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Nature Photography

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  • Sea Shells on the Sea Sho..

    Sea Shells on the Sea Sho..


    Sea shells are never empty, they are filled with many things; with sounds of crashing waves and songs that mermaids sing. Sea shells that spread over the shore front with the beauty of a blue raiment of the ocean and a commanding green cliff in the background display both serenity, beauty and the soothing mythology of the sea.

    The creator has skillfully focused on the shells and taken this photograph from ground level to reveal the myth behind the archives of the great ocean – the shells. The green cliff at the left of the frame has been accommodated into the story almost up to the middle of the scene, but not too far to lightly complement the blue splendor of backdrop.

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  • Old Limbs

    Old Limbs


    Knees that stand together will always bow in prayer together. Several pairs of worn-out old limbs are represented by an unlikely setting of an old tree trunk. This curious picture portraying the natures old age is captured as an interpretation of long-lasting unity amongst the elderly in society.

    The photographer has taken this picture in monochrome to successfully covey the age of its subject and contribute to its theme and message. The focus and ISO settings have been smartly adjusted to display the features of the old trunk even in suppressed lighting.

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  • The Road to the Wildernes..

    The Road to the Wildernes..


    Many roads lead to blessings, but the few that lead to a miracle are those that are paved through the dry wilderness. An amazing photograph shot in the wild of a road that cuts its way through the dry environment into an uncertain destination.

    The creator has taken this shot from an exquisite angle to capture the foliage that escorts the route in a manner that it plays the role of the backdrop against the road itself that takes center stage and yet blends in with the background to offer the perfect balance to the frame.

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  • The Watchtower

    The Watchtower


    Hoisted high above the fields is the watchman that stays posted on the tower to ward-off any incoming threat to the crop destined for harvest. This beautiful photograph captured in perfect orientation and balance displays a tree house that serves and last and only defense of a farmer against enemies that may come to steal his produce.

    The creator has displayed a keen eye to bring out a stunning photo engaging the detail of the lofted structure against a fitting backdrop of a darkened sky through a simple setting that in most cases would pass by as a common sight.

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  • Extraterrestrial Experien..

    Extraterrestrial Experien..


    An unidentified flying object is hanging in outer space. So, it seems as we gaze at this exquisite close-up of a layered mushroom. The unusual angle from which this organism is photographed and its detail against a pitch-black background is its standout feature.

    This veteran creator has used much skill in improvising an angle and filtering light, that contributes to this simple creation of nature resembling a UFO in space.

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  • Family Comes First

    Family Comes First


    We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all. This is the value of a family that is represented in this photograph through four mushrooms of varied sizes lined up in height order. Father, mother and two children, firmly rooted to the dark brown soil, captured against a black background.

    The photographer has amazingly taken this caption from ground level to clearly illustrate the size differences between each mushroom and perfectly injected illumination through smart lighting strategies.

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  • Freedom in the Sea

    Freedom in the Sea


    Two dolphins swimming in a blue wonderland in perfect freedom. The clear water is nicely revealing these beautiful creatures as they swim through the dark blue backdrop of the ocean.

    The creator has exhibited perfect timing when taking this picture as both the dolphins appear to be in full forward motion and are clearly visible. The angled shot from above provided the beautiful view of the blue ocean that adds flavor to the obvious subjects.

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  • Blueprint of a Fruit

    Blueprint of a Fruit


    This portrait focuses on the veins of a dry fruit signifying the blueprint of its creation. The web of life clearly protruding out from the fruit in clarity and complexity. The positioning of the fruit and the perfect distance between the camera and the focal point has combined to produce a photograph that captures the entirety of the subject.

    The photographer has cleverly chosen a white background against the brown fruit to highlight its dull color and skillfully created depth using an angled light over the subject.

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  • Dolphin Escort

    Dolphin Escort


    A beautiful action picture of a school of dolphins offering a customary escort. This photograph is taken from a perfect angle to capture clear detail of what seems to be four dolphins in a playful endeavor. The clear blue sea offers a stunning backdrop and color to the picture.

    The creator has exhibited the perfect balance in shutter speed to capture the fast-moving subjects in a motion, freeze without sacrificing on clarity or the mood of the picture.

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  • Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages


    Stand firm over your adversaries like a rock over the wilderness. A beautiful view from over a rocky fortress to see over the wilderness and into the glazed blue sky. This exquisite scenery is captured in daylight using perfect white balance to maximize detail of the backdrop.

    The creator has selected a perfect angle that makes the viewer stare directly into the hope of the vast expansion of sky over the despair of foliage below using the rock as a fitting foreground to the frame. He has adjusted the light intake to perfection to bring forth a spark of sunlight through the trees and thereby adding splendor and more meaning to the scene.

