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People Photography

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  • The Winning Point

    The Winning Point


    Anticipation is building, the beach is glistening, so much so that their reflection can be seen. They all watch as two players run towards the ball, each team hopes for their mate to kick the ball and take it towards the goal.

    The creator has seized a moment of great expectation among these young groups. The winner of this game is one we will not know, but for an instant the creator has built up expectation in all those who stop to look at this image, each will leave creating their own story of how the game ends…

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  • Dance to my Tune

    Dance to my Tune


    Devil dancing is a traditional act unique to this part of the world, and this creation captures the moment during one such act where the main character seems to taunt the audience as if inviting them to dance to his tune. Captured in the background is are three traditional drums termed ‘Yak Bera’ that beat a rhythmic tune for this beastly devil to perform his act.

    If you are a lover of ancient traditions and unique cultural performances, this creation will be a perfect addition to your collection and will keep the viewer entertained by this scary yet entertaining act.

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  • Beyond Tradition

    Beyond Tradition


    This work of art is a stunning combination of color captured by the photographer. The pretty young girls are amidst generations clad in traditional attire but carrying their smart phones, harmonizing the best of both worlds. Their lives are carefree and easy, yet to be heavily laden with pressures the rest of the crowd seems to carry whose faces are with pursed lips and frowns.

    The young lasses are just as beautiful as the flowers they carry, fresh and vibrant walking to the place of worship with an easy heart and a bright smile. Their lives could not be simpler.

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  • Cycle to the Sunset

    Cycle to the Sunset


    Feel the love diffuse out into the surroundings from this beautiful creation featuring two lovebirds spending some quiet time together enjoying the perfect view of the sunset. The photographer has captured this romantic moment at the right time to show how these love birds cycled together to this perfect destination and then sop to take a break and enjoy each other’s company.

    As they realize that a picture is the most perfect way to hold on to such sweet memories, this creation too will remind you to enjoy the journey you take with your loved ones, and not to forget to treasure the memories made during these special moments.

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  • Disciplined Procession

    Disciplined Procession


    A beautiful picture of a procession of Buddhist clergy dressed in different shades of yellow and orange, walking downhill on a paved road. The photograph has been taken at an angle that compliments the direction in which they are travelling and thereby the featured subjects are spread exactly across the frame from corner to corner.

    The different shades of their robes positioned randomly in a line bring a creative uniform of bright color against the background.

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  • A Solemn Promise

    A Solemn Promise


    We often need to remind yourselves that we must do everything in our power to protect what nature has freely gifted to us for our younger generation, but in this instance the creator draws our attention to a young child who has already taken it to heart to do everything he can to protect the environment.

    Hidden in this young child’s fixed gaze is a solemn promise to live a life protecting Mother Nature as an expression of gratitude for the priceless gifts we have been blessed with. With such a powerful message, this creation is most certainly worthy of a special place in any surrounding.

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  • Colors of the Rain

    Colors of the Rain


    The rain has so beautifully brought forth the colors of the world. The creator has ably captured a young girl walking in the rain, after a long day of work, carrying a black and white umbrella. She seems to be in deep thought, gazing at the bright colors, reminiscing memories of her childhood, which she holds so dearly, where everything was picture-perfect, and her life was filled with joy and laughter.

    But her reality is far from her memories, just like her umbrella, unadorned. She finds herself longing for happiness, love and laughter, the colors she misses the most in life. A very creative work of art which will brighten up any space in your home.

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  • Capturing Innocence

    Capturing Innocence


    The young monk grins, possibly at the sight of something he longed for as he stands against the yellow and blue stained-glass window, the day seems to be coming to an end and the sun still makes an effort to shine through, giving hope to the spectator.

    An ‘aha’ moment, where the creator has captured his innocence so perfectly. One cannot help but smile and wonder what is behind all of this. His, will be the generation that carries forward the teachings of life, a generation, we whole heartedly need to protect. The color arrangement of this work of art is brilliant as they perfectly balance out each other…

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  • Life on Stilts

    Life on Stilts


    A fishing method unique to the people of Sri Lanka, here is a scenic capture on the silhouette of a stilt fisherman. In the background of the setting sun where dark clouds roam freely, a patient stilt fisherman awaits his catch.

    Though these fishermen make stilt fishing look easy, it requires much skill and balance. The vertical pole onto which is attached a cross bar, is firmly embedded onto the waters, enabling these fishermen to sit just a few meters above the waterline. Predominantly found along the southern coastal belt of the country, famed to be small fishing villages where most of these fishermen call their home.

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  • A Pose for the Camera!

    A Pose for the Camera!


    The morning rays are a mirror into a world of brightness and splendor. Everything is brand new and vibrant. A solitary fisherman has set out early to make the best of a beautiful day. Their days are long and unexciting, apart from a good catch there is very little that can stir up their soul.

    When the creator stopped to capture the sunrise and the peaceful morning, our creative actor posed ever so readily! The expose through the fishing nets and the sun rise just above the fisherman is a brilliant work of art on its own.

