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Statues & Figurines

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  • Fluid Motion

    Fluid Motion


    As a dancer gently twirls reaching up and above, the creator captures the epitome of this dance performance through this amazing creation made of high-valued mahogany wood.

    The creator uses the upright nature of the starting block of wood and carefully infuses the nature of fluid motion through which he breathes life into the sculpture. Be captivated by the beauty of this creation as it begins to transfix your mind with its fluid motion.

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  • Poised for Perfection

    Poised for Perfection


    Simple and enthralling, this creation captures a yogi striking the perfect pose which brings balance in both body and mind. Through its stillness the creation shows the level of perfection attained through deep concentration and disciplined practice which invites the onlooker to also enter into a peaceful state of mind.

    Allow this creation made of valuable mahogany wood to infuse peace and harmony with its surroundings, allowing the viewer to also become poised for perfection.

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  • Diving Beauty

    Diving Beauty


    A captivating work of art carved out of rich black ebony wood, this creation is a quick and easy way to add value to your surroundings through a priceless work of art.

    Featuring a mesmerizingly beautiful mermaid about to dive into her natural habitat the creator demonstrates his unmatched capabilities to bring out intricate details in even the hardest substances. Simple yet charming, this creation will most certainly stand out against any setting.

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  • Finding Solace

    Finding Solace


    There is no other place that offers more peace and solace than in the safety and warmth of a mother’s arms.

    This beautiful mahogany creation is priceless in terms of artistic value as the creator demonstrates how every etch and incision made from a single block of wood. This will bring out the sense of purity, comfort, trust and love offered by this mother as she gently cradles her infant who seeks solace through their embrace.

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  • Life on Stilts

    Life on Stilts


    Fishing is a common occupation of the coastline population in Sri Lanka. A fisherman symbolizes determination and dedication as he is always trying to “catch” an opportunity in the midst of tedious circumstances. According to fortune telling, dreaming of a fisherman can bring you good luck, particularly if you see the fish that he has already caught.

    This product is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood to bring a sense of fertility and prosperity to the space in which it is displayed.

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  • Twisted Dilemma

    Twisted Dilemma


    This amazing creation carved out of valuable Mahogany wood is twisted indeed. Featuring a muse which takes on a contoured posture, the creation shows how the worries in her head weigh her down and take over her entire body as she contemplates more and more on the dilemma she is faced with.

    This masterpiece will definitely bring life to any setting as it grabs the attention of the onlooker twisting their attention in the process.

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  • Nature in Unison

    Nature in Unison


    The creator’s detailed carving style beautifully represents the relationship between flora and fauna. The birds intertwined among the trees symbolize the beauty and connectivity of nature.

    This masterpiece reflects upon the oneness of nature and is characterized by intricate details. It is truly a masterpiece that interacts with the eye and overwhelms the heart. It complements the aspect of life and radiates positivity and gentleness in the space it is displayed in.

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  • Divine Dance

    Divine Dance


    This sculpture resembles Nataraja, who is the Lord of Dance and a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. The dynamism of this sculpture gives out a form of energy with the whirling hair spread out in thin strands as a fan behind Shiva’s head.

    It combines elements from the Hindu culture to form a mesmerizing visual interpretation of serenity. The artist incorporates the depths of the energy radiated in his very detailed sculpting technique as it restores an aesthetic of balance and positivity.

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  • Silent Observer

    Silent Observer


    Using a block of precious mahogany wood, the creator brings to life an artistic masterpiece titled ‘Silent Observer’. Relaxing in a comfortable resting position with one hand under his temple and the other perched upon his knee is a silent observer who continues to set his judgmental gaze upon the rest of the world.

    Allow yourself a moment or two to look back at this figurine and try to guess what thoughts run behind his gaze.

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  • Feline Femininity

    Feline Femininity


    Carved from the wood of the mahogany tree – the cat who sits steadily is the epitome of independence and power. The sculpture has been hand- carved with intricate details and represents the power of femininity.

    As marvelous and mysterious as the Sphinx from the days of ancient Egypt, the cat symbolizes strength and confidence from the tip of her ears to her paws. This wooden sculpture will incorporate a sense of elegance to the space it is displayed in.

