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Wildlife Photography

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  • The Big Yawn

    The Big Yawn


    A skillful candid photograph of a leopard in full expression of his intention to take a well-deserved afternoon nap. The blurred out background perfectly orients with this close up. Therefore, by focusing on the animal itself whilst applying an artistic green background made-up of the surrounding wilderness.

    The creator has timed this shot to precision and balanced it perfectly in the frame with the leopards wide open jaws centering the image with ample room for revealing a most suitable backdrop for the action.

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  • Razor Sharp Focus

    Razor Sharp Focus


    Through this work of art the creator demonstrates multiple talents. It includes the art of mastering nature photography. It also shows the ability to practice precision in timing in order to capture the perfect shot through his lens. Seen here is the mighty leopard in its natural habitat. This creature is known for its razor sharp focus making it one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom.

    Position this breathtaking creation against any setting. Watch how one of nature’s finest predators set its focus just before it pounces on its prey. It is as though it was getting ready to leap out of the creation itself.

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  • Undivided Focus

    Undivided Focus


    A hawk stays perched on a dead branch with eyes focused on a target. No-one can compete with the intent and undistracted gaze of such a bird, that exhibits to us the value of such a trait in the real world.

    The creator has used a very low aperture setting. This exhibit a great skill in taking this still shot in balance and precision. It was captured in a manner that the eyes of the viewer lays directly on the hawk’s stare without distraction from the forestry backdrop.

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  • Who Goes There?

    Who Goes There?


    A timeless, elegant naturalistic portrait of a falcon. This black and white rendition is just so inspired and artistic. The Creator has a wonderful sense of artistic ability and intuition. When taking photographs in black and white, the moments that are being captured are transformed into something more powerful, as if the image were trying to bring a powerful, important message across to those who view it.

    The vintage feel of this black and white nature portrait brings an elegance to the piece, it highlights the dedication, class and professionalism that the Creator has put into capturing this bird, in this manner, so perfectly and precisely.

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  • Lean on Me

    Lean on Me


    No matter what manner of species we may belong to, when age gets the better of us, we need someone or something to lean on. This creative photograph of an incident that occurs in reality speaks out a concept using an abstract theme.

    The creator has caught what appears to be animals foot. Seems like he is leaning on a fence and focused solely on the subjects involved in the act. Therefore, blurring out the background to deliver a message on the realities of life.

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  • Love in My Belly

    Love in My Belly


    This masterful Creator has managed to capture one of the best moments that we may ever experience. All who gaze upon the marvel of this creation will be glad and humbled by the simulation of experiencing this animal up close in its habitat. It’s so candid, unblemished, nothing can take away the feeling of experiencing this moment.

    The elephant is carefree and playing, enjoying itself, taking a little dip in the lake or watering hole and putting a trunkful of grass in its mouth. This image will bring positivity, happiness and love into any living space that it is displayed in. After all, how could anyone ignore and not adore this lovable creature…

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  • Mean No Harm

    Mean No Harm


    Aside from the value this image holds as a piece of unique wildlife photography, this creation also holds a deep meaning spoken through the main character, a wild mongoose. The animal seems to look directly through the lens of the photographer as though it was looking directly at him with a humble request to mean no harm towards its kind.

    This creation serves as a powerful reminder of how we must always be mindful of the sensitivities of the natural world and how we can still enjoy the beauty of nature as long as we pay attention to the humble pleas of nature.

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  • Above the Clouds

    Above the Clouds


    The sea is a beautiful shade of blue and it seems to reach the ends of the earth. A Slender Billed Seagull is soaring above the water. With a sharp contrast against her white feathered body are her black tipped wings. Seems like, she has an amazing view from above. She watches for her prey of fish or insects on the surface of the water. Consequently, she dives in to pick her hunt.

    The sea gull spreads her wings to absorb the light and warm herself as the morning sun shines on her.  Therefore, the creator has captured a breathtaking moment where she performs a graceful act!

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  • Soaring Above Ground

    Soaring Above Ground


    The Creator has effortlessly and brilliantly managed to capture two different species of birds in this piece. This creation portrays the wonders of nature so poignantly, it is simply amazing and incredible that different species can co-exist in one vast ecosystem. It highlights and speaks to the diversity of nature.

    This incredible creation can be used as a powerful statement piece, to promote difference and equality. To be able to capture such an image, as this, from this height and angle is highly impressive, to say the least. The Creator has spared nothing in order to get the perfect picture as they have envisioned it.

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  • Fields of Lavender

    Fields of Lavender


    This lovely, vibrant and colorful bird stands on a thin, small branch looking out at everything around it, in this marvelous creation. The talented Creator has brought focus to this bird who has a multitude of colors in its feathers.

    The scenic background which is out of focus and slightly blurred out is highlighted by the dots of lavender flowers mixed in with all the green leaves. The bird could easily camouflage and blend in with its surroundings as all the colors of the bird and the surroundings complement each other quite well.

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  • A Tired Yawn

    A Tired Yawn


    Being able to witness such a beautiful leopard in its natural habitat in itself is a very rare occurrence that makes this creation a priceless piece worth making your own, and adding to its superior value is the moment chosen to capture this image.