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  • Lion Rock

    Lion Rock


    A beautiful photograph of Sigiriya – also known as the ‘Lion Rock’ – amidst the foliage of a vast jungle. The scenic feature of this photograph is the way the creator has caught the reflection of the rock in the lake preceding it. Almost a mirror image of what the photo would look like if it turn upside down.

    The surrounding nature and the sky are skillfully captured by absorbing the natural light into the lens, whilst the focused subject – the rock, is well positioned in the middle of the frame bordered by the elements.

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  • Ocean’s Clouds

    Ocean’s Clouds


    At a glance it is almost impossible to envision the horizon as the captivating creation almost blurs the line between the ocean and the skies above. The beauty of this amazing creation is amplified as the creator has picked the perfect moment just as the sun begins to rise from behind the clouds, but has not appeared in its full form, which allows the bright orange rays to spread across the ocean creating a sense of uniformity.

    Make this creation part of your home and enjoy the calmness infused through this creation as you begin to see clouds floating upon the ocean bed as though heaven and earth has combined.

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  • Jumbo Foot Therapy

    Jumbo Foot Therapy


    A monochrome picture of an elephant in captivity being washed under the foot by his keeper. The elephant seems to be looking directly into the focus of the lens, thereby exhibiting emotion towards the viewer. Most likely the emotion of satisfaction as he is tickled under foot.

    The creator candidly snapped this comical photo, but applied a black and white effect give it a more serious and antique look. The laughing gaze of the elephant is wonderfully captured and is the feature of this photograph.

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  • Identical Twins

    Identical Twins


    Twins are God’s way of saying, ‘great things come in pairs’. Two identical seeds lay embedded in the core of the cradle of life. This fascinating caption was taken when splitting a fruit in two to expose the regeneration within. The photograph is unique in its color rich detail which is enhanced by the darkened backdrop.

    The photographer has skillfully zoomed in on the fruit to capture the beauty of its makings whilst lighting it to precision to expose only the focal and not seep light into the background.

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  • Breaking of Dawn

    Breaking of Dawn


    A stunning capture of the morning sun breaks through the ruling darkness with rays of amber and reddish hues, filling the sky in awe and wonder over the silhouette of a landscape. This amazing picture taken in low light and yet perfectly drawing in the bright hues is a testament to the beauty of nature in its purest forms.

    The creator has used adequate balance in exposure and ISO to produce this exquisite portrayal of day break as it invades the darkness. This will no doubt be an amazing piece for your space.

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  • Calling out to the Heaven..

    Calling out to the Heaven..


    It is a perfect sunny morning; the earth meets the sky and creates a masterpiece of its own. The colors blend as an artist’s swift brush strokes on a canvas. Silent ripples create an air of expectation, the stillness of the wind speaks a thousand words, an excitement beyond comprehension, as if nature is calling us to be still and witness something glorious.

    And on cue, beautiful Dolphins gracefully emerge and dance to a tune of their own and the creator has captured the very moment nature harmonizes an amazing performance for those waiting to be awed by the brilliance of their waltz.

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  • The Expanse

    The Expanse


    Clouded and splattered with amber light this stunning capture of a sunset coming over a profiled wilderness gives out a cool and calm ambience that is perfectly sculptured by the creator using low light and shadows.

    The skillful application of maximum exposure is used to bring in as much natural light as possible to exaggerate the rays of dusk that provides for an amazing backdrop against the lining of the wild. This will no doubt be an amazing piece for your space.

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  • Water Falls from Above

    Water Falls from Above


    The magnitude and the overwhelming view of a waterfall seen from the foot of this wondrous natural phenomena. The landscape backdrop and beautiful blue sky adds more depth to the picture, which in essence is portrayed not just the beauty of nature, but also its authority and power.

    The creator of the photograph has purposely taken the picture from the foot of the waterfall looking upward towards it so as to depict its strength and commanding nature.

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  • Colors at Dawn

    Colors at Dawn


    A stunning photograph of a tree caught in profile against the splendor of dawn sky bursting with a blend of amber and blueish color. The perfect timing and light balance of the capture contributes to its amazing effect that refreshes the eye and mind with an ambience of romance.

    The creator has selected the perfect silhouette to be set against the contrasting color and applied the right light settings to contain detail in the lining of nature and extraordinary shades of color in a single frame.

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  • Debate Among the Giants

    Debate Among the Giants


    This creation features a beautiful mountain range surrounded by lush greenery which has been captured in a bright and sunny day. The mighty mountains line up facing each other as though they were engaged in a heated debate while the massive trees seem to extend themselves higher to catch a glimpse of the action going on before them.

    The scene gets even more interesting as the beautiful blue sky in the backdrop features milky white clouds that seem to take sides as though they were keeping score for this public debate among the giants taking place in front of an eager audience.

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