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Nature Photography

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  • Family Comes First

    Family Comes First


    We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all. This is the value of a family that is represented in this photograph through four mushrooms of varied sizes lined up in height order. Father, mother and two children, firmly rooted to the dark brown soil, captured against a black background.

    The photographer has amazingly taken this caption from ground level to clearly illustrate the size differences between each mushroom and perfectly injected illumination through smart lighting strategies.

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  • Colors at Dawn

    Colors at Dawn


    A stunning photograph of a tree caught in profile against the splendor of dawn sky bursting with a blend of amber and blueish color. The perfect timing and light balance of the capture contributes to its amazing effect that refreshes the eye and mind with an ambience of romance.

    The creator has selected the perfect silhouette to be set against the contrasting color and applied the right light settings to contain detail in the lining of nature and extraordinary shades of color in a single frame.

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  • Sky Walker

    Sky Walker


    A photograph of a coconut plucker fearlessly scaling the sky from one tree to another in his quest to retrieve his prized fruit. The angle in which the picture is taken gives a sense of awe into the height in which he works. The beauty of the photo is also in the multiple coconut trees randomly spread around the plucker in the sky.

    The creator that focused on a difficult angle to shoot, which is directed into the sky to ensure that the shear risk of this profession and the bravery of the individual is accurately conveyed to the viewer.

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  • Beauty of Creation

    Beauty of Creation


    The natural world testifies the beauty of creation. A perfect blend of light and shade personifies this amazing close-up of two mushrooms perched together in perfect harmony and exquisite beauty. The detail that is displayed through this photograph is almost divine.

    The photographer has skillfully captured the intricate patterns that form each mushroom and decorate these wonderful specimens of nature in a flawless balance of low ISO against a black background.

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  • The Expanse

    The Expanse


    The vast expanse of the heavens above testify the complexity of the human spirit. This photograph perfectly captures the glory of the sky that commands the seas and land below. The clouds arranged in a manner that gives both depth and vastness of the firmament.

    The creator has taken this photograph from an angle that looks upward to the sky in awe, capturing the sea and land beneath it. He has mixed light and share perfectly to offer the land as a silhouette against the ocean and sky, thereby drawing the viewer to focus on the sky whilst offering the land as its backdrop.

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  • The Sword in the Sky

    The Sword in the Sky


    A double-edged sword piecing the atmosphere to be thrust with force and light into the heart of a bustling city. This amazing night caption, taken during an electric storm clearly portrays the mighty force of nature in all its splendor and awe in comparison to the mechanistic man-made world – the city.

    The creator has used very high shutter speed to capture this wonder in motion whist protecting the detail of the lighting streak and the city below against a sky with a stunning mix of blue, violet and indigo using high aperture to draw in as much natural light as possible.

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  • Delight



    Red sky in the morning is the shepherds warning, red sky in the evening is the shepherds delight! The blend of red, violet, amber and indigo enthroning a scenic silhouette of an ocean front captured in perfect light.

    The creator has drawn in the exact amount of natural light by setting the aperture to perfection and thereby enhancing an amazing spectrum of color against a darkened detail. The exquisite angle from which the shot has been taken compliments the scenic spread that exemplifies the beauty of nature.

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  • Hope



    This photograph brings to view a light that is seen at the end of what could be regarded as a dark tunnel, although is the thick foliage of a dense forest. Hope is seen far-off as a bright light even while walking through the dark trials of life. This is the message that is conveyed through this though provoking photograph.

    The creator has perfectly balanced the exposure of the scene to produce a photograph that offer visibility of detail in both the dark and light segments of the frame.

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  • Blueprint of a Fruit

    Blueprint of a Fruit


    This portrait focuses on the veins of a dry fruit signifying the blueprint of its creation. The web of life clearly protruding out from the fruit in clarity and complexity. The positioning of the fruit and the perfect distance between the camera and the focal point has combined to produce a photograph that captures the entirety of the subject.

    The photographer has cleverly chosen a white background against the brown fruit to highlight its dull color and skillfully created depth using an angled light over the subject.

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  • Heaven Come

    Heaven Come


    Thy Kingdom Come on earth as it is in Heaven. The light of a new kingdom shines forth as a breaking of dawn. This photograph of a new day dawning is so celestially divine that it’s almost unreal. The rising sun captured from amidst tea bushes, painting a picture of a scenic splendor from the view point of nature itself.

    The creator has patiently waited for the perfect moment to catch this extraordinary natural wonder and ensured that the white balance and aperture is kept to the exact measurement to expose the lens to the only right amount of light that is required to feature the rays of the sun spreading forth over a dawning magnificent blueish sky.

