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  • Flying Tortoise

    Flying Tortoise


    This happy little creature made of polished coconut wood and shell, will make a perfect souvenir to take back home with you after a visit to our beautiful tropical isle. The creator strategically uses parts of the coconut tree to bring to life a little tortoise with its arms and legs spread wide, as though it was ready to take flight like one of the fond characters in children’s stories.

    With a coconut shell appropriately serving as the tortoise shell, it can also be turned over to be used as an ashtray. With multiple uses, this creation will make a perfect addition to your mementos.

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  • Ride Down Memory Lane

    Ride Down Memory Lane


    This hand carved old-fashioned motor bicycle has been crafted with a sharp eye for detail out of Bamboo wood. It has been created to satisfy those who have an eye for the little details of vintage vehicles.

    It can be used as a collectible figurine in an office space or as home décor and will incorporate a nostalgic atmosphere intertwined with a sense of adventure. It is truly a ride down memory lane!

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  • Tusker’s Chest

    Tusker’s Chest


    This type of a chest which is more commonly known as ‘Pettagama’, is a common storage unit in ancient Sri Lankan houses. The tusker holds a special place in the hearts of Sri Lankans and are the true pride of the beautiful processions that decorate the streets with color and magnificence. The milky white ivory of its tusks represent the richness of the Sinhalese culture.

    This chest is hand crafted with intricate details using mahogany wood to create a new respect for the intricate details and beauty of Sri Lankan culture. It treasures and connects with nostalgia.

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  • Bottoms Up!

    Bottoms Up!


    As soon as you set your eyes on this wonderful work of art carved out of rich mahogany wood and decorated with brass, you will most certainly feel the urge to enjoy a drink with your closest pals.

    This creation will remind you about the art of brewing perfected over the years which gives rise to some of the best drinks worthy of appreciation. Available in two sizes, this is a perfect décor option for your living room, to be placed right next to your finest beverage collection or can be used to hold your fine wines.

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  • Over the Horizon

    Over the Horizon


    This mahogany wood sculpture radiates rays of abstract, positive energy. It combines abstract natural elements to form a mesmerizing and confusing visual interpretations of a romantic horizon. The artist incorporates the depths of the energy radiated through natural phenomena.

    The abstract sunset transcends its rays directly on to the isolated boat floating beside the horizon. It restores a form of balance with the mystical power of the sun, while its energy transcends spiritual ecstasy.

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  • The Earthen Pot

    The Earthen Pot


    Traditional Sri Lankan cooking focuses on food prepared in earthen pots. It is believed that the food prepared in earthen utensils is far tastier and retain nutrition. Sri Lankan food is enhanced and becomes richer with the concoction of spices and the smoky wood of an open wooden-fire stove.

    This product is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood and will bring a sense of balance and prosperity to the space in which it is displayed, while radiating a sense of peacefulness. It enhances the love for Sri Lankan tradition.

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  • Crab’s Treasure

    Crab’s Treasure


    Underneath a hard shell often lies a hidden treasure; similarly this unique creation made of valuable mahogany wood hides its own secret within. At a glance you would see a life like wooden sculpture of a crab resting on its sharp claws with its gaze fixed directly at the onlooker.

    Only careful examination will unveil a hidden secret that this is in fact a secret safe which can hide valuable belongings in plain sight making this a work of art with multiple uses.

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  • Case of Secrets

    Case of Secrets


    The tusker elephant holds a special place in the hearts of Sri Lankans as the animal truly represents the majesty of a rich culture and history. It is crafted to connect with nostalgia and glorifies Sri Lankan culture.

    This is a box with a secret latch which makes it perfect for storing away your valuables. This product is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood and consists of intricate details to give a combination of magical and artistic elements to the space in which it is displayed in.

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  • Bug-eyed Leaper

    Bug-eyed Leaper


    A unique creation made of tough mahogany wood, this creation depicts a leap-frog with bulging eyes and a stick held in its mouth. The figurine is one that will immediately grab the attention of the onlooker due to its ability to stand out – or rather leap out from its surroundings.

    Aside from being a unique collector’s item it could be used as a percussion instrument (Guiro) by rubbing the stick against the notches on the back of the frog.

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  • Dream Voyager

    Dream Voyager


    Ships symbolize happiness, productivity, increase of energy and improvement of your overall well – being. This wooden sculpture will attract peace to grow into your future and empower you to tap into your hidden potential.

    The product is exclusively handcrafted using coconut wood and will bring a sense of balance to the space in which it is displayed, while radiating a sense of positivity and new possibilities.

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  • Cannon Fire

    Cannon Fire


    A truly majestic work of art, this creation made from mahogany wood, decorated with golden embellishments to look like a replica of a large artillery gun used in historic times, is actually a miniature wine barrel. Infusing a sense of historic charm to its surroundings, this cannon looks ready for battle or hold your fine wines, making it a wonderful statement piece for your home or office space.

    If you are a collector of historic artifacts or beverages, this item will be a perfect substitute for a somewhat large cannon which would be hard to fit in your respective space.

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  • Tusker’s Glory

    Tusker’s Glory


    Boxes symbolize hidden secrets that are very valuable. This is a common storage unit in ancient Sri Lankan houses. The tusker holds a special place in the hearts of Sri Lankans as the animal truly represents the magnificence and majesty of a rich culture and history.

    This box is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood to give a home to treasured trinkets and memories and is made to connect with valuable nostalgic memories.

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