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Modern Prints

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  • All We Ever Need

    All We Ever Need


    Life is a tough and challenging road to travel alone. Changes are imminent and when they get me down, you promise me comfort and a refuge from the storm. As long as we have each other and take solace in each other’s embrace, we have all we need and can find shelter from any tempest.

    Creator of this artwork has masterly expressed the closeness brought through facing and overcoming adversities together. It also provokes sentiments of mutual interdependence and trust, while cleverly capturing the turmoil by the use of dark and provoking hues which definitely making this a creation of interest.

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  • They Came from Above

    They Came from Above


    Work in this piece is absolutely astounding and other worldly. It seems as if this work of art is the Creator’s own perception an ethereal being. The brilliance in the skill, use of colors and brush strokes that bring this creation to life and make it seem so lifelike is a highly impressive and commendable.

    Amidst the jungle of green, bits of Tuscan yellow, tangerine, browns, and white shading within the geometric shapes. Anyone would be lucky enough to own piece like this in their collection. One could gaze at this spectacular creation for eternities to come.

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  • Jungle Ablaze

    Jungle Ablaze


    A forest fire is captured with perfect precision in this daring work of art that reflects bold colors, all rolled into one.

    The artist aims to evoke the flames of fire that shine through the trees which also hold drops of water. All the while, the body of water beneath reflects this eclectic mix of emotions, as seen through the eyes of its creator.

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  • Color Festival

    Color Festival


    A festival of color comes to light in this vibrant depiction of trees on the banks of a soothing river, dancing to the beat of a colorful tune.

    Illuminating a plethora of colors, the artist captures the essence of a rainbow that splashes its fragments onto the surroundings, so piquantly.

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  • Voyage to Uncertainty

    Voyage to Uncertainty


    Capturing the solitude of an independent journey is thought provoking. The creator’s depiction of the vessel leaving bright and sunlit climates towards a seemingly darker destination on tranquil waters, creates an ambiguous possibility foreshadowing its future. This creation’s integrity is delightful to witness as it focuses on the calm of the present while straying away futuristic uncertainties.

    Through the spectral pallor of the dominant bleached shade blended with beige, auburn and russet hues against the gloomy azure–ashen pigments illustrating water and sky, the creator has gifted the sturdy ship an ethereal completion. This acrylic will add a finesse of tranquility to any room with the ship’s journey towards uncertainty, making us appreciate the beauty found in the present.

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  • Light in the Darkness

    Light in the Darkness


    This exquisite art is painted using the skillful stippling technique with a mixture of light blue shades to form an abstract of light and shade. The fade from light to dark and then back again is perfectly placed and executed with color and depth.

    The creator has inserted a blast of white light from the center of the canvass that radiates the surroundings, giving an effect of light invading its darkened environment.

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  • Colors of Affection

    Colors of Affection


    The creator offers an abstract presentation of a bond which transcends species. The young calf reluctant of straying away holds on to the mother. The touch of the trunk gives it constant reassurance as it follows the mother’s steps.

    The silhouettes set against the dark backdrop offers meaningful insight into this strong attachment. The colors used within, signify joyous and youthful animation of the young calf as well the warmth of the mother’s affection. This vivid and meaningful creation enlivens both mind and spirit.

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  • A Magical Touch

    A Magical Touch


    It is hard to deny the magic behind a simple touch, and it is this power that is skillfully demonstrated by the creator in this unique work of art. The creation shows how two individuals exchange soft touches between each other’s hand, which is brought to life in a 3D like manner, and the creator also go on to use more finer detailing techniques to show the more stronger nature of the man’s hand, and the most delicate touch created by the woman’s hands.

    This creation is a perfect addition to remind yourself of the support and warmth a simple touch can bring to your life and dissipate a loving feeling to the entire surrounding.

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  • After the Rain Subsides

    After the Rain Subsides


    A soft rain is always welcome as with it brings the hope of a fresh start; the refreshing new beginning brought to life as the rain subsides is a wonderful instance which has been captured by the creator in this scenic work of art. Using an acrylic painting technique, the creator skillfully highlights how the surroundings light up as though it has been showered with color and the rainwater remaining on the pathway amplifies the colored setting through its blurry reflection.

    The creator adds further meaning by depicting a shadow of a couple who walk close together representing how life itself goes on after the rain subsides.

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  • Rainbow Splashes

    Rainbow Splashes


    A combination of piquant brush strokes bring together a kaleidoscope of color in this portrayal of trees absorbing the colors of the rainbow.

    In parallel the crystal clear waters reflect the majesty of the vibrant trees above. The artist thereby signifies the beauty and complexity of nature’s multifaceted character, through the use of colors skillfully blended together to perfection.

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  • Golden Hues

    Golden Hues


    Flames of gold in a juxtaposition of color, have been cleverly interspersed in this painting, to light up the dull weeds of straw beneath.

