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People Photography

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  • Restless Hearts

    Restless Hearts


    A young lad who probably returned home after a long time, is being teased by two girls. The stained glasses, hat and is brand new motorbike are all symbols of his new found youth. He may have been away at university in the city and he returned home a completely different person. He is cheerful, lives in the moment and enjoys all this attention!

    The girls, his sisters, we are made to assume will always see him as their younger brother and have chosen to humor him endlessly! The creator has portrayed a memory of the good times amongst family and shows that some bonds never change!

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  • Silent Prayers

    Silent Prayers


    A young girl hurriedly prays in silence, a million thoughts running through her mind, where words fail… before she heads out to face the world, she gives thanks for the day and lays before her god, countless unanswered prayers. Her posture is steady, yet delicate. This beautiful monochrome capture is thought provoking, yet serene.

    The creator intricately portrayed the strength of a woman, she is one who can fight the world and rock a baby to sleep, both with the same fervent heart. The light shines in the through in the background, bringing forth hope to the believer.

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  • Taming the Heart

    Taming the Heart


    The photographer has captured a beautiful setting, a grand, but ruined temple in the background, the plot of the image. The wind blows tumbling the leaves along the greenery, a storm brews in the distance, the sky rumble as the clouds draw closer in haste.

    In all this chaos, a young priest with all his strength cycles past, rushing back to the temple, his robe in hand. His heart is just like the storm, chaotic and rebellious. An otherwise peaceful afternoon spent in meditation took a twist at the sight of a bicycle and his day was never the same!

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  • Team Spirit

    Team Spirit


    During the time when the Festival of Lights celebrations is around the corner, the creator has been able to capture this beautiful moment when a group of young children comes together to make lanterns and decorations adorn the temple premises.

    The creation shows the energy and enthusiasm of these young children and also invokes the power of team spirit which shows how any task can become so much fun when you are doing it together with your friends. Attention is also drawn towards the young girl who seems to be isolated from the crowd and shows the importance of the occasional need to step away from the crowd to focus on the more delicate aspects.

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  • Sticks and Paper Comes To..

    Sticks and Paper Comes To..


    As Vesak season draws near, you will be capable to notice how groups gather together to embellish their environment with artistic Vesak lanterns, and this creation highlights one such case where a group of children come together to build their own ornaments for the season. This universe is perfect in illustrating how simple raw materials like sticks and paper can come together to build beautiful creations with the avail of some willing and gifted work force.

    Love this world as you make it part of your living space and envision the beautiful outcome these talented kids will raise from their tough work.

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  • Rhythmic Twirl

    Rhythmic Twirl


    The best theatrical performances are often a culmination of many aspects, and this creation focusses on the climax of the dance performance – a rhythmic twirl, performed by the chief dancer. As seen in the background of the scene, all the other performers are captivated by the innate abilities of the most senior member of the group and watch on in anticipation as he brings to life his great act which can only be achieved through many years of learning and practice.

    The creator has captured this moment in high definition to allow you to witness every detail of this traditional dance act and give you the opportunity to enjoy its lively splendor from where ever you have it on display.

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  • Hopes Lineup

    Hopes Lineup


    This amazing creation captures the moment when devotees join together to place simple oil lamps in neat rows representing their deep faith and the hope burning inside each one of them. Despite the brightness of a single lamp may be faint, when all the flames come together, they are capable of lighting up the entire surrounding even during the night time.

    As you make this creation part of your collection, you would be able to picture yourself placing your own lamp in the midst of this peaceful setting and enjoy watching how each of your hopes line up spreading warmth and cheer to the entire surrounding.

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  • Painted in Black and Whit..

    Painted in Black and Whit..


    The hurried steps of the nuns, almost blurring the image, leaving the spectator to create their own story, the hues of gray, create a feeling of solitude and desperateness. They may be rushing to take cover from a storm anticipated on the horizon or to say a final prayer for someone, an answer will never know.

    This image is one which is thought provoking, bringing about a sentiment of ambiguity. Their faith seems to be the only beacon of color and light in a world of black and white. This work of art captured by the creator will indeed be a thought-provoking piece for your living space.

