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  • Free Falling

    Free Falling


    A mindless generation free falls into the dark wilderness of confusion. A headless human figure seems to be falling upside-down into what seems to be a dark rocky abyss. This clearly represents how mindlessness or ignorance can lead to the destruction of man.

    The creator has used dull colors to depict the dark reality of the portrayed scenario and give the viewer a sense of depression within which to relate to what the picture is attempting to convey. Curiously the human figure is drawn with an umbilical cord attached, which could mean that the end to which he has destined himself to, was that which was fated from the birth of an entire generation.

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  • Guided by the Dhamma

    Guided by the Dhamma


    Featured in this beautiful landscape creation is a Buddhist monk walking alone in quiet meditation along a pathway which has been captured by the creator from a distance. Through the careful positioning of his camera lens, the creator superimposes a majestic sacred Bo tree symbolizing the sacred teachings of the Dhamma which extends its branches across the boundaries of the creation as though it was guiding the monk through his journey ahead.

    As the viewer contemplates on this beautiful setting, this creation will remind the viewer to be guided by the powerful teachings of the Dhamma during all aspects of life.

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  • The Path to Divinity

    The Path to Divinity


    This is a truly enchanting work of art which not only portrays one of the most peaceful settings captured on a full moon night, but also tells the story of how each of the faithful devotees yearn to discover the path to divinity. The creator demonstrates his unmatched artistic talents through the careful selection of colors which enhances the beauty of the natural setting with the beaming rays of the full moon set against a starry night sky.

    As you witness the rows of faithful followers slowly climb to the peak of the mountain where lies a statue of the mighty Lord Buddha, the reflection of the colors of the Buddhist flag against the rock serves as a reminder for all devotees of the need to follow the teachings of the Dhamma.

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  • Colors of Dusk

    Colors of Dusk


    Soft pastel shades consummating into a blur of color, here is a reflection of a calm evening wind colliding with the colors of dusk.

    Gentle brush strokes leave a soothing impression on the eyes through the use of artful shades of peach, orange, pink and blue. Welcome to the magnificence of nature’s hidden beauty.

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  • Romance in Pink

    Romance in Pink


    A couple of Hornbills lay perched on a branch. Seems like, a stunning pink sky that serves as a fitting backdrop overshadows them, to a rare yet perfect romantic setting. This photograph is taken in exquisite lighting. It results in the image drawing in all the available natural hues that produce a silhouette in the foreground. It also features strands of outlining branches in the background.

    The creator skillfully angled this photo and applied the exact camera setting to bring forth an ambience of serenity and romance against a pink expanse that speaks of the beauty of nature in limitless shades of color duplicating our every mood and emotion.

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  • Purity Personified

    Purity Personified


    A bunch of white flowers in full bloom over a dark backdrop personifies peace, tranquility and above all, purity. This natural portrait is exquisitely painted against a contrasting background that exaggerates the whiteness of the foliage.

    The creator has used the perfect color balance between the main subject and the surrounding to highlight the theme of the picture and has perfectly shaded the white of the flowers skillfully bringing to life a painting that is thought-provoking and mood influencing.

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  • Solitude



    A single canoe floats aimlessly in solitude in the still waters of a vast lake. The inactivity of the lake beautifully portrayed by the mirror effect it has on the bordering trees. The color scheme used in this painting brings forth a sense of rest and peace in keeping with its theme.

    The creator has put much thought to the background that surrounds the sole subject, adding a desolate land on the left of the lake over a dull sky, ensuring that the center piece is seen in isolation. The curious pattern in the brush strokes bring in a wonderful effect to the foliage that is featured in the painting.

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  • Cross of Faith

    Cross of Faith


    Faith bears a strong power which often cannot be explained but can be felt and experienced in massive proportions, and through this creation, the artist brings to life the power of faith symbolized by a wooden cross.

    Although humble it may seem the massive crowds of devotees depicted in this scene show the degree of power this modest symbol of faith possesses. As a creation which tells the story of a biblical tale, you too will be able to remind yourself of the mighty power faith can bring as long as you continue to believe.

