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Wildlife Photography

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  • Head in The Dust

    Head in The Dust


    A mighty herd of elephant’s huddle in the midst of the dirt and dust of the wilderness. Rising up over them as an abstract backdrop to an elegant capture of power and presence. Mist of the disturbed soil exquisitely fills the frame. This creates a silhouette effect over these majestic animals.

    The dirt and dust fill the background and foreground of the image in an abstract manner that bring forth a sense of fantasy to an actual occurrence in the wild. The creator perfectly sets the exposure and timed the photograph with precision to capture reality in art.

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  • The Red-Eyed Stunner

    The Red-Eyed Stunner


    Cobwebs fill a dried up branch of a tree which seems abandoned for a while. Life has given way. However, a beautiful black billed bird has brought life to this tree. Her body is clothed with feathers of in all shades of grey neatly placed one after the other.

    She wears a polka dotted cape around her neck. Her red feet are the perfect compliment for her attire. She is the Sri Lankan wood pigeon, quite feminine in her look. As a result, the creator has illustrated a stunning capture of an endemic bird, a sight not to be missed.

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  • Musings in the Wild

    Musings in the Wild


    A beautiful leopard watches intently as he locks the sight of its prey. The plains are hot and dry this season, the ground has not been watered in months, the few large tree bushes, with leaves still green, which have weathered the dry season are the only shade.

    The leopard prowls low, his ears popped up and alert, ready and patiently waiting for the time to attack. This majestic beast is rarely found in the open plains so up close. The creator has delivered his spectators a capture of a beautiful specimen we rarely witness. A moment before the battle begins.

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  • A Beauty in the Forest

    A Beauty in the Forest


    A yellow browed Bulbul is seen perched on a branch. The forest is fresh and green; the rains would have just ended. At a glance the image is striking. The creator has portrayed this bird of a shade of bright yellow and olive, against the blurred green leaves in the background giving her prominence.

    It was just another day in the forest where she went picking of berries and insects when the camera found her. She strikes a pose, giving her best look and life was never the same again. The creator has captured her beauty brilliantly for the spectator to enjoy.

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  • Fun in The Sun

    Fun in The Sun


    The most minute details have been made to stand out in this stunning creation. The drops of water have been individualized by the skill of this brilliant Creator. Each drop can be individually distinguished and looks as though the drops are vibrating. This creation is a playful and a cute image of the elephant playing with the water.

    The shutter has been left open and slowed down to get the blurred motion effect of the water. The focus is on the elephant and the swish of water, levitating in the air. The scenic background is blurred out, so as to not pull focus from the stars of the image.

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  • Caught in a Moment

    Caught in a Moment


    She was beautiful and caring, her round figure was perfect, he fell in love and found his mate. Convincing her took the time and effort she did not give in so easily. The creator has captured a moment of mischief among two Sri Lankan Elephants, currently in the endangered list.

    The female does not seem pleased as her eyes are dull and ears pulled back. The male towers over her with pride, but seems annoyed as he stares directly into the lenses. A rare sighting, it is amazing to witness this large but graceful mammal in the wild, so close, yet so far away.

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  • Lean on Me

    Lean on Me


    No matter what manner of species we may belong to, when age gets the better of us, we need someone or something to lean on. This creative photograph of an incident that occurs in reality speaks out a concept using an abstract theme.

    The creator has caught what appears to be animals foot. Seems like he is leaning on a fence and focused solely on the subjects involved in the act. Therefore, blurring out the background to deliver a message on the realities of life.

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  • Sniffing up a Treat

    Sniffing up a Treat


    A handsome sloth bear is seen sniffing down a tree stump, his pretty brown eyes intently searching, he knows he will find a treat for sure. A threatened species in Sri Lanka, they generally feed on nuts, berries and roots, but their staple delicacy is insects which is what this bear is trying to find.

    He is beautiful, strong enough to fight yet gentle enough to slurp up a few insects. Sloth bears are shy, often seen only at dawn and dusk. His beautiful black spotlessly clean the creator has captured a rare sight so intimately, giving us a glimpse of the carefree life of a sloth bear.

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  • Romance in Pink

    Romance in Pink


    A couple of Hornbills lay perched on a branch. Seems like, a stunning pink sky that serves as a fitting backdrop overshadows them, to a rare yet perfect romantic setting. This photograph is taken in exquisite lighting. It results in the image drawing in all the available natural hues that produce a silhouette in the foreground. It also features strands of outlining branches in the background.

    The creator skillfully angled this photo and applied the exact camera setting to bring forth an ambience of serenity and romance against a pink expanse that speaks of the beauty of nature in limitless shades of color duplicating our every mood and emotion.

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  • As the Watergrass Swish

    As the Watergrass Swish


    The image shows an elephant playfully plucking the long grass from the body of water it has been submerged in. The motion of the droplets that are being spattered from the strands of grass is mesmerizing. It is as though time had to have come to a halt for that moment to be made real. It looks like a fantasy or dream scape setting.

    The Creator deserves to be applauded for his vision, camera skills, technique and a keen eye. An elegant and playful nature portrait to add to any diverse collection of photography.

