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  • Fading Beauty

    Fading Beauty


    The blossoms once filled with color and beauty, those which people stopped to admire each flower and speak of their fragrance and feel their tenderness. But with time, they slowly lost their color and those admirers now turned away. The shades of yellow, green, orange and the hint of purple and blue have brought light to this piece of art.

    The artist has cleverly white washed the painting on the background to create an effect of decay, passing on a subtle message to the viewer. This work of art is pretty amazing and is suitable for a more rustic living space.

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  • Balancing Act

    Balancing Act


    There are so many aspects that are worthy of admiration in this unique abstract creation which at a glance shows a massive boulder rest peacefully over a quiet lake. As the viewer continues to gaze upon this eye-catching creation, a deeper meaning begins to unfold as it shows how this massive boulder rests its weight on a sharp point which is balancing at perfect precision to create such stillness.

    This serves as a representation of how even the most stable structures are often balancing upon a sharp edge which requires much effort to stay in place and demonstrate a state of equilibrium.

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  • A Solemn Promise

    A Solemn Promise


    We often need to remind yourselves that we must do everything in our power to protect what nature has freely gifted to us for our younger generation, but in this instance the creator draws our attention to a young child who has already taken it to heart to do everything he can to protect the environment.

    Hidden in this young child’s fixed gaze is a solemn promise to live a life protecting Mother Nature as an expression of gratitude for the priceless gifts we have been blessed with. With such a powerful message, this creation is most certainly worthy of a special place in any surrounding.

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  • Who’s Next?

    Who’s Next?


    A man stands beside his logistical machinery before the workday starts in the trade hub of Pettah, Sri Lanka as another curiously steals a glimpse of the photographer. The line-up of the handcarts in a horizontal manner against a blue background of closed stores gives an artistic look to this photograph that expresses both creativity and meaning. The image itself is usually widened to exaggerate on the horizontal lineup.

    The creator successfully elaborated on a patient expectation of a Cartman to a business day filled with many errands for his transport fleet.

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  • I Know that I’m Beautif..

    I Know that I’m Beautif..


    In the background the trees are dry, the bushes in the distance a golden yellow, colored by the afternoon sun and the blue sky. Raising dust to the sky, a beautiful stallion poses with pride showing off his stamina and strength.

    The creator has captured a beautiful moment when he reared, if in excitement or fear at the sight of the artist, is unknown but his eyes watch intently. For what it’s worth the creator skillfully portrays the beauty and elegance of the stallion, he is full grown and full of life, reminding the spectator of the strength of mother nature.

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  • Damaged Goods

    Damaged Goods


    This painting is a representation of a damaged surface. It focuses on a protruding crack that streaks across the canvas causing damage, discoloration and even water seepage over the surface. The simplicity of the colors brings a sense of purity and peace amidst turmoil.

    Creator skillfully positioned the crack and incorporated much detail and color coordination to bring forth a realistic look of a damaged surface.

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  • Colors of a mother’s lo..

    Colors of a mother’s lo..


    This beautiful creation painted with a combination of colours depicts a mother elephant with her calf which represents the purity, warmth and strength of a mother’s love. The creator is successful in bringing out the might and majesty of these beautiful creatures while showing the innocence of a newborn just entering the world.

    The creator uses a pale background to bring out the main aspect of this delicate creation. It would make a perfect statement piece which will bring to life the Colours of a Mother’s Love – a universal power understood and valued by all.

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  • Triple Pottery

    Triple Pottery


    The artist of this simple yet elegant work incorporates a group of clay vessels to bring out a beautiful still life painting. Here the creator focuses on the shape, color and texture of these objects and finds they have characters and emotions. They are not just useful or decorative, but they can be sad or joyful depending on point of view and placement.

    They have relationships with each other gossiping in groups standing proud or alone. Creator tries to reveal their story by this piece of art. Beautiful color scheme captures the essence and energy of this creation and not to get lost in detail. This still life with clay utensils will add warmth and charm to your kitchen.

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  • Songs of Nature

    Songs of Nature


    A bunch of white flowers in full bloom over a dark backdrop personifies peace, tranquility and above all, purity. This natural portrait is exquisitely painted against a contrasting background that exaggerates the whiteness of the foliage.

    The creator has used the perfect color balance between the main subject and the surrounding to highlight the theme of the picture and has perfectly shaded the white of the flowers skillfully bringing to life a painting that is thought-provoking and mood influencing.

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  • A Silhouette Robed in Whi..

    A Silhouette Robed in Whi..


    A brown tipped butterfly adorns herself with two red rings, her wings flap ever so slowly as she settles herself in a flower, she is beautiful and gentle, her wings shine in the light. The creator of this work of art has watched her over time and painted every detail of her on to a canvas ever so patiently.

    Her wings are like the frills on a kite, moving slowly, helping her glide across the forests. As easy as she is in the eyes this pretty girl has stopped to admire the beauty of Heliconias. The creator has brought forth inspiration, white can be pretty fabulous!

