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  • Time for Breakfast

    Time for Breakfast


    A hungry leopard emerges from its hiding place. This beautiful creature sets off on its journey in search of food for the day. This is giving our talented photographer the rare opportunity to capture its beauty. As you enjoy this beautiful natural setting, you will be able to see the quiet determination that lingers in this predator’s eyes as it slowly steps each foot forward with one ultimate goal in mind.

    Use this creation as a source of inspiration to fuel your own determination. You can do this as you set off on your own journey after catching a glimpse of this beautiful creature of nature.

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  • Who is Prettier?

    Who is Prettier?


    Two is always better than one. This is the message portrayed through this beautiful painting of two Hornbills perched on a branch of a tree engrossed in what appears to be a light-minded conversation which has drawn each other into a deep zone of comradery. Much thought and effort has been put into the intricate details of the painting – both animal and plant has been described to extent in brush and color.

    The creator has used realistic colors to brighten up the canvas filling it with fresh foliage against a dull background to bring forth a lush refreshing ambience through the art.

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  • Water to Fetch

    Water to Fetch


    A lone woman walks towards from afar after fetching water from a nearby lake that seems to be in the background. This painting drawn in amber is lightly colored, but nevertheless is rich in detail. The road on which the subject is walking is expertly sketched to portray the distance from which she has to travel to bring the priceless commodity.

    The creator has added an abstract touch to this portrayal by using variant shades of a single primary in this painting, thereby giving the art an exquisite look of simplicity amidst beauty.

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  • Set for a Fiery Performan..

    Set for a Fiery Performan..


    This traditional and artistic captivating creation focuses on a group of performers eagerly waiting for their turn to take part in an exquisite pageant. The creator uses this bold creation to express the levels of concentration and mentally preparing these performers exhibit, which is most prominently portrayed through the gaze of the young boy who is seen in the center of the scene.

    As you gaze upon the fire that burns, you will be able to feel the warmth and hope the dancers feel and also the fire that burns inside them before they engage in a performance fueled by their passion for traditional art.

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  • Expressive Lines

    Expressive Lines


    A moment in life that sparks a chuckle. As seen in this creation, the artist is influenced by the human emotions and expressions of the face. The creator has beautifully captured the innocence of this old man. The map of wrinkles on his face holds the most incredible journey, his eye lines describe of laughter of warm smiles and affection, and forehead reveals us the worries past and worries present.

    The artist reveals a man who had travelled through eight decades to this moment to stand here as an old man beaten and forlorn. To be dismissed as “old” when he is so much more than some of his parts. An exquisite statement piece.

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  • The Face of Emptiness

    The Face of Emptiness


    The Creator has portrayed a dark figure, amidst a brilliant white backdrop. The face of the shadowed individual is shaded and textured in a 3-dimensional format. The gold, 3-dimensional textured effect has a glowing effect on the empty face. The halo and silhouette of the have been emphasized with a dark, navy blue.

    There is strong, strange sense of emptiness flowing out from the dark figure. An intriguing still image. It’s as if the Creator were painting their interpretation of what a “full stop” or an “ellipsis”. The interpretation is left to the eye of the beholder.

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  • Peacock Swagger

    Peacock Swagger


    The beauty of the colors of a peacock are simply unmatched by any other living creation and that is why this amazing creation acts as one of the most eye-catching works of art you will behold. As the peacock takes pride in his mesmerizing beauty, the creator very skillfully depicts the swagger of this vibrant bird displaying its lustrous fan-like tail.

    If you are in search for a work of art that will instantly brighten up an indoor space, you should definitely opt for this beautiful creation as the extraordinary mix of colours blended perfectly with each brush stroke is guaranteed to liven up any space.

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  • Rhythm of the Cobra

    Rhythm of the Cobra


    Portrayed here a wonderful moment of a life of a snake charmer, they have always been a part of the mysterious culture of Sri Lanka. These men carry a bamboo flute and a harmless looking basket in which resides a deadly cobra. As he begins to play the flute in response to the summons of the strange and melancholy tune the serpent begins to sway to and fro to the rhythm of the charmer’s melody.

    The color selection compliments the beauty of the scene and it’s a perfect example for the best balance of colors. Creator’s eye for detail which is a must to come up with a beautiful work of art.

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  • Playful Moments

    Playful Moments


    This amazing Creator has managed to capture a very candid and playful shot of this beautiful animal. The elephant looks happy and carefree. This creation has the power to transfer those feelings on to those who view it. The Creator has focused the image on the Elephant in its element.

    The Elephant has submerged it in water, which looks to be very fun, interesting and inviting. It seems as though it is meal time for this elephant, portrayed here in this image where it has taken a trunk full of grass from the water and is preparing to eat it.

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  • Wading Through Muddy Wate..

    Wading Through Muddy Wate..


    The Creator brings light and precedence to the struggles that many animals, such as the buffaloes portrayed in this piece, have to endure in their lives, out in the wild. The brilliance of this creation can be used as a powerful motivator with a poignant message in this powerful creation. Displaying this in a working space or study as a motivational statement piece would drive anyone who sees it work harder and with more dedication.