    The leopard who serves as the perfect muse for this piece of wildlife photography seems to be unwinding after a tiring day and lets off a massive yawn releasing all the strain it holds. As you gaze upon this amazing creation, you too will be able to relax after a tiring day of work, and enjoy the wonder of nature that sits before you.

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  • Tapestry in The Sky

    Tapestry in The Sky


    A beautiful tapestry hung from above is painted in this stunning picture. We see here, a flock of birds migrating across the expanse, captured in natural light. The creator has used the perfect focus and high shutter speed to produce a pattern in the firmament.

    A difficult shot to make considering the angle and sunlight that could flood the image. Nevertheless, the creator has expertly and creatively taken this shot looking upward into the sunlight whilst adjust the white balance and exposure to perfection utilizing the blue backdrop to highlight a silhouette of birds in a blue – black design in the sky.

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  • Awaken The Beast

    Awaken The Beast


    At a glance you may see this creation as a beautiful landscape photograph of a peaceful grove in the jungle, but as you continue to glance at the image you will begin to see a beast covered in a shaggy dusty black coat of fur approaching slowly from its hiding place.

    This is the primary focus of the creator who would have spent hours until this bear awoke and slowly crawled his way out of his secret hiding place, somewhere in this peaceful grove. If you are a nature lover, this creation will make a perfect addition to your collection as is capturing the beauty of nature.

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  • Motion of the Wild

    Motion of the Wild


    An unusual yet exquisite photograph of a herd of elephants moving across the plains in the blur of action and movement. This photograph gives the viewer a 3D effect into the action as if it’s happening before our very eyes. This creative and brilliant effect is created whilst shooting with ultra-slow shutter speed.

    The creator has captured the wild in a restless ambience in this photograph. It seems that it is insulting to the eye and yet provoking to the mind. An unusual photograph that stretches the boundaries of imagery to the edge of its definition. This clearly proves that the evolution of photography is still pretty much alive.

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  • Searching



    A lone ranger scouts the shallow waters searching for what may lay in the murky habitat that could serve his needs. Taken from the back and profile, this is an exquisitely angled photograph. It captures this small bird in a curious pose mirrored by the lake in which he stands. This is a fitting testament to an animal and its custom environment that complement each other in color and mood.

    The creator has perfectly positioned and balanced this image to surround the subject with a matching backdrop. This brings forth an abstract effect in the reflecting waters. Hence, it catches traces of grass revealed in the foreground that has been serving as his hiding cover.

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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    The leopard, a magnificent animal, lies sleeping on a sturdy tree branch, hoping to be shielded from the hot sun and other predators who may be lurking nearby. The leopard blends in so marvelously with its surroundings that you may have to take a second look just to see how it perched itself on top of the branch and has sprawled itself out so comfortably.

    The leopard makes the tree branch look inviting. It is a very relaxed and stress relieving creation. Nature in itself is a stress reliever, however, this portrait takes relaxation to another level. A great piece to add to any collection if peace and tranquility is what you seek.

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  • The Morning Pace

    The Morning Pace


    A Sri Lankan Sloth Bear sets out on a morning when the sun shines, but the world is still waking up. The grass yet wet by the morning dew drops. He moves at his own slow pace in the morning and through the day, never in a hurry to get anywhere because he knows his catch will always be there.

    Sloth bears feast on termites, bee hives and fruits and are adept tree climbers, they are generally shy animals and  tend to stay away from any human contact. But the creator has painstakingly captured this moment, which is absolutely brilliant!

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  • Hang in There

    Hang in There


    When times get tough and storms are all around, the consoling words of a friend would go – ‘hang in there’. A thoughtful action photo of a monkey hanging and swinging freely off a tree, looking directly at his audience as if to give us the advice of many ages. The artistic pose of the animal has created an outlining shape that connects to the tree branch as though producing a pattern in the swing.

    The creator has pulled off a stunning candid capture with high shutter speed and low aperture to freeze in motion the subject and blur out the background in creating a splendid backdrop to the vivid portrait.

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  • Head in The Dust

    Head in The Dust


    A mighty herd of elephant’s huddle in the midst of the dirt and dust of the wilderness. Rising up over them as an abstract backdrop to an elegant capture of power and presence. Mist of the disturbed soil exquisitely fills the frame. This creates a silhouette effect over these majestic animals.

    The dirt and dust fill the background and foreground of the image in an abstract manner that bring forth a sense of fantasy to an actual occurrence in the wild. The creator perfectly sets the exposure and timed the photograph with precision to capture reality in art.

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  • Look into My Eyes

    Look into My Eyes


    The Creator has expertly managed to capture this leopard from an angle that makes it look directly at the viewers, into our eyes. We are able to see into its soulful eyes. Innocence and uninterrupted calm can be found in its eyes is hypnotic. One could stare into the eyes of the leopard, in this image, and be lost in time.

    The eyes really are the gateway into the soul. The battle scars of the leopard are very highly visible. We’re able to form a personal bond with this animal and understand its struggle that it has been through to fight and survive in the jungle.

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