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People Photography

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  • Taming the Heart

    Taming the Heart


    The photographer has captured a beautiful setting, a grand, but ruined temple in the background, the plot of the image. The wind blows tumbling the leaves along the greenery, a storm brews in the distance, the sky rumble as the clouds draw closer in haste.

    In all this chaos, a young priest with all his strength cycles past, rushing back to the temple, his robe in hand. His heart is just like the storm, chaotic and rebellious. An otherwise peaceful afternoon spent in meditation took a twist at the sight of a bicycle and his day was never the same!

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  • Hoisted over Breaking Wav..

    Hoisted over Breaking Wav..


    An action photo of fisherman on stilts as they sit hoisted above the breaking waves to catch their prize. The picture shows many fishermen spread throughout the frame, which combines to produce a beautiful scenery against a backdrop of panoramic ocean and sky.

    The creator has used the right shutter speed to capture a time freeze of a breaking wave giving a sense that the viewer is standing in the wake of the break. The mixture of action with serenity is well managed and balanced with the splendor of nature as a background.

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  • Respect



    The creator has captured the wonderful moment when a faithful devotee shows the utmost level of respect to a group of monks walking in meditation on their way to gather alms.

    The creation also boasts of a beautiful blend of complementary colors which brings out the range of red and orange hues of the Buddhist monks’ robes set against the lush greenery seen in the backdrop, while the pale white color of the old lady’s sari stands out from the rest, highlighting the respect she shows at this moment.

    Enjoy this peaceful creation when you make it part of a living space which invites you to respect these keepers of faith.

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  • Tea Break

    Tea Break


    No matter what type of work you engage in it is always better to take a small break every now and recharge yourself with the energy to go on with your work for the rest of the day. What better way to refuel yourself than with a group of friends with whom you can crack a joke or two and enjoy some light hearted chit chat.

    As seen in this delightful creation, a group of farmers comes together during a tiresome day at the field, and enjoy a warm cup of tea as they chat amongst each other reminding us too about the need to take a break every now and then.

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  • Sticks and Paper Comes To..

    Sticks and Paper Comes To..


    As Vesak season draws near, you will be capable to notice how groups gather together to embellish their environment with artistic Vesak lanterns, and this creation highlights one such case where a group of children come together to build their own ornaments for the season. This universe is perfect in illustrating how simple raw materials like sticks and paper can come together to build beautiful creations with the avail of some willing and gifted work force.

    Love this world as you make it part of your living space and envision the beautiful outcome these talented kids will raise from their tough work.

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  • Flames of Hope

    Flames of Hope


    Colored in warm shades this amazing world is radiant and brilliant as the fires of hope which are firing inside the young ones captured in this picture. The creator proves his amazing ability to not just concentrate on the rows of lamps, lighting brightly of the story, simply through the unique positioning is able to capture the hopes and wishes each of these children has within them, through the expressions on their facial expressions.

    Owing to its innocent and bright nature, this world will be a perfect addition to your house or office, where you too will be able to savor the warmth of hope.

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  • Set for a Fiery Performan..

    Set for a Fiery Performan..


    This traditional and artistic captivating creation focuses on a group of performers eagerly waiting for their turn to take part in an exquisite pageant. The creator uses this bold creation to express the levels of concentration and mentally preparing these performers exhibit, which is most prominently portrayed through the gaze of the young boy who is seen in the center of the scene.

    As you gaze upon the fire that burns, you will be able to feel the warmth and hope the dancers feel and also the fire that burns inside them before they engage in a performance fueled by their passion for traditional art.

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  • Rhythmic Twirl

    Rhythmic Twirl


    The best theatrical performances are often a culmination of many aspects, and this creation focusses on the climax of the dance performance – a rhythmic twirl, performed by the chief dancer. As seen in the background of the scene, all the other performers are captivated by the innate abilities of the most senior member of the group and watch on in anticipation as he brings to life his great act which can only be achieved through many years of learning and practice.

    The creator has captured this moment in high definition to allow you to witness every detail of this traditional dance act and give you the opportunity to enjoy its lively splendor from where ever you have it on display.

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  • The Morning Ride

    The Morning Ride


    Captured here is a rider, perched on a sleek and smart horse, clad in all his signature attire. Adopting some creative shutter movements, the photographer has blurred out the surroundings and focuses purely on the magnanimity of the beast and its rider.

    The beauty of the black and white horse is further illuminated in this photograph, through the echoing of the parallel color schemes. As such the beautiful mane and pristine fur of the horse is easily identifiable, while the strength of the animal is also apparent in the sturdy gallops he takes, under the able guidance of his rider.

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  • Elegance of a Dancer

    Elegance of a Dancer


    The elegance of a dancer is often seen in their costume, emotions and body language, together they complete him. The creator portrays a stunning moment the artist smiles in triumph amidst a performance. The expression on his face and the movements of the hands show great control.

    The experience of a dancer of this caliber cannot be taken lightly. He shows passion and commitment through this recital. The creator has left the spectator to complete the next step on their own. The brightly lit space and the artists attire to complement each other bringing this masterpiece to life, a perfect piece of inspiration.

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  • A Pose for the Camera!