    We don’t realize that we have everything handed to us. For these buffaloes, the amount of energy and hardship they endure just to travel from one point of the jungle to another area is treacherous and heart-wrenching. They are not provided with neatly cleared pathways and roads to travel on, nor bridges to cross over. They travel in the wild, where, if untouched by man, remains rustic and unconventional.

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  • Forest of Fury

    Forest of Fury


    ‘Forest Fury’ is a captivating handmade oil painting which plays with a strong combination of contrasting colors. The central focus of the painting is a group of towering trees that have risen way above the canopy of the forest below. At the base of these strong tree trunks rises a raging fire unleashing fury among the surroundings.

    The contrast between the upper greenish area and the region of red below is highlighted by the white cloud of smoke segregated in between. This painting is a perfect statement piece which will stand out due to its energetic use of colors.

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  • Life passes by on Stilts

    Life passes by on Stilts


    A photograph of a single fisherman on a stilt in the middle of the ocean. Although he is surrounded by many more stilts, he is the lone fisherman in the sea. The expression no the fisherman’s face is also caught as the photo is taken when he is turning towards the direction of the camera.

    The creator has captured through this photograph the loneliness of a fisherman, as he toils for his days catch amidst a vast ocean and in the process has succeeded to bring emotion to the picture.

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  • Light unto My Path

    Light unto My Path


    Although darkness may cloud our sight, hope breaks through the shade to light-up our path. This monochrome creation perfectly captures the celestial beauty of a lady walking through a dark forest while the hidden light bursts through the thick foliage bringing forth a thought provoking and stunning scenery.

    The timing and perfect light balance of this photograph speaks of the amazing skill and creativity of the photographer who has created a natural silhouette of woman and nature.

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  • The Expanse

    The Expanse


    Clouded and splattered with amber light this stunning capture of a sunset coming over a profiled wilderness gives out a cool and calm ambience that is perfectly sculptured by the creator using low light and shadows.

    The skillful application of maximum exposure is used to bring in as much natural light as possible to exaggerate the rays of dusk that provides for an amazing backdrop against the lining of the wild. This will no doubt be an amazing piece for your space.

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  • Water Planet

    Water Planet


    Celebrating our very source of existence, this creation highlights the most magnificent view of Planet Earth, often dubbed the water planet as it is the only planet in the entire solar system with a conducive environment to sustain life. In this day and age, we often tend to take for granted what Mother Nature has freely gifted to us, and this beautiful creation serves as a timely reminder of the value of our natural surroundings and why we must strive to protect our beautiful planet.

    This creation will invite the viewer to enjoy the view of our abundant planet from afar and instill a sense of gratitude towards this priceless gift from nature.

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  • Tarn of Lilies

    Tarn of Lilies


    The artist has wonderfully portrayed the beauty of the blooming water lilies elegantly growing in the pond. On the water is a reflection of the clear blue sky, the depth of the pond is created by using shades of blue and white, darkening as it deepens.

    The pond is flourishing with flowers is a sign that there is plenty of nourishment and the leaves which are in plenty painted in tones of green, bring emphasis on the pale pink lilies. They bloom with pride in the morning with the rising sun, those who can spare a moment will admire them from a distance. This is a very calming image perfect for any setting.

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  • Purple Rain

    Purple Rain


    Bring in the regality of this rich acrylic titled ‘Purple Rain’ to your living space as it beautifully depicts how a refreshing shower pours down from above, washing away any signs of sorrow and pain from the surroundings. With every brush stroke mixed with strategic shading techniques, the creator clearly demarcates the clouds above laden with rain drops waiting to pour down and transform the dullness of the surrounding with its majestic coloration.

    This creation worthy of much admiration will be a perfect addition to your living space, inviting you to sit back and enjoy the refreshing feeling of this purple rain.

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  • Nutty King

    Nutty King


    Refreshing king coconut is native to the pearl of the Indian Ocean, also called Sri Lanka. Brimming with healing virtues, its’ mildly sweet water contained within the hard shell is reminiscent of a bygone era, where the kings & royalty of ancient kingdoms quenched their thirst with this refreshing beverage.

    It’s the perfect soother for a hot summer’s day, visualized aptly by the artist through the backdrop of clear blue skies.

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  • Black Assassin

    Black Assassin


    Using the natural jet black color of Ebony wood, the creator brings to life this powerful assassin as it stealthily works its way towards its prey. Demonstrating razor sharp focus and great power, sit back and watch this beautiful creature come to life as though you were witnessing the action right before your eyes.

    Available in two sizes, this is a perfect collector’s piece for the wildlife enthusiast. This work of art is a perfect way to bring the beauty of nature into your living room

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  • Parade with Pride

    Parade with Pride


    Through this work of art the creator demonstrates multiple talents. It includes the art of mastering nature photography. It also shows the ability to practice precision in timing in order to capture the perfect shot through his lens. Seen here is the mighty leopard in its natural habitat. This creature is known for its razor sharp focus making it one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom.

    Position this breathtaking creation against any setting. Watch how one of nature’s finest predators set its focus just before it pounces on its prey. It is as though it was getting ready to leap out of the creation itself.

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