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Wildlife Photography

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  • A Little Difference and I..

    A Little Difference and I..


    This brilliant Creator has managed to capture the beak of the Malabar Pied Thornbill, peeking out from behind the leaves of green. The shape and style and overall appearance of the beak, at first glance, is so incredibly special and unique. At first glance you are taken up and intrigued as the beak blends into its surroundings so seamlessly.

    From a more distant angle, it’s as though the bird is trying to mimic the appearance of another animal with its spectacular beak. From a distance and at first glance the appearance of the beak looks like a pair of horns. The photograph is so intriguing that it would draw the attention of any and all who are near it.

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  • Fields of Lavender

    Fields of Lavender


    This lovely, vibrant and colorful bird stands on a thin, small branch looking out at everything around it, in this marvelous creation. The talented Creator has brought focus to this bird who has a multitude of colors in its feathers.

    The scenic background which is out of focus and slightly blurred out is highlighted by the dots of lavender flowers mixed in with all the green leaves. The bird could easily camouflage and blend in with its surroundings as all the colors of the bird and the surroundings complement each other quite well.

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  • Parade with Pride

    Parade with Pride


    Through this work of art the creator demonstrates multiple talents. It includes the art of mastering nature photography. It also shows the ability to practice precision in timing in order to capture the perfect shot through his lens. Seen here is the mighty leopard in its natural habitat. This creature is known for its razor sharp focus making it one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom.

    Position this breathtaking creation against any setting. Watch how one of nature’s finest predators set its focus just before it pounces on its prey. It is as though it was getting ready to leap out of the creation itself.

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  • The Lone Warrior

    The Lone Warrior


    It’s mid-morning in the jungle, the animals are out and about, at a distance a beautiful Leopard is spotted making its way through the jungle and onto the walking path. He walks with purpose and pride. The coat is beautiful and unique; it shines in the sunlight. His razor sharp teeth and the visible through the half open mouth.

    This lone warrior has fought the good fight and suffered an eye injury. Yet, undefeated, he walks through the jungle. Our creator has caught him at the perfect moment and exposed the true elegance of a wild animal through his lenses.

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  • It’s Never Far Enou..

    It’s Never Far Enou..


    The Chameleon armed with its own unique weapon is an endemic species to Sri Lanka. He moves very slowly and has eyes that move independently, which help him look in different directions. His tones of green and brown help him camouflage amongst the leaves and lie in waiting.

    This beautiful creature captured by the creator has emerged victorious. Although he is perched on one tree branch, his prey is on another. He extends his tongue which is almost the length of its body to grab the insect caught unawares. It is pretty amazing to see nature unfold its mysteries!

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  • An Evening Stroll

    An Evening Stroll


    The day is closing in, there is a beautiful sunset on the horizon, it is the end of another day. For this Indian pond heron, however, the day seems to go on. She has come to the water in search of food or maybe to enjoy the beauty of the sunset, to reflect upon her life.

    She dares to go further into the pond to devour a few insects, but decides to wait patiently for them to fly by. The creator has captured her in the shadow against the golden sunset shining across the water… It is beautiful how nature orchestrates these little moments of perfection.

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  • Making an Entrance

    Making an Entrance


    He is a sight not to be missed, walking through the plain colored a golden yellow by the afternoon sun. His neck is a beautiful turquoise, the body a shade of grey and the elegant trail complete with the most exquisite colors hiding a magnificent work of art, this is the Indian peafowl.

    He will display his feathers when attracting a mate and this handsome bird seems to be in search of one. The peafowl adds color and vibrance to the otherwise dull background, the combination seems perfect. The creator has rendered this amazing capture of the beauty of nature.

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  • A Sharp Watch

    A Sharp Watch


    The beauty of these eyes will captivate you. This crested hawk eagle is no doubt a stunner. Her beautiful crest gives her a look of a stern red Indian chief! The curved black bill helps grab prey easily and hold on to it. The brownish yellow eyes give her the ability to see beyond others with precision and sharpness.

    Her breast covered in brown and white feathers and the rest in hues of brown provides her the necessary camouflage to hunt. Her features are beautifully captured by the creator against the blurred olive green background.

