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Modern Prints

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  • Meeting of the Gods

    Meeting of the Gods


    Two mythological creatures colliding into one another. One from the skies above, whereas the other rises up from the water, below. An angel and a mermaid reaching out to each other in an embrace. The sea, so vast and blue and immensely unknown, the sky, blue with soft strokes of clouds scattered about, so vast and infinite.

    Two elements of nature that are different in actual mass and physical texture, but are similar in nature. The interaction between a mermaid and an angel. Both mythological, the creatures collide into the aether that depicts one last element of nature, which is aether.

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  • A Journey for Two

    A Journey for Two


    Narrating a journey for two in translucent waters the artist has captured an amicable journey of two carps. Their streamline swim is unhindered, and the silky sway of their delicate tails only exemplifies the ease of their seamless journey. The lone water lotus reflects the pigments of the red and silvery-white scales of the two koi carps allowing nature to take both forms of fauna and flora in the artist’s depiction of the painting.

    The clear waters allow the artist to interpret an undisturbed floor of the water body permitting the arresting shades of crimson red and Wimborne white of the body of the carps to take prominence here. The graph-like sketches and penciled marks of the subjects of the painting, namely the lotus and fish remain, letting any viewer awe at the paintings humble beginnings.

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  • Light in the Darkness

    Light in the Darkness


    This exquisite art is painted using the skillful stippling technique with a mixture of light blue shades to form an abstract of light and shade. The fade from light to dark and then back again is perfectly placed and executed with color and depth.

    The creator has inserted a blast of white light from the center of the canvass that radiates the surroundings, giving an effect of light invading its darkened environment.

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  • Colors of Affection

    Colors of Affection


    The creator offers an abstract presentation of a bond which transcends species. The young calf reluctant of straying away holds on to the mother. The touch of the trunk gives it constant reassurance as it follows the mother’s steps.

    The silhouettes set against the dark backdrop offers meaningful insight into this strong attachment. The colors used within, signify joyous and youthful animation of the young calf as well the warmth of the mother’s affection. This vivid and meaningful creation enlivens both mind and spirit.

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  • Encased in Glass

    Encased in Glass


    The Creator has expertly captured the stillness of the remnants of a fallen leaf blowing through the wind, where it has journeyed to a window and is pressed up against the glass. The stem of the leaf has been sketched to perfection and been made prominent, while the leaf itself and the veins in it seem to have faded and frayed. The background behind the leaf has a hill and some shrubbery in it.

    The black and white feel and look of this creation is exquisitely gothic and that color theme makes it very powerful. This beautiful piece of modern art makes for a perfect addition into any collection. The black and white color choice adds to the humble allure of this piece.

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  • Voyage to Uncertainty

    Voyage to Uncertainty


    Capturing the solitude of an independent journey is thought provoking. The creator’s depiction of the vessel leaving bright and sunlit climates towards a seemingly darker destination on tranquil waters, creates an ambiguous possibility foreshadowing its future. This creation’s integrity is delightful to witness as it focuses on the calm of the present while straying away futuristic uncertainties.

    Through the spectral pallor of the dominant bleached shade blended with beige, auburn and russet hues against the gloomy azure–ashen pigments illustrating water and sky, the creator has gifted the sturdy ship an ethereal completion. This acrylic will add a finesse of tranquility to any room with the ship’s journey towards uncertainty, making us appreciate the beauty found in the present.

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  • Olympus is Rising

    Olympus is Rising


    The ingenious Creator has chosen to portray the power of an athlete. The high jumper depicted here, in this creation, is mesmerizing. The Creator has painted the high jumper in mid motion, in mid air, his body levitating over the bar so fiercely and effortlessly, on canvas in an animated style.

    This masterpiece can be used as a motivational piece. The creation evokes thoughts on Olympians leaping into the air and forcefully throwing themselves over the bar, that is high up in the air. This piece of art has the power to make you feel invincible, like anything is possible and nothing can step in your way.

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  • Night of Prayer and Penan..

    Night of Prayer and Penan..


    Devotees gather at the holy threshold for the eve of prayer and penance. Some stooping before the divine power, others seeking blessings and solace. In a world of chaos, to recover and respite from one’s troubles is not an easy deed. Yet this humble abode of the divine, illuminated by hope and veneration unites the troubled in one purposeful worship.

    The creator captures the inherent human nature in a compelling and subtle manner with this creation. A magnificent addition to your collection, which will no doubt, lighten your worldly burdens.

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  • Feathered Nest

    Feathered Nest


    A contrast of black and white mingled with an orange-breasted light brown bird. The bird is gazing at her nest that is strategically drawn at the center of the canvas against a black and white setting. The curious stare of the bird toward the nest that bears an egg that appears to be in the process of hatching is well caught by the creator of this painting.

    The art is well populated with detail, color, and emotion of the animal as it gives a sense of expectation of what about to come out of the hatching egg.

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  • Embracing Elephants

    Embracing Elephants


    Two multicolored elephants embracing each other with their trunks. The mix of abstract and realism is beautiful as the creator has brought forth a spectrum of color and emotions together in this wildlife art. The use of color against a black backdrop is eye-catching.

