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  • As the Light Fell

    As the Light Fell


    A mixture of brightly colored spirals falling on to a layer of white spirals, all swirling and bending into one another, trying to find their symmetry. The Creators’ use of such vibrant, prismatic colors in this obscure piece exudes life and joy.

    The confetti like appearance of the spirals screams celebration and enjoyment. This creation would be an excellent addition in to one’s living space due to its lively nature. It can perk up the mood of the viewer and brighten up the atmosphere that it’s surrounded by.

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  • Sweet Frangipani

    Sweet Frangipani


    The traditional flower used as an offering in Buddhist culture – The Frangipani is spread in all its splendor and simple beauty over the entirety of the canvass with a bright yellow originating from a reddish center.

    The creator has added curious shapes into the yellow petals of the flower to produce a design within the detail of the flower giving the sketch a touch of abstract design with the reality of nature. The fullness of the bright color and eye-catching flower filling the picture brings out an awesome ambience of joy, cheer and peace.

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  • Frozen in Flight

    Frozen in Flight


    An exquisite painting of a hummingbird exhibiting strength and skill to be stationary in mid flight while he successfully draws the nectar out of a flower. A wonder of nature frozen in a masterpiece of a sketch painted in real color against a dull backdrop.

    The detail in both the bird and the featured foliage highlights this exquisite piece of art, that includes beautifully contrasting hues between the background and the foreground. The creator has used bright colors to beautify the bird, its motion and flower in spectacular spectrum that stands out against the contrasting backdrop.

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  • Return to the Community

    Return to the Community


    Through this beautiful watercolor creation, the artist brings to life the journey of a mother and child as they make their way back to their community. The beautiful village setting captured explores the simplicity of community style living and the sense of security it brings to all those who enter the vicinity.

    The creation also emanates a very warm feeling mainly due to the warm autumn hues it is colored by, making it a perfect décor option you could use to color any space in your home of office, which will help remind you of the sense of belonging you will feel when you are a part of a tight-knit community.

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  • Time Lengthens as Years P..

    Time Lengthens as Years P..


    Exploring the depths of modern art and creative expression, our talented creator demonstrates his ability to shift across the realms of time to bring to life this amazing creation. Infusing the sense of time passing by the creator envisions how time seems to lengthen as the years go by.

    As you gaze upon this unique creation, you will begin to understand how time passes at its own pace which is beyond one’s control.

    Kos Cos
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  • Lining in The Forest

    Lining in The Forest


    Imagine a forest clothed in greenish blue fern that towers over the ground lined either side to create a valley that cuts through the thick foliage and you will see into an imagery world as you stare into this beautiful abstract painting.

    The creator has blended orange and blue against the plain backdrop whilst posing for us a view that of a line of trees that slice through an eye catching woodland.

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  • A Gift of Prosperity

    A Gift of Prosperity


    The art of wood carving can merge the skill of an artisan and reflect positivity. This wood carving of the Laughing Buddha is hand crafted to attract good energy, prosperity and luck into your home or workplace.

    The intricate handcrafted details present it as a genuine gift the creator gives the viewer. There is a sense of hope that this sculpture radiates along with the fact that it acts as a constant reminder to always stay positive to enhance prosperity.

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  • Peaceful Reflections

    Peaceful Reflections


    A picture brought to life with the simple magic of artistic instruments of paint and a brush! The artist has dexterously captured a tranquil scene of fish in a common pool of water amidst the picturesque rocks scattered haphazardly around them. The Koi carps seem to find their own peace navigating the way around their rocky abode. A reflection of life itself, perhaps? The carps seem at ease adjusting to their colorful yet harmful distractions in a way of adapting to the circumstances surrounding them.

    The artist seems to have incorporated the use of graphical illustrations to span out the streamlined bodies of the unbroken journey of the carps. A tranquil peace to grace any living space – from the wondrous use of strikingly underrated pigments to the technical incorporation of the paintings first sketches.

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  • Village Life

    Village Life


    The creator beautifully expresses a typical Sri Lankan village. This is a Sinhalese phrase that shows the close relationship with the village with the temple and tanks for agricultural purposes. The painting is nourished by the nutrients of its soil and the farmer’s labor that in return has produced healthy plants that cover the land.

    A stroke of astounding divinity from the tanks and the bright skies revives the land and glorifies its beauty. A balance of warm and dark tones adds contrast to the landscape and village culture.

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  • Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger


    As dusk gives way to a magnificent starlit night, a Lone Ranger stands tall to glisten its inimitable beauty.

    The artist has so ably illustrated the daring colors of a sunset, and creates a unique juxtaposition of color. Bold shadings of red are further illuminated by the crafty matt silver tree, thus bringing to life a two dimensional look and feel.

