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Landscape Prints

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  • Pastel Sunsets by the Sea..

    Pastel Sunsets by the Sea..


    The artist uses a variety of brush stroke techniques in this piece as four boats sail across the horizon. Shades of bronze and beige create an illusion of a sunset as the boats sail into the painting, reflecting the setting rays on the water’s surface. The artist’s short, sharp brushwork creates an air of mystery and adventure filling up the canvas with a vision of the evening sky while echoing the movement of the water and shimmering skin of the fish that live in it.

    Against the dark silhouettes of the ships, the artist brings the water to life as well with realistic lines and shadows as the water almost moves and ripples across the canvas.

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  • Together, We Walk

    Together, We Walk


    A lovely nature portrait of a family of elephants, stepping out from behind the trees of the inner and on to a visible path. The Creator has chosen to paint this beautiful work of art, with the hope that it would lighten the moods of those who look at it and brighten and cheer up anyone’s day.

    There is the element of family and togetherness that is, very strongly, represented in this creation. Although placed behind the first parent, the baby elephant is the best part of this creation. As we know, baby elephants are fun loving and playful, so when we look at the baby elephant, walking beside its parents, it reminds us of the mischievous acts that the elephant could be up to, while on this walk.

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  • Amazing Skyline

    Amazing Skyline


    A city of lights and towering skyscrapers in color and abstract. Landscape in a blend of reality and imagination is beautifully portrayed in this art that uses exquisite shades of blue, amber and light hues. Sketched from a street view looking towards the structures ahead.

    The creator has skillfully smudged in ambient light, bringing in a stunning effect of radiance and color to a mystical yet realistic portrayal of the beautified city.

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  • Watchfully Relaxed

    Watchfully Relaxed


    Portrayed in this beautiful, magical creation is an incredible nature portrait of a magnificent creature. The lion sits atop a makeshift floorboard, made from logs. He sits freely and without a care in the world, relaxed, and gazing directly into the eyes of his audience.

    The brilliance of this Creator’s skill and artistic prowess is boldly displayed. The Creator has painted this piece with such precision and vivid detail, it is as though the Creator has directly taken an everlasting photograph of this lion. It is a beautiful, personal portrait of the lion from up close. And it’s as the though this, photogenic lion, is posing to have his picture taken; or in this case, have a portrait of him, painted.

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  • Grazing in a Fiery Field

    Grazing in a Fiery Field


    Set in broken color, the artist evokes impressionism in this work of art. The chrome opaque brush strokes are characteristic of a Van Gogh creation. Yet it is more vibrant and colorful in its open composition.

    With more emphasis on the accurate depiction of light and depth, the grazing rabbit is portrayed as gentle and sans defense. The artist illustrates its inherent timid and inhibited quality albeit with the use of an array of complex complementary colors, against a blazing field of crimson.

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  • Moonlight on the Water

    Moonlight on the Water


    A swan glides seamlessly across the canvas and using an array of shades, the creator had made water come alive in this piece. Shades of sapphire and violet create a mysterious, romantic backdrop against the graceful bird. The creator’s technique makes an illusion of movement and light, producing a dark, dreamy moonlit night.

    The touch of light against the water is reminiscent of moonlight, adding to the pensive calm of the painting. The lonely swan in contrast to the ethereal background is the only element in this artwork which stands out clearly- the artist’s attention to detail captured in each feather and the shadows along its silhouette; bringing it to life.

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  • Posing as a Leaf

    Posing as a Leaf


    This stunning butterfly is commonly known as the Ceylon blue oak leaf. With wings closed, this pretty creature resembles a dry leaf which also acts as a perfect camouflage. The blue oak leaf is found in the forest and wetlands. She hides her beauty with closed wings and invites the spectator to a world of color and pattern as she slowly expands her wings.

    The creator has portrayed some of her stunning hues of blue in combination with a hint of chestnut. As she gently placed herself among the lilac flowers, one can only be amazed at this beautiful endangered species of Sri Lanka.

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  • Music for the Soul

    Music for the Soul


    The creator of this beautiful, timeless piece of art, has masterfully portrayed an art in its own respect. The relationship between the snake and it’s charmer have been clearly painted with such emotion that even the feeling of the movement of the snake is brought to life. The Creator has gone to great lengths to put in meticulous details into this creation.

    This creation is a bold and daring piece, one that would be an excellent addition into any collection for this creation is timeless, in every sense of the word.

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  • Village Hospitality

    Village Hospitality


    This masterpiece beautifully paints the regard Sri Lankans have for the warmth and freshness of milk straight from the udder of the cow or the buffalo. A glass of warm milk from their own cattle is a gesture of hospitality, that exists even to this date.

    This painting captures a young woman milking a buffalo. Buffalo milk is used to make curd which is usually eaten with fresh treacle as a desert in the Sri Lankan culture. The creator focuses on the hardships the villagers undergo even for a simple gesture of hospitality, which is done wholeheartedly.

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  • They Came from Above

    They Came from Above


    Work in this piece is absolutely astounding and other worldly. It seems as if this work of art is the Creator’s own perception an ethereal being. The brilliance in the skill, use of colors and brush strokes that bring this creation to life and make it seem so lifelike is a highly impressive and commendable.

    Amidst the jungle of green, bits of Tuscan yellow, tangerine, browns, and white shading within the geometric shapes. Anyone would be lucky enough to own piece like this in their collection. One could gaze at this spectacular creation for eternities to come.

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  • Eye on the Wings

    Eye on the Wings


    In this piece, the Creator shows us the beauty of nature. This stunningly vivid creation portrays a simple, yet beautiful butterfly, sitting on a flower and drinking the golden nectar of this flower for sustenance. The deep scarlet that highlights the wings of the butterfly, mixed with sapphire blue, bits of yellow and charcoal black, an excellent choice of colors in this combination.

    We then have the leaves which pop out beside the butterfly, a beautiful hue of green, with such vivid detailing of the veins of the leaves and parts that have bitten off by other insects and various gastropods. The burnt orange and dull yellow hues that peek out from behind the centralized area of the image, in the background. This beautiful creation is a testament to the brilliance of the Creator, and of the wonders of nature.

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  • Hues of Azure

    Hues of Azure


    A solitary butterfly rests with its wings sprawled, camouflaged among the leaves of jade and a flower, the shade of the sea, its wings an enchanting hue of blue, carefully outlined in a dark tone of brown combined with black, absorbing the bright sunlight of the morning.

    The background is blurred to softer shade of yellow and blue, blending with the prominent image in the setting. The creator has left the spectator engrossed in this work of art and It is amazing to understand the very detail, line and tone the artist has captured, creating this brilliant work of art.

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  • My Shade in the Rain

    My Shade in the Rain


    A beautiful portrayal of dependence of each-other and two becoming one. This art focuses on the journey of life as two decide to travel in one direction, leaning on each other to shelter from the storms of life. The splendor of a colorful backdrop to this passionate story is arrayed on either side of the couple as they journey away.

    The creator has perfectly utilized color and detail in the background and foreground of this work to paint an exquisite concept of love in brightness and thoughtfulness.

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  • Stairway of Faith

    Stairway of Faith


    A lone Buddhist monk walks up towards the endless journey of faith using a staircase that seems to be leading to an oblivion that only he can see. The curious setting of the staircase amidst a rocky wilderness is thought provoking.

    The creator has beautifully portrayed the loneliness of his journey by drawing a contrasting large surrounding landscape that is filled with detail and color. The monk has been placed in the middle of the stairway to offer the viewer the opportunity to take in the adjacent nature whilst focusing on the subject.

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  • Alternate Modes

    Alternate Modes


    The painting exhibits alternate modes of transport featuring animal and machine, both curiously portrayed in blue color. The abstract effect to the painting makes it stand out from a regular landscape or portrait art as the subjects are posed against a regular town atmosphere, but offer an unusual scene of color matching trishaw and elephant placed side-by-side

    The creator has skillfully blotted the colors when adding the paint to the background and yet preserved the artistic look and detail of the characters. The color coordination used for the subjects is impressive and thought provoking.

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  • Army of Water Lilies

    Army of Water Lilies


    Get set for your attention to be captured by a beautiful army of water lilies as this creation is laid before your eyes. With its soft and delicate touch, this creation will most certainly brighten up your day as you enjoy watching how a group of water lilies rise from the mud and delicately settle on the surface of the water body as though they are ready to move forward from the acrylic itself.

    The creator has skillfully used various shades for the background which generates the perception of depth and forward movement of these attractive little flowers.

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