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  • A Magpie’s Tale

    A Magpie’s Tale


    We see beautiful magpie perched on a tree. His beautiful colors are a brilliant blue and chestnut, combined with a red eye ring and bill. How amazing is this creation, to pick each color, different from the others for each living being. And how often do we pause to admire the beauty of our surroundings.

    This Blue Magpie is endemic to Sri Lanka making this capture one to hold on to. The creator has blurred the background of green giving prominence to the bird which has given this work of art a brightness, ideal for your living space.

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  • A Little Difference and I..

    A Little Difference and I..


    This brilliant Creator has managed to capture the beak of the Malabar Pied Thornbill, peeking out from behind the leaves of green. The shape and style and overall appearance of the beak, at first glance, is so incredibly special and unique. At first glance you are taken up and intrigued as the beak blends into its surroundings so seamlessly.

    From a more distant angle, it’s as though the bird is trying to mimic the appearance of another animal with its spectacular beak. From a distance and at first glance the appearance of the beak looks like a pair of horns. The photograph is so intriguing that it would draw the attention of any and all who are near it.

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  • Hawk-Eye



    The gaze of a hawk cannot be escaped no matter how far you run or how deep you hide. This is an amazing capture of a hawk perched on a branch. It creates a vision as though both he and the branch are literally floating in the air. It seems that it is a perfect testament to the scouting gaze of an expert hunter focused on the mission at hand.

    The backdrop exquisitely compliments the detail of the image. Its main subject serves as a highlight to the foreground. The creator perfectly stabilized this portrait against the blue sky. It results in serving as a fitting backdrop to the exquisitely executed photograph in the wild.

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  • Playful Moments

    Playful Moments


    This amazing Creator has managed to capture a very candid and playful shot of this beautiful animal. The elephant looks happy and carefree. This creation has the power to transfer those feelings on to those who view it. The Creator has focused the image on the Elephant in its element.

    The Elephant has submerged it in water, which looks to be very fun, interesting and inviting. It seems as though it is meal time for this elephant, portrayed here in this image where it has taken a trunk full of grass from the water and is preparing to eat it.

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  • The Gray of an Elephant

    The Gray of an Elephant


    Captured by an ingenious Creator in this timeless piece, a majestic animal. It, to put it simply, is a perfectly captured piece of nature photography. The Creator has managed to get such a perfectly clear view of the elephant. A brilliantly captured moment and event. Kudos and a round of applause goes to the brilliant Creator’s skill and a keen eye and quick reflexes.

    It is as though the elephant posed for the Creator to capture its essence.  A picturesque piece to add to any collection of photography that would make a collection more intriguing and strengthen the value of the collection.

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  • Asleep but Wide Awake

    Asleep but Wide Awake


    A peaceful, candid moment taken by the Creator. It’s difficult not to feel connected with this leopard here. It’s trying to hide and camouflage itself with the leaves and the trees so that it can rest, away from prying eyes.

    The leopard in this creation has been captured in such a skillful and dedicated way, that the leopard looks like the epitome of innocence. There is so much of peacefulness radiating from this creation. We, the audience can’t help but wonder what this leopard is thinking about at this moment. A poignant, elegant and relaxing image to add to one’s photography collection.

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  • Rosettes in Grayscale

    Rosettes in Grayscale


    A monochromatic, picturesque, black and white image, captured by this ingenious Creator. This creation has a quiet grace and stillness to it. A black and white image has the power to really bring depth and emphasize a moment. It has the power to stop time in any image, that is exactly what this creation feels like.

    The Creator has captured this leopard in such a brilliant and skillful way, the Creator has given this piece its very own personality. It is bold and spectacular. The Creator’s skill and dedication to their craft deserves to be acknowledged, appreciated and commended.

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  • Love in My Belly

    Love in My Belly


    This masterful Creator has managed to capture one of the best moments that we may ever experience. All who gaze upon the marvel of this creation will be glad and humbled by the simulation of experiencing this animal up close in its habitat. It’s so candid, unblemished, nothing can take away the feeling of experiencing this moment.

    The elephant is carefree and playing, enjoying itself, taking a little dip in the lake or watering hole and putting a trunkful of grass in its mouth. This image will bring positivity, happiness and love into any living space that it is displayed in. After all, how could anyone ignore and not adore this lovable creature…

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  • Hang in There

    Hang in There


    When times get tough and storms are all around, the consoling words of a friend would go – ‘hang in there’. A thoughtful action photo of a monkey hanging and swinging freely off a tree, looking directly at his audience as if to give us the advice of many ages. The artistic pose of the animal has created an outlining shape that connects to the tree branch as though producing a pattern in the swing.

    The creator has pulled off a stunning candid capture with high shutter speed and low aperture to freeze in motion the subject and blur out the background in creating a splendid backdrop to the vivid portrait.

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  • With Eyes Behind It’..

    With Eyes Behind It’..


    A magical moment in nature captured by the talented Creator. This creation was captured taking into consideration so many different elements such as the timing, the angle of light, the angle at which the photograph was captured at.

    The Creator had to have used a more accelerated shutter speed in order to capture this moment with their camera so precisely and perfectly. The butterfly could be taken as a symbol of hope and freedom and even peaceful. There is something so magical in the ability of the creatures, flying to wherever they need to go, being able to have an aerial view of the world.

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