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  • Over-Thinker



    This beautiful creation carved out of one of the finest varieties of wood, mahogany which is found in our tropical isle, is a perfect work of art to include as part of your home or office décor.

    The creator takes on a rather satirical approach as he brings to life an ‘Over-thinker’. Enjoy the beauty of this creation as you watch how this figure gets lost in his own thoughts, living in a world of illusion.

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  • Narrow Minded

    Narrow Minded


    A beautiful sculpture made of Mahogany wood, this creation represents a deeper meaning behind what meets the eye. At a glance it features a slender figure with one arm hanging freely by her side while the other is placed at the top of her head.

    The creation goes on to explore the impact that narrow minded thinking has on the muse, as it shows how puzzling the world seems when viewed from a rather constricted point of view.

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  • Master Sitarist

    Master Sitarist


    This beautiful creation carved out of mahogany wood features a maestro standing with one of the most renowned musical instruments with origins from the Indian subcontinent, a Sitar.

    Mastering the art of creating beautiful melodies from this instrument is by no means a simple task. This wonderful creation celebrates the moment as a master sitarist stands before her audience before she begins to captivate them with her music. This creation will make a perfect gift option for a classical music lover you might know.

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  • Sharpshooter



    The sharpshooter featured in this creation is almost unstoppable as the creator captures the exact moment before the winning goal is scored. Amplifying the level of confidence the shooter demonstrates this single handed movement of the player depicts nothing but skill, accuracy and precision which could only yield one outcome – that of victory.

    Carved out of dark ebony wood, this creation will definitely make a perfect statement piece alongside all your other awards and accolades on display.

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  • Shouldering a Burden

    Shouldering a Burden


    It is truly amazing how the creator carefully whittles away at a solid block of Mahogany wood to create such an intricate work of art. The creation centers on a muse who carries a heavy burden on his shoulders, which weighs him down more and more as he continues to think about the problems at hand.

    Reminding us not to be weighed down by our own troubles we are often faced with, this creation will be a valuable work of art to add to your collection.

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  • Peace Offering

    Peace Offering


    The hippopotamus is usually a peace loving creature until he feels his home and family are under threat. This wooden sculpture will attract peace to grow into your future and empower you to tap into your hidden strengths.

    The product is exclusively hand crafted using mahogany wood and will bring a sense of balance to the space in which it is displayed, while radiating a sense of positivity and stability.

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  • Slender Hands

    Slender Hands


    Captured pointing all five fingers up while with the thumb lies slightly ahead of the rest, the artist brings to life the slender hand of his delicate muse. Beginning from the base of the arm adorned with an intricate cuff, the artist shows his unmatched talent to display the fragile and sensitive nature of the muse which could symbolize rather affluent origins.

    Aside from being a beautiful work of art, this mahogany piece could also serve as a creative letter holder, a ring holder or a key chain holder for your home or office.

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  • Wise Old Owl

    Wise Old Owl


    The symbol of wisdom, this beautiful creature carved out of mahogany wood will make a perfect décor option for a living room, study or office space. The creator displays perfect carving and intricate detailing techniques to create this lifelike representation of a wise old owl.

    With its gaze set on an unidentified object, this beautiful creation invites you to see the world through its wise eyes, which in time will shine light on things that were previously hard to comprehend.

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  • Totem Pole

    Totem Pole


    Demonstrating tribal splendor, the creator explores the depth of his artistic capabilities through the making of this intricate work of art. Enjoy the traditional glamour this creation will bring to any indoor space where you place it on display.

    Beginning from a block of rich mahogany wood, the creator carefully whittles the piece of wood, strategically placing the most intricate details along the grain of the wood to create this highly detailed and amazing totem pole.

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  • Victory Load

    Victory Load


    If you are in search of a statement piece which will add value to your existing interior décor, this beautiful wooden figurine will be a perfect option to consider.

    Capturing every ounce of hard work and energy put into lifting this heavy load, the creator artistically shows how such an attempt could yield the best results at the end of it all. Oozing of victory and pride, this creation will effortlessly infuse the same energy to its surroundings.

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