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Cultural Prints

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  • Alternate Modes

    Alternate Modes


    The painting exhibits alternate modes of transport featuring animal and machine, both curiously portrayed in blue color. The abstract effect to the painting makes it stand out from a regular landscape or portrait art as the subjects are posed against a regular town atmosphere, but offer an unusual scene of color matching trishaw and elephant placed side-by-side

    The creator has skillfully blotted the colors when adding the paint to the background and yet preserved the artistic look and detail of the characters. The color coordination used for the subjects is impressive and thought provoking.

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  • Rumble of the Drums

    Rumble of the Drums


    The Creator of this marvelous piece has, ever so brilliantly, captured a still image on canvas of a Kandyan drummer, who are a part of the Perahera Procession in the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. They are usually at the front of the Perahera, following, just behind the Elephants.

    The Creator’s choice and use of colors accurately portray the drummer and his scarlet clothing. The earthy tones of the drum blend into the multitude of hues, so effortlessly, that the drummer is brought to life from the canvas. This creation will certainly liven up a living, whilst adding a bit of flare.

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  • Together, We Walk

    Together, We Walk


    A lovely nature portrait of a family of elephants, stepping out from behind the trees of the inner and on to a visible path. The Creator has chosen to paint this beautiful work of art, with the hope that it would lighten the moods of those who look at it and brighten and cheer up anyone’s day.

    There is the element of family and togetherness that is, very strongly, represented in this creation. Although placed behind the first parent, the baby elephant is the best part of this creation. As we know, baby elephants are fun loving and playful, so when we look at the baby elephant, walking beside its parents, it reminds us of the mischievous acts that the elephant could be up to, while on this walk.

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  • The Cellist

    The Cellist


    A young boy concentrates intently as he engages his body and soul in creating music through a wooden stringed accomplice. This portrait of man and music is a perfect depiction of the relationship between the musician and instrument, both lost in each other’s embrace with the sole purpose of delivering a beautiful melody.

    The creator has placed the subjects in solitude and exaggerated the theme through skillful use of color by including a gray, misty background to the bright contrast of the instrumentalist and his cello.

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  • Sailing Heroes

    Sailing Heroes


    The real heroes of the seas and these that brave the awesome waves in nothing more than a ruddy catamaran. These fishermen are exquisitely portrayed upon a catamaran that is hardly spacious to host them equipped with their nets ready to face the rough seas in search of their prized catch.

    The sparkling background of the wrinkled sea is perfectly painted using much skill in brush strokes and color combination by the creator who has contrasted a detailed sketch of a boat against the blue waves. The emotions of the fisherman looking up towards the viewer bring the art to life giving an overwhelming sense that we are present in the moment bidding well to the sailors as they venture out for their daily mission.

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  • First of its Kind

    First of its Kind


    A grand monument and a beacon of culture and heritage, the “Thuparamaya”, a Buddhist temple, located in the historic and ancient city of Anuradhapura, in the Island nation of Sri Lanka. Located in the heart of the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka has many Buddhist temples.

    The temple that is portrayed in this creation is known as one of the first dome shaped Buddhist temples, ever to be built in Sri Lanka and was built in order to enshrine the right collarbone of Lord Buddha. Cultural art at its finest. The Creator of this exceptionally exquisite piece deserves to be commended.

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  • Kingdom of Yesteryear

    Kingdom of Yesteryear


    A beautiful sketch of the Kandyan Kingdom against a pale blue sky in the height of daylight robed with nature and splendor. Brightness springs out of this painting as the white of the palace reflects out the golden roof of the throne room.

    The creator has used a curious and a skillful form of shading to sink in the detail of royal architecture with serenity and a restful mood. Pale colors intermingled with brightness and perfect symmetry to bring forth a painting that is both pleasant and commanding.

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  • Under the Tree of Enlight..

    Under the Tree of Enlight..


    The Creator has beautifully portrayed Lord Buddha in this portrait with shading and definition have been meticulously crafted in this masterpiece. The way the dark and light contour and highlight the features within the face makes it look true to life. Against the shaded, gray background, the tone and shading that outlines the face does not diminish. The beauty of the portrait is heightened by the gray backdrop.

