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A common treat among village folks in the southeast region of Asia, this acrylic depicts an old man preparing his own special mixture of Betel leaves. Often served with ground Areca nut and lime, the creator brings out even the most minute elements to show the level of detail the old man goes into to create the perfect concoction that he will go on to enjoy perhaps for the rest of the day. Picture yourself in the midst of this rural setting while you watch the old man careful blend the handpicked ingredients he has procured as though he is passing down this traditional recipe to you.

Potent Concoction

$ 1,029.99


Creator: Nilantha Vidanarachchi

SKU: 30154-CU-NV

Categories: Painting, Cultural Paintings

TagsPainting,Cultural Paintings

  • Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Hand-Painted
  • Worldwide Free Doorstep Delivery
  • Secure Delivery in a Custom Made Wooden Box
  • Amazing Value for Money
Size 24 x 36 in
Medium Oil
Orientation Portrait
Frame 1.5 inch Off White Fiber Frame , 1.75 inch Dull Gold Fiber Frame , 1 inch Grayish Black Mahogany Frame , 1.25 inch Black Fiber Frame , 1 inch Stretcher (Box) Frame , 1.75 inch Dark Brown Fiber Frame , 2 inch Teak Brown Mahogany Frame


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