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  • Parenting Skills in Pract..

    Parenting Skills in Pract..


    A little family of Grebes makes their way into the lake. Seems like, it is time for mum to teach her young to swim independently. The two little chicks follow their mum’s lead along her side. Rufous colored neck and bright orange eyes make an adult Grebe a beautiful bird.

    The young are lighter shades. Grebe’s are excellent swimmers and hunt on small fish and small insects under water. The creator has caught a precise moment where the adult Grebe ruffles her feathers splashing the water all around, which shine bright with the colors of the rainbow, through the light of the sun.

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  • Perfectly Relaxed

    Perfectly Relaxed


    Have you ever just wanted to find the perfect place to chill on a quiet Sunday afternoon? Well, it seems this monkey has found the perfect place, set away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but offers a perfect view to keep a quiet watch of what’s going on with the tribe from afar.

    The photographer has been quite adept to capture this unique moment without disturbing his muse to give us this wonderful work of art that will bring the beauty of this natural setting closer to you when you display it in any living space of your choice.

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  • Who Goes There?

    Who Goes There?


    A timeless, elegant naturalistic portrait of a falcon. This black and white rendition is just so inspired and artistic. The Creator has a wonderful sense of artistic ability and intuition. When taking photographs in black and white, the moments that are being captured are transformed into something more powerful, as if the image were trying to bring a powerful, important message across to those who view it.

    The vintage feel of this black and white nature portrait brings an elegance to the piece, it highlights the dedication, class and professionalism that the Creator has put into capturing this bird, in this manner, so perfectly and precisely.

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  • Ruler of The Sky

    Ruler of The Sky


    A hawk stands in command claiming authority over its domain and scanning its territory with a glare of rulership. This regal ruler of the sky has the countenance of a king. Seems like, he is caught in a rare and elegant pose by the skillful eye of the creator. A perfectly balanced photograph with the subject surrounded evenly by the bark of a tree.

    The creator has applied a blend of background and foreground to capture the detail of the animal encompassed by its platform and its surrounding environment in a well-executed and designed portrait of this bird.

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  • These Wings were Meant to..

    These Wings were Meant to..


    The brilliant Creator has captured the Amber colored wings of the butterfly as it perches on the head of a flower, drinking the nectar from the flower to quench its thirst and hunger. The butterfly is a symbol of everything good and beautiful in this world, whilst also being a symbol of purity, innocence and freedom.

    Butterflies are known to be some of the most mesmerizing creatures in nature. The diversity in the array of colors that a butterfly could have on its wings is fascinating, by itself. There is a quiet, calming stillness to this masterpiece.

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  • Splashing Toddlers

    Splashing Toddlers


    An enticing puddle has welcomed a group of boisterous toddlers. They gorge themselves in the water with excitement and glee. This photograph is an exquisite depiction of the similarities between toddlers in the animal kingdom and humans alike. Here, we get a sneak peek into the playful endeavors of a herd of young elephants as their more serious-minded feathered friends watch in embarrassment.

    The creator has skillfully captured this action-packed event using high shutter speeds. Furthermore, he has timed the capture to perfection at a low angle. As a result, it has produced an image that encompasses within itself a playful and joyful ambience.

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  • Hawk-Eye



    The gaze of a hawk cannot be escaped no matter how far you run or how deep you hide. This is an amazing capture of a hawk perched on a branch. It creates a vision as though both he and the branch are literally floating in the air. It seems that it is a perfect testament to the scouting gaze of an expert hunter focused on the mission at hand.

    The backdrop exquisitely compliments the detail of the image. Its main subject serves as a highlight to the foreground. The creator perfectly stabilized this portrait against the blue sky. It results in serving as a fitting backdrop to the exquisitely executed photograph in the wild.

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  • The Big Yawn

    The Big Yawn


    A skillful candid photograph of a leopard in full expression of his intention to take a well-deserved afternoon nap. The blurred out background perfectly orients with this close up. Therefore, by focusing on the animal itself whilst applying an artistic green background made-up of the surrounding wilderness.

    The creator has timed this shot to precision and balanced it perfectly in the frame with the leopards wide open jaws centering the image with ample room for revealing a most suitable backdrop for the action.

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