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People Photography

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  • A Friendship of a Lifetim..

    A Friendship of a Lifetim..


    Strong and touching, this beautiful creation is capable of embodying the purity of friendship that will go on to last a lifetime. The creator uses monochromatic tones to bring out the beauty of this wonderful scene where two little girls walk side by side while holding an umbrella much bigger than the two of them to shield them from the pouring rain.

    The scene is perfect as it highlights how this pair doesn’t seem to worry much about the troublesome weather as they have everything they need; an umbrella to shield themselves from the rain, and of course, each other’s company.

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  • A Beat in Time

    A Beat in Time


    Three talented drummers dressed in their traditional costumes are captured in a still moment in time as they get set to beat their drums and captivate their audience.

    Complementing these three dancers, the creator captures this group against a historic building with ‘Kabok’ walls while its tiled roof is adorned with brilliant orange colored lanterns, and the picture demonstrates a perfect balance lined by a green lawn and perfect blue sky. A beautiful Buddhist flag flutters in the ground representing the influence Buddhism play on our culture which makes this universe a perfect picture that will instill pride and joy among all.

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  • Work begins at Dusk

    Work begins at Dusk


    Striking shades of orange light up the clouds in the sky as dusk takes over the day. The creator has captured this moment in high definition as he focuses on the other activities that take place on this beach which includes a pair of fishermen walk with their nets while another two tend to their nets further away. As the brightness of the sun darkens everything in the foreground, the silhouettes appearing in black show how these hard-working fishermen prepare to begin their work for the day.

    This creation will be a perfect addition to your home or office as it will infuse the energy to begin your work and also help you unwind enjoying the beauty of dusk.

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  • Tea Break

    Tea Break


    No matter what type of work you engage in it is always better to take a small break every now and recharge yourself with the energy to go on with your work for the rest of the day. What better way to refuel yourself than with a group of friends with whom you can crack a joke or two and enjoy some light hearted chit chat.

    As seen in this delightful creation, a group of farmers comes together during a tiresome day at the field, and enjoy a warm cup of tea as they chat amongst each other reminding us too about the need to take a break every now and then.

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  • Two is Company

    Two is Company


    ‘Two is Company’ is a wonderful creation that highlights many aspects related to life and invites the viewer to draw their attention to each of the prominent elements captured within the frame of this scene. Just as the glass light panels are seen together, you will also notice a pair of young monks who are engaged in a casual conversation enjoying each other’s company.

    The rural setting also encourages the viewer to understand that even with the bare minimum supplies, if you have the right company, you will never feel lonely; which gives you all the more reason to make this rare creation a part of your collection.

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  • Guiding Hands

    Guiding Hands


    Featured in this creation is a young Buddhist monk who engages in quiet meditation on the words of the Dhamma. Such a powerful doctrine that has gained many followers over the years have been a result of various teachings handed down over thousands of years, from higher beings who have reached enlightenment.

    This image is powerful as it depicts how the young monk contemplates on the sacred teachings with the hope of reaching this higher state and also the power bestowed by each of the mighty teachers that continue to guide other followers on the right path to enlightenment.

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  • Lost Hope

    Lost Hope


    The ground is hard and dry, the sky is clear, not a cloud in sight… a herd of goat walk in the scorching sun looking for food and water. Their skin pale and coats dirty. A man in deep thought walks alongside them without a second glance at this herd. He carries his own burdens, hopeless and withered are his spirit, just like his surroundings. A place of worship can be seen in the distance, old, ruined, but standing tall and in that expanse, there is greenery but from this point it seems out of reach! The creator has given the spectator an image to ponder on. Is there any hope at all?

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  • Darkness Defeated

    Darkness Defeated


    The creator constructs a story for the spectator, a little child sits by a chimney lamp, studying. His mother may be in the background cooking dinner, while watching him. Life in poverty wasn’t his choice, but what he chooses to do with the education is clearly in his hands. As poverty creeps in like the night, he will be the bright light that shines through bringing hope! The expressions on his face are to be construed carefully by the spectator.

    For one, he may be a lethargic child studying because his mother keeps pestering in the background, to another he may be a child staring at the book but in reality lost in thought in his own world.

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  • Devil’s Beat

    Devil’s Beat


    Get set for a mesmerizing cultural display as you feast your eyes on this amazing scene captured by the talented creator at the entrance of an ancient heritage site. Flanked by three talented drummers, the main performers adorned in their devilish costumes strike a pose before the drums beat on and they begin their mesmerizing dance rituals.

    This creation is bold and colorful, making it a perfect addition against any backdrop which will bring the beauty of this cultural display, right into your living space, where you will be able to picture these captivating devils dance to their favorite beat.

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  • The Phoenix Rises

    The Phoenix Rises


    Calling all fans of deep-rooted cultures and mythical powers, this creation would be a perfect addition for your collection as it focuses on a ritualistic ceremony centered around ancient traditions and fire dancing techniques.

    Captured at an entryway lined with cobblestones which opens its gates to path leading to a mighty kingdom, dancers perform and call upon the great Phoenix – a mythical creature born of fire, symbolizing renewal, rebirth and resurrection.