    A Pose for the Camera!


    The morning rays are a mirror into a world of brightness and splendor. Everything is brand new and vibrant. A solitary fisherman has set out early to make the best of a beautiful day. Their days are long and unexciting, apart from a good catch there is very little that can stir up their soul.

    When the creator stopped to capture the sunrise and the peaceful morning, our creative actor posed ever so readily! The expose through the fishing nets and the sun rise just above the fisherman is a brilliant work of art on its own.

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  • The Phoenix Rises

    The Phoenix Rises


    Calling all fans of deep-rooted cultures and mythical powers, this creation would be a perfect addition for your collection as it focuses on a ritualistic ceremony centered around ancient traditions and fire dancing techniques.

    Captured at an entryway lined with cobblestones which opens its gates to path leading to a mighty kingdom, dancers perform and call upon the great Phoenix – a mythical creature born of fire, symbolizing renewal, rebirth and resurrection.

    This striking creation will effortlessly grab the attention of an onlooker due to its fiery nature and thus, will make a perfect décor option to rejuvenate any living space.

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  • The Master in Action

    The Master in Action


    Celebrating the wonder of cultural practices passed down over the centuries, the creator highlights the amazing talent of a seasoned performer just before he commences an epic dance performance. Taking center stage in a fire-dancing ceremony, the master displays the highest levels of confidence to perform this ritualistic dance, demonstrating how such poise and perfection can be attained only through years of devotion towards practice.

    As the master’s faithful disciples look on, you too would be able to visualize this awe-inspiring dance performance unfold before your eyes when you make this creation a part of your home or office space.

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  • The Winning Point

    The Winning Point


    Anticipation is building, the beach is glistening, so much so that their reflection can be seen. They all watch as two players run towards the ball, each team hopes for their mate to kick the ball and take it towards the goal.

    The creator has seized a moment of great expectation among these young groups. The winner of this game is one we will not know, but for an instant the creator has built up expectation in all those who stop to look at this image, each will leave creating their own story of how the game ends…

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  • High Wire Act

    High Wire Act


    The art of toddy tapping is one that has been mastered over the years and is considered to be an age-old tradition which is still practiced in most of the coastal areas in the beautiful island nation, Sri Lanka. This creation captures a toddy tapper in action as he carefully balances himself on weather-worn ropes, making his way from one tree to another to collect sap which will then be fermented further to yield a strong alcoholic beverage.

    This is a wonderful creation to make a part of your collection as it serves as a reminder of this dangerous and dying profession which is an integral part of the isle’s tropical charm.

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  • Halo of Faith

    Halo of Faith


    It is nearly inconceivable to guess how the photographer was able to get this beautiful moment without disturbing the scenery, as it demonstrates the utmost concentration this young Buddhist monk displays as he strings up a simple lantern. Hidden in the modesty of this universe, the viewer will begin to understand how the delicate flame illuminating the lantern symbolizes the faith burning inside the new monk.

    This will create a perfect décor option as the luminosity of the candle burning begins to take form of a glowing halo as this world spreads its light to its surroundings, passing around the power of complete religion.

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  • Cycle to the Sunset

    Cycle to the Sunset


    Feel the love diffuse out into the surroundings from this beautiful creation featuring two lovebirds spending some quiet time together enjoying the perfect view of the sunset. The photographer has captured this romantic moment at the right time to show how these love birds cycled together to this perfect destination and then sop to take a break and enjoy each other’s company.

    As they realize that a picture is the most perfect way to hold on to such sweet memories, this creation too will remind you to enjoy the journey you take with your loved ones, and not to forget to treasure the memories made during these special moments.

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  • Weaving Dreams

    Weaving Dreams


    A solitary fisherman, sits on the beach at dusk, weaving his broken fishing net. His face worn, tired, but determined to finish the task as he has promises to keep. The sea is calm and is a beautiful shade of blue, in the sky a hint of red, the heavens and the earth are ready for the journey these fishermen venture out every night. Only he knows the storms in his mind. The dream he cast out to sea, entwined in the nets, need to be brought ashore because every time he closes his eyes, there is a bright smile that he sees, a reminder of the reward he so dearly cherishes.

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  • Treasure in the Mud

    Treasure in the Mud


    Here, the creator has set his eyes on a lush green paddy field under preparation for the harvesting season and draws our attention to a moment when two farmers and their faithful herd of cattle tend to the field digging through the mud as though they were trying to uncover a treasure hidden beneath the soil.

    The beauty of this creation lies not only in its scenic value, but also in its powerful message conveyed; that the treasure is in fact not hidden in the mud, but will rise from the mud in the form of a bountiful harvest brought about by hard work.

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  • Painted in Black and Whit..

    Painted in Black and Whit..


    The hurried steps of the nuns, almost blurring the image, leaving the spectator to create their own story, the hues of gray, create a feeling of solitude and desperateness. They may be rushing to take cover from a storm anticipated on the horizon or to say a final prayer for someone, an answer will never know.

    This image is one which is thought provoking, bringing about a sentiment of ambiguity. Their faith seems to be the only beacon of color and light in a world of black and white. This work of art captured by the creator will indeed be a thought-provoking piece for your living space.

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