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Landscape Prints

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  • Village Life

    Village Life


    The creator beautifully expresses a typical Sri Lankan village. This is a Sinhalese phrase that shows the close relationship with the village with the temple and tanks for agricultural purposes. The painting is nourished by the nutrients of its soil and the farmer’s labor that in return has produced healthy plants that cover the land.

    A stroke of astounding divinity from the tanks and the bright skies revives the land and glorifies its beauty. A balance of warm and dark tones adds contrast to the landscape and village culture.

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  • Sturdy on a Rock

    Sturdy on a Rock


    In this exquisite creation, the Creator has captured a historic landmark figure, the ‘Gadaladeniya’ Vihara temple from the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Creator stunningly captures the Dravidian style of Architecture, represented by the pyramid shaped head/roof of the temple.

    This exquisite and timeless creation brings history, art and culture to a living space. Curiosity peaks at first glance. This creation is one with a story behind it and others will see it too. It is a unique conversation starter. A work of art of this caliber is now rare, and therefore hard to find.

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  • The Natural Smile

    The Natural Smile


    A candid photo generates a smile that can never be engineered. This beautiful painting exuberates the sweet smile of a young dame as she turns towards the viewer in the burst of greenery and freshness. Her smile is perfectly caught and sketched in a splendor of body language that compliments her every expression.

    The creator has masterfully used a single primary to fill the background without losing on the wonder and awe of the subject or her surroundings. Every part of this work of art screams out the joy and brightness of youth and nature.

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  • Autumn Glow

    Autumn Glow


    The creator uses his unmatched talents to captivate the viewer with this striking portrayal of the peak time in autumn. As the dawn of the autumn season begins to spread its iconic golden glow, this magnificent tree which is the main focus of this creation spreading out is branched as wide as can be, and almost takes over the entire surrounding.

    The color scheme used in this acrylic makes it quite easy to blend in with any backdrop making it an ideal décor option which will allow you to enjoy how this amazing creation spreads the glow of the autumn season to its surroundings.

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  • We all Sing One Song

    We all Sing One Song


    In a time where unity and equality are qualities that are very hard to come by, this beautiful creation will most certainly infuse much positive energy to its surroundings as it represents the beauty and harmony of togetherness.

    The creator successfully transcends all boundaries of age, race, ethnicity and religion as he shows how individuals representing all these groups can come together and enjoy each other’s company irrespective of any social constraints we otherwise witness in our daily lives. By making this cheerful creation part of your living space, you too will able to feel the strength of unity if we all come together as one and ‘Sing One Song’

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  • Delicate Hands

    Delicate Hands


    This masterpiece uses vivid and prominent brush strokes to beautifully express the aromatic infusion of tea and its crafting. The sweat of manual labor preserves natural sweetness within the tea leaves exposing it to bold and dark flavors. A striking balance of warm yellows and cooler tones of green add an astounding edginess to the painting, with a tinge of exoticness.

    The wrinkles on the face of the tea plucker makes her truly beautiful for her commitment to precision and her unique and artisan manual crafting. Her beauty truly reflects her hard work.

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  • First of its Kind

    First of its Kind


    A grand monument and a beacon of culture and heritage, the “Thuparamaya”, a Buddhist temple, located in the historic and ancient city of Anuradhapura, in the Island nation of Sri Lanka. Located in the heart of the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka has many Buddhist temples.

    The temple that is portrayed in this creation is known as one of the first dome shaped Buddhist temples, ever to be built in Sri Lanka and was built in order to enshrine the right collarbone of Lord Buddha. Cultural art at its finest. The Creator of this exceptionally exquisite piece deserves to be commended.

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  • City by the Waters

    City by the Waters


    A stunning abstract of a city beautified with color and structure reflected over its bordering waters to bring out an exquisite depiction of a concrete jungle enhanced in appearance as it is mirrored by nature. A wonderful blue background is applied to highlight the contrasting colors of the buildings that vary in size and height.

    The art horizontally oriented to exaggerate the vastness of the city which adds to its splendor and awe. The creator has used a blend of amber and blueish hues to announce a color coordination that perfectly complements the background of the sky above and the lake below.

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  • Frolicking on a Break

    Frolicking on a Break


    A wonderful, joyful portrayal of what a holiday would look like to a bunch of boys living in a village. Jumping, diving off a shady tree and swimming in a flowing river, these boys have stripped off their clothes and left aside the bats and ball to relax in the refreshing waters with boisterous fun.

    The creator has used light colors to give more focus on the detail and emotion of the subjects has their fellowship with each other and the vast water. The greenery of the large tree, contrasting against the blue river features in this painting giving it color and character.

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  • Anchored Together

    Anchored Together


    The sky is painted in subtle hues of cerise, navy, beige and rubicund, restrained and almost indiscernible. Staring right back at you are six sailboats and as if guarding their offspring, the small boats are flanked by the large motor boats.

    The intricate strokes on the sail ships are drawn with every detail brought to life, showing great skill of the creator. The inflamed water is translucent of the setting sun, majestically escorting the ships glowing in the brightness. This work of art is beautiful and resonates passion! A reminder of the brilliance and power of the creator!

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  • Fern Leaves of Autumn

    Fern Leaves of Autumn


    Autumn season is a time of transition. Among the many forms of a transitional nature undergoes during this time, the changes in plant life could be one of the most noticeable aspects.