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  • Halo of Faith

    Halo of Faith


    It is nearly inconceivable to guess how the photographer was able to get this beautiful moment without disturbing the scenery, as it demonstrates the utmost concentration this young Buddhist monk displays as he strings up a simple lantern. Hidden in the modesty of this universe, the viewer will begin to understand how the delicate flame illuminating the lantern symbolizes the faith burning inside the new monk.

    This will create a perfect décor option as the luminosity of the candle burning begins to take form of a glowing halo as this world spreads its light to its surroundings, passing around the power of complete religion.

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  • Hoisted over Breaking Wav..

    Hoisted over Breaking Wav..


    An action photo of fisherman on stilts as they sit hoisted above the breaking waves to catch their prize. The picture shows many fishermen spread throughout the frame, which combines to produce a beautiful scenery against a backdrop of panoramic ocean and sky.

    The creator has used the right shutter speed to capture a time freeze of a breaking wave giving a sense that the viewer is standing in the wake of the break. The mixture of action with serenity is well managed and balanced with the splendor of nature as a background.

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  • Sticks and Paper Comes To..

    Sticks and Paper Comes To..


    As Vesak season draws near, you will be capable to notice how groups gather together to embellish their environment with artistic Vesak lanterns, and this creation highlights one such case where a group of children come together to build their own ornaments for the season. This universe is perfect in illustrating how simple raw materials like sticks and paper can come together to build beautiful creations with the avail of some willing and gifted work force.

    Love this world as you make it part of your living space and envision the beautiful outcome these talented kids will raise from their tough work.

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  • High Wire Act

    High Wire Act


    The art of toddy tapping is one that has been mastered over the years and is considered to be an age-old tradition which is still practiced in most of the coastal areas in the beautiful island nation, Sri Lanka. This creation captures a toddy tapper in action as he carefully balances himself on weather-worn ropes, making his way from one tree to another to collect sap which will then be fermented further to yield a strong alcoholic beverage.

    This is a wonderful creation to make a part of your collection as it serves as a reminder of this dangerous and dying profession which is an integral part of the isle’s tropical charm.

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  • The Master in Action

    The Master in Action


    Celebrating the wonder of cultural practices passed down over the centuries, the creator highlights the amazing talent of a seasoned performer just before he commences an epic dance performance. Taking center stage in a fire-dancing ceremony, the master displays the highest levels of confidence to perform this ritualistic dance, demonstrating how such poise and perfection can be attained only through years of devotion towards practice.

    As the master’s faithful disciples look on, you too would be able to visualize this awe-inspiring dance performance unfold before your eyes when you make this creation a part of your home or office space.

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  • Actions speak Louder

    Actions speak Louder


    Actions do speak louder than words, and this creation is quite clear about the powerful message it gives out. In a world where we hear many speak of things of what should be done, a scene where two young children cart along sacks full of garbage left behind on these beautiful shores shouts out a powerful reminder that we must do everything in our control and beyond to protect our environment.

    Whether you are a passionate environmentalist, or lover of art which conveys powerful messages, this creation will be a perfect addition to your collection and also help spread this timely message.

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  • Team Spirit

    Team Spirit


    Enjoy the fun and devotion expressed in this wonderful creation as you stare at a scenery where a group of young children join together to make some traditional decorations for the Vesak season. Decorated in traditional garb, this creation shows all the key roles each one plays when making such a project come to life, which even includes standing on the sidelines and enjoying the fellowship of friends while everyone engages in some light-hearted conversation.

    This world will be a fantastic add-on to an indoor place, especially where you would gather with your fellow associates on special projects every now and then.

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  • Festival of Color

    Festival of Color


    Bright, vibrant tones in the air, laughter and music illustrate the Holi festival and our creator has portrayed part of a beautiful gathering for the spectator. People from all walks of life; different nations and creed have come together to celebrate the beginning of new chapters in life, a time to forgive, amend and give thanks for all that is good. For this gathering, the youth of the new generation, however, it is simply another opportunity to let their hair down and party through the night! The energy and vivaciousness of the young crowd is perfectly captured by the photographer.

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  • Treasure in the Mud

    Treasure in the Mud


    Here, the creator has set his eyes on a lush green paddy field under preparation for the harvesting season and draws our attention to a moment when two farmers and their faithful herd of cattle tend to the field digging through the mud as though they were trying to uncover a treasure hidden beneath the soil.

    The beauty of this creation lies not only in its scenic value, but also in its powerful message conveyed; that the treasure is in fact not hidden in the mud, but will rise from the mud in the form of a bountiful harvest brought about by hard work.

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  • The Circle of Life

    The Circle of Life


    An aged lady clad in blue-gray clothing, walk through a lush, green bamboo forest in the rain, they are the only witness to the life she has lived. They have both grown together, drawing strength, sharing each other’s joy and sorrow, giving her shelter through the storms of life. The road is long and each step she takes is tiring, the year’s written ever so clearly on her face. But she cannot stop this journey as she pleases, there is more for the world to learn from her and she has more to give. The photographer has captured the circle of life so beautifully.

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