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  • Let Me Light Your Path

    Let Me Light Your Path


    In this creation, you will see a couple stroll along a quiet and secluded path with only each other to take away their loneliness. It is from this point onwards that the creature begins to take the viewer to a much deeper point of view about the story behind this unique pairing of lonely souls, where it tells the story of how one of the lovers provides the strength and support the other needs to overcome a dark and sorrowful past.

    Allow this creation to bring the same light and hope to its surrounding as you watch how each illuminating street light depicts the strength of this love as it lights up the path leading to a brighter future.

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  • Chasing Demons

    Chasing Demons


    This kaleidoscopic image captured by the creator speaks richly of our local beliefs. The performers chant eloquently to the tune of the drums with fire in their hands, their voices vibrant and strong, their pounding feet demanding together with the sound of the jingles.

    Adorned in flamboyant cloth and a headdress, they are dedicated to their task and tirelessly fight the good fight to chase the devils that cause chaos. The troop gathers in the background anticipating the next move of the performers. This exquisite capture speaks profusely of our rich heritage and will be a perfect gift for anyone who loves art lush in color.

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  • Liza



    Decorated in the eye-catching hues of mauve and sky blue, a color combination most often chosen by hopeless romantics, this beautiful portrait of the damsel Liza is a unique creation which will transfix the viewer almost immediately.

    The creator brings out the youthful nature of his muse as she casts a playful glance over her shoulder. Beaming with delicate, feminine energy, this creation is a perfect way to breathe new life to the surroundings in which it is placed in.

    Kos Cos
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  • Heaven’s Ladder

    Heaven’s Ladder


    Peaceful and calming, this beautiful acrylic is a perfect embodiment of serenity. Using only various shades of blue and a slight tinge of pink, the creator is able to allow the viewer to enjoy a truly celestial experience. Heavens above have opened to the still surroundings as though Heaven’s ladder unveils a path connecting Earth to what lies above.

    Enjoy the beauty of this magical creation as you make Heaven’s ladder part of your home or office space. Enjoy the beauty of the divine invitation received from above creating hope that we too can experience a little touch of heaven while here on earth.

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  • Spirit Dancers

    Spirit Dancers


    This mysterious creation depicts a unique dance culture of Sri Lanka. It’s not just a charade or interval designed to entertain, it’s a carefully crafted ritual. The devil dance is performed to exorcise evil spirits and diseases as well as for seeking blessing from good spirits. Dancers wear masks depicting many characters.

    The pop of color from the bright red in the background makes a powerful impact to catch the viewer’s eye and livens up one’s mood as well as any room. The art is not the elite benefit the art exits for anyone who is open minded enough to swallow it up.

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  • Simple Pleasures of Life

    Simple Pleasures of Life


    A beautiful Stork Billed Kingfisher gazes longingly at the flowers, commonly known as ‘Ganda–Paana’ and scientifically known as “Lantana Camara”. The pretty orange flowers seem inviting and the kingfisher who is generally carnivorous pauses for a second, thinking if she should take a sip of the nectar and go beyond her true self.

    The clear blue sky and the fresh green leaves on the tree complement each other very well. Adding the bright blue, yellow and chestnut shades of the bird and its red bill makes this piece of art, carefully portrayed on a canvas, one of a kind.

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  • A Whale of a Play

    A Whale of a Play


    A detail-rich motion filled picture of two whales playing with absolute freedom in the vast ocean. While one whale is content to lay at depths the other is leaping out of the water in playful action. The creator of this art has brought a real and amazing representation of these two majestic animals of the deep.

    An abstract geometric design is included in the painting which tickles the imagination of the viewer. The creator has used different shades of blue to draw this amazing mix of nature, ocean and the animal kingdom.

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  • Warmth of Home

    Warmth of Home


    The creator blends the power of simplicity with a perfect choice of color to bring to life this beautiful masterpiece. Captured in a moment just before nightfall, the creator depicts life in a humble home surrounded by the majestic forces of nature.

    Although alone, the tiny bright light shining through the window of this home indicates the warmth felt within which is capable of subsiding even the toughest challenges faced on a cold winter’s night.

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  • Path on Water

    Path on Water


    Appearing as a line of stepping stones, this beautiful acrylic is capable of tricking one’s eyes at a glance. The creator demonstrates his unmatched artistic talents as he blends shades of green, blue and yellow to recreate a peaceful setting of a natural lake with its surface decorated by delicate purple water lilies and lily pads which are arranged as though they serve as stepping stones creating a pathway to walk on water.

    Make this creation part of your home or office if you would like to bring the calming nature of the water element into your living space or simply use it as a décor option to captivate your audience.

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  • Village Stopover

    Village Stopover


    A welcome stopover along a village road for the journey weary bullock cart. This painting features a remote landscape populated with some idling local inhabitants. The detail of the surrounding trees stands out as a feature in the work of art as the creator has blended colors with definite brush strokes.

    Simplicity in choice of colors gives this painting a rugged look in keeping with the theme of a village. The dull hues are overshadowed by the rich detail in multiple characters represented by men and animals spread evenly throughout the canvas, giving the viewer a lot to gaze at when taking in the environment that is portrayed.

