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Acrylic Painting Basics

Proponents of painting with acrylics would say the medium offers advantages that distinguish it from both oil and watercolor. On one hand, acrylics are permanent and do not yellow with age as do oil. But, being water-soluble, they are .

Why we need Art in our Homes?

Why do we need art in our homes? It may seem like a simple question, with an even simpler answer. But, the real answer goes beyond the surface of just adding decoration or bringing color into the living room. .

How to Read a Painting

Art is a great status symbol in modern society and because of that it can be quite intimidating to the casual viewer. For many the first impulse is to blow it off, to see it as a worthless plaything .

Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photography is a favorite with professional and amateur photographers alike. There awaits a wealth of natural landscapes filled with beauty and drama, always changing with the seasons. To avoid taking bland images, follow these top landscape photography tips. .