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  • Cycle to the Sunset

    Cycle to the Sunset


    Feel the love diffuse out into the surroundings from this beautiful creation featuring two lovebirds spending some quiet time together enjoying the perfect view of the sunset. The photographer has captured this romantic moment at the right time to show how these love birds cycled together to this perfect destination and then sop to take a break and enjoy each other’s company.

    As they realize that a picture is the most perfect way to hold on to such sweet memories, this creation too will remind you to enjoy the journey you take with your loved ones, and not to forget to treasure the memories made during these special moments.

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  • Two is Company

    Two is Company


    ‘Two is Company’ is a wonderful creation that highlights many aspects related to life and invites the viewer to draw their attention to each of the prominent elements captured within the frame of this scene. Just as the glass light panels are seen together, you will also notice a pair of young monks who are engaged in a casual conversation enjoying each other’s company.

    The rural setting also encourages the viewer to understand that even with the bare minimum supplies, if you have the right company, you will never feel lonely; which gives you all the more reason to make this rare creation a part of your collection.

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  • A Friendship of a Lifetim..

    A Friendship of a Lifetim..


    Strong and touching, this beautiful creation is capable of embodying the purity of friendship that will go on to last a lifetime. The creator uses monochromatic tones to bring out the beauty of this wonderful scene where two little girls walk side by side while holding an umbrella much bigger than the two of them to shield them from the pouring rain.

    The scene is perfect as it highlights how this pair doesn’t seem to worry much about the troublesome weather as they have everything they need; an umbrella to shield themselves from the rain, and of course, each other’s company.

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  • Crossing the Green Fields..

    Crossing the Green Fields..


    It is hard to believe any photo enthusiast will be able to resist photographing the view of this beautiful natural setting featuring a paddy field during harvest season lined by rows of king coconut trees. Aside from the astounding natural beauty of the setting that is worthy of much admiration, the main focus of this creation is the line of Buddhist monks peacefully crossing the field in quiet meditation without causing even the simplest form of disturbance to the tranquility of the surroundings.

    This creation will most certainly bestow the same peace and tranquility to any surrounding therefore is a great décor option to consider.

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  • The Phoenix Rises

    The Phoenix Rises


    Calling all fans of deep-rooted cultures and mythical powers, this creation would be a perfect addition for your collection as it focuses on a ritualistic ceremony centered around ancient traditions and fire dancing techniques.

    Captured at an entryway lined with cobblestones which opens its gates to path leading to a mighty kingdom, dancers perform and call upon the great Phoenix – a mythical creature born of fire, symbolizing renewal, rebirth and resurrection.

    This striking creation will effortlessly grab the attention of an onlooker due to its fiery nature and thus, will make a perfect décor option to rejuvenate any living space.

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  • Colors of the Rain

    Colors of the Rain


    The rain has so beautifully brought forth the colors of the world. The creator has ably captured a young girl walking in the rain, after a long day of work, carrying a black and white umbrella. She seems to be in deep thought, gazing at the bright colors, reminiscing memories of her childhood, which she holds so dearly, where everything was picture-perfect, and her life was filled with joy and laughter.

    But her reality is far from her memories, just like her umbrella, unadorned. She finds herself longing for happiness, love and laughter, the colors she misses the most in life. A very creative work of art which will brighten up any space in your home.

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  • Under Nature’s Umbrella..

    Under Nature’s Umbrella..


    We as humans are always blessed by the most amazing miracles from Mother nature. Not willing to pass up an opportunity to capture one such example, the creator offers you this image which shows how a group of women dressed in traditional attire holding their beautifully colored umbrellas and walk through a bamboo field, shielded by the canopy above as though a massive umbrella has formed above them.

    This creation serves as a beautiful reminder that even though the rains may pour down on us sometimes, we will receive all the protection we need to make the journey much more bearable along the way.

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  • Childhood Robed in the Cr..

    Childhood Robed in the Cr..


    The image is beautifully captured by the creator whose eye finds the simplest moments so radiantly lived. The three little priests still in training to tame their hearts cease the opportunity to break free and make it a game of catchers. The giant trees clad in shades of green serenading their play by gently swaying to and fro. Their lives, so innocent and uncomplicated, find joy in being able to laugh and run, when other times are spent learning the futility of life.

    Will creed rob their joy of living? Or will they reminisce one day and rejoice in their triumph. A question left unanswered, left for them to decide, for now they’ll find joy in the little things in life.

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