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  • Is this near OZ?

    Is this near OZ?


    This humorous creation is comical in nature. It is a cartoon themed piece. It is a highly animated, fantasy type of Dreamscape piece. This creation has the power to make you believe in the existence of rainbows and unicorns.

    The Creator has portrayed the animated characters to look like tiny pieces of candy that have been brought to life in a magical land that exists in the sky, on a pillow of soft, fluffy clouds. The colors are very childlike, innocent, wholesome and pure. Full of fantasy and beauty. A round of applause to the Creator’s level of imagination.

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  • Spotlight to Escape

    Spotlight to Escape


    Surrounded by darkness, in the dense foliage of a murky forest there shines a light that serves as the spot to signal the escape route out of the confinement. This creative capture exhibits the mystery mixed with the beauty of nature and man’s attempt to tame it.

    The creator has exposed the lens to correct amount of light and balance to capture the ray of light against the dense darkness of the forest without losing out in the detail of the pathway and its surrounding foliage.

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  • Cultural Exuberance

    Cultural Exuberance


    An enthusiastic pose of a female dancer locked in culture and creative expression. Beautiful facial expression and posture has been captured through this portrait utilizing sharp but simple shades. The dull background contrasts the subject to bring into focus the message the intends to convey.

    The creator has exquisitely sketched detail in the costume and appearance of the dancer and drawn this portrayal at an angle that exhibits a mood of enthusiasm that is both commanding and proud as is the culture it represents.

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  • Slippery Lane

    Slippery Lane


    Following a heavy downpour, city life resumes; children and adults get about their day-to-day activities with their umbrellas in hand while vehicular traffic too gets back to normal. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, one prominent feature that still reminds us of the shower, which subsided is the mud puddles seen here and there, which causes all those who commute along this busy street to be weary of the slippery lane.

    Using a toned down color combo the creator perfectly represents the setting experienced on this gloomy day while he strategically highlights, hints of bright orange in the sky, bringing hope of sunshine to brighten up the rest of the day.

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  • Honey Bee in a Hive

    Honey Bee in a Hive


    A painting of a bee in an abstract background of a beehive. The portrait of the bee is in much detail. The background hive is rather dark and in colors that complement the color of the bee itself. Below the bee, the creator has added a streak of dripping honey.

    The creator has skillfully used color, the mixture of dark shades and brush techniques to paint an exquisite abstract beehive. The beauty of the bee in the center of the canvass is almost overshadowed by its surroundings but not quite.

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  • Starry Night

    Starry Night


    Picture yourself gazing up at the night sky on a beautiful starry night; this amazing moment in time can be yours whenever you need it when you include this beautiful textured work of art as part of your interior décor. This will be successful in bringing to life a clear night sky adorned with twinkling stars scattered across the canvas.

    The creator carefully uses blotches of blue and randomly placed swatches of yellow to depict the night sky and goes into great detail to show how each of the stars shine with their own degree of brightness spreading their cheer to the entire surrounding.

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  • The Day of Judgement

    The Day of Judgement


    This creation is one that represents a deep meaning worthy of contemplation; it represents the day of judgement, the time at which a mere mortal stands before the mighty gatekeepers who decide his ultimate fate in the afterlife. The creator perfectly highlights the journey of the mortal leading up to this decisive moment in time and the promising rays of hope that shine brightly from behind.

    This beautiful creation which displays a classical work of art will make a perfect addition to your home or office space and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.

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  • Solitude



    A single canoe floats aimlessly in solitude in the still waters of a vast lake. The inactivity of the lake beautifully portrayed by the mirror effect it has on the bordering trees. The color scheme used in this painting brings forth a sense of rest and peace in keeping with its theme.

    The creator has put much thought to the background that surrounds the sole subject, adding a desolate land on the left of the lake over a dull sky, ensuring that the center piece is seen in isolation. The curious pattern in the brush strokes bring in a wonderful effect to the foliage that is featured in the painting.

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  • The Governor

    The Governor


    The commanding presence of an unlikely ruler in the commercial streets of a colonial past. An elephant takes a walk escorted by his mahout amidst the concrete jungle as if he was the governor of the city. This portrayal is beautifully painted, capturing the statue of this ruling figure against an exquisite backdrop of regal building starching outward triangularly.

    The creator has perfectly positioned this sketch from bottom to up angle to exaggerate the authority of the animal and the architecture behind. Realistic shades have been used and yet a brightness bursting forth from the white building out into the darker shaded elephant and the tarred road.

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  • Predator’s Gaze

    Predator’s Gaze


    The creator has successfully captured a magnificent predator’s piercing gaze. Constricting and dilating, but its gaze never faltering. Flecks of gold and green speak volumes of intensity; a multitude of thoughts and emotions provoked within whoever locks its gaze.

    If eyes are windows to the soul, these would narrate tales of determination, a hope to conquer and the will to survive. Rousing and motivating, this creation aspires to change and inspire the viewer.

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