    The creator has skillfully mixed a multiple array of colors and yet maintained the distinct character and detail of the elephants and in doing so has painted a very unique portrayal of elephants in the wild.

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  • Superior Control

    Superior Control


    A soccer player looks with intent as he attempts to bring a lofted ball under control using all his skill and purpose. This realistic yet abstract sketch is detailed in color and features, but artistic in its backdrop and foreground.

    The creator skillfully sketched the expression of the player as he gazes at the ball and has used soft hues against a white background with splashes of yellow for added color in this motion portrait.

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  • The Ruler

    The Ruler


    An exquisite close-up profile of the king of rock in performance. This painting is a perfect portrayal of the young Elvis Presley in his rebel attire, guitar sling to the side, singing to an imaginary lass far into the crowds.

    The creator of this art has captured the curious and alluring gaze that won many hearts by skillfully sketching an exact replication of a pose that was never ignored. Dark shadings amidst the sharp features of Elvis is drawn and blended in unison to produce a masterpiece portrait.

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  • An Eye for Detail

    An Eye for Detail


    If you are an admirer of traditional handcraft industries, then this work of art will be a perfect addition for your collection as it captures the level of commitment and eye for detail which is required to come up with a beautiful work of art.

    As seen in this creation, the artist focuses on the high level of concentration seen on the face of the workman as he wields the raw block of wood through a wood carving machine to yield the final product. Put yourself in the midst of this workstation as you imagine watching how this talented artist expresses his unmatched workmanship to create a fine work of art.

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  • Daily Toils for Timber

    Daily Toils for Timber


    The daily toils of a carpenter surrounded by the results of his labor are skillfully illustrated by the creator. It takes many a shaving of timbers new and old to reach perfection, achieved at many compromises of the wood-crafter’s own comfort. His workmanship and pride both at stake with the slightest of distractions.

    The rigid focus of the carpenter despite constant wails of machinery is almost heard as one gazes at this portrayal, as the artist has masterfully recreated a real-life scene in striking detail.

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  • Predator’s Gaze

    Predator’s Gaze


    The creator has successfully captured a magnificent predator’s piercing gaze. Constricting and dilating, but its gaze never faltering. Flecks of gold and green speak volumes of intensity; a multitude of thoughts and emotions provoked within whoever locks its gaze.

    If eyes are windows to the soul, these would narrate tales of determination, a hope to conquer and the will to survive. Rousing and motivating, this creation aspires to change and inspire the viewer.

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  • Grunge



    The Renaissance of punk rock blended with a retro theme results in a blast of color and attitude. This abstract portrait of a girl dressed in waves of color presents this mixture in a theme called grunge. Her face mutated from nature in what appears to be an evolution of an ocean.

    The creator has splattered this beautiful abstract art with a sea of color ranging from violet to turquoise whilst combining many of the rainbow hues in swift smooth brush strokes applied in freedom and harmony.

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  • Gloomy Skies

    Gloomy Skies


    ‘Gloomy Skies’ is a landscape painting of the scene just before a shower of rain pours down from the sky. With the combination of a few primary colors the artist successfully brings to life a still moment in time before the climate transitions from a bright sunny day to a rainy evening.

    The lush greenery portrayed in the painting seems to eagerly await the refreshing shower of rain. Yet the reflection of the white clouds in the stream flowing across seems to act as a reminder of the clear weather experienced moments before. Used as décor, this painting will successfully take the observer in a calming state of contemplation.

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  • Totally in Control

    Totally in Control


    The Creator brilliantly painted this illustration of a sportsman. The football player has been painted in motion, mid movement, in mid air. The Creator has made an interesting and bold decision to paint this piece as an artistic, animated illustration. There is a fantasy, dream like element to the creation.

    A well-executed rendition of a sports illustrated by this brilliant Creator. This piece can be added to a living space to display its star quality and can be used as a motivational piece. The interest of this piece is not limited to the sports fans who would want to add this to their collection. It fits with any living space.

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  • Basking in the Light

    Basking in the Light


    The Creator has offered a masterful ode to Buddhism. Being that the Lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism. The geometry of this masterpiece only draws emphasis to the celestial atmosphere that is highly prominent in this magnificent piece.

    The sapphire hues that cover the semi-precious effect of the sky is so alluring, calming. Perfect to soften the chaos of the modern world in which we live in. The Creator has astoundingly portrayed an abstract masterpiece that emanates a strong and calm peace.

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  • Feathered Forager

    Feathered Forager


    A body of water, with adjacent points of elevation, seems incomplete without the Kingfisher. Skilled in patience and swift movement, the artists bring to life a feathered forager.

    Its plumage depicts an occasion when dusk and sunset met when hues of tangerine teased the cobalt. Despite a hunched silhouette, the dark orbital ring in its eye, witnesses every movement. It is conspicuous but prepared, in a watchful perch for prey. The artist’s precise strokes of color breathe vigor into this creation.

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