    That in essence brings to life the vision of the artist who forms a unique color blends to catch the creative eye. Painstakingly curated tangible brushstrokes of gold, sing in splendor to brighten up an otherwise monochrome background, thus creating a striking masterpiece of color.

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  • A Journey for Two

    A Journey for Two


    Narrating a journey for two in translucent waters the artist has captured an amicable journey of two carps. Their streamline swim is unhindered, and the silky sway of their delicate tails only exemplifies the ease of their seamless journey. The lone water lotus reflects the pigments of the red and silvery-white scales of the two koi carps allowing nature to take both forms of fauna and flora in the artist’s depiction of the painting.

    The clear waters allow the artist to interpret an undisturbed floor of the water body permitting the arresting shades of crimson red and Wimborne white of the body of the carps to take prominence here. The graph-like sketches and penciled marks of the subjects of the painting, namely the lotus and fish remain, letting any viewer awe at the paintings humble beginnings.

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  • Living Dreams

    Living Dreams


    The wind blows towards the land, it may be early morning, when the fisherman returns home after a night at sea. This monochrome painting is beautiful as it signifies the complexities and the turmoil the fishermen face each day to fulfill the dreams of their loved ones, the creator has portrayed chaos in the sky and the sea using highlights of white.

    Their lives are shades of black and white, but the effort is to color it bright with the shades of the rainbow! The attention to details on this piece on all features is brilliant, the sound of the sea, waves crashing is almost audible to the spectator creating a vivid image.

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  • Anchored Together

    Anchored Together


    The sky is painted in subtle hues of cerise, navy, beige and rubicund, restrained and almost indiscernible. Staring right back at you are six sailboats and as if guarding their offspring, the small boats are flanked by the large motor boats.

    The intricate strokes on the sail ships are drawn with every detail brought to life, showing great skill of the creator. The inflamed water is translucent of the setting sun, majestically escorting the ships glowing in the brightness. This work of art is beautiful and resonates passion! A reminder of the brilliance and power of the creator!

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  • Classic Travel

    Classic Travel


    A detailed sketch of an ancient mode of travel packed in a classic structure with artistic features upon its chassis and paint. This beautiful portrait of an automobile used by the high class is both rich in actual color and aspects.

    The creator has applied an abstract touch to the background by lightly outlining what appears to the vehicles garage in pencil texture, thereby adding curiosity to the detailed sketch.

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  • To the Heavens

    To the Heavens


    Motivation and inspiration for the creative expression comes only from above. This thoughtful painting of a cultural dancer is a perfect portrayal of preparation before the performance. His pose sketched exquisitely from an unusual angle capturing the emotion and body language of the stance.

    The creator as inserted detail in the subject whilst utilizing a dull background forcing the focus of the viewer to the dancer’s search for the stimulus above.

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  • Long Trunks, Long Memory

    Long Trunks, Long Memory


    This Brightly colored rendition of two elephants, walking side by side is a very lively piece. It appears as though the spectrum of colors from a rainbow has been placed over the entire creation.

    The colors start out bright and fade into the center of the creation. The outer, brighter tones, then the muted hues faded into the grey tone of the elephant’s trunks. The Creator has portrayed the elephants to look as though they are happy and smiling. There is positivity overflowing from this wondrous creation. It creates a sense of optimism in any space that it is displayed in.

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  • Childhood Memories

    Childhood Memories


    The creator beautifully expresses simultaneously the coldness and the playfulness of the rain. Although the rain can cause a depressing gloom, it also recalls childhood memories of jumping into puddles and dancing in the rain. This nostalgic joy of being able to relive a childhood pleasure as an adult is precious.

    The umbrellas add contrast and color in the painting and has brightened the gloom. The happiness of the couple takes flight like butterflies and adds a very dreamy, imaginative and nostalgic feeling. There is a striking imbalance between the warm against the cool tones, and this is what makes the masterpiece visually enticing.

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  • Night of Prayer and Penan..

    Night of Prayer and Penan..


    Devotees gather at the holy threshold for the eve of prayer and penance. Some stooping before the divine power, others seeking blessings and solace. In a world of chaos, to recover and respite from one’s troubles is not an easy deed. Yet this humble abode of the divine, illuminated by hope and veneration unites the troubled in one purposeful worship.

    The creator captures the inherent human nature in a compelling and subtle manner with this creation. A magnificent addition to your collection, which will no doubt, lighten your worldly burdens.

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  • Encased in Glass

    Encased in Glass


    The Creator has expertly captured the stillness of the remnants of a fallen leaf blowing through the wind, where it has journeyed to a window and is pressed up against the glass. The stem of the leaf has been sketched to perfection and been made prominent, while the leaf itself and the veins in it seem to have faded and frayed. The background behind the leaf has a hill and some shrubbery in it.

    The black and white feel and look of this creation is exquisitely gothic and that color theme makes it very powerful. This beautiful piece of modern art makes for a perfect addition into any collection. The black and white color choice adds to the humble allure of this piece.

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