Reshmi Gomez

Reshmi, was schooling in Colombo, where she completed her secondary education and went on to work as an Intern at a major apparel manufacturer for a few months till she started the next phase in my life; the higher education. She started her first year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, but had to end the program the first year itself due to some sudden and unforeseen health related issues. As she was unable to continue her studies, due to the aforementioned situation, she had to make a very difficult decision to take a hiatus in order to recuperate and get back on her feet.

She was very active and heavily involved with sports activities and other artistic Extracurriculars where she trained in dance; ballet and freestyle, for a period of 14 years. She also attended vocal training as she was greatly skilled at it as she was practically singing from the time she was still in diapers. Her skills were then recognized by a reputed icon in vocal training and enrolled her in a school of music. It has been 18 years since, and she has continued to sing throughout this period.

She, one day hope to share her story to help others who have had similar experiences. Writing is the perfect outlet for painful experiences and writing gives her the power to control the story from the beginning to the end. It’s a metaphor for someone such as herself, as it gives back a piece of her lost autonomy. She never imagined that she would be able to write again, to have that ability back had been amazing beyond words. When she writes, she wants the audience who reads her work, to feel inspired and to feel happy as her objective is to make a positive impact on her readers with her writing.