    This striking creation will effortlessly grab the attention of an onlooker due to its fiery nature and thus, will make a perfect décor option to rejuvenate any living space.

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  • Who’s Next?

    Who’s Next?


    A man stands beside his logistical machinery before the workday starts in the trade hub of Pettah, Sri Lanka as another curiously steals a glimpse of the photographer. The line-up of the handcarts in a horizontal manner against a blue background of closed stores gives an artistic look to this photograph that expresses both creativity and meaning. The image itself is usually widened to exaggerate on the horizontal lineup.

    The creator successfully elaborated on a patient expectation of a Cartman to a business day filled with many errands for his transport fleet.

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  • Preparing for an Encounte..

    Preparing for an Encounte..


    The motionless gaze of the dancer, the ready feet quick to leap, the torch in hand, to the spectator it is as if witnessing an encounter with an unseen spirit. The creator’s expression is thoughtful, yet stern, cautiously fashioning his next move. In the background the tone is intense, some chanting in a language unknown, they wait with eagerness to watch an extraordinary battle unfold.

    The creator has caught a moment of silence before a storm. This black and white masterpiece is unique and is a consistent reminder of the beauty in a culture of a country we call home.

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  • Life on Stilts

    Life on Stilts


    A fishing method unique to the people of Sri Lanka, here is a scenic capture on the silhouette of a stilt fisherman. In the background of the setting sun where dark clouds roam freely, a patient stilt fisherman awaits his catch.

    Though these fishermen make stilt fishing look easy, it requires much skill and balance. The vertical pole onto which is attached a cross bar, is firmly embedded onto the waters, enabling these fishermen to sit just a few meters above the waterline. Predominantly found along the southern coastal belt of the country, famed to be small fishing villages where most of these fishermen call their home.

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  • The Winning Point

    The Winning Point


    Anticipation is building, the beach is glistening, so much so that their reflection can be seen. They all watch as two players run towards the ball, each team hopes for their mate to kick the ball and take it towards the goal.

    The creator has seized a moment of great expectation among these young groups. The winner of this game is one we will not know, but for an instant the creator has built up expectation in all those who stop to look at this image, each will leave creating their own story of how the game ends…

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  • Joy Consumed by Flames

    Joy Consumed by Flames


    This wonderful creation may appear as a light-hearted image at a glance, but the creator is able to convey a powerful message through the instance where a young Buddhist monk watches the flames consume a simple yet beautiful lantern.

    The creation portrays a combination of emotions from the past, present, and future in the form of the joy of lighting up the decoration, the moment of realization when the lantern catches fire, and the regret the monk feels due to his careless mistake. Set in an ancient temple adorned with traditional drawings, this creation will make a perfect décor option for any living space.

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  • Halo of Faith

    Halo of Faith


    It is nearly inconceivable to guess how the photographer was able to get this beautiful moment without disturbing the scenery, as it demonstrates the utmost concentration this young Buddhist monk displays as he strings up a simple lantern. Hidden in the modesty of this universe, the viewer will begin to understand how the delicate flame illuminating the lantern symbolizes the faith burning inside the new monk.

    This will create a perfect décor option as the luminosity of the candle burning begins to take form of a glowing halo as this world spreads its light to its surroundings, passing around the power of complete religion.

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  • Revving up Life!

    Revving up Life!


    The sun sets in the distance, the sky a gorgeous hue of golden yellow, the day closes in. But it only begins for this fisherman. He leaves the comfort of his home and family and goes out to sea. His rugged, masculine body, a reminder of the difficulties he went through that made him toughen up. Inside, however, he is delicate, he breaks down every night, at the thought of the uncertainty of the life at sea… No one sees the tears and the pain, he puts on the perfect disguise. Only the deep blue sea knows his cry for help.

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  • Flames of Hope

    Flames of Hope


    Colored in warm shades this amazing world is radiant and brilliant as the fires of hope which are firing inside the young ones captured in this picture. The creator proves his amazing ability to not just concentrate on the rows of lamps, lighting brightly of the story, simply through the unique positioning is able to capture the hopes and wishes each of these children has within them, through the expressions on their facial expressions.

    Owing to its innocent and bright nature, this world will be a perfect addition to your house or office, where you too will be able to savor the warmth of hope.

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  • Respect



    The creator has captured the wonderful moment when a faithful devotee shows the utmost level of respect to a group of monks walking in meditation on their way to gather alms.

    The creation also boasts of a beautiful blend of complementary colors which brings out the range of red and orange hues of the Buddhist monks’ robes set against the lush greenery seen in the backdrop, while the pale white color of the old lady’s sari stands out from the rest, highlighting the respect she shows at this moment.

    Enjoy this peaceful creation when you make it part of a living space which invites you to respect these keepers of faith.

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  • Tireless Sunset

    Tireless Sunset


    I could never find enough of gazing upon a mesmerizing sunset as beautiful as this, and through this creation the photographer has been able to immortalize this captivating moment. Against this beautiful auburn sky, the creator focuses his lens on a pair of fishermen who together, prepare their nets before they set out to sea, and due to the illumination created by the sunset, they bear out from the image as black silhouettes.

    Owing to its astonishing natural beauty and depiction of hard work, this creation will draw a perfect décor option for your household or office place.

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