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  • World… United

    World… United


    We are shown in this creation that it does not matter what cast, creed, ethnic background and religion you come from, we all share this world and we deserve to live together in unity, without discrimination. We can all be together and interact with each other as one.

    Portrayed in this creation are children of different ethnicities. One theme clearly portrayed and very evident in the piece. The moral of this piece lies in the simple fact that each of us were born in the same way, we were all once infants who grew to be children of the world and now adults. We all share the same stages in life, from birth to old age. How can we be different when we share so much, already?

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  • Lake on Fire

    Lake on Fire


    Flames exuberate over still waters as though its surface was the source of the furnace. This abstract elates a story of what many may view as here-say or mystic, but few believe to be a true destination for lost souls – the Lake on Fire.

    The creator has communicated this concept using hatching and has skillfully built on texture and tone whilst blending turquoise and shades of brown – amber to produce a masterpiece of what appears to be fire on water or rather water on fire.

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  • The Flame of Hades

    The Flame of Hades


    In this creation the dark figured individual is being anointed in ethereal light of the waterfall. The long, flowing, connecting strokes of azure act as a light around the figure of the person. Framing the individual perfectly in the halo of light. The figure; stunning and fascinating, godlike in its nature is what one would imagine a celestial being from Greek mythology looks like.

    This hauntingly beautiful piece would be a key, signature work of art in any collection of art. It is a testament to the artistic prowess of this ingenious Creator. The piece exudes wonder and mystique. Any and all who gaze upon the mastery of this work of art will be in awe of it.

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  • Sailing Heroes

    Sailing Heroes


    The real heroes of the seas and these that brave the awesome waves in nothing more than a ruddy catamaran. These fishermen are exquisitely portrayed upon a catamaran that is hardly spacious to host them equipped with their nets ready to face the rough seas in search of their prized catch.

    The sparkling background of the wrinkled sea is perfectly painted using much skill in brush strokes and color combination by the creator who has contrasted a detailed sketch of a boat against the blue waves. The emotions of the fisherman looking up towards the viewer bring the art to life giving an overwhelming sense that we are present in the moment bidding well to the sailors as they venture out for their daily mission.

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  • Cultural Exuberance

    Cultural Exuberance


    An enthusiastic pose of a female dancer locked in culture and creative expression. Beautiful facial expression and posture has been captured through this portrait utilizing sharp but simple shades. The dull background contrasts the subject to bring into focus the message the intends to convey.

    The creator has exquisitely sketched detail in the costume and appearance of the dancer and drawn this portrayal at an angle that exhibits a mood of enthusiasm that is both commanding and proud as is the culture it represents.

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  • Perfect Moment

    Perfect Moment


    It is the dry season, the branches on the trees are almost lifeless. A small tree plant survives, its roots holding on to dear life on the tree. The sun sets in the background and the creator has witnessed a beautiful moment in time.

    A pretty crimson fronted Barbet endemic to Sri Lanka, feeds a ripe fruit to its mate who is unable to find food as she keeps their eggs warm. Their little family is growing in love. The use of colors and shade has created a visual masterpiece as the creator has focused on the little moments of life which take our breath away.

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  • Autumn Reflections

    Autumn Reflections


    Feast your eyes on this beautiful work of art as the creator draws you into the midst of a landscape setting captured on a peaceful autumn day. ‘Autumn reflections’ is a work of art that demonstrates the power of transformation, as seen in the mighty trees which take center stage.

    Whether alone or together with a companion by their side, they all go through a period of change and with the successful transition through this period, it casts a reflection upon the surroundings that acts as a pleasant reminder of the amazing outcome achieved at the end.

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  • Totally in Control

    Totally in Control


    The Creator brilliantly painted this illustration of a sportsman. The football player has been painted in motion, mid movement, in mid air. The Creator has made an interesting and bold decision to paint this piece as an artistic, animated illustration. There is a fantasy, dream like element to the creation.

    A well-executed rendition of a sports illustrated by this brilliant Creator. This piece can be added to a living space to display its star quality and can be used as a motivational piece. The interest of this piece is not limited to the sports fans who would want to add this to their collection. It fits with any living space.

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  • Colors of Dusk

    Colors of Dusk


    Soft pastel shades consummating into a blur of color, here is a reflection of a calm evening wind colliding with the colors of dusk.

    Gentle brush strokes leave a soothing impression on the eyes through the use of artful shades of peach, orange, pink and blue. Welcome to the magnificence of nature’s hidden beauty.

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  • Growing in Love

    Growing in Love


    A beautiful brown headed Barbet is seen feeding a berry to his beloved. She may be nestling the eggs, their precious babies. In the background is a Cashew tree, ripe with fruit, bright red, it is a rich season with plenty of fruits and flowers, the perfect time for the little hatchlings to be born. The mum waits patiently as the father flies off in search of food, they take turns to care for their young.

    The Barbet’s generally make their nest in a burrow of a tree where it cannot be shaken for strong winds. As the sun sets, the creator has caught a moment where nature teaches us a wonderful lesson of life.

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