Sashini Perera

Sashini Perera, a multidisciplinary writer, artist and designer currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. She believes that the sky is the limit and that all things can be made possible with a little will power and hard work. She is someone who regularly experiments with her writing, art & design and pushes herself in order to create content that can inspire and change mindsets.

Sashini has always been passionate about art and design and creative writing since her childhood and she tends to collaborate her strengths of design and creative writing to do what truly makes her really satisfied. She is a firm believer that, with time and practise, individuals can better themselves, which is something she learnt during her journey in the fields of art and writing.

Starting with fragmented letters and drawings of the sun smiling on a sunny day, her work has become more detailed, precise and planned out. However, this is not the end. There is still room for development, and she is always learning more every day.

Expression plays a very important role in Sashini’s life and she always wants to share it with others so that she can connect with them personally. Her imagination and memories are made to contend with the emotional aspect of the audience in a striking manner. Her ambition is to transform the standard notions of the human heart and soul into a uniquely expressive form, while her imagination rejuvenates the audience!

Sashini’s motivation mantra comes in the disguise of her morning cup of tea. It is a force of excitement that every day teaches her something new. This energizes her and gives her purpose, even on the most difficult days. Be it a new addition to vocabulary or new experiments using the paintbrush, Sashini is always open and thankful for the endless opportunities that she faces with each passing day!