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  • The Golden Pathway

    The Golden Pathway


    As we stare down the road of destiny, we are nourished with the golden light of hope that brightens the winding pathway that disappears into the distance. This beautiful photograph captures a golden ray of sunlight that lights up a pathway that navigates through the dark forest.

    The creator has used the natural light to perfection to capture this artistic image of exquisite beauty and the extraordinary contrast of darkness against light.

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  • Sturdy on a Rock

    Sturdy on a Rock


    In this exquisite creation, the Creator has captured a historic landmark figure, the ‘Gadaladeniya’ Vihara temple from the ancient city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Creator stunningly captures the Dravidian style of Architecture, represented by the pyramid shaped head/roof of the temple.

    This exquisite and timeless creation brings history, art and culture to a living space. Curiosity peaks at first glance. This creation is one with a story behind it and others will see it too. It is a unique conversation starter. A work of art of this caliber is now rare, and therefore hard to find.

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  • Glimpse of a Sunrise

    Glimpse of a Sunrise


    A lush mountain covered in greenery, is featured on this breathtaking capture of the first glimpse of a sunrise. At first glance the photographer appears to have captured the dull silhouette of a mountain, lacking color & character. Upon close look, the eye meets a thin line of brightly lit greenery, where the rays of sunlight begin to fall on the peaking trees.

    Here is a signature trademark of the beauty of the hill country of Sri Lanka. Cool breezed winds caress the pine trees, at the root of which grow bushes of Tea signifying the warmth and character of Sri Lankan hospitality.

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  • An Emotional Gaze

    An Emotional Gaze


    This creation captures a still moment in time as a woman looks up at her companion who leaves her side, which displays the mix of emotions running through her mind channeled through her fixed gaze. The creator plays with a unique blend of contrasting colors to create a modernistic abstract work of art that allows the viewer to feel the same depth of emotion of the thoughts going on in the subject’s mind.

    This wonderful creation will make a perfect statement piece as it would easily bring color to any surrounding while instantly grab the attention of the onlooker with this emotional gaze.

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  • Innocent Dreams

    Innocent Dreams


    A young girl stares into space wondering and dreaming where this life may be heading. This portrayal of a village lass in engaging and curious as it tells a story of hopes and dreams that every young adult has lived through at least once in their life.

    The dark magenta mixed with dark shades of brown gives a thought-provoking ambience to the painting that the creator has perfectly utilized and blended with the sketch of a pose in which the subjects gaze is looking away from the viewer to exquisitely portray the emotion of wonder and hope.

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  • A Moment’s Repose

    A Moment’s Repose


    The artist remarkably captures a momentary repose in a leopard’s day. These fast and fierce felines roam the wilderness under the cover of the night, in search of prey. The day calls for restful slumber and reflection.

    With strong attention to detail, the artist captures a photograph-like realism in painting this agile beast. Speckles of burnt umber against a gold fur coat, replete with intense and focused eyes, the leopard is the embodiment of stealth. Painted against lush green vegetation, this portrait brings to life the essence of the wild.

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  • The Pattern of Life

    The Pattern of Life


    Life is filled with bright times and dark times that often crisscross each other. This photograph of a building under renovation in Sri Lanka perfectly portrays the pattern of life, as a man who is clearly burdened by its reality looks-on. The black signifying misfortunes while the red signifying hope. Ironically, the man is clad in a red shirt to prophecy that while he too makes up life’s pattern, his misfortune does not deter his hope.

    The creativity of the photographer to identify this candid caption in the spur of the moment and adjust to the perfect angle to convey the size of life in comparison to man is truly amazing.

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  • Together Is Always Better..

    Together Is Always Better..


    This masterpiece beautifully paints an image of bullock carts which was a main mode of transport in the early days of Sri Lanka. The incorporation of colors gradually builds up exaggerated shadows to achieve realism. Man’s dependence on animal support in the village is beautifully expressed.

    The colors are overly saturated to exaggerate the humidity of the sun and the hardships of the villagers in order to survive. The painting beautifully demonstrates the country’s traditions that are still prevalent even in the present day and the simplicity of life in the village.

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