    ‘Fern Leaves in Autumn’ painting aims to depict this stage of change and what is to come. In the center lies a golden fern with flanked by two ferns that have faded in color over time. Textured patterns have been used to isolate the individual fronds which come together to form the beautiful ferns of this painting. No matter what season it is, the ‘Fern Leaves in Autumn’ painting is a wonderful artistic creation you can include as part of your décor options.

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  • Voyage to Uncertainty

    Voyage to Uncertainty


    Capturing the solitude of an independent journey is thought provoking. The creator’s depiction of the vessel leaving bright and sunlit climates towards a seemingly darker destination on tranquil waters, creates an ambiguous possibility foreshadowing its future. This creation’s integrity is delightful to witness as it focuses on the calm of the present while straying away futuristic uncertainties.

    Through the spectral pallor of the dominant bleached shade blended with beige, auburn and russet hues against the gloomy azure–ashen pigments illustrating water and sky, the creator has gifted the sturdy ship an ethereal completion. This acrylic will add a finesse of tranquility to any room with the ship’s journey towards uncertainty, making us appreciate the beauty found in the present.

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  • Abstract Nature

    Abstract Nature


    This masterpiece beautifully harmonizes nature with man. Thatched houses of natural clay and dried coconut branches for roofs with the lush green trees makes the painting very abstract and unreal. This abstractness does not lie wholly in the blotted watercolor technique, but in the fact that man still lives in harmony with nature in an era of pollution and concrete jungles.

    The colors in the painting are simple to denote the serenity of the village, while prominence is given to the trees in the surrounding. The painting beautifully demonstrates the simple mindsets of the village inhabitants and their selfless relationship with mother nature.

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  • Sands of Time

    Sands of Time


    The Creator of this simple, yet lovely piece, has portrayed a day in the life a village fisherman. A beautiful seascape setting, this creation has been painted with such care and precision, at first glance, the detail that really catches one’s eye is an undertone of yellow and gold. We have two fishermen reaping the gains of a hard day’s work, in the warm afternoon sun, atop a sandy beach of golden warmth.

    Truly magnificent, a testament to the Creator’s skill, techniques, creativity and use of colors. A lovely piece to hang on the wall of any family lounge, living room or hall, inside a home. This creation is an ideal piece for that, touch of elegance feel.

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  • Journey along a Beaten Pa..

    Journey along a Beaten Pa..


    The Creator has painted a timeless act seen in many different cultures with a mixture of warm and cool tones scattered across the canvas. The warmer tones have been centralized, while the cooler toned background frames the central image. The image is of a man riding and guiding the path of a bullock-cart, being led and carried by two bulls at the front of the cart, stacked up with large piles of hay.

    An inspiring piece that would fit any living space. A perfect touch of tranquility. The Creator of this marvelous piece has brought this moment to life on canvas. It could also be used as a motivational statement piece.

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  • The Sacred Walk

    The Sacred Walk


    This masterful creation portrays the front of the Kandy Perahera, where the main Elephant carries the sacred tooth relic atop its head as the Elephant takes it sacred walk down the pathway. Here we also see the Elephant handlers alongside it. This is part of religious procession taken place every year in the ancient city of Kandy, on the island of Sri Lanka.

    The fiery red hues, used by the Creator, of the fabric draped around the Elephant draw attention to the prominence and prestige of this Elephant, whilst the gems make the Elephant and the relic stand out from amongst the crowd.

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  • Amazing Skyline

    Amazing Skyline


    A city of lights and towering skyscrapers in color and abstract. Landscape in a blend of reality and imagination is beautifully portrayed in this art that uses exquisite shades of blue, amber and light hues. Sketched from a street view looking towards the structures ahead.

    The creator has skillfully smudged in ambient light, bringing in a stunning effect of radiance and color to a mystical yet realistic portrayal of the beautified city.

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  • Stairway of Faith

    Stairway of Faith


    A lone Buddhist monk walks up towards the endless journey of faith using a staircase that seems to be leading to an oblivion that only he can see. The curious setting of the staircase amidst a rocky wilderness is thought provoking.

    The creator has beautifully portrayed the loneliness of his journey by drawing a contrasting large surrounding landscape that is filled with detail and color. The monk has been placed in the middle of the stairway to offer the viewer the opportunity to take in the adjacent nature whilst focusing on the subject.

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  • Childhood Memories

    Childhood Memories


    The creator beautifully expresses simultaneously the coldness and the playfulness of the rain. Although the rain can cause a depressing gloom, it also recalls childhood memories of jumping into puddles and dancing in the rain. This nostalgic joy of being able to relive a childhood pleasure as an adult is precious.

    The umbrellas add contrast and color in the painting and has brightened the gloom. The happiness of the couple takes flight like butterflies and adds a very dreamy, imaginative and nostalgic feeling. There is a striking imbalance between the warm against the cool tones, and this is what makes the masterpiece visually enticing.

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  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost


    The Creator has captured a peaceful and serene moment in an ancient indigenous village. There is a stillness and calmness to the skill and brushwork of the creator of this work of art.

    This creation blends well with any theme or color scheme. It’s a beautiful piece that anyone would admire when looking at it. It would be a great conversation starter when friends and family are over.

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