    An integration of culture, philosophy, worship and art are all in this one creation. The addition of this piece into one’s collection will bring cultural diversity to any collection of artworks.

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  • Village Stopover

    Village Stopover


    A welcome stopover along a village road for the journey weary bullock cart. This painting features a remote landscape populated with some idling local inhabitants. The detail of the surrounding trees stands out as a feature in the work of art as the creator has blended colors with definite brush strokes.

    Simplicity in choice of colors gives this painting a rugged look in keeping with the theme of a village. The dull hues are overshadowed by the rich detail in multiple characters represented by men and animals spread evenly throughout the canvas, giving the viewer a lot to gaze at when taking in the environment that is portrayed.

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  • A Peaceful Flame

    A Peaceful Flame


    The creator has depicted in this piece, a religious procession that is taken place in Sri Lanka. There are three elephants all draped in red fabric, embellished with semi-precious jewels also featuring the handlers and drummers. The element of fire is prominent as the procession look to be coming out of a fiery background.

    The creator’s use of colors to depict this phoenix effect of sorts; colors such as burnt sienna, tangerine orange and even a bright lemon yellow have been so perfectly blended to form this fiery horizon.

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  • The Sacred Walk

    The Sacred Walk


    This masterful creation portrays the front of the Kandy Perahera, where the main Elephant carries the sacred tooth relic atop its head as the Elephant takes it sacred walk down the pathway. Here we also see the Elephant handlers alongside it. This is part of religious procession taken place every year in the ancient city of Kandy, on the island of Sri Lanka.

    The fiery red hues, used by the Creator, of the fabric draped around the Elephant draw attention to the prominence and prestige of this Elephant, whilst the gems make the Elephant and the relic stand out from amongst the crowd.

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  • To the Heavens

    To the Heavens


    Motivation and inspiration for the creative expression comes only from above. This thoughtful painting of a cultural dancer is a perfect portrayal of preparation before the performance. His pose sketched exquisitely from an unusual angle capturing the emotion and body language of the stance.

    The creator as inserted detail in the subject whilst utilizing a dull background forcing the focus of the viewer to the dancer’s search for the stimulus above.

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  • Victorious on the Battle ..

    Victorious on the Battle ..


    The Creator depicts a war, a fight between two soldiers on the battlefield. The colors present in the background are more muted and grey toned, it suggests that the theme of this creation is darker and more remorseful. It’s very evident by the central figures of the image that it is dark and there is some gore present.

    However, it depicts that a battle is being fought and being won. This could be the Creator’s rendition of a battle that shaped history. Every war or battle known and recorded in history has shaped the world in one way or another.

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  • The Expression of Dance

    The Expression of Dance


    A wonderful portrayal of a group of dancers in a sea of passion over their creative expression. This painting is sketched in a mix or dark and light hues of amber, a perfect blend of shading to bring forth an exquisite reflection of culture and art.

    The creator has skillfully added detail to the facial expressions of each dancer whilst moderating the background against the foreground an ambience of lightened shade spreading across the frame from one corner to the other.

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  • Connect Earth and Heaven

    Connect Earth and Heaven


    This creation is a beautiful representation of ancient man-made wonders, the creator artistically portrays a massive Dagoba stands tall in the midst of its surroundings. Although a realistic representation of a natural landscape, the view through which the artist has chosen to display this moment brings to life a deeper meaning, which shows how the teachings drawn from this sacred monument act as a bridge between life on earth and the divine powers hidden in the heavens above.

    As you make this beautiful creation part of your living space, you will be invited to go into a state of deep meditation on the hidden powers this wonder holds.

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  • The Ruler

    The Ruler


    An exquisite close-up profile of the king of rock in performance. This painting is a perfect portrayal of the young Elvis Presley in his rebel attire, guitar sling to the side, singing to an imaginary lass far into the crowds.

    The creator of this art has captured the curious and alluring gaze that won many hearts by skillfully sketching an exact replication of a pose that was never ignored. Dark shadings amidst the sharp features of Elvis is drawn and blended in unison to produce a masterpiece portrait.

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