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Through this beautiful creation set on a rich blue background, the creator invites the viewer to envision the beauty of the ocean at sunset. This work of art takes on two forms, where in one dimension the natural scene unfolds before the viewer's eyes. On the other hand, the creator uses sharp outlines to bring to life the viewer himself as an observer within the realms of the canvas to understand the feeling of witnessing the setting in real life.

Sea 'n' Sun I

$ 1,999.99


Creator: Kos Cos

SKU: 60258-MO-KG

Categories: Painting, Modern Paintings

TagsPainting,Modern Paintings

  • Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Hand-Painted
  • Worldwide Free Doorstep Delivery
  • Secure Delivery in a Custom Made Wooden Box
  • Amazing Value for Money
Orientation Square
Medium Oil
Size 36 x 36 in
Frame 1.5 inch Off White Fiber Frame , 1.25 inch Black Fiber Frame , 1.75 inch Dull Gold Fiber Frame , 1 inch Stretcher (Box) Frame , 2 inch Teak Brown Mahogany Frame , 1 inch Grayish Black Mahogany Frame , 1.75 inch Dark Brown Fiber Frame


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