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  • Old Limbs

    Old Limbs


    Knees that stand together will always bow in prayer together. Several pairs of worn-out old limbs are represented by an unlikely setting of an old tree trunk. This curious picture portraying the natures old age is captured as an interpretation of long-lasting unity amongst the elderly in society.

    The photographer has taken this picture in monochrome to successfully covey the age of its subject and contribute to its theme and message. The focus and ISO settings have been smartly adjusted to display the features of the old trunk even in suppressed lighting.

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  • Light unto My Path

    Light unto My Path


    Although darkness may cloud our sight, hope breaks through the shade to light-up our path. This monochrome creation perfectly captures the celestial beauty of a lady walking through a dark forest while the hidden light bursts through the thick foliage bringing forth a thought provoking and stunning scenery.

    The timing and perfect light balance of this photograph speaks of the amazing skill and creativity of the photographer who has created a natural silhouette of woman and nature.

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  • An Army Approaches

    An Army Approaches


    Explore the beauty of landscape photography through this amazing creation titled ‘An army approaches’, where, from a distance the creator captures a large group of towering trees standing tall against their surroundings. As you continue to enjoy this breathtaking natural setting set against a clear blue sky, the natural elements will begin to take form as the rows of large trees will begin to emerge as an army walking forward as though they are protecting their own.

    The lone tree seen in the corner of the creation plays the main role in this setting as it seems to lead the entire army, armed with the power of the sun clenched in its branches.

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  • Journey to a Lost World

    Journey to a Lost World


    Take a journey to discover the beauty and enchantment of a lost world deep across the blue ocean of the East. This scenic view of a fleet of wooden motor boats making their way towards a cluster of mystic islands that standing out of the sea as pillars against an amazing blue gradient sky.

    The creator has skillfully captured all three boats in unison of direction, but varied in distance to create a natural sense of depth to the photograph. This depth signifying a journey that stretches far into the distance. The frame is perfectly draped with awesome island peaks, bringing balance to an image that has been expertly exposed to reveal vibrant colors amongst vivid detail.

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  • Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages


    Stand firm over your adversaries like a rock over the wilderness. A beautiful view from over a rocky fortress to see over the wilderness and into the glazed blue sky. This exquisite scenery is captured in daylight using perfect white balance to maximize detail of the backdrop.

    The creator has selected a perfect angle that makes the viewer stare directly into the hope of the vast expansion of sky over the despair of foliage below using the rock as a fitting foreground to the frame. He has adjusted the light intake to perfection to bring forth a spark of sunlight through the trees and thereby adding splendor and more meaning to the scene.

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  • The Watchtower

    The Watchtower


    Hoisted high above the fields is the watchman that stays posted on the tower to ward-off any incoming threat to the crop destined for harvest. This beautiful photograph captured in perfect orientation and balance displays a tree house that serves and last and only defense of a farmer against enemies that may come to steal his produce.

    The creator has displayed a keen eye to bring out a stunning photo engaging the detail of the lofted structure against a fitting backdrop of a darkened sky through a simple setting that in most cases would pass by as a common sight.

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  • Generations



    Eternity builds upon the momentum of many generations. Lined-up chronologically are sprouting mushrooms representing the backbone of life and eternity – the family. The smallest and yet the most significant of all societal entities is captured in this creation which speaks many words.

    The creator has beautifully blended the image into a black background to highlight the mushroom family that is captured skillfully in natural light and colors.

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  • Vandalism of Life

    Vandalism of Life


    Life may appear fresh and beautiful, but the vandals of misfortune may steal, kill and destroy the very essence of life. This high detailed creation is a close-up of a leaf that is green in freshness and youthful but spoilt by mischievous insects that have freely vandalized its beauty. The black background exaggerates the focus on the stricken leaf and exuberates the greenery of the foliage.

    The creator has used much creativity in angle, background choice and lighting to bring forth a thought provoking and detail rich caption of nature which also represents the beauty which can even be found in the darkest of times in life.

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  • Mother and Daughter

    Mother and Daughter


    Two generations stand side by side anchored securely to a coarse foundation. As a mother and a daughter, these two mushrooms have blossomed together on a single piece of coarse wood. The irony of both of them almost appears to be posing for the camera is well captured.

    The photographer has utilized a black background to good effect to highlight the yellow hue of the mushrooms. Light and shade have been balanced in exquisite skill to bring forth an artistic and yet mysterious look to this natural portrait.

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  • A Way through the Forest

    A Way through the Forest


    A beautiful landscape of a rainforest and a lake that runs through it. In the distance is forestry lightly covered by mist as the waters continue to work its way through the thick jungle. The way in which the foliage of the forest borders the vast lake against a misty backdrop is a feature of this picture setting perfectly captured in the frame.

    The creator has used the available light to perfection and positioned the frame so that the lake runs in the center with equal portions of forest on either side to well balance the photograph.

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