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  • A Lonely Kayak

    A Lonely Kayak


    This creation is a beautiful statement piece that boasts of its simplicity while at the same time serves as a very bold image which will take the viewer into a deep state of contemplation on the stillness conveyed through it. The lonely kayak floating in the still waters is the most prominent feature while the delicate line between the water and the sky demarcates the horizon.

    This beautiful creation in monochromatic tones will make a perfect addition to your home or office and will immediately infuse a sense of stillness to the surrounding.

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  • Dressed in Amber

    Dressed in Amber


    A beautiful lady dressed in an exquisite yellow dress rests upon matching foliage to feast in isolation. A stunning portrayal of a butterfly perched on a flower. The matching hues of each subject giving the painting an unusual brightness amidst a gradient blended with green and yellow.

    The creator skillfully sketched the detail of the butterfly and injected the portrait with life using simple and creative color matching. Light and brightness shines through this amazing painting with a touch of brilliance in detail and abstract creativity, giving this work of art a uniqueness in color, sketch and thought.

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  • Creation



    The vast expanse of space reflects the magnitude and complexity of the universe we will live results in a response of awe and wonder to the gift of creation. This amazing painting describes in detail the planets that inhabit our solar system with an array of color and beauty.

    The creator has used an exquisite gradient to highlight the dark space that contrasts perfectly as a fitting backdrop to a realistic depiction in color and shape of the main players in our solar system.

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  • Shielded from the Spotlig..

    Shielded from the Spotlig..


    As illustrated in this thought-provoking creation, the creator utilizes a single dot of light to clear one side of the model exposing every part of her body to the outside universe. He has also indicated how the weight of this constant nature of being exposed creates a form on the target causing her to arch-over with fatigue.

    The creator explores the depths of nude photography through this amazing portrayal of the pressure a target constantly faces when exposed to the public eye. The greater shadow that overcomes a vast majority of the creation represents the side of the muse shielded from the outside world, symbolizing the unknown side left for imagination.

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  • Shining Bright to the Hea..

    Shining Bright to the Hea..


    A majestic golden pagoda is the primary focus of this creation which captures the beauty it radiates not only here on earth, but also seems to extend to the heavens above. The creator displays the highest levels of perfection through the symmetry achieved, which is reflected in the cloudy sky above, the glistening monument set against the pale blue night sky, and the darker surrounding area at seeing ground level.

    This creation would make a perfect addition for any collector of fine art as it is a radiant creation that displays power which goes beyond our realm.

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  • A Family Affair

    A Family Affair


    A family of elephants takes refuge in a grassy field amidst a clearing surrounded by a border of forestry. The detail of the sketch lures the viewer to stare into this curious sight in the wild where beast and nature share each other’s company in perfect harmony. The blend of realistic colors and light build an atmosphere of the peaceful serenity of a wilderness habituated and shared harmoniously by the wild.

    The creator has skillfully painted in a stunningly realistic portrayal in true color and shape, bringing forth an ambience of togetherness inside a home which through this elegant work of art.

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  • A Sharp Watch

    A Sharp Watch


    The beauty of these eyes will captivate you. This crested hawk eagle is no doubt a stunner. Her beautiful crest gives her a look of a stern red Indian chief! The curved black bill helps grab prey easily and hold on to it. The brownish yellow eyes give her the ability to see beyond others with precision and sharpness.

    Her breast covered in brown and white feathers and the rest in hues of brown provides her the necessary camouflage to hunt. Her features are beautifully captured by the creator against the blurred olive green background.

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  • Ayisha



    A monochromatic portrait of the beautiful muse Ayisha is transformed into a mesmerizing work of art as the creator invites the viewer to look beyond what meets the eye. With her gaze set beyond the immediate boundaries of the canvas, this beauty is captured in a state of deep contemplation as though she was staring straight at destiny.

    Enjoy the irresistible invitation to be transfixed by this enchanting creation as you join Ayisha to envision your own colorful destiny.

    Kos Cos
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  • Color Festival

    Color Festival


    A festival of color comes to light in this vibrant depiction of trees on the banks of a soothing river, dancing to the beat of a colorful tune.

    Illuminating a plethora of colors, the artist captures the essence of a rainbow that splashes its fragments onto the surroundings, so piquantly.

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  • Nutty King

    Nutty King


    Refreshing king coconut is native to the pearl of the Indian Ocean, also called Sri Lanka. Brimming with healing virtues, its’ mildly sweet water contained within the hard shell is reminiscent of a bygone era, where the kings & royalty of ancient kingdoms quenched their thirst with this refreshing beverage.

    It’s the perfect soother for a hot summer’s day, visualized aptly by the artist through the backdrop of clear blue skies.

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