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Modern Prints

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  • A Tiger’s Smirk

    A Tiger’s Smirk


    In this piece, the artist captures the almost human like gaze in the expression of the tiger. Through a blend of oils, the King of the jungle glares back powerfully, silently. His strength and majesty bores through the green amber eyes that appear glassy and real through the artist’s brush.

    Skillfully shaded and highlighted, the portrait is almost photographic, down to each individual stripe and the fur that looks glossy to the touch. Blending imagination with striking reality, we see the creator’s mind reflected in the tiger’s gaze. His eyes reflect thoughts that we could never comprehend while a smile grazes his majestic face.

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  • Creation



    The vast expanse of space reflects the magnitude and complexity of the universe we will live results in a response of awe and wonder to the gift of creation. This amazing painting describes in detail the planets that inhabit our solar system with an array of color and beauty.

    The creator has used an exquisite gradient to highlight the dark space that contrasts perfectly as a fitting backdrop to a realistic depiction in color and shape of the main players in our solar system.

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  • Army of Water Lilies

    Army of Water Lilies


    Get set for your attention to be captured by a beautiful army of water lilies as this creation is laid before your eyes. With its soft and delicate touch, this creation will most certainly brighten up your day as you enjoy watching how a group of water lilies rise from the mud and delicately settle on the surface of the water body as though they are ready to move forward from the acrylic itself.

    The creator has skillfully used various shades for the background which generates the perception of depth and forward movement of these attractive little flowers.

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  • Rumble of the Drums

    Rumble of the Drums


    The Creator of this marvelous piece has, ever so brilliantly, captured a still image on canvas of a Kandyan drummer, who are a part of the Perahera Procession in the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. They are usually at the front of the Perahera, following, just behind the Elephants.

    The Creator’s choice and use of colors accurately portray the drummer and his scarlet clothing. The earthy tones of the drum blend into the multitude of hues, so effortlessly, that the drummer is brought to life from the canvas. This creation will certainly liven up a living, whilst adding a bit of flare.

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  • Free Falling

    Free Falling


    A mindless generation free falls into the dark wilderness of confusion. A headless human figure seems to be falling upside-down into what seems to be a dark rocky abyss. This clearly represents how mindlessness or ignorance can lead to the destruction of man.

    The creator has used dull colors to depict the dark reality of the portrayed scenario and give the viewer a sense of depression within which to relate to what the picture is attempting to convey. Curiously the human figure is drawn with an umbilical cord attached, which could mean that the end to which he has destined himself to, was that which was fated from the birth of an entire generation.

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  • Fragile Wings of Amber

    Fragile Wings of Amber


    Just as a long and patient metamorphosis results in fragile beauty, the creator has strived to create depth and meaning in layers of color and texture. The veins within the delicate wings of the butterfly are portrayed in midnight ink with speckles of white demonstrating a starry effect.

    Hues of amber enlighten the frame as spots of color embellish the silken wings. Instilled with the power to fly and conquer meadow and mountain, yet limited by a feeble nature, the butterfly is a paradox personified. The bleeding effect created by the artist adds to the complexity of the subject.

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  • The Face of Emptiness

    The Face of Emptiness


    The Creator has portrayed a dark figure, amidst a brilliant white backdrop. The face of the shadowed individual is shaded and textured in a 3-dimensional format. The gold, 3-dimensional textured effect has a glowing effect on the empty face. The halo and silhouette of the have been emphasized with a dark, navy blue.

    There is strong, strange sense of emptiness flowing out from the dark figure. An intriguing still image. It’s as if the Creator were painting their interpretation of what a “full stop” or an “ellipsis”. The interpretation is left to the eye of the beholder.

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  • Forest Fires

    Forest Fires


    Set ablaze an emotional roller coaster with this bold take on forest fires, that emanate daring hues of fiery gold and dense shades of brown.

    With delicate brush strokes of orange & white that create a facade of Golden-Browns, it’s a reflection of the complexity of nature. Get mesmerized by the unveiling of vivacious blends of color through the eyes of the artist, to enjoy the golden flames peeping through brown bushes.

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  • Perfect Reflection

    Perfect Reflection


    Soothing blue skies with a dash of white clouds, glisten through daring red leaves in an attempt to portray Autumn reflections, as seen through the eyes of its creator.

    Emanating the peace & serenity of this season, the artist plays with contrasting colors to create a beautiful work of art that so aptly reflect the natural beauty of a fleeting season.

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  • Childhood Memories

    Childhood Memories


    The creator beautifully expresses simultaneously the coldness and the playfulness of the rain. Although the rain can cause a depressing gloom, it also recalls childhood memories of jumping into puddles and dancing in the rain. This nostalgic joy of being able to relive a childhood pleasure as an adult is precious.

    The umbrellas add contrast and color in the painting and has brightened the gloom. The happiness of the couple takes flight like butterflies and adds a very dreamy, imaginative and nostalgic feeling. There is a striking imbalance between the warm against the cool tones, and this is what makes the masterpiece visually enticing.

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  • Color Festival

    Color Festival


    A festival of color comes to light in this vibrant depiction of trees on the banks of a soothing river, dancing to the beat of a colorful tune.

    Illuminating a plethora of colors, the artist captures the essence of a rainbow that splashes its fragments onto the surroundings, so piquantly.

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  • The Color of Love

    The Color of Love


    A beautiful scene of a passionate couple in a romantic journey together under a shared shade of love and devotion. As the background color is faded away by the multi array of their passion, yet it gives an enchanting effect that offers a fitting ambience to the focal of the painting.

    The creator has skillfully contrasted color and monochrome to perfectly communicate the emotion of the moment. The reflecting trees against the damp surface is cleverly sketched and blended with the centerpiece that walkaway into the distance.

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  • Autumn Reflections

    Autumn Reflections


    Feast your eyes on this beautiful work of art as the creator draws you into the midst of a landscape setting captured on a peaceful autumn day. ‘Autumn reflections’ is a work of art that demonstrates the power of transformation, as seen in the mighty trees which take center stage.

    Whether alone or together with a companion by their side, they all go through a period of change and with the successful transition through this period, it casts a reflection upon the surroundings that acts as a pleasant reminder of the amazing outcome achieved at the end.

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  • Autumn Glow

    Autumn Glow


    The creator uses his unmatched talents to captivate the viewer with this striking portrayal of the peak time in autumn. As the dawn of the autumn season begins to spread its iconic golden glow, this magnificent tree which is the main focus of this creation spreading out is branched as wide as can be, and almost takes over the entire surrounding.

    The color scheme used in this acrylic makes it quite easy to blend in with any backdrop making it an ideal décor option which will allow you to enjoy how this amazing creation spreads the glow of the autumn season to its surroundings.

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  • The Blooming Butterfly

    The Blooming Butterfly


    A closeup portrait of a butterfly, signifying its relationship with its source of life – the flower. The butterfly is drawn is deep detail facing a smaller portrayal of a yellow flower and some greenery. The background is decorated with geometric shapes and outlines of other types of foliage.

    The creator has beautifully colored the butterfly in variations of blue and lavender in a manner that it would stand out against the backdrop that is designed to communicate the livelihood of the insect.

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  • They Came from Above

    They Came from Above


    Work in this piece is absolutely astounding and other worldly. It seems as if this work of art is the Creator’s own perception an ethereal being. The brilliance in the skill, use of colors and brush strokes that bring this creation to life and make it seem so lifelike is a highly impressive and commendable.

    Amidst the jungle of green, bits of Tuscan yellow, tangerine, browns, and white shading within the geometric shapes. Anyone would be lucky enough to own piece like this in their collection. One could gaze at this spectacular creation for eternities to come.

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