as their home is still within sight, but they are blessed with ample amounts of entertainment due to the lush greenery and natural resources which has been well preserved in this village setting.

    This wonderful creation will allow you to reminisce your own childhood, maybe even take you back to the exact moment when you kept watch while your friends led a secret exploration.

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  • Guardians of History

    Guardians of History


    Captured through this mesmerizing creation is the beauty of a monument that has overcome adversity for thousands of years and has successfully stood the tests of time. Seen in the central point of the creation are statues of great guardians who are the keepers of history that were part of a great legacy which is highly respected even today.

    This creation is a perfect addition for travel enthusiasts and lovers of ancient history as it captures the value of one of the most treasured heritage sites that will continue to stand tall for many more years to come.

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  • Shining Bright to the Hea..

    Shining Bright to the Hea..


    A majestic golden pagoda is the primary focus of this creation which captures the beauty it radiates not only here on earth, but also seems to extend to the heavens above. The creator displays the highest levels of perfection through the symmetry achieved, which is reflected in the cloudy sky above, the glistening monument set against the pale blue night sky, and the darker surrounding area at seeing ground level.

    This creation would make a perfect addition for any collector of fine art as it is a radiant creation that displays power which goes beyond our realm.

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  • Blossoming Love

    Blossoming Love


    This is a beautiful creation which depicts the innocence and warmth of a blossoming new romance, as the creator captures the moment when two young lovers walk hand in hand enjoying each other’s company. The setting is captured in an equally beautiful walk way adorned by bright green hedges and dainty cherry blossom trees in full bloom which symbolize the freshness of this new romance.

    Make this image part of your home and enjoy the warmth it will bring as it reminds you of the joy and love you would feel if you too were walking down